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Archived Sex Stories

The Birthday Present


!!!!Warning this story contains material of an adult nature if you are
under the age of eighteen or offended by such material please close this
file now!!!!

Any comments welcome

My Daughters Friends By Blueboy

Since my wife died a few years back apart from a couple of one night
stands I had been sexually inactive for two years, when my wife was alive
we had an exciting and varied sex life. We had many additional partners
join us over the years and I missed the sexual tension and contact. My
children were all now grown up my youngest daughter was sixteen and the
last one at home, she would often fill the house with her friends and when
they stayed over they would often walk around semi naked. Although I had
never thought about my daughter in that way I had often fantasized about
several of her friends, in particular one friend Jill was a brunette, 5'5"
tall with a 34-22-34 figure I swear she could have been a model.

One day when Jill visited Shelley they had a blazing row and Shelley
stormed out of the house, as Jill was due to stay the night and her parents were going out I suggested that she should stay anyway. Shelley had gone
to the club and I knew she would not be back until eleven when I had a taxi
ordered. I sat with Jill and asked her what they had been arguing about,
no surprise it was a boy Stephen who was Shelley's boyfriend had made a
pass at Jill, although Jill had told him to get on his bike Shelley still
thought that Jill had encouraged him. Jill began to cry and I put my arm
around her to comfort her, as she looked up I kissed her gently on the

"Don't worry it will be alright" I said.

Although this had been a purely platonic gesture on my part when
suddenly Jill returned the kiss passionately on my lips I did not try to
stop her, even though I knew that this was wrong.

"You know I would be crazy if I didn't fancy the pants of you, but if
you want to stop at any time that is not a problem!" I said.

Jill kissed me again, soon I was probing her mouth with my tongue we
held each other tightly, ending up laying on the couch. I ran my hand up
and down Jill's firm sexy body, she did not object as I slipped my hand
under her top and caressed her beautiful young breasts, as we kissed I
moved my hand down to her thigh. Her skirt barely covered her pert round
buttocks, as my hand slid to the silky white inner thighs I felt her shake.
I kissed her again and slowly moved my hand up her inner thigh to her
cotton covered pussy mound, I was not at all surprised when I felt the
dampness through her knickers.

We kissed and fondled each other for a while, I told Jill that I thought
she was pretty enough to be a model then asked if she would mind if I took
a couple of photo's of her. She agreed to the photo's but said that I
should never show anyone, I took out the digital camera and took a few head
and shoulders shots. We went up to the study and downloaded the pictures
to the PC we both agreed that they looked almost professional. I suggested
a few more pictures but this time something a little sexier. We went to my
bedroom and Jill removed her top, she was not wearing a bra and I took a
few topless shots, pretty soon I had Jill totally naked on the bed posing
like a pro, some of the shots were really hot. I handed Jill a robe and we
downloaded the photographs onto the PC, I kissed Jill.

"You are so sexy I want to make love to you!" I said.

She took my hand and we went back to the bedroom, I lifted Jill onto the
bed and removed her robe. I spread her legs and kissed her just above the
knee, slowly I worked my way up the inside of her thigh, working all the
time to her jet-black hairy mound. I lifted her knees and began to lick
around her anus, I probed her rosy wet pussy with my tongue as I had done
to her mouth an hour earlier finally working my way up to her pronounced
clitoris it was as big as a small acorn. I sucked and flicked my tongue
around her clit, if I felt her coming close to orgasm I stopped working on
her clit, I moved up between her legs and began sucking her beautiful

"Don't stop!" she pleaded.

She pushed my head back towards her slit, I once again started at the
anus and worked my way up to her clit, each time she began to shake I would
move back to her anus and restart the process all over again. After about
twenty minutes, she got desperate and grabbed my hair holding my lips
against her clit. I gently took the clit between my teeth while flicking
my tongue back and forth, her thighs closed tightly against my face and her
love juices began to flow, I licked these hungrily from her hole, she
tasted so good. After Jill had come I lay next to her stroking my hand
over her sweet young body.

"If only you knew how often I have dreamed about doing this to you" I

"If only you knew" she said.

Apparently several of my daughters friends had noticed the way I watched
them and used to dare each other to come down in various states of undress.

"After Shelley's party when we stopped we were all going to come and
climb into bed naked with you, but Shelley stopped us" she said.

"God I wish you had" I said.

"Shelley has done it before with me and my brother Colin" she said.

I got excited as Jill told me how five girls had climbed into her
fourteen year old brother's bed and had sex with him.

"It's a shame you didn't all come in that night I would have loved it" I

"Shelley will be going away with a friend in a few weeks, she will be
away on my birthday maybe you could all stay that night and give me a
birthday to remember" I added.

Jill just laughed and kissed me sweetly on the cheek. I positioned Jill
with her knees to either side of my head so that I could eat her pussy again, she responded by taking my cock into her hand and pulling back the

"Please don't cum in my mouth, I don't like that?" she said.

"I promise not to" I replied.

Jill began to lick the head of my cock and suck me off while I ate her
sweet pussy, I warned her just before I came and she took my cock in her
hand and stroking back and forth rapidly brought me to a climax. She came
at the same time a torrent of her love juices flowed into my mouth. She
climbed off and sat next to me cum had splattered all over her neck and
breasts. I lay her down and licked all the sperm off. Then I kissed her
passing a small amount of cum into her mouth, she did not complain but
swallowed the cum.

