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The Beach Wedding


This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to
read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE EXIT. IF YOU
ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, or otherwise forbidden by law to read
electronically transmitted erotic material, please EXIT.NOW!!!! All
characters in this story are the creation of the author, and any
resemblances to real persons, alive or dead, are purely coincidental.

This material is Copyright protected. © AnnabelleandJay 2002.All Rights

Annabelle's Diary

The Beach Wedding By Annabelle

About the Author: Annabelle here. If you have read other entries from
my diary, you know that Annabelle's Diary is about my travels and
adventures. While my husband Jay and I write erotic fiction together as
AnnabelleandJay, my diary entries are accounts of my exploits. If you've
seen any of my photos on one of the many amateur websites where I appear,
you likely know a great deal more about me.

The Beach Wedding We had just arrived at the beach resort for the first
day of our vacation. After checking in to the resort, Jay and I decided to
go directly to the beach for a sunset stroll. After 20 wonderful years of
marriage, little things like beach walks still thrill me. We started off
down the beach and soon came upon a beach wedding in progress. A young couple stood on the beach, fighting the ocean breeze as a small crowd
gathered around the ceremony. Jay and I decided to walk down for a closer

An attractive, young blond wearing a large, lacy formal white wedding
dress stood on the beach reciting the vows to her tuxedo-clad partner.
They appeared to be in their late 20's or early thirty's, both attractive
and enjoying the ceremony. Her blond hair, in ringlets and all piled on
top of her head, was being thoroughly mussed by the stiff beach breeze.
Jay and I stood and watched as the event proceeded. We noticed an eager
photographer circling the couple and the wedding party, recording the event
on film.

As Jay and I walked away, we noticed that all of the members of the
wedding party had piled their shoes in a large heap on the sand. At the
top of the pile was perched the bride's white satin pumps. Jay is quite a
photographer himself, most noticeable demonstrating his talents by taking
pictures of me for our Internet postings on adult amateur websites. He
instantly stopped by the pile of shoes and stared at it for a moment.

"Now that would be a great picture for the wedding album," he said
looking at the heap of discarded shoes highlighted in the setting sun. We
both agreed that it would make a super wedding photo, so Jay wandered back
to the wedding group and quietly mentioned it to the photographer. As we
were walking away we could see him snapping photos as he moved around the
small mountain of shoes. We laughed, kissed and walked on down the beach.

That evening we were enjoying a drink in the resort bar, while I flirted
with our gorgeous, tanned waiter. At 50+ years old, I think I've developed
a good instinct for hot young men, and our waiter was definitely young, hot
and very interested in me. Plus the fact that my 36D breasts were hanging
out of the low cut silk top I was wearing. I'm 5' 10" tall, with large
breasts and love to wear very high heels which make me about 6'2". So I do
tend catch male eyes now and again. We were all laughing as Rick, our
waiter, hung around for an extra eyeful, when we noticed the young newlyweds come in and sit down at a nearby table in the bar. Rick got back
to work and Jay and I chatted about the possibilities of getting Rick to
join us in our room when the bar closed.

Some minutes passed and Rick brought a bottle of champagne over to the
table, telling us that it was from the newlywed couple at the other table.
A little confused, we reluctantly accepted the gift. Rick began to pour,
as the young groom came over to our table.

"Hi, I'm Ty and that's Marie, my wife," he said grinning. "We just want
to say thanks for suggesting the picture of the shoes. Our photographer
said you had mentioned it to him and he loved it. Says it should be the
front picture in the whole picture album."

I noticed that Ty was staring at me and I assumed it was my cleavage catching his eye. I was much more interested in continuing our discussion
with Rick, but he seemed nice enough – Midwest, short blonde hair and a
good build. I had revised my guess of his age down to about 26 years old.
Then Marie, his bride, joined us. I put her age at about 30. We
introduced ourselves and invited them both to join us at our table for a

Marie had let her hair down since the wedding, which allowed her blonde hair now to fall around her shoulders. She looked or maybe just seemed to
be a little older than Ty. She was about 5'7" tall and looked like the
perfect wholesome, Midwest cheerleader. She had a beautiful, darkly tanned
body and great legs revealed in the high slit wrap, mini-skirt she was
wearing as she sat next to me. Her top was a little bare midriff wrap
thing, revealing her pierced navel and what I would have guessed to be
rather small, perhaps 32B, breasts. But she was definitely a real cutie.
While I really love men, I'd never turn down a chance with a gorgeous

