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The Auction


This story contains sexual words, themes, and actions.
If you are under 21, go away. If you don't like this
sort of thing, go away. If you do like this sort of
thing... keep reading.

If you like it, let me know, ok?
The Auction by Pami (, Mdom)
She tossed her long golden brown hair back. It
streamed in gentle waves to just above her waist.
He just knew that if she bent forward at the waist,
the strands would fall forward and cover her full
breasts. She was wearing a black patent leather
bustier. It had garters at the end of it, and they
were attached to sheer black stockings. A matching
black patent leather G-string covered her vulva,
leaving the round globes of her bottom open to his
gaze. She stood tall on three inch black heels and
held her head high. She knew that she was attractive
to him. She knew that he took pride in her
appearance. She knew that he wanted her to present
herself well.

This was her first slave auction. She had been his
submissive for over a year now, and they had explored
her limits. She had gotten used to sitting at his
feet. She had accustomed herself to serving him
first, and then waiting for his encouraging nod before
serving herself. She had familiarized herself with
his every sexual desire and learned how to satisfy
him. In doing these things, she found herself
fulfilled in a way that she had never dreamed was
possible. It was second nature to her now. She knew
that he would never allow her to be physically
damaged. Well, there were the welts from the
floggings or canings when she misbehaved. But she
kind of liked them. The pain that emanated from the
spankings brought her a curious kind of pleasure that
she had never known existed before he had shown her
the excitement to be found in it.

He had trained her well, he noted, as he saw her look
anxiously around the room. Some men had beaten all
spirit out of their slaves. He could tell which ones
by the way they slumped on the stage. Heads down,
eyes never rising about waist level. He would never
want to do that to the vibrant woman that was his
slut. She was every bit as intelligent as he was. He
liked the curiosity she showed when he would bring out
a new toy to use on her. She shied away from the
cane...he knew that he had been rather harsh when he
introduced her to it, but it served well as a
punishment tool. If she disobeyed him, she knew what
would be the result. At least ten lashes with the
cane, and no orgasms for a week. He smiled to
himself. The deprivation of the sexual satisfaction
was probably the real deterrent to her. She
experienced multiple orgasms on a regular basis, and
if she didn't get at least three or four orgasms a
day, she got a little petulant. That week-long
punishment was hard for both of them. She would go
through phases. First she would beg forgiveness, then
she would pout, then she would get downright bitchy,
and then she would tell him that she understood her
mistake and that she would never repeat it. So far he
had only used the cane on her three times. And sure
enough, she never repeated the behavior that earned
her those punishments.

She looked around at the faces, searching for him.
She wondered how on earth she was allowing herself to
stand here. To be auctioned off to the highest bidder
for the night. She was basically a monogamous person,
and the thought of being used by an unknown man, or
woman, for the next ten hours was scaring her. Still,
he wanted her to do this, and she would make him
proud. She knew, however, that she wouldn't be able
to come for anyone else. Her heart, and soul, and her
orgasms, belonged to him. Always.

She heard the bidding begin on her. The auctioneer
had her turn slowly for the crowd, and she did so,
focusing her large brown eyes on the walls slightly
above the audience's heads. As she turned 180
degrees, the auctioneer stopped her, by touching her
on her ass. His hand slipped over the generous curve
of her bottom cheeks, and he sharply slapped her. She
felt the heat from the slap, although it wasn't very
painful, it had surprised her. She maintained her
posture with difficulty. Her back was straight and
her hands locked behind her neck, presenting herself
with pride. The crowd grew quiet after the first
slap, and she heard bids being yelled from men and
women. The auctioneer commanded her to continue
turning, and she did so. She faced the crowd once
again, and she scanned through it anxiously. There
were scantily clad domes and slaves, and some of the
male doms were in head to toe leather. Some wore
some kind of chain harnesses. Some of the male subs
were naked but for a cock ring. And then there were
the people who looked like they had walked in off the
street and were in regular street clothes. Quite a
mixture of people, although she knew that they were
all into the scene...this was a private party/auction
after all, her master had assured her.

She felt the auctioneer's hand reach up to her breasts
and he unzipped the zipper that crossed the bra cup of
her bustier. Her tits were barely confined in the
patent leather as it was, and when the zipper gave
way, her nipple burst through. It was erect, she
noted idly. The auctioneer pinched it firmly and
pulled on it, pulling the entire areola through the
split-open bra cup. She heard the bids continue. She
caught snippets of conversation drifting up to her.
"Too uppity for a slave" "Wish I could clamp those
nipples" "Want her to lick my pussy till I can't come

She drifted off into a daydream where she was being
flogged on her ass in front of all of these people.
In the dream her tits were clipped to a rope that was
attached to her clit. And every time she was thwacked
with the flogger, she would jump, and that pulled her
nipples. In the dream her master (mistress?) for the
evening inserted a butt plug deep into her ass,
filling her up. Her long hair was bound in a ponytail
and pulled until she arched her back, stretching her
clamped nipples. Then, somehow, that ponytail was
attached to the butt plug. No matter what way she
moved, either her nipples were pulled on, or her butt
plug would move just a tiny bit. And she loved it.

