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Archived Sex Stories

The Brothers Battle


Rahne sat in her Muir Isle room. Like the rest of the world she was
watching Captain America, Hulk, Storm and others fight for what sounded
like their right to exsist. She wished she could help even if she wanted
badly to be with Havok She would even give that up for her friends. She
thought hard about this, hard enough she didn't seem to notice a glow
behind her as the DC brother sent Catspaw to grant Rahne's wish.

Rahne spun around. If she wouldn't have know better she wouldv'e
thought she was looking in a mirror. Catspaw for her part stumbled from
the shock of being "displaced".

Rahne offered her a hand "here sit down, it'll pass quicker." Catspaw
nodded and sat on the edge of Rahne's bed trying to pull herself together.

"Apparently the brothers dont believe in warning you before yanking you"
Catspaw said.

Rahne giggled "apparently not. I take it you also felt left out?"

Catspaw nodded. Of all the Legionairres people seemed to dismiss her
the fastest, despite the fact she was a very worthy opponent. She looked
at Rahne and wondered why she was brought here.

Rahne looked at April (Catspaw's name). "I take it your not in a
fighting mood."

April shook her head. In fact she was trying to hit on one of the
Legionnaires when she got pulled out of her world so right now fighting was
last on her list.

Rahne sighed and nodded knowing what the poor girl was going through.
She hadn't had one night since genosha where Havok wasnt lustfully in her
dreams, and always just out of reach. It seemed for April and her that
that's how it would always be.


Sensing what his brother had tried to do the Marvel brother decided to
ease the pain of the two women by offering them 2 lovers. Searching around
he pulled Talon and Rancor from their fight and dropped them in Muir Isle.
He also twisted their hate into lust, which was easy enough, but he wanted
to add a twist. Since Rahne and April seemed to be denied love. When
talon and Rancor arrived they were naked and bound, both lusting for each
other, yet unable to reach each other. And since he wanted the ladies to
enjoy themselves he made it so they could only respond to who made love to
them, not who they wanted. They couldn't deny an advance if they wanted.


April and Rahne were startled bu the 2 new arrivals. Even more startled
that Talaon was bound to the bed, while Rancor was bound to the wall. Both
women looked at the pair lustfully. Since Talon had the good fortune to
appear on the bed they decided to tackle him first.

Bothe women stripped out of their respective uniforms and stopped to
look at each other. April's genetically altered cat like body was in mny
ways similar to Rahne's were-form. The two moved closer and kissed.
Letting their arms explore familiar territory they feel on the bed...and

April turned and grabbed Talons shaft. She started licking and teasing
his rod while Rahne flickered and sucked on his balls. Talon whimpered as
the sudden attention flared his lust fire even more. He knew it wasn't who
he wanted but damn it felt good.

Arpil started deep-throating him and running her nails gently down his
furry chest. Rahne for her part had taken to tesing his tail, using it to
brush over her cunt while she sucked him.

Rancor during all this started to squirm. She could feel herself
getting wet just watching these two make love to Talon...but hadn't they
just been fighting?

Rahne heard Rancor's movements and whispered to April. April giggled
and flickered her tounge over Talons shaft while Rahne got up and made her
way to Rancor. Rancor hissed at Rahne, half in lust, half in warning. She
wanted to rip her throat out for taking her man but she also needed

Rahne growled back, pressed her body to Rancor's and bit her neck.
Rancor howled and struggled as Rahne's hickie started to form. The young were-girl also moved her hands down to Rancor's brests and started fondling
them which provided even more pleasure for her.

April peeked out of the corner of her eye to see Rahne's effect on their
other captive and smiled. She took Talon's tail and started gently rubbing
it along her cunt moaning as she did so. Talon felt this and smiled as he
moved it up and into her. April gasped as she found out her captive wasn't
as helpless as she thought. She sucked harder on Talon's shaft causing him
to moan and thrust his tail harder in April's cunt.

Rahne for her part had released her grip on Rancor's neck, leaving a
hickie that would take at least a week to even dim. She had now started
nibbling on Rancors brests, a move that Rancor immediately responded to.
She tried her best to wiggle free to get at this were-lady but her bonds
kept her there. Rahne nibbled and flickered her tounge over Rancors
nipples causing Rancor to gasp and moan and not notice Rahne's hand hand
moved to her thigh.

April raised her head and moaned as Talon thrust his tail as well as he
could. April got up and grabed his tail pulling it out and whispered; "if
you want me that badly all you had to do was ask." With that she lowered
herself on his member with a long satisfying sigh. Talon's eyes closed as
he felt her warm body near his she started to slowly ride him, she was
going to make this last.

Rancor panted as Rahne's clawed fingers slowly traced her inner
thigh...up and down, just coming close enough to her cunt she could almost
feel them inside her. Rahne looked up and giggled "my we are feisty arent

Rancor hissed back. Rahne got a stern look on her face and gently
scratched Rancor's Thigh. "you were saying?" Rancor growled. Rahne
grinned and shoved a clawed finger into Rancor's ass. Rancor howled in
pain, she didn't want that, she wanted her cunt attended to. Rahne fucked
Rancor while she licked slowly down her chest. Rancor was starting to go
over the edge.

April had picked up her pace a bit sensing that Talon wasn't to far off
from climax. She grinned down at him riding him just as many Legionnaires
had done to her. Talon smiled and sensed she would need some help so he
lifted his head as far as he could as started playing with her nipples. He
could feel April get wet immediately. Her panting became heavy as she
started to ride harder on him. Her muscles tightened as he flickered his
tounge over her tender brests. As she approched climax he tickled her ass
with his tail. That did it, April came and kept riding him hard until he
couldn't hold back any more. His orgasm ripped into her and she fell on
top of him.

Rahne had heard the comotion and been fueled even more by Rancor's
raction. Whatever April was doing to their male guest was making this lady
wetter than spring rain. Rahne decided to give her what she wanted, though
not the way Rancor imagined.

Rahne slid her claw out and purred in Rancor's ear..."ever do it doggy
style?" Rancor couldn't see how that would be possible since she was
secured to the wall. Rahne morphed into her wolf form and started licking
Rancor. Rancor howled, this isnt how she planned it. A dog was doing her,
or was it a women, her thoughts were clouded by pleasure as she tried to
squirm free of the wolf's tounge. She could feel Rahne's licking and
nipping her cunt driving her close to orgasm. As she came she saw the wolf
morph back into the were-girl."Told you it was fun."

Part 2.

Change your partner....

Rahne made her way over to Talon as April was coming to. "you know I
think the lady over there would like to meet you.", she said with a grin.
April climbed off Talon and slowly made her way to Rancor as Rahne grinned
down at the feline inhuman. "now what to do with you...."

April lowered herslf down to Rancors waist. The mutant was spent and
half concious so she didn't even notice April approach. April slowly ran
her tounge along Rancor's thigh which got a moan from her. She moved her
way up until she had buried her face in Rancors cunt and started licking
away. Rancor jerked to life panting heavily. She knew this wans't the
were-girl, but man this felt sooo good. She wanted to grab help the girl out but all she could do is move her hips along her mouth.

Rahne for her part had seated herself on Talon's aching cock and started
to ride him. She was determined to drain him of all the cum she could.
Talon howled in pleasent pain. He had come once, and hard. He didn't know
if he could come again. Looking down at her "captive" Rahne turned around
and started licking his balls as she rode him. The effect was
instantanious. Talon's hips bucked ramming his shaft deep inside Rahne as
the were-girl moaned and played with him.

Rancor was doing everything she could to get free. She NEEDED this
girl. April massaged her g-spot with her thumb as she licked her and felt
pre-cum from Rancor. Rancor tried to protest but found she couldn't say
anything. She cried out again as she came and April licked her up.

Seeing her job was done the Marvel brother teleported Rancor back.

Rahne whined as her orgasm flowed through her. She massaged and sucked on Talon's sack forcing the inhuman to come hard again filling her deep.
Rahne lifted her head moaning and feel off him to the floor. With that
Talon was transported back as well.

Part 3:Parting kiss

Rahne looked up wearily at her new friend April. April crawled over and
hugged Rahne. The two looked at each other and giggled wearily. "I can
offer you a place to rest if you like"

April nodded as the climbed up opnto Rahne's bed, exahsted from their
ordeal. Rahne looked over at the cat girl, her chest was rising and
falling fast from panting. Rahne couldn't bear it. She leaned over and
started licking at April's nipple. April grinned and sighed, her breath
keeping erratic.

