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The Boss


The Boss (FMMMM, cons. gangbang)
© 2000by Abelard

[Warning: If it is illegal for you to read sex stuff, my condolences, but
fuck off. The events depicted in this story are performed strictly in the
imagination of a professional. No not try this shit at home. If you read on,
please maintain at least one hand on your controls at all times. If you
wanna’ publish this story for profit, ya’ better ask me first. Finally, tell me
what you think at <<>>.]

Who’s THE BOSS ?

Carol is hard to talk into some things, but I finally convinced her I
was serious. If our relationship was going to continue, it was going to cost
her. She reluctantly agreed to pay my price. So one night I brought over
four of my friends.

The evening built slowly, orchestrated by my direction. The four
other men drank scotch or beer and watched as I ordered Carol to do a
slow striptease. I made her stop frequently to refill drinks, and one of the
other men would occasionally pull her onto his lap and make her kiss him
while he unhooked her bra or slid off one of her stockings.

When she was down to just her flimsy panties, I opened my pants.
Her full jugs swayed above her trim waist and her nicely rounded 30 year
old ass as I ordered her to lap dance on me. I took my pants off and sat in
a straightback chair in the middle of the room. The other men watched as
she ground down on my bare stiff cock. Her cunt felt hot and wet through
the silky panties

Finally we got to the fucking, and I took my time, eating her,
screwing her, making her suck me off. In the end, Carol lay there on the
bed with my cum around her mouth.

When I gave my next order, she looked dazed and confused: "But,
YOU just fucked me, Frank. Now you want HIM to fuck me? I thought
they were just gonna watch."

I grinned. "Not a chance, babe, all four of them are gonna DO you.
Hey, Babe, show my friends what a hot little cunt you are. Make me
proud of you. They want to fuck you in the mouth, and in the cunt, and in
your ass. They're gonna cum all over you. Now, crawl over to John,
Baby, and beg him to fuck you silly and then cum on your face."

The other four men in the room grinned.

Carol fingered herself as she lay there on the bed. Her long blonde
hair was sticky with my cum and tangled around her face. She moaned.
"Oh, God, oh God, oh God. How did I get into this? Why did I agree to
this? What am I gonna do?" Her whole body was shaking.

Then, slowly, she obeyed. As if in a trance, she got up on all fours
and crawled off the bed and onto the floor, ass wagging, over to where
John was standing with his pants open and his rising cock out. Carol
looked up and begged: "Please, John. Please fuck me? Please take me
any way you want? Please cum on my face, cum in my hair, cum in my

Looking up at him from her hands and knees, she said, “I’m just a
bitch in heat. Use me.”

John thew a pillow on the floor in front of her, knelt on it, and
shoved his cock into her mouth roughly. He started fucking her mouth
hard. Carol managed as best she could, gagging a little but then opening
her throat. She just let his big prick fuck her mouth as hard as it would,
ramming repeatedly into her throat. She breathed when she could.
Meanwhile Peter slid off the couch and approached her from behind as
she knelt there on all fours. He shoved three fingers into her cunt from
behind and then used her slime to lubricate his cock. Then he rammed it
home up her tight, wet cunt. He used her like she was a dog. He fucked
her like a bitch in heat.

Up front, John came pretty quickly, spraying long ropes of cum on
Carol's face and over her shoulder onto her back. On her face and in her
hair it mixed with my cum and made a slimy paste.

Carol was moaning, "Oh, god, Oh god, Oh god, Frank, please...
please stop. I wanna stop."

Pete looked questioningly at me, but I said, "Shit, man that's not
the 'safe' word. Fuck the bitch!"

Carol moaned some more, in a daze, "What? Safewooo…? Oh God, oh
God, what am I gonna do? How am I ever gonna...?" Just then Peter
pulled out of her cunt and rammed his meat up her ass. She made a
muffled scream as her head was driven into the pillow on the floor in front
of her.

Peter, too, didn't last long in that tight hot butt hole. He rammed
into her ass and came hard, then pulled out and shot the last couple shots
of his cum up her back. The girl was turning into one cum covered slut.

The other two men, Harry and Jim, had been watching and jacking
themselves off meanwhile. Now they were both pretty close to cumming.
As Carol sat back on her haunches, catching her breath, Jim grabbed her
by the hair and forced his cock into her mouth just as he started spraying
gushers of cum. He got most of it in her mouth, but a lot of it splattered
on her face too. She swallowed what she could.

Then, he clamped his hands on each side of her head, fingers
down, palms over her ears. He swivelled her head roughly to Harry's cock
as Harry exploded into her gasping, cum-drooling mouth. His jizz ran
down her chin and splattered on her tits. The bitch was practically
covered in slime.

I said, "Stand up, cunt. Stand up and bow your head and tell us
you love it all. Tell us you can't get enough cum. You are a guilty bitch
who deserves to be beaten. You wish you had more holes so you could
take even more cocks."

Carol stood, nude and cum covered, looking totally humiliated,
like a slave girl who knows that she has no right even to live. She looked
down at the floor and repeated the things I told her to say. "I am a whore.
I love cock. I should be beaten. Oh, God, I am so bad. I am a worthless

Slowly the men got dressed and left the house with Carol standing
there, head down, nearly motionless for ten minutes.

When they'd all gone, I said, simply, "Okay."

Carol broke from her trance. "God, that was good," she sighed.
"Tonight was SOOO good! I'm gonna be sore, but it was worth it. I hope
we can do it again in two weeks, please, Frank?"

"Not next week?"

"No," she said as her attitude changed into her sharp business tone,
the one she uses as the BOSS of her own electronics firm when she orders
men around all day. "I can't do next week. I have to go to fucking
Milwaukee to put together a fucking regional deal with fucking Wisconsin
Bell." She left the room.

As she returned with a wad in her hand, I said, "Only next time I'm
bringing two men...and a woman." Carol gasped as arousal and
anticipation already began to work on her.

"Oooh," was all she said as she handed me the wad. The wad was
that our continued business relationship cost her. It was the price she had
finally agreed to pay for my professional pimping service. My $1000 fee.

"See you in two weeks then," I said as I headed out the door on my
way home to my wife and children..

The end.



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