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Warning: This story contains descriptions of consensual sex, between
two female cousins. And incase you're interested, one is sixteen, and the other
is seventeen.

It is slightly embellished from the actual events, and the names have been
changed to protect the guilty. It is also something of a conglomeration of
several events, all rolled into one coherent tale, as opposed to me writing a
half a dozen smaller stories that kinda sound pretty much the same!;)

If you can think of a reason not to read it, then don't. If you can't, then long
live free speech!;)

PS: I really appreciate feed back in regards to my work as I thrive on attention
and the more good feed-back I get, the faster I'll write more stories...
Basically, it's Celeste's "Blow Job Principle"(tm). But in my case, it's more
like "cunnilingus";)
Stories By Amy K. (
Thanksgiving (ff, teen, Inc, rom, etc...)

I heard her before I saw her. My cousin's even, heavy breathing drowning out the
gentle clicking of her bicycle as she approached. I glanced up form the
stopwatch, smiling as I saw Samantha through the trees. Clad in a pair of old
gray track pants, and a dark blue shirt, her long hair was tied back
haphazardly, her face flushed from the effort, with steely determination in her

"Just one more!" I called as she biked past me as fast as she could.

I watched her pass by me, and head up the dirt trail that lead back up the
incline, my gaze being held away from the timer by the sight of her firm bottom
suddenly being raised off the seat. I sighed wistfully as Samantha picked up
speed, standing on her pedals to acquire more power.

"And you're 20 seconds ahead this time!" I added, giving the watch a quick look,
as she vanished amongst the maple trees.

I sat back down on a boulder as my cousin's panting became distant once again,
rubbing my arms against the cool fall air and hoped that Sam would complete her
third lap ahead of schedule. I thought that I could actually smell my Aunt's
cooking over the scent of decaying leaves, but I knew that it was just my
stomach talking. Thanksgiving in our family was always a fairly large event, due
to so many of my relatives fleeing south the moment the snow hit. This made an
entire family Christmas gathering someone impossible, and it also gave me more
than an ample excuse to see Sam once a year guaranteed.

This year, Samantha's school board had added a cycling competition to the usual
inter-school track meet they had once a year in late Fall, and again in the
spring. When she'd heard about it, my cousin had immediately called my school
from a pay phone, claiming to be my Aunt with bad news. I was paged down to the
office, thankfully yanking me out of 11G history, and handed the phone.

Expecting the worst, I started out being quite solemn as I took the phone from
the secretary. But then, my ability to keep a straight face was stretched to its
limits as my cousin burst into a rapid-fire explanation of how she'd been
accepted almost immediately. She also was quite happy about the fact that the
gym teacher seemed to have great faith in the fact that Sam would take the
school to the finals with ease.

All that had been about a month and a half ago during the first week or so of
school, and now, as promised, my cousin Samantha was in the district semi-
finals, representing her high school. The next completion was to be held one
week after Thanksgiving, and my cousin had no intention of letting the holiday
affect her chances of winning.

Shortly after my family had arrived at my Aunt Amanda and Uncle William's farm,
Samantha had dragged me off into the woods to the narrow winding trail that she
used for practice runs. She'd given me a stopwatch and asked me to time her,
promising that I'd be her's for the remainder of our time alone together. I'd
agreed, and now was waiting a little impatiently for Samantha to complete her
final lap.

Finally, after an additional four minutes, thirty-four seconds, I could hear her
ragged breathing once again. "Seven seconds better than you're best time!" I
called out, jumping to my feet, and getting ready to hit the stop button.

Samantha was standing on her peddles again, her teeth gritted, and her knuckles
going white as she covered the last ten meters before squeezing the brakes. Her
dull blue coloured mountain-bike skidded another five as I hit the little
button, and picked up the water bottle I had waiting for her.

My cousin said nothing as she stood straddling her bike, sucking in air in long
gasps, and looking completely exhausted. "You okay?" I inquired, walking over
and handing her the bottle.

She nodded, and accepted the water. "T-time?" she inquired, wiping the sweat off
of her face with the bottom of her shirt before taking a drink.

"Huh? Oh, um... thirteen, fifty-two," I replied.

