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The Assignment


The Assignment

By: curious2c,

Well, my life is in shambles now. I had a loving wife whom I adored,
and was in my final year of my master's studies. It all started with an
assignment in my English class. Our professor was a very strange person.
She had some weird sense of humor, and was always pushing us to write about
things that made us very uncomfortable. Her idea I guess was to help us to
push our own private boundaries.

The assignment in question had to be an erotic piece that dealt with
some aspect of our lives, in the past or present. It could be written as a
sci-fi, historical, or present day. It had to have some truth to it, and
it had to have affected us in some deep way. She then gave us one month to
complete it. This in itself was unusual for her, since she was always
pushing us on short deadlines, saying, "In the real world, you don't get a
long period of time to complete projects."

We were all surprised by this assignment, me more so than the others in
my class. I had never read or wrote 'erotic' anything in my life. I
actually used to read Penthouse and Playboy for the pictures. I had
written some poetry for my then fiancé', and even something once in a while
for her after we were married. I didn't want to go into my past for erotic
stories, and especially didn't want to write about anything that had
happened to me then.

It took me a full week to finally find something that I thought 'fit'
the assignment. My wife, Kate, knew that something had been bothering me,
and I finally told her part of the truth. I told her how we had to write
an erotic story for our class, based on our knowledge. I should have,
looking back, told her everything about the assignment. Maybe the things
that happened would never have occurred, and I would still be in marital

Some of my classmates were very into this assignment, especially Gary
and Ted. They were you typical jock-type guys, always grab-assing and
flirting with the ladies. I tended to be more, well, moderate in my social
and public outlook. I had a beautiful and loving wife at home, and I
didn't need the attentions of other women. Hanging around with those two
would have been something I wouldn't do in any circumstance. To be honest
though, deep down, I wanted to 'be one of the guys'.

When I started to write my story down, I used a very personal memory of
when I had been about thirteen years old. My father had owned an apartment
building complex in the city. He had tenants that were for the most part
college kids. Some of them were married, and most were single. As long as
the rent was paid and trouble kept to a minimum, dad would leave them to
their own devices. Usually they were busy studying and tired from working
part-time jobs, to be too adventurous. It wasn't like that at all in the
dorms down the street a ways though. There, the parties were notorious,
even a geek teen like me had heard about some of the goings on at those

Anyway, one afternoon, dad had me working in the building. My job was
to sweep up the hallways, and dump the garbage cans on each level. I got
paid a very small sum for this, but dad was a firm believer in hard work.
This day, I swept up and was on the third floor finishing up when near the
door of an apartment I heard many voices. The tenants in this apartment
were always in my mind because they were one of the few married couples in
the building. I had a crush on the girl. She was the embodiment of
everything I looked for in a woman. She had long blonde hair, great
figure, big chest, and to top it off, she talked to me like I was an adult.
She was very nice, and was majoring in teaching.

I looked for her every chance I went to the building, hoping just to see
her just once, just a glimpse. Ah, teenage angst. This day, the door was
open, and I heard her moaning and begging. I figured that her husband was
some lucky jerk to be able to 'have' her whenever he wanted. I thought
that they were having some hot sex, so, being young and daring, I snuck up
to the door and peeked in. What I saw, well, I was stunned. I had never
thought that a married couple would do something like this, and I wasn't
prepared for the sight that befell my eyes.

She was in the living room, naked, astride her husband. Behind them
another naked man was pushing his cock into her butt. A third man was nude
in front of her feeding her his large cock. There were three other men standing around naked also. I was stunned. My angel was nothing but a
common whore, fucking all of those men. I couldn't believe that her
husband was involved in this either. I watched them for about an hour, and
then as she was coming down from a large orgasm, she looked right over at
me, still standing in the hallway. Recognition loomed and I panicked and

It had affected me greatly. It took days before I could even set foot
in the building, let alone clean the third floor. Eventually, I had to go
upstairs and clean the hallway. The tenants had complained so I worked up
my nerve and was in a hurried frenzy, trying to get done before they came
home from their classes. I couldn't face her at all. I had been
embarrassed when she had caught me watching and I thought that she would
think I was a pervert or worse yet, tell my father about what I had done.

I had just finished up when she came into the hall behind me. I
couldn't run because she was in front of me blocking the way. "We need to
talk I think. You saw me doing something that you shouldn't have seen, but
since you have I think we need to talk about it."

