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Archived Sex Stories

The Agency Chapter 2


The Agency, Chapter Two (Roommates) by JR Parz


Inside The Agency's Regional Headquarters for Northern California, the
Director of Recruitment, Maxwell McCarthy, leaned back in his office chair
and listened as Tracy Young, his personal secretary, confessed her
emotional difficulties with her new role in life.

As Max listened, he reflected on what brought Tracy to him in the first
place. Tracy was born and raised in California, and epitomized the fantasy
image of a California girl. This, coupled with her sweet angelic
innocence, simply made her irresistible.

Max remembered he had been in Sacramento on business...and as he did
every morning, he went jogging. Given he had grown up in the small town of
Rockland, located just east of Sacramento, he was very familiar with the
popular jogging trail that ran along the American River. While stretching
his solid 6'1" 190 pound frame, he found his attention ensnared by an
approaching female jogger. Max found the girl absolutely stunning and was
captivated by the play of her long blonde ponytail, as it occasionally
spanked her very shapely buttocks. There was something about this scene
that Max found highly erotic.

As a member of the Agency, Max had the opportunity to sleep with several
beautiful women, and part of him was surprised that he reacted as strongly
as he did towards this girl. But as soon as she closed within a few feet,
he now not only saw her allure, he felt it. The girl, who didn't look a
day out of her teens, wore a tight fitting, bright blue spandex outfit,
which hugged every one of her luscious curves...and not even her sports bra
could contain the healthy bounce and jiggle of her ample breasts.

Max positioned himself so he could say 'Hello', and as he did, he noted
the cutest little dimples appear with the girl's smile...and when their
eyes met, it was at that very moment, the girl's fate was sealed. She
wasn't a woman...but a woman-child. Sweet and innocent above the
shoulders, while sporting a curvaceous package of unbridled sexiness below
the shoulders.

Now, four months later, no longer did Tracy wear a blue spandex-jogging
outfit...instead she wore a blue business blazer, short tight skirt and a
white shirt. No longer did she wear her hair in a ponytail...instead her
long blonde hair cascaded and flowed down past her shoulders to the crack
of her ass. No longer did she wear her tennis shoes...instead she wore
six-inch high heels. Yet, if Max had to pinpoint one major difference in
Tracy now, more so than before, it would be in her eyes. No longer did
they sparkle with playful energy...instead they were aflame with desire.

"Sir. If...I...I...could come live with you...I promise...I promise I'd
be your best." Tracy blushed, struggling with the words.

"Tracy, you are already the best...believe me...I find your beauty
addictive and if I didn't have a job to do, we'd be constantly in bed
making love. You've become quite creative in your efforts to please me,
and I couldn't be happier. However, having you become part of my home
harem is not the answer."

"I'm sorry sir...I don't meant to burden you. If you didn't ask me how
I felt, I wouldn't tell you these things, but...but you asked and I can't
help telling you everything."

"Tracy, I've been giving your ordeal a great deal of thought, and I
think I've found a way to alleviate some of your frustrations. I want to
make your new life easier and I think the answer is a roommate."

"I...I don't understand...a roommate?"

"Yes...and I think the new girl, Gina, would be perfect."

"Gina? Ah...I've talked to her a couple of times, but nothing more than
small talk. She never mentioned this to me."

"She wouldn' isn't her place. Actually, it is up to Mr. Sanders
to decide, and I haven't talked with him yet, but I feel confident that
he'll be very accommodating. I feel my proposal will not only benefit you,
but Gina as well."

"I...I'd like to be friends with Gina...and having a roommate sounds
good, but...but I don't want to end up like the other girls around here.'s just...I'm not a lesbian!"

Max looked at Tracy with a smile. She certainly was a perceptive little
minx. "Tracy, I understand...and there is no way I would force lesbian feelings on you."

"You're the only one I want or need Mr. McCarthy, and I've seen how a
lot of the girls around here behave...going off to the back room during
lunch. I don't want to end up like them...and if becoming roommates mean
Gina and I...end up like them, then I'd rather pass."