Rahne got up and layed down on April. The two were now able to please
each other. Rahne traced her fingers along April's thigh while April
massaged Rahne's g-spot. Rahne fell forward digging her claw-nails into
Aprils leg. Rahne then bent her head down and started sucking on April
clit. April gapsed and massaged faster trying to beat Rahne to the punch.
The two women climaxed together and passed out on the bed.

The brothers looked at each other. No one won this round, but April was
now pregnant. The first Marvel/DC child would soon be born...
---------------------------------------------------------------------- pt.2
Encounter #2 Multiple man vs Triad

(ok...for fun I'm using the Multiple man with the legacy virus...yeah
I'm warped I know :) )

Triad sat in her Legionnaire chambers. It seemed like the whole
universe went mad in the span of 24 hours. Not only was the "are we alone"
question answered, but now they knew there was a whole NEW universe. What
shook her is her family, friends etc. apparently don't exist in this
alternate. She thought about this. Would it phase her quite so bad if
there wasn't currently a fight for her universe's existance? Turning the
media viewer off and placing her head in her hands she realized she didn't
honestly know....

A mirror step away in X-Factor's headquarters Jaimie sat thinking.
Since he got the Legacy virus he had been wishing for a quick death. A lot
of mutants seemed to wither away from it and he could see it happining more
when he tried to replicate. The dupes were tired or confused. He picked
up the paper and read the title. HULK VS SUPERMAN. He sighed. Even in
TWO universes there isn't anyone who can make the pain go away?


The brothers decided to let these two comfort each other while the war
raged on.

Setting: a 3 bedroom cabin on the edge of both universes.

Multiple man and Triad get *POOFED* by their respective brothers into
the dwelling. They both stumble around a bit before noticing each
other.Triad in defense triplicates, Jaimie tries to duplicate but passes

A short time later Jaimie wakes lying down on a couch. Triad is over
him with a concerned look on her face. "I was wondering if you were ever
going to come around."

Jaimie sat up a bit stiff and sighed "Sadly I guess I did. Who are you
if I might ask?"

Triad smiled and offered her hand "The names Triad and you?"

Jaimie half smiled and shook the ladies hand. "They call me Multiple

Triad looked around. "So where are the rest of you?"

Jaimie laughed. For the first time in a long time he laughed. It felt
so good. He smiled and pointed to himelf. "They're in here." With that he
hit his fist down against the couch startling Triad, but not as much as the
"Hello" from behind her from another Jaimie?!

She laughed. "Neat trick. how many of you can you be?"

Jaimie shrugged "I've had as many as 100. It's not hard since they all
act independant while their alive. After a while they merge back with me."
Triad nodded and smiled. Before Jaimie could blink there were 3 of
her?! "You're not the only one who can pull off that trick."

Jaimie laughed again. "But with you its just the three..."

One of the Triads got a funny look on her. "Oh only just 3 huh? like 3
of us can't handle 1 of you?"

Jaimie thought abouth this. Considering how weak he was hell 1/2 a
Triad could whoop his butt right now with 1 arm tied behind her back.

"OK ya got me on that one."

"Rather though WE did. Now then since we're here and it's quite obvious
who sent us, what happens? You're in no shape to fight."

Jaimie got a horified look on his face. She was from the other
universe. This was the brothers doing, and he could hardly stand.

Jaimie sat up and put his head in his hands and started to sob. Triad
merged back and sat next to him letting him rest on her shoulder. "I'm
closer to home than I thought. What's wrong?"

Jamie thought of explaining the Legacy virus to her, but how. What do
you use to explain a killer to anything non human? PANIC! He's a carrier
and of this lady can triplcate, she is DEFINATELY not human. She could be
threatened just by being around him. He sighed. He knew so little, and
time wasn't a ally.

Jaimie cleared his throat. "The fact is I'm dying. My own "gift" is
killing me."

Triad looked at him with a glimmer of sadness and a form of respect.
She had not given a second thought to her planet blowing up until this
started, and here is someone who lives on the edge of oblivion, and all he
wanted to do for his universe was try and defend it.

Jaimie got up trying to clear his thoughts. "I'm sorry for being so
morbid. Look all they want is a winner. It's obvious your in better shape
so I concede. I'm not worthy to even be around."

With those words a fire lit in Triad. She split and yelled at him.
"DON"T YOU DARE SAY THAT!" One Triad lunged at him, he instinctively dodged
and felt a fire start to burn in him, it was small but it was there. He
hit his fist and to his suprise the Jaime was ready for action.

attacking Triad. The other Two Triad's and Jaimie watched on as the two
went through the living room, The dining room...etc. Jaimie was amazed.
This dupe had the same fire he had. Somehow the fire he felt had subdued
the virus effects. He chuckled to hear one of the triads cheering on his
dupe. He almost burst out laughing when said Triad got waylayed by a
tomato from the kitchen (aka curent warzone) from the fighting Triad. The
fighting Jaimie took long enough to laugh before the Triad punched him so
hard he flew right back into Jaimie. Jaimie fell back half in pain half
laughing. The Triads merged leaving Triad giggling at what had happened.

The two spent a pleasent evening talking about their past "super hero"
lives before retireing to seperate rooms.

Day 2:

Triad awoke to find Jaimie in front of the TV. Apparently the only
thing the tv would show were the current battles and any news, bets ,
parodies relating to said event.

"Who's winning?" Said Triad as she came out for her morning coffee. She
was still in her robe and sat next to Jamie who held a pad in his hand.
"According to this it's a tie....Captain America and Batman decide the

Triad shiverd. To come this close to total nothingness....

Jaimie looked at her and wrapped a blanket around her. "It has been
changing around here. I've thought I've see reports on tv of poeple I
should know, but there is something not quite right."

Triad crossed her legs and curled up in the blanket. "Could we be in
another universe still?"

Jamie shrugged "Who knows anymnore."

They spent a good part of the hour watching the news.

Triad dissapeared after a commercial, presumably to goto the bathroom,
but Jaimie hadn't seen her in a few minutes. Carefully walking into her
room he knocked on the door. No answer. He bit his lip. Considering what
the news had been saying, these "amalgams" of who they thought they knew,
someone could have grabbed her.

He peeked in the door, no one there. He walked in only to be jumped
from behind by a giggling Triad. A second Triad pushed him in a shower
straight into a third.

"Now let's see if we can beat the multiple man..." Triad said. She was
naked in the shower letting her hands wander over Jaimie's chest. Jaimie's
mind raced. He should tell her so much. Triad pressed her lips to his,
and Jaimie forgot all of what he was going to say.

It didn't take long for his clothes to come off. Triad turned on the
shower letting the hot water run over her. Jaimie found him self staring.
He had been without a companion for quite a while. Triad smiled and placed
his hand below her brest on her heart. "This is where you are right now,
and I don't think even I need to say where I want you."

Jaimie couldn't help but giggle at that. Triad grinned and backed into
him wrapping his arms around her waist. The moments peace was broken by
and quiet moan. Jaimie peeked out and saw the other two Triads were making
love to each other! Triad giggled. "Well what do you expect? I have 3 to
please at once."

Jamie grinned and hit his fist against the wall twice. Two naked
Jaimie's appeared outside the shower, and since he had made them after
seeing the Triad's they were both aroused. The Triad's looked up and
pretended not to notice, instead continuing on with their love making. One
of the two Jamies approached the Triad's. (note: they are in 69 just for
lack of any other positions right now). He knelt down behind the Triad on
top. The lower Triad looked up and giggled still licking away. Jaimie
decided to suprise her by joining in. The second Triad started to pant as
she now had two toungs on her. The second Jaimie motioned for himself and
soon all three were eating out the now helpless Triad.

The Triad in the shower was shuddering from the backlash her "triplet
was recieving, the slow massaging of her g-spot from the Jaimie in the
shower with her wasnt helping much either.

The 2 Jaimies continued, with the help of Triad #3 to torture Triad #2.
One of the Jaimie's decided to pull away, allowing the other Jaimie and
Triad more room, or so the other Triad thought. The other Jaimie slammed
his cock in Triad #3. Triad #3 howled in suprise stopping her licking and
allowing the Jaimie total acces now to Triad #2. Jaimie started ramming
Traid #3 who was panting early since her and #2 had been going at it before
this. Triad #2's breath was getting heavy now as she laid on her stomach
letting Jaimie lick her out. Jaimie saw what his other self did and
decided "well one down 2 to go". He stood still massaging her cunt. Triad
#2 got read for him, but was caught off guard as he plowed into her ass.
Both Triads were at Jaimies mercy as he had both pinned down and was
fucking them till the passed out.

