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The Agency Chapter Three


Disclaimer: The usual - you must be at least age eighteen to read this...

Author's Note: This is the third chapter of 'The Agency'. I highly
recommend you NOT ONLY read the first two chapters of 'The Agency', but
also 'The Agency's Early Years' as it provides a good background. You can
contact me at or visit my website

The Agency, Chapter Three (Ties that Bind)


"Now, where would she put it?" Gina asked in a whisper. Tracy wasn't
due home for another hour but she didn't want to waste time. One of the
very first rules she learned when she was snatched up by 'The Agency' was
that she had to maintain a journal of her innermost feelings. This meant
that every girl who belonged to the Agency kept a diary.

Gina checked Tracy's dresser drawers...nothing. Under her
pillow...nope. Then she saw something underneath the Vanity Table and
smiled. "It has to be!" When she reached underneath and pulled out the
diary, she yelled. "YES"!

Gina sat down on Tracy's bed and opened it up. As much as she wanted to
read all of it, she knew she wouldn't have time, so she flipped the pages
until she found the week when they became roommates.


"Dear Diary, 16 August 2000

God, I'm so happy! Last night was one of the best nights I've had since
my 'turning' and I have Gina to thank for it! It's so nice to be able to
talk to her...she's so smart. She reminds me of this college professor I
had. Not only smart, she's gorgeous. I can't stop looking at her. She's
a least she was one before... Now, she's like me. We
talked all night and hugged and cried. It felt good to finally talk to
someone who could relate first hand... I hope that doesn't make me sound
too selfish. I feel really good when I'm with Gina and look forward to
many more intimate discussions now that we're roommates.


Dear Diary, 17 August 2000

Mr. McCarthy let me out early yesterday so I could go shopping with
Gina. It was really fun. We have such a great time together. I was a
little nervous being out in public but Gina helped me through it. To look
at the both of us, nobody would suspect what we've become. Just before I
left, Mr. McCarthy fucked me real good...and just writing about it has me
wet. If Mr. McCarthy let me, I'd be with him all the time. Its
weird...he's turned me into his own personal sex slave and made me his
secretary, but yet I can't help gushing at the thought of him. Gina and I
tried on a bunch of new skirts...and some lingerie. I'm feeling really
horny at the to go.


Dear Diary, 18 August 2000

I've tricked my mind into believing otherwise but I can't go without
addressing it anymore. Something strange is happening to me. I'm having
intimate thoughts about Gina. I find myself thinking about her when I'm
masturbating. Of course, Mr. McCarthy dominates the majority of my
thoughts...but every now and then I get an image of Gina. She did look
spectacular in that lingerie she tried on at the store.


Dear Diary, 19 August 2000

I'm not imagining it. I can't stop thinking about Gina...and when I do
there's no denying the sexual desire I feel. I think I'm falling in love
with her and I'm scared. Mr. McCarthy said he wouldn't turn me into a
lesbian so I'm confused as to why I feel this way. I get so wet just
thinking about her. I keep on telling myself that it is only natural that
we become close...given the circumstances, but I never thought I'd want to
be this close. God, I'm blushing just from writing this... not to mention
what I'm feeling down... oh god!


Dear Diary, 20 August 2000

I'm soooo busted. Gina saw me looking through the open door while she
was going to the bathroom. She's such a 'hottie'. Later on I heard her
masturbating and I was tempted to join her, but I'd just die if she said
'no'. I've never seen another girl get off before and I can picture her
with her legs spread fingering her clit.


Dear Diary, 21 August 2000

Gina didn't say anything to me about me staring at her. I never thought
that watching another girl sitting down on the toilet could be so erotic. I
think I've fallen in love. I understand Mr. McCarthy owns me outright and
I can't deny him anything, but lately Gina is the one I love. I want to go
to her...but something is preventing me. I'm not sure what it is. Its
like I feel so passive every time I'm around her. I wish she would kiss


Gina carefully placed the diary back where she found it and left Tracy's
bedroom. Her confessions hit her like a ton of bricks and she felt
overwhelmed with emotions. If she had known Tracy felt this way earlier
she would have went to her. Tonight would be different... tonight she
would make love to her.

Gina still found it hard to believe how quickly she fell for Tracy.
Never in her life had she thought about sleeping with another girl...but
the mere thought of seducing Tracy was incredibly arousing. Was it because
they were going through the same experience? Or was it because the Agency
had done something to them to alter them sexually? She thought about Dave
and still felt that 'need' to be with him. Here he stripped away her life
and turned her into this quivering sex addict and the only thing she wanted
to do was please him.


