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The Best Job I Ever Had


Author: Chrysoberyl Rosewood Title: The Best Job I Ever Had"> Summary: How
to get a better grade in a class you're failing ..."> Keywords: MMF,

The Best Job I Ever Had

(MMF college)

by Chrysoberyl Rosewood

November 2002</H2></FONT></CENTER>

Note From Chrys:

Just know that this story will probably never be finished.

I hope I'm one of the hot TAs and not one of the creepy ones. But, uh,
whatever. They don't know what I'm thinking ...

<3, Chrys

The Story:

I turned the dimmer switch back on. The lights in the planetarium came
up quickly.

"If you need to see those constellations again, I'll show them to you
after the quiz is over. Make sure you turn in your homework before you
leave," I said, and sat back in my chair to wait for them to finish.

I shuffled some papers around and looked up. Adam was looking at me
like that again. I smiled at him, trying not to give away my faint
disquiet at the intensity of his stare. He leaned over to Cory and
whispered something.

The two of them were doing phenomenally terrible in my recitation
section. When they did turn in the homework, it was only half done. The
test last week was horrendous, and they'd both bombed the last
constellation quiz. Interestingly enough, their answers were identical.
You would think that they'd learn to copy off someone that knew what he was
doing, but apparently not. But whatever. It was not my problem.

My students started getting up to leave. It was a Friday afternoon, and
they were eager to be on their way out. Ours was the last recitation of
the day, so most of the time I let them out early. Today was no exception;
I'd started the quiz five minutes before I should have. But what would my
professor know? She's too concerned with her precious neutrino detection
research to ever check up on whether I even show up for recitation, let
alone do what I'm supposed to do. The only reason I'm a TA for this class
is because she didn't want to spare grad students from her research to
teach this class. So she picked me, an undergrad, a senior, barely of
legal drinking age. What do I know about teaching?

One of the students in my section stopped to ask about his grades and I
looked them up for him as everyone filed past. He thanked me and turned to
leave and I started gathering the quizzes and homework to put them away. I
looked up abruptly.

Adam and Cory were sitting in the back of the room, looking at me.

"Yeah," said Adam. "We were wondering if you could show us those
constellations again."

Seeing as Professor Ko never checks up on us, all of my grading is
lenient, and my quizzes are incredibly easy, there is no reason why either
of them should have to see either of those constellations again. But a
thought, which had dawned on me before, began to dawn on me again. My
breathing quickened.

"I can do that," I said, getting up slightly haughtily. "But that
doesn't mean it's going to help. Either you know it, or you don't."

Cory laughed. "I'm going to close the door. I think I'm having trouble
seeing the stars. The light is leaking in from the hall." He made his way
across the room as I snatched the laser pointer off the chalkboard and
walked to the center of the room. I could feel my nipples pointing rigidly
through my thin shirt. The door clicked shut. He returned.

Adam sat in a seat next to me. "You see, Cory and I, well, we're not
doing so well in this class."

"No kidding," I murmured, matching his intense stare. I could feel
myself getting wet, and hoped I knew what they had in mind.

Cory sat on the other side of me. I turned to him. "Yeah," he said,
sliding his paper across his desk. It was completely blank. "We just
think you're a little harsh on the grading. We try and try ... and try
some more." His face was inches from mine. "But we just can't seem to do
anything right." I could feel his breath on my lips. He stared into my

I turned away and reached for the dimmer. "Maybe if I show you those
constellations again, they'll come to you." It was completely dark. I
could hear both of them breathing in the darkness.

My red laser light flashed out across the dome sprinkled with stars.
"This is the first." I moved it. "And this is the second."

"Yes," said Adam. "But we were wondering if there's anything we could
do to make up for the poor work we've been doing. You know ... extra
credit or something. Do you know what I'm talking about?"

"Yeah," I said. "I know what you're talking about."

"You do?" asked Cory.

I couldn't see a single thing. I wondered what their expressions were.

"Yes. Find the dimmer switch and turn the lights on. I'll go find you
a book that you can do a book report on," I stood up. I wondered if they
had the guts. I was burning inside.

