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The Agency Chapter 1


Author's Note: This is the first of several chapters. Inspiration came
from novelist Russ Martin, who wrote "Rhea", "The Devil and Miss Black",
and "The Possession of Jessica Young" (just to name a few)

"The Agency", Chapter One (Recruitment Practices) by JR Parz


Dave Sanders still couldn't believe it. No sooner had he landed a
partnership offer with Trayback and Northrup, he receives a phone call from
an international firm calling them selves, The Agency.

"Mr. Sanders...I'm head of recruiting here and simply put, we want you
on our team. I'd like to meet with you to discuss the Agency's offer."

Dave had heard very little about the Agency, but the little he did hear
was favorable. Unfortunately, Dave had already said 'yes' to a $195,000 a
year salary with Trayback and Northrup.

"I'm sorry Mr. McCarthy, but I've already committed myself to a
partnership with Trayback and Northrup."

"Sir. May I be so bold as to ask you; did you sign a contract?"

"No...but my word is good and at this point the signing is a mere
formality." Dave paused for a second before asking; "Could you tell me why
you want me, specifically, when there are thousands of lawyers out there
that would gladly jump at your offer?"

"Mr. Sanders... I cannot discuss this over the phone, but please
understand this; when the Agency targets an individual for hire, we'll use
every resource at our disposal to land him. Make no mistake...You are what
we're looking for and I'd like the opportunity to tell you first hand what
we can offer. Trust me when I say it would be to your benefit to meet with

Dave's mind recalled the saying 'once in a lifetime opportunity', and
figured he'd better at least listen to what was being offered. "Okay Mr.
McCarthy, you're right. I'd be foolish if I didn't meet with you. Let's
say nine o'clock tomorrow morning."

"That would be perfect Mr. Sanders... We'll have a limo pick you up
outside your apartment complex. See you then."

Dave thought it was class being picked up in a limousine but wondered
why the Agency felt he was so important to hire? Dave started to guess at
what kind of salary they'd offer him. A quarter million...maybe?
Considering he was fresh out of college and just recently passed the bar
exam...not bad.


As Gina Templeton took the subway back to her apartment, she sighed in
total exhaustion. Performing research on a case file two years old had
wiped her out. Thank God her two-week notice was over. Gina envisioned
herself soaking in a hot bath and smiled. How could a small law firm like
Hamilton & Son actually think that she'd agree to an Associates position?
Gina looked forward to the two weeks off before beginning a full
partnership offer uptown. Her base pay alone would start at $200,000. Not
only that, she'd be working real cases.

As Gina entered her apartment, somebody grabbed her arm. Gina didn't
even get a chance to turn around before she felt a needle pierce her skin.
"Owww" she responded. Gina was then allowed to turn and confront her
assailants. 'What the hell?' Gina thought while looking at three men she'd
never seen before. Gina took a step back and found she was getting dizzy,
and stumbled a little. Whatever they had injected into her, was starting
to work, as a strange lassitude washed over her. Gina slowly, but surely,
dropped to her knees. "Wh.....what....did you do to me." She whispered,
feeling stranger by the second.

"Don't fight it lady...just go with it. I'm told it's rather pleasant
if you don't fight it" stated one of the men. A different one walked over
to her and lifted her up to her feet, then picked her up and carried her
over to the couch.

Gina couldn't move or talk, but she could still hear, feel and see. One
of the men appeared to be talking on a phone; "Sir. We have her under."
Then the man paused for a few moments before saying; "Yes Sir."

Gina thought she should feel frightened, but the emotion wouldn't
surface. Who would do this to her? She again found herself lifted up and
this time carried to her bedroom. 'They're going to rape me' she thought,
strangely without emotion. The man gently placed her on the bed and began
stripping her. Gina thought she should protest, but whatever drug they had
given her eliminated any form of resistance. The man's fingers proceeded
to unbutton her blouse, displaying her ample sized breasts, and then they
stripped off her business skirt. Finally, the men took off her slip, bra
and panties, which left her nude, unable to move, and feeling quite

"You sure are a sexy looking one... I can see you're going to make some
special man, happy. I know you can hear me, so just to give you a
heads-up, I want you to know that we have instructions to place you in an
"X" position. I'm sure you'll make a sexy picture."

