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The Blissful Night (romMF)


The Blissful Night

By: Kyrah Jade Kayles (BlueMyst), Joel Kayles, and Chelly DeCorley

(C) 2002 Kyrah Jade Kayles, Joel Kayles, Chelly DeCorley. All rights reserved.
Distribute as you like, but keep the credits somewhere in the story, either
the top or the bottom. Support free artistry everywhere! If you are under
the age of 18, or are offended by sexual material, then delete or go
elsewhere! You have been /warned/. For all you that like a little surprise,
scroll down and read! Those that don't, go ...elsewhere. That is all.
Enjoy the story, and send feedback to


I turned my head, a gentle greeting to the eternal night around me. My
watch flashed "10:00", yet this night seemed much older, icier than ever.
As I stood on top of the roof of the tall apartment building, I felt
something pulling, tugging into the great eye of the storm, and I couldn't
think. A silvery glint nudged me out of the semi madness. My evening star
had made herself manifest. My heart caught in my throat, and I could only
think of her. Chelly, beautiful one, with her wide, sumptuous hips and
graceful legs. Desire crept up on me, an overbearing lover that screwed me
over every time! I hungered for Chelly's sensuous touch, to kiss her pouty
lips, and to feel those long, chocolate creme colored legs wrap
themselves around me, teasing and testing my ability to be a gentleman.

I hurried down the rooftop stairs, and soon made my way out to the street.
I saw Chelly again, and I called her name softly, or at least I wanted to.
"Chelly!" I screamed, hoping she'd hear. Chelly turned around, and flashed
me a warm smile, her lips curving into the action exquisitely. "Joel!" she
replied, her dark blue dress swirling around her body, almost shielding her
from view, yet so much more came into focus. Her curvy form clung to the
dress, making smoothing it back into place a golden opportunity for me to
ogle her form, studying her body as if it were a valuable statue from
ancient times. I saw her upper hips, and the dark patch of hair between her
legs, hinting that she wasn't wearing anything to cover that from my view.

I walked forward, cupping her cheek gently, both as greeting as well as
permission to step so near. Her cheeks flushed, and she reached on tiptoe
to press her lips to mine in a gentle kiss. Her heat radiated all through
me, and my hands felt up under her flimsy little dress. Chelly melted,
rose, and melted again, a liquid river in my arms. Her soft voice, carrying
an ever present Southern accent, stated quietly, "Let's go, my love. I wish to be
with you." She deepened the kiss, her lips and tongue searching the depths
of my soul, the way she always did.

I slipped my arms around her, and stole her off to our little hideaway. It
was a long walk, only because I needed to try to control myself. I was
already getting the start of an erection, my cock throbbing dully with each
step, feeling Chelly's warm, accessible body so near. It was sweet,
delighting pleasure that I dared not to give up...not yet, anyway.

After a while, we arrived, and Chelly cooed, looking around at the small
little hill, shaded by tall trees and shrubs, a forgotten ring that served
as our cover and retreat from the outside world. We could see around us,
but no one used this spot but us, and we were free from the prying eyes of
passersby. I scooped Chelly into my arms, moving to sweep my hands over her
ample chest, rubbing the covered nipples with my thumbs. I lifted her dress
gently yet quickly, enjoying the site of her body, and need to take her,
her pussy whispering silent commands which only my cock could fully
comprehend. I was at an ends.

Chelly watched me with wide eyes, her lip quivering. She unbuttoned my
shirt, rubbing my chest absentmindedly, seemingly preoccupied. I cupped her
nipple with my fingers, rubbing all the way. "What is the matter, my
love?" I inquired, gazing into her gentle brown eyes. She trembled, and
found her voice once more. "Well...I always wanted to see how it would feel
for a guy to, ya know, go down on me, eating me out." Upon finishing her
request, Chelly blushed, cheeks ablaze with color.

I beamed, licking my lips, hoping for this moment for a while. I enjoyed
eating pussy, and I had gotten fully hard from it. I felt the bulge in my
jeans, warm tingles moving up and down my spine. At least part of me was
ready. I was hungry, but wary. I wasn't sure what Chelly wanted, but I was
gonna try to please her as best I could. But what if I was inadequate. I
loved Chelly, and pleasing her sexually was part of the relationship.

Chelly coughed, waking me from my thoughts. "Joel, please taste my pussy,
baby. I'm so wet just thinking of your tongue tasting me, my pussy turning
to fire under your touch. I cream for you, I want you right now. So do me,
honey. Fuck me with that tongue, the same tongue that tells me that you
love me. Ohhhh...." Her voice trailed off, her eyes closed in rapture.

I nodded, lowering her down on a bed of cushy pillows. I lifted her long,
supple legs up on my shoulders, catching the musky and tantalizing smell of
her pussy. The mound was a thick forest of black hair, curly and matted
down. I kissed my way up to her upper thighs. She was moaning, I heard it
flood my ears. Not wanting to waste time, I buried my face between her
jerking legs, cupping her ass with my hands, kneading the cheeks of her ass
with my palms. My tongue parted Chelly's wet folds, sliding slowly and
gently into the tight, warm hole. Chelly moaned out loud, rocking her hips
against me.

I began to lose control, surrounded on all sides by warm, sweet,
contracting flesh. I began fucking her with my tongue, pressing and curling
my tongue back and forth. Chelly was so delicious, a moist, warm treat that
I enjoyed very much. Chelly writhed and moaned, electric energy jumping on
my tongue. She cried out in pleasure, "Joel! Baby, I'm cumming for you!!!"
Soon after, she came for me, hot juices exploding from her wet, sweet

I nuzzled her mound gently, letting her come down from her peak. I lapped
up the tangy sweet juices, and hopes that all would be well, that I had
pleased her. The tang flavor on my tongue should have told me that. I
licked and teased until her hand swept down, stilling me. "Thank you, my
precious." I said, then kissed her, needing no answer from her. I already
had it. I held her close, moving so that our bodies pressed up close, two
joined as one. The night swept us up then, and all was still once more.

The beautiful night. Eternal, strong, beautiful...merciful, pleasurable. I
love the night.

The End

(C) 2002, Kyrah Jade Kayles, Joel Kayles, Chelly DeCorley.


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