"I agree that some of the girls around here are intimate, but probably
because they're in a pool and aren't owned by any specific member. This
being the case, we allow them to find comfort in one another. Whether they
do are not is up to them. You, on the other hand, are not in their
situation and shouldn't have anything to worry about. However, if you do
possess a latent desire for this, then chances are, the feelings will

"They won't because I'm straight."

"Fine. I'm proposing this roommate scenario purely for your sake, not
mine...and I'm confident it will help you and Gina adjust better to your
new lives."

Tracy smiled despite some confusion. "Thank you Mr. McCarthy. Then in
that case, I would love to be Gina's long as she doesn't mind
becoming mine."

"Great! I'm sure Gina will love the idea. Now let's enjoy the
pleasurable aspects of our weekly meeting."

"Yes Sir." Tracy replied, beaming.

"You may go in our room and assume our favorite position...I'll join you
in a few moments."

Tracy's eyes lit up with desire...a normal reaction for a girl in the
Agency. Max had made it a ritual, ever sense Tracy's first week, to first
have a discussion, and then...fuck. As Tracy hurried to his private room,
Max gazed at Tracy's jiggling tits...and swaying ass, appreciating the
girl's beauty as much now as he did the very first day. Max waited until
she disappeared inside the room before reaching for the phone.

"Yes Mr. McCarthy." answered a sweet voice on the other end.

"Hi Gina. Let Mr. Sanders know that I need to meet with him
in...ah...let's say in a couple of hours. We'll meet in his office."

"Yes sir." Gina responded with crisp professionalism.

Max looked at his watch and decided to wait a couple more minutes. He
expected that Tracy had already stripped naked and was waiting for him in
her proper position, but he wanted to prolong her anticipation, knowing the
longer she went without, the more aroused she became...and there was
nothing more erotic than a female in heat. Like every female who underwent
the Agency's treatment, Tracy was subject to intense sexual desire for
whomever owned her, and when she knew that she was going to be fucked, her
body responded with even a greater need.

When Max entered the room, Tracy had presented her beautiful ass in a
most provocative way. She positioned herself doggy-style, with her head
down, and her curtain of blonde hair draped over her face. Her backside
was up thrust, and squirming as if she had to pee. Max walked up behind
her, taking in all of her, settling his eyes on her large breasts, which
hung down...unsupported. Max then moved his face down to Tracy's
glistening wet vaginal lips, which were no longer hidden with her blonde thatch of pubic hair (a standard rule amongst Agency girls) and inhaled the
sweet scent of her arousal. Max found it as equally intoxicating now as he
did the first day he tasted her, and used both his hands to spread her
petals apart. Then he moved his mouth down onto her exposed wet sex and
kissed her, then stabbed his tongue in deep...teasing her clit.

"Pleeeaassssseeeee." Tracy moaned, while she continued to wiggle and
thrust her ass up hard against his penetrating tongue. Max only wanted a
taste...just a he left Tracy's wet fold and stood back up.
Tracy whimpered, pleaded and wiggled her ass back and forth while Max
smiled, licked his lips, and savored the sweet taste of her. Max then
stripped out of his own clothes, springing free his incredibly hard
erection and climbed behind Tracy...mounting her. In one easy stroke, he
thrust himself deep inside her slick, burning tunnel, which elicited a
squeal of pleasure...and a cry for more.


"Dave, you mentioned to me last week that you are considering having
Gina reprogrammed for full access...have you thought more about this?"

"Yes sir. I want to do it." Dave replied.

"You realize the repercussions?"

"Yes sir, I understand it'll be more difficult for Gina, but when I call
her with something, I want the competent Gina I knew from college to
respond, not some bimbo. I realize the transition from her bimbo state to
her normal state is only a few minutes, but that is longer than I wish to

"Fine...ah...I have a proposition that I'd like you to consider."

"Sir?" Dave questioned...feeling a little bit surprised.