Gina felt herself blush as the men did what they said they would... If
she hadn't felt exposed before; she definitely felt it now. Gina lay
there, both arms and legs, completely spread out, brazenly open for all to
see. Gina could see the men gawking at her, and wished she could move, but
no matter how much she tried, she couldn't. Then the unheard of began to
happen, shocking Gina...growing stronger with the minute. Gina blushed at
her arousal, knowing that the helpless position she lay in, elicit feelings
in her that she didn't know existed. The man must have seen what was
happening, noting her heavier breathing and suddenly hard nipples, because
he used his fingertips to lightly brushed her slit...and then showed Gina
his hand as it was wet with her arousal. Gina moaned as she heard the man say. "Don't feel too embarrassed lady... The majority of the women we
position like this pretty much feel the same way you do..."


Tom Cyr looked down at Gina Templeton with a smile. She was absolutely
beautiful. The girl just stared up at him glassy eyed. This Dave Sanders
character was in for quite a surprise. Tom remembered reading the case
file. According to their research, it was nearly three years ago when Gina
and Dave had dated. They had met in one of their law classes and went out
for three months before Gina called it off. Three different sources said
the reason was due to Dave's need to control her. As part of the Agency's
enticement package, Gina Templeton was targeted for a new life.

Tom retrieved his lap top computer from his briefcase, and a set of
headphones with wire attachments. Tom placed the headphones over the
lady's ears. Then he pulled out sensor pads and attached them to the
lady's nipples and vagina. Tom connected wires to each pad and then
plugged it into his computer. Tom then went back to his briefcase and
pulled out a disk. He inserted it into the 'A' drive and pressed the 'run'
button. A series of sequences ran, spitting out information in a variety
of patters. When the sequence was complete, the monitor displayed a
complete profile of Gina Templeton.

Name: Gina Marie Templeton Age: 27 Height: 5'5" Weight: 126 lbs
Measurements: 36-23-34 breast Size: "C" cup Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Dark
Brown Complexion: Dark features. --------------------------- IQ: 93% of
202 Passiveness: 1.4 of 10. Aggressiveness: 7.9 of 10. Sexuality: 4.1 of
10. Inhibitions: 8.6 of 10. Attraction Level to Males with appealing
looks: 7.2 of 10. Attraction Level to Females with appealing looks: 1.8 of
10. Attraction to David Sanders: 5.1 of 10.

Tom saved the profile, took the disk out and put it inside a box. He
then placed another disk inside the 'A' drive. Tom pressed the edit
button, and opened each element up individually. Tom began typing.

IQ during Specific Task: 100% of 202 IQ during Idle Time: 25% of 202
Passiveness: 10.0 of 10.0 Aggressiveness: 0.0 of 10.0 Sexuality: 10.0 of
10.0 Inhibitions: 0.0 of 10.0 Attraction Level to Males with appealing
looks: 0.0 of 10.0 Compliance to Males: 8.0 of 10.0 Attraction Level to
attractive females under key word association: 9.0 of 10.0 Attraction Level
to attractive females while not under key word association: 2.0 of 10.0 Key
Words in exact sequence: Gina Marie Honey Perpetual Attraction Level to
David Sanders: 10.0 of 10.0

Tom again saved the profile, but left the disk inside the 'A' drive. He
pressed the run button for overlay and watched the transfer of traits;
desires; passions and mental make-up take place. The procedure took thirty
minutes to complete... Dave Sanders had just unknowingly become Master and
owner of Gina Templeton.

Tom looked down at Gina. She sure was a stunner, he thought, as the
lady looked up at him real confused like. The girl would always know this
was the time her life changed, but like every other girl who underwent this
process...knowing when and what happened, had no bearing on the effects.


Gina felt strange but wasn't able to identify it. Something was
definitely different. When the man took off the funny looking headphones,
she found she could move again.

"How do you feel?" asked the man.

"I don't know...strange like... What happened?"

"Well, I'm not at liberty to discuss what was done, but I assure you
it'll all be explained to you at a later date. For now, I need you to get
up and put something on that gorgeous body of yours...then you can meet me
out in your living room...okay?"

Gina looked down at her naked body and then back at the man. "Okay."
Part of her wondered why she didn't feel embarrassed about being naked, but
the thought was distant and not at all important to her. What was
important, was her desire to do as she was told. Gina sprung up out of her
bed and went to her dresser. She giggled as she put on her favorite teddy
and then went out to her living room. The man smiled at her as she took a
seat on the couch.

