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The Adventures of Chloe 1 MF


The Adventures of Chloe

Chloe was excited. In fact, she had been excited for weeks. Everything
was so new and different. Not only had she had a fantastically
successful season but she had managed to get herself engaged to a
perfectly charming gentleman. Regency London was running short of
eligible bachelors. Chloe had been afraid that she would have to
accept the offer of Lord Eastmoreland, who was old enough to be here
grandfather and had lost all his teeth or, even worse, she would end
the season without any offers at all. After all, although she was
quite pretty, with her big brown eyes, full mouth, straight little nose
and delightfully rounded figure, she did have the disadvantage of her
hair. Instead of the fashionable dark brown that was so admired, Chloe
had been cursed with hair that was a mixture of gold and red. It
didn't matter that it was long and shiny and fell in loose waves
without the use of the curling irons, all people noticed was it's
unusual colour.

So when Chloe was introduced to Lord Rotheringham, and he began paying
her marked attentions, she couldn't believe her luck. Lord
Rotheringham was barely forty, and although he was losing some of his
hair he was a fine figure of a man. She hardly dared to hope, but
within three weeks her father was closeted with Lord Rotheringham
discussing marriage settlements. Chloe learned that she truly had been
fortunate. Lord Rotheringham owed property in the Caribbean that just
happened to be on the same island as the estate that Chloe's uncle had
left to her mother. It was a simple matter of negotiations, and the
matter was settled. Chloe had hoped for a smart London wedding, but
Lord Rotheringham had urgent business requiring his immediate presence,
so it had been decided that the wedding would take place in the
Caribbean. It was a shame that Chloe's parents wouldn't be able to see
their daughter wed, but it couldn't be helped. A married lady, who
happened to be also travelling to the Caribbean, readily agreed to act
as Chloe's chaperon, and before she had to gather her wits, Chloe was
on board a ship and sailing away from everything she had ever known.

To Chloe's surprise, most of her travelling companions immediately took
to their bunks, complaining of sickness. Chloe was not troubled at all
by the motion of the sea, but spent every moment she could on deck,
taking in the view and inquiring into the working of every part of the
ship. The crew soon became used to Chloe's presence and eager
questions, although the captain constantly warned her not to stray away
from the public deck. Chloe wasn't sure what kind of danger she could
get into on such a small ship, but she had been raised to be obedient.

Eventually the rest of the passengers recovered enough to join Chloe
above decks, and she found her activities curtailed. Lord Rotheringham
did not approve of his future wife hobnobbing with common sailors, and
he made his disapproval evident. So Chloe had to content herself with
a gentle stroll to and fro across the deck while her fiancé described
her future home and duties to her. The rest of her time was spent in
the cabin she shared with Mrs Coatham, reading aloud and attempting to
complete a piece of embroidery. But her unusual surroundings helped to
give an edge of excitement to even the most mundane occupations.

Chloe had become so familiar with the routine of the ship, so she
noticed immediately when one day that routine was altered. She pressed
her face against the glass of the tiny porthole, but she couldn't
discover what was happening. Mrs Coatham tried to get Chloe to sit
down, but Chloe couldn't settle. She slipped out of the cabin and up
on to the deck. The mate was yelling orders and sailors were
frantically scurrying around. No one noticed Chloe, and she had plenty
of opportunity to look around and discover the source of the
excitement. It was quite easy to spot. Coming up fast behind them was
a ship, and flying proudly from its masthead was a pirate flag. Even
Chloe could tell that, despite the crew's best efforts, there was no
way that they could outrun the pirates. Her heart beating at double
speed, she clung to the rail and watched the chase. It was soon over,
a volley of shots from the pirate's cannons ripped the mainsail to
shreds, and they were dead in the water. As the crew braced themselves
for the pirates to board them, the captain spotted Chloe.

"My lady, what are you doing?" he cried. "You shouldn't be here. Don't
you realise the danger you are in?"

"Are the pirates going to take all my jewellery?" Chloe asked, excited
at the prospect of yet another new adventure. She had never had so
much as her pocket picked before.

"Chloe," Lord Rotheringham hove into view. "This is no place for you.
Return to your cabin immediately."