"I'd like Tracy and Gina to become roommates...and eventually lovers. "

Dave's eyes lit up. Now, this was something he hadn't expected...and
the thought of these two beauties in bed together, elicited a stirring
sensation down below. In the three weeks he's been with the Agency, Dave
was fucking Gina on an average of three times a day. Lately, however, he'd
been fantasizing about Gina and the gorgeous girl from the Copy Room.
"Sir...that's a great idea!"

"There is one thing, however. It concerns the strict policy regarding
one's property. The Agency forbids another member to have any sexual
relations with another's property...unless agreed upon by the owner. I've
grown very fond of Tracy, and I think you have a soft touch for Gina, and
my goal here is to make their lives easier...not complicate it any further.
They will both undergo some more conditioning, which will generate feelings
inside of them. The feelings will grow slowly to ensure it appears natural
and generated from within.

"Will this void their Key Words programming?"

"The Key Words will always remain an optional part of their programming.
Like I said, Tracy is very special to me. I want them to believe that
their attraction for one another is out of a love."

"Yes Sir, I understand completely." Dave replied, and he did understand,
but he also felt slightly disappointed in that he wouldn't be able to enjoy
Tracy's charms.

"Have Gina report to Tom Cyr's office tomorrow morning. I'll send him
the 'specs' so he knows exactly what to do. I'm going to give Gina the
more dominant role given their previous status in life. Although Tracy
isn't even aware of it, deep down she's a natural her
feelings will come natural to her."

"Yes Sir." Dave responded with a smile.

"I'll also have Tom take the blocks off Gina's IQ. The changes are
almost immediate and she's going to notice a dramatic change in herself.
You'll find that this is not going to be easy for her, and I recommend you
set up weekly meetings with her. I do this with Tracy and it

Dave opened up his drawer and pulled out an envelope. "Sir, I do have
something else if you don't mind addressing it. I've selected another
girl." Dave said, while handing the envelope to Mr. McCarthy.

Mr. McCarthy opened it up and slid a picture out. "She's extremely
beautiful, but very old is she?"

"She's eighteen years old sir. She's the daughter of one of my old college professor's."

"Is she still living at home?"

"Yes Sir."

"Well...she does meet our age standards for immediate abduction, but
have you considered tagging her for later delivery?"

No sir...I hadn't thought about the Tag Program."

"You eighteen year old girl, living at home, who suddenly
moves out of her house to live with you may cause some concern."

"I...yes sir. Maybe I should look into the Tag Program."

"See Tom Cyr...he founded the program, and can best explain the benefits
to you. Personally, I'm very high on it...and I think this girl here would
be perfect for it. Ah...if you don't mind me asking, how did you meet

"I met her three years ago when she was just fifteen...even then she was
breath-taking. Her name is Christina Trinity. She visited her father in
the classroom one day and it was lust at first sight. The pictures you
have are recent photos and I'm happy that she still possesses that sweet,
innocent beauty, that enthralled me in the first place." Dave paused for a
second, then added; "Her hair used to be long...why she ever had it cut is
beyond me."

"She is very pretty and hair always grows back. I think she's ideal for
the Tag Program. Tom has a manual that explains the whole
the various options. In the meantime, I'll hold on to the girl's folder
here and touch base with our Investigations Unit."

"Yes Sir. Thank you Sir."


When Gina arrived for work the next morning, she read a note from Mr.
Sanders that said for her to report to Mr. Cyr's office. Gina wasn't sure
why, but she didn't hesitate to comply.

When Gina arrived, a young woman, who looked strangely familiar, met her
in the reception area. "Follow me, please." she said, and Gina was led
into another room. "Please strip out of your clothes and sit up on the
examination table." Deep down, Gina knew she should have reservations about
this, but she found herself disrobing without hesitation, nor
embarrassment. When Gina was naked, she sat up on the table and waited.
Gina blushed when she looked down at her shaved area around her pubis, yet,
felt no great urge to cover her self. When she saw Mr. Cyr arrive, she
gasped, immediately recognizing him.

"Hi Gina, I see you remember me...that's good."

"Yes sir...I remember you."

"I'm told you're adjusting real well to your new role in life."