Samantha nodded and took a long drink. "Any chance I can get you to carry me
home?" she inquired with a wary smile.

"Unlikely," I chuckled, taking her left arm and putting it across my shoulders,
"Come on, I can at least help you."

"What I do with out you?" my cousin sighed rhetorically, tilting her head to
look me in the eye.

"Suffer?" I offered with a bit of a grin, as I looked expectantly back into her
eyes, "So, still planning on keeping your promise?"

Samantha sighed, and nodded slowly as she limped along beside me, still managing
to push her bike along side us. "I couldn't escape if wanted to," she replied,
wincing a little as she stumbled on a tree root.

"You okay?" I asked with concern.

"Ya, I think I just over did it, 'tis all," she said with a shrug.

"Then I'll just have to fix it," I promised, giving my cousin a sly grin,
"There's just one condition."

"Oh?" she inquired, noticing the look I was giving her.

"You have to kiss me," I said almost wistfully as I stopped walking a few feet
from the main road.

"Out here? Where anyone might come along and find us?" teased Samantha, "I
dunno, could be dangerous..."

"Don't you like me anymore?" I asked, giving her a pouty look as I reached
around with my free arm to embrace her.

My cousin smiled softly, holding my gaze for several long silent moments as we
stood there in the woods. I barely noticed her quick leg movement that turned
down the kickstand on her bike before she returned my embrace properly, and
smiled almost serenely.

"You know I love you," she whispered quietly, just above the sound of the birds.

"Then show me," I said imploringly, as the tension between us became an almost
tangible thing, "Take this little chance, and touch my lips to yours. No one
will see, no one will know."

Samantha closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. She was still a
little winded, and the gentle heaving of her chest against mine sent little
chills through my body.

"Do you always seduce your lovers in the woods, little girl?" she inquired after
a moment.

"Why not?" I stated, affectionately running my fingers over her face, "You've
done the same to me after all."

"Ya, you're right," Sam said thoughtfully, and tilted her head to lightly kiss
my fingertips, "I have, haven't I? Well, then I guess we're even."

"Not quite yet," I replied, bringing my hand down, and sliding it over the back
of her neck, "But soon..."

I brought my hand up slightly, sending my small fingers into my beloved's damp
hair, and tilted her head down. With a soft sigh, she submitted and with half
closed eyes I touched her lips to mine as lightly as possible.

I felt Samantha's body tense as I pulled away a little, holding her head in
place with a gentle tug of her hair. Teasingly I brushed my lips across her's
and gave her chin a soft kiss before tilting my head just enough for us to touch
noses for a moment.

Samantha's breathing had almost become normal, but now was coming out in long,
slow, determined breaths as I deliberately pushed my body closer to her's. Our
breasts rubbed against each other, and I stood on my toes in hopes of rubbing
her nipples against mine as our lips found each other one more time.

Her fingers then pressed hard against my back as I resisted the urge to accept
her probing tongue. She took my unwillingness in the sense that I had intended,
and needfully began kissing me repeatedly in short soft kisses around my lips.

I couldn't help but smile as my cousin's attentions tickled my face, and
Samantha immediately took advantage of the moment that I chose to giggle. My
exclamation quickly became a sigh as she ran her tongue playfully across mine,
making my mind swoon with the sensation.

For what felt like an eternity I found myself unable and unwilling to move as
Samantha reached up under the back of my coat, and ran her fingers firmly over
my back. With some small degree of expertise she pushed soothingly against the
muscles of my back, causing me to moan softly in her ear from the sensation. The
passion of my cousin's kisses, coupled with the careful prodding of her fingers
drowning out reality.

But all too soon, Samantha's lips were slowly pulled from mine, and I could feel
the cool October air rushing in to steal her warm form them. "I do love you,"
said sincerely, "But I'm afraid my legs are about to give out."

"That's okay," I replied a little forlornly, "As I said, I'll do my best to help
you with that when we get home."

"That would be appreciated," Samantha replied with a nod, reluctantly moving to
reclaim her bicycle, "Seeing as is, I can barely walk."

"Well, don't worry," I said with a smirk, "I'll still love you even when you
legs fall off!"

