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The Broken Arm


Summary: Devon loves Raven enough to take care of her when she's hurting.
Keywords: MF, rom
Author: Chrysoberyl Rosewood
Title: The Broken Arm

The Broken Arm

(MF rom)

by Chrysoberyl Rosewood

May 2001

Note From Chrys:

I sure the hell wish I had someone to do this for me. In fact, since I
broke my arm (completely differently than Raven broke hers, though),
all I've wanted is to be shaved THERE. But it's just not going to
happen. I might just attempt to injure myself more tomorrow when I take
a shower. I HATE HAIR. Anyway. That's sort of gross.

But the story isn't. Enjoy.

<3, Chrys

The Story:

It had been a long day at the office. I was desperate to be home and
lounging in front of the television, but no. It had to be some little
old lady in a boat of a car, looking out from under the steering wheel.
She pulled out in front of me, and although we weren't going very fast,
somehow I managed to half-total my car and suffer from a broken arm.

"Honey," I said to Devon at the hospital. "Remind me to take the keys
away from my mother when she goes blind. I wouldn't want someone else
to suffer the fate that I have just because there are those in the
world who think it's proper for people past the age of 108 to be

He grinned at me and patted my leg as they wrapped my arm in a splint.
"It could be worse, you know," he said. "Her only source of income
could be social security. At least she's a fairly rich old lady who is
going to fix our car."

I rolled my eyes.


"Dear, could you get that for me? I dropped it and I can't lean on my
arm ..." I asked, peering over the side of the couch at the remote

Devon looked at me for a second, then reached down and picked it up and
handed it to.

I began to happily flip through our cable channels. I was doing a lot
more lounging now that my arm was broken in three places. The cast that
it was wrapped up in made sure that my arm was bending in no direction,
whether it be normal or not.

Twenty minutes later, I was deeply engrossed in a rerun of The Fresh
Prince of Bel-Air and I didn't even notice Devon standing at my elbow
until he gently took the remote from me. "What?" I asked. "We can watch
something else-"

"No," he said, grinning. He flipped the tv off, then in one swift
movement, he had swept me into his arms. "I have a better idea."

Completely taken aback at this new turn of events, I laughed nervously.
"Don't drop me, honey. We don't want any more doctor bills."

His eyes glittered as he carried me up the stairs, smiling wanly and
giving me a look. "Don't worry, Raven," he whispered. "Just relax."

Shivers ran down my spine as I stared back into his eyes. He had
something planned, I could tell.

I leaned into his embrace as he continued to clump up the stairs. I
felt his body moving underneath me as the muscles in his legs pulled us
closer to the top. He then continued to our bedroom, pausing
momentarily to flip the light switch in the hall off. Devon gently set
me down on the bed, whispered, "Don't move," and disappeared.

Smiling to myself, I looked around the dim room. I had been laid down
gently on our large king sized bed. Devon had pulled our nightstands
close to the bed and lit candles. They were giving a soft glow to the
bedroom and caused flickering shadows to dance on the walls.

Devon returned with a bundle. He set it down on the only available
space on one of the nightstands and stood back to look at me. "I know
you've been frustrated because you can't do things for yourself ever
since last week's accident, so I thought I would show you how much I
love you for doing something for you that you can't."

I nodded, puzzled, and he said, "Just relax."

I nodded again, and laid back on the pillows he had fluffed up
underneath me. I watched him move around in the candlelight, and he
came closer.

"I'm going to undress you now," he whispered into my ear. His breath
tickled and raised shivers along my spine.

He started by gently sitting me up. He hooked his fingers underneath
the bottom of my shirt. He carefully lifted it halfway up my chest,
then took my broken and bandaged up arm and pulled it up from my body.
He bunched my shirt, then slid my arm out through the arm hole
carefully. He returned my arm to its place, nestling it against my body
again, then his fingers stroked across my face as he pulled my shirt up
and over my head. Finally, he pulled it off the other arm, and
discarded it to the floor. His lips brushed my collarbone and I
shivered again, and he stepped back.