"I...I'm...yes...thank you." Gina again blushed, knowing he was
referring to her new life of slavery.

"You're probably wondering why you're here, so let me fill you in. Dave
Sanders has decided that your duties as his personal secretary require one
hundred percent of you, all of the time. This means that I need to make a
few adjustments to your conditioning."

Gina listened to Mr. Cyr quietly, sitting there docile-like as he
explained things. The word 'conditioning' triggered her own thoughts
regarding her ordeal. She knew her constant sexual craving she felt for
David was abnormal and that she responded totally out of character
sometimes. The fact that the Agency had the ability to make her feel
horny, or happy, or passive as easily as a puppet master pulls strings,
bothered her, but there were other times when her mind seemed to just turn
off. Gina hated to admit it, but she actually preferred these times, as it
seemed to transport her away from her situation. While Gina reflected, she
suddenly realized where she had seen Mr. Cyr's assistant. Zoey Hurley!
She's the actress from television! Zoey smiled at her in response, somehow
picking up the vibes that she now recognized her. Zoey reached over and
whispered; "Lay back and spread your legs for me...okay sweetie."

Gina felt slightly confused being treated like this, but did as she was
told. "You're the actress Zoey Hurley, aren't you?" Gina asked, while the
actress nodded 'yes'. Gina lay on the table, legs spread wide, and watched
as Zoey placed sensor pads on her nipples...then she softly spread her
vulva apart, moving aside her hood, and placed a pad on her clitoris.
Despite her embarrassment, Gina remained quiet, knowing better to interrupt
the ex-actress. Zoey then attached wires to all the sensor pads, and
turned her over, exposing her anus. Gina's blush grew several shades
darker when she felt Zoey stick her finger up her asshole and apply yet
another pad.

Gina felt uncomfortable and extremely embarrassed. Nudity was one
thing, but to be so totally exposed and touched like this? Mr. Cyr took
out a strange looking headphone and handed it to Gina, and told her to
place it over her head. After the final connection was made, Mr. Cyr
plugged the main wire into the computer. Then he inserted a disc inside
the 'A' drive, pressed the 'Enter' key and moments later, he saved whatever
he had on one disc and replaced it with another. Mr. Cyr began typing.

As Gina watched, she wondered what he was typing. Then all of a sudden,
she felt warmth develop inside her groin...and a powerful urge to
masturbate. No longer did she care what Mr. Cyr was typing. No longer
did she feel embarrassed about being exposed. Now, all she cared about was
relieving this hot burning sensation she felt inside her pussy...and she
wanted to 'come'.


Tom gazed down at the lovely dark haired girl, pleased at having the
opportunity to see her again. She looked incredibly sexy as she squirmed
on the table. Tom always made sure to send his subjects waves of arousal
and Gina was no exception. By doing this, Gina would feel pleasure every
time her minds surfaced the memory of this appointment. Tom waited for
Gina's eyes to glaze over before pressing the overlay button to start the
program sequence. Then he reread Gina's profile again to make sure he
didn't miss anything.

IQ during Specific Task: 100% of 202 IQ during Idle Time: 93% of 202
Passiveness to Dave Sanders: 10.0 of 10.0 Passiveness to Agency Staff: 9.5
of 10.0 Passiveness to Tracy Young: 1.4 of 10.0 Aggressiveness to Agency
Staff: 0.0 of 10.0 Aggressiveness to Tracy Young: 7.9 of 10.0 Sexuality:
10.0 to 10.0 Inhibitions: 0.0 to 10.0 Attraction level to Males with
appealing looks: 0.0 of 10.0 Attraction level to attractive females under
key word association: 9.0 to 10.0 Attraction level to attractive females
while not under key word association: 5.0 to 10.0 Attraction level to Tracy
Young: 9.0 to 10.0 (Starting at 1.8 and gradually increases one full point
every twelve hours) Trust, Friendly, Loving emotions for Tracy Young: 10.0
to 10.0 (Starting at 3.0 and gradually increases one full point every
twelve hours) Key Words in exact sequence: Gina Marie Honey Perpetual
Attraction Level to David Sanders: 10.0 of 10.0

Tom looked over the onscreen spreadsheet and smiled. It was rare when
he was asked to break the norm and individualize a treatment this way.
Later on, he'd be seeing Tracy Young...and of all the girls that he'd
conditioned throughout the years, Tracy was by far the most beautiful. He
envied Mr. McCarthy, and now, knowing what was in store for Tracy, he
envied Gina, too. Tom set up a program where Tracy and Gina would bond
through trust and love...then sexual attraction would slowly settle in.
This was Tom's chance to prove how truly unique each programming could be.