"Gina... These books (he gestured to the stack of books on the coffee
table) entail some of your rules. You are to thoroughly read them and make
sure you understand them. After you read them, I want you to get some
sleep. Tomorrow morning, you are to be in front of your building at 8:00
a.m. sharp. Dress in the sexiest business outfit you have in your closet.
A limousine will pick you up and transport you to the Agency Building.
Your appointment with Mr. McCarthy is for 8:30 a.m."

Gina felt an overwhelming desire to do as he asked, and only a feint
nagging feeling that something strange was going on. Gina picked up the
first of three books and flipped open the cover. As Gina began to read,
she didn't notice the man leaving...all she cared about was reading her new
rules. 'Wow.' She thought to herself upon finishing the first page. Did
they really think that a woman of her education would buy into this stuff?
The book stated that she must act female all the time. No more slacks, or
jeans. She could only wear feminine clothes from this point forward...this
meant skirts, dresses and high-heeled shoes. Gina blushed at the
implications. The person who wrote this book certainly didn't consider the
woman's movement...did they? Something deep down in Gina absorbed the new
rules, and with it the realization that she would comply completely with
what was written. Gina turned the page and continued reading.


Dave couldn't help the grin on his face during the entire limo ride over
to the Agency. Nor could he help stealing glances at the limo driver...
She was absolutely gorgeous! blonde hair, blue eyes, and her breasts looked like they were ready to burst free from her white blouse. Dave was
dropped off at the front of the building and met by another young lady, who
age wise, didn't look out of her teens...and just as much a doll as the
limo driver. In fact, more so. This young lady possessed all the
attributes of the limo driver, but enhanced in a way that made her look
even more beautiful, and sexier. He would find out later that her name was
Tracy and she had quit college three months ago to become Mr. McCarthy's
personal secretary. As Dave passed an open administrative area, he gaped
at the all-female staff. Not only all female, but they were all beautiful.
What kind of place was this? As Dave continued to look around the office,
he concluded that every one of these girls could be a model. How does the
'Agency' get away with hiring only beautiful women?

As Dave entered the office, Mr. McCarthy came out from behind his desk
to shake his hand. Mr. McCarthy first, though, addressed Tracy and
thanked her by casually patting her on her behind. The act elicited a gasp
from the girl, as her face turned beet red. Was that embarrassment or
arousal he saw in her eyes? If he didn't known better, he'd say that he
had just witness the girl having an orgasm.

"Please Mr. Sanders...take a seat."

"Thank you Sir. I must say that you have quite an attractive place,

Mr. McCarthy looked at him with a smile...not missing the pun. "Yes,
that is a prerequisite of all the girls who work here. The Agency has
strict physical standards."

"Mr. McCarthy, originally I had no intentions of reneging on my verbal
commitment to Trayback and Northrup...but now, after enjoying the
atmosphere around here, I think it would be much more prudent to hear you

"I'm happy you find it pleasant, Mr. Sanders...I'll get right to the
point. I've been authorized to start your base annual salary at one
million dollars. In addition, there will be an expense account in your
name for another million. Obviously, if you need more money, we'll provide

Dave stared at Mr. McCarthy speechless. Was this for real? "I... I
...I...can't believe come?"

"I told you Mr. Sanders, your profile is what we're looking for... We
want you on our team and we'll go to extreme measures to land you. This of
course brings me to your incentive package." Mr. McCarthy picked up his
phone and buzzed the intercom. A soft sexy voice on the other end said
'yes sir'. "Tracy, have Ms. Templeton bring in the contract."

Moments later, a different beautiful lady with dark brown hair down to
her shoulders, walked in. Dave's attention was first drawn to the
contract, so he didn't quite notice who carried it in. When he did, he
nearly fell out of his chair. "Gina! I can't believe you're here! Wow...
Great to see you!"

During his excited response, Gina's eyes lit up like a firecracker.
"Hello Mr. Sanders... I...I'm also happy to see you." sounding at first
surprised, then reserved, and with a touch of respectful trepidation.

Mr. McCarthy instructed Gina to take a seat and then redirected his
attention back to Dave. "As you know Mr. Sanders, it is very important to
us that you join our team, and to throw a little enticement your way, we've
obtained the services of Gina. Trust me, Mr. Sanders, you'll find her
quite accommodating."

