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Archived Sex Stories

The Assignment Chapter 3


The Assignment Chapter 3

By: curious2c,

My husband Jim has been trying very hard to stay in school and get the
grades necessary to graduate at the top of his class. He has had problems
because his wife acted like such a slut with some of his classmates.
Having to change schools in mid-stream is not the best idea at anytime.

It all started with an English assignment he had to do. It was supposed
to be an erotic story, either real or fantasy. He had been bothered by it
and had even mentioned it to me at one point. I wasn't too worried because
he is very imaginative and I figured he would come up with something good.

One day he came home and a classmate was with him. Gary was a tall
handsome guy and he was taken with me. I was nervous at first but Gary had
a way about him that made me feel safe and comfortable. All of the
compliments he paid me didn't hurt either.

Jim was breaking out of the rut he had gotten into and I was pleased
that he was making some friends. I encouraged him and soon Gary would stop
by quite often. I was beginning to look forward to his visits because he
would get me hot with his comments to me about how I was looking or how hot
I was. He was usually careful to make sure Jim didn't hear the sexier over
toned ones.

Jim had finished his story, and I never got to see it. One day, it was
a Friday I think, Gary stopped by in the morning. He had something
important to talk to me about that involved Jim. I let him in and offered
him some coffee. We talked for a bit then he got to the point of his
coming over.

"Jim wrote a pretty hot story Kate, and I thought you should know, if
you don't already. I think it is about his greatest fantasy and it
involves you."

I was curious. Jim hadn't mentioned anything about it and I hadn't
really pushed him about it. He would get funny acting and then change the
subject. I knew that it had been a very hard story for him to write.

"What do you mean it involves me Gary? Jim hasn't told me anything
about it at all so I don't know what it is about."

At this point Gary produced a copy of Jim's story. It was well written,
but I was not expecting it to be what it was. Jim had written about 'His
deepest, darkest fantasy' and as I read the story I realized that he hadn't
ever even so much as hinted at any of the things he was writing about in

Gary was sitting next to me on the couch as I read it and he was quiet,
watching me for a reaction I suppose. I finished it and started it over
again. I was stunned and couldn't believe that Jim would want to see or
experience all of this stuff he had written about.

"I can't believe that Jim would want me to be raped by a gang of men and
then to have me go off with them like a captive slave. Where would he have
come up with such thinking?"

"Kate, I don't know why, but I do know that there are many men out there
who want or actually do see their wives have sex with other men, and even
groups of men. It turns them on, probably because they need to verify
their choice in women and the one they have. Or maybe it is the out of
control feeling the situation gives them. I have seen sites on the
internet that cater to this type of couple."

"People really do this? Are you kidding? I can't believe that Jim
would want to see me have sex with other men, forced or not. Why wouldn't
he have told me about this anyway?"

"Well, the way I see it Kate, Jim didn't want to tell you because he was
afraid of you not understanding, or worse, leaving him because you would
think it sick or perverted."

"Gary, don't you think that this is a little too far out? I mean Jim,
wanting to see me with other men? Has he said anything to you about this
fantasy of his?"

"I really shouldn't say Kate. Jim entrusted me with his secret and I
probably shouldn't have even let you know as much as I already have."

I was still stunned, and Gary acted like he was betraying his best
friend. I knew that he must have thought that he was doing Jim a favor by
letting me in on it, but my reaction hadn't been what he expected I think.
He looked like he had made a big mistake and was ready to run. I, on the
other hand, had to know more.

If Jim wanted something like this and I knew about it I should probably
try to do something to fulfill his fantasy. I was after all, in love with
him and I wanted our relationship to be all it could be. I wouldn't want
him to regret anything about me, or our marriage.

"Gary, you have gone this far you might as well tell me everything. I
won't mention it to Jim, and then I can see what I could do to satisfy his

Gary was still hesitant, but eventually I wore him down and he spilled
his guts. As he told me how Jim wanted to watch me be taken and have sex
with many men, I began to imagine what that would be like. Gary told me
how Jim wanted to see me take on three men at a time, to be a real slut.