The shower Triad sensed this and decided to beat Jaimie to the punch.
She dropped to her knees and started sucking away on his shaft. The sudden
burst extasy overwhelmed Jaimie. He started panting and gasping for breath
in the hot shower as the talented women teased him. She had him on the
edge of orgasm when something went wrong, Jaimie hit the wall.

The two Jaimie's looked at their new even more horney brother. The
Brother decided to help "fill" the opening in Triad #2. Now the poor Triad
was getting both openings slammed into.

Jamie hit the wall again and again....

By the time he came and they made it out of the shower the other two
Triads were sucking and being fucked by 6 Jaimies. Jaimie looked horrified
and tried to get them to stop. One of them pushed him down in the shower
knocking him out. Then the two who up until then had been recieving
blowjobs by Triads #2 & 3 approached #1. She looked up worried as they
slid into her and started in their fun.

Day 3:

Jaimie woke up to find Triad's door closed and locked. He couldnt blame
her. It had happened many times before. His lust gets out of control and
he ends up hutring those he wants to love. He sat down in the living room
and cried.

When the news came on that the Amalgam world was born Jaimie and Triad
looked out their window. The brothers had destroyed everything they
would've fought for, and now left them to be sole witnesses to the
aftermath. --------------------------------------------------- Encounter
3: Death and Blink Blink felt space warp around her as she and the phalanx
dissapeared. Oddly enough she ended up in what appeared to be a apartment?
This was strange enough. Had she survived? How was that possible, and
where was she if she had? "I wish I had some answers for you," a voice
said behind her,"the fact is i don't quite know how you made it to my home
myself." Blink turned around to see a lovely young lady dressed in a black
outfit and some weird necklace. "Who are you?" Blink asked cautiously.
"Well...names are tricky. People can't seem to decide on a name for me.
Would you like something to drink?" Blink nodded as Death offered her some
coffee. You still haven't mentioned your name." Death chuckled as she
finished her sip. "Your right I haven't. Well if you must know I am
Death." Blink chocked on her coffee setting down and trying to control
herself. "You mean I didn't survive the attack?" "I'm afraid not, though I
am puzzled as to how you ended up in my domain. You should've ended up in
your own dimensions realm of the Dead. Must be this stupid battle again.
I'm finding people dead from it all over." Blink composed herself and
looked oddly at her hostess. "What battle?" "You didn't know? Hmmm, you
must've been in limbo when it hit. The creator of the universe your in now
and the universe you died in have started a "who's better" fight.
Apparently to gather energy they've dispersed the limbo dimentions. Well
since you are finally here we might as well make you comfortable. First
off we need to get you out of that uniform since it seems to be infected.
Hmmm there is a shower and there will be a robe waiting for you so you can
freshen up. I'll see that there is a room for you." Blink tried to follow
all this and decided that a shower would probably help put everything in
perspective. She reached the shower and turned the water on. The steam
felt good, though she couldnt be sure what her situation is going to lead
to. If she was dead, why was this women here? Was she a hostess, a guide?
Only time would tell her that. Blink finished her shower and found the
robe there as promised. She slipped into it and stepped out to find the
lady drinking her coffee and watching what appeared to be a tv. "Feeling
better? I know it's a primitive form of communication but it still is one
of my favorites. Besides I thought I would pick something you were
familiar with. This is tuned in to information relating to the battle."
"What happens to you if your "creator" looses?" Death sat and thought about
this. "I suppose I will end up dying like my universe. Thought has
occured to me though I honestly hope they decide to drop this stupid fight
altogether. Now then, I believe you still owe me a introduction." Blink
smiled as she sat at the couch. "My name is Clairice Ferguson, my friends
call me Blink." Death smiled, "Well Blink you are free to use the TV. I
have some work to attend to, but I'll be back shortly." Blink looked at the
TV. "How does it work?" "Just take the remote, think of someone and click
the button. I'll explain more when I get back." Blink nodded as Death left
for her gallery.
----------------------------------------------------------------- Shortly
after leaving the young mutant in her realm, Death had called a family meeting of the Endless. Death:"Well I suppose you all know what is
happening to our universe. We all supposed we would dissapear with it when
it went." Dream: "We didn't suppose sister, we know." Death:"Do we? one of
the people from the alternate universe happened to stumble into my realm of
Death. For reasons unknown I can't send her back." Destiny: "This is
desturbing news sibling, though what help is that to us should our world
die?" Death:"From what I've learned the young one is a highly advanced
teleporter. Advanced to the point she could teleport us into her world or
whatever universe we want. We could pick a young fresh universe and start
again..." The 6 thought this over in silence. No one had ever quiestioned
that when their universe would die they to would, now they have a chance to
insure survival. Destiny: What of this universe? Would we not be
condemning it by abandoning our realms? What if the moment of defeat when
we leave our universe is spared? Could this young one bring us back?
Death thought about this. she hadnt honestly considered that. "I don't
know." Destiny:Then I'm afraid I must decline the offer. Dream: As I must
to sister. I cannot leave the dreaming especially when there is no
guareente of my return. Death looked to the other three.. Desire:It would
be shape a new universe...but I'm afraid I have duties here which
require my attention. Despair for her part shook her head no. Delerium
Said it would be nice to play in a new place, but she would miss her
dog...then she wondered where her dog was... Death sighed and left. She
wanted her family to live, she wanted something of her universe to survive.
Death left the meeting for her realm again to see how her guest is doing.
-------------------------------------------------------------------- Blink
had decided to surf around on her "spy TV". She looke in on Gen-x and was
happy to see they had made it out alive. She checked on family and
friends, etc.. Then she decided to check on Death. She was startled by a
voice behind her. "Do you want to see the Death you met or the Death who
the world knows?" Blink spun around to see the most perfect being she'd
ever seen. She couldn't teel it's gender but it didn't matter to
her...this person was perfect! "I am Desire. Let me show you how I left a
version of Death." Before Desire could change the channel Blink asked, "a
version?" Desire chuckled. "Young lady, Death is everywhere for everyone.
There are millions of her though out space and time. The one you met is
here because you died and happened to end up here. How is a mystery we are
working on." Blink was wondering that herself. "So you are Desire? What
could Desire do to Death?" Desire laughed. "Why trap her of
course."(Author's note see Trap of Desire also archived here under DC
universe.) Desire held up a video tape. Blink sat through watching
everything Death and Jackie went through at the hands of Del and Desire.
"The funny thing is they are still tied there. Neither will die since
death is already there unable to grant her lover her touch, and death
herself cant leave until she does. So its a stalemate." Desire flipped the
channel to show two female bodies. They looked drained though she could
see their hips spasming and here slight crying from them. Blink looked in
shock at Desire. "How could you do something that cruel? I though Desire
was about love." Desire laughed..."Desire is Desire, and answerable to no
one, remember that." With that Desire kissed Blink and dissapeared in
smoke. Blink shuddered. Though she didn't understand it she looked back at
the two women. She was going to help.
-------------------------------------------------------------------- Within
seconds she was in the bedroom. She could tell the two had been there a
while from the odor of sweat in the air. If Desire was right all she had
to do was untie one of this version of Death's hands. She moved forward to
the binds and managed to loosen it enough to where Death could move.
Unfortunately the time she spent in bondage along with the energy spent on
god knows how many orgasms had weakened her to much to life her arm. Blink
saw this and touched her arm, lifting it up to Jackie. In a second she was
back in Death's realm. Death was there watching the tv. She walked over
to the young mutant and hugged her. "Thank you. I didn't know if I would
ever be free again." Blink looked at her, " weren't in the were here." Death nodded. "what affects one affects us all in
some small way. Every orgasm, every wave of fear and helplessness...It had
been going on long enough." Blink thought about what that must've been
like. every sensation rippling through countless others who were equally
helpless. Death looked again at the TV. She picked up the remote and
clicked a button. The scenes of her and Jackie played on the screen
followed by a sigh. "Ya know in the families defense they did warn me, but
hell it's not like they never take lovers. I guess I'm doomed to only be
seen by those I touch." Blink's eyes light up then. "I touched you, does
that count?" Death sighed and nodded smiling slightly. "Yeah it does,
unortunately it also means since you have officially died here there is no
way to get you home." Blink turned to the tv which was now shoing her
firneds. She would never see them again? She looked down and thought it
over. "It was for a good cause wasnt it?" Death nodded and held her hand.
Blink smiled as they turned to watch the news of the battles. Encounter 3b
Death and blink cont.