"So how come you won't swallow when I cum?" I asked.

"My brother forced his cock into my mouth almost choking me, I don't
mind the taste but I hate the gagging feeling" she said.

"I would never do that to you" I said.

"Maybe I will try and swallow next time!" she said as she smiled.

We kissed a little more stroking and fondling each other as we both
became aroused to the point of no return. I manoeuvred Jill over the top
of me so that my cock which was standing straight up was touching her wet

"Are you on the pill?" I asked.

"Yes" she replied.

I took hold of her waste and lowered her gently on to my manhood, as I
entered her it was incredible watching my thick seven inch member
stretching her lips. Her clit was standing out like a miniature erect
penis as she danced around with my cock going in to the hilt and
reappearing until the head was barely inside I wet my fingers and started
to manipulate her clit. With this Jill started to writhe side to side as
she picked up the pace, I pulled her down towards me by the shoulders and
stretched my neck so that I could take most of her firm young breasts into
my mouth. I concentrated on her rosy nipples occasionally biting them

AS we made love I could not believe that this beautiful girl the same
age as my youngest daughter was sitting on my cock, I was really turned on
as I saw my cock disappear into her young body. Her stomach was so flat
that I could see movements as I drove my cock deep into her. A ripple of
muscle just below her navel on every penetration, I started to play with
her clit between her thumb and forefinger, suddenly she shook violently I
took hold of her hips and thrust deep inside her, she kissed me
passionately biting on my lips. As her orgasm subsided she lay on top of
me for a while, and I gently continued to probe her beautiful pussy. I
manoeuvred her without withdrawing so that I she lay on her back with one
leg between mine and one above, I turned on my side and continued to pump
my cock deep into her pussy. I continued to play with her clit whilst
sucking her breasts, I felt her tense again and as she began to shake
violently I pumped my load deep into her sweet love hole. We both
collapsed exhausted and I could feel myself going limp still inside her, I
could not bring myself to withdraw it felt so good to be inside this girl.
I noticed the time it was almost eleven I knew my daughter would be home
soon, I withdrew and kissed Jill tenderly on the forehead.

"We are going to have to move Shelley will be back shortly" I said.

I dressed and Jill went to the bathroom and showered, she went to the
spare room and came out wearing her nightdress. We went down stairs and
sat in the lounge watching TV, waiting for Shelley to return. Shelley
returned at five past eleven, and called Jill into the kitchen, I turned
down the tv a little and heard Shelley apologise for her behaviour earlier.
I was glad that Shelley and Jill had made friends again I wanted Jill to
visit again often, the girls came in and sat on the couch watching tv I
could see under Jill's night dress that she had no underwear.

"I am going to have a shower won't be long" Shelley said.

Shelley went up to the bathroom, Jill walked across and sat on my lap,
we kissed and I slid my hand under her nightdress massaging her clit and
inserting a finger deep into her pussy. She gasped as she came I kissed
her to stifle the noise as I heard the bathroom door open, Jill quickly
returned to the sofa. As Shelley returned I decided to go for a shower, I
went up stairs and turned the light off in the study, SHIT! I thought to
myself as I saw the pictures of Jill still on the screen, I wondered if
Shelley had seen them.

After my shower I put on a bath robe and went back down stairs, Jill and
Shelley were giggling and I knew from they way they looked at me blushing
that Shelley had seen the pictures.

"Shelley knows about the pictures, she thinks they are really good" Jill

I blushed a little.

"Yeah we took a few photo's while you were at the club" I said.

Then to my surprise Shelley suggested that we should take some more but
this time she wanted to model too, I was unsure at first but eventually I
agreed to another shoot.

"Ok then if you want to do this, go up to my room and get ready" I said.

The girls disappeared up stairs and I fetched the camera, clearing the
memory, as I entered my room Shelley and Jill were kneeling on the bed
facing each other, Shelley was wearing a white lacy bra and pants set and
Jill had an identical set in black. The girls then kissed each other and
waited for me to take a picture, then Jill unclipped Shelley's bra and I
took another couple of shots as she removed it. I was glad I had boxers on
otherwise my cock would have jumped straight out of my robe, I took another
couple of shots as Shelley remover Jill's bra, the girls kissed again but
this time rubbing there nipples together. Jill pushed Shelley onto the bed
and slowly pulled down her panties, I shook and struggled to catch my
breath as I caught my first sight of Shelley's blonde mound and her
prominent clit protruding slightly through her flaps I took several more

The girls swapped positions and Shelley removed Jill's panties I snapped
of several more shots, the girls got into a 69 position and started to eat
each others pussies.

"Shall I leave you two alone?" I asked.

"Getting to hot for you are we, do you want to go away and fantasize
about our firm young bodies or something?" Jill said making me blush again.
Both girls got of the bed and walked across to me, I stood motionless as
Shelley and Jill removed my robe, my heart was beating so fast that I
thought I would faint. The girls removed my boxers and my cock sprang to
attention, Shelley kissed me sweetly and said its alright dad I know it has
not been easy for you since mum died. I felt a tear in my eye and took
Shelley by the waist and kissed her tenderly.

"I love you so much!!!" I said.

Shelley sat on the bed and lay back opening her legs wide.