I was embarrassed. I was probably red faced as could be. I stuttered
out some inane thing, hoping that she would just let me go away.

"Jim, you are a handsome and intelligent young man. You saw me doing
things with men that shocked you. I need to know if you told anyone about
what you saw."

"Uh," I replied," I haven't said anything, HONEST. I am sorry that I
was watching you, and I won't ever do that again." I was scared she was
going to tell on me, and she was evidently afraid I had told dad. I just
wanted to have this all go away.

"Jim, do you know what we were doing? Aren't you curious about why my
husband and I were, well, having sex with those other guys?"

She had taken my hand in hers and was leading me into her apartment. I
was deathly afraid of who or what would be waiting in there, and just
wanted to leave. I had some very erotic dreams about her nakedness after
that night, but the concept of her sharing herself like that was too much
for my thirteen-year old brain to accept.

We ended up talking for about two hours, and when I left that day I knew
that I wasn't in trouble, nor was she. We got along after that, but never
with the same feeling that I had had for her before.

So I had been writing about that, but because of my nature, I had the
husband tied up and the men were in the process of 'taking' her. I had
never been able to accept that she had wanted to do those guys, and I had,
since being married, never dreamed of why her husband would have wanted her
to have sex with those guys. I guess that in writing the story down, I
still wanted to place her up in my imagination as my first love, taken
against her will.

I had the rough draft done, then the professor made us hand them in.
She then redistributed them to the class in mixed fashion. Someone else
was going to be reading my rough draft. It turned out that it couldn't
have been a worse person. Gary the 'jock' got my story. I was mortified.
It had happened that the lady in my story, and my wife had the same first
name. I knew that I should have changed the names in the story, but I just
couldn't bring myself to do that to 'my first love'. Bonehead mistake.

We all read through the stories given us, mine I didn't do justice to
due to the fact that Gary was reading MY story. I never in any
circumstances, would have let him, of all people, read that story. I was
embarrassed all over again. This time because someone else knew my secret
of that day. I knew that he would have some crude comments and jokes about
it and was waiting for the torment to begin. Instead, he really surprised
me. He made a few grammatical notations and caught a few typos. I was
pleasantly surprised. He handed my story back to me and smiled. "Hey Jim,
want to go out for a few beers after class?"

I was in a quandary. Why now? Why would he ask me to join him and his
friends for a few beers? I thought that maybe he would make fun of me to
his friends, so I started to beg off. Gary wouldn't take no for an answer
though, so I ended up saying that I would go for 'A' beer.

Again, at the bar, I was surprised because Gary never mentioned the
story or anything about class. We talked and laughed and kidded around,
and pretty soon, I felt like I had been so wrong about him and his friends.
They were actually pretty nice guys, and they were careful to include me in
the fun. I had a great time, and when I left to go home to Kate, I was on
cloud nine. I felt like I fit in with the jocks, which really shocked me
when I thought about it. When I got home Kate was flabbergasted that I had
gone out 'with the boys' and wasn't even mad. She thought that I was too
much the student and needed to go out and kick up my heels once in a while.
We talked about things, and I decided that I would take her out for a
well-deserved dinner and or a movie on the following Friday. We hadn't
been out at all for about a year because of the fact that I had no money,
and being broke means that you don't do those things very often. I made up
my mind that I would try harder to set aside funds to do this regularly.
Kate deserved it after all.

Gary and I became buddies of a sort, and one night the following week he
came over for dinner at our place. Kate had outdone herself, and dinner
was great! Gary was impressed with my wife, both her looks and her
cooking. Kate was nervous and kept close to me all night. Gary left after
dinner after having made lots of compliments about Kate's beauty and her
cooking, and Kate was hot as I had ever seen her that night in bed. She
just about ate me alive; I even got to cum in her mouth. That was
something that she would rarely let me do. I think that she liked it when
I did, but she thought that 'nice girls' didn't do that at all. Matter of
fact, she even let me penetrate her tight little ass for a few strokes.
That was a first for either of us. I didn't get over an inch in and it
wasn't for a very long time, but still it was a first for us. I figured
that the wine Gary had brought had really gone to her head for her to allow
me to do something like that, and I hoped that she would allow me to do
that again, for a longer time, in the future.