Death came out with some tea as Blink sat in her robe watching the
events unfold from the battle. It seemed as if no matter how things turned
out there would be no clear winner.

"More depressing news?" Death asked.

Blink nodded. She wondered why Death would ask since it would seem like
she would know, but since it wasn't only her universe but Blink's as well
Death was just as scared as she was.

"It sounds like it's a tie right now. The next one decides it."

Death had to be honest, she was worried. She knew someday she would
truely die, and not like she did once a century, heck all she did then was
become human for a day and go home. This time there would be no home to
return to.

"How are your friends holding up?" Death asked.

Blink actually hadn't thought to check. "Well I know Jubilee is
fighting in this, apart from that I don't know."

"Hmm, shall we see how she is doing?"


Death clicked the remote to find Jubilee and Robin flash on the screen.
Jubilee was tied up and Robin was leaning down to kiss his "capture".

"Ummmm....I think Jubes lost." Blink said.

"Did she? She seems to be getting her man."

Blink looked again. Jubilee and Robin were now kissing quite deeply and
Robin had begun exploring her bound body.


"Does this make you uncomfortable?"

"Well I kinda feel like a peeping tom ya know"

"Ok then, you use the remote."

Blink took the remote and clicked. She was thinking about her Gen-X
friends when she did. To her embaressment it showed M in the shower with
Husk! Blink's eyes locked on the screen as Husk massaged M's breasts. She
could feel herself gettingh warm, but this isn't what the remote was
suppose to show...was it?

Death smiled and silently moved next the the lavender skined lady. She
placed her hand on the young ladies lap. Not suprisingly Blink looked at
her, though the look did suprise her a little. She was in love.

"The other use for this remote is that it shows you what you want...and
I think I'm getting the idea."

Blink turned back to the tv and tried in denial to change the channel.
The next scene up was one of Black cat and Mary Jane. They were apparently
comforting each other since spidey was off fighting. Death looked at the
TV and smiled. Blink's breathing was getting a little heavy.

Death took the remote leaving the tv on to help the first time out.
Leaning over she slid her hand under Blinks robe and massaged her breast.
Blink wasn't so much as suprised as relieved when this happened. She let
out a sigh and leaned back. What she found odd was Black cat was now doing
everything to Mary Jane that Death was to her.

She watched as The white haired vixed pulled Mary Janes robe off her
shoulders and felt her own robe follow. She also felt a tingle of
anticipation when cat first tasted MJ's nipple. A rush of excitement went
through her as de felt Death at her breast gently sucking.

What was happenening next she couldn't quite tell because Death had
begun to Move her fingers along her thigh. Blink was lost in a dream now.
She had died before making love and wondered how it would be.

Death stood and took her top off proceeding then to kneel between Blinks
legs. Blink tried to see what was on the tv as she couldn't imagine this
was happening to her, but a gentle move of Deaths hand revealing her
untouched gender proved it was. Death had a few things to show her though.
Death leaned up and sucked her breast while she rubbed her own nipple
against Blinks warm cunt. The young mutant was suprised by this as now tv and real life weren't the same. In fact Black cat had tied Mary Jane's
hands behind her with her robe and was now using her fingers on the
helpless redhead.

Blink didnt know what to do except be turned on by the stimuli she was
receving from around her. Death slowly ran her tounge across her nipples
and made her way down her lavender belly.

Blink was scared when Death reached her mound untill she felt the first
blissful lap of Death's tounge against her. When that happened any other
resistance was now gone.

Death spent the next few minutes eating out the young mutant,building
her up to a climax.

Before she could come however death stood up and slid out of her pants.
"you didn't think you would get out of this without doing anything did
you?" Blink gulped and looked hungily at her lover. She wanted her yes but
had never done this before. Death tooke her hand and stood her up."go slow
at first...". She leaned over and kissed Blink deeply letting her tounge
explore the young ladies throat. Blink was suprised but did the same and
found it turned her on a bit. As they kissed Death removed Blinks robe.
Blink felt a cool rush of air as her body was now naked she tried to pull
back and cover herself, but Death pulled her body into her and they fell to
the floor.

Death rolled over letting Blink be on top for now. Blink looked down
and decided the best place to start was the top. She nevrously licked at a
nipple. Death smiled. Thinking she was on the right track she sucked on
it gently. She found if she sucked right she could still use her tounge on
the nipple to. This seemed to have a immediate effect on her new lover.
Blink moved a cautious hand up to Deaths other nipple and started playing
with it. Death started to gasp as the young lady started to learn how to
please a woman.

Death gasped in pelasure as Blink nibbled and nursed on her breast. She
could feel herself getting hot and knew Blink ws on the edge already.
Death gently too the hand massaging her tender nipple and started guiding
it down her body. Blink knew what she wanted. As if on automatic pilot
the lavander fingers traced their wy down to Death's cunt and started
massaging it.

Death moaned. She had forgotten how wonderful a touch could be. Maybe
she would keep Blink with her.

Blink, now satisfied that one nipple was suficiently tender moved to the
other. Her delecate tounge and fingers started playing Death like a
instrument, and as she started nibbling on Death's other tender breast she
got courageous and poked her finger inside her lover.

Death gasped. Blinked sat up, scared that she had hurt the woman.
Besides she was a mutant, what felt good to her may be painful to someone

"Did I hurt you??"

Death smiled. "Not at all. IT felt wonderful. Would you like to

Blink responded with a grin. Death closed her eyes expecting her
nipples to get hit again and was unprepared as the nervous mutant not only
slid her finger in her, but her tounge as well!. Death moaned in pleasure
giving Blink all the prompting she needed that this was indeed pleasent as
she worked over her cunt with both finger and tounge.

Death squirmed under her lovers caress moaning. She had never had it
this good. She sat up long enough to motion to Blink that she wanted to
eat her out as well. Blink manuvered into the upper part of the 69 and
continued to lick away.

Death now not only hot and excited but smelling her lovers scent buried
her face inside her and licked away. Blink shddered as a wave swept
through her of pure lust. She felt her untouched sex now being battered by
a tounge that wouldnt stop.

Death came first moaning into her lover. Her hips bucked riding the
finger and tounge that gave her so much pleasure. She tasted the precum of
the young mutant and decided this one would be special. As blink lapped up
her lovers juice, she felt the familiar sense of a finger in her, then
another. Death kept her other finger in the wetness enough to lube it and
slid it in the young girls ass as she fingered both and lapped up the

Blink's orgasm was powerful. She could feel it cut through her like a
knife as she yelled and shook. When Death was done Blink was shivering on
top of her.

"It feels wonderful dosen't it."