With Jay sitting on one side of me and Ty across the table, we toasted
their wedding and began to chat. After two more bottles of champagne, we
were all laughing and having a great time. But all the while, I kept
getting the feeling that Ty was staring at me. It was a stare that went
well beyond casual interest and it was beginning to make me a little
nervous. We were all beginning to feel the effects of the champagne, so I
rose to go to the ladies room and Marie joined me. Once in the restroom,
Marie staggered against me, obviously feeling the effects of the champagne
and the eventful day. I steadied her, and she leaned against me rubbing,
her small breasts on my arm. It was clear that it was more than an
accidental rub.

"Well, this could be interesting," I thought to myself. I returned the
favor, overtly rubbing my breasts against her as I helped her into a stall.
Subtlety has never been one of my strong suits. I moved into the other
stall as we laughed and chatted but I was acutely aware that there definite
potential in the evening.

When Marie and I returned to the table, Ty had switched seats and was
now seated next to Jay. Ty was leaning over close to Jay and whispering
something in his ear as we sat back down. I saw a shocked look on Jay's
face, then slowly a small smile appeared. Finally there was a tiny nod to
Ty. I leaned over and asked Jay what was wrong.

"Ty wanted to know if you are THE Annabelle, on the Internet," Jay

For all of the exposure, thousands of nude pictures posted and millions
of men who have jerked off to pictures of me on the Internet, no one had
ever recognized me in person. And I wasn't sure that this was the kind of
celebrity fame I desired or was comfortable with. I felt myself blush,
(yes, blush) as I looked at Ty and smiled. Ty simply looked over at Marie
and nodded.

"I told him it was you," Marie said loudly. "But he said it wasn't,"
she added, as if reveling in some major of victory.

"Well, you were right," I said, not knowing what else to say. At that,
Marie leaned over and gave me a quick kiss on the mouth.

"I love your pictures. I think you are so hot," Marie said smiling.
This proclamation was followed by one of those long moments of awkward
silence that occasionally pop up in conversations.

"I've got an idea," Marie bubbled, breaking the silence. "We got lots
more champagne up in the room and I'm dying to show off my honeymoon
outfit. Why don't you guys come up, have some more champagne and you can
give me your opinion."

I glanced over at Ty, who now seemed a little confused by his new wife's
invitation. And it did seem a little odd to me, asking another couple to
join you on your wedding night and inspect the bride's lingerie. Sensing
that we might say no, Marie added, "Listen, we've been living together for
five years, so tonight is no big surprise, right."

I looked over at Jay who shrugged and said, "Why not?"

"Why not?" I thought to myself, realizing that not only was Marie older than Ty, she was certainly worldlier than he was. And I wondered if he
knew just how worldly. But she clearly was calling all the shots tonight.

As we all headed up to their room, Marie and I walked together and
talked. The guys followed behind us with their own conversation going. I
thought I'd give Jay a little thrill, so I slipped my arm around Marie's
waist as we walked and gradually let it slip down until my hand was on her
ass. It stayed that way until we all piled onto the elevator. As soon as
the door shut, she quickly spun around and pressed her mouth to mine.
While we kissed, I pulled the hem of her short skirt up, exposing her ass
to the boys, who were clearly enjoying the show. I could tell that by the
lump in Jay's pants.

As soon as we got to the room, Marie and I slipped into the bedroom
while the boys poured the champagne and waited in the other room. Marie
quickly stripped naked and began pulling things out of a drawer. I could
tell by her overall dark tan that she had been using a tanning bed, since
she had no tan lines. Her entire body was a rich, dark brown. But I could
clearly see that she was not a natural blonde from her trimmed patch of
dark pubic hair.

She slipped on a white satin g-string, white stockings with wedding
bells patterned up the back seams (yes, it's true, wedding bell stockings!)
and a satin bustier. Marie had little in the way of breasts, but the
bustier helped push up what she did have. A sheer white satin robe went on
and we were ready to rejoin the guys. As we started to leave, I returned
the favor and gave her a quick kiss. Letting my hand fall, I gently
stroked her pussy, only to realize that the girl had already soaked through
the tiny g-string she had just put on.

"Wow," I thought to myself, "this girl is ready for action." At the same
time I realized my own nipples were now fully erect and poking through my
blouse. If Marie had only slipped her hand into my panties, there's a good
chance she would have been thinking that I was ready for action too,
because I was.