Tom looked over at Zoey and smiled at her. He could tell that his sexy
young assistant was visibly aroused. Zoey was the first product from his
Tag Program. Her body had been preset at a level that kept her constantly
aroused for not only him but for every beautiful female she lay eyes on.
Zoey was beautiful and just eighteen at the time of her tagging. It was
because of her age that Tom worked on developing this new program. He had
met Zoey at a ritzy restaurant where she was a hostess. That was over two
years ago. Over the course of those two years, Zoey had become a Hollywood
Television star...and was starring in her own television series when he
activated her tag. Ironically, the series she starred in was called,
'Young Career Woman'. So much for any career she might have had. The tag
overrode all her previous desires and placed her in a totally submissive
and dependent state...subject to him. Zoey left Hollywood and everything
else to become his personal assistant and sex slave.

Tom glanced at the clock and noted he had a couple of hours before his
next appointment. He dismissed Gina, and turned back to his assistant.
Zoey, knowing fully well what his look meant, squealed with joy and quickly
stripped out of her medial whites.


Tracy young used the time it took her to drive to her new apartment to
think about everything that had developed during the past week. She had to
admit that she was a bit scared when Mr. McCarthy proposed she move in
with Gina. She liked Gina, but she feared that she was being forced into
something she really didn't want.

Tracy remembered a time when she had a choice in what she did, where she
went, and who she slept, she was nothing more than a slave to
Mr. McCarthy. The man could give her an orgasm with a simple pat on her
ass. What bothered her most was the fact that to the outside world, she
looked like a willing slave.

Tracy was one of the lucky ones...or unlucky, depending on how she
looked at it. She retained her memories and had full access to her true
thoughts. She knew when her feelings were artificial and induced but
knowing it and doing something about it, were two totally different things.
This rendered her nothing more than a sexual trinket and personal secretary
to Mr. McCarthy. The way she dressed, acted, socialized, wore her hair,
and even fucked all came from reading the books, or something Mr. McCarthy
would suggest. She remembered the first time she ever read one of these
books and how every word she read seemed to imprint itself deep inside her
mind. Not only did she retain every word, she felt an overwhelming desire
to perform them.

Tracy knew this was all due to her programming. Tracy remembered that
her opinion of sex prior to her enslavement was very average, but now she
was kept in a state of sexual readiness...and sex was now the second most
important aspect of her life. Tracy's perpetual desire for Mr. McCarthy
reminded her of this every second of the day. The most important thing in
her life was to please Mr. McCarthy, and do everything he wanted her to
do. The fact that his mere approval could elicit such pleasure and joy made
her an addict.

Mr. McCarthy had been extra nice and sensitive to her this past week.
Today, he told her that her belongings had been moved to Gina's apartment,
and after reading a book that covered the guidelines and parameters of
roommates, she would be able to leave work early. Tracy didn't want to
leave work early because this meant that she wouldn't be around Mr.
McCarthy...but given she didn't have a voice in the matter, she obediently
complied. During her reading, she came across a chapter about sex between
roommates, and the rules as to when roommates could have sex. This began
to make Tracy wonder again whether she had been altered in some way. When
Tracy asked Mr. McCarthy why there was a chapter on sex, he replied that
the book was a standard operating procedure for all roommates, and the sex
chapter was put in there in case an intimate relationship developed.