Blink wearily nodded. Death turned around as the young lady passed out
on her to watch the rerun of their love making on her TV.
---------------------------------------------- Well i decided to let blink
and death join in the fun (hey ive had crushes on em both for years LOL)
and left a openeing to where i can pull in anyone i want yet, provided
either blink dosent wear out from exhaustion or they can make their own
way. >:) Brothers battle 4 the merger begins Death,blink,Catspaw and Rahne
Death continued to watch the tv even after her love woke up and went for
another shower. From what she was seeing, NEITHER universe would survive.
It was up to her and Clairice to fix this. She had seen someone called
Access, if she could reach him in that new universe. She turned off the tv and made her way to the shower. It was a fairly large shower with a spray
head you could grab hold of and wash yourself. Death found it good for
stiff backs and shoulders as she could sit and run the water over her back
and not have to stand under the shower. It also had another use which she
was going to show her lover. Blink turned as Death stepped in and took
some soap. "Just in to freshen up." she said innocently. Blink smiled and
gave her a gentle kiss before turning back to her own body. Death bit her
lip and walked to her hugging her so Death's breasts pressed into Blink's
back. "I need you to help me." Blink was confused for a second.
"help?...How?" "I need to get to the new universe. Unfortunately it will
take a surge of power greater than you can normally make, even if your
angry." Blink thought about this as Death grabbed the spray
attachment."Then how can I help?" Death turned on the water and pressed the
attachment into Blink's cunt and whispered, "Because if you use it as you
cum we can make it." Blink yelled in suprise as bullets of water pounded
her cunt. It was still tender from their love making and she could already
feel her orgasm building. "Focus my love...FOCUS." Blink tried to focus on
the new world. Oddly enough she found Rahne was already there. It gave
her a good target. They had never met but she new her from reputation. As
her orgasm built the picture became sharper and as she climaxed Death
grabbed her as a BLINK rippled through her body. Rahne and April were
camped out at what they thought was Muir Isle. They felt a melding of
sorts a while ago and now nothing on the news seemed to make sense to
either of them. They periodically looked out the window for intruders, but
no one in this new world seemed to know, or for that matter care, about the
genetic lab. April had been sick a lot lately to which had Rahne worried.
Maybe she wasnt handling this merging to well? As April excused herself to
find some breakfast, Rahne felt a force center in the room. A wave of
energy slammed her into the wall as Blink and Death fell into the room
shivering from the cold. Rahne ran over to the new arrivals. "What
happened to you?" Blink looked up and saw Rahne either didnt know her or
know of her. this wasn't suprising as she wasn't a x-man long. As Blink
and Death dried off they explained how Clairice had managed to fall into
DC's world and how they managed to break into this one. Rahne tried not to
show her blush. "Ummm...interesting way to travel." Death gigled a moment
before thinking."The only way we could've made it is if there was a anchor
for both of us. Is there someone from my universe here as well?" Rahne
nodded as April walked in. Rahne filled her in and then explained their
experince along with what has happened since. Death looked at april
concerned. She moved her hand to April's belly."May I?" April nodded.
Death got a grim look on her face. "This is bad. Though I admire the
brother's for wanting to please you, Talon apparently impregnated you."
April dropped her food in shock. "WHAT?!" Death nodded. "I'm afraid it
gets worse. With your child in you, your an anchor for both world's.
Anyone from either can enter, if they know how." The four thought about
this. The possibilities for fighting were scary. They turned on the tv to
see if anyone else had come in and suprised to see the "new" brother was
showing them Triad and Jaimie. After both were identified the four women
tried to find another topic as it appeared they caught them in lovemaking.
Blink had come twice and watching this only made her hot again. Death for
her part was hot due to only being able to get Blink off to make the trip.
April and Rahne hadn't made love for a couple days and this had them both
turned on. The four looked at one another and without saying a word picked
partners. Blink and April lied down on the bed while Death and Rahne took
the couch. Blink and April wasted no time 69ing, though once in that
position they took things nice and slow. April teased the lips of Clairice
with her cat like nails and flickered her tounge across her ass. Death was
being eaten by a very hungry Rahne who couldn't stand to wait. Death
whispered in Rahne's ear and the young women giggled. Rahne changed into a
wolf, as did Death. Though Death had become a male wolf. Death the
proceeded to "chase down" her lover with all the playfull yips and snarls
that go along with it. Blink Was starting to probe April's cunt with her
fingers when she felt her orgasm build again. This time she had a
problem...She could see Triad and Jaimie in her mind! She wanted to stop
but it felt so good. She wondered if she could bring them here? April
slid her finger inside Clairice's ass and licked away at her lips making
the mutant's power build even faster. Death wasn't aware because she had
pinned Rahne and was doggy-style mating with her. Death came and fell back
just as Clairice plunged her fist into April and yelled in orgasm opening
the portal that pulled a suprised Jaimie and Triad into Muir Isle.
Encounter 4b the merger begins (cont...)

Triad and Jaimie stumbled naked into the middle of the group. Clairice
withdrew from April to catch her breath letting April slide her off and
greet Triad with a deep kiss. Triad, knowing April was forward, but not
that she was bi (though there was a rumor about her and shrinking Violet),
tried to step back from it but April pulled her closer.

Jaimie had been pulled out of Triad during the teleport and was now
looking up around. for his part he saw a female dog, a lady who hade pale
white skin, another with crayon lavender, one who had almost fur type skin
and then Triad.

The furry lady motioned Triad to come with her. Triad asked her to wait
as she split into her 3 parts, one going off with April towards Rahne and
Death, the others making their way toward Jaimie.

Death looked up at the two as April lowered Triad onto her mouth. Death
got hot just watching the cat girls tounge work it's magic.Then Death
grinned and whispered in Apil's ear. April let out a muffled response as
Death asked Triad to keep April's legs spread. Death then whispered to the
still wolf formed Rahne.

Rahne growled as April tried to close her legs. Triad wouldnt have it
as she kept them open for the young wolf. Rahne made her way over and
buried her muzzle deep in April's sex and started to lap away. April
struggled and tried to eat out Triad faster hoping the effect would loosen
her grip. Triad for her part was starting to pant heavily and was leaning
on Aprils legs for support.

While this was happening the other two Triad's were over giving Jaimie
the best head he'd gotten ever. They both alternated between his cock and
balls making sure he would come hard and fast. Jaimie looked down at them
while he felt his shaft swelling and looked over to Clairice. She was just
starting to move. The first thing she saw was aparently twins sucking off
a man.

Now keep in mind, Clairice had never been with a man before. She sat on
the edge of the bed and watched the twins as they worked their magic on the
helpless Jaimie. Moreover she watched jaimie's face, he looked so happy.
As jaimie was about to cum Clairice shoved the twins out of the way, pinned
Jaimie down and lowered herslef on top of him.

Death looked over at her lovers apparent new aggresive streak and
smiled. She turned to the three way next to her and laid down on her back
sliding just under the wolf. Gently lowering Rahne's hind quarters to her
she licked the wolf out hearing a immediate whimper from the poor beast as
Rahne wasn't used to this in wolf form. Death decided to treat her even
more by probing her with a gentle finger as her tounge circled Rahne's
small sex. The wolf whimpered as its muzzle was still buried in april's
cunt and now she was trapped.

Clairice lowered herself down and flet a rush fill her. This wasn't
like anything she'd been through before. She felt even more excited when
she felt he twins sucking at her brests. They nursed her like children as
she started gasping and riding harder, trying to get the most of this new
experience. She found herself thinking of Jubilee. The joke was there
wasn't a X-man she hand't done. Clairice couldn't figure it out then, but
she could now.

As if on command a picture slowly formed in her mind. She could see
Storm eating out Jubilee while Wolverine took her from behind. Clairice
chuckled think it was a figment of her imagination.

Death had taken to masturbating herself as she was licking the juices
from the young wolf up. Rahne tried to howl out but was forced to whimper
as she was still trapped in April who had come twice already and was going
for 3. Triad for her part had just finished coming and fallen back so now
even if April wanted she couldn't close her legs to Rahne's advances.Arpil
had to be content with licking the still body of Triad, which would shuuder
as she came again and again. When Death felt her orgasm flow through her
she finished licking up the young wolf and sat up helping Ranhe pull out of
April and started petting her gently. April for her part was shaking like
someone was electorcuting her. And triad was out for he count.

Cairice saw the picture get shaprer in her mind as Jaimie's cock slammed
in her time and again. She could see Storms tounge glide over Jubilee and
her her cries of passion as Wolverine slammed into her time and again. It
was then the twins decided to help. They grabbed Clairice gently by the
hips and set a even faster pace for her. Clairice couldn't believe they
would do this! She was on the brink when they did and this just made her
head for it like a train. She felt a new sensation before coming though
this time. It felt similar to what happened with Death in the shower.
Then she realized Jaimie was coming! He shot is load in her and it set her
off harder than ever. Not only did Wolverine, Storm and Jubilee end up
getting blinked in with them, but the orgasm she had put a new hole in the
far wall. -----------------
------------------------------------------------- Encouter 5...Rallying the

Blink was passed out in her room from the latest orgy which had brought
the new arrivals Triad and Jaimie, and, through her own doing, Jubilee,
Storm and Wolverine. To make sure people slept they all took seperate
rooms. Blink was awakened by, oddly enough herself?

"Hello stranger."

Blink looked at herself. It WAS her. For some reason she was in a
robe, but it was her.

Shaking her head trying to piece this together she asked "Is this a

The new Blink laughed and sat on her bed. "Fraid not. In my universe I
ended up in what is called the Inbetweeners realm, the realm of all
possibilities. Since this realm is now part of that with you, Rahne,
Jaimie and the child the Inbetweener and I have been watching events here."
Blink blushed. "Ummmm, we haven't accomplished much."