The more Gary went on the more I came to liking the whole thing. I had,
in the past dreamed about having more than one man at a time. I had even
had a few rape fantasies, not rough ones, but ones that ended up with
enjoyment for all, including myself. Fantasies that I had never told Jim,
for probably the same reasons he hadn't told me his.

Gary smoothly kept the conversation on Jim and his wishes. He even had
comments that Jim had said in passing to him. If I had known what a bunch
of lies I was being fed I would have ordered him out and never let him our
place again. Gary was a very convincing and excellent liar though and I
never suspected anything other than what he told me to be nothing but the

"How would I give Jim his fantasy? I wouldn't know where to get men I
could trust to not hurt me and to keep it quiet. I wouldn't know if I
could even go through with such a fantasy to begin with. It is too bad
that Jim won't tell me because we could probably get something worked up
close to what he would want, if I felt safe and that he wouldn't leave me
or get jealous or angry."

"Kate, Jim can't tell you because that would spoil the fantasy. He has
mentioned to me a couple of times how he wished he could set something up
but then it wouldn't be like a true surprise to him. As a friend I haven't
said anything until now, but he is almost obsessed at this point. I felt
that I should let you know so that you could do something before he goes
over the edge."

"God, I want to give Jim what he wants if it means so much to him, but I
don't know if I could act like such a slut. I don't even think that I
could fuck someone else, let alone a bunch of men. Why hasn't he ever
hinted or mentioned this to me?"

"Come on Kate, you are his wife and his love. How do you think he would
feel if he told you and you went ballistic? He said once that his biggest
fear was that you would find out and leave him because he was a pervert or
something. Of course he wouldn't want you to get any inkling of his

I wanted Jim to think that I could be his every fantasy. I wanted to
give Jim everything I could. I was willing to try, but it was so much so
fast. I had very mixed emotions about the whole thing. I knew that I had
been raised up to be a 'good' girl and that sluts were very bad. I had
been taught that married people should only have or want each other.

I also had been told from the time I was a very little girl that I
should be a good wife and try to give my husband what I could. Not to hold
back on him because that would be a negative that could overcome a good
marriage and destroy the relationship. At the same time the husband was
supposed to reciprocate to the wife the same things.

Jim had been the best husband to me and our sex life was great. We both
gave and took and our love was deep. I had thought that Jim had given more
to me than I had to him by a large margin. Because of those feelings, I
finally decided to get Greg to help me to fulfill Jim's fantasy. If I had
only known what a bunch of lies I was being so convincingly fed.

"Gary, could you help me do this for Jim? You know lots of guys, and
you could choose the right ones. I want Jim to be pleased with me. You
could pick the men and you would know who to get so that I wouldn't become
a known slut around town."

"Oh God. Kate you are so beautiful, and you are a friend. I just can't
do this. I would feel so bad if it didn't work out, and even though I find
you extremely attractive, I don't think that I could do such a thing for
you because Jim is my best friend and all."

"Please Gary. I don't know what else to do. I want Jim to be happy
with me and not think that he can't tell me everything. I need to prove to
him that he can trust in me and that I am his best friend and partner in
this life. You can help me and make sure that I don't get hurt or worse.
Please? Please help me Gary?"

"Kate, think about what you are saying. Not only would you be having
sex with numerous men, I would be there. I would want to have you too. I
couldn't just stand by and watch while someone as sexy as you had several
men. Also, how will you feel about yourself afterwards? You need to think
about this Kate. It is a very big thing to ask of a friend, and an even
bigger thing for a husband to want his wife to do. You need to be very
sure it is what you should and want to do."

Gary blushed at the part where he said that he would want me too. I was
getting so turned on. I had so many feelings running through my head. I
was wound up and our chat had gotten me so hot, all the talk about my being
fucked by different men, two and three at a time.

