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The Brotherhood2

The Brotherhood Part 2

“....a monster of vaguely anthropoid outline, but with an octopus-like
head whose face was a mass of feelers, a scaly, rubbery-looking body,
prodigious claws on hind and fore feet, and long, narrow wings behind.
This thing, which seemed instinct with a fearsome and unnatural malignancy,
was of a somewhat bloated corpulence... “ H.P.Lovecraft

This was a somewhat accurate description of the”preferred form” of the
Thing that was inhabiting the modified body of the Father-General. It was
indeed of the same “kind” as Lovecraft’s Cthulhu, and yet worse. Cthulhu
supposedly was fiction, the Thing exists in this world, It and Its many
hundreds of siblings.

The small number of the inner circle of the Brotherhood that had seen
that form,would have done anything never to have seen it again. Because to
have actually have seen the Thing in that form meant that one had while it
was angry meant that the viewer would be "used" until both body and soul
were gone.

That’s why, while the Thing was brutally raping the Abbot’s rectum, the
Abbot felt that his luck was still holding.


When the Deacon Superior indicated he was done, Dave freed Nina, who
simply collasped in a heap upon the floor.

“Pick her up and carry her to her room. Dont bother cleaning her up too
much. I may plan to use her again later.”

Dave picked her up, and as he felt the warmth of her body, he felt his
cock harden. He wanted to fuck her her so badly, he was almost ready to
ask the Deacon Superior for permission when an alarm began ringing.......


Why was the Master interested in Nina? Ask yourself, why do pick one
pakage of steaks over another? It was simply a matter of the moment for
the Master. Nina's pain and fear were tasty treats to the Thing that
feasted on Lust, hate, pain and fear. The Master felt It could increase
and intensify Nina's pain, her terror, and thus relieve a little of his

In response to the alarm, the Thing was pleased to see that the Deacon
had arrived promptly. It spokem Its voice grating on the ear like the
smell of rotting flesh in the nose.

"Deacon. do you know Me?"

The Deacon gaped, then his seven foot frame fell prostrate before the
Thing that wore the Father=General's body. "Master!"

"Like the Abbot, you observe well! Do you also submit well?"

"Yes, Master. Command me!"

"Very well. Hear me! I shall inhabit your body. What I feel, you
shall feel. You shall be able to taste and enjoy the fear and horror and
pain you cause your victims the way that I do.You will not know exhaustion,
not shall your cock become soft while I am in you.", the Thing gloated.

The Deacon was filled with joy! "Thank you Master!"

"But," the Master said "When I am done with your body, I shall feast on
your soul! Do you still willingly submit?"

The Deacon did not even hesitate, "Master, I joyfully submit! To live
and die for is all I have ever wanted."

The Thing now turned to the Abbot, who lay exhausted on the floor after
the brutal use of his body. "I am aware of what you desired for Nina. How
you had hoped to watch her be literally fucked to death. How you had
planned to have the 200 Brothers, 800 Friends, and the 50 Visitors brutally
fuck her one after the other. I shall let your desire become reality, with
one exception. Nina shall not escape us through Death!"

The Abbot pulled himself up to a sitting position. He would het to see
Nina suffer? He smiled.

"No," the Thing rasped< "she will not escape Me either thru Death, or
madness. I shall cause her body to be "healed". Though every atom of her
flesh will remember each second of pan, her mind every moment of assault,
as soon as one assualt is done, her body will be restored to the state of

Each man will have the experience of raping a virgin, while Nina is
forced to antipate her fate!"

The Abbot began laughing. Oh this was a far better, far crueler fate
than any he could have imagined! His sadistic heart was well satified.
And so was the Deacon Superior, who joined in the laughter.


Nina lay on the bed, trying to understand what had just happened.
Suddenly, the pain in battered pussy and abused ass simply stopped. Only
the echos of the pain in her mind remained. Tho, she was grateful for the
relief, she sensed that this was not a good omen.

Suddeenly the door to the room banged open, and the huge 7 foot monster
that was now both the Deacon and the Master entered the room and made a
diving leap towards Nina!

She tried to twist over, out of the way, but his powerful hands gripped
her wrists, and forced her on to her back. She felt his massive knee push
between her legs, forcing itself between her thighs; then one of the hands
that was gripping her wrists adjusted itself, so that her upper arm was
pinned against the bed by an elbow, and the hand snatched an agonising
handful of hair. Shescreamed.

Nina felt crushed under the Deacon's heavy, thick body lying on top of
hers; a body like a dead pig. She tried to scream again, no sound would
come out.

The Thing laughed, "I shall truly enjoy using you!"

"Don't", she begged, in a strangled whisper.. "Don't ! I can't take
this anymore!"

The Deacon on top of her only laughed even harder. "You exosy for
nothing at all, nothing at all but to relieve my lust inside you!."