The new Blink chuckled."Actually you have. With your powers you could
teleport people to protect April's child from those who would take it.
There are only 3 right now you need. Random, Mystique, and Alchamist. We
will scout out help for you as we can,but be warned, "rightous" people like
the Fantastic Four, Avengers and even some of the x-groups are trying to
find a way to get the child. Others like Kang and Apocalypse also have
their own agendas. So this won't be easy. Enimies and friends won't be
easy to tell right now."

Blink looked down at herself. She was young, not a fighter, how could
she possibly protect this child from such people.

The new Blink answered her question by teleporting yet another Blink
(AOA) in.

"This version of us is quite powerfull and able to teleport across the
planet in a thought if nessecary. She is also trained by the best in her
world in hand to hand combat. Be warned though, if you make love to her
and you BOTH blink, the results could be the destruction of this world."

Clairice nodded as the robed Blink dissapered. She looked at still
another version of herself, this one in a green body dress. Her hair was
longer than Clairice liked it and she had a backpack with some sticks in
the back. She heard the new Blink moan and twitch in her sleep. How was
she going to explain this to herself? And even more puzzling how was she
going to explain it to the others??

Clairice sat thinking on this when she saw a light appear off on a hill.
Kang wasn't the strongest of opponents physically, though he had
technology that rivalled Apocolyspe. By utalizing it he had been able to
litter time with versions of himself.

After figuring out that the dimensional walls were weak, he decided to
try his theory of space/time travel. He knew it could work since Reed
Richards had done it. With the help if the Thinker he was able to modify
his equipment, though it had never been tested. It seemed he had landed on
Muir Isle, but it felt weird. His instruments could quite place a time, or
a date for that matter.

Clairice saw the figure outside and jumped out of bed, tripping over her
mirror self in the process.

"OWWW...DAMNIT watch whe----WHO ARE YOU?!?!"

~OK!~ thought clairice...~time for Expl-----*&?#$~

Before Clairice could finish her thought AOA Blink had a dart out,
charged and had grabbed her by the head with the dart only inches away.

"Ok more chance. Who are you and where am I?"

Clairice gulped. "your in the Amalgam, and I'm you."

Blink held the dart close for a moment then thought about it. She had
heard stories of the Amalgam, a universe that was formed when two
"brothers" decided to take the best of what they had and start fresh. It
was thought though that for the Amalgam's existance all versions of her
world would cease, so how was she here?

The two Blink's talked for a hour while Clairice filled the AOA blink in
on how everything came about. Though she didn't like going to much into
details on some, what she thought would be to their benifit she did tell,
like how Death managed to use her to teleport them across the univeral

Blink laughed at the recollection. "So what your saying is to help you
guys out I have to be able to get off so we can bring some people here I
don't trust any more than you right now to protect a kid I couldn't care
less about?"

"That's what she's saying."

Death appeared in the doorway to Clairice's room and walked over kissing
her lover on the cheek. "Look. I know this isn't a easy pill to swallow and from what I heard even more has happened. All I know is April's child
right now is the only thing keeping us here. If it dies we do to and quite
possibly so do the brothers. The child must be protected from anyone who
could take it."

Clairice hugged her lover. "I was just about to get you. There is
something outside. I know its after the child but not sure WHO it is."

Death looked out at the figure who was apparently setting up some sort
of becon. "It's someone called Kang. Apparently I'm Death in the Amalgam
to. I know everyone's name who goes in and out. It'll take time for me to
learn more than that for people outside my world."

Clairice had heard the name before though confessed she didn't knoww
much either, and since the Kang in AOA Blink's time was killed before he
could be a threat she had no knowledge either. Clairice told Death what
her Inbetween self had told her. Death nodded. "I know Alchamist can help
us escape and build a good shelter. Random and Mystique are your

Clairice shuddered at Mystique's name. The shapehifter wasn't to be
messed with. and there was no gaurentee she would stay on their side.
Maybe if the could get Rouge?

The three stratagized while the others awoke.

Everyone met for breakfast that day. Wolverine and Storm were able to
fill in some blanks on Kang, enough to explain why he was here though Death
still wondered how he got here. From the sounds of it Kang was happy
littering his own multiverse. Now he has found a way to cross the
boundries. That could be usefull to them, and save poor Clairice a lot of
energy. Death excused herself and walked out. While the others discussed
possible team mates such as Ultra-boy, Saturn Gril, Cyclops and Sabrtooth(
which AOA link and wolverine fought over to no end), Death snuck outside to
confront Kang.

Kang was on a hill overlooking the Muir Isle complex when Death

"Good morning." she said nervously.

Kang looked over half noticing. "I suppose your here to try and
convince me not to take the child?"

Death shuffled her feet a bit and Kang chuckled.

"Don't worry, I'm not here to fight. Quite the opposite. I've spent
many lifetimes ensuring my survival. Apparently the life of a child may
decide weather I live or die. I would like to help you by teleporting from
my world whoever you think you need."

Death felt a huge weight lift from her, though she still had doubts.
They could at least use the machine to get Random and Mystique, possibly
more. She invited Kang down to the complex to discuss how they would set
it up.

After Death walked in with Kang behind her, Wolverine and Jubilee srpung
into action. Kang turned on a force field which Storm tried to disable.
Death whispered to AOA blink to subdue them, which she did by displacing
them enough that they were conscious but to weak to fight.

"NOW, that you've damn near ruined our shot at SAFELY protecting the
child. Kang is here to help."

"Like hell he is!" Wolverine shouted back.

Kang looked at wolverine. "Logan, you know me. My main purpose has
been survival. If this child dies, all of my work may be undone. Do you
think I would let that happen?"

Wolverine thought about this and extended a cautious hand. Kang for his
part turned off his force field, shook hands and looked at their plan.

After studying it he looked over to Death. "I will need some of either
Triad's blood or April's for this to work."

Logan got a smirk on his face. "And why do you need that?"

Kang looked at him blankly. "Simple really. Their biochemistry will
have a universal tag on it like ours does. I need it to get the fix on
people in their world if we are going to bring warriors from there as

Triad nodded and let Kang take a sample which he took back to his
beacon. Death explained that the beacon was acting like Clairice's Blink
portal. It is making a permanent hole in the multiverse. All kang needs
is to know where to open the other end.