"My lord," the captain intervened. "I'm afraid that we may have to take
steps to protect both your lady and Mrs Coatham. In my experience, the
pirates are sure to search the ship thoroughly."

"You raise a good point, my man," Lord Rotheringham said thoughtfully.
"What did you have in mind? Shall we hide the ladies somewhere?"

"All I can suggest is that we dress you all as members of my crew and
hope that the pirates don't notice them. I don't have any hiding
places that the pirates won't find easily, I'm afraid," the captain
said apologetically.

"I don't like the idea. It's not the kind of garb a lady is accustomed
to," Lord Rotheringham informed him.

"I know my lord, but it's better than the alternative."

"That is true," Lord Rotheringham admitted. "Very well, let's get on
with it. Come along Chloe."

Chloe excitedly followed Lord Rotheringham below decks. She had once
tried on a friend's brother's clothes years ago, and it sounded like
fun. The captain brought a pile of clothes for them and urged them to
make haste. Mrs Coatham was almost crying as Chloe helped her change.
It took so long to persuade the good lady to put on men's clothing,
even with the help of the maid, Suzy, that the pirates were already
boarding before Chloe started to divest herself of her clothing. There
wasn't exactly a lot of clothes left for Chloe and Suzy to share.
Chloe pulled on a pair of trousers, which ended just below her knees
and left her lower legs bare. A loose grubby shirt was obviously not
going to be enough to conceal Chloe's generous breasts, so Suzy
swaddled her tightly with a piece of sheeting. Suzy then helped Chloe
to braid her hair and pin it up on her head. They hastily tied a scarf
over her hair to conceal it, then hurried to stand with the rest of the
crew while the pirates ransacked the ship.

The women were pushed into the centre of the crew and told to keep their
faces down. Chloe couldn't help sneaking peeks at the pirates though.
They were nothing like her imagination had pictured. She thought they
would be young and dashing, with eye-patches and parrots perched on
their shoulders. All the ones she could see appeared to be quite old
and grizzled. They were plainly disappointed with their haul. They
pulled the captain to the front, and hit him several times in a vain
attempt to get him to divulge the location of any hidden treasures.
Chloe couldn't watch them beat up the kindly captain and looked away,
wincing in sympathy each time she heard a blow land.

At last the pirates prepared to depart. All would have been well, if
one particularly fat pirate hadn't discovered Chloe's trunk of clothes.
He hauled out her wedding dress, and held it up against himself,
making a lewd joke to his friends. Outraged to see his filthy hands on
the precious dress that she had never worn, but had spent long hours
designing and dreaming of wearing, Chloe instinctively pushed her way
through the crowd and snatched it from him.

"How dare you?" she demanded. "That's my wedding dress!" There was a
moment of stunned silence, as she became the cynosure of everybody.
Too late, Chloe realised what she had done and tried to retreat back
into the crew. Eager hands grabbed her and dragged her up in front of
the captain.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" he asked, taking his time
examining Chloe. Painfully aware of how scantily she was clad, Chloe
tried desperately to free herself but the pirates held her arms easily.
"I think we've got ourselves a lady," the mate laughed, taking a good
look at Chloe too.

"Surely not," the captain replied sarcastically. "Look, our captive is
wearing boy's clothes. Maybe we should check."

Before Chloe realised what he intended, he reached forward and ripped
her shirt open. He produced a knife and Chloe closed her eyes as he
swung towards her and sliced through the sheet binding her chest.
Chloe gave a shocked cry as the fresh air hit her exposed breasts. No
one apart from her maid had ever seen her breasts before, but now she
was stood in front of a crowd of men, all eyeing her greedily. The
cold stung her nipples into hard nubs, and the way her captors held her
thrust her breasts pertly forward. Chloe struggled to free herself
again, but stopped as she saw how the men's eyes followed every
resulting bounce of her breasts.

"Now really, you shouldn't squash such pretty titties like that," the
captain told her. "Look at the marks of them. Here let me help you."

He reached forward and began massaging Chloe's breasts. Chloe gasped
with shock. She had occasionally cupped her breasts secretly during
the night, but no one, least of all a man, had ever held them and
stroked them and squeezed them. Chloe couldn't stop him, but she knew
she shouldn't be experiencing tendrils of pleasure curling around her
insides. She bit her lip and tried not to moan. The captain smirked
down at her as if he knew exactly how she felt.