We rushed back into the other room where Marie stood in the middle of
the room and showed off her outfit. She twirled and dipped like a runway
fashion model, displaying her body and her new white satin outfit. While
she was doing that, Ty moved over next to me and began pressing his legs
against me as we stood there and watched. I figured, "What the hell, let's
see where this night is going to go," and slipped my had down to his
crotch. As expected, this young stud was rock hard and in a matter of
seconds I had unfastened his belt and had his trousers down around his

Not expecting any objections and not hearing any, I pulled his shorts
down and was on my knees with his stiff cock in my mouth in no time at all.
I had my lips wrapped around his cock and was getting a good rhythm going
when he began tugging at my silk blouse. He was struggling to take it off.
I broke away from his cock long enough to let him pull the flimsy shell up
over my head, then slid his dick in my mouth again. He began pumping madly
and I knew at this rate he'd be done in another minute, so I decided to
slow him down a bit.

Getting up onto my feet and grabbing his cock in one hand, I said, "Why
don't we all go get more comfortable?" This brought a favorable moan from
Marie, who was standing in the middle of the floor with Jay, his mouth
pressed to hers and his hand massaging her damp cunt. Her soaked g-string
lay on the floor in a little ball next to them.

With Ty's dick in my hand, I led the way and we all headed into the
bedroom. I wriggled out of my skirt and before I could peel out of my
thong panties, Ty was all over me. I was wearing a scanty, lace bra but it
wasn't really much of one. It was very low cut and very pushed up. With
breasts like mine, the push up part is kind of overkill since I can almost
rest a martini glass on them anyway.

It didn't take much effort on Ty's part to scoop my large breasts out of
my bra. He eagerly descended on me with his mouth. He begin sucking on my
hard nipples and rubbing my tits as I stroked his cock. We fell together
onto the foot of the bed.

"Ohhhh, that's it. Suck my tits!" I groaned, as he sucked harder and

Jay now had Marie on her back at the head of the huge honeymoon suite
bed and was rolling a condom onto his rigid cock. Marie was lying there,
legs spread wide, and rubbing her now drenched cunt with her hand as my
husband finished his precautions. She was indeed hot. My husband moved
between her legs and in one smooth motion lifted her spread legs toward the
ceiling and plunged his hard cock into her swollen cunt lips.

"Muhhhfffggg," Marie moaned. "Oooo, yes! Do it!! Fuck me!!" she

Jay was pounding his cock so deep and hard that the whole bed was
shaking, as be bounced around down at the foot. Ty was beginning to suck
on my nipples so hard that I felt like he was nursing.

"Sweetie," I said. "I've got a great idea. Why don't you give me a
little of what your bride is getting?"

At that, Ty looked over to see Marie getting her tight little cunt reamed by my husband as they pounded up and down. I grabbed a condom and
did the honors. I teasingly unrolled it onto Ty's engorged cock. I could
see that his dick was rock hard and about to explode, so I took a second to
playfully stroke him and calm him down. I could see I was driving him
wild, but that was, after all, the point of it. Slowly I rolled over and
onto my hands and knees and arched my ass in the air. This gave Ty great
access to my aching cunt, which was really ready for a good fucking by now.
Ty eased in behind me and I could feel him positioning his cock against my
vaginal lips. He shoved forward and entered me as we joined the bouncing
motion from our spouses at the top of the bed. Ty and I began to set a
quick rhythm as our bodies slammed against each other and we got down to
some serious fucking

Being on my hands and knees, I had a great view of Jay and Marie at the
head of the bed, and only several feet from my face. As Ty thrust behind
me, I looked forward to see Jay pull his hard cock out of Marie and get up.
He lifted her onto her hands and knees, and positioned her with her face
inches from mine. He slipped behind her and re-entered her doggy style,
his favorite position. Jay gave me a big smile. We were now mirror images
of each other, as the four of us covered the length of the large bed. I
could see that Jay was watching me getting fucked by the young groom, and I
smiled back knowing he was enjoying this. With his eyes still on me I
rocked slightly forward and found Marie's mouth with mine. We held our
kiss as the boys, responding to the sight of us kissing increased the
fervor of their fucking.

I heard a gasp come Marie, felt her break our kiss and heard her let out
a long moan.

"Ooooooooohhhhh, yes," she exhaled and I knew exactly what had happened.
Jay had just slipped a finger into her tight, little asshole and was
loosening her up while he fucked her.