"All right," said Adam. Suddenly his hand was on my inner thigh. I
sucked in my breath. "Is this it?"

That was my moment. "No," I said. And then, "It's a little higher."

Cory's rapid intake of breath was met by a swishing of Adam's clothes as
he stood up. Adam's first hand traveled up my inner leg and began a slight
groping search for what he wanted to find. His other hand started on my
ass and he lightly brushed his fingers up my back and to my face. I
couldn't tell what he was doing as he stroked his fingers over my lips,
then I realized he was judging the distance in the darkness. His lips were
immediately on mine, then his tongue wound its way into my mouth.

Cory apparently found the dimmer switch because there was a soft glow
coming through my closed eyelids. Adam's tongue stroked mine, and I felt
my body responding. I could feel the moisture building in my nether
regions. He was a good kisser. I felt another hand on my face. It gently
pulled me away from Adam and soon another pair of lips were upon mine.
Cory's tongue was rougher, more aggressive, which evoked an even larger
response in other places.

And then Adam's face was back, and I was kissing both of them at once.
There was a jumble of tongues in my mouth, and for a second, I couldn't
differentiate which one was mine. I let out an involuntary moan.

They pulled back slowly, and I caught an exchange between the two of
them. Adam's hands found their way to my waist. He ran his thumbs over my
hips and my belly and I shivered. He began to unzip my pants.

Cory was kissing me again, slipping his tongue in and out, in and out
gently. I felt my pants slide off my hips and I held onto Cory's arms to
steady myself. He supported me, and Adam kissed my soaked panties,
grinding his lips into my clit. Then he yanked them down, and Cory lowered
me into the seat where just a few minutes before, some unsuspecting student
was finishing her quiz.

I was completely naked from the waist down, and panting heavily. Cory
was holding me up in the chair, and began to slide my shirt up and over my
head. Once I was only in my bra, Adam buried his face between my legs and
began to slide his tongue through the wetness. I gasped.

Moments later, I was writhing as Cory pulled my bra from me. He tossed
it aside, and watched Adam stab his tongue in and out of my pussy. Then
Cory lowered his lips to my nipples and began gently nibbling on them.

I spoke the first words since the lights came on. "Cory, I want you to
fuck me," I said.

He kissed the side of my breast. "I will," he said. "But not yet. You
have to come for us first." He returned to what he was doing, and I

My right hand was on the back of Adam's head, and I guided him to my
clit. He began to flick his tongue back and forth against it. It felt so
good, so good, and soon I found myself moaning just that to him. I watched
him through veiled eyelids. His tongue found its way down to my cunt again, and pushed itself inside. Then he slid back up to my clit.

Cory's fingers were teasing my left nipple, and he was looking at me. I
was noticing my wetness seeping from the corners of Adam's mouth and
wondering how much more I could take before I came. Cory smiled at me
almost lazily and began kissing me softly.

I was reduced to a shivering mass. I couldn't kiss him back. All my
energy was put into groans and pushing against Adam's face. Somehow Cory
worked my tongue out of my mouth and was sucking first hard, then soft on
it. I felt my orgasm building and my noises reached a fevered pitch. Adam
stroked my clit even harder and I came, in a blinding flash of ecstasy.
Cory's hand was massaging my breasts and Adam's face was buried between my
legs. I moaned and shook and the orgasm rolled over me.

Soon my body began to relax and return to normal. Adam continue
licking, sucking my juices into his mouth. I sighed against Cory's more
relaxed kisses. Pretty soon, Adam drew away and stood up.

Cory pulled away from me and turned to his friend. They both looked at
me, and then I watched, fascinated, as Cory began to clean me off of Adam.

Their tongues intertwined with one another as they seemed to fight over
the wetness on Adam's face. Cory ran his tongue over Adam's lower lip, and
Adam fought back against him. They both licked up and over his upper lip,
and soon, Cory's tongue wound its way into Adam's mouth. I could see Adam
stroked Cory's tongue with his and they both made moaning noises deep in
their throats. I sighed heavily.

Adam placed his hand on Cory's belt.

To be continued ...


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