"Now, that's better," he said, giving one of her nipples a tweak as he
let go of her.

"Release me at once," Chloe demanded hoarsely, trying to catch her
breath. "I am a lady and I will not be treated like this."

"My lady, a thousand apologies," the pirate captain replied, performing
an elaborate bow. "Captain William Roberts at your service. You must
forgive my men. They didn't realise you were a lady." He leaned
forward and spoke confidentially to Chloe. "They've never seen a lady
wearing trousers before, you see. It confused them. So I think we
should do something about that, don't you?"

"Certainly," Chloe said, trying to speak with dignity despite the fact
that her upper body was still exposed. "My trunk is just over there, I
will go and change immediately."

"No need for that," Captain Roberts smirked, producing his knife again.
A few quick slashes and Chloe's trousers were just tattered rags on the
floor. Chloe desperately started to struggle again, humiliated to be
held in front of a crowd of men completely naked. She kicked out with
her long legs, but even when she managed to connect with Captain
Roberts' arm he just laughed.

"Bring her over here, lads," he ordered, beginning to undo his trousers.
"It's been a while since I had a sweet little thing like her." Chloe
had no idea what he was talking about, but she could tell by his voice
that she wouldn't like what he had planned. But before he could
proceed they were interrupted. Suzy pushed her way through the crew.

"Captain, stop," she cried. "My Lady Chloe is an innocent young woman.
She is on her way to be married, and I am sure her fiancé would willing
pay a handsome ransom to have her returned unharmed."

"Well if it isn't another lady dressed up as a boy," Captain Roberts
drawled. Chloe was beginning to really hate the sound of his sarcastic
voice. She couldn't believe how brave Suzy was, trying to help her.
Both Lord Rotheringham and Mrs Coatham were hiding as best they could,
and hadn't made any move to come to her defence.

"I'm no lady," Suzy said stoutly. "I'm just a maid. But Lady Chloe is
a good girl, and her family and her fiancé are both rich. Why throw
away money just for a few moment's pleasure rutting?"

"Are you saying that this wench is a virgin?" Captain Roberts asked

"Aye, she is," Suzy told him. "Return her untouched and collect a fat

"I don't know if you are being trueful, or just trying to play me for a
fool," Captain Roberts said thoughtfully. "We'll just have to test the
truth of your words. Hold our little lady down and spread her legs,
lads. Let's see if she still has her maidenhead."

To her horror, Chloe was pinned down to the deck and her legs forcibly
held open. She struggled and fought vainly, especially when she felt
Captain Roberts' hands on her inner thighs. Then his fingers were
touching her most private places, parting her intimate folds. She
shivered as she felt his breath on her and knew he was examining her
exposed body.

"Well would you believe it, the wench was telling the truth," Captain
Roberts declared, standing back up. Sobbing with humiliation, Chloe
was dragged back to her feet. The scarf over her hair had slipped off
and her braid had become undone during her struggles. The pirate
captain walked around her thoughtfully, shaking out her hair so he
could view its length, running a hand over her long legs and casually
cupping a breast.

"I have to thank you, wench," he said to Suzy at last. "If I leave her
virgin, then I will be able to get a pretty penny for her."

"Thank you, captain," Suzy said. "We can provide you with her fiancé's

"Oh I'm not going to bother with ransom demands," Captain Roberts
informed her casually. "It would take to long, and then there's all
the hazards of collecting the money without being caught. No, we're
heading East. They appreciate an unusual wench to add to their harems,
and they pay well for a virgin, especially one this old. Add in that
hair, and I'll make a fortune." Suzy tried to protest but received a
slap to shut her up.

"Right, lets get going," the captain commanded. "We've hung around here
too long as it is. Men, no one lays a finger on our lady here. If one
of you randy bastards costs me a fortune, I'll slit his throat. We've
got this other wench here to use for our pleasure. Understand me?" He
got a ragged chorus of 'Aye, captain' as he led the way back to his own
ship. Chloe was tossed over a broad shoulder and carried off. As she
was taken below decks, Chloe got a brief glimpse of Suzy being thrown
onto a pile of sails and a man dropping on top of her. Scared and
trembling, Chloe was deposited in the Captain's cabin and locked in.
Terrified about what was going to happen to her, and deeply concerned
about what was happening to Suzy, Chloe huddled in a corner and wept.