On Friday of the week, I noticed that Gary wasn't in class. I guess his
partying had caught up with him, since he often would miss class. That
weekend Kate was preoccupied and reserved around me. I couldn't figure out
what was bothering her, she wouldn't talk to me about it. I thought that
it might be her 'time of the month' so I blew it off and tried to be extra
attentive. On Monday, Gary was in class, and he invited me out that night
for a party. I had to decline; I had to finish my story. He got me to
agree to a rain check for the following Wednesday. I went home and Kate
was all bubbly and happy. We ate and I finished my story, then we went to
bed, where Kate made up for the last few days of being 'out-of-sorts'. We
had some great sex, and she let me in her ass again, for a longer period of
time. Still not very deep, I think maybe I got in about two inches this
time. We slept spoon fashion that night and in the morning she was hot
again. She fucked my eyeballs out before I went to class. This was a
little out of character for her, but to be honest, I liked the change.

Tuesday night, Kate had some errands to run and left me to my own
devices for about three hours. When she got home she had some packages
that she put away saying it was for a surprise for me. My birthday was
long since over, and I couldn't think of any reason for a surprise for me,
but I didn't mind. She had always been one to like giving me surprises so
it wasn't too out of character for her. I just hoped that she hadn't
broken the bank shopping.

Wednesday, in class, Gary was effusive and friendly. He said that he
had a party in mind, but didn't have a place to throw it. I called home
just after class, and Kate thought it would be ok to have it at our place.
I caught up with Gary on the campus, and told him to have it at our place.
He was thankful, and said that it would be a party to remember for sure. I
went home after the rest of my classes that day, and hadn't seen or heard
for Gary or his friends at all. I figured that he was busy letting
everyone know where the party was going to be.

When I got home I was surprised to see that quite a few guys were
already there. Gary shoved through the crowd and pulled me with him thru
the mass of men. "Well, the guest of honor is here. Jim, sit down right
here on this chair." They had taken one of our kitchen chairs, and put a
cushion on it. It looked like a throne, sort of. As I sat down, someone
grabbed me from behind and my hands were tied tightly behind the chair. My
legs followed quickly. I overheard someone saying. "Better gag him, don't
want the little missus finding out that this isn't his real fantasy now do

There was laughter and a ball gag was produced and forced into my mouth.
I was tied and trussed up so well that I couldn't move at all, except for
slight motions of my head.

Then the crowd parted. Kate came through the men gathered around and
she was wearing a very sexy dress that I had never seen before. It had
slits up both sides that went up to just under her armpits. It buttoned up
the front to its plunging neckline. It shimmered and glowed like sequins
and satin. I could see that she had no underwear on at all.

"I love you very much Jim." She started out. "Enough to give you your
biggest fantasy."

I was confused now. What the hell did she mean be my biggest fantasy? I
had always told her she was my biggest fantasy. She moved away from me and
the ten men in the room started to get undressed. Gary grabbed her from
behind and started to fondle her. His hands were all over her body. She
reached over her head and grabbed his head in her hands and pulled him to
her lips for a 'behind the back' kiss. MY wife KISSING ANOTHER man IN
FRONT OF ME. I was furious. Trying to get loose, but they had tied me too
well. My wrists started to bleed; I could feel the blood dripping down to
my hands and onto the carpet. What the hell had she meant by my fantasy?
Shocked and stunned, all I could do is sit there, gagged, watching as the
love of my life gave herself to other men.

Gary was moving fast now. He had Kate do a little dance, like she was
being forced. I realized then that somehow, Gary had used my story to
convince Kate that my biggest fantasy was to watch her get gangbanged. OH
MY GOD. GANGBANGED. The pain in my wrists was now matched by severe pain
in my heart. Why would Kate allow herself to believe that I would have
wanted something like that? She had to know me better than that, but
obviously, I hardly knew my own wife now. I would never in a thousand
years believed that she would allow herself to be used by any one like

Gary had Kate dancing and showing glimpses of her body to these now
naked men. Kate reached up and started to undo buttons on her dress. She
looked at me, where I was struggling, trying to let her know that I didn't
want her to do this. Gary leaned in when she hesitated, and told her that
I was going for the realistic approach. Bastard. Kate laughed and kept on
undoing buttons. Soon she was naked in a room full of naked men. They
started to get closer to her as she danced around, then all of the sudden
one guy reached out and grabbed her perfect tits.