'This was it' Tracy thought with anticipation. Gina was actually making
a move on her and she felt so damn docile that she couldn't have stopped
her if she wanted to... not that she wanted to. "Gina... I've never been
with a girl before." Tracy stammered.

"Me neither Tracy...but it isn't just sex... I feel more for you."

Tracy bashfully smiled.

"Does Mr. McCarthy know how you feel about me?" Gina asked.

"Not yet...our weekly meeting is tomorrow. How about Mr.
Sanders...does he know?"

"We're having a meeting Wednesday morning." Gina replied.

Gina reached over with her hand and brushed Tracy's long blonde hair out
of her face. Then she caressed her with the back of her fingers. Tracy
closed her eyes and groaned.

"Stand-up and turn around." Gina whispered.

Tracy stood up on shaky legs...and then allowed Gina to pull her dress
up over her head. Gina then unsnapped her bra and let it fall to the
floor. Was this really happening? "Turn around." Gina whispered in her
right ear. Tracy turned and saw that her roommate had also stripped
naked... she was beautiful. "I don't believe we're doing this." she

"You still want too...right?" Gina whispered back.

"God yes... more than anything... I...I need you." Tracy responded.

"Tracy...I love you. I know it's only been a week and that we belong to
someone else, but there is no denying how I feel about you."

"I know... I feel the same way." Tracy whispered back.

Gina moved in close and kissed her. At first they were shy in their
exploration of each others mouth, but shyness gave way to desire and soon
they were kissing passionately. Gina moved her hand down to play with
Tracy's breasts while her other hand cupped her ass. Tracy didn't think it
could get any better than this until Gina slipped her hand down between her
legs and entered her. Tracy came.

"Come." Gina whispered while removing her fingers.

"I did." Tracy whispered... then giggled... then blushed.

Gina led Tracy to her bedroom. Ever since her 'turning' she had hoped
that she wouldn't turn gay and now she was eagerly anxious for her first
lesbian experience.

"You're so beautiful." Gina stated as she looked down at her. Tracy
just smiled in response. "I can see why Mr. McCarthy selected you." She
added, eliciting a smile from the both of them.

Gina moved her face in-between Tracy's legs...and with her tongue she
lightly teased her pussy. Tracy couldn't stop her body from squirming
around and when Gina mouthed her vulva, she exploded with another orgasm.
"Oh god! Please...pleaaasseee don't stop." She begged.

Tracy had never really been noisy during sex until her 'turning', but
just like she was with Mr. McCarthy, she was the same with Gina, and she
screamed out with every lick and flick of her lover's tongue. When she
came for her third time, she came big and cried out at the top of her
lungs. Gina looked up from between her creamed filled thighs and giggled.

II. (Next morning, Maxwell McCarthy's Office, Regional Headquarters,
Northern California)

"It is very nice to meet you sir." Dave Sanders stated while shaking Mr.
Johnson's hand. The man was distinguished looking with just a tad bit of
gray at his temples.

"The pleasure is all mine Dave. Max has told me a lot of positive
things about you and I know you'll be a fine asset to our organization."

"Thank you sir." Dave replied.

"He's rather anxious to learn what his role will be." Mr. McCarthy
interjected with a smile.

Mr. Johnson smiled and nodded his head. "Of course... Understand
though... you are still only told what you need to know."

"Yes sir." Replied Dave.

"Let me inform Tracy to hold my calls." Mr. McCarthy stated while he
walked over to his desk. "Tracy... we don't want to be disturbed."

"Yes sir." Tracy's soft voice replied through the phone speaker.

When they were all comfortably seated, Mr. Johnson started. "Dave...
as you've pretty much surmised, the Agency is a very unique organization.
On one hand we're a legitimate international law firm that specializes in
corporate law. We produce a quarterly revenue exceeding 2 billion dollars
and to the outside world we are the epitome of good business."

"We have over twenty legitimate offices world wide which include our
oversea offices in Paris, London and Denmark." Mr. McCarthy added.

"Now to be blunt and straight forward... it's all a front for something
much bigger. It isn't by accident that you were recruited and to be honest
we've had our eyes on you for the last five years. And despite your rather
impressive law credentials, that wasn't why we hired you."

Dave sat up in his chair... then what could it possibly be?

"You're here because of Samuel Harrington."