Dave stammered; "You want us to be associates?"

"No Mr. Sanders... Gina will be your own personal secretary."

Dave's eyes lit up in total shock, and then turned his attention back to
Gina. Gina looked back at him, blushing. "What! My secretary!" Gina
stood there in silence, staring at him, not saying a word.

"Okay may go back to Mr. Sanders office and continue reading
your secretarial book. I'm sure Mr. Sanders will reacquaint himself with
you later."

Dave was stunned at the propriety way Gina was being treated, but
remained silent as he watched her leave the office. While she walked away,
he took a look at the way she was dressed. Her skirt appeared too small
for her and hugged the curves of her shapely behind nicely. Mr. McCarthy
interrupted his train of thought. "I can see you are stunned to see your
ex-girlfriend here... Well, like I said...every extreme to ensure we land
you. We collected Gina up yesterday and she is yours to do as you wish. I
assure you, she'll be the very best secretary. Are you with us?"

"Yes! Definitely!" Dave signed the contract. "I can't believe
did you do this to her? I can't imagine her throwing her education away to
be my"

"Gina's sexual desire and infatuation for you were activated the very
moment she made eye contact with you. Make no mistake. She belongs to you
exclusively. You see; there isn't another male on this planet that affects
her the way you do. Trust me when I tell you...she's back in your office
this very minute wishing you were with her. The female in her body is
responding to you, specifically, inflaming her with a sexual desire so
intense, that she'll do and be anything and everything you want. Quite
simply, her career is you now. She knows this... and in time will make
peace with it. Yes, there will be times that she will dwell on her new
status in life. She'll be experiencing brand new emotions, and although
she may question them internally, she won't be able to resist, nor deny
them physically."

"Th...this is incredible! You mean, I'm the only living person she is
capable of feeling sexual attraction for?"

"Yes and no. You see; we've also conditioned her to respond to other
females, but this can only be done if you, specifically, key her with the
proper words. The program dictates that only your voice can activate this
added attraction. It was quite easy to lift your voice-print from our
phone conversation yesterday. Anyway, we built this feature into each girl we conditioning in order for them to receive pleasure from their own
gender. This way you can both enjoy multiple female partners. With her
arousal for sex turned up to an uncomfortable level, you may find it easier
to allow her a female bed partner."

"Are you trying to tell me that I have the power to turn Gina Templeton
on to other girls?"

"Yes... To turn her on and off, you simply say. 'Gina Marie Honey',
and she'll find herself consumed with sexual arousal and very responsive to
the female or females you so desire."

Dave just sat there in awe. Was all this for real? How? "What can I
possibly offer you? This is truly a fantasy come true?"

"Dave... Understand what I'm about to tell you. The Agency is a very
powerful organization. Everyone has a role here, and yours will be
explained to you soon enough. For today, I want you to become acclimated
with your surroundings. Your office has a doorway to your own personal
bedroom and feel free to enjoy Gina in any way you would like...and as
often as you like. Gina is yours exclusively... Consider her your
property. She's been doing a lot of reading lately and the books all
define her new role. Right now she's reading about her job
responsibilities. Her mind is probably going in a million different
directions, especially with her temporary access to her full IQ. All the
girls have a role here, and it is to serve their man. Take Tracy for remember her, right?"

"How could I forget her... She's incredible."

"You might have noticed her blush when I patted her on the ass
earlier... She experienced an orgasm the very second I touched her. There
was nothing she could do to prevent the pleasure that washed over her
body...because her body belongs to me. As it is, Tracy is rather new in
her role here, and hasn't quite adapted to being treated as my secretary
and personal sex toy. This has caused me to treat her a little bit
differently than the rest of the girls. Unlike the other girls, I can't
tamper with her IQ. Her position as my personal secretary, calls for all
her intelligence...all of the time. As a result, this gives her plenty of
time to dwell on her predicament...something that hasn't been easy for her.
I have a serious talk with her once a week, trying to do what I can to help
her adjust, but she still struggles internally.

"Will she ever... I mean, will it always be hard for her?"

"Who's to say? In time, she'll adapt better to her new role in life,
but in the meantime, I make it a point to touch her at least once a day.
The level of her desire is pre-set to build on an hourly basis, and only
when she orgasms will she be able to alleviate the state she is in. Plus,
I allow her to masturbate once in the afternoon, and once before going to
bed. Eventually, I'll give her a female lover, but I feel she should
tackle one drastic change in her life at a time."