"Come on daddy eat my pussy, just like you did to Jill earlier" she

They both giggled and I knew that Jill had told Shelley everything I
knelt on the floor at the bottom of the bed and began to eat my daughters
pussy. I licked and teased her clit for what seemed like hours, Jill sat
on her face to have her pussy eaten once again, Jill got the camera and
took several photographs of me eating Shelley's sweet pussy.

When Shelley came I licked every last drop of her love juice from deep
inside her rosy pink hole, the girls climbed off the bed and pulled back
the duvet, right you are in the middle they said patting the bed. I
climbed into my bed and Shelley and Jill climbed in either side, I lay
there with there heads resting on my shoulders. I could see the tent
formed by my rock hard cock in the middle of the bed, Shelley took my
member in her hand and started to stroke firmly back and forth, Jill
started to stroke my balls. Suddenly both girls disappeared under the
duvet and I felt my foreskin pull back, Shelley's mouth started to suck on
the head of my cock, I threw off the duvet and watched as both girls took
turns in sucking my cock. I warned them both that I was about to come and
the girls opened there mouths wide and kissed each other, the tip of my
cock was between the mouths. As I came I saw the cum leak from between
there lips and run down there chins, meanwhile they continued to suck and
lick my cock head until every drop of cum was gone, finally rising and
licking the cum from each others faces and neck.

We lay back on the bed and covered up one of the girls nestling against
me either side with their heads on my chest, as the girls fell asleep I lay
awake feeling the warmth of there bodies against mine and thinking I must
be the luckiest man in the world right now. I fell asleep after about an
hour and dreamt of making love to my daughter, it was about nine a.m.
before I woke that Saturday. I could feel my cock harder than I could ever
remember I opened my eyes Jill was laying next to me still with her head on
my chest, Shelley was sitting astride me trying to force her tight pussy down over my cock, I opened my eyes and smiled.

"Good morning daddy" Shelley said trying to fit my broad member into her
tiny hole.

I reached to the bedside cabinet and pulled out the KY jelly, as she
lifted herself up slightly I smeared a good amount around her lips and down
the shaft of my cock. Shelley once again pushed against me and suddenly
the end popped in between her lips, she felt so tight, I felt her hymen as
I reached a solid barrier I slowly pushed in and out as she tried to push
through the barrier. I could see the tears form in the corner of her eye
and suddenly my conscience troubled me.

"Shelley I love you, you don't need to do this, if it hurts leave it for
now" I said.

"I am going to fuck you daddy, help me get it in" she said smiling.

I grasped her waist and gently pulled her on to my thick shaft while
slowly pushing up against her, Jill knelt next to Shelley and started to
comfort her, suddenly I felt her hymen tear. My cock disappeared
completely inside of her and I saw traces of blood seeping from her love
hole. I lay perfectly still and Shelley lay on top of my chest sobbing
gently, I lifted her head and kissed her.

"I love you so much my little angel!" I said.

"I did it daddy, I got your cock right inside me" she said.

I kissed her again and she slowly rocked back and forth, As my daughter slid up and down my cock I slowly started to pump in and out. I reached
between Jill's legs and started to finger fuck her, soon Shelley was
sitting upright on my cock and riding me as I watched myself disappear into
my daughters hole I was both happy and sad. I loved my daughter and had
never thought about doing this to her. Soon I had Jill sitting on my face
and my daughter sitting on my cock while I fondled her sweet young breasts.
I sucked and bit gently on Jill's clit and rubbed Shelley's clit between
finger and thumb, suddenly we all came at the same moment. Shelley's
virgin pussy clamped so tight around my cock, and Jill's juices ran into my
mouth, I shot deep into my daughter suddenly panicking and wondering if she
was on the pill yet. Jill climbed off and sat on the pillow next to my
head, Shelley collapsed on top of me I took her head between my hands and
kissed her.

"Are you ok?" I asked.

"Fine!" said Shelley.

She kissed me and raised herself of my rapidly softening cock, as I
slipped out I saw the strings of sperm coloured pink by her blood as they
flowed from her hole. I took Shelley in my arms and carried her into the
bathroom, Jill followed and turned on the shower I held Shelley in my arms
as the water washed away the blood and cum, Jill was standing next to me
and gently washed Shelley's sore love hole. I grabbed a towel and carried
Shelley back to the bed. I sat her on the edge of the bed and dried her,
really feeling guilty by now, I had not done this since Shelley was about

We all dressed and I went down to prepare breakfast for the girls, when
Shelley and Jill eventually came down they both kissed me on the cheek.

"Thanks dad, not bad for an old man" they both said.

Giggling as only teenage girls can, suddenly I did not feel quite as
guilty, after breakfast Jill got her things together and set off for home,
I kissed her on the forehead.

"Thank you, I hope that you will cum again soon?" I said.

They both knew exactly what I meant and giggled again, finally Jill left
to walk the hundred yards to her house. As I sat across the table from
Shelley, I asked if she was on the pill or if we needed to get her the
morning after pill, she smiled.

"Dad I have been on the pill since before mum died!" she said.

"I am sorry I should not have done that to you, I should have walked
away" I said almost in tears.

"Daddy don't worry it was us that seduced you, we planned last night,
the argument and everything I was supposed to come back early and catch you
in bed with Jill, I asked the taxi to come twenty minutes early, but it was
late!" Shelley said.

Suddenly it all made sense.

"I love you so much Shelley, I don't want you to think you have to do
this for me, I don't mind if you bring back your boyfriend if you want, you
know I keep condoms in my draw just be safe OK!" I said.