"My Uncle!" Dave replied with shock. "My Uncle Sam is part of this!"

"Yes... he's Vice-President of Operations and one of the original
members of the 'Agency'."

"This is incredible! Can I talk to him?"

"He's overseas in Australia at this exact moment but he told me to tell
you that he's flying in to visit you personally. He'll be calling you
later with more details."

Dave was reeling in shock.

"We have six of these type offices." Mr. Johnson stated. "In addition
to this office, there's an office in LA, Houston, St. Louis, Boston, and
Boca Raton, Florida. Have you noticed how many office girls there are?"

"Twenty... if you aren't including personal secretaries." Dave replied.

"Very observant... and I wasn't. Each one of our offices is staffed
with twenty girls and everyday they spend close to one hour in training.
These girls are being programmed to perform covert operations inside
governmental agencies. Everything they learn is becoming second nature to
them. Incidentally, your Uncle sits on the committee that heads this
specific program."

"This is amazing." Dave commented.

"Their mission, via their incredible sexual charms, is simple.
Establish trust and love from their bosses. Some will be senators... some
congressman... and other key government executives."

"This sounds like blackmail...but something tells me it's much more."
Dave stated.

"Very astute. It's true we go to great lengths to video tape the
politicians with their pants down... sort of speak, but the blackmail
element is only a front in the event the worst case scenario goes down.
Trust me when I say that these girls will be able to exert powerful control
over these targets."

"More mind control?"

"No. Not necessary... We believe that there isn't a more powerful
emotion than sex and our girls are trained to be irresistible. Our targets
may think that they are the ones in control... especially given how
incredibly docile we make our girls, but in reality the girls can be
incredibly persuasive when they want to be...and we want them to be."

"How come you don't use the same methods to control the politicians as
you do to control the girls?" Dave asked.

Mr. McCarthy, who had been pretty much quiet, interjected. "We're told
it has something to do with the chemistry... bottom line, the programming
doesn't work on males."

Dave was about to ask a question when Mr. McCarthy interrupted him.
"You're probably thinking that there are plenty of female politicians...
and you're right, but to turn a politician into an Agency girl is a last

Mr. Johnson added. "Now... this brings us to you."

Dave felt nervous... finally... his role.


Tracy found herself feeling anxious for the meeting to end...and was
happy to see Mr. Johnson and Mr. Sanders come out of the office. She had
no idea what they had discussed behind closed doors, but she really didn't
care. She still glowed from her incredibly satisfying lovemaking last
night and if it weren't for the damn rules, she would have engaged in
another session this morning. Gina had done things to her last night that
she didn't think were possible and she wanted to share her happiness with
Mr. McCarthy.

"Hi Tracy... how are you feeling this morning?" Mr. McCarthy asked
from his doorway.

"Wonderful sir." Tracy replied...elated from his attentions.

"Are you ready for our session?"

"Yes Sir!" Tracy exclaimed with excitement. She loved how her body
responded to him.

"Yes, it appears that you are." Mr. McCarthy replied with a glint in
his eyes... and then added. "I was thinking that today we could reverse
the order and proceed straight to my private room."

Tracy's breasts pitched forward and her eyes lit up. She had to bite
her tongue in order to stop herself from squealing. "Yes Sir!" she
exclaimed again.

"Get Tina Matthews to cover for you and I'll meet you inside our special

"Yes Sir!" Tracy replied and quickly hit the intercom. "Tina! I need
you to cover for me... please hurry."

Tracy was wet and aroused when she made love to Gina, but this desire
was much more intense. When Tina arrived, she quickly briefed her...then
quickly disappeared inside Mr. McCarthy's office.

When she entered the bedroom, Mr. McCarthy was already naked...and
sporting a huge erection. "Get out of the clothes Tracy."

Tracy practically ripped the clothes off her body and seconds later
climbed on top, mounting him... but no sooner had she lowered herself on
top of him, he suddenly flipped her over on her back and began pumping into
her! Tracy screamed out with every one of his strokes as one orgasm after
another crashed over her.

IV. (Two hours later)

Max looked over at Tracy and grinned. She sat there quite naked looking
incredibly 'hot' she told him about her new relationship with Gina.
He had known the second he saw her this morning that she and Gina had done
it and he couldn't get the image of the two of them out of his head. "I
could tell... you were beaming this morning."

"Yes sir. I...I never thought it could feel so good." She murmured with
a smile.