Eventually, she ran out of tears, and started to pay attention to her
surroundings. She was painfully aware that her own impulsive behaviour
had got her into this predicament. Now she had to find a way out, both
for her and Suzy. The first essential was clothes. She was still
completely naked. She found a guilty delight in being free of the
constraints of her clothes, but she knew that she wasn't behaving like
a lady. There was a trunk in a corner, but it was firmly locked, so
she had to settle for wrapping a sheet from the bunk around herself.
She poked around, but couldn't find anything useful. All she could
glimpse from the tiny porthole was a view of the sea, and no matter how
she attacked it, she couldn't get the cabin door to open.

She was perched on the table trying to see if she could create an
opening in the ceiling when the pirate captain entered the cabin. He
gave a loud laugh when he saw what she was trying to do, and pulled her
down and tossed her on the bed. A couple of burly seamen followed him
into the cabin, and began filling a tub with hot water. To Chloe's
horror, Captain Roberts began stripping his clothes off right in front
of her. Chloe gave a cry of outrage, and clapped her hands firmly over
her eyes. She heard the swish of water as the captain lowered himself
into the tub and ventured to peep between her fingers. She found that
the captain was watching her and he gave another of his loud laughs.

"Get over here and scrub my back," he ordered. Chloe couldn't believe
what he was asking her to do. It was bad enough that she was alone in
a cabin with a man, even worse that he was naked. But he couldn't
expect her to touch him, it was outrageous.

"Don't make me have to come over there and teach you a lesson," he
threatened. "I might just forget how much you are worth, and neither
of us want that."

Chloe wasn't sure exactly what he was threatening to do to her, but she
had learnt enough about him to know him capable of any kind of
atrocities. So she reluctantly shuffled over to the tub, trying not to
trip over the trailing edge of the sheet she was clutching to her.
Captain Roberts tossed her a washing cloth and some soap, and sat
forward to allow her access to his back. Reluctantly Chloe began to
rub the soapy cloth over his back. She kept trying to remember that
she was a lady, but a rebellious part of her mind was fascinated to be
so close to a naked man. She ran her cloth over the smooth planes of
his back and around his firm muscles. Her breathing quickened, and she
leant closer, absorbed in her task.

"Get rid of that sheet, I don't want you getting my bedding wet," he
ordered, pulling it away from her body. "You're doing a good job, now
do my front."

He sat back and Chloe began washing his front. She tried to forget that
she was naked again and concentrated on what she was doing.
Unfortunately, she found the front of a naked man even more fascinating
than the back. She ran her cloth over the curves of his muscled chest,
the suds catching in the dark hairs. She hadn't known that men had
hair on their chests. She diligently washed her way down his body,
following the patch of hair as it narrowed. She didn't realise that
the captain was breathing faster too, enjoying the slide of the soapy
cloth being guided by her small hand. He shifted in the tub so he was
kneeling up to make Chloe's job easier. His movements raised his hips
out of the water, and Chloe got her first sight of an aroused man.

She gave a tiny gasp as she saw his erection jutting up at her. Captain
Roberts wrapped her hand firmly around his shaft and forced her to move
it up and down. Chloe had no idea what he was doing, but judging by
his grunts and the look on his face, he was enjoying it very much. She
couldn't understand how he could have had something so big in his
trousers without her noticing, and she wondered if all men had
something similar. His body was so different to hers. Even as such
errant thoughts were chasing through her head, the throbbing member
within her grasp suddenly began to twitch and shoot out streams of
white liquid. It spattered over her exposed chest, strangely hot.
Unsure exactly what she had done, but confident that it was something a
well-behaved young lady shouldn't do, Chloe tried to pull away. The
captain let her go and settles back in his tub with a satisfied grin.

Chloe scrambled away into a corner and used the cloth she was still
clutching to clean the sticky white stuff off herself. She couldn't
help noticing that the hard throbbing staff she had been stroking had
now shrunk away to a small wrinkled thing. Mystified, she huddled in
her corner as Captain Roberts finished his bath and had some supper
brought in.

Copyright May 2000

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