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The Best Woman


The attached work of fiction is intended to be entertainment for adults in
locations in which it is legal. If it is illegal in your location, DO NOT
read. This is a copyrighted work. Reposting or any other use strictly
prohibited without the express, written permission of the copyright holder,
except may by posted as part of a review or posted to free-access,
noncommercial archive sights.

Copyright 1999 by E. Z. Riter.

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Dear Reader: This is a story of a man and a woman and an old flame.
It's a romance with a twist. Enjoy. E.Z.


Sharon and I grew up in the same neighborhood and attended the same
schools. It was always Sharon and Jason. She was all my firsts, eagerly
taken, eagerly given. More importantly, she was the first woman who loved
me and whom I loved. You never forget your first love. I'll never forget
Sharon. We pledged undying love to each other from the time we were

Things change. After high school graduation, she went to Europe for the
summer before attending a college back east. I was enrolled in our state
university. Europe and back east was a ploy by her parents to separate us.
I knew that the moment she told me. I was angry: angry at them for
separating us and angry at Sharon for acquiescing to her banishment.

I loved her. And I loved sex with her. Sharon was hot, full of sexual
energy and desire which she directed at the man in her life. I'd been that
man since her sexual beginnings. I wanted to be that man forever. Back
east, she found a new man, some guy she met at school. Eight weeks into
the school year, she was pregnant and married. Sharon was gone from my

I pledged a fraternity during rush week. It became the basis of my
social life. I wasn't looking for a life partner or any other term
denoting a female acquired for a lifetime. I had a strong interest in
dating and sex. Fortunately, the upperclass women dating my fraternity
brothers made it their business to arrange dates for any important event.
They defined important as any block of time not occupied by class. I was
in full swing on the dating scene two weeks after I pledged.

By my junior year, I was pursued as a good date, fun and with no
commitment hassle. I always had a date, sometimes dating two or three
women at a time. It was excellent practice in scheduling if nothing else.

Each fall, the fraternity held "mixers," inviting newcomers to meet the
fraternity brothers. The mixer was held jointly with a sorority. They
invited the females. It was always a lively party and a great way to meet
people of both sexes.

Debbie was at the first mixer my junior year.

She was in the big party room in the basement dancing with some freshman
who looked like Tom Cruise. The first thing I noticed was her face. It
was expressive and beautiful. She wore a short, tight, red skirt which
accentuated her beautiful ass and legs. The skirt left little to the
imagination, although I was visualizing her without it. Other dancers
flowed by, blocking my view and ending what I'd planned as an extended
evaluation. The next time I looked for her, she was gone.

After the party, a bunch of us went to the campus hangout for pizza.
Debbie was there, but without the Cruise look alike. Cheryl saw me looking
at her.

"Want an introduction, Jason?" she asked sweetly.

"Oh, ummm, no, thanks anyway, Cheryl."

"Well, just let me know."

Cheryl Jacobson dated Ralph Winston, our fraternity president. This
made her our unofficial "first lady", a nonexistent function she took
seriously. She viewed part of her imaginary job as yenta, which for
non-Yiddish speakers is a matchmaker. That wasn't bad for us guys in the
fraternity. Cheryl knew every good-looking girl in all the best
sororities. She did have a knack for being a yenta. She had introduced
several couples who were going to try to make a lifetime of it. Cheryl
knew of my predilection for noninvolvement and some of the reason why.
She'd let me cry on her shoulder once or twice.

As the semester progressed, I'd see Debbie at the parties, which I
attended with religious fervor. Don't think I wasn't dating or getting
laid. This story isn't about my sexual escapades. This is about a special
woman and love.

Debbie was fun and positive, quickly developing the reputation as a
great date. I don't mean sex. She was nicknamed "no deal Debbie." I mean
the guys who went out with her always felt she was special and she made
them feel special.

When we bumped into each other, Debbie and I talked. We started as all
couples do: exploratory inanities leading to deeper discussions which
revealed ourselves except what we held dearest. From the beginning, I felt
comfortable with her.

Cheryl called me one morning before class.

"Jason, there's someone I want you to meet. Be at The Corner Shoppe at
twelve thirty and we'll have lunch."

"I've got a class then, Cheryl, but thanks."