Gary, for his part made it look like he was trying to talk me out of it.
He was so smooth and he had evidently thought of how to get me maneuvered
into doing this for quite some time. His actions were that of a best
friend looking out for his friend's interests. It was a touching display.
An Oscar winning performance for sure.

After a good bit of convincing on my part Gary finally agreed to help me
set up the fantasy 'rape' for Jim. I had pushed and prodded him so much
that I thought for absolutely certain Gary was being honest and upfront
about the whole thing.

"Well, I guess that I could try and set this up for you Kate. I don't
know, but I like you and Jim a lot so if you had to go elsewhere you might
get the 'wrong type' of person and it would be all too real. Yes, I will
help you Kate. Only because you were so convincing."

"Thank you Gary. What should I do now? I don't know if I will be able
to let another man have me like that. God, this is so wild, planning my
own 'rape'. I hope that Jim realizes how much he is asking me to do."

"Maybe, well, Kate, you should probably find out if you will be able to
have sex with another guy first. If you can't then it would be a real
rape, and the situation would be bad. We should probably have you, uh,

"Fuck somebody? Is that what you are having such a hard time saying
Gary? You are right; I should have sex with someone else first just in
case I can't go through with this whole thing. I guess you would be the
one, since you are a friend, and you would stop if I couldn't do this,

"Are you sure Kate? You want me to be your first man outside of your
marriage? I don't know. I mean, yes, I would fuck you in an instant, but
the circumstances will be difficult. I don't know."

"Gary, please don't make me beg. I need to know if I will be able to go
through with this before we set something up. I need to be sure in my mind
that I will be able to perform convincingly. Please, for me? For Jim and
his fantasy? Gary, I need you to fuck me."

Gary had maneuvered me into begging him to fuck him. He had me where he
wanted me and I had no clue. I was so sure that Jim wanted this after all
I had just read his story, his fantasy. Jim wanted this far more than I
did, and I wanted to please my loving husband as much as I could.

"Well, I guess I can. I can't believe that I am about to say this, but
yes, I will rape you Kate. I will stop if you change your mind. I will do
what you ask me to do. Just don't hate me when this is all over ok?"

I leaned over and hugged Gary. He put his arms around me and hugged me
back. I knew that I was asking a lot of him, and I hoped that this
wouldn't mess up our friendship.

"When should we find out if you would be able to go through with this

"Well, now would be the best time since Jim has several hours of classes
yet, and you are here right now. I will take a quick shower, then you can
if you want."

Gary let go and I got up and went to take my shower. When I got out
Gary was ready and he went in and took his shower. He came out dressed and
I thought for a minute that he was leaving because he had changed his mind.

"Your not leaving are you Gary?"

"No. I thought that we should start out dressed up a bit and then
pretend to go through with a rape type thing. You know, to see if you are
capable and want to do this. I think you will need a safe word, something
that I can understand that will let me know that you really want me to

"Oh, I see. Yes you are right. I will get dressed. What should I use
as a safe word?"

"Something that is out of character for you, and that I will recognize
as you wanting it to stop. How Yeah, school would be off
the wall in the situation. What do you think Kate?"

"School? Yeah, that would be off the wall all right. School it is.
What should I wear?"

"How about something really sexy and revealing? Something that would
get the attention of a man and cause him to think you were a slut begging
for it?"

"I can see what you mean. Something to get him going to the point of
going overboard and taking me?"

"Yeah Kate, something that shows you off and lets a man think you are a
first class slut."

I looked in my closet and Gary helped. We couldn't find much. Gary
finally picked out an old skirt and blouse I had in the corner. I hadn't
worn them because the blouse was a transparent black thing that I had
always had trouble with because of what it showed.

For the skirt, well, it had been one I had worn in high school and was
actually a little bit small for me now. I could still get into it, but it
was far shorter than when I had worn it in school.

