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Archived Sex Stories

The Arrangement 1


What follows is a true story.

When I was younger a friend and I used to do the usual kid stuff in his
father's barn and our agreement was that it was OK because neither of us
would tell on the other.

At first it was the "you show me yours and I'll show you mine," type of
stuff. After that we got into the dares, the same sort or half-kidding /
half-serious banter kids do.

One day I was looking as his uncut cock when he asked me to give him a
handjob "You know you want to, I can see it in your eyes. Come on, I won't
tell anybody and I know you won't. Just spit on your hand and rub my dick
for a little while. After I come, I'll rub yours."

After a few handjobs (which grew less and less mutual as time went on) I
spent a Friday night at his house. His bedroom was upstairs on the other
side of the house from his parents who slept downstairs. There were two
beds in his room, his and an older brother's who had joined the army. We
had snuck a couple of beers from the fridge (which was always full on a
farm) and we were high and giddy like two teenagers can get on some
forbidden beers but not drunk.

He reached under his pillow on pulled out a red foil square. "I know you
want to blow me, I've seen you licking your lips while you jack me
off. I'll put on this rubber (which he had stolen from his father's
dresser) and you can suck me without getting any jizz in you mouth cause I
know you don't like the taste. (Which was true, I had accidentally licked
my hand after one of our jack off sessions and immediately spit out his
sperm.) Come on it'll be fun. You want to and I want you to and no one
will know."

Well he was right, I did want to. I wanted to know how his dick would feel
in my mouth. When I jacked him off his dick was hot and hard and flat on
the top. It was like holding one of those square carpenter pencil in my
hand, only a little shorter and a lot thicker. My mouth went dry and my
head was tight and pounding, my breath coming in small catches. Jacking a
guy off was one thing, sucking his dick was another. One was play, the
other, well the other was queer. "Hey Web, don't be afraid. The rubber
will catch everything. It'll be just like jacking me off only you'll be
using your lips instead of your fingers.

I agreed to suck him, IF he would wear the rubber.

He opened the package and pulled out the condom. Then he smiled and said
"As long as you're going to suck me, why don't you put the rubber on my
dick?" I can still remember the feel of the latex uncurling at the bottom
on my hand as I slid the rubber down his warm erection. After that, well,
his cock felt just right in my mouth. That set a new pattern for our
activities, handjobs were old stuff, kid's stuff, only used as foreplay, a
prelude to my sliding the unlubricated Trojan down his erection and plying
"bobbing for apples" in his crotch. One night he even got me to suck his
balls. This too became a regular part of our festivities. But always the
rubber because if his cum didn't touch my tongue I wasn't really a

After about two months of this (and this didn't happen every day or even
every week sometimes) I was over to his house to watch some television.
His parents were out bowling (it was their league night) so we listened to
some "Rusty Warren records "Knockers Up" I think the name was, and laughed
at this forbidden adult humor (very lame by today's standards). Instead of
beer, we snuck into the liquor supply and poured ourselves some rum which
we mixed with orange juice. Later we started looking at some Playboys from
his father's closet, our pants developing ridgepoles in a very quick

"Come `on let's go up stairs before my parents get back. I need a blowjob bad and if you lick your lips one more time while you look at me I'm going
to waste my load in my pants."

As we walked up the narrow stairs to his room, I noticed he had brought the
bottle of rum with him. When he saw me looking at the bottle he laughed
and said, "Don't worry, you'll find out what this is for, now come on let's
get going."

Once we undressed and he was laying on his back on the bed, things
progressed a little faster than usual, we wanted to finish having our fun
before his parents got home. God knows what would happen if they caught
us. Nothing pleasant, that's for sure.

As my hand stroked his cock, he leaked precum liked an oil derrick about to
erupt. His hand reached out to stop my caresses. " You do that anymore
Web and I'm gonna shoot. Come on take it in your mouth. Suck me off."

"Where's the rubber," I asked looking at the nightstand next to the bed.
"Don't have any," he replied with a gleam in his eye. "Dad's either out or
he's putting them someplace else. That's what the rum's for."

I sat up stupefied, my hand still wrapped tightly around his dick, my
fingers feeling his juices oozing slowly down across them.

"Listen stupid, I don't have any rubber but I do have a load of jizz in my
balls that needs to come out and I don't want a handjob. The only reason
we've been using a rubber when you suck my cock is because you don't like
the taste. Well take a swig of that rum, swish it around your mouth and
swallow it. It'll kill the taste and you can have another swig when you're
done. Hurry up, we don't have all night. You're a cocksucker. You're my
cocksucker, now get going and suck my cock."

Almost mesmerized I did as I had been bidden. The rum tasted sharp and
harsh in my mouth but his cock, his cock was like velvet wrapped steel and
his precum quickly coated the inside of my mouth and soothed the burning of
the alcohol.

"Oh god, Web that feels great. Hold still. Don't move. Ok now play with
my balls, Hey, not so hard, be gentle when you roll them around.

"Ok now suck hard. Wrap those lips on my dick so no air gets in. That's
it. That's it. Stick your tongue in my pisshole, wriggle it around. Oh
man that's so great. Eat my dick you little cocksucker."

And then he did something he had never done in all the other times I had
sucked him. He reached down with his arms (which were always crossed
behind his head, he liked to sit semi-upright while I sucked him, his back
against the headboard. Said it was a great view, better than anything he'd
seen in Playboy.) and took my head between his hands. Holding me steady
and with a sound like a cross between a moan and a throb he treated me to
my first real taste of sperm.

If you've liked this inital installment of a true story let me
know at


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