"I must admit I'm slightly surprised... I thought you were one hundred
percent 'hetero'."

"I...I thought so too sir...but Gina and I... well, we kind of fell in
love." Tracy blushed.

"I couldn't be more happier for you." Max said... feeling genuinely
happy for his favorite pet. "I knew you two would hit it off and become
best friends...but like I said I didn't think you'd become intimate with
one another... at least not so soon." Max lied.

"I...I still can't believe it but I'm glad it happened."

"Enjoy it... and don't fret about labels. This doesn't mean that
you're a lesbian. I think I just proved that... didn't I?"

Tracy blushed again and for the first time since her 'turning', she
giggled. Max thought her giggle was very becoming...especially since it
was genuine.

"Now, you did read the chapter on being intimate with your roommate,

"Yes sir."

"Good girl." Max responded, watching his blonde doll beam with joy.

"Would you like another round?" Max asked with a grin.

Tracy bounced out of her chair with a squeal of delight... Max loved
what this did to her healthy rack.

V. (About 35 miles outside San Francisco) D Christina Trinity
scrutinized herself in the mirror. This was becoming a ritual as of late.
"They're too small." She concluded. Wasn't it last week that she thanked
'god' that they weren't bigger because of her jogging? Christina turned a
little for a profile look and smiled... At least they're perky. Christina
grazed the palms of her hands over her erect nipples and the contact sent a
flash of wet heat down below. 'God, I just got done masturbating.' She
thought... "What's with me?' She said out loud... then giggled.

A whole week had gone by since her awakening... at least that is what
she called it. It was as if someone had thrown a light-switch on, igniting
her passion. She was a virgin and as sexy as she looked, she never really
tuned into her own sexuality before. Now, however, she couldn't get enough
of herself.

Still, the biggest change wasn't the fact that she was constantly in
'heat' but for whom she was constantly in 'heat' for. Christina didn't
want to believe it at first but thanks to the way her body reacted, there
was no way she could deny it. She was attracted to her own sex. Lately,
she'd been stealing glances at girls with big tits and it seemed that the
mere sight of them set her on fire. She found it all incredibly amazing...
here she'd gone through high school without ever once thinking about girls in this way and now she couldn't stop fantasizing about them.

Christina brought her hands up to cup her small tits...pushing them up
from underneath. "I wish they were bigger." She complained out loud. Just
as she was about to give in to her ever increasing desires again she heard
a tap on her bedroom door. "Don't come in! I'm not dressed." She yelled.

"You're still not dressed? Well hurry up then... Bobby is here to see
you." Her mother said through the door.

Christina thought about Bobby for a second and wished he'd stop coming
around. At first, Christina thought it was Bobby that suddenly lit a fire
inside of her but she quickly learned that it wasn't a guy her body wanted.
Why didn't he appeal to her anymore? He's cute... for a guy that is.
Then the image of Linda appeared. Linda Thorn was what they called a
lipstick lesbian and had been a classmate of hers in high school. She
looked like she belonged on the cover of Vogue and Christina reflected on
the time Linda hit on her. She freaked back then and avoided her. Now,
however, she had wet dreams about her and fantasized sucking on her big
healthy tits! What was it about big tits now that turned her on?

She moved over to her dresser to get her clothes. Quickly, she slipped
on her new thong panties and then picked up her bra. 'I should get a boob
job.' She thought with conviction. She remembered reading where a bunch of
graduating high school girls from out east all received boob jobs for their
graduation gift. At the time she thought how ridiculous it all was but now
she wished that she were one of those girls.

Christina thought she should start searching the net to find out who the
best in this field was. First, though, she had to get rid of Bobby and
then she could get online. Christina quickly slipped on a pair of jeans
and then her loose fitting tee shirt. She looked at herself in the mirror
and thought she looked a mess... a sexy mess, but a mess nonetheless. She
didn't care though... it was only Bobby downstairs. She wished it were

VI. (Next morning at the residence of Tom Cyr)

Tom Cyr had to hold Zoey down as he licked up and along her creamy
filled pussy. She tasted incredibly delicious and couldn't get enough of
her. He then moved up along her body and replaced his mouth with his hard
cock... easily sliding into her. Zoey tightened her pussy muscles
eliciting a groan from the both of them. As he thrust into her, she
whimpered for him to fuck her harder. Tom felt Zoey's body squirm
underneath him and buck her pelvis up with every stroke. He then held back
in order to tease her, knowing it would make their fucking all the more
enjoyable. When he couldn't wait any longer, he rammed straight into her
again and this time she screamed out in orgasm while he did the same.