"Hey! Don't say that!" scolded my cousin, "It's bad luck at a time like this."

"Oh, sorry," I said with a smile, giving her hand an affectionate squeeze, "I
must have confused cycling with acting."

"Funny, very funny," muttered Samantha in mock scorn as we ventured back onto
the long dirt road that lead her home...


My Aunt and Uncle's place was in a partial state of chaos when we arrived. There
were several cars parked along the driveway, and what seemed like an endless
supply of small children were running rampant near the ancient swing set. I
smiled, shaking my head and leading Samantha towards the house as several of our
small relatives waved and called out to us.

"I had no idea we had such a fertile family," commented Samantha, waving back at
her cousin Alex, who'd been chosen as the responsible adult in charge of keeping
the children out of too much trouble.

"Some of them are your Father's relatives kids," I reminded her, "I guess your
Mom just was series when she said she was inviting the whole family!"

Samantha nodded and leaned against me as we made our way up the old wooden steps
of the front porch. "I just hope I'm not as fertile, though," she chuckled as
opened the door.

"Don't worry, Sam," I said with a grin, "You're so tough that you could probably
give birth and not notice for a hour!"

My Aunt gave me a strange look as she met us at the door, some odd bit of cooked
turkey in her hand. "I ain't even gonna ask!" commented Aunt Amanda with a

We both smiled and shook our heads. "Don't worry Mom," assured Sam, "It's not
what you think!"

"I certainly hope not," her mom said slyly, "But you girl's should be careful
out there. All those horny squirrels in the woods these days!"

I quickly covered my face with my hand to hide my blushing, and Sam shook her
head. "I think it was horny chipmunks, actually," she said a warily, making
reference to the obscure horror movie her parents had rented the night before.

Aunt Amanda shrugged, and gave Samantha the once over. "I think you should lay
down, though," she said with a sudden burst of parental concern, "You look beat,

"She was just trying too hard," I replied.

"Just want my parents to be proud of me!" she grinned, shifting her weight so
that her right leg wouldn't be overworked.

Aunt Amanda sighed, and shook her head. "You know I always will be," she
assured, brushing her daughter's hair from her eyes, "Now then, Amy, take Sam
upstairs, okay?"

"Yes, ma'am!" I said, trying to be silly.

"Liver?" my Aunt offered in reply, holding out the thing she'd been holding.

"Ew! Indeed!" I shuddered, making my Aunt laugh as she popped it into her mouth
and went back into the kitchen.

"Hicks," I teased, giving my cousin's shoulder a gentle squeeze.

"Tell me about it!" replied Samantha with grin as I lead her up the stairs, one
step at a time, "I don't know how she can do that!"

"An acquired taste, I suppose," I giggled almost to myself.

"Careful," cautioned Sam as we reached the first landing, "With so many
relatives around, the gutter's pretty crowded!"

I smiled and gave her a bit of a hug. "You taught me well, my love," I
whispered, one of our mutual cousins passed us in the hall as he left the
upstairs bathroom.

"Oh, and I forgot to tell you," replied Sam, quickly changing the subject,
"We're going to have to share my room, I'm afraid."

"Crap," I muttered, "Our only chance to be alone together and you're wounded..."

"Sorry," she said a little sarcastically.

"No, I didn't mean it that way," I assured her, "It was just an observation."

Samantha shrugged as she opened her bedroom door. "'Tis okay," she assured me,
"I'm kinda annoyed myself, but I'm we'll make the best of it."

I nodded a little sadly as we went in. "So, who's our roommate?" I inquired.

"Just Tracy," replied Sam, flopping down on the bed.

"oh, well then it's not so bad then," I commented, closing and locking the door,
"She sleeps like a rock. I could have multiples and she'd never notice!"

"I wouldn't go that far!" my cousin laughed, "Pine walls are only so thick."

"So's cousin Tracy's head," I muttered with a smile, and sat down on the bed.

"That's just mean," chuckled Sam as I carefully slid her track pants over her
bottom and took and moment to admire it.

"And?" I giggled, leaning down to give her a playful nibble through her panties,
causing my cousin to jump a little.

