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The Amazing Adventures of Pizza Dude


Please, if you are under the age of 18, don't read this material. Just
wait a few years and you'll be all good and legal for this kind of stuff.
Now for the rest of you, Enjoy!

By Phoenix Arrow

The Amazing Adventures of Pizza Dude (M/F, Spank, Exab, Oral,
Intercourse, Food Play)

Most people think being a pizza delivery man is a tough, boring job. Oh
the naive. If you want a fun, interesting, and "rewarding" part time job,
this is definitely something you should look into.

My name is Ted and believe it or not I'm an accountant by day, and a
pizza dude by night. You may ask yourself why? Believe me, its not for
the money, its for...... well why don't I just show you. Come with me on
a night on the town delivering fresh hot pizzas to the young and the

First Delivery - 7:30 Location - college Apartment Complex.

I grab the pizza and head on my way. My cock frustratingly hardening as
I think of what the night may bring. I arrive to the well light, complex
and ring the bell on the given room. The door opens suddenly to a very
irritated college student with a pissed off attitude. She takes one look
at me holding the pizza, blows a curl of her brunet hair out of her face,
and storms away from me.

Standing at the open door and slightly confused the girl walks up to a
door across the living room and knocks

"Hey Liz, your pizza's here, there's no way in hell I'm paying for your
dame pizza again so get out here."

I here a moan coming from the door, which upset the lady even more as
she forcefully pushed the door open. I'm glad she did because I was
treated to the sight of a gorgeous girl fucking the hell out of some guy
below her. Nothings sweeter than seeing a college girl's tight skinned,
sweaty, glistening body as her breasts bounce up and down from a hard fuck.

Liz, the girl fucking, immediately panicked and tried to cover her
breasts and get off her lover, but he would have none of it. He firmly
held her hips in place with his hand and continued to fuck her for all she
was worth. Liz begged her roommate to shut the door, but with a smirk she
walked away.

I continued to watch with delight as the guy continued his unabated
fucking. Liz tried to protect her breasts but soon tired and allowed them
to freely bounce once again to my viewing benefit.

Within minutes she came like a fucking whore and collapsed on man.
Around this time the female roommate tired of having a stranger in her
living room paid me for my pizza, gave me a monetary tip, and let me out.

I admit I wanted to see more, but looking at my watch, I have a lot more
pizza to deliver and a lot more places to enjoy.

Second Delivery - 8:00 Location - 53 and Collins

I know this part of town well. It's a middle class residential
neighborhood. I pull op to the house and knock on the door. The door
opens to a welcome sight. Before me is a very cute high school chick, no
more than fifteen with a large towel wrapped around her. Off in the
distance is two of her friends giggling loudly. I look at the girl before
me and see her face flash a school girl smile before handing me some bills.
As her out stretched hands grab hold of the pizza, one of her friends runs
up, grabs the towel and jerks it off. Giggling the friend runs back into
the house as the other friend chances her down.

All I can say is WOW. The now naked chick before me feebly tries to
cover herself with one hand as she still holds the pizza in the other. Her
gorgeous young body writhers delightfully in an obviously futile attempt to
hide itself.

After a minute, the friend manages to wrestle the towel back and give it
to the deeply blushing teen. All this time the chick could have run off
into another part of the house, yet curiously remained at the door while I
enjoyed the sight of her budding breasts and tender behind.

When the towel was firmly wrapped around the girl, all three girls thanked me for the pizza and closed the door. From the outside I heard
loud giggles as they laughed up their little game. I rearranged myself in
my pants as I got back into my car. This is turning out to be one hell of
a good night, if a little frustrating.

Third Delivery - 8:20 Location - Campus Fraternity House

These are always fun. Frat boys always know how to have fun. I can
hear the music pumping a block away as I approach the traditionally well
kept building with six whole pizza pies. Stepping over the various cans
and bottle I reach the wide open door and walk right in.