"Well, what should I wear under this stuff Gary?"

"Uh, well Kate, a slut begging for a rape would probably just wear the
skirt and blouse. That would show her off and still keep her legal, so to
speak. She would want to let men know she was good looking and had assets
to share. You have the body Kate, if you don't mind my saying, and you
should look real great in just the skirt and blouse."

"Ok, would you mind turning around while I changed?"

Gary just looked at me. I then realized how silly that must have
sounded to him. Here we were, talking about how I was going to be a slut
and fuck him in a few minutes, and I was asking him to turn around.

"Never mind. I wasn't thinking."

"Oh, no, I will turn around Kate, I don't want to embarrass you."

I just dropped the robe I had on and naked, stood before him. He turned
red and then turned around. I noticed that he took a good look before he
turned though. I was excited as I got into the skirt and blouse. I felt
so naughty and nasty. I was getting undressed to get dressed to get fucked
by a very good-looking man, and he was going to 'take' me. I was having a
deep fantasy fulfilled right now.

My pussy was getting wet as I pulled on the skirt. I could feel the
cool air lapping at the lips of it and that feeling was making me even
hotter. When I finished, I let Gary know he could turn around.

What he saw, as I looked into the mirror, was me, wearing a skirt that
barely covered my pussy. It only hung about an inch or so below my crotch.
My breasts were clearly visible and stuck out proudly. My nipples were
hard as rocks and sticking out about three-quarters of an inch from my

Gary whistled almost involuntarily.

"GOD you look so great Kate. I never knew how large your ti...breasts
were. You are a walking wet dream, and I mean that. I can't believe that
we are going to do this."

"Yeah? Well you better believe it Gary, you are my test subject and if
I say 'school' what do you do?"

"I quit. I stop. That is your safe word so I know to stop and let you

"Right. Don't forget that either, bucko. School means stop."

"School means stop. Got it."

We went into the living room and started our little 'act'. Gary stood
in front of me and looked me up and down with a real nasty leer. I was
surprised at the feeling running through me.

I felt real naughty. Like a slut begging to get the fucking of a
lifetime. I also felt slightly afraid, since I didn't really know Greg all
that well. I hoped that I could measure up to his comments about my body.

Gary stepped in close to me and grabbed my arms. I couldn't get away
from him and my heart started to beat harder. I had a bolt of fear run
down my spine. At the same time my pussy was just about running with a
river of moisture. This was turning me on so much.

Gary held me with one hand and his other ran up my body from my waist to
my throat. It paused for a bit at my breast as he felt it and even gripped
it like a cantaloupe. When he grabbed my breast my pussy started to gush,
I literally had a stream of juice running down my legs.

At this point I had forgotten about Jim, about being married, about
everything but Gary touching me in intimate places. My mind was screaming
for a good hard fuck. I was about to have a fantasy of mine come true, to
a point, and I was shaking I was so turned on.

"Hey, bitch. You are begging for a fucking aren't you? I am going to
fuck you into the next century. You will never forget this fuck slut."

"NO. Leave me alone. You can't do this to me. Please let me go."

I was going along with Gary's act. He was acting like a real rapist and
I felt that I had to go along. For a second it looked like he was going to
stop because I had begged him to stop.

"I haven't said the safe word Gary. Keep going. I will say it only if
I want you to stop, otherwise I am going to act like a slut about to be
raped. OK?"

'Oh. Yeah. Well, SLUT, what are you trying to hide now that I haven't
seen before? A minute ago you were strutting around practically naked and
now you are covering yourself like a virgin or something. You fucking
teasing SLUT."

Gary recovered nicely. He now had me in the mood I had been in a second
ago. My heart beating heavily, I gave a little scream, not too loud since
I didn't want the neighbors running to my 'rescue'.