She was jolted back into reality by the slam of the
gavel on the block and the auctioneer proclaiming
loudly, "SOLD".

Her master sighed as he saw who had won the bidding.
Well, he had wanted her to go through with this. Now
he supposed he would have to wait and see if she would
return to him after this long night was over, or if he
had lost her forever.

A tall man she had never seen before was waiting at
the side of the podium. "Come, my dear, we have a
long night ahead of us," he told her in a deep voice
as he handed her down.

He snapped a leather collar around her neck and
attached a leash to it. He began to lead her away
from the crowd towards a doorway that led to another
room, she guessed. They entered the room and he shut
the door. He sat in a large chair and gestured to the
floor, and she gracefully sank to her knees before
him. "Now, I am sure you are wondering what I am
going to do with you for the rest of the night," he
began, smiling down at her as he ran his hand through
her long hair.

He had blue eyes, she noted. And his smile was nice.
She began to relax. He didn't seem like a monster.
She smiled back, "Well," she started. And stopped as
his hand pulled her hair hard and the smile
disappeared from his face.

"Did I give you permission to speak, slut?" he asked
in an icy cold tone. When she sat mute, he pulled on
her hair again, tilting her head up to look into her
eyes. "Did I?"

"No, sir. I am sorry. I... I... I just thought."

"THAT is your problem, slut. You THOUGHT. I do not
want you to think again until our time is over. You
will not speak, unless I ask you a direct question.
You are mine for this night. I will do whatever I
want with you. Do you understand?"

She looked up at him. There was no smile on his
face. "Yes. Yes, sir. I understand."

"Good," he smiled again, and unravelled his hand from
her hair. "Now, look across from us and into the

She did as instructed and saw that the entire wall
facing them was one huge mirror. She could see their
reflections. He was seated in a comfortable chair,
and was wearing a black t-shirt and black pants. She,
clad in her bustier and stockings, at his feet. They
made a nice looking couple, she thought. But he
wasn't her master. And she hoped that she could
please him, because she was scared of what he would do
if she didn't.

He leaned forward and licked her ear as he whispered.
"Do you like the way you look, slut? You look
delicious. I want to eat you up. I am going to make
you come like no one has ever made you come before. I
am going spank you, flog you, whip you, clamp you, and
anything else that I can think of. You are going to
be so mesmerized by pain and pleasure that you are
going to beg me to be your master forever. Now, stand

She stood and stared at herself in the mirror. He
rose behind her and reached around and cupped her
breasts. "Do you like to have your tits played with,
slut? Do you like to have them pulled on, massaged,
sucked, whipped? I am going to do all of that to you
tonight." He deftly undid the chains that acted as
straps of her bustier. He pulled the top down,
exposing her DD breasts in all of their glory. They
were pale white, with dark rose colored nipples that
were about the size of a half dollar. He pinched them
until they rose to meet his attention.

She was losing herself in the feelings. She loved
breast play. She adored having her nipples stroked
and pulled. Her eyes drifted closed, and suddenly his
hands left her. Her eyes flew wide, and she saw him,
in the mirror. He was reaching into a black bag and
withdrew a shiny chain. She knew what it was. He
smiled at her in mirror and walked across the room.
He stood about a foot from the mirrored wall and told
her, "Over here, slut. Come over here. You know you
want this as much as I want to give it to you. Come
and get it."

And she did. She took the ten or so steps that she
needed to be facing him. He once again went behind
her and he pulled her hair so she was looking in the
mirror. His eyes met hers, and she felt like she was
falling under a spell. "Such a pretty slut, aren't
you?" he crooned in her ear. "You have the most
gorgeous tits, my dear, and I am going to take care of
them for you. You want that, don't you? You want me
to make you feel good, don't you, slut?"

"Yes....Yes...." She stammered. "Please, make me feel

He smiled at her, and whispered, "Very good, slut.
And now for your reward." He reached around her and
fixed the alligator clip to her right nipple. He
smiled again at her indrawn breath. "That's one. And
here is...the...other," and with that, he attached the
second clip to her left nipple.

Her eyes closed with the sudden pain. It hurt. It
hurt a lot. hurt good. She felt the
throbbing in her nipples resonate down to her clit.
God, she was wet already. She was dripping, in fact,
she noted.

He pulled on the chain that connected the clips and
her eyes opened wide with the sudden stab of pain that
emanated from her tits. His eyes met hers in the
mirror again, and he drank in the dilated pupils of
her chocolate colored eyes. She was magnificent, he
thought. He was going to have so much fun with her.