Shelley smiled walked around the table and kissed me on the cheek.

"I love you to daddy, you have never made me do anything, I have seen
you get hard when I walk around in a towel, I seduced you and will probably
do it again if you let me," Shelley said.

I smiled and kissed her on the cheek, she went to the kitchen door.

"But I promise to take it easy on you, after all you are quite old!" shw
said as she left the room.

Cheeky little madam I thought, for the rest of the day I walked around
with pre cum oozing from my cock, I dried myself at least three times and
went to the bathroom and jacked off twice. I could not stop thinking about
the events of last night and this morning, I had not felt like this since I
was fourteen when I lost my virginity to Betty who was later to become my
wife. Shelley returned from her friends at 10p.m. that night and after
showering came down wearing nothing but a smile, she sat on my lap and I
kissed her cheek.

"Darling if you want more you will have to see Stephen" I said.

She smiled.

"I blew his mind today I fucked him all afternoon, but he is smaller
than you and I couldn't reach orgasm, but if you are to old I will leave
you in peace!" she said.

Cheeky madam I thought if only she knew how much I wanted her, but last
night had to be a one off, I was not going to continue abusing my daughter in this way. She went to bed and about fifteen minutes later I followed,
as I passed her room she lay still naked on her bed with her duvet below
her knees, I went into her room covered her with the duvet and kissed her
goodnight. I then went to my own room, I was so frustrated and spent
several hours jacking off whilst I thought about my daughter and her

Sunday morning and the girls were going swimming Jill arrived with two
other friends Sue and Carol, they went up to Shelley's room and changed
into their costumes, before coming down and giving me a fashion parade, the
girls all wore two piece swim suits. I could see Jill and Shelley look at
my erection which I was trying to hide, they went back up to Shelley's room
and dressed leaving the costumes on under there clothes.

"Bye dad" Shelley said as she pecked my cheek.

"Check the camera when we have gone" she whispered into my ear.

The girls left and I rushed up to the study, I downloaded the images
onto the computer, Shelley, Jill, Sue & Carol were all naked, there were
six photo's one portrait of each girl. One with all four bending over with
legs open looking between them it left nothing to the imagination. The
final photo was of all four girls laying on they're backs, they lay across
Shelley's bed with there feet in the air and there legs wide apart. I got
the glossy photo paper and printed all six photographs on A4 I then took
the photo's to my room. I spent an hour jacking off looking at the
photographs of my daughter and her friends before I placed the pictures in
the bedside cabinet and showered. Shelley returned about six she was

"Did you like the photo's daddy" she asked.

I smiled and nodded.

"I love you dad, thanks for everything." Shelley said

Over the next few weeks my daughter had at least seven or eight of her
friends around, she would photograph them in erotic situations and then
pretend to delete the images from the cameras memory, actually she would
move them to my hard drive. Often she would be with her friends almost
naked in the kitchen when she knew I would be returning, allowing me to
catch them unaware, I had never seen so much young flesh in my life. On
one occasion I returned as she was making love to her boyfriend with her
bedroom door wide open, I stood perfectly still on the stairs and watched
Stephen fuck her for about ten minutes. I coughed and walked into her
room, I thought that Stephen was going to have a heart attack as he saw me
I turned and walked down stairs. Suddenly I saw Stephen running out of the
front door as if the devil himself were chasing him. Shelley came down
completely naked and laughing loudly, I could see his cum dripping from her

"Dad you scared him away before I came, you will have to make me cum now" she said.

She sat on the chair and opened her legs beckoning me to eat her I could
not resist the sight of Stephens cum dripping from her pussy made me so
excited. I knelt down between her legs and licked the beads of cum from
her inner thighs, the taste was amazing I have never thought about eating
male cum, but I think that his youth made it seem so exciting. I licked
every drop of her boyfriends cum from her hole and brought her to a climax
by licking & sucking her clitoris. The taste of thee mixed love juices was
absolutely fantastic and I found myself bringing Shelley to a second

"OK I said that's it!" I said.

Get dressed young lady slapping her gently on her plump buttock as she
stood to leave, she came down five minutes later.

"I have some more pictures for you daddy, I wasn't sure but the way you
lapped up Stephens spunk you might like them" she said

We went to the study and she brought the photo's up on the screen,
Stephen was a handsome blonde haired blue eyed lad, on the first picture he
was standing with his cock flat against his stomach pointing straight up he
was circumcised. On the next picture he was laying on the bed and had just
pulled himself off, spunk was flying through the air and landing in blobs
on his neck and chest. The final picture he was semi hard and the last few
drops of cum were dripping on his inner thigh. I could feel myself getting
aroused looking at this boy but did not want to admit this to my daughter.

"No you can have these ones darling" I lied.

She saved them to the disk and I knew I would print them out later, I
would add them to my private collection in t he bedroom. The following
Friday it was my birthday, I had a feeling that it might be special as Jill
had arranged to stay over and Shelley was due to be away, I was full of
desire and expected Jill to spend the night in my bed again, as the day
drew closer I became more and more excited. However on the Thursday
Shelley announced that she wasn't going to be away and she asked if she
could have a few friends over to stay, a total of nine young girls in the
house, I relented and thought SHIT that's blown it.