"Jason, I know your schedule. Your last class ends at eleven. I'll see
you there promptly at twelve thirty."

Cheryl was a good yenta. It was hard to tell her 'no'. I arrived at
the small cafe just off campus at the appointed hour. She saw me coming
and met me half way.

"This girl's something special. I'm sure you'll like her, Jason."

She held my hand in a bear-trap grip as she dragged me toward the table.

It was Debbie. She had a funny expression as I sat down. Cheryl
excused herself, leaving us alone. It was our first time together.

"If you want to leave, you can. It's unfair for me to trap you like
this, but . . . "

I blushed, although why an adult male would blush in this situation is
beyond me.

"...why haven't you asked me for a date?" she asked, her eyes piercing

Maybe it was because I'd held my feelings in so long, sharing only a
little with Ralph and Cheryl. Maybe it was Debbie. I felt she honestly
wanted to know about me. Maybe it was me, feeling differently about her
than any woman I'd met. Whatever it was, I told her. I told her about me.
About Sharon. About everything.

She listened intently. She did want to know me. She began talking
about herself, letting me know her. Lunch passed into dinner, daylight
into dark. We left the restaurant to wander the campus, sitting in this
building or on that bench, lost in each other. Somewhere I took her hand.
Energy flowed between us.

Debbie was unlike any woman I'd dated. She was sweet and feminine, soft
and alluring. She was intelligent with a quick laugh. She also had a
backbone of steel and a mental toughness. The combination was appealing.

We ended in the lobby of her dorm. Although men were in and out of the
womens' rooms at all hours, she didn't invite me up. We kissed warmly. It
was a perfect first kiss.

"I'd like to go out with you. Please call me," she said.

"I will," I promised.

I gave her three minutes to get to her room. I called from the pay
phone in the dorm's lobby and made a date for the following night.

As I walked to my car, I knew my life would never be the same. I don't
know if I realized it was love.

We began dating: movies, concerts, pizza, and, most often, going
somewhere to talk. I didn't push her sexually, which surprised me. I
found out much later, it surprised her, too. For two months the
relationship ripened yet still we only kissed.

Then, one day, I had to have her. After making sure my roommates would
be out, I took her to my apartment. As I led her toward the bedroom, she
stopped me.

"Jason, let's stay in here."


"If I go in there with you, we'll make love. I'm not ready for that.
Oh, I'm ready physically. I want you." She blushed as she stammered out,
"I'm not a virgin, but I promised myself I'd be celibate until . . .
Please, stay in here."

Over the next two weeks, we made increasing progress in the mating
ritual. Debbie had luscious breasts, tender, sweet and sensitive. She had
delicious thighs, soft yet firm. Debbie had everything.

One night, we planned to go to a movie, but she suggested we go to my

"Can we talk?" she asked. I had never seen an expression like hers. It
was love, wanting, adoration, desire and warmth all rolled into one. She
sat on the couch and took my hands in hers.

"Jason, I know you want me. I want you every bit as much. I want to
feel you in me. And I want more. I want forever. I love you."

She waited as I digested what she had said. Her statement surprised me.
I don't know why. It was obvious she loved me. I loved her, too.

"If you ask me to, I'll come to you now. But please, let's wait. I'll
joyfully come to you when you're ready for forever."

The next week I took her home to meet my parents. I met her parents when they visited her on campus. A few weeks later, she cooked a wonderful
dinner at my apartment. Afterward, we sat on the couch, sipping wine. Her
feet were in my lap.

"I'm ready," I said. She froze and a strange look came over her face.

"For what?" she asked, her voice tight.

"For forever. I love you, Debbie. Will you marry me?"

She quivered, red faced with tears rushing down her cheeks. Then she
exploded, landing on me, burying me in hot, hard kisses. She madly
unbuckled my belt and yanked down my trousers.

"Thank god," she muttered hotly, "I finally get you in me."

She stood and dropped her sweat suit and panties. She fell back on the
floor, pulling me between her legs.

"Fuck me good, Jason. I've waited a long time for this." She thrust
against me, pleading, "Fuck me, Jason. Oh, yes. Yes."

We fit together perfectly.

When round one was over, I carried her to the bedroom. We fucked until
I couldn't stand. As she lay in my arms, I said, "I take that as a yes."

"Yes, my love. I'll marry you," she whispered.

We lived together my senior year and married after my graduation. Our
life was a continual honeymoon, blessed with children in our third and
fifth years of marriage.

When I got the announcement of my tenth high school reunion, I was
excited about going. I wanted to see my old friends and I wanted to show
off Debbie. Everyone was there: all the guys, all the girls. We laughed
at the changes: baldness, pot bellies, spare tires, wrinkles. We were
growing older, but I thought we still looked good.

Sharon was there, too. She looked like a wet dream. She was across the
big ballroom when I spotted her.

"Is that Sharon?" Debbie asked, her fingers tight around my arm.

"Yes. How could you tell?"

"Women know these things, Jason."

In a few minutes, Sharon was beside me. She was bubbling and lively.
She was divorced. She was very interested in me. Debbie watched her like
a hawk.

As we talked, my old desires for Sharon flared. As much as I loved
Debbie, Sharon turned me on. Way on. I felt guilty as hell, but there it
was: I wanted Sharon.

When Sharon left, Debbie's eyes burned into me. "Jason, we've never
lied to each other. Trust is very important." She hesitated. Her nails
dug into my arm. "She turns you on, doesn't she?"

"Yes, she turns me on. But, honey . . . "

She covered my lips with hers.

"It's okay. I understand."

If Debbie was upset by Sharon, it didn't show. She had a wonderful
time. Later, I saw the two of them talking. The hair on my neck stood up.
Whatever could they be discussing? Debbie walked back to me with a smile
on her face.

"Everything all right?" I asked.

"Of course. Ready to go?"

"It's a little early."

"Let's go now, honey," she replied. I followed her toward our room.
Her strange expression made me anxious. She held out her hands for me to
join her after I closed the door.

She said, "Jason, Sharon'll be here in a few minutes. I invited her to
have sex with us."

My mouth flopped open and shut like a fish. "Why?" I gasped.

"You want her." Her tone was matter-of-fact.

"I don't understand," I said plaintively.

"Jason, I'm the woman for you. Not her. I love you more than she ever
could." She watched me intently. Then, a devilish little twinkle appeared.
"I'm better in bed than she is, too. Fucking her will extinguish that old flame forever."

"Debbie, we don't need to do this. I'm very happy . . . "

Again she silenced me with a kiss. Debbie was ruthless in doing those
things very important to her. I saw that look in her eye. There would be
no changing her mind.

When Sharon knocked, Debbie let her in. The air was electric. Sexual
energy flowed from Sharon. I was so tense I was afraid I'd shatter into a
thousand pieces. But Debbie was calm. We made small talk as we sipped

During a lull in the conversation, Debbie said pleasantly, "Why don't we
get comfortable?"

Casually, she began unbuttoning her blouse. I didn't believe this was
happening. As Debbie removed her blouse, Sharon began to undress.

"Come on, Jason. Join us," Debbie said as she lowered her panties and
kicked them into the corner.

It was unreal, a Twilight Zone experience. I feared Debbie would run
screaming from the room when I undid my belt. But she watched me disrobe
without comment or embarrassment. A little smile was on her face. Sharon,
too, seemed unembarrassed, although she was very excited. My heart was
pounding out of my chest.

It was strange seeing Sharon naked again. Her figure was lean and taut,
a dancer's body with small breasts. Next to Debbie's lushness, she was
almost boyish.

Debbie pulled me beside her and put Sharon's hand in mine. She sat on
the edge of the bed and said, "I want you to enjoy each other. I'll watch.
It's okay. Go ahead, Jason."

Sharon was wild and wanting. I was wilder. We fell on the bed. The
foreplay was short and intense before I slipped into her flowing wetness. I
could see Debbie from the corner of my eye.

Sharon sweated and moaned and bucked under me. Sharon was good, damn
good. She came and came again. The tightening in my ass told me my orgasm
was on the way. As I started to explode in Sharon, Debbie whispered in my
ear, "I love you, Jason. I love you." My head jerked toward her. She
kissed me as the last of my cum fired deep into my old flame.

I collapsed on Sharon. We were sweat covered and exhausted. I felt
soft cotton on my back. Debbie was wiping away my sweat with a towel.
When I rolled over, Debbie dried my cock gently. Sharon, legs splayed,
watched her. As if doing nothing more ordinary than wiping the kitchen
counter, Debbie began drying Sharon's body. She started at the top. I
tried to watch both their faces as Debbie dried Sharon's breasts.

Sharon was peeved as Debbie approached her pussy.

"Look, Debbie. Like this. You'll recognize the taste," she said. She
extended a finger to collect a drop of cum from her lower lips.
Arrogantly, she sucked it away.

Anger flashed for an instant from Debbie, but she smiled as she jammed
two fingers up Sharon, making her gasp. Leisurely, Debbie licked her

"You're right. But - it's better when it comes from me," Debbie said
sweetly. She began drying again. Sharon's mouth hung open.

When she thought we were sufficiently dry, she offered to get us each a
drink. Humming quietly, she brought them to us.

"Well, you two were something," Debbie said. "Did you enjoy that,

"Yes," I replied honestly.

"Good. I'm glad you did," she said.

With Sharon on one side and Debbie on the other, we talked about
ourselves. Debbie was an effective inquisitor. Sharon told us about her
two children. The second was by another man and caused her divorce. She
seemed embarrassed by her unexpected revelation. Debbie talked about our
lives and our two children. She was so proud of them my chest puffed out
for us.

My cock was twitching again. My adrenalin started to pump. I knew what
was coming and I wanted it. Debbie saw my rising member. She stroked it
lightly with her fingertips.

When I was hard again, she asked, "Ready, sweetheart?"

"Yes," I answered.

"My turn," she said and lay back on the bed.

As I knelt between Debbie's legs, every fiber of my being was attuned to
her. Debbie trapped me with her knees and held my face in her hands. Time
crawled as we neither spoke nor moved. The depth and strength of her love
brought tears to my eyes and pounding in my chest. Finally, she spoke with
feeling too intense to describe.

"Jason, I love you more than any woman has ever loved you. I love you
more than any other woman ever will. I'll never leave you, or have another
man or his child. I'm the best wife any man ever had. I'm your wife.
Yours. Yours alone."

She kissed me. Angels screamed and bells gonged. There was a sensual
gleam in her eye when she broke the kiss.

"And, I'm the best fuck you can imagine. I'm going to fuck you as
you've never been fucked in your life."

Her hand slipped down to guide my raging cock into her wetness. Slowly,
we began to move together. Softly but intently, she continued whispering
she was my love, the best, that nobody wanted me more, nobody could do for
me what she could.

I'd never been so emotionally engaged. My world was her: her feel and
her pussy; her words and her face. I forgot Sharon was there. I wanted
this feeling to last forever, but the pressure was building. Debbie pulled
my head down by hers and wrapped her arms around me. Her legs scissored,
holding me tightly against her.

She implored, "Harder! Fuck me as only you can! Fuck me, Jason! Give
me your seed!"

I was a fucking machine and she thrust against me with every stroke.
Her thighs crushed me. Her nails dug into my shoulders, blood oozed from
the cuts. I exploded with an emotional and physical intensity I'd never

Sharon dressed as I lay inert, too drained to move. Debbie was naked,
sitting beside me, gently stroking my cock.

"I wasn't trying to take him, you know," Sharon said.

"Yes you were. But you can't. He's mine," Debbie replied.

They glared at each other until Sharon looked away, red with
embarrassment. Debbie's voice was unemotional when she said, "I wasn't
afraid of you taking him, but he had strong memories of you. I didn't want
him to go through life wondering if he made the right choice. He needed to
know, not wonder. He needed to know I'm the best woman."

Sharon started to speak. Something in Debbie's face stopped her.

"Good night, Sharon," Debbie said.

Sharon realized she'd been dismissed. She mumbled her goodbyes and
closed the door quietly behind her. Debbie lay against me, her breath hot
on my neck.

"The old flame gone?" she asked.

"Forever." She snuggled closer.

"You're the best woman - the only woman - for me."

She giggled and sat up. Her eyes were happy and bright.

"I'm glad you learned that today, but I already knew it."

Her face changed from victorious to a soft, loving tiredness as the
tension of the evening flooded from her. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Please, Jason. Make love to me. Then, let me sleep in your arms."

The End

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