Tracy remembered Mr. McCarthy telling her to report to Mr. Cyr's
office for a routine check-up, which made her suspicious. After the exam,
her suspicions disappeared. In fact, when she tried to recall her time
with Mr. Cyr, she found her memories somewhat vague and unfocused. In
addition, she felt herself become aroused as a warm pleasurable sensation
stirred deep inside her groin. When she tried identifying the feelings,
she associated it with satisfying sex.

Now, here she was...Apartment 6B. My new home, she thought to herself.
Tracy knocked on the door and waited. Within seconds, a smiling Gina
opened the door. "Hi roomy!" she exclaimed. Gina's beautiful smile was
contagious, and she smiled back. Tracy then let Gina pull her inside the
apartment and they hugged, and for the first time in her new life, she felt
sincere warmth and comfort, and before she even realized it...they both
started to cry.

Later on, they had chinese food delivered and sat on the couch and
talked. Gina told her about how she graduated from Law School, passed the
bar, and had been ready to make big money as a lawyer. She also disclosed
her brief fling with Dave when they were classmates. Tracy told Gina how
she was attending American River college when she was abducted. They
talked about everything...sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, and even
blushing a few times when their topic landed on sex. Both admitted that
their new sex lives was the most intense and best either of them ever had.
They understood their sexual feelings were forced, but because the pleasure
was so addictive, they didn't care...and wished they could feel this way
all of the time. Gina told Tracy about how she'd been altered to be fully
aware one hundred percent of the time, and how difficult she was finding
it. Tracy told Gina how Mr. McCarthy wanted to help alleviate some of
their discomfort by having them room together. Finally, Tracy told Gina of
her fears regarding lesbianism and was immediately relieved when Gina told
her she was straight and had nothing to worry about.

They didn't have to work the next day, so they didn't care that it was
well past midnight before they called it a night. Tracy felt much better
having someone to talk to...and Gina was so nice, so friendly, and
obviously someone she could trust very much. Just as Tracy was about to
enter her new bedroom, Gina walked up to her and hugged her goodnight.
Tracy felt strong currents of warmth from the hug, and also a feint
pleasurable tingling sensation from the contact of their breasts. The
sensations were so subtle that Gina didn't even separate these feelings
from the constant state of arousal she was perpetually kept in. Gina then
kissed her on the forehead, making her feel a sweet sort of docility, and
whispered 'good night'. Tracy whispered 'goodnight' back and then watched
the sway of Gina's ass as her new roommate walked down the hallway to her
own bedroom.

As Tracy closed the door to her own bedroom, she felt comfort and a
tranquil happiness. Gina's kiss surfaced a submissive side she hadn't
known existed and strangely, she felt pleasure with the thought that Gina
would take care of her. Tracy slowly stripped out of her clothes and slid
down her panties...she noticed the wet spot in her crotch area and blushed.
'God, I'm so wet!' she thought, then giggled. Was this because of the
perpetual state of arousal Mr. McCarthy kept her in? Or did Gina have
something to do with it? Tracy stretched out on her bed...reached down
with her hand and found her wet center. A whole chapter of the book she
read dedicated itself to masturbation...when and when not...before bedtime
was permitted. As Tracy slid three of her fingers past her lubricated
folds, her groin throbbed eliciting a groan. The sexual craving she felt
for Mr. McCarthy would never go away, but an orgasm right now would
relieve the hunger she felt. Tracy's mind brought up the image of Mr.
McCarthy, and this prompted her to speed up her piston like motion...and
then she cried out to a massive orgasm.

Tracy lay back feeling a pleasurable glow. As she did, her mind drifted
to Gina. Without really being conscience about what she was doing, Tracy's
hand crept down to her very wet lips again...and her soft caressing along
her folds stirred warm pleasurable sensations deep down below. Tracy's
mind reasoned that it was the after effects of her orgasm...and quickly
took her hand away. Tracy knew that she wasn't allowed to masturbate again, and turned over in tired frustration. Moments later, Tracy heard
Gina cry out from the other bedroom. She smiled and then fell asleep.

VI. <Inside Maxwell McCarthy's office>

"The Tag Program is quite fascinating." Dave stated.