20 year old Zoey Hurley lay there in blissful exhaustion. Tom was
incredible and so very good to her. Now this was the life... screw
acting... screw being a celebrity... this was without doubt the most
pleasurable life she could ever imagine.

Zoey was well aware that the new 'her' was artificially programmed but
the more she thought about it, the more she loved it... never realizing
how incredibly sexual being submissive could be. She recognized that she
had it great, and from what she saw, she was more fortunate than a lot of
other girls.

Zoey's mind drifted back to her first few months while her right hand
idly played with her shaven pussy. She remembered the first time she
fucked Tom and how incredible it was. She'd never experienced anything
like this in Hollywood! She wasn't naive when it came to sex...and she had
her share of partners... both guys and girls, but Tom was like an
addiction. Her priorities changed and her whole reason for living now was
to please him.

VII. (Same morning...a few hours later, Dave's private room, Regional
Headquarters, Northern California)

Gina wiggled her rump up enticingly, crying out as Dave entered her from
behind. "Fuck me!" she screamed...wanting it harder and faster.

"A little different than a tongue job from your new girl friend...isn't
it?" Dave chuckled.

"God yes! Fuck me harder!" she again begged. Gina wasn't sure what had
prompted this sudden change in Dave but she loved it. This morning he had
come in and ordered her to his special room. Her reaction was part
arousal, part fear. It was so unlike him.

He then proceeded to tear her clothes right off her body and by the time
she was naked, she was leaking with need! He then positioned her on her
hands and knees...lifted her rump up perfectly and then rammed into her,
fucking her over and over again.

"Someone...uuggghhh...someone close to me recommended... ahhhhh...
recommended that I remind you who your first priority is... It's important
you remember this."

Gina didn't say a word...other than to scream out with another orgasm.
She didn't notice when Wendy entered the room. Then Dave suddenly pulled
out of her and climbed off the bed. Gina looked over her shoulder with
confusion. "Please... please don't stop." and that was when she saw

"Wendy is going to finish you up...and while she's tonguing you, I'm
going to be ramming into her."

"But...but I'm... I'm not into girls." Gina responded...not
understanding why Dave was doing this to her.

"You know Gina, another one of the recommendations was to make it clear
to you that everything beyond being my loyal servant is a privilege...
which includes your latest love. Just to set the record straight, Tracy is
very much a girl...and a damn hot one to boot... so therefore you must be
into girls."

"But that's different... we're in love." Gina pleaded...wondering why
he was being so mean.

"Yes...but this loving relationship you two have is only because Mr.
McCarthy and I are allowing it...and might I add that if I so chose, I
could have you doing a different girl every day for the rest of your life."

"But I don't feel anything for the other girls." Gina responded

"Gina Marie Honey... watch Wendy strip."

As instructed Gina turned to watch Wendy strip and suddenly she felt a
strange warmth deep inside of her. Something was happening to her and the
realization of what it was had her completely baffled. When Wendy was
naked, Gina looked at her with a mixture of confusion and desire. She
wanted Wendy. She wanted to touch her... She wanted to kiss her... She
wanted to make love to her. She just didn't know why.

"Do you feel it Gina?" Dave asked.

"Yes." Gina replied...hypnotized by the sight of Wendy as her breathing

"What would you like Wendy to do?" Dave asked.

Gina blushed at her strange new desire but that didn't stop her from
spreading her legs. "I...I want her to eat me." Gina replied...blushing
even more.

VIII. (On a flight back to the United States from the land of down

Sam Harrington was pleased at how the meeting went. They had been
looking at opening an 'Agency' office in Australia and things were starting
to take off. Now, though, he was anxious to get back to the states to
visit his nephew. It had been a year since he last was out to San
Francisco and he thought about calling his wife to meet him there.

Sam looked down at the young woman before him. Her mouth was wrapped
around his knob while her tongue licked along his shaft. His mind drifted
back to a time nearly fifteen years ago when he was first introduced to
this oral worship. That girl eventually became his first wife. Suzanne
Snow... Incredibly sexy and a former student of his when he taught Law.
The first thing he did upon becoming a member of the 'Agency' was to get in
contact with her.

It wasn't that difficult to track her down... she was an assistant DA
and making a name for herself. They met for lunch and he proposed to her
right there in the restaurant. At first she thought he was joking, but
when she realized how serious he was, she tried playing it off like she was
flattered...but not interested.