She was quickly in the center of a mass of naked male flesh, grabbing
and being grabbed. I could hear her moaning and begging for someone to
fuck her now. Nobody was paying attention to me now and I just sat there
watching my life go madly out of control. I started to cry, like a baby,
knowing that it was all over now. I could never stay with her with the
visions of what was to come being played over and over in my head.

Someone came up behind me and using a towel, wiped my eyes. I was
surprised to see a girl that Gary had dated around. She leaned in and
whispered in my ear. "Well, looks like Kate is going to be well fucked
tonight. Maybe Gary or one of the other guys will take her for the
weekend. Don't worry, I will set you loose after a while, and then you will
see how big of a slut you have for a wife. I know what she is going to get
and it is a wonderful thing that Gary gives women. I love being
gangbanged. Do you know he had her this last Friday while you were in
class? He told her about your story, even showed it to her."

For the next four hours I watched my love being fucked and fucked. Hard
driving cocks, stroking in and out of her tight body. She was in a
constant orgasm, begging for more when one cock would be pulled out! At
the point Gary stepped up to her I knew that she was no more than a slut.
She was begging Gary to fuck her with his 'magnificent' cock. She spread
her legs wide and pulled her knees up beside her head. She was wide open
and her pussy was gaping open, cum running down. Gary told his girlfriend
to clean her up for him and the girl left my side and started to lick and
suck on my wife's pussy. Kate was beside herself. When the girl was done,
Gary stepped between my wife's legs, and told her to beg for his cock.

Kate was begging! "Yes! Yes! Gary, I want your cock. Please! FUCK
ME with your huge cock again. I'll do anything you want, just fuck me." I
couldn't believe what I was hearing. My wife begging for another man's
cock. Then the part where she had said again, that tore my heart out even
more. Gary and Kate already had sex last Friday and I was crushed. WHY?
Why did my wife agree to do this with this bastard?

Gary stepped back. "If you want my cock Kate, you will take it up your

Kate looked at him and shook her head no.

"Kate," Gary said," Take my cock in your hand and put it on your

Kate was still shaking her head no, but her hands were pulling his cock
to her rosebud. Soon, the head of Gary's large cock was pushing against
her asshole. Someone handed him some K-Y jelly. He placed some on his
cock and then started to finger Kate's asshole. He soon had three fingers
going in and out of her ass, ramming into her hard. Kate had started by
groaning, but that soon changed to moaning. She liked what he was doing to
her. When he thought she was loose enough, he pushed his cock into her
ass. She clenched her fists, and then moaned a long drawn out moan. He was
all of the way into her, at least ten inches, fully inside her asshole.

His girlfriend had moved back by me. "His cock is so big. I have never
been able to take him in my ass. Your slut-wife must really be turned on
to let him take her asshole. Don't you wish that were you? You know, you
are really twisted to want to see your wife being taken, so to speak. I
think that is one twisted fantasy. I wish you were my husband and would
want me to fuck other men that would be great."

I hung my head and closed my eyes. I couldn't bear to watch my wife,
now begging for more cock, acting like such a whore. Gary started to cum,
and he pulled out, moving up to Kate's mouth. She took the offered cock
into her mouth, down her throat. She sucked and licked him until he shot
off in her mouth. She had some of his cum dribble down her chin, where she
used her fingers to catch it and put it back into her mouth.

She looked over at me with a funny look to her eyes, and then hollered
for more cock. Soon there were three men at a time in her. There was one
man in her ass, one in her pussy, and one in her mouth. At one point that
night, some one got her to sit on two cocks, taking them into her pussy,
loose and dripping with cum. When they were fully in her another guy put
his cock into her wide-open asshole. Three cocks in her lower body, over
thirty inches of cock. Another guy pushed his cock into her mouth and
started to face-fuck her mouth like he had done her pussy earlier.
Stroking in and out, hard and fast. She was now able to take all cocks
into her throat to their base with no problem.

When everyone tired out, they got dressed and left. Gary and his
girlfriend were the last ones there, along with a big black guy. Gary said
that they were going to take my wife for the weekend, and they would have
the 'slut' back on Monday morning. That was the deal that they had made
with Kate last week. They left and after they had been gone a minute,
Gary's girlfriend came back and untied me partially, so that she could get
away before I did something stupid. "Sorry, Gary drove a hard bargin for
your wife, and he really had to work on her to get her to do this. In the
end, well, she is a real first class slut now."