With that knowledge they brought, Rouge, Mystique, Random, Alchamist,
Saturn Girl, Apparition and Dragon Mage. The troops were ready now all
they had to do was wait for the war.
---------------------------------------------------- Encounter 6: alone in
the dark AOA Clairice sat outside on guard duty. She couldn't believe she
let herself get talked into this. Worse yet she couln't use Kang's device
to bring her mentor Sabertooth here. Wolverine saw to that by having it
brought inside and locked up unless they needed it. She sighed looking out
at the compound. She heard footsteps, but since it was coming from behind
her she didn't bother to move. "I hope you aren't going to let them just
walk over us because I won't let ya bring your boyfriend here." A small
flame flared in Blinks belly. Sabertooth was many things to her, but they
were never intimate. She spun around and caught him with a right in the
ribs. Wolverine did his best to shrug it off. "HE ISN'T MY BOYFRIEND."
she barked. Then remembering where she was she sat with her legs curled up
under her. "In fact you two saved me." Wolverine laughed as he sat down.
"Yeah I'd ever work with him." Blink sighed. "You two rescued
me in my world from certain death, or I should say he did. You were on
your way out when he found me. Since then I've cared for him." She looked
at Wolverine with hate in her eyes."And I WON't have you calling me a liar
or disgracing him you pig!" With that she spit at him and turned away.
Wolverine's rage filled him and he jumped on top of her. This was his only
mistake as she sent a Blink wave through him knocking him out. Now she
could put her plan to work. The pulled Wolverine's pants down and sucked on his shaft. She knew he was out of it when even his moan was quiet. She
didn't think she'd blinked that hard. Licking along his shaft she felt him
thicken and when she thought he was ready she mounted him. Unlike
Clairice, AOA blink wans't a virgin. She did what she did to survive, and
if that meant sleeping with someone so she had someone to watch her back,
so be it. She could feel her orgasm building up and tried to concentrate
on Sabertooth and not her own body. Wolverine could feel his fire burning
and looked up to see the young mutant straddling him. He grinned and in a
cat like movement flipped to two of them over. Blink was now on her
stomach and Wolverine was pounding away from behind! Blink lost her
concentration as Wolverine was ramming her hard and fast. She got just
engough of a picture of Sabertooth that it started to come clear as She
felt her orgasm/Blink go through. "Naughty girl." Wolverine said. "Coming
before me. guess I'll have to finish another way." Blink felt him slide
out of her and slow into her ass. She yelled in pain as the x-man thrusted
again and again, finally coming and passing out behind her. She looked at
him in disgust and pulled him away from her. She thought of grbbing his
cock and teleporting with it, but that wouldn't help. "Tough decision eh
pup?" She spun around to see her mentor and wildchilde. She jumped up and
hugged him. "Now I feel at home." "I'm glad you do, now mind telling me
where our new home is?" Blink nodded. "before I do could we ditch the
dork?" Sabertooth laughed and picked up Wolverine. They put him up in a
tree shoving a good think branch up his ass so he wouldn't fall out. As
Blink cleaned up and got dressed she told Sabertooth the situation. "So
you mean they don't know I'm here?" Blink shook her head. Sabertooth
laughed. "hmmm might be good to have a secret weapon, especially if what
your telling me is true. Let this Death lady meet me outside the complex.
Only you and her will know I'm around ok?" Blink nodded. "Where are you
going?" "To find shelter. If you all are right, a bomb is about to hit. I
don't want to be above ground when it does." Blink watched her only family walk off. She went back to her post and stared off into the night. Close
to morning the compound was woke up by Wolverine howling in pain from being
stuck in a tree with a branch in his ass. Despite the giggling they
managed to get him down. He shot a look at Blink shot a smug look back
thinking, ~If only you knew who you just helped bring.~ With that she had
some food and rested as they changed guard shifts. Spiral danced through
the dimensional pathways. She noticed some pockets appear and dissapear
periodically. This was nothing new except the pockets closure seemed to be
scaring reality. Whoever was being teleported wasn't a willing traveller.
She peeked through a closing fissure and saw Muir Isle...but not Muir Isle?
Stepping through the tear she stuck around long enough to find out this
reality was pulling her reality slowly into it, as well as another. She
wasn't sure if the people in here were aware, and judging by the way they
were acting they weren't. In fact they were doing everything they could to
protect the problem. This made for a hard problem. ~Well~ she thought,
~since I'm at Muir Isle already I might as well try and get some help from
excaliber.~ She stared her dance and went through the dimensions to Muir
Isle. ------------- Clairice was on guard that night. She wasn't sure
what she was on guard against and truth be told she'd rather be spending
the night in bed with Death. She smiled at that. She still found it funny
that Death could be someone so fun, so warm, so delicious...

Clairice licked her lips and shuddered as a *blink* startled her. She
looked behind her to see the In-between blink.

"Aww, cripes not you again. Do you know how many people think I'm nuts
for saying I saw you the first time?!"

The betweener Blink chuckled. "Quite a few I'm sure. I wish I could
say I have good news. We have a lot of problems."

"Such as?" Clairice was afriad to find out.

"I told you that the child needed to live. Unfortunately right now it
seems everything must be sacrificed for it. April's child is pulling the
essence of both universe's into it like a black hole. When its born it
will be more powerfull than either brother."

Clairice looked at her. She was at a loss for words.

Betweener Blink continued. "It gets better. A dimensional traveller
called Spiral has set forth to stop you. She is now on her way to
Excaliber's base to ask their help."

Clairice sat back. It was going to happen. They were going to have to
fight. She didn't want to do this. But how could she let April's child

"So what do we do?"

"Band together, and dont let anyone shake your belief."

With that betweener Blink dissapeared. Clairice, now very sober stared
out into the night. -------------- Later that night Death was looking out
at her lover through her window. She was the only one who didn't take
shifts apart from April. No one argued when they learned she was Death and
that no she wouldn't just say "alakazam" and kill all their opponents.

She heard a knock and went to the door. Her only elder sibling Destiny
made his way in.

Death sat shakily down on her bed. "What are you doing here?"

Destiny looked at her. "I've come with some advice as always my sister.
Did you think one of us could just 'jump ship'?"

Death snapped back "Destruction did, and damnit all I wanted was for us
to survive."

Destiny blew off her steam. "When you came aspects of us did as well,
so that is unimportant. You of all people should know by now sister wherever one of us is the others are. Now please head this advice. Let
events unfold concerning the child. Don't interfere or you will only hurt yourself."

Death looked down wondering what he meant, but before she could ask he
had gone. She went back to looking out her window. She knew Clairice had
had a visitor, she saw it, and she could guess pretty safely who it was.
Question is how many more "visitors" would come, and would their messages
be the same? --------- Wolverine was sitting in his room watching the tube
and drinking. He ddn't know anymore if he was drinking to forget who he
was, or if it was the situations he found himself in. During the
commercial he got up and went to the kitchen and found Dr. Strange.

Logan looked at him half hearted and grunted. "Yeah what the hell do
you want?"

Dr strange looked at him. "Would you believe I want you to preform a

A glimmer of bloodlust flickered in Wolverine's soul and he turned to
the astral form of the mage. "Why should I?"

"Because if you dont, everything will die."

Wolverine sat down. "I'm listening...." ------------- At that time
people were starting to stir. It was almost dawn and shift change was
coming up. April woke to see a being her universe knew as the Spectre.

"April, protect the child, you must protect it!"

The Spectre faded leaving April wondering what she had to protect her
child from? Blink and Kang had done good bringing people here to protect
her. Would someone they broiught hurt her?

As April pondered this Death went outside for a walk. She heard a
rustle in the bushes and took a sip of her coffee.

"Good morning Sabertooth."

Sabertooth walked out and stood next to her with the unconcious Wild
child on his sholder. "How did you know it was me?"

"Call it a gift. I'm glad Blink brought you here."

Sabertooth looked at her. "Got the feelin someone on the inside is
plannen somethin?"

Death nodded. "Either that or someone outside is trying to use someone
we have here. Do me a favor. There is a empty room adjoining April's.
Stay there and keep it locked. Ill let Blink know your there and her and I
will bring you what you need. I want you near her should anyone try
anything on the inside."

Sabertooth nodded and headed for the door.

"Ummm, Sabertooth?"


"You'll need to climb through the window. If you let me finish my
coffee I'll more than happily let you in."

She smiled at him and he stood next to her as they watched the sun come
up on the Amalgam world.

An hour later Sabertooth was in the room, and Wolverine was on the hunt.
---------------------------------------- Encounter: Betrayed

The day went by rather normal. People went on and off watch with no
problems reported. Death asked Rouge and Mystique to take the night shift.
with that she went to April's room to keep watch. Rahne and the alternate
Clairice were there. Nothing against her Clairice, but Death knew in her
heart she wasn't a fighter. April slept while Rahne, Death and Clairice

Wolverine looked around the complex. The Legionnaires from the morning
shift seemed to be asleep. Random was no where to be found (no suprise
there). One Blink was asleep, that just left him, Storm and Jubes. He
motioned for the ladies to follow him and the three made their way to
April's room.

Sabertooth was at this moment relaxing. Wildchild was up and eating
which was good. He looked over to the adjoining door. He hadn't been able
to test it since he came in here, that worried him. Still it was just a
door. There wasnt a door he couldn't break through given time.

Wolverine motioned for Jubilee to stand by the door. It had a motion
sensor so when Storm went to cover the other side he would have to jump in.
Jubilee signaled that she was ready. Wolverine and Storm made their move.

The alternate Blink was sitting by the door, while Death was sitting
reading a book. April and Rahne were enjoying themselves in the tub.
Death would look up and smile at the bathroom door on occasion when some
splashing and giggling would be heard.

Wolverine motioned for storm to move and he jumped in.

He ended up standing between Death and Blink. Blink threw a dart at
him, which he dodged and it nailed Death in the chest. Death collapsed as
a frustrated Wolverine grabbed Blink by the hair and rammed her face hard
into the wall.

"Where is she?!!"

Sabertooth and Wildchild heard the noise and tried to go through the
door. It was jammed. He decided to peek out the main door, but a
pyrotechnic blast from Jubilee proved that wasn't a option eiteher.

The sound reached the bathroom. Rahne motioned for April to be quiet.
Odds are who ever was looking for them was upset and they less noise the

Wolverine kicked Blink's darts away and scratched her with his
adamantium claws.