He moved in again encircled me with his arms. I looked into his strong
blue eyes and moved in to kiss him, but he turned his head to the side,
grinning. He unhooked my bra with a quiet snap, then pulled it away
from my body. Up and around the oddly bent elbow one strap went, then
the other came off and onto the floor went my bra.

I sat naked as he drank the sight of me in. I lowered my head, feeling
rather unattractive because of the silly looking bandage, but Devon
raised my chin with his finger. "You're beautiful," he said, "and it
only makes me love you more that you are partially helpless. It means I
get to take care of you, something I want to do. It was part of our
wedding vows and I cherish that." He kissed the top of my right breast,
then the top of my left, and my skin burned with the feel of his lips.
He then kissed my left nipple, then my right nipple, then moved back

Devon gently slid my hips down the bed so that I was lying back against
the pillows again. He softly undid the button on my jeans, then I heard
the whisp of my zipper. With one hand, he coaxed me to raise my hips
into the air, and with the other he slid my jeans down. Onto the floor
with them.

Devon moved close to me again and kissed my stomach. He hooked his
fingers on both sides of my underwear, then pulled them down, never
moving his face that was pressed against my belly. He gently licked my
bellybutton and my center burned in anticipation. He made careful
little kisses around my stomach, trailing up and then down. Finally he
sat back and pulled my underwear off my body and threw it onto the

I was completely naked except for the bandages on my arm.

Devon put his hand on my stomach and rubbed it softly. Burning trails
followed his fingers as he traced a lazy pattern with his fingers,
staring at me. "You're so gorgeous," he said. "Now, I know what you
want right now," that elicited a grin from me, "but you've also been
complaining about some for a couple days now. I want to help with

Quizzically, I looked into his blue eyes, just wanting to lose myself
in their depths while he made love to me. But apparently something
better was coming, and I nodded.

He stood up and walked over to his bundle on the nightstand. As I
watched him, he pulled out lotion, a razor, a can of shaving gel, a
small bowl of water, and a washcloth.

"You told me how difficult it was to shave your legs, and how shaving
anything else was a physical impossibility, at least until your arm can
bend again. So I thought that I would do it for you." Devon's eyes,
always smiling, made a lazy perusal up and down my body. I could almost
feel physical contact, so deep was his gaze.

Devon grabbed my ankles in his hands and scooted my body to the side.
He laid down the large towel where I had been, then quickly moved me
back. I giggled at the suddenness of his movements, and nestled back
into the pillows.

I watched as he squirted a bit of the gel into his left hand, then
started slathering it into foam on my right leg. He spread it nicely
and neatly over my entire bottom leg, then squirted some more in for my
knee and upper leg. When my leg was completely covered in a thick layer
of whiteness, he rinsed his hand in the bowl of water, and reached for
the razor.

I watched as the razor whispered over my flesh, tickling me as Devon
stared at my leg. His movements were precise, making a stripe from my
ankle all the way to my knee, then going back down to widen the stripe.
When he had made it all the way around my lower leg, he rinsed the
razor off and moved to my knee. His eyebrows knit in concentration,
then he slowly swiped the razor over my knee. It became an extension of
his hand and the softness and gentleness of it on my skin felt almost
as though he was caressing my leg.

He continued doing this, up to the juncture where my leg met my trunk
on the outside. Then he rolled my leg so he could access my inner thigh
and swiped it clear of the white foam. Devon then lifted my leg and
razored back until my leg was completely devoid of foam or hair.

Devon then dipped the washcloth into his bowl of water and wrung it
out. He gently wiped my entire leg, making sure he got all the foam.
Then he moved on to my second leg.

As the same process took place, I just leaned back and closed my eyes,
feeling the razor glide effortlessly over my skin and Devon gently
touching me in different places. I was already wet with desire at the
gentle caresses of Devon and the razor, and when he began to spread
lotion on my legs after wiping all the excess gel, I was nearly

I opened my eyes when contact stopped suddenly, to see Devon grinning
at me. "Now to my favorite part," he said, and I felt myself grow

He rinsed the razor off and once again squeezed the washcloth clean of
any foam.