Gary grabbed my blouse and pulled on it roughly. Buttons flew off and
he tore it off of me. My breasts were totally exposed to him now. My
nipples were so hard they hurt. He pulled the remnants of my blouse off
and threw it over the back of the couch. He pushed me towards the bedroom.

As we walked into the bedroom he grabbed my skirt and pulled it down in
a sharp tug. It went down my legs and once it hit my knees it fell freely
to the floor. I was still walking and at that point I stepped out of it. I
was now totally naked in front of Greg.

He shoved me onto the bed on my back. I fell back and my legs ended up
spread wide open. He looked up and down my body. His eyes stopped at my
pussy and then at my breasts. My nipples got even harder, as if it was any
more possible at this point. I thought they were going to burst open from
the blood that was engorging them. GOD I was so hot and horny!

As I lay on the bed spread-eagled Gary tore off his clothes. His body
was rock hard, and he had a nice six-pack. His chest was hairless and well
muscled. He was far better looking than I had given him credit for. This
was going to be so good. I could feel my pussy lips quiver as I got more
and more worked up. I almost had an orgasm just laying there waiting for
Gary to 'rape' me.

When he dropped his pants my first realization was that he didn't have
any underwear on. That was something that turned me on too. Then I saw
his hardening cock. My God, it was positively huge. I was sure that it
was three times as big as Jim's. I wasn't sure that it would fit in me at

Gary crawled up between my naked legs. His hands went to my breasts and
squeezed them. Soon his lips and tongue were all over them, getting to
know the new friends. I could feel the head of his monster cock rubbing
against my clit. I had my first orgasm at that time. It swept over me and
Greg looked surprised as I came without even having a cock in me.

"OK bitch, let's have some of that poontang you've been showing off all

He took his cock in one hand and began to rub it up and down my very,
very, wet slit. My clit was throbbing and I had small light ripples of
pleasure run throughout my body. He soon pushed the head of his cock into
my pussy and as soon as it was well started in, he put his hands on either
side of my shoulders.

I wasn't ready for it when he thrust into me. It was not a real hard
thrust, but it was a very insistent one. He put in about half of his huge
cock, and was past where Jim had ever been. Gary must have known that he
was in virgin territory because he gave a little moan at the tightness of
my pussy.

"GOD DAMN, you are so fucking tight. I think you are a virgin. Jim has
never fucked you has he? I have never had such a tight pussy before in my
life. This is great!"

"Hey, get back into the 'rape' partner. I am not making love to you,
you are raping me."

"Oh yeah, sorry Kate. Shit bitch you are pretty goddamn tight for such
a slut. Never had a big cock before have you?"

I was pleased that he was so surprised at my tightness. It made me feel
like a real woman. I even started to feel like a real slut. This was so
much better than my fantasy. I could feel him stroking in and out, and
even though he was only half way in I could feel him touching places that
had never felt a cock before.

I had two orgasms while waiting for him to get it all the way into me.
When he finally bottomed out it almost hurt he was filling me so well.
When he hit bottom I had one mother of all orgasms. I came so hard I
nearly passed out. It seemed to go on for a very long time.

As he rammed his cock in and out I felt the lips of my pussy being
pulled out. They tried to cling to his shaft and keep it in me. As he
would ram in they would welcome his hardness. The head of his shaft was
hitting against my cervix. It hurt a bit, but the pain was pleasurable,
not bad at all. I had several more orgasms.

Gary started to shake and I knew that he was getting close. I said,
without thinking, something that I had never thought of letting Jim do to
me. I was so far gone I was willing to do anything Gary would want me to

"Oh, please don't cum in me. Pull out when you are close and force me
to suck you off. Force me to swallow your cum Gary. A real rapist would
do that. Make me your slut and force me to drink your cum."

Gary looked at me and smiled. He stroked in and out a few more times,
then pulled out and pushed his cock towards my mouth.

"Here you little slut. Suck my cum out of my balls like a good whore.
You get your lips around my cock and swallow my juice bitch."