On Friday at about six Shelley's friends started to arrive Jill was the
first to arrive and she disappeared up to Shelley's room, then Sue and
Carol as the night went on the house was filled with Teenage girls. Amy
was only twelve, Jenny was thirteen Shelley, Jill, Sue & Carol were all
sixteen, Becky & Haley were seventeen, Mary was eighteen they all
disappeared into Shelley's room, and for the next two hours they listened
to music talked and giggled. I sat alone downstairs and felt sorry for
myself, I thought I was going to be able to make love to Jill tonight, and
I became a little depressed. About nine all of the girls suddenly piled
down the stairs, they were wearing nightdresses and many of them left
little to the imagination.

"Is it all right if we watch a video down here dad?" Shelley asked.

"No problem!" I replied.

Jill sat next to me on the couch Mary, Becky & Sue squashed in at the
end, Carol and Haley sat in the armchairs Amy & Jenny lay on there stomachs
on the floor, Shelley put on the video and turned of the lights finally
sitting half on the end of the couch and half on my lap. As the girls watched the video I surveyed the room and my heart missed a beat, Jenny and
Amy were laying flat on their stomachs with their feet in the air and there
legs apart I had a perfect view of the pert buttocks and there hairless
pussies. Carol and Haley sat in the chairs sitting with their pussies
showing clearly beneath there night dresses Jill was sitting close up to me
her lap completely uncovered and her black pubes contrasting in the half
light against her white inner thighs, Shelley sat on my right leg and I
could feel the dampness of her pussy through my trousers, Mary, Becky & Sue
sat on the sofa with the night gowns raised.

Shit I was oozing pre cum and my heart was beating so fast I thought it
would burst.

"So what do you think to your birthday presents daddy?" Shelley
whispered into my ear.

I was too stunned to reply at first.

"Jenny and Amy are only about thirteen, they are to young" I whispered.

"Don't be fooled by there age" Shelley whispered back.

Shit I was so horny and I thought to myself, even if I do get locked up
for years this would be worth it, Shelley whispered in my ear again.

"Are you ready for some fun daddy?" she said.

I could not reply my heart was racing and my palms were sweaty, Shelley
stood up.

"Youngest first come on Amy, show my dad what you can do!" she said.

Amy was only twelve she was about four feet tall and very slim, with
long blonde hair and blue eyes, her breasts were just forming and about the
size of a large egg. Amy stood up and crossing her arms in front of her
she took the hem of her nightdress and pulled it over her head. As she
stood there I examined her cute hairless body she was certainly beautiful,
she walked across and sat on my lap kissing me passionately, and rubbing my
hard cock through my jeans. I kissed her and started to explore her body
with my hands, I slid my hand from her foot to her buttock squeezing gently
I kissed her pert small breast and took it all into my mouth. Amy had her
own ideas and soon she stood on my lap legs open wide offering her hairless
pussy to my mouth, I gently licked her hairless pussy as she thrust her
hips forward forcing her lips against my mouth. Apart from the sweet taste
she was so smooth I could have been kissing her mouth, her body stiffened
and she groaned has her small body convulsed I could feel her love juices
running out. She sat on my lap once more and kissed me probing my mouth
with her tongue tasting her own sweet young juices, finally climbing off.

"One down eight to go who's next?" Amy said.

I did not have to wait long Jenny who was a beautiful half cast
Pakistani girl, stood up she raised her nightdress above her head revealing
her perfect tan coloured body. She was a little more developed than Amy
her breasts about the size of small apples, and her pussy lips covered with
the slightest hint of dark downy hair. As she walked across I noticed that
no one was watching the video, every one was watching Jenny as she climbed
onto my lap. I explored her body with my hands and mouth, suddenly she
turned away placed her hands on the floor and spread her legs, she was
perfectly placed for me to lick her arse and pussy I sucked her small clit
between my lips, and inserted a finger into her tight pussy, gently probing
deeper into her hole. As I licked and bit gently on her clit, she shook
violently and as she weighed no more than five or six stone I managed to
lift her above my head, allowing her juices to pour into my mouth as I
probed her hole with my tongue. I lifted her back down onto my lap and she
kissed me sweetly before laying on the floor next to Amy again, they both
remained totally naked.

"Right dad Carol is next if you can manage!" said Shelley.

"Cheek!" I said.

I stood up and knelt before Carol in the chair, Carol was a muscular
girl with wide hips and small breasts, she had short brown hair and
appeared to be a bit of a tomboy. When she arrived wearing tight blue
jeans I had notice that she had the sort of arse that you could die for.
She removed her nightdress and slid down in the chair presenting her pussy on the edge of the seat. I opened her legs wide and put her knees over the
arms of the chair, I placed one finger between her pussy and her arse and
applied a gentle pressure, with the other hand I took two fingers and
parted her lips revealing the biggest clit I have ever seen. I licked
deeply and slowly into her open hole before taking her clit into my mouth,
it was like sucking a small boy's penis, (not that I have done that yet!
you understand). I continued to work on Carol for about five minutes and
as she came I felt her juices splash on my chin, I slid my hands up to her
breasts they were not much bigger than Amy's I drank eagerly until her
juices stopped flowing, she sat up and kissed me licking her juices from my
neck and chin. God I thought I am knackered and there are still six to go.