"PIZZA DUDE IS HERE!" Some one yells from the mass of male students
jumping and laughing like there's no tomorrow.

"Ok girls, present yourselves"

Suddenly three pretty freshmen appear wearing pink robes. All three are
visibly nervous. At around this time another girl approaches me with the
money and tells me that this is part of a sorority initiation. I just
dumbly nod as the three girls remove their robes to reveal their delicious
bodies to the hoots and haulers of the men. The girls then each lay side
by side on the large table set up in the middle of the main room.

My mouth was salivating at the possibilities that could happen. Then
the pizza was brought out, and to my amazement, taken out whole and put on
the girl's bodies. Two per girl. One pie on her breasts, and the other on
her hips. Now three naked girls lay on a table, their treasures protected
only by the hot cheesy pizzas.

"Hey wait a minute, the pizza dude gets first slice!"

More hoots as I'm pushed towards the three girls. I make my choice, the
cute blonde. I look at her face as I choose the pizza that's right above
her pussy. As I lift the pizza, I purposely stick out my middle finger and
let it slip into her momentarily. I see her face gasp as I run my finger
the rest of the way through her slit and over her oh so sensitive clit.
She shivers as I do this. Then I take a bite of the pizza to the
celebration of the crowd.

As I back away, the group of horny perverted frat brothers devour the
poor freshmen. All the guys took their delights in lingering a little too
long on each body part that a pizza was on. Nipples were pinched, pussies
were fingered, and breasts were squeezed.

By the end girls were covered in a mess of cheese and tomato sauce. As
a reward for joining their fraternity, the male freshmen of the house were
allowed to lick the mess off the bodies. One of the girls soon shamefully
orgasmed due to the licking assault. When they were all clean from head to
toe, the girls rose off the table, put on their robes and allowed to leave,
to the appreciative, but sad crowd of men.

As I said, those frat boy really know how to have a good time.

Fourth Delivery - 8:50 Location - Riverside

This is a nice, upper middle class area. The people here usually are
cheap tippers, but I have a pizza to deliver so I drive through the gated
community until I find the house I'm looking for. I recognize the fact
that there's only one care parked in the driveway, a Mercedes. I think I
know where this is leading.

As I ring the bell, a very attractive woman in her mid-thirties opens
the door. She's wearing workout spandex and looks like she's just been
from the gym. I can tell immediately what kind of woman this is. She's an
under appreciated wife of some guy who rather work late that be home with
this fox.

Her work out cloths suggests that she tones her body for him, in hopes
that he'll pay more attention to her, but he hasn't. Not even her breasts implants have done the trick. And now here I am, some stranger she'll
never see again holding a pizza box. I've seen this all the time.

She leads me into the house as she goes to get money from her purse.
She's hesitant as she pays me. I take it from there. Women like this need
to feel like its someone else's idea, so they don't feel as guilty.

"Hey, what's this lady, only a two dollar tip?"

"Oh, I...I'm sorry, that's all I have" I know that's Bullshit, she got
tons of money with a house like this.

"Then your going to have to tip me in another way."

"h..hows that?"

With a smile I gently push her shoulders down. Soon she's on her knees
and the horny slut does the rest. She rips open my jeans, reaches into my
boxers and pulls out the object she's needed for so long. She immediately
starts licking the base of my shaft, then my balls, and finally the head of
my cock before encouraging my phallus between her hungry lips.

As I grab hold of her head, I say to myself "Finally". A whole night of
frustration coming to an end right now as the wife takes me deep into her
throat. I laugh to myself as I realize that the woman probably has never
once given her husband a blow job, but the pizza dude is the exception.

I look down and enjoy the sight of the wife's head bobbing up and down
my shaft, as I notice the gorgeous seen of her toned legs kneeling before
me. Her slightly muscular stomach flexing with her quick, deep breathes.
That's when I notice her spandex top. I peel the top over her breasts and
grab those perfect mounds with both hands and squeeze. She moans on my
cock as I play with her fun bags and pinch those erect nipples.