Devon then separated my legs, putting pillows on either side so that my
legs could rest comfortably splayed, giving him easy access.

He reached for the gel again and squeezed a bit into his hand. He set
the bottle down, then gently began to spread it across my bikini line,
which was beginning to grow in over a week's neglect. I sighed under
his gentle caresses, and he whispered, "If you keep making those
delightful noises, I won't be able to concentrate." His eyes danced up
to mine for a moment, then back down to his work.

He put one hand at the bottom to keep my skin taut, then began to shave
me clean. After each swipe, he rinsed it in the bowl. "I don't want to
nick your sensitive skin," he whispered again, and continued the
process across the whole of my pubic area.

When that was completely hairless, he once again took the washcloth and
wiped the gel away. Teasing me, he stroked my left outer lip, lingered,
then broke contact to rinse the washcloth again.

Shortly after that, he was back again, squeezing gel onto his fingers.
Pressing my leg down with his right hand, his left hand smeared the gel
into a foam on my pussy lips. The gel tingled pleasantly against my
skin and I sighed again.

Devon rinsed his fingers, then reached for the razor. My pussy burned
as his fingers moved closer, then they were upon me. He stretched my
left lip taut, then ran the razor over it, clearing all gel and hair
away. He broke contact and I moaned, wanting more of a touch, but
knowing better than to squirm. His fingers were now between my right
lips, stretching them taut, and the razor glided over my skin softly
and erotically. Soon I was completely hairless, but burning in my
center as the gel teased me with its gentle tingling sensation.

"Oh, Devon," I sighed.

I watched as he carefully rinsed his hands off, then rinsed the
washcloth off. He was taking his sweet time, teasing me. I just watched
his hands, as they moved over the nightstand, making sure everything
was in its place, thinking about how they would feel on me.

Devon picked up the washcloth, then moved back to wash the leftover gel
off. He moved carefully over my lips, steering clear of my center,
teasing me, taunting me, as I shifted underneath him. The material
moved pleasantly against my skin, arousing my lips, and then he began
to caress my inner lips.

The washcloth material was bumpy against my skin and created a lovely
friction. Around and around my center he moved, seeming to be careful
to avoid any sensitive spots, teasing me as best he could. Then he
gently, slowly, moved closer and closer to my clitoris and finally
fingered it through the fabric. I watched, enraptured, drinking in the

Devon then grabbed the washcloth by opposite corners, and laid it
vertically on my stomach. With the cloth pulled tight between his
hands, he pulled the washcloth over my stomach and across my clitoris,
down towards my center. The cloth rubbed across my sensitive spots and
I moaned and grasped a pillow with my unbroken arm. The sensation of
the slightly rough washcloth caressing my clitoris was divine, and I
pushed up against it.

Devon brought the washcloth back for a second time, once again pulling
it across my clitoris. I raised my hips to meet it, then lowered them,
raised to meet it, then lowered them. He never broke contact, and I
could see him watching me watch his erotic ministrations.

Devon set the washcloth to the side of the bed and I watched as he
brought his now naked fingers near my center.

He pressed two gently against my clitoris, then used them to pull back
my hood. He looked at it for a moment, then blew gently on it. My hips
wiggled and I quieted them as the warm air caressed my body. He took
his index finger and traced gently around my center. His finger soon
became slick with my juices, which had been flowing since he lifted me
up and out of the chair in a manly gesture that I don't get to see very

Slowly he circled, then plunged one finger into me. He quickly pulled
it out and moved it to my clit, which he fingered for a moment.

Devon then traced a pattern up and away, up to my bellybutton.

I looked into his eyes, and he stuck his tongue out at me, grinning. He
moved in, and his tongue lighted on my now hairless pubic mound. He
traced a circle around and around, then his long tongue glided down
until it was caressing my clit.