The head of his cock was at my lips and he thrust his hip forward. His
cock shot into my mouth. He let me get a breath and began to fuck my

All of the sudden he quit. He pulled me around on the bed until my head
hung off the edge. He put a couple of pillows under my shoulders and my
head freely leaned back. In this position my mouth was at the perfect
height to fuck.

He stepped up in front of my head and pushed his cock into my mouth
again. This time he grabbed my head in his hands and started to actually
thrust into my mouth just like he was fucking me. He was. He was face
fucking me and his cock was getting in deeper on each stroke.

Soon I gagged a bit. He didn't stop pushing in. He pushed in until I
couldn't breathe. I felt the head of his cock bump against my throat. He
stroked in and out, now going in far deeper than I had ever had a cock in
my mouth before. Soon his balls were bouncing off of my forehead on the in

I was taking all of this huge long cock. I was so shocked. I couldn't
believe that I had all of him in my mouth and throat. I found that I could
get breaths on his out-strokes, and I didn't gag too much. I got used to
his large cock in my throat very quickly.

"Oh yeah cunt, you are a born cocksucker. You are taking all eleven
inches of my cock you slut. I wonder what hubby would think to see you
taking all of this cock into your virgin throat? Bet this would set him
off on a huge cum, huh?"

His words inflamed me. I was a slut. I was such a whore. I had Gary's
huge cock all of the way in my throat and he was just fucking my mouth and
throat like they were a pussy. God, I was a slut!

Suddenly he began to shake and before I could say or do anything his cum shot out and sprayed my throat with its hot salty contents. I let him
continue to stroke in and out. My tongue and lips were still trying to
catch all of his seed. I was so turned on.

I had taken all of him and swallowed all of his cum. I discovered that
I liked the taste of his cum too. I had learned so much more about myself
in the last few hours. I was the queen of all sluts at this point. I felt
like it and acted like it.

I suddenly realized that I had my hands between my legs and had been
stroking myself as he had fucked my mouth. My fingers were buried in my
pussy and I was close to another orgasm. I never knew when I started to
masturbate, but here I was, legs spread wide and fingers in pussy, on the
edge of yet another cum.

Gary kept fucking my throat and mouth with his still hard cock. He
moaned as he watched my masturbate myself. I could feel his cock getting
hotter and regain what little bit of hardness he had lost.

"Oh you are such a little slut. You want more don't you cunt? I am
going to take you another way now. You should be as tight there as you
were in your pussy. You will love this, since you have liked everything
else so far."

His words were a bit scary to me. I knew that he was talking about
taking my anal cherry. Jim had put his cock in a very little ways before,
but I had always chickened out. Now, Gary was talking about taking my ass
with his huge cock. I shivered as I realized that I was not going to say
the safe word. I was going to let Greg take my analy cherry with his
monster cock.

My attitude was now one that a true slut would have. I was ready for
anything that Gary would put out. I would do anything for this hugely hung
man. He could have taken me down on the street corner and sold my ass to
anyone at this point.

Gary left the room for a minute and when he came back he had a bottle of
cooking oil in his hand. I knew that this was going to be an experience to
never forget.

"Here we go bitch. I have some lube so that I can get into that tight
little virgin ass of yours. You will learn to love having my cock in your
asshole whore. I may even let you clean me up afterwards, if you are a
real good slut."

He turned me over and moved me so that I was on top of the pillows with
my tummy, and my legs over the edge of the bed. My feet were on the floor.
He moved between my legs and spread them wide open. I could feel the air
brush across my swollen hot cuntlips.

I felt him pour oil in my crack and begin to finger my tight little
butt. His finger sought out and found that hole. He poured some more oil
around his finger as he pushed it into my bottom.

I began to finger my pussy some more. I was so on edge; I was in an
almost continual orgasm. He had now added a finger so that two were going
in and out. More oil followed shortly afterwards then yet another finger.
In a few minutes I think he had four fingers in my tender tight hole.