"Yes David. We've had it in place now for two years and it is working
wonders. girls as young as sixteen have been tagged for future
enslavement. Tom Cyr founded the program and it was only right that he own
the first girl to undergo the treatment. At the present time we have
thirteen girls that are in the Tag Program."

"Yes...Zoey Hurley. I remember seeing her on television."

"Actually Tom tagged her before she was in the public eye. However, as
you can see, the programming works regardless how prestigious the girl becomes."

"Well sir...I've decided to take you up on your suggestion and have
Christina Trinity tagged."

"Super! A wise choice...have you decided on what plan to process her

"Yes sir. I'd like her to undergo plan 'C'...with an option to add
chapters at a later time."

"That would be fine. She's already under surveillance. Have you
finished her file?"

"Yes Sir...and thank you. This continues to be all so incredible to
me...and I'd also like to thank you for what you've done for Gina."

"Just be aware as Gina and Tracy's relationship grows they may opt to be
discreet about it. I'd prefer that they not know we know, so play along. I
want them to believe these feelings are their own."

"Yes Sir."

"Incidentally. Our West Coast Director will be in town next week and he
wants to meet you. He's impressed with your portfolio and has decided to
brief you in on some of me just say, additional duties.
Anyway, I'll let you know more tomorrow.

"Yes Sir...I look forward to it!"


Tom Cyr would never tire of his fieldwork. There was something
incredibly erotic about a young beautiful girl, completely naked and
exposed so openly as she slept. Especially, as innocent looking as this
virgin was.

Christina Trinity, a lovely girl with short blonde hair, and looking
like the perky teen beauty she was, was so easy to abduct. Tom simply
pulled the van along side of her car and waited for her to leave the
sporting goods store. Obviously, the girl was into sports and this made it
all the easier to find a vein to inject the serum into her arm.

Tom began typing...

Name: Christina Lynn Trinity Age: 18 Height: 5'3" Weight: 112lbs
Measurements: 34-22-32 breast size: "B" cup. Hair: blonde Eyes: Blue
Complexion: Light ---------------------------- IQ: 99% of 180 Passiveness:
5.4 of 10. Aggressiveness: 6.2 of 10. Sexuality: 6.0 of 10. Inhibitions:
9.1 of 10. Attraction Level to Males with appealing looks: 5.3 of 10.
Attraction Level to Females with appealing looks: 0.9 of 10.

Tom saved the profile, took out the disk and put it inside a box. He
then placed another disk, labeled 'C' Program inside the computer and
pressed the edit button.

IQ: 75% of 180. Passiveness: 7.0 of 10. Aggressiveness: 3.0 of 10.
Sexuality: 8.0 of 10. Inhibitions: 4.0 of 10. Attraction Level to Males
with appealing looks: 0.0 of 10. Attraction Level to Females with
appealing looks: 8.0 of 10. Attraction Level to Dave Sanders: 10 of 10

Tom saved the program and then replaced that disk with one created by
Dave Sanders. It was an electronic book that would be fed directly into
Christina's brain to go along with the basic changes already accomplished.
The affects would make her subject to some rules and guidelines that Dave
had specifically requested. Tom hit the button to run the program and
watched as the file was automatically converted into the appropriate
language...and then transferred inside the girl's brain. The whole process
would place her in a controlled state. Tom looked at the file and had to
chuckle at some of Dave's personal requests. Christina would protect her
virginity, let her natural honey blonde hair grow long and find herself
attracted to pretty girls. If she did develop a relationship with a
female, she would respond submissive and docile. Christina would also
schedule an appointment with Dr. Barrington of Carmel, California, for
state of the art breast implants...large ones.

Tom also uploaded various pictures of David Sanders inside Christina's
mind. The girl would occasionally have erotic dreams about him. Given her
new lesbian feelings, these dreams would obviously confuse her.

Christina Trinity would wake up in her car and think she just dozed off
for a few seconds. The 15 minutes that the process took would not be
noticed...and Christina's new artificial desires would flood her as each
new situation arose.

Christina Trinity was tagged...and ready for future delivery.

The End of Chapter Two.


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