"Do you like that?" I whispered to her, our faces only inches apart, as
both of the guys continued to pump away.

"Oooooohhh, yesssss…" she moaned again. A sharp intake of her breath
told me that Jay had just slipped a second finger in.

"Have you ever been fucked in the ass?" I asked her.

"Nooooo," Marie replied and I could tell that she was really into it
now. She was bucking her hips wildly and I could see from Jay's smile where
this was heading. So I figured I'd help it along.

"So, tell him what you want," I prodded.

"Uhmmmhh," she groaned reluctantly. "I want him to put it in there."

"Tell him! Tell Jay what you want him to do!" I urged.

"Fuck me in the ass! I want you to fuck me in the ass. Please!" she
screamed back to Jay.

I saw Jay stop for a second, and then he pulled out of her and
repositioned himself behind her. With only a momentary pause, he moved
slowly forward with his hips.

"Ahhhh," Marie breathed cautiously.

I could tell from her expression that Jay had just slipped the head of
his cock past her tight ass ring. And I knew what was coming next.

As soon as my husband pushed his cock deep into her virgin ass, Marie
opened her mouth, totally surprised by the shock and pleasure of the entry
into her virgin hole. At that moment, I pressed my mouth onto hers in a
deep kiss and slid my tongue inside. This pushed Marie over the brink, and
she groaned and shuddered as her orgasm washed over her.

"Ooooooooooooooooyeesssssssssssss!" Marie cried.

Behind me, Ty was silent, but watching all that was going on as his wife shook with pleasure. His silence certain didn't slow down his cock. He
was furiously pumping into me from behind, and only seconds after Marie
climaxed, Ty did the same. Clutching at my hips and digging his fingers
into my round cheeks, he strained and pulled to drive his cock as deep into
me as he could. I felt him shudder and then collapse on top of me, as our
two sweating bodies melted together.

It was only seconds after that that Jay climaxed into Marie's upturned
ass. I watched his body tense, his face flush in an expression of pleasure
that I've come to know so well, and then stillness. He slowly withdrew
from her well-used rectum and she let out a gasp as his cock popped out.
It was certainly safe to say that both Jay and I were enjoying this
honeymoon romp with this sexy, young couple.

The boys peeled off their filled condoms, tossed them on the nightstand,
refreshed all of our champagne glasses and we drank a toast. The guys then
relaxed at the head of the bed while I helped Marie out of her corset,
which was now soaking wet. We got her stockings off then Marie and I
joined the boys back on the bed. They were at one end of the bed and we
were down at the foot, each pair talking about different things. Marie
laughed at something she and I were saying then snuggled over close to me
and sweetly kissed me. She then eased her head down to my breasts and
began nibbling and sucking on my nipples.

"I've never done it with another woman," she said softly.

"Well," I said, "Tonight is going to be a lot of firsts for you."

I spread my legs apart as she trailed her tongue down from my breasts,
across my stomach and onto to my aching pussy. I was painfully aware that
everyone in the room had just had an orgasm except me! My body was telling
me that I really needed some attention at that moment. So Marie took the
invitation of my spread legs and moved down to try her hand at this
girl/girl thing.

"I love the way you look. Shaved and all," Marie said, referring to my
shaved pubic area.

"It's great for oral sex," I said smiling and Marie smiled back. Taking
that as her cue, she gently pressed her mouth onto my steaming slit and
began slowly moving her tongue in and out. I gave her some pointers and in
a few minutes she had me climbing the walls. I noticed that the room was
absolutely quite, realizing that we had clearly captured the guy's
attention. Ty had moved down and was gently rubbing and kissing my
breasts. I could see that his nice cock had been re-invigorated by watching
Marie and me. His splendid penis was now fully erect again.

I was wildly pumping my hips against Marie's mouth when I realized that
she had suddenly gotten very talented at eating pussy. I looked down to
see Jay's face buried between Marie's legs and soon figured out what was
happening. He was showing her how to expertly perform oral sex on a woman
and Marie as simultaneously using it on me. I felt like Jay was eating me
by remote control. And Marie was a quick learner, because she had my
swollen clit between her teeth and was sucking it and teasing it with her

All the while, Ty was pinching and rolling my hard nipples with his
fingers and I was in heaven from the attention of this hot, attractive
couple. I lasted for only a few seconds more when I felt the glorious
burning surge between my legs. I was climaxing hard. I pulled Marie's
face roughly tight against my cunt to insure that she wouldn't choose that
moment to stop. It was then I realized that she was well into her own
second orgasm of the evening, thanks to Jay's oral skills. He sucked and
she sucked and in a moment both Marie and I were hooked together in one
large spasm of ecstasy. We both shook at the same time, and together
collapsed back on the bed.