"Oh no," she whimpered, as the Deacons shovel-like calloused hands began
to twist her breasts. She tried one last furious struggle throwing herself
from side to side, tossing her body back and forth. Her slender asscheeks
quivered and jerked as she struggled. But the Deacon, inhabited by the
Master, was far to heavy, and far too strong. He loomed over her, grinning
with evil lust, his hairy chest flattening her breasts.

Now the Deacon was leaning forward, and he forced his mouth on hers,
kissing her hard. She could feel the crown of his enormous penis pushing
against her pussy's entrance, and it felt as if somebody was forcing a
clenched fist up between her legs.

"Please, it's too big," she wept. "Please, you're going to kill me."

"You won't die. I won't let you ever die, even if you beg!"

She felt pain so intense that she thought that her pelvis had broken
apart. Her head jerked upward and the sensation of the swollen head of
it's thick shaft plunging down her virgin pussy made her spine arch
involuntarily. She seemed to truly impaled by the giant penis up inside
her small body as he remoreselessly thrust inside her. Nina's eyes opened
wide, pupils dilated and her mouth open wide. She was hurt too badly to do
anything but shudder and gasp, and she had to cling onto the Deacon's
shoulders to prevent him from thrusting the massively long thick dick too
far inside her. Therewas nothing she could do to save herself, she was
powerless. All she could do was hold on tight to the very creature that
was hurting her so much, and keep her legs stretched as wide apart as she
possibly could, and pray.

Nina's slender body rocked back and forth on the Deacon's thick rod.
Her small breasts crushed and smashed violently with each thrust of his
heavy body between her slim thighs, his huge cock forcing its way deep
inside her now moist depths. The Deacon pounded his enormous penis,
swollen with blood and the Master's power, into her helpless body. Nina
frantically tried to breathe as the Deacon joyfully slammed down hard into
her, pounding and grinding her buttocks into the bed. His bulk was forcing
her thighs even wider apart, as his penis swollen to ever increasing
inhuman porportions rammed and tore its way home again and again into her
tight hot insides.

From the cries the Deacon was making as it stabbed it's bursting penis
into her small delicious body, she believed, hoped, that her ordeal was
almost over. But still her naked body continued writhing and arching with
pain as the Deacon continued to impale Nina with ihis stell hard erection
into the sensitive crevice between her slim thighs.

Suddenly The Deacon cried out and roared and she felt his hard body
tense with power. Then he really began ramming brutally into her, filling
her with a spurting liquid red-hotflood. And still he continued to impale

Finally he slowed, gave a long sigh, and slowly drew his still massively
thick cock out of her, with a noise that she would never forget, liquid and
viscous. She felt the huge man lift himself off her and the bed.

Nina slid her hands down and touched herself between her legs.She was
wet and very sore. She opened her eyes and saw to her horror that the
Deacon's massive penis was fully erect!

The Deacon reached out for Nina and she rolled over onto her stomach,
trying to wriggle forward on her elbows across the bed. But the Deacon
just laughed and seized her thighs in his massive hands and dragged her
back toward him..

Forcefully, he parted the cheeks of her ass with it's calloused fingers,
and placed the head of his monsterous manhood at her asshole. Once again,
Nina's flesh had been restored to a virgin state and the knowledge of the
pain he would soon cause her aroused the Deacon even more.

He wrestled with her, bucking and jabbing at her with his penis. Twice
the thick rod missed her ass and struck her thigh leaving wet smears, and
twice she managed to twist herself away. Then he clambered on top of her
small terror filled body.

Filled with despair, she felt the creature mount her from behind, felt
his breath on her neck, felt the demon powered penis ram between her
asscheeks deep into her ass. The muscles of her thighs stood out and her
body shook from the nervous shock of it's entry, that felt as if she were
being disembowled.

She felt the swollen head of it's massive erection plunging all the way
up her ass with unstoppable force. The Deacon lust hardened cock was was
inside her, deep and urgent and swollen and white hot with lust.

She screamed at the pain, screamed until she tasted bile and her throat
was raw and tears streamed from her eyes and ran into her nose and mouth.
The Deacon laughed as leaned forward over her hunched form and thrust into
her again and again, it's calloused hands slipping around her body to grasp
her small breasts.

Her thighs were stretched as wide apart as she could to lessen the pain
as the Deacon withdrew his cock only to slam it in to the hilt e again and
again. The Deacon thrust savagely into her, gripping the soft flesh of her
hips now, until it could push no deeper.

Faster and faster, it's penis swollen to an impossible size penetrated
her. Her head throbbed from the pain. With a final thrust the Deacon
erupted a lava-like flood in her...she could feel the hot fluid spurting,
the shaft of his enormous cock pulsing in her canal, burniing her a red-hot
bar of steel. like a ball of fire. The pain in her lower regions became
so intense that she slumped to the bed, almost unconscious. The Deacon
withdrew his penis that, while momentarily satified, still fully erect.

The Deacon waited for a moment, waiting for the Master's "healing" to
restore Nina, and again lined his cock ayt her asshole......

To Be continued?

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