"Mmm, forget I said anything," assured Samantha, "'Cause right now, I'd pay you
a million dollars for just a ten minute massage..."

"I'll settle for less," I giggled, lifting the back of my cousin's shirt a
little with my nose, and giving the small of her back a gentle kiss as I pulled
her pants down the rest of the way.

"Five hundred thousand?" she inquired with a smile and a contented sigh as I
pulled her track pants the rest of the way off.

"Five hundred thousand what?" I teased, coming back up to take the waistband of
her panties in my teeth and tugging at them teasingly.

"Anything..." sighed Sam, stretching out on the bed.

"How about, four hundred and fifty thousand 'I love you's'?" I murmured slyly,
taking hold of her calves and running my hands up her legs.

"Oh, mmm... And what about the other fifty thousand..?" inquired Sam contentedly
as the feel of her taut muscles beneath my hands sent chills down my spine.

"I'll take orgasms," I replied quietly, squeezing tighter as I reached her firm
thighs and spread my fingers apart.

"Deal..." she sighed, "Just don't stop..."

"I don't think I could," I answered wistfully, my gaze following my hands up and
down the length of my cousin's incredibly sculpted legs.

In reply she only smiled, letting me explore the silky smoothness of her skin,
and the firmness of her muscles with my hands and fingers. I couldn't help but
blush a little as Samantha moaned softly whenever I fond a sore spot, and
pressed harder against it.

She would arch her back a little, and happily grit her teeth as I slowly rubbed
against her sore spots in firm circular motions. I wasn't even certain which one
of us was enjoying it more, as my hands shook with excited nervousness. I knew
that if someone where to see us we could easily explain it away, but our flushed
faces and happy grins were another matter. Not to mention the fact that
Samantha's panties her pulled halfway down over her butt, making a tempting
target for my lust.

I couldn't help but giggle a little as I leaned forward whilst my thumbs ran
across the sensitive areas along my cousin's inner thighs towards her knees.
Then, with the help of my tongue, I took the waistband of Samantha's
undergarments in my teeth once again, and began pulling them down farther.

"Are you taking advantage of me, little girl?" she inquired contentedly, hugging
the pillow under her head and letting me do as I may.

"No..." I replied innocently, once Samantha's bottom had been fully revealed to
me, "I'm just trying to make you comfortable..."

"How sweet of you, dearest," my cousin chuckled, "My butt is kinda sore too,
after all."

"Really..?" I inquired thoughtfully, my hands still moving over her legs,
seeking out those muscles who'd been abused the most by my cousin's cycling
obsession, "Then I'll just have to fix that in due time."

"Good," Samantha whispered happily, snuggling against her pillow, and trying to
make the way she moved her bare bottom a little higher into the air seem

I did my best to ignore her obvious invitation at first, paying much more
attention to her athletic legs. Even as Samantha slowly moved her ass
invitingly, under the pretence of making herself more comfortable, I pointedly
ignored the rounded firmness of her equally athletic bottom. Instead, I began
kissing my way down her thighs, teasingly avoiding her most sensitive spots, yet
coming close enough to make Sam's body quiver.

"Mmm, you're such a tease," she moaned happily as I gave the side of her thigh a
gentle nibble.

"You still owe me, my dear," I giggled and ran the tip of my tongue dangerously
close to her pussy, causing my cousin to discretely part her legs a little more.

"Hmm? Oh, ya..." chuckled Samantha before sarcastically muttering, "I love you,
I love you I love you, I love you..."

"Keep going!" I teased, and gave her right ass cheek a playful nibble before
giving it a soft kiss in the same spot.

My cousin merely sighed, turning her head more to the side so that she could
smiled up at me through her tangle of long red hair. "You know I could never say
it enough to completely tell you how much I mean it," I se replied quietly.

"But it's nice to have you try," I assured her, climbing onto the bed, and
laying across my cousin so that I could hold her.

"I love you, I love you, I love you..." whispered Samantha with a smile,
reaching back to take my hand.

"I'll never grow wary of that," I admitted, hugging my cousin as best I could,
squeezing her hand at the same time.

"What about those orgasms?" she inquired.