I jerked under the sudden contact, but he kept pressing, making small
circles with his tongue. My vagina was clenching and unclenching, like
a hungry little mouth wanting to be fed. His tongue circled my clit,
then traced down between my inner and outer lips, then up the other
side, then across my clit again. I pressed my knees against the bed,
trying to spread myself wider to get him to enter me again.

He made the same pattern again, but not going into my pussy. A third
and a fourth time this happened.

Finally I moaned his name. "Devon, please," I moaned. His fingers took
over, tracing the same pattern that his tongue had while he answered
me, "Please what?"

"Please," I said. "Please."

His eyes sparkled as we stared at one another. I writhed under his

"Please ... what?" he said again.

"Please enter me," I moaned. "Please enter me!"

"Enter you? Like this?" he asked, then plunged one finger into my
pussy. I clamped down on it, bearing down on his index finger as though
I was trying to squeeze the life out of it. My hips jerked again, and I
moaned, "Yesssssss ..."

"But," he said, mischeivously, "I don't think that's what you want
exactly." He pulled his finger out and began to caress my clit with it,
then made the circle of my nether regions again. He then licked my clit
swiftly and came back up. "You," he said, "want something else. Don't

"Yes, I do," I moaned.

"What do you want?" he asked.

"I want," I said. "Your tongue. Inside me. Plesae."

"Oh, right, ok," he said, "So you want me to do what?"

"Mmph," I said, as he stroked my clit, then continued his circle back
down and around my center. "I want you to-"


"I want you to tongue fuck me. Oh, God, Devon, please, just tongue fuck
me," I moaned, jerking my hips once again.

He leaned down again, licking my clit and making little circles around
it. Then he slid his tongue down, down, down, flattened it and then
plunged it into me.

I watched as he bobbed his head against my privates, and I felt his
tongue sliding in and out of me. Slowly he stroked, in and out, and his
fingers joined the rhythm on my clit. My whole body seemed to be
humming as he tongue fucked me, moving in and out at an excruciatingly
slow pace.

"Oh, God, Devon," I said, "fuck me with your tongue, fuck me ... With
your tongue, God, damn it, fuck me ..."

I shivered as he pushed me ever so slowly higher and higher. But, "I
need ... harder ... faster ..."

Before I had even spoken, though, he knew what I wanted. He was
withdrawing his tongue, and instead inserted two fingers into me. I
squeezed against them, feeling their thickness inside of me as they
slipped their way in and out.

Devon's tongue was soon at work again, licking my clit. He sucked hard
on the side of my leg momentarily, then returned to what he was doing.
His fingers were joined by a third, then finally a fourth. I was being
pressed open and apart, and I was moaning underneath his movements.

"Oh, fuck me, Devon, yes," I sighed. His tongue never stopped its
circles, only moving faster now.

His fingers began to dive deeper, moving faster. The sensations were
coming faster and harder now, and my whole body was beginning to feel

Finally he was slamming his fingers in and out of me and I moaned his
name. He pushed me higher and higher and my pussy squeezed hard against
his fingers. My whole body began to shiver as orgasm overtook me. His
tongue bore down on my clit, moving in little circles as I came, wave
after wave of pleasure washing over me as I felt spread open against
his hand. I moaned his name again as I kept coming, and he moved his
tongue gently to the side to allow me the pleasure of orgasm without
being too overstimulated. My whole body shook as I squeezed his
fingers, seeming to pull them deeper inside of me until I was emitting
a low keening.

Finally, my orgasm subsided and Devon gently removed his fingers from
inside me. He continued licking for a few minutes as my body shivered
in the aftershocks of a marvelous orgasm.

Soon he stepped back and pulled a blanket from the pile in the corner.
He shook the blanket over top of me, covering me and blowing out most
of the candles as it wafted downwards. Devon climbed into bed with me,
and pulled my body against his. He leaned over and blew out the last
candle, and we fell asleep in each others' arms.


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