Sam would have been surprised if Suzy was interested in him, but for old time's sake, he wanted to give her the opportunity to accept his proposal
willingly. Sam contacted Dr. Sharp's office and talked his assistant, Tom
Cyr, and the next time Suzy and him met for lunch, it was at her request.

He could tell that Suzy was struggling with her new feelings, especially
given her personality was used to maintaining control. It took a lot for
her to confess that she couldn't stop thinking about him. She finished her
confession by asking him out for a date. Sam could tell from looking at
Suzy that she was in a highly aroused state, and decided that she needed to
be taught a lesson.

"I don't know Suzy... you really hurt me when you rejected me last
week." He replied.

Suzy's eyes lit up in shock. Obviously she wasn't used to being played
with this way.

"You're a fine piece of ass... and I bet you're a hot fuck, but my
proposition last week was to marry you. Not to date you."

Suzy's blush deepened while her breath quickened and her breasts pitched
forward. "Yes." She finally mumbled.

"Yes what?" Sam asked.

"Yes... I'll marry you." Suzy whispered.

"Like I said... that proposition was for last week. I'm not sure
whether I should rush into this without sampling your charms."

"Please then... Please make love to me." She responded.

"Look... based on the way you treated me last week, it'll probably be
sometime before I make love to you. Now fucking you is another matter all
together." Sam added.

Suzy sat there with downcast eyes. "Please fuck me."

"I think you owe me an apology before I honor you with a fuck."

"I'm sorry Sam... I don't know what I was thinking when I turned you
down last week. I... I would love you to fuck me... and I hope... I
wish to marry you." Suzy whispered, blushing.

"I'm sure you do...but I was thinking your apology could be a bit more

Suzy sat there stunned... turning even a darker shade of red. She
looked around the restaurant, and then dropped a napkin. She got down on
her knees to pick it up but instead of retaking her seat...she crawled
underneath the tablecloth. Sam looked around the restaurant himself, and
saw that there were a few patrons that saw this, so he smiled at them. One
of the patrons smiled back. Sam felt Suzy's fingers unzip his trousers and
within seconds she pulled out his throbbing cock and placed her mouth over
the head. Sam had received blowjobs before, but never like this one! He
didn't even have to ask her to swallow.

Sam was good to his wives and his harem of other girls. But he was also
a firm believer that they be put in their place right from the start. This
way they would always know their place.

Sam had stressed this to his nephew on the phone... especially after
learning how close he was to this girl, Gina.

He reflected back to all his ex-wives and acknowledged that he still
loved them. Not necessarily as one loves their wife, but more like they
were pets. That was why he made it a point to shift their sexual
orientation before divorcing them. He couldn't imagine another guy fucking
them. Of course, Suzanne, Darlene, and Debbie had no idea that their
sudden interest in girls was via artificial means... or that their divorce
was his doing.

Sam was just about to shoot his load. "Make sure none of it gets on my
clothes." he stated and seconds later he shot a hot stream of cum down the
girl's throat. The girl eagerly slurped it up, swallowing, and licked her
lips. It was obvious that she was savoring the taste of him. Sam smiled
and patted her on the head. She was a new trinket that he had spotted in a
restaurant. She was the hostess... now she was his personal sex slave.

Sam remarried for the forth time last month to a girl he spotted in a
television commercial. The background investigation indicated that she was
the half sister of a well-known actress. Rank does have its privileges and
Sam wanted the young beauty, therefore he acquired her despite the risk.
Tammy's family questioned her decision to run off with an older man, but
when they saw how genuinely in love she was, they reluctantly gave her
their blessings. Tammy had turned twenty-one a week before they were

Sam's mind drifted back to David. Maybe he'd let Dave sample his new
wife. Nothing wrong with keeping it all in the family. Sam looked down
and smiled... then patted the girl's head one more time. "Good girl...
Now get up and clean yourself. Rejoin me when you're dressed.

"Yes sir." She replied...beaming with joy.

Life in 'The Agency' was good.

The End of Chapter Three.

Note: My apologies for taking forever between chapters two and three.
As usual, I'd like to know what you think. As far as chapter four is
concerned...I really have to finish other projects before continuing again
with this story line. As you'll note, Doctor Sharp, the inventor of the
microcomputer chips (pleasure chips) survived. The question is... has
anybody else? I can be reached at


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