The next thing she knew, he had led her over to the
wooden horse on one side of the room. He bent her
over it, and attached her ankles and her wrists to it.
Her ass was raised, and she knew what was coming next.

He looked down at her body. He could just barely see
the strap of her G-string running down the crack of
her bottom, as it was surrounded by the white flesh of
her cheeks. He pulled on the strap, and took her
panties down. He smiled to himself as he noted just
how wet they were from where they were nestled against
her pussy. The garters from the bustier framed her
bottom perfectly, and the black stockings started
about three inches down her thighs. Her cunt was
shaved bare, and he could see the deep pink of her
inner lips, since she was spread open for him.

He was talking to her constantly. Telling her how
beautiful she was. How wet she was. What a slut she
was. How much she was going to come for him. He knew
that if he kept telling her these things, her mind
would start repeating them itself.

She felt his hand running over her ass. She listened
to his words. She felt the throbbing from her clamped
nipples. Suddenly she screamed as a dildo was thrust
deep inside her channel. It was large, not so large
that she couldn't handle it, but it came as a shock
since there was no warning.

"Oh, you like that, don't you, my sweet? You like
feeling full all the way inside, don't you? You were
born for this, weren't you, slut? You were born to be
used. You were made to be fucked." He thrust the 8"
dildo back and forth in her wetness as he talked to
her. He wasn't yelling, just talking calmly and
matter of factly. His years of experience had shown
him that with an intelligent sub such as this one,
they needed to hear these things over and over before
they let themselves go. And he wanted to see her let
herself go. He wanted to see how far he could drive

She squirmed over the horse as she felt the dildo
sliding in and out of her. God, it felt good. She
felt like she was betraying her master, but after all,
he was the one who wanted her to be in the auction in
the first place. She stopped thinking, and tried to
only feel. When he stopped and left the dildo
implanted deep inside her, she whimpered, wanting

"Does my little slut want more? Does my little whore
want more cock? Does my little slave want to come for
me?" he asked her, smiling as he watched her twitch as
much as she could.

She whimpered again. "Pu...Please, sir... more....
Yes. I want more."

He chuckled and suddenly brought the whip down on her

She screamed again. She wasn't expecting a whipping.
She wanted to be fucked. But she was tied down, and
her needs would only be met on his timetable. She
wondered how she was going to make it through the

He began whipping her in earnest. She didn't scream
after the first stroke, but she groaned and squealed
in turn. After about ten strokes he stopped. He
watched her body relax, and then he reached over and
flicked the switch on the dildo. It began vibrating
deep inside her, and he heard her squeal again. The
wetness seemed to be pouring from her, and he began to
tell her what her place was again.

"That's right, slut, feel that vibrator against your
walls. Feel the buzzing deep inside you. Wouldn't
you like to come for me? Wouldn't you like to come
for me? That's right, its ok, slut. That's what you
are here for. You are here to come over and over and
over. For me. Just for me." And he commenced
whipping her again.

God, she wondered how she was going to stand it. She
was about ready to explode from the tingling of the
vibrator inside her, but the whip seemed to keep the
orgasm at bay. She didn't think she was going to be
able to come while he was whipping her. But she was
on the edge. Between the buzzing in her cunt and
listening to his words, she was almost there.

She was moaning and begging him to let her come now.
She knew she wasn't supposed to be talking, but she
didn't care. She just wanted release. The last
couple of hours were finally catching up to her. The
exhibitionism of the podium, the words from the
bystanders at the auction, being forced to submit to a was like one of her dark fantasies come
to life. And she wanted to climax so much that her
entire body shook.

He listened to her ramblings. He smiled. He knew
that she didn't even care where she was or who she was
with. All she was right now was a piece of trembling
flesh that needed to be satisfied. He loved it when
they got like this. This is what he wanted. He
wanted to give her that ultimate orgasm that she would
never forget for the rest of her life. That way, he
would live forever in her memories. Her master would
never be able to touch that memory. And THAT was what
he wanted from this magnificent woman.

He stopped whipping her as her body froze. He reached
underneath her with both hands and released the
alligator clips on her nipples.

And he drank in the sight of her face, eyes wide open,
staring blankly, mouth open as she screamed and that
orgasm thundered through her body. She convulsed over
and over. He ran his hand down to her clit and
pressed on it once, and she screamed again, and
launched into another climax. He watched her twitch
and spasm and slowly come down from the high.

Her entire body was covered with a fine sheen of
perspiration. Her face was flushed, and her brown
eyes were soft. He pulled the vibrator out of her
pussy and she moaned. He ran his hand over her welted
ass, and pulled her hair to raise her head. She
looked into his eyes, and he smiled.

"That's one hour down....nine to go. Hmmm. What shall
we do next, slut?"


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