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The Amah


The Amah (FmfMF, rape, inc.)
© 2000
by Abelard

[Warning: If it is illegal for you to read sex stuff, my condolences, but
fuck off. The events depicted in this story are performed strictly in the
imagination of a professional. No not try this shit at home. If you read on,
please maintain at least one hand on your controls at all times. If you
wanna’ publish this story for profit, ya’ better ask me first. Finally, tell me
what you think at <<>>.]

A nineteen year old girl goes to work for a very unusual Japanese family.
( If I offend anybody’s national pride in my ignorance, I’m sorry.)

My name is Sayori. I am nineteen. I work for the Nokamora family. I
am the amah, the nanny. Mr. Nokamora hired me to take care of his boy,
Sonu, who is ten, and his girl, Kioko, who is twelve. Mr. Nokamora looks
at me. Mrs. Nokamora does not like me.

Soon after I started to work for the Nokamoras, Sonu began to lean on me,
and put his hands on my legs. I told him to stop. He said his father would
make me let him. I said to Sonu, "No, that is wrong. You should not
touch your amah like that." Sonu went away.

The next day, Mr. Nokamora sent for me, "Why is Sonu mad? What did
you do?" I am ashamed. I look at the floor. Mr. Nokamora said, "Tell
me, or I send you away." I need this job. I need the letters Mr. Nokamora
can write for me. I tell him that Sonu touched me where I do not want to
be touched.

Mr. Nokamora laughed. "Don't you know that is job of amah? You must
teach my son about sex. You must not tell him no. You must make him
feel important, and like a man. He will be a very important man one day.
You are only a peasant girl. Do your job."

I do not think that is the job of an amah. I think the job of an amah is to
teach manners, and calligraphy, and abacus, and like that. But I say
nothing. Mr. Nokamora insists. "If you don't let Sonu touch you, if you do
not teach him about sex, I will send you away."

So I let Sonu touch me. He smirked. He said, "See?" I feel humiliated.
What do I want with a ten year old boy touching me? I have a lover. But
Sonu touches me. That day he put his hand up my dress, and he felt my
sex. He rubbed his hand on my sex.

The next day, he made me take off my dress, and my binder. I was in my
panties only. Then he touched my breasts. His hands were dirty and cold.
He left smudges on my breast, but my nipples rose because his hands were
cold. I told him, "You must wash your hands before you touch me." He
just laughed.

The next day he came to me with mud on his hands. His hands were very
dirty. He made me take off all my clothes, even my panties. He touched
my sex with his dirty hands and I could feel the grit inside in my sex.
When he was finished, I washed very carefully.

I got the courage to speak to Mr. Nokamora. I said, "Sonu touches me
with dirty hands. I will become sick." But Mr. Nokamora said, "You are
a peasant. Peasants are used to dirt."

The next day Sonu came to me with clean hands. He said, "Take off your
clothes, peasant amah, and lie down." I did. Then he took off his clothes
too. He was still a little boy. No hair on his sex. But when he rubbed
himself against me, his sex rose up full. For a ten year old boy he had a
large sex. He said, "Touch it!" I touched it.

He said, "Wrap your hand around it and rub it." I did, but he screamed
and said, "Not so hard! You must rub more gently." I did. Soon he
stiffened even more and then . . . nothing. His sex shrank to normal size.
He was not happy. He had not found release. I told him I did not think he
was old enough to find release. He snorted and said it was only that I was
not sexy enough. I could not satisfy him. I was afraid.

The following day he said, "Take off all your clothes and lie on the floor
on your belly. I had to do it. He took off all his clothes too and spread my
legs. He knelt between my legs and rubbed his sex on my ass. I could feel
his sex stiffen as he moved it in the crease of my ass, brushing against my
anus. I hoped he would not put his sex into my anus. Then he sat down
between my legs. He put his right leg over the back of my right leg. He
slid his left leg under my left leg. My sex was open to him as I tried to
turn my head to look. He said, "Lie down. I am going to fuck you,
peasant amah."

He inched forward and fit his sex into my sex. I could feel him
penetrating. Then he pulled roughly on my knees and impaled me with
his boy sex. He fucked my sex for a very long time. Then he stopped.
Again he was angry. "You are not sexy enough. We must do something
else. We must get someone else." Again I was afraid.

The next day he came into the classroom with his sister, Kioko. He said
to me, "Take off all your clothes. Kioko wants to see what a grown
woman looks like." I was very afraid. I did not think that Mr. Nokamora
would like this. I said, "Your sister should not be here when you do these
things to me."

Kioko snorted. "You, brother, you let this peasant amah speak to you this
way?" Then I was even more afraid not to do what he said. I took off my
clothes. Kioko came close to me with her brother. They both put their
hands on me. On my breasts and on my sex. Kioko put her finger into my
sex and drew it out. She brought it to her nose and smelled. She made a
disgusted face. "Our amah smells like old squid," she said. Sonu said,
"Maybe that is why I cannot find release with her." Kioko said, "I
wouldn't be surprised." Then she turned to me. "You must wash carefully
inside your sex every day," she said. "I will give you some soap."