"Now then cutie let me know where she is."

Sabertooth recognized Blink's voice and started hurling himself toward
the door. It was strong but, after the first hit he could see a dent.

Wolverine looked at the door. He snarled thinking that some would ruin
his chance this late.

Wolverine stabbed Blink in the stomach. the young mutant cried out and
tried to struggle as Wolverine twisted his claws inside her.

"Let me know where she is and I'll let ya go."

Blink spit at him. Wolverine sunk his claws in deeper cauing more pain
to her. She doubled over and got a wicked idea.

Sabertooth had just about gotten the door down. Though his shoulder
wouldn't like him for probably 48 hours or so ...If Blink is hurt....

At this moment Random came around the corner. He had been in the
kitchen preparing some food for everyone and was more than suprised when he
got attacked by Storm. After running to a window and whispering to Rouge
and Mystique to get in, he morphed his arms into guns and jumped out firing
nailing both Jubes and storm.

Blink could feel her body starting to get cold...only one shot. She
grabbed Logan by the balls and *BLINKED*

Wolverine kicked her off like she hoped. She had blinked his dick off
and the poor fool was bleeding to beat all hell, not that she was anything
to look at. He looked at her as she opened a small portal and dropped his
cahonnies into it.


Sprial while getting lost most likely due to the fact of the childs
influence on the dimensions suddenly saw a floating dick in the dimensional
stream. At this point she wondered if it was time for a vacation.

Sabertooth broke in just as Wolverine lunged at Blink sinking his claw
into her chest.


Wolverine looked up long enough to see a version of Sabertooth coming at
him with Wildchild. The two subdued Wolverine and finished him off.


Death came to albeit with a horid headache. Blink was in sad shape.
Kang had managed to teleport a doctor but the internal bleeding was to

Sabertooth and Blink were alone in her room.

"You scared pup?"

Blink nodded. "Not so much of Death as being without you."

Sabertooth sighed. "I should've been there. I should've been faster."

Blink leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. "You were there. And
April is alive. Thats all that matters."

She coughed and winced. He looked at her and wished he could ease the
pain a bit.

Death stood outside waiting.

Sabertooth leaned down and kissed her forhead gently. "I'm proud of you

She smiled up at him and wiped a tear from his eye. Then faded away.


They burned Wolverine's body to be sure there was no way for it to heal.
As for blink, at Sabertooth's request, she was buried on a hill overlooking
the complex. It was where they kept watch. Now she could keep watch with
them. ------------------------------------------------- The

Sabertooth's turn at guard duty had come up. He hadn't really made his
presance known much more than by killing Wolverine. He didn't understand
the hatered the man had for him, but he supposed it was just as well.

He made his way over to Blink's grave and sat down. Next to the semi
concious Wildchild, Blink was the closest he had come to having a child.
Unlike Wildchicld though she was "normal" (god he hated that word).

He often sat here at night and talkd to her. He didn't know if she
could hear him or not, and he guessed it didn't matter anyway since even if
she could she would have no way now of expressing it.

He leaned against a tree next to her grave and looked out into the
night. He wasn't suprised to hear someone approach as people usually looked
in on him.

"How are you holding up?"

This wasn't a suprise. It was Death, or at least that's what she called
herself. Sabertooth doubted this young lady was the last thing Blink saw..
"I'll survive. I wish the pup would've. I owed her as much...if not
more than she ever owed me."

Death sat next to him looking out into the cool night sky.

"They say the dead tell no tales, that isn't entirely true. Everyone
does if you listen right. If you want I can let you talk to her. She isnt
to far in my realm yet."

Sabertooth thought about this. What would he say to her. He would of
course apologize for letting her down...hell he let her die. He shook his

"I appreciate the offer, but even if you are who you say, what could I
possibly have to talk to her about? I let her down. You were there, you
saw it. I couldn't get to her in time. Now because of me we're short one
of our best people and me, I'm short the closest I ever came to a

Death looked at him. She knew that Blink and Sabertooth were close but
didn't know that they meant this much to one another. She looked at her

"Look I'll make a deal with ya. Until this mess is solved, or until you
join her in my realm. You can have a hour a night to be with her."

Sabertooth looked at his watch. Appropriately enough it was just about
a hour before sunrise.

"Going to turn her into a vampire are ya" he chuckled.

Death giggled, "No. You and I will be the only ones who can see her,
though I will let the rest know. While she is her you can talk to her, and
yes she will be aware that she is dead. Try it tonight and see."

Sabertooth nodded and Death walked off. About a hour before sunrise
Blink materialzed.

"You picked a pretty spot for me."

Sabertooth turned. He saw her as she was before she died, young and
with a wild look in her clear eyes.

"I didn't know if you would come or not pup."

Blink smiled and tried to hold back a sniff. "Would you believe one of
the reasons was to hear you call me that again?"

Sabertooth chuckled, then thought about what he wanted to say.

"Clarice...I'm sorry. You needed me to be there for you and I let you
down. I should've known If we were attacked it wouldn't be one at a time
and then to be stupid enough not to try the door."

Clairice's had rested on his shoulder. He was suprised that it didn't
feel cold.

"You and I have been caught off guard before. This time it just
happened that they got the better of us. Besides. Don't think I hold it
against you. I know you tried. And besides I got me revenge on Wolverine
before you got at him."

Sabertooth chuckled as he thought about Wolverine's privates floating
merrily along the dimensional streams. "Yeah you did at that pup. That
was to say the least origional."

Blink chuckled. He had missed her laugh, he didn't know how bad until
then. He stood up and looked at her.

She was perched on her gravestone leaning back against the tree with her
arms holding one one of her legs, the other was dangling over the grave.

Sabertooth put his hand on her shoulder and kissed her forehead.

"I'm glad we have this time pup."

Clarice smiled up at him, "So am I. And if nothing else I get to see a
sunrise without worry anymore. We never had a day where the sun meant we
didn't go back into hiding."

Sabertooth nodded and looked, the first rays of the sun were coming up.
He gripped Blink's shouldere just tight enough, hoping maybe he could hold
onto her forever. She rested her head aginst his hand and they watched the
sunrise. Then when he turned she was gone.

He went back inside to let Mystique know it was her watch.

"So how was Clairice?"

Sabertooth smiled, "I think she's going to be ok Raven."

Mystique smiled and walked off looking for her backup Random.

Sabertooth knocked on Death and Clairice's(normal) door.

Death opened it up. "I trust everything went well?"

Sabertooth smiled. "Would it be to much to ask if I could have her
around every night."

Death smiled. "Not at all. I'll see to it."

Sabertooth nodded in thanks and made his way off to rest.

Mystique and Random went out and were approached by Kang.

"We have a problem."

"What is it?"

"If my instruments are right....Galactus."
------------------------------------------------- Galactus

Kang assembled the protectors to a meeting room inside the complex.

A picture of Galactus's world ship showed on the screen, then a shot of
the ship in comparison to earth.

"As you can see Galactus' ship is very big, which will be the least of
our worries. Galactus himself, depending on his hunger, is also no small

A frame shows Galactus fighting the fantastic 4. A couple of auidable
gulps are heard.

"Dont worry, This man is only part of the problem. Odds are he is here
to consume the world, he will do so with this."

picture of the energy converter.

"The problem is it constantly rebuilds, so no matter how many times you
destroy it, the machine still exsists. Which means we have two options.

1) try and persuade Galactus to help us...and if he refuses

2) we have to defeat him."

Random stood up. "Let me get this straight, We have to hope to god he's
friendly or else we have to kill a celestial?!"

Kang nodded "In a nutshell yes.I can provide some more hi-tech weapons
for some of you, but over all this will be one of our toughest battles to

The group disbanded taking positions along the outside of the complex.
Some like Sabertooth stood alone and others like Jubilee, Storm and the
assemblance of Legionnaires stood together. While they were waiting Kang
pulled Blink aside.

"It may be that you will have to goto his ship. There is a device the
FF used to defeat him once before, though if it is there now I do not know.
I can show you this device but your teleport powers will have to get you
there and back. Can you do it?"

Clairice wasn't sure. Her alternate self had spoken about blinking as
far as the moon in one shot, but she hadnt had time to hone her powers yet.
"I will do my best."

Kang nodded and hoped it wouldn't come to that.

As the group watched the world ship come into view they saw the figure
of Galactus appear.

"Kang, