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The Bet MF MMF


The Bet

I knew from the first time I saw Tom that I wanted him. He was tall and
blond with big brown eyes like melted chocolate. His T-shirt clung just
enough to show he had a great body and when I sneaked a look at his
crotch his jeans seemed more than adequately filled. I caught his eye
and walked over to him, swinging my hips as sexily as I could. Someone
made vague introductions and I held out my hand. As he shook it I took a
deep breath to enhance my cleavage and ran the tip of my tongue
provocatively over my lips.

`I'm Petrina.' I said, leaning towards him. `I don't think we've met

`I know we haven't.' he replied, smiling at me. `I'm sure I would have
remembered you.' I laughed appreciatively and felt his eyes run over my
body. When he looked back into my eyes I could almost see the sparks
flying. Then just as things were going so well Jane came up. I was at
school with Jane and I didn't like her at all. She's one of those girls who gush all over you to your face and bitch about you behind your back.
She slipped her hand possessively through Tom's and looked suspiciously
at me.

`Hi Petrina, how lovely to see you,' she said. `Have you met my
boyfriend Tom.'

`Oh yes,' I answered sweetly. I placed my hand on Tom's arm and brushed
my lips gently across his cheek. `Bye Tom.' I said and sashayed away. It
was a shame but I wasn't going to hang around watching Jane drip all
over him.

A few nights later I was at a girl's night in with some of my mates. Of
course we spent most of the time drinking and talking about men. My best
friend Tara is a great laugh but useless when it comes to men. If one as
much as smiles at her she goes bright red and runs in the opposite

`It's just a matter of attitude,' I told her, slightly slurring my words
due to the drink. `If you act sexy and confident you can get any man you

`Come off it, `Trina.' Tara protested. `It's not that easy.'

`Course it is.' I proclaimed with the blind confidence only the drunken
have. `I bet you I can have any man I want.'

`Really?' asked Sarah, another girl I don't like. She thinks she's
prettier than she is and she as jealous as hell of me because I get all
the men she wants. `I'll take that bet.'

`What?' I asked, slightly confused by the turn of the conversation

`I bet you can't get any man you want. I get to choose the man though.'

`Are you for real?' I queried. After all even for Sarah it was a bit
weird behaviour.

`Yep.' she answered. `I'll bet a hundred pounds.'

`Make it five and I'll take the bet,' I said flippantly.

`Done!' the crazy woman said. I blinked at her in disbelief. She had to
be insane, but five hundred pounds isn't to be sneezed at.

`It has to be someone I want,' I stipulated cautiously. `Not some gross
guy you drag out of no where. And no one else is to know that it's a
bet, especially not the man.'

`Ok, I pick Tom. You were telling us earlier that you fancied him. He'll
be at that fancy dress party Dave's having this weekend. You get him
into bed and you win five hundred pounds.'

`What if she looses?' Tara asked, bless her. I was dying to know but I
didn't want to look less than confident.

`She has to stand on a table in the middle of the pub every Saturday
night for a month, just before closing time, and say `I'm a desperate
ugly slag who'll fuck anything in trousers only no one fancies me'
Naked.' Sarah sat back looking pleased with herself.

`But don't you usually do that. Oh no, silly me, it's Friday night you
get up and say that.' I said and the rest of the girls laughed.

`Yeah, very funny,' Sarah snarled. `Now let's get this in writing. I
don't want you trying to back out in the morning claiming you were too
drunk to know what you were doing.'

Sarah may be annoying but she was right about one thing. When I woke up
the next afternoon and saw the bet written out in ink I did think I must
have been too drunk to know what I was doing. Still I wasn't going to
give Sarah the satisfaction of me begging to cancel the bet. I would
just have to do the best I could. There were two things in my favour. I
knew Tom found me attractive, I could tell by the way that he had looked
at me. He would have been going out with Jane for three weeks by
Saturday night. It was long enough for the novelty to have worn off and
the true horrors of her personality to manifest themselves.

I had to have a costume that brazenly said `fuck me'. After some
searching I found something that would do the trick. There were still a
couple of days to go until the party. As the party got closer my nerves
were stretched to breaking point. I lay awake at night thinking up new
ways to seduce Tom and when I eventually fell asleep I had nightmares
where I lost the bet and had to humiliate myself in front of everyone. I
didn't know whether to be relieved or petrified when the party night
finally arrived.

I took my time getting ready. I had a long bath with plenty of oils in
the water. I carefully removed every strand of excess body hair. I
smoothed scented cream over my entire body and was generous with the
matching body spray. The last thing I wanted was to put him off with
repulsive body odour. There was a time and place to get hot and sweaty
and the start of an evening wasn't that time. I piled my hair on top of
my head with plenty of escaping wisps to curl on my neck. I didn't
overdo the make-up but used just enough to emphasise my blue eyes and
full mouth. Finally all I had to do was get dressed.

First I pulled on a lacy black g-string. It was so flimsy it was almost
transparent. Next I added black stockings. I'd chosen hold ups as I
hated messing with suspender belts and I'd yet to meet a man who could
successfully remove one. Then I put on the black dress. It was a thin
silky material that felt wonderful as it glided down over my body. The
neck was scooped out low with loose elastic. It hugged my body tightly
to my hips, then flared out into a short skirt that didn't quite cover
my stocking tops. On top of it I put a black leather bodice. It laced up
in front and acted like a corset, pushing my breasts high. I'm too big
busted to not wear a bra when I'm going to be dancing. The bodice gave
me a great cleavage and pushed my breasts up so that the neckline of the
dress was only an inch or so above my nipples. High black heels, a tiny
white apron and a feather duster were the final touches. I didn't look
like any maid that would be hired by a respectable hotel but I did look
like the kind of maid men fantasised about.

I paraded in front of my mirror to see if I had achieved the effect that
I'd hoped for. The black made my skin look creamier and provided a nice
contrast to my dark red hair. When I twirled around the skirt flared out
showing teasing glimpses of my hips. I practised bending over and
couldn't decide which angle gave the best view. From behind my skirt
rode up exposing the curves of my bottom. The black strip of the g-
string led the eye down between my legs. My pussy lips were clearly
outlined under the lacy material. From the front my top gaped open and
my breasts swung into view, the nipples clearly visible. Satisfied I
looked as sexy as I could manage I waited for Tara to pick me up.

By the time we arrived the party was in full swing. If I had any doubts
about my appearance the male reactions soon dispelled them. I was
bombarded with appreciative looks, groping hands and intimate
suggestions. Thoroughly enjoying myself I almost forgot why I had
dressed so brazenly. Then while Dave was pouring me a drink Tom came up
with Jane attached like a limpet to his arm.

`Do you all know each other?' Dave asked in his usual amiable fashion.
`Petrina, this is Tom, his girlfriend Jane and his flatmate Nick.'

`Petrina and I have met briefly.' Tom said, smiling as his eyes took in
my costume. He had come as a pirate, his open shirt giving me a glimpse
of chest hair. Jane seemed to be covered in something pink and fluffy
but what she was supposed to be I never bothered finding out. Nick was
wearing a Zorro costume. He wasn't as well built as Tom, tending towards
the long lean look, but he was attractive enough. His mask gave him a
mysterious look and emphasised his bright blue eyes. He was busy giving
me the once over, his eyes not missing an inch.

`Oh good,' Dave said. `Petrina was my girlfriend before we met so I
wasn't sure if you knew each other. It's a small world, isn't it.'

`You seem on remarkable good terms for ex-partners,' Nick observed. Dave
laughed good-naturedly.

`Oh we're still good friends. No boiling family pets for us. We just
found that apart from sex there wasn't much else we actually liked doing
together. And no matter how great the sex is you can't spend your whole
life in bed.'

`The sex was great, was it?' Tom asked, his eyes repeating their
examination of my body.

`Best I've ever had, that's for sure,' Dave answered. I gave Tom my
sexiest smile, pleased with Dave's artless remarks. As the evening wore
on I tried my best to stay in Tom's vicinity. Nick unwittingly helped me
by asking me to dance several times. I could feel Tom's eyes on me
almost constantly. I took every opportunity available to flaunt my
charms for his benefit. I several times bent over and when I danced with
Nick I pressed close to his body, making no objection when his hands
found their way onto the bare skin of my bottom.

Jane had been sticking to Tom like a barnacle all evening but at last I
saw her heading for the toilet queue. Seizing the chance I sashayed over
to Tom and asked him to dance. He didn't need a second invitation and
eagerly followed me. The number of couples packed into the small dance
area was excuse enough for me to press my body close against the length
of his. His leg slipped between mine and we swayed to the music, our
hips moving together. He slid his hands up the backs of my thighs and
onto the exposed skin of my bottom. He cupped my cheeks firmly, pulling
me tighter against him. I could feel the unmistakable bulge of his
aroused cock throbbing against me. I wriggled encouragingly against it
and heard him give a muffled groan. He buried his face in my neck his
warm breath stirring the short hairs and creating a current of arousal.
All too soon the song ended and the couples around us dispersed. With a
reluctant sigh he released me. Before he had chance to say anything Jane
appeared at his elbow stabbing me with a suspicious glare.

`Let's go home, Tom,' she commanded. `I've had enough.' Horrified I saw
Tom give me a regretful smile and turn to follow her. Desperation wiped
my mind blank and I stood there speechless watching Tom walk away and
take my chance of winning the bet with him. A touch on my elbow roused
me from my stupor and I turned to see Nick smiling down at me, his eyes
glinting through the mask.

`Looks like I'm leaving,' he told me. `We shared a car here. It's been a
pleasure meeting you.' At his words my mind started working again.
Visions of the humiliation I would have to endure at Sarah's hands
flashed through my mind and I knew I couldn't just give up. I gave Nick
my most seductive smile.

`Do you have to leave me?' I asked, pouting. `You've been the best
partner I've had all evening.' I could see the thoughts churning through
his head and hoped I hadn't made my hint for an invitation too subtle.

`Would you like to come back to the flat?' he asked. `We could
experiment with some different kinds of partnerships.'

`I'd love to,' I answered enthusiastically. I tucked my hand into his
and followed him out to the car. The evening wasn't over yet and if I
was under the same roof as Tom I still had a chance to win the bet. Tom
was driving so I climbed in the back with Nick. I could see Tom watching
me in the mirror so I gave Nick all the encouragement I could.

My hand roamed over his crotch in search of his cock until he guided it
to the growing bulge. I leant in for a passionate kiss as he pushed my
top down to uncover my breasts. As he began stroking my nipples I moaned
loudly and opened my mouth for his tongue. Out of the corner of my eye I
could see Tom's gaze riveted to the mirror and arched my back to give
him a better view of my breasts. Nick was doing a good job with my
nipples and when he lowered his head and began sucking them I didn't
have to fake the groan of delight. I squirmed as he tugged on my hard
nipple, grazing it against his teeth. I gave him all the vocal
encouragement I could and pressed as much of my breast as I could into
his warm wet mouth. I've always had extremely sensitive breasts and Nick
had obviously had some experience as he handled them like an expert.
While his mouth was busy with one nipple his fingers stroked and tugged
the other nipple to keep both of them tingling with arousal.

I didn't realise the car had stopped until I felt the cold draught from
the door. Tom tilted his seat forward to let me out. I pulled my top
partly back up but as I leant forward it dropped down again. I pretended
not to notice and let Tom get a good look. Jane doesn't have
particularly big breasts and I had a feeling that Tom liked them large.
Mine are already generous and with the bodice pushing them up they
looked even bigger. My nipples were hard from Nick's attentions and the
cold air.

As I shifted forward on the seat my skirt rode up and managed to
distract Tom's gaze. His eyes fixed on the exposed skin above my
stockings. As I climbed out of the car I spread my legs as wide as
possible, giving Tom a glimpse of my lace covered pussy. I could see his
cock growing under the flimsy material of his trousers until it was so
noticeable he had to adjust it. I made sure he knew I was watching and
when he looked slightly embarrassed gave him a wink. His momentary
surprise was soon replaced by a sexy grin and he reached forward and
pulled my top back over my breasts, making sure the backs of his fingers
rubbed against my nipples. I arched my back and thrust my chest forward
to increase the contact, looking deep into his eyes as I did so. I don't
know what he would have done next but Jane gave an impatient call from
the doorstep and he reluctantly turned away. I was still hopeful that I
might win my bet. He knew beyond a doubt that I wanted him and I knew he
was definitely interested. Also Jane was being a pain and obviously
irritating him. I felt quite pleased with myself as I followed Nick into
the house.

No one wasted much time on polite nonsense about cups of coffee. I had
both men so turned on they only had one thing on their mind. Tom pulled
Jane into his bedroom as I followed Nick into his. I could hear Jane
complaining as the doors closed. Alone with Nick I tried to concentrate
my attention on him while still straining to hear any interesting noises
from Tom's bedroom. The bedroom was mainly taken up with a king-size
bed. Nick was rapidly shedding his clothes and I moved to help him. Our
fingers tangled in his trousers but somehow they slid down and his cock
sprang out. I sank to my knees and slid it into my mouth. Nick gave a
groan and sank down onto the bed. I ran my finger along the throbbing
vein pulsing in his cock and followed it with a long lick. No matter how
many cocks I see I still find them fascinating. This one was long and
pink, slightly on the thin side with a slight bend to it. I could hear a
faint rhythmic thump coming from Tom's bedroom and decided it was time
Nick and I made as much noise as possible.

I stepped back from the bed and shimmied out of my clothes as quickly
and as sexily as I could. Nick watched me with great interest, devouring
me with his eyes. When I was clad in just my stockings he reached out
and pulled me to him. I willingly straddled him and slowly eased down so
his cock slid into my cunt. I was slick with pussy juices and he
penetrated me easily. I adjusted my knees on the bed to gain maximum
leverage and began to ride him. His cock felt good sliding in and out of
my cunt and the curve seemed to make it touch places other cocks rarely
reached. I rotated my hips to create maximum sensation. He was renewing
his attentions to my breasts and I encouraged him loudly. I moved faster
and faster as I heard the pace of his breathing increase. I began
gasping and moaning, clenching my cunt tight around his cock. Within
moments he came and I gave my best imitation of an orgasm, yelling
loudly to make sure Tom heard.

Nick considerately gave me some tissue to clean up with and I settled
down next to him on the bed. From the next-door bedroom I could hear
angry voices that led to feet thudding down the stirs and the front door
slamming behind an obviously annoyed Jane. Nick's breathing slowed as he
drifted off to sleep but I lay awake still hoping I would get a chance
to win my bet.

Soon I heard the sound of a door opening and footsteps going downstairs.
I slipped carefully out of bed so as not to wake Nick. I scooped up
Nick's discarded shirt and slipped it on, fastening the middle two
buttons. It barely covered my bottom and the top gaped open to show a
satisfactory amount of cleavage. I crept stealthily down the stairs and
headed into the kitchen. I was unsure exactly where Tom was and looking
for a glass of water seemed to be a plausible reason for me wandering

As I entered the kitchen I glimpsed out of the corner of my eye Tom
slumped in a chair. Giving no sign that I had seen him I crossed to the
cupboards. He didn't speak so I decided to give no sign that I was aware
of his presence. I stretched up to the cupboards, feeling the shirt rise
up. I bent from the waist to examine the contents of the lower cupboards
knowing that Tom was getting a good view. I moved as slowly as possible
but eventually I found the glasses. I selected one and filled it from
the tap. I lent against the counter-top and drank greedily so that the
water spilt down my chin and ran down my chest to disappear in the
shadows between my breasts. I followed its track with a finger, widening
the opening of the shirt. Still Tom made no sound or movement. Wondering
what to do to provoke him I undid the buttons and let the shirt gape
open. I cupped my breasts in my hands and partly closed my eyes, tilting
my head back. I rubbed my thumbs across my nipples and gave a whimper as
they hardened. Through the open slit of my eyebrows I sneaked a look in
Tom's direction. He was lent forward watching me avidly.

I whimpered some more and stroked my hands around my breasts. I squashed
them to my chest, the nipples hard against the palm of my hands. I was
really enjoying myself and knowing Tom was watching gave an added edge
to my arousal. I rolled my nipples between my thumb and fingers gasping
at the sensations I was creating. My pussy was wet and calling for
attention so I trailed a hand down to it, the other busy between my two
hard nipples. I stroked along my clit and moaned as pleasure shot
through me. I worked on the sensitive bud until I could take it no
longer. My knees were growing weak and trembling so I sank to the floor
and thrust a finger into my cunt and started working it in and out. It
felt wonderful so I spread my legs wider and pushed another finger. I
used my other hand on my clit as I bucked my hips against my hand. My
breath was coming in gasps and the pleasure was almost unbearable until
at last I climaxed, the juices coating my hands as I writhed on the

I sprawled on the floor regaining my breath and wondered what to do
next. I'd spoken to a few people who knew Tom and they all said that he
didn't like women taking the initiative too much. He liked to be the one
to initiate sex. I'd given him the most blatant invitations I could but
he didn't seem to be getting the message. Short of tying him up and
forcing him to fuck me there wasn't much else I could think of to do. I
sighed and opened my eyes. Tom was still sat in his chair watching me
silently. I looked directly at him and raised my eyebrows.

`How long have you been sat there? I asked. He looked slightly
shamefaced at being caught but he didn't avoid my gaze.

`I was here before you,' he admitted.

`Oh,' I said imaginatively, unsure how to handle the conversation.

`You are the hottest girl I've ever met,' he told me, running his eyes
over my body. My heartbeat picked up as I realised I still had a chance
to win my bet. I smiled seductively at him and made no attempt to close
my legs. His eyes were fixed on my exposed pussy with great interest.

`What makes you say that?' I asked. `You haven't so much as kissed me,
let alone done anything else.'

`I've seen plenty of you though,' he said with a wicked grin, his eyes
running up and down my body again. `You got the best tits I've ever seen
in the flesh, if you know what I mean. As for never having kissed you or
anything else we can always fix that now.' He stood up and crossed to
me, holding out his hand. I let him pull me to my feet, sliding the
shirt off my arms as I stood so that I was completely naked. He pulled
me into intimate contact with his body as his mouth descended on mine.
Our tongues met and twined eagerly and I pressed myself against him as
closely as I could. His hands were roving over my back and moving lower
to cup my bottom. I hooked a leg around his waist and snuggled my hips
against his material covered erection. He trailed a line of kisses along
my jaw and down the side of my neck. I shivered as my nerve endings
quivered into life at his touch. I linked my fingers around his neck as
his mouth worked its way down to my breasts. He began devouring them
with his mouth, nibbling and sucking every inch. I arched my back and
gave him all the encouragement I could.

He took a moment to impatiently shrug out of his robe before returning
all his energies on my responsive breasts. At last I had the feel of his
naked skin against mine. With the distraction of the bet I had almost
forgotten how much I had originally wanted Tom. Now I was discovering
that he was everything I had fantasised about. I ran my hands over his
gorgeous body, revelling in the ripple of his muscles under his skin.
His mouth and hands on my breasts were driving me crazy with desire as
he tugged and squeezed them.

Taking me by surprise he abandoned my breasts and in one smooth movement
lifted me up and sat me on the countertop. Without a moment's hesitation
he dived between my thighs and went to work on my pussy. He was
obviously an expert and I gave an involuntary shout as his mouth found
my clit. He licked his way along my swollen lips and swirled his tongue
around the entrance to my cunt. His hands reached up and continued to
caress my nipples as his mouth stimulated my pussy. I could hear myself
moaning and begging him not to stop. Then I lost all sense of control as
he manipulated me to an overpowering orgasm. He didn't stop until the
shudders died down in my body.

He straightened up and pulled my unresisting body off the countertop and
over to the table. He bent me over it and I gratefully used its support
as he wasted no time entering me from behind. His cock easily slid right
the way into my cunt. I pushed back against each thrust, rotating my
hips to maximise the sensations. He reached around me to find my breasts and squeezed them in time to each thrust. I knew he wouldn't last long
as he had been hard ever since I started playing with myself. Soon I
could hear him begin to grunt and gasp. I quickened the movements of my
hips he grasped my hips and began pounding his cock into me. I felt his
cock jerk deep inside my cunt and it was enough to trigger another
orgasm. We climaxed almost simultaneously, both yelling as the orgasms
took control of out bodies.

We collapsed onto the table, the weight of his body pressing me against
its cool surface. I found it hard to realise that not only had I won my
bet but I had also had two fantastic orgasms into the bargain.

`I guess we should be getting back to bed,' he suggested after a while.
He picked the shirt off the floor and courteously helped me put it back
on. `You go on, I'm going to get a glass of water. Try not to wake Nick
up though. I'd rather he didn't know I fucked his girl while he was

I followed his suggestions, feeling a bit guilty. I had used Nick to get
to Tom and hadn't really considered his feelings at all. I crept up the
stairs and carefully opened the bedroom door. I knew I was in trouble
immediately. Nick was sat up in bed with his arms crossed, obviously
waiting for me. I stood awkwardly in the doorway, totally at a loss for
words. He just sat silently looking at me.

`You're awake,' I said at last.

`Yep. I'm not sure if it was the scream you gave the first time you came
or the `yes, yes, Tom fuck me, fuck me now, yes, oh yes' that you kept
shouting that woke me.' I squirmed under his gaze feeling guilty and

`I'm sorry,' I whispered.

`So you should be,' he told me severely. `Especially since I thought
back over the evening and I now realise that it was Tom you were after
all along. Wasn't it/'

`Yes,' I admitted.

`You should be ashamed of yourself, using me like that,' he continued.

`I'm so sorry,' I apologised again. `You're a really nice guy and you've
been really sweet to me. It's just that I was tricked into this bet and
if I hadn't got Tom to fuck me it would have been a disaster. I never
meant to upset you. I'll do anything you want to make it up to you.'

`OK,' he said.

`What do you mean `OK',` I asked, puzzled.

`You can make it up to me,' he replied. He got out of bed and rummaged
in a drawer. `Here put this on.' He tossed be what seemed to be a tangle
of leather strips and metal rings. With his assistance I managed to wrap
it around me correctly. A ring of leather circled my neck with two metal
hoops attached. The hoop at the back had a strip of leather attached
that ran down the centre of my back to be attached to my another hoop to
the piece of leather circling my waist. Another hoop had a leather strap
attached to it that went down until it met the crease of my buttocks.
There it split into two pieces with another connecting metal hoop. The
two strips of leather went between my legs and up past my hips to be
attached to the waistband in front. The way they were attached had the
effect of holding apart my buttocks and pussy lips. From the front metal
hoop two pieces of leather descended to meet two more pieces of leather
that went around the base of my breasts. Across my breasts four metal
chains led to central hoops that ringed my nipples. Below my breasts the
leather straps continued until they met the strap around my waists.

I felt very strange when it was all strapped together. I've never tried
all the leather and bondage and whips and things. I had to admit that
looking at myself in the mirror it made me look very exotic and sexy.
Nick seemed to think so as he had an obvious erection. I pirouetted for
him as he gave me an inspection.

`Almost there,' he said. `Just needs a couple more things.' He dug
around in a drawer and eventually found what he was looking for. Before
I had a chance to protest he tied a leather mask around my head. However
since there were no slits for me to see out of a blindfold would be a
better description. The next moment I felt the touch of metal around my
wrists and discovered that he had handcuffed my hands to the waistband.

`You look perfect,' he said with a good deal of satisfaction in his
voice. `Now let's see about punishing you.'

`What!' I demanded in alarm. He tugged on my arm and I stumbled forward
against the bed. He pulled again and the next moment I felt myself
tipping forward and ended up sprawled face down across his lap. Before I
had a chance to work out what was happening I felt his finger stroking
down the crease of my bottom. I found my cunt and began to gently work
it's way in. I was still wet and slick from fucking Tom and it felt
extremely nice. He added another finger and I gave a murmur of
appreciation. He pulled them out and slid them further forward to close
around my clit. He began a slow massage that soon had me writhing
helplessly. He slid his thumb into my cunt and continued with my clit.
My inability to see or move seemed to focus my whole body on the feel of
his hand. I was moaning and on the verge of coming when he suddenly used
his free hand to smack me hard on my bottom. I yelped and tried to jerk
away but it was impossible. His hand was still caressing my pussy and
creating waves of pleasure. His other hand continued to deliver stinging
blows to my bottom. One moment I was begging him to stop, the next I was
begging him not to. He pushed his thumb into my cunt and tweaked my clit
and I whimpered with pleasure. Then he assaulted my bottom and I
whimpered with pain. He began to move faster and soon the two sensations
blurred into one. I twisted and moaned helplessly, unable to do
anything. Then the mindlessness of an orgasm hit me and I yelled and
writhed as it took control of my body.

I came back to a realisation of my surroundings to find myself laid on
the bed. Nick was laid besides me, idly stroking a hand down my back. He
pulled me over so my back was against him and I was half laid on him.

`That's what happens to bad girls,' he told me. `Are you going to be
good now?' I considered for a moment. My bottom was still stinging but
on the other hand I had had what was probably my best orgasm ever.

`Maybe,' I said weakly. He laughed and hugged me close to him his hand
stroking over my front.

`I knew you were special the moment I saw you in that costume. Of course
we still have the problem of you fancying Tom. Fortunately I know how to
fix that.' Before I realised what he meant he raised his voice and
called for Tom. I heard movement and then the door opening. I flushed
with embarrassment, wondering what Tom would think of me in this get up.

`Come and join us,' Nick invited and I felt the bed move as Tom sat on

`I guess you were awake then?' Tom asked. He didn't sound particularly
surprised by the situation.

`Well, it was hard to sleep with the noise you two made fucking,' Nick

`Tell me about it. I've had to listen to you two earlier but it was
nothing to the noise she's just been making. I'm surprised the
neighbours haven't complained.'

`She is a noisy one, isn't she?' Nick agreed. `Great tits though.' He
cupped one in his hand and squeezed. I was annoyed and embarrassed by
the way they were talking about me as if I wasn't there but my body was
still too close to orgasm not to respond. I felt two more hands on my
breasts, then Tom's mouth closed around a nipple. I whimpered and arched
my back and then felt Nick shift and his mouth found my other nipple.
With two mouths and four hands on my breasts the sensations were
incredible. Within moments I was orgasming, twisting helplessly as they
relentlessly prolonged my climax as long as possible. I lay breathless
between them wondering what else Nick had planned. Tom obviously had the
same thought.

`So what's happening now?' he asked.

`She said she'd do anything I want. So now I want to watch her fuck
you,' Nick replied.

`You won't get any complaints from me,' Tom said. I was completely
bewildered by the whole strange situation. My unusual costume and my
lack of sight gave the circumstances a surreal feel. I felt helpless and
completely without control over what was happening to me and at the same
time extremely turned on. I felt Nick take hold of the juncture of the
waist and back strap and lift me. Tom's hands spread my legs as I was
lowered and I found myself sitting down on his cock. My cunt was
extremely wet so there was no resistance as he penetrated me. Without
the use of my arms I was unable to move. Tom gripped my hips and
manoeuvred me up and down. Nick still had hold of the straps and he also
controlled my movements.

`Stick her tits in my mouth,' Tom requested and Nick reached around me
and obeyed. It was almost as if I was a doll to be moved to suit their
pleasure. Part of me was indignant at their treatment of me but the half
was very aroused. I could feel Nick moving so that he was standing
between Tom and mine's legs. His erection was resting on my bottom and
it felt strangely cold and slippery. Before I had a chance to consider
the reason for this I felt his fingers running down the crease of my
bottom. They found my ass hole and pressed against it, gently but
insistently. The leather straps holding my buttocks apart gave him easy
access and made it difficult for me to clench my muscles to stop him.
Added to which it was difficult to concentrate on what he was doing with
Tom playing with my breasts and pushing me up and down on his cock.

I was getting close to orgasming when I felt Nick pull his finger out.
Relieved that he had removed it I relaxed and concentrated on the feel
of Tom's cock slamming into me. I was totally unprepared when Nick
placed his cock against my ass hole and pushed it in. I gasped in
outrage and struggled to get away. It was impossible as I had no
leverage and my efforts only served to work his cock deeper inside. I
felt stretched and filled in a completely novel way. Then Nick began to
make move in and out slightly and I was startled to feel a wave of
pleasure. Tom had stopped moving when Nick entered me but no he started
again. I had never experienced anything like the feel of those two cocks
moving inside me. Sometimes they moved together, other times they
alternated. Occasionally they held still and just moved my body. I came
and came again as they fucked me until eventually first Nick, then Tom
came. They pulled out and we all collapsed on the bed. I was so
exhausted I fell asleep immediately.

When I woke the next morning I was still wearing the leather straps and
they were both in bed next to me. I didn't know whether to be
embarrassed or intrigued by their treatment of me the previous night. My
body ached in unusual places and one arm was completely dead. Gradually
the two males awoke. Tom staggered off to the bathroom while Nick hunted
for the keys to the handcuffs. He helped me to remove the leather and
metal outfit in silence, obviously unsure of my reactions in the harsh
light of day.

`So what happens now?' I asked in the end.

`Breakfast,' he suggested flippantly.

`You know that's not quite what I meant,' I pointed out.

`Well, it's up to you. I'd like to see you again and obviously I like to
fuck you again. I fulfilled a couple of my fantasies last night. I`d
love to repeat the experience. But I'd understand if you felt
differently. I did take advantage of you a bit and I know it was Tom you
were really interested in.'

`Well I used you so I guess we're even,' I smiled. `Why don't you take
me out to dinner tonight and we'll take it from there. I've got a couple
of fantasies of my own we could fulfil.'

`Do you mean just me or Tom as well?' Nick asked hesitantly.

`Just you tonight,' I answered. `Tom's gorgeous but you, well you're
intriguing. Of course that's not to say I'd object if we decide to
invite him to join us later.'

`Of course not,' Nick agreed, grinning. `First you have to tell him
about this bet of yours. You're going to have to persuade him to tell
the person who challenged you that you won.'

`I think I can be very persuasive,' I replied. `After all, I'd share my
winnings. I'm sure we can find something interesting to spend five
hundred pounds on.'

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