I did not want stinging soap in my sex, but Kioko had gone out of the
room. She was only a 12 year old girl, but I had to do what she said.
When she returned she said, "Go into the baths." The Nokamoras are
very rich. Their baths are natural hot springs which flow from under
ground on their property. Inside the bath house there is a larger bathing
pool and then a smaller washing pool. After that the water flows out of the
house and down the hill.

When we were in the bath house Kioko said, "Step into the washing pool."
When I had done that, I turned and was surprised to find that both Kioko
and Sonu had taken their clothes off too. Kioko was a pretty young girl
with swelling breasts no bigger than kumquats and only wisps of dark hair
above her sex. She told me to get into the small pool and lie so that my
sex rose up. I put my legs on the side and spread them wide so that my
sex was fully open. I floated in the pool with my head resting on the other

The soap that Kioko had was a liquid. She mixed it with water in a bag
with a hose on the bottom. Then she handed her brother the hose and told
him to put it into my sex. I was very afraid that the soap would burn. I
held very still and squeezed my eyes shut while Sonu pushed the hose into
my sex. But the mixture did not burn after all. It just prickled a little
where it fizzed. The mixture was warm, like the water in the pool. It was
very soothing.

When all of the mixture had flowed out of the bag and into me, Kioko
told her brother to take the hose out and to rub the area of my sex with a
sponge. Then she told me to stand up. When I did, the mixture ran out of
me and down my legs. Kioko then took a large soft towel and dried me,
especially my sex. She seemed to forget that I was a peasant, because she
was very tender and caressed my sex often.

I looked down at her. She looked up at me and suddenly she jerked away
from me. She sounded angry when she said, "You are an ignorant peasant.
You must do this everyday that my brother wants to use you. If he must
clean his hands for you, then you must clean your sex for him." I do not
know who told her about that.

Then Sonu said, "Lie down on the tiles." I was unhappy that Kioko was
there, but she said, "I want to see how my brother fucks you." So I lay
down, but on my back this time.

Sonu knelt between my legs and rubbed his sex on my sex. His sister
snorted, "What? Your amah doesn't help you to get stiff?" Then she
sighed and said to me, "You must take his sex in your hand and caress it
gently. You must even take it in your mouth and suck it softly. That will
get him stiff enough to fuck you." She was a twelve year old girl. How
did she know these things?

But I caressed and sucked Sonu's little boy sex, and it rose up larger than
ever before. Then his sister held his sex and guided it into mine. She
smiled and looked sleepy. He began to pump into me again and again.
Kioko put her hand on her brother's neck and kissed his lips. She reached
down with her other hand and opened her first two fingers on either side
of his sex as it went in and out of me. Her palm was on my sex. I felt
very warm. Then Sonu began bucking harder and faster. Finally he
moaned and fell on top of me.

After a while he stirred and smiled at his sister. She said, "You see, if you
do it properly, you will have no problem finding release."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That very night, about midnight, I got up from my bed in the servants'
quarters where I sleep with the three others, the maid, the cook, and the
gardener. The gardener, Bonishu, is my lover. He is older and very wise.
He is a good lover. He says that I must accept what Sonu does to me. But
I could not sleep, even after I made love with Bonishu. I thought that a
warm bath might help me. I went to the bath house in my kimono. Before
I slid the door open, I heard voices, Mr. Nokamora and Kioko. I stopped
and listened quietly. He was saying, "Now take it in your mouth, gently,
and run your tongue around the rim, just under the head there." She said,
"Yes, father."

Then I heard another noise from inside the bath house. It was a muffled
sound, a woman's sound, but not Kioko. I walked quietly to the grating in
the wall and peered in. Mr. Nokamora was lying on the tiles, nude, with
Kioko sitting beside him. Standing, bound to one of the posts and gagged,
was Mrs. Nokamora. She was also nude. Her hands were tied behind the
post and her legs were forced wide by a wooden block. Mrs. Nokamora
was moaning softly. She had tears running down her face. She watched
as her daughter, Kioko, sucked and masturbated her husband.

When he was about to find release, he stood quickly and roughly pushed
his sex into his wife's sex. Kioko smiled as she helped him with her hand
on his ass, while he fucked his bound wife and spent his seed in her

When he was done, he said to her, "Oh, be quiet, woman. Since you will
not cooperate, you must be tied. I will have my way in my own house."

I wanted only to get away without being seen. I walked quietly back to
my own room. Now I knew how Kioko knew so much about sex. I hoped
that Mr. Nokamora did not want to have his way with me.

When I finally fell asleep, I had dreams of being tied, myself. I was on my
knees, with my face on the floor and my sex in the air. Mrs. Nokamora
was pushing a broom handle into of my sex. I woke up frightened. I
found that I was wet in my sex.

The end…or more?


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