I didn't see Kate for four days. I cleaned up the house and packed up
my things. I found an apartment across town and moved my stuff there. I
went to class, but had a hard time since it seemed like most of the school
knew about what had happened to my wife, and there were a lot of smirks
towards me during the day. I checked in regularly at our apartment, since
someone needed to feed the dog, and walk him. It had been Kate's dog, so I
didn't take him when I moved out. I was concerned for her safety, and
almost called the cops, but realizing how their questioning and
investigation would all point to me as being the 'sicko pervert' I just
kept it quiet.

On Monday morning, I skipped classes, since it was now almost impossible
to show up without comments or stares being directed at me. I went over to
walk the dog, and when we got back to the apartment, I saw that Kate was
there. She was looking around, seeing my stuff gone and when I came in she
ran up to me. She gave me a big hug and tried to kiss me on the mouth, but
I turned my head away. "Jim, what's wrong? Why are you mad at me?" I just
looked at her before replying. "I think you know what's wrong Kate, you
cheap slut!"

I was pissed all over again. She looked at me then got mad. "I did
this for you and your sick fantasy, and now you blame me for being what you
wanted? You bastard! Or is it because I went away with the guys for the
weekend? Is that what is bothering you? That I went away from you for the
weekend? Well that was the deal Gary worked out with me so that you could
have your fantasy. I did this all for you."

I was just sick. She thought that my biggest fantasy was to watch my
wife being gang-fucked while I was tied up helpless?

"Look at my wrists Kate, does this look like something I wanted? Had I
ever, in our entire time of knowing each other, even hinted at a fantasy
like this? Don't you think that you should have at least talked to me
before committing to doing such a thing? Do you really believe that I
wanted my wife, the love of my life to be such a whore? YOU HAVEN"T KNOWN

Kate broke down crying. "Gary said that this was your fantasy. He said
that the assignment was to write your biggest fantasy down and present it
to the class. I saw your paper. I did it because I loved you more than
life itself, and wanted you to know that I would do anything for you."
"Kate, do you really think that I would want you to fuck other men, to fuck
a group of men? To be the center of a gangbang? I can't believe that you
would willingly go along with something like that, let alone go off on your
own for four days for more fucking and sucking. YOUR fantasy might have
been to be gangbanged, since I saw you get into it so well, but I already
had MY fantasy. MY fantasy was to have you, only you. Of course, now my
fantasy has been ruined, before my eyes, and what I see in front of me now,
well is nothing but a cheap whore, a slut for any man, not my love, or my

I left her there; she was on the floor on her knees, crying. I went to
my new home, and when I got there a package was waiting. Gary had sent me
ten videos of my wife and I now had in my hands, knowledge of what she had
done for those four long days. He also had a note in an envelope. In it
he thanked me for the 'use' of my slut wife, she had been a real good slut
for him and his fraternity brothers. He also wrote how easy it had been to
do a little 'editing' on my assignment and then to convince my wife, my
Kate, that deep down I really wanted to see her do this. I put the tapes
in the closet. I threw the note away, its words burned into my memory

We have been apart for about three months now, I haven't seen anyone,
and neither has Kate, to my knowledge. We have started seeing each other
some, and talking a little. There has been no sex at all between us, and
frankly, I am not sure that I will be able to 'perform' for her or any
other woman. Our lives are in check now and maybe; just maybe we will get
back together. The thoughts of what she did that night and for that
weekend, well, they stick in my mind hard. I have watched the movies Gary
sent over, and saw a woman I thought I knew better than life itself. I
learned that there was an awful lot I didn't know about my wife, like how
debauched she could get, or how much sex she was capable of, or even what
type of sex she liked.

My wrist's healed, with little scaring, except for that deep inside me.
Kate isn't quite as bubbly as she once was, and I am sure I have lost some
bounce too. I will be changing schools in the next semester, and perhaps
Kate will move with me. We are not sure at this point. Kate harbors a
deep secret from me and won't say what she thinks, and I don't really want
to go there anyway. I guess all I can say, as a word of warning, when you
get assignments, in school, or even at work, be very careful what you write
down, and never, ever, let anyone know your deepest secrets. Also, if
married, let your wife know what your fantasies are, all of them. It may
save a lot of heartache and trouble between you. After all, your wife should be your closest friend and confidant.


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