I had only a moment to recover before Ty shifted his body close to me
and began rubbing his stiff cock on my tits. Clearly he was infatuated by
the size of my breasts and was really in need of some assistance with his
raging hard-on.

"What would you like, baby," I whispered in his ear.

Shyly, like a sixteen year-old on a first date, he softly replied, "I've
always wanted to put my cock between a woman's big tits."

"Well, sweetie, this is also your special night for firsts, then," I
said smiling.

I slid up to the top of the bed and pulled Ty on top of me, with him
straddling my chest. He pushed my breasts together and began to grind his
throbbing cock between my tits. Despite my body being covered with sweat,
it didn't provide the lubrication really needed for a great tit fucking, so
I stopped him.

"Hold on, baby, I've got an idea," I said, reaching over on the
nightstand and grabbing the two discarded condoms filled with semen from
the earlier session. I drained the cum from both of the condoms onto my
chest and pushed his stiff cock down into the ooze. His strong fingers
pressed my large tits together as his rigid cock now easily slid back and
forth. It was wildly erotic to have this young guy tit fucking me using a
mixture of semen from both him and my husband.

Ty was in heaven as he straddled my chest and pumped away, his purple
blood-engorged cock poking out between my breasts and sliding up to my
chin. I felt someone spread my legs apart and lift them up. In another
second, I felt Jay's rigid cock slide into my drenched opening, and sink
deep. The two guys began to find the same rhythm as my whole body surged
from their strokes. I guess that Marie figured that there was some fun
still to be found in the group, because she slid up next to me and replaced
Ty's hands with her own, pressing my large tits around his sliding cock.
As her husband pumped away, Marie began to lick away at my breasts,
catching up some of the strands of semen and swallowing them. Jay and I
have done some pretty wild things in our twenty years together, but the
sight of this young bride eating both of our husband's cum off of my chest
has to be one of the wildest.

In another instant, jets of hot cum were streaming out of Ty's cock and
onto my rocking tits. Marie eagerly devoured all she could put her mouth
on, slurping and licking all she could find. I joined in and pulled long
strands of hot slime off of my chest and dribbled them into my mouth,
stopping to lick the occasional finger for Ty's benefit. Well, Marie
thought that was pretty sexy and she scooped a finger full of cum up off of
my left breast and slipped her finger into my mouth, where I sucked it
clean. I only wish Jay had been able to see the wild scene of both us
girls devouring every drop of Ty's cum, but he was otherwise occupied,
giving my cunt a great fucking.

Ty hoisted his leg off and dismounted to one side and the three of us
lay there and watched Jay. He was holding my legs up and apart and slowly,
almost teasingly, sliding his glistening cock in and out with long, easy
strokes. We were all enjoying the sight of his rigid member slipping in
and out of my shaved cunt, when Jay slowly pulled out of me, and grasping
his throbbing cock in one hand, pressed the swollen head of his penis
against my naked pubic bone. In an instant his cock erupted, bathing my
stomach, crotch and cunt in spurts of hot cum. I could feel it dripping
down between my legs and on my vaginal lips as he shook with pleasure, the
last drop finally hanging from the tip of his cock.

"Uhmmmm," breathed Marie as she slipped down and licked off the last
droplet of cum as it dangled from Jay's cock. She then did a pretty good
imitation of me, scooping up the cum off of my stomach and licking her
fingers clean. It brought a good laugh from all. I know she meant it
teasingly, but it was still very sexy and had me wishing that she would
clean up the remainder with her tongue. Jay seemed to know exactly what I
was thinking, because he slowly guided Marie's head down between my legs
and in another moment was licking my cunt clean.

We finished up another bottle of champagne and said goodnight to the
newlyweds. I don't know what kind of marriage lies in store for Ty and
Marie, but if their honeymoon is any indication, they're in for a great
time. The following night we all got together again and I don't know how
it possible but that night was even hotter than the first. Probably
because we were joined by Rick, the gorgeous waiter, and Marie was
introduced to the art of handling three guys at one time. But that's an
entirely new story.


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