"Sometimes," I admitted, "It's enough just to have you hold me..."

"Ditto," replied Sam, bringing my hand to her lips and kissing my knuckles in
turn as our fingers intertwined.
"Besides," I giggled with a bad Irish accent, "You can fetch me off

She laughed and held my hand against her cheek. "I get that book next, okay?"

I nodded, my head lying on its side just between her shoulders, and smiled. "I
finished it last night," I replied, "Just don't let your mom know that you read
such trash!"

Samantha stifled a laugh. "Why not?" she inquired, "We lent her the last one."

"Just being silly," I told her, sliding reluctantly back towards the foot of the
bed, and running my fingers over her back.

"Thought so," my cousin chuckled as I knelt between her widely spaced legs, and
pulled my shirt over my head.

"That's better," I muttered, feeling the cooler air upon my bared breasts
causing my nipples to harden a little.

"Whatcha doing?" inquired Samantha with a smile.

"Just getting a little more comfortable," I giggled.

"Ya right..." she laughed, and gasped as I took a firm hold of her butt with
both hands, gently kneading it with my fingers.

I smiled at my cousin's immediate reaction, and slowly slid my thumbs downward.
Samantha shivered as they touched her outer lips, moaning softly as I made the
action seem to be part of my caress. I knew that I could go farther, but I
merely ran the tips of my thumbs up and down as best I could as I moved my hands
over her firm butt appreciatively. My teasing was quickly rewarded as I found a
building moisture between her legs.

"Do you want me to stop?" I teased, giving my cousin a kiss on the back of her

"You do and I'll kill you," she chuckled, sighing contentedly.

I smiled and continued my movements by moving my lightly wetted thumbs up higher
as I spread Samantha's ass cheeks apart with my fingers. I heard her moan softly
as I brought my thumbs together on either side of her asshole, gently teasing
the opening and lubricating it with her own juices.

My cousin gave a little whine of disappointment as I moved my hands back down
after only a few seconds, but remained mostly quiet as I ran my hands down her
long legs. I couldn't help but giggle to myself as I leaned forward, my hands
squeezing at her muscles as I came within striking distance of her pussy.

Teasingly, I ran just the very tip of my tongue over Samantha's labia from
bottom to top causing her body to shiver and bend her legs as my fingers
carefully kneaded her calves lovingly.

"Is this part of the therapy?" she inquired with smile as my hands came back
down from her ankles.

"You're too tense, and need to relax, right?" I said as more of a statement,
unsuccessfully trying to make what I was doing seem innocent, "Well, I'm just
helping you to relax, 'tis all."

Samantha sighed heavily, biting her lower lip as I slid my tongue partially
inside of her. "Mmmm..." I teased, sounding thoughtful, "I can almost taste the
tension inside you!"

"So what are you going to do about it?" my cousin inquired, her fingers
clutching her pillow tightly as she tried to keep her voice level.

"Hm, good question," I chuckled, giving her inner thigh a deep kiss before
sliding my hands over her bottom once more.

"Oh! Mmm..." muttered Samantha, sounding a little disappointed as my hands moved
up the small of her back, pressing down just hard enough.

"Yes?" I inquired with false condescension, "Do you have a problem with my
technique, little girl?"

Samantha chuckled glancing over her shoulder at me. "And if I do?" she inquired.

"Then you can charge me with malpractice!" I laughed, falling onto her for
support, and giving my cousin a warm embrace.

"Gee," she replied, refusing to give up on out little game, "I was hoping that
you'd be forced to take more drastic measures..."

"Oh?" I inquired, sitting up once again, and dragging my fingernails across
Samantha's back, "Do you mean, like this?"

With that, I gave my cousin a gentle slap across the butt. In response, her
entire body shuddered as she moaned appreciatively. "I thought so," I chuckled,
giving her butt a firm squeeze with both hands, "Too bad we have to be so

Samantha merely smiled, and shuffled over to reach on top of the nightstand.
"Not necessarily," she replied, picking up the remote for stereo, "I think we
can keep a little quieter with some help."

"I see," I said with a smile as music filled the room, drowning out most of the
noise from downstairs, "Well in that case..."