"What about Gina? Is this something that she'll have to adjust to,
also?" Dave said, while feeling all kinds of things...shock; disbelief;
pleasure; arousal; excitement and elation.

"Gina will have a transition period, but in her case, she'll find it
easier to deal with. Let me explain a little about the'll
give you a better understanding. Everyone has brain frequencies that
dictate their own chemical flow. Through the use of advanced computer
technology, we are able to track the flow to the various receptors. We can
read how their brain reacts to stimuli. From this information, we are able
to reprogram the mind to our exact specifications. We reenter the data
directly inside their brain which triggers the right combination of
chemicals, overriding the previous drives and desires with the new ones.
The end result is a girl redesigned to our ideals, beliefs, and desires.
Take Gina... We've turned off her natural aggressiveness and rendered her
docile. She no longer desires to be a lawyer, or anything other than what
you want her to be. Right now, she's your secretary. If you want her as a
house pet, we simply give her a new book of rules, and voila. Her
passiveness is maximized to ensure compliance. We've redirected the focus
of her sexuality to you, and only you. Like I said before... Her
attraction to other females is only active when you want it active;
otherwise, she will be dedicated only to you. Her inhibitions have also
been turned off in order to make it easier for her to adjust to her new
life style. We did this for her benefit. If you so chose, she would work
naked and walk around the office that way. Her mind would recognize it as
wrong and not normal, but she wouldn't feel the stress of embarrassment.
She would also do it proudly, knowing that it pleases you."

Dave sat there, still speechless, as Mr. McCarthy continued. "You
should also be aware that Gina used to use over 90% of her 200,
however, she only has access to a quarter of that. What this does is place
her in a child-like state when she isn't tasked with anything specifically.
She'll act quite the bimbo during these periods. Trust me when I say it
makes it much easier for the girls to deal with their new life when they
are in this state. Like I said, Tracy doesn't have this luxury...I wish
she did. If, for whatever reason, you want Gina to have full access to her
IQ, just let me know. You may find it necessary down the road...but for
right now, Gina gains full access only when she is given a specific work
related task."

Dave nodded in awe, and when Mr. McCarthy indicated that they were done
talking, Dave stood up, extending his hand for a handshake and said.
"Thank you Mr. McCarthy. Thank you very much. Whatever it is I'll be
doing for this Agency, you can count on my absolute loyalty, total devotion
and my very best effort."

"You're quite welcome...please, go enjoy Gina."


Uncomfortably horny, Gina sat at her desk. She still couldn't believe
it! Here she sat, reading...reading a book on her new secretarial duties.
Why? Why was she allowing this without even a hint of resistance? And
David...God he looked so sexy! The mere sight of him set her body on fire!
She still felt the desire tear at her! Gina flipped the page in her
book... The rules... It certainly explained everything, and strangely she
understood every rule she read.

Gina found her mind constantly going back to David. God, she wanted
him! When she dated Dave before, she didn't remember feeling anything like
this. He was so powerful looking! So incredibly handsome. Had
she missed this before? Whenever Gina shifted her legs, she could feel a
dampness inside her panties...she blushed realizing how 'wet' she felt.
Still, Gina read on about all her secretarial duties. Why did she permit
all this? What about her job for $200,000? Why didn't the money mean
anything to her now? What mattered was David...and all she wanted was to
be with him. Why didn't this thought disturb her? Instead, it excited
her. Instead, it frustrated her that he wasn't here.

Gina was reading when a noise caught her attention... She looked up.
"David!" The sight of him flashed a wet wild heat straight to her groin.
Pleasure, in its most primitive form.

"Hi Gina...first of all, I'm Mr. Sanders or sir inside the work place.
The only place you are allowed to call me David is in the bedroom...
Whether it be yours, mine or through that door over there."

"Yes sir." Gina responded, looking down, feeling embarrassed. Gina felt
Mr. Sanders comments hit her like a slap.

"Second, take a break from your book and go check out the
can wait by the bed for me."