Sue was next a very slim girl her body was straight up and down like
that of a boy, her breasts stood from her chest like two Satsuma's on a
table she had short curly mousy brown hair and green eyes. She raised her
nightdress over her head and placed one leg over the arm of the sofa her
thighs were no bigger than my forearm and as she spread her legs her pussy was so accessible. I licked her anus and worked my was to her pussy finally working my way to her clit, as my finger stroked against her arse
she tried to push hard against it, I wet my forefinger and inserted it deep
into her arse, my thumb went into her pussy and I could rub them together
inside her, I continued to lick at her pussy and clit and within moments
she let out a scream as she reached climax. As she tensed I thought that
she was going to snap my finger that was still deep in her arse. I licked
the last little drop of Sue's juices and sat up.

"I need a drink" I said.

Shelley went to the kitchen and returned with a cold beer.

"You'll need this! You have to eat Jill next and then its my turn" said

I looked across at Jill who was by this time grinning.

"will this be a birthday that you will remember?" she asked.

"It sure will!!" I replied.

Jill took my beer and laid me on the floor kneeling over my head and
offering her sweet pussy to be eaten, she was already so wet that her
juices began to drip into my mouth. I grabbed her arse and raised my head
to eat her pussy I sucked eagerly on her clit and worked my tongue as deep
into her hole as I could. I noticed my trousers were undone and some of
the girls were pulling my jeans and pants over my feet, I could feel my pre
cum running down my cock as some of the girls licked this off I thought I
was going to come there and then. I could feel several hands exploring my
testicles and cock and as Jill came I struggled to stop myself from coming
too. Jill climbed off and kissed me recovering as much of her juices as
she could from inside my mouth.

I lay on the floor to exhausted to move the girls were now sitting
around in a circle and Shelley sat on my face, her blonde pubes had all
been shaved and she was as smooth as Amy. God I was enjoying this I
started to eat my daughters pussy and felt several hands applying cold
cream to my cock, seconds later I felt a pussy rubbing against the tip of
my cock. I had no idea at this point that this was the youngest of the
group Amy trying to impale herself on my thick cock. I felt the end slip
in she was so tight that my foreskin came back as she lowered on to me,
then I was completely inside this twelve year old girl, I continued to work
on Shelley's clit as Amy started to ride my cock, her tightness was
actually causing me a great deal of pain she was forcing my foreskin back
so far that it hurt like mad. Slowly the friction lessened and the pain
subsided, I worked furiously on Shelley's clit managing to bring her off
quite quickly. She climbed off and I saw little Amy sliding herself up and
down my cock, she looked absolutely exhausted, she had obviously suffered
as she took my thick seven inches into her tiny hole.

I took Amy by the waist and sat up and began lifting her up and down my
cock I kissed her tenderly and sucked on her small breasts, soon Amy was
ready to come and as she did I pumped copious amounts of cum into her young body. I lay back exhausted on the last few strokes as I drove deep I could
clearly see my cock moving inside this young girls stomach. My erection
subsided quickly and as Amy raised herself of our mixed juices ran out like
a waterfall onto my stomach, several eager tongues began the job of
cleaning up the mess. Shelley laid Amy down eating the mixed love juices
from her tiny hole.

I lay on the floor for several minutes closing my eyes and resting I was
close to exhaustion but I was going to eat each and every pussy at least
once and hopefully fuck one or two more. Haley was next in line she was a
petit girl for her age a little taller than Amy but her breasts were
sensational firm and the nipples turned up on the end. I pulled her close
to me and began to kiss and suck on her nipples I manoeuvred her into a
kneeling position in the chair and licked her arse as I fondled her perfect
breasts beneath her. She raised her buttocks allowing my tongue to delve
deeply into her pussy, I began to rub her clit between my thumb and
forefinger and she cried out as if in agony as she climaxed. I continued
to probe deeply with my tongue until she relaxed she turned around and I
hugged her and kissed her beautiful breasts one last time, she smiled and
collapsed back in the chair.

"The old man is going to do it!" I heard Shelley say.

Becky was a plump girl not fat but certainly the heaviest of the group
(puppy fat) she had brown hair cut in a bob and the largest breasts in the
room I would estimate an ample 36D. I positioned her on the floor on her
back and placed a cushion under her well rounded buttocks, I lay between
her legs and set to work on her pussy inserting two fingers deep into her
hole and licking franticly at her clitoris. I took her plump clit between
my teeth as I flicked my tongue back and forth, she pushed her pubic mound
tightly against my mouth and began to groan I reached up and took hold of
her ample breasts pinching her nipples quite roughly, she groaned once more
and I tasted her juices running down my tongue.

Mary was the last, she was a slim girl with extremely long legs I sat
back against the chair, and motioned for Mary to stand over me so that I
could eat her pussy. Mary was the eldest but also the shyest girl in the
room, she refused at first but with some encouragement she moved standing
over of me with her legs wide open. I slid a finger all the way into her
hole and she felt even tighter than Amy her hymen was gone but she was
struggling to accept a single finger she squirmed uncomfortably and I
withdrew my finger. I began to lick the length of her crack but she was so
tense that she clamped shut preventing me from getting any depth, I parted
her lips with my fingers and started to flick my tongue rapidly over her
small clit, each time I touched her clit she would shake and moan, I
managed to get her clit between my lips and gently bit down on the end, she
shook violently and collapsed onto my lap. She was barely conscious and
for a moment I was worried, then she opened her eyes and kissed me
passionately I hugged her tightly and she began to sob.

"I have never felt anything like that before" she said.