"Time to pack the donuts."

I felt him move in closer. His cock head began to stroke up and down my
whole backside. It would glide over my asscheeks, down my crack, over my
soaking pussy lips, and tap on my clit. Then he would move it up and glide
it back over my pussy and around my bunghole.

He stopped at one point and began to push against my tight little hole.
The head of his cock suddenly popped in and he hesitated for a moment. He
then began to shove in on his cock. As he shoved it in my ass spread, the
oil letting it slid in with almost no resistance.

When he hit about two inches it began to hurt. I tried to pull away.
Gary waited for a minute; I think to see if I was going to use my safe
word. I just kept pushing back and holding still when it hurt too much.

As soon as he realized that I wasn't going to use my safe word
everything changed. He pulled back just a bit, and with the head barely in
my ass he poured yet more oil on his cock and around my ass. Oil was
running down my legs and spotting up the floor of the room. Good thing it
was a hardwood floor.

He abruptly shoved forward hard, holding my hips as he did. His cock
shot into my ass and before I could register a protest, he was fully in my
very tight, very pained asshole. I groaned and cried out but still refused
to use the safe word.

He let his cock rest in my tightly spread ass, and as soon as I relaxed
enough, he began a series of slow, delicious strokes in and out of me. As
he started to fuck my ass my hands got real busy with my pussy. I was
rubbing my clit and fingering my pussy so hard, it almost hurt.

I moaned and shuddered as I got used to the intruder in me. Gary
started to really fuck my ass now. Soon he was ramming in and out of me
and my orgasms were rolling over me. The feeling was so different and new
to me I couldn't think about anything but the pleasure I was experiencing.

"Wait until you have a big cock in your ass and one in your pussy and a
third down your throat slut. You will be in fuck heaven. You will want it
to continue forever. I have seen women pass out from all of the
stimulation a three cock fuck brings them, and you are going to be one of
them, I can tell."

He fucked my ass for what seemed like a half an hour. When he started
to cum he pulled out with a tug and pulled my head around to shove his cock
into my mouth. I just opened wide and swallowed it all the way down my

For the second time in my life I was taking a load of cum in my mouth,
down my throat. This load was from a cock freshly out of my asshole. I
was acting and being a slut. I loved this feeling of being treated like
such a whore.

I cleaned Gary's cock up after swallowing his second load. I tongued
his balls, and licked up the oil that had run down them. I tongued around
them, and down to his 'taint'. As I was doing that, I got an urge to do
something really, really slutty.

He was holding my head as I licked his balls, and I just pulled on his
legs, turning him around. He turned and when his back was to me I pushed
on his shoulders, getting him to bend over. I spread his ass cheeks and
without a second thought, began to tongue his hot, sweaty asshole. It felt
so slutty.

He moaned. He was soft, but as I tongued his ass, and especially when I
began to thrust my tongue into his hole, I could feel his cock hardening
up. I continued to tongue his asshole and soon his cock was rock hard
again. I then turned him around and pulled him down on me.

As he landed on me I put the head of his cock at my pussy entrance. He
pushed in and soon he was fucking me hard. Harder than before. He was
shoving me across the bed with each thrust. Soon my head was off of the
other side of the bed and we went on over to the floor.

Gary never lost a stroke on my pussy. He kept ramming it into me. I
went through orgasm after orgasm. He then pulled out and pushed my legs up
and over so that my ankles were on each side of my head. This put my ass
up and he took advantage of that position.

He pushed his cock into my asshole. He stroked me a few time there,
then pulled out and pushed it into my pussy. He rotated doing this until
he began to cum. As he came, he pulled out of my asshole and plunged his
cock into my face. I swallowed my third load of cum, fresh again from my

Our bedroom looked like a tornado had hit it. The covers from the bed,
while we had never turned them down, were all off and on the floor. There
was oil and cum on the floor on either side of the bed. Clothes were
strewn all over. The place looked like a group of people had had an orgy
in there.