My cousin's grin of satisfaction was replaced as her a surge of pleasure filled
her body. Samantha opened her mouth as if to speak, but could only let out a
long, drawn out moan as I slid my middle finger up inside of her without any

I smiled to myself as Samantha's back arched, and she bowed her head, biting
into the pillow. I then began to slowly slide my finger back and forth inside of
her, twisting it one way and then the other periodically until the rhythm of her
breathing steadied, letting me know that she was close.

I then teasingly changed my tactic, causing Samantha to squirm beneath me. "No
fair!" she whispered harshly, pushing herself towards me as I drew back my

I only giggled and gave her ass a firm smack before sliding my wetted finger
over her pussy lips in order to rub it in slow circles over her clit. "Shhh…" I
replied, as her body responded, "There are a lot of people just down stairs, and
we can’t let them suspect anything."

Samantha gritted her teeth as she smiled, quivering slightly as her body
adjusted to the alternate stimulation. I made sure to watch her closely, as I
felt her clit harden under my gentle touch, and as soon as I noticed the signs
that my dear cousin was coming close, I changed my pattern.

She cried out almost painfully as I went from slow circles to simply rubbing my
finger back and forth across her clit. "Oh-! I-! I-!" my cousin stammered as I
teased her body, bringing her to the brink several times, and each time changing
to something else in order to shift her attention.

"Problem?" I asked sweetly, rubbing my thumb up and down her lower lips as I
teased her clit.

"You-! You're gonna kill me!" Samantha moaned almost forlornly, but the smile on
her face said otherwise.

"Then you'll die with a smile on your face," I giggled, giving her leg a playful
series of kisses, up towards her pussy, stopping just short of my mark, and
causing my cousin to almost scream.

"That's it!" she exclaimed through gritted teeth as she flipped over on the bed,
barely missing me with her right leg as she moved.

"Oh?" I inquired innocently, as Samantha literally reached up and grabbed me by
the hair.

"Lick me out!" she practically commanded, pulling me by the hair and wrapping
her athletic legs around my waist, "And don’t you dare stop until I cum this
time, or I'll take you out into the woods and spank you silly!"

It was all that I could do to keep from laughing as I drove my eager tongue into
her wet pussy, and gave it a long suck. Samantha twisted my hair in her hands,
soliciting a long moan from me as I felt a similar effect beginning to happen to

As I suckled hard against her parted lips, taking in as much of her wondrous
juices as I could, I managed to open my eyes to watch my cousin's reactions.

She stared back down at me, panting heavily with a look of beautiful desperation
on her face. I moaned happily as I made a show of sucking at licking at the
inside of her pussy, causing Samantha to throw her head back as she came.

The burst of juices caught me a little off guard, and I soon found my face
covered in the warm, clear fluid as I desperately tried to keep up. But even as
she began calming down, my cousin was pulling my face closer.

"More!" she gasped under her breath, "More you little cunt!"

I found myself giggling once again, enjoying Samantha's aggressiveness on many
levels as I slowly began pushing my index finger between her ass cheeks,
following the moisture that had flowed down. I quickly glanced up to gage my
cousin's reactions and was pleased to see the look of intense concentration upon
my beloved's face as I felt tight asshole just beneath my fingertip.

Her whole body seemed to tense up in expectation, as I could feel her muscles
pushing back against me, but I persisted in my penetration. Once the very tip of
my finger broke through, Samantha gasped and her body shuddered, giving me a
chance to push deeper inside of her. The wonderful tightness, lubricated by her
own juices soon surrounded my finger, and I began gently finger fucking my
cousin's asshole as I licked her pussy.

"Mmm, oh!" she moaned, relaxing her grip on both my hair and my finger as she
became used to the rhythm.

I then waited until my persistent and constant motions had settled Samantha into
a predictable pattern. Her breathing was coming in long, slow gasps, accompanied
by pleasant sounding low moans, and the occasional quivering of her toned body.
My cousin was sweating for the second time that day, and she seemed to barely be
aware of the world around her as I slid my thumb up inside her pussy so that I
could penetrate her doubly.