Although Mary was eighteen she had never before experienced an orgasm.
As I sat there holding Mary I surveyed the naked young flesh spread around
the room, I had eaten every pussy here and been fucked by a twelve year
old. I began to wonder whether I was possible to fuck each and every one of
them too, I had never had a problem getting it up several times a night but
I was exhausted. I decided to have a drink and relax for a moment, as I
sat on the couch the girls all knelt before me.

"Is that it dad, are you finished?" asked Shelley.

"No way! Since Amy has already fucked me, does that mean I fuck you all
in age order too?" I replied.

"If you think you can manage it old man" Shelley said cheekily.

"OK I am willing to try but its girls on top doing all the work
tonight!!!" I said.

A wave of giggles went round the room.

"And we are going to do it in comfort on the bed!" I added.

"Ok I am going for a shower to freshen up, do you all want to go to my
room and wait, maybe you can take a few pictures for me?" I said.

Shelley smiled and I headed for the shower, while I was in the shower
Jenny came into the bathroom and I watched as she sat naked on the toilet and peed, I was instantly hard and motioned for her to join me in the
shower. We kissed and soaped each other all over, her tanned skin was
perfect not a blemish to be seen I lifted her and she wrapped her legs
around my waist. Clumsily I managed to get the tip of my cock against her
smooth downy opening, she was extremely tight but I managed to get the head
of my cock into her love hole. Slowly I positioned her further down my
hard member, I was almost entirely in I but felt the head of my cock hit a
solid barrier. She threw her arms around my neck and I began to thrust in
and out of my beautiful young brown skinned lover. Before long we both
reached climax and I pumped my load deep inside her stomach, I eased her
off and lowered her to the floor as I turned I saw we had an audience,
Shelley, Jill and Carol stood in the doorway watching the action. I washed
off and left Jenny to finish her shower while I dried and returned to the
bedroom with Shelley, Jill & Carol.

The others sat around the edges of the bed and I climbed into the

"OK who's next?" I asked braggingly.

Carol climbed onto the bed and straddled my legs I could now see just
how small her breasts were, they were not much bigger than poached eggs,
and her muscular lower body was quite boyish in appearance, her enlarged
clit hung there almost like a small penis. She moved herself forward until
her opening was just above my rigid member, as she pushed firmly down I was
amazed by how tight she was, and as I disappeared inside her I felt her
vaginal muscles clamp down on me like a vice. I took hold of her waist and
started to bounce her up and down on my cock as she got into a rhythm I
started to rub her clit between my fingers soon her vaginal muscles clamped
down on me stronger than before and she gasped as the clitoral stimulation
brought her to orgasm. She relaxed on top of me for a while and I was
still hard I had not come but I was not going to manage to come every time,
she climbed off.

"god he is ready to go again" Sue said.

Sue climbed straight on top she placed her opening over my shaft and
tried to force herself down on to my cock, I could feel that she was to
tight and I reached for the KY. As I opened the draw Mary saw my private
photo collection and passed them around, I applied the KY to Sue's hole and
smeared a liberal amount on my cock, as some one showed a photo to Sue.

"Shelley you bitch!" Sue said.

I took hold of Sue's waist and slowly began to ease myself into her
pussy, the head eventually popped in and she flinched, I lay perfectly
still allowing her to become accustomed to my size. She started to lower
herself all the way down I could see the tip of my cock moving against the
inside of her stomach. She began to bounce up and down as if she was
riding a horse.

"So have you been wanking over our pictures then daddy?" Sue asked.

I felt myself blush.

"Not more than three times a day though Sue" I said.

A ripple of laughter went around the room Sue continued to bounce on my
cock as if she was punishing me for having her picture. Soon I could hold
on no longer and as I filled Sue with my sperm she climaxed and collapsed
on top of me, I kissed her.

"You don't really mind me looking at your picture do you?" I said.

"No but that bitch could have told me" she said gesturing towards

I needed a few minutes to recover and Jill lay next to me, Amy started
to lick the love juices off my stomach and cock and started to play with me
trying to get me hard again. Then the photo's got as far as Shelley and I
saw the look of anger in her eyes as she realised that each and every one
of her friends had seen the three photo's of Stephen.

"Shelley I printed them for you and forgot to give them to you, I'm
sorry" I said.

"You will be" Shelley replied.

I was now ready for Jill and I encouraged her to climb on top of me as
she lowered herself onto my cock I began to fondle her breasts, she rocked
backwards and forwards gently I was happy to lay still and let her bring
herself off. She eventually collapsed on to my chest and I grabbed her
buttocks tightly as she came to a climax. Jill kissed me tenderly and
climbed off sitting on the edge of the bed, and gesturing Shelley to take
her place while I was still hard.

Shelley climbed on to of me and applied KY to my member, before applying
more to her anus, Christ I was about to fuck my daughters arse. Shelley
positioned my cock against her ring and drove herself down on me with some
force, the pain brought a tear to both our eyes, she rocked back and forth.
"Is this what you want to do to Stephen daddy?" she whispered in my ear.

"I am sorry" I whispered and kissed her gently on the neck.

"OK but I want to watch" she whispered.

I could not believe my ears, I began to pump my rock hard cock deep into
my daughters arse, she sat up allowing full penetration I felt my balls
twitch and I filled my daughters arse with cum. She had not come but she
climbed off.

"NEXT" said Shelley.

"Just a minute I am not fucking superman, I need to rest for a bit" I

Haley laid on top of me and kissed me tenderly.