I sense that I'm soon going to cum, but still want to enjoy her pussy,
so I gently push her head off my cock and bring her with me to the couch.
She removes her spandex bottom to reveal a trimmed and delicious pussy. I
sit down and she begins to lower herself onto my cock. But just as I was
about to enter her, we heard a car door slam.

In a flash the wife jumps off me and franticly pulls her top back over
her breasts and raises her spandex shorts before rushing me towards the
front door. Just as she's opening it her husband walks up.

He looks at me puzzled right before the wife explains: "Oh hi honey, I
got hungry so I ordered some pizza."

"Great dear, I can use a good pizza, here you go my good man." He hands
me a five dollar bill then hugs his wife. Over his shoulders she whispers
an "I'm sorry". I whisper back "Rain Check" and to my delight, she nods.

Back in my car I'm hornier than ever. I was so close to getting off and
now nothing.

Fifth Delivery - 9:15 Location - New Valley Trailer Park.

Oh great. I go from almost fucking a hot wife to delivering a pizza at
a trailer park. I navigate through the maze of trailers and motor homes
until I find the one on my list. I park the car and head for the door.
Right as I'm about to knock I hear what sounds like a spank.

I pause until I hear it again, followed by a female wailing. Curious I
move to the window and peer in. A smile comes to my face as I see a father giving his teenage daughter a bare ass spanking.

"You Dame whore!!! <SLAP> Bringing over all those men. What kind of
house do you think this is?" <SLAP>

"Owwweee daddy please, I'm seventeen. I'm too <SLAP>...ahh...old to be

"Nonsense, your mother still gets spanked and she's almost twice your
age". <SLAP> <SLAP>


"But nothing, your turning into your dame mother, <SLAP> fucking
anything with a penis. I have a whore for a daughter."

"Daddy...<SLAP>..I'm sorry I'm sorry, please <SLAP> stop!"

The poor thing was wiggling all over her father's lap, too bad I had to
mess up the show by stepping on a twig. When the father paused, I knew it
was time to make an appearance.

"Knock knock knock, Pizza Delivery!"

A second later the daughter opened the door with a tear strained face.
The father had gone off somewhere leaving the daughter to pay for the
pizza. Her skirt now covering her reddened behind, she hands me the money
and I gave her the pizza. As she turns to go back inside I couldn't help
myself and give her a quick slap on the butt. She shrieks and runs off
into her room.

It was then that I noticed the mother lying drunk on her back, on the
floor with a bottle. She was completely toasted but still moving around as
she tries to swig another drink. I don't even think she's noticed me, but
when her mini skirt rode up a bit, I sure noticed her. Her uncovered pussy was calling to me like a lighthouse in the dark.

I no longer cared, all I knew was that I needed to fuck something NOW! I
dropped to my knees, turned her onto her stomach and raised her hips. And
with one great trust I slammed into a pussy for the first time that night.
I just fucked the living hell out of her for almost ten minutes. The poor
bitch still had no clue what was going on as she tried to take several
other sips of her drink. Her lovely tities came loose from her shirt and
delightfully smacked against the floor as I pounded.

When the husband finally came out, he only shook his head in disgust of
his wife and went into his daughter's room. Soon I came deep inside the
drunk mother to the sounds of the daughter's continued spanking. Dame it
felt good.

I pulled up my jeans, slapped her on the ass and left.

Sixth Delivery - 10:00 Location - My House

Some nights I may work later, but now that I've been satisfied, I can
enjoy a nice relaxing evening with my young wife. And I make sure I'm the
only one who delivers here.

The End!

All Comments are greatly appreciated, please send them to: Your encouragements keep me going :)


This work is copyright (c) 2002 by Phoenix Arrow. You may download and
keep copies for your personal use as long as the author's byline and e-mail
address and this paragraph remain on the copies. Please do not post this
story to any web site without permission from the author. All other rights
reserved. No alteration of the contents is permitted.



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