Gary got up off of me and went into the bathroom. I lay on the floor
and thought over the last hours. I had been an anal, and oral virgin. I
had never had any cock other than Jim's in me. I had never masturbated
like I had today.

Now, in just a few hours, I had taken a huge eleven-inch cock in all of
my holes. I had swallowed cum from that cock, down my throat, three times.
I had been thoroughly ass fucked, throat fucked and pussy fucked. I had,
among other things, loved the hell out of it. I had been the biggest slut
in the state for sure.

Gary came out and got dressed. He was acting like a stud that had just
conquered a queen or something. His smile was in his eyes as well as on
his lips.

"That, without a doubt, has been the best fuck I have ever had, period.
You are the most beautiful, horny, wanton, slut I have ever had the
pleasure of fucking. God Kate, this afternoon has been fantastic. Do you
want to go through with the rest of this fantasy though? Do you want to be
gangbanged in front of Jim?"

"Gary, you have opened up things in me that I never knew existed. I
want to have the gangbang for sure. Jim's fantasy is much better than any
I have ever had. But, I am going to have to get another blouse, that one
is destroyed."

"I'll buy you a complete outfit for the party Kate. You deserve that
from me for sure. I will help you to pick out the sexiest, sluttiest
outfit you have ever seen. The guys will be having a hard time keeping
their tongues in their heads after seeing you in you new outfit that I pick
out for you for sure."

"You don't have to do that Gary. I have some money, and I wouldn't feel
right if you paid for an outfit for me for Jim's party."

"Please Kate, I have to. You have given me the greatest lay of all
time. You have been the best fuck I have ever, and I mean ever, had. The
absolute least I could do is buy you a couple of outfits."

"Well, since you put it that way Gary, OK. But I get to help pick them
out, right?"

"Most definitely Kate. We can go out tomorrow afternoon and shop them
up. Oh, before I forget, what about the part of Jim's fantasy where the
rapist's take you away for a few days? How do you want to handle that?"

"Well, I suppose that you should act it out fully. Don't tell me where
or what, just take me like Jims' fantasy acts out. I want him to really
believe this whole thing, lock, stock, and barrel."

"Well, I know of a place where you will get all of the cock you will be
able to handle if you want. Your safe word will stand until the weekend is
over, ok?"

Gary left that afternoon, and after a bit, while I was cleaning up the
mess in the bedroom, I had second thoughts. I even cried for a bit. I
felt kind of guilty, and like a whore. I had acted, hell I had wanted all
of the fucking I had with Gary. I had begged for it even. Jim had been
long gone in my mind while Gary had been fucking me, but now, well, I was
feeling so guilty.

I convinced myself that this was what Jim wanted. I had to know that I
would be able to follow though on this whole thing. I was doing this
because Jim wanted me to do this deep down. I was giving him his fantasy.
It didn't hurt that Gary was good looking, and built like a god. It also
didn't hurt that he was so well hung.

I had felt so whorish. So much like a true slut. Gary had brought out
in me what Jim would never have been able to. Jim was too loving and nice.
Gary had treated me like a whore. Like a two-bit slut, built for fucking
however he wanted to take me. Jim would never have done any of the things
Gary had just taken.

I had new feelings about sex and fucking now. I had sucked a man down
my throat. I had swallowed cum. I had taken a huge cock in my virgin ass.
I had cleaned up a cock fresh from my asshole with my mouth. I had
masturbated to orgasm. I had fucked a man outside of my marriage. I was
excited about the coming party and all of the cock I would receive that

I hoped that I would settle down after this big event and be able to
keep Jim happy. I didn't think that I would fuck around afterwards, unless
Jim really wanted me to. I loved Jim so much. This was sure to make him
the happiest man on the planet. I just hoped he would appreciate what a
Pandora's box had been opened now.


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