Gina suddenly felt much better and beamed with elation. Gina quickly
got up from her desk chair and went straight to the bedroom... Upon
entering, she spotted the huge circular, king-sized bed in the middle of
the room. Gina walked over to it and turned around...waiting. Minutes
later, which seemed more like hours, David entered and Gina gasped. Her
arousal throbbed deep inside her very wet vagina, knowing what was coming
next. David quickly stripped out of his clothes, leaving them in a heap on
the floor. He walked past Gina and stretched out on the bed. Gina
couldn't help licking her lips as she gazed at David's erection.

"Alright Gina...strip for me...and make it nice and slow. In fact, as
you strip, caress yourself...masturbate...fantasize it is my hands
caressing you."

Gina felt herself trembling. The moment of truth... Here she
was...stripping for David. They only had sex twice during the time they
were seeing each other...but this was so, totally different. Gina let her
white blouse fall to the floor, followed by her bra. Her nice sized tits sprung free, she blushed, but strangely felt no embarrassment. She saw the
look of lust in David's eyes, and this pleased her... Gina brought her
hands up and lightly caressed her tits... She used her fingers and thumb
to pinch her nipples. Her breasts felt bigger, and her nipples harder...
Gina cupped her tits from underneath and lifted them up, as if she was
presenting them to David. 'Here, they're yours.' She giggled to herself.
Gina then moved down to her skirt and guided it down over her shapely ass.
Gina knew she looked good, taking great care of her body. She was thankful
for this...wanting to look especially nice for David. When she went to
take off her panties, they momentarily stuck to the inside of her damp
crotch area...eliciting another giggle. Now, as her panties slid to the
floor, Gina stood there...naked... and wanting. Gina let her hands caress
every slope, every curve, and each contour of her body. Each time her
hands touched a crevice, she gasped, then teased herself a little bit more.
Gina found this self-stimulation incredibly arousing, as her sex juice
dripped slowly down the insides of her thighs. Her desire was making this
act torture, but she continued to caress herself, hoping and begging that
David would take her.

"Okay may climb on the bed and climb aboard. Make sure you
use your hands to spread out your lovely wet lips for me. I want to see
how nice they glisten before I allow you to slide onto me."

Gina slowly climbed on the bed and straddled David's hips. She then
lifted herself up with her knees while using her hands to spread wide her
vaginal lips. Gina looked at David, pleading with her eyes, praying that
he wouldn't make her wait. David nodded, and Gina slowly descended upon
David's hard member. "God!" Gina cried out, feeling an intense pleasure.
Gina slowly started to move up and down, harder and faster...humping with a
force and determination of a primate. Faster and faster, Gina rammed
herself down on David's dick until she exploded with the most incredible
orgasm she ever felt.

David, who was still very much hard inside her slick sheath, smiled up
at her and asked. "Tell me Gina... Don't you find it strange that you
were a lawyer yesterday, and my personal secretary today?"

Gina didn't want to think about that...she only wanted to hump harder,
hoping she could rise another orgasm before David finished with her... The
pleasure was so intense she closed her eyes as she rode on.
"I...I...yes...but...but all I want is you now...I want you inside of
me...all the time!" Gina stammered, while her body continued to bounce up
and if riding a bronco.

David smiled and then shoved himself straight up into her. Gina cried
out "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh." as both hers and David's orgasm coated the insides of
her vaginal wall. Gina collapsed forward...her ample breasts crushed down
against David's chest. To tired to move... Not wanting to move...
Knowing that David was still deep inside of her. Feeling safe and
secure... Wanting this...always.


David Sanders sat at his desk in awe. He had already sent Gina home for
the day. He told her that he'd give her a call later tonight. He also
told her to stay inside her apartment and case he wanted to drop by
unannounced. She was an incredible lay... David picked up an interoffice
memo from his basket. It read. 'Mr. Sanders... We understand you may
want more of a personal staff in addition to Gina, so please, shop around
and be selective. You still need a maid, a cook, a girl friend, etc. Just
let us know who they are and we'll take care of the rest.'

David shook his head in amazement. Despite the best fuck he'd ever
experienced from Gina, he actually felt himself getting hard again. He
could have any girl he chose. This was absolutely incredible. The women
could be his for the taking. Just let the Agency know and they'd be
waiting at his doorstep. David glanced up at the desk and saw it was
nearing 5:00 p.m. A couple of girls were still working and he waved
goodbye to them...they professionally responded, 'Goodnight Mr. Sanders.'
He chuckled in response... This was incredible...

End of Chapter One.


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