Her reaction was a long almost inaudible moan, as she pushed her body up off the
bed for a moment before crashing back down upon it, making strange little noises
as she tried to speak.

"Shh…" I soothed, fingering both of her holes in unison with my right hand,
before bringing up my left, and running it across her flat stomach to her firm
breast, "Just relax, my love…"

"Oooh… I just love you sooo much…" my cousin responded almost feverishly before
letting out a little yelp as she began cumming again.

"I love you too, Sam," I replied wistfully, and gave her clit a gentle kiss
before twirling it with my tongue.

For several long moments, it was all that I could do to hold on as Samantha
came. Her whole body bucking under me as I continued my finger and tongue work
as I pinched and twisted her nipple while my hand massaged her breast.

My cousin's moans of ecstasy filled my ears, and I almost found myself not
caring as to whether our family could hear her over the music, and miscellaneous
noises of the children outside and downstairs.

I watched Samantha as she came, noticing the way her whole body seemed to flush,
as her inner muscles constricted upon my finger and thumb, while she pushed
herself down towards me, trying desperately to push my digits in farther.

It was then that I felt her gush of warm fluid spill over my collarbone and over
my hand, reminding me that I was neglecting my favorite part. I quickly moved my
mouth down, to catch all the sweet liquid that I could, giggling as I found that
some of it was in danger of reaching breasts.

"Ri-! Right there-!" gasped Samantha, holding my hand tighter against her breast
as her body convulsed, and tried to scream.

I obeyed her request, squeezing her breast harder, as I finger fucked her with
greater speed and force, making my cousin's orgasm even more intense. For what
felt like an hour, she squirmed about, desperately trying to articulate her
thoughts, but only succeeded in moaning and gasping.

But, as she began to calm down and relax, I could see tears forming in her eyes.
With concern I drew back my invading fingers, and slid myself up over top of
Samantha and held her as best I could.

"What's wrong, my love?" I asked softly, wiping away a tear.

Samantha shook her head, and smiled weakly. "Nothing…" she whispered, her tear
filled eyes fully of love and joy, "I… I just love you, Amy…"

I smiled, my heart brimming over. "I love you too, Sam," I replied, as she put
her arms around me protectively, "But… You're crying..?"

Samantha smiled and nodded slowly. "I know," she responded, sounding unusually
vundrable, "It's just that sometimes it gets too intense. Even for me, and I
can't help it."

"What does?" I inquired, giving my dear cousin a light kiss on lips.

Samantha shrugged. "My feelings for you," she admitted softly, "I guess it's
just true about what they say. When you don’t see someone for a while, it just
builds up. Until when you see the person you care for, and you just burst. I
dunno, maybe you're just rubbing off on me."

"Don’t worry about it," I assured her, "I'll still love you even if you become
even more emotional than me!"

My cousin smiled, shaking her head as she chuckled. "You're just more open and
honest about what you feel," she replied, "I guess I'm just better at holding my
feelings in and hiding them."

"So long as your honest with me," I told her seriously.

Samantha nodded. "Always," she assured me, running the backs of her fingers over
my cheek affectionately, "You're the one person in my life I can be honest with.
That's one of the reasons I love you so much."

I nodded, sighing happily as I laid my head on her chest and snuggled in closer.
"I'm glad," I said lazily, "and I'm also glad that we probably won’t be called
downstairs for at least another hour."

"Oh?" she inquired suspiciously.

"Ya…" I replied, rubbing the side of my face against her, "I love cuddling with
you after we've made love. You're always so warm and relaxed."

Samantha sighed contentedly, running her fingers affectionately through my hair.
"I'm glad too," she responded, "Because sometimes, it's wonderful just to hold

After that, we cuddled for about an hour and a half before Aunt Amanda called us
down for supper. The rest of the long weekend was fun, but for the most part
sexually uneventful. Afterwards, we reluctantly parted ways, knowing that at the
very least we'd probably get to spend the entire Christmas break together…
Written by Amy K. (
Copyright 1998, although permission for re-posting and archiving is granted so
long as everyone who wants to read this has free and equal access to it. Anyone
wanting a copy of all my stories, feel free to ask. I'm easy- Er, I mean, nice
enough to share!;)


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