"Ahh! Bless" she said.

I lay with my eyes closed, Haley laying on my chest Becky and Mary lay
either side of me and the others covered us with the duvet, before going to
Shelley's room. I lay with the three girls for an hour or so and think I
dozed of for a while. When I woke my cock was again ready to play, I
kissed Haley on the forehead and she looked at me.

"Are you ready darling" I asked.

She blushed and kissed me sweetly, I manoeuvred her pussy down onto my
cock I was surprised how easy I entered her, she began to rub up and down
my chest with her nipples. I lifted her slightly and began to devour her
up facing nipples greedily, she continued to rock back and forth on my cock
Becky had woken and I could feel her hands caressing my balls, Mary
appeared to be fast asleep. I grabbed Haley's arse and squeezing tightly I
pulled her towards me feeling my cock reach the deepest part of her pussy as I pressed down on her buttocks I suddenly felt her whole body shudder,
she screamed so loudly that I thought shit that will wake the neighbours.
She climbed off and left the room I heard the toilet flush and the
Shelley's door open and close, Mary was still fast asleep dead to the

I turned to Becky and kissed her, I explored her full voluptuous body as
we cuddled up close she continued to play with my cock the whole time,
before long I was hard again. I spread her legs and climbed on top of her
she was so wet I had no problem in driving my whole length deep into her
pussy, we kissed as I leisurely fucked her sweet young hole, it was twenty
minutes before she eventually came and I had been holding back for a long
time I released the last drop of cum in my body deep into her pussy collapsing on top of her. I was finished I was knackered I was never so
glad to see a young girl sleeping soundly as I was when I saw Mary sleeping
peacefully. I rolled off of Becky and she left the room I heard her go
into Shelley's room, I turned to face Mary, her eyes were wide open, she
kissed me gently.

"Go to sleep you look terrible" Mary said.

She slipped an arm under my neck and cuddled me like a child as I slept
like a baby. I woke about eight the next morning and Mary was still
holding me tightly, I kissed her on the cheek and she opened one eye.

"Feeling better now?" she asked.

I smiled and kissed her probing her mouth with my tongue, I reached
between her legs and inserted a finger into her love hole.

"You know this may hurt a little, but I will be as gentle as I can." I

"I trust you." She said as she smiled sweetly.

I reached for the KY and applied liberal amounts into her love hole finally stretching it sufficiently to accept three fingers. I lifted one
leg and placed it between mine, I lifted the other on top so that I could
access her love hole from the side, as I pressed my head against her lips I
felt her tense up, I kissed her gently.

"Relax I won't hurt you" I said.

I felt her relax a little and gently applied a little more pressure. I
pulled back and pulling my foreskin as far forward as I could I pushed my
cock against her hole again laying perfectly still.

"Now you push on to me slowly I won't move" I said.

She inched down the bed pushing harder against my cock head I felt
myself almost enter her, I gave a small thrust and the head was inside her,
I stayed still and kissed her passionately.

"See you have done it, its inside you now" I said.

I saw a tear running down her face.

"Don't worry I won't hurt you" I promised.

Mary began again to push against me working my cock a little further
into her hole each time, soon I was buried in her love hole up to the hilt
I fondled and sucked her breast, and stayed still inside her.

She started to rock gently on my cock the sensations were fantastic she
was so tight, I started to slowly pump in and out of her pussy, and she
responded by rocking up and down in time with me. She turned onto her side
and bent at the waist a little allowing me to achieve maximum penetration,
I reached over and started to rub her clit. I was soon thrusting deep into
her wet hole and she was begging for more, she came and I pumped my load
deep into her tight hole. As I withdrew she turned and kissed me before
going under the duvet to suck the juices from my cock, I was soon hard
again and Mary was sitting astride my waist lowering herself onto my cock,
I could see the pain in her face but she soon managed to get my entire
length into her once again. I was as hard as rock but totally drained, I
don't think I had any cum left in my body but that didn't worry Mary she
continued to ride on my stiff member each orgasm she had was more intensive
than the last.

Shelley came into the room and stared in disbelief.

"I don't believe it, come here you lot, look at this" Shelley said.

The others all appeared in the doorway and a cheer went up "Go Mary!".

They all stood there watching us fuck for about twenty minutes, as Mary
bounced on my cock I counted at least three more orgasm's before she
collapsed on top of me. Shelley then told me that Mary had been known to
scream the house down if anyone touched her, she had never even managed to
get the smallest cock into her tight hole, and there she was impaling
herself on to my thick cock.

I was still hard inside Mary and began to pump my meat into her one more
time, she raised up and as she finally managed another orgasm I shot my
load into her sweet young body, she pulled off and I came out of her with a
POP! Everyone laughed and they left as Mary headed for the shower, I lay
still for about five minutes before joining Mary in the shower. We got out
of the shower dried and dressed and joined the others in the kitchen, I had
made love to nine beautiful young things last night and this morning, and I
was feeling pretty good, for an old man of thirty nine. Shelley saw the
smirk on my face.

"Don't be to pleased with yourself daddy I am sure I can fine a few more
friends for the big four O next year", Shelley said.

I looked her in the eye.

"Bring them on darling, bring them on! Mary is going to help me train
for that one I hope." I said.

Every one laughed loudly and Mary blushed as she nodded her head in the

Well I may have to let you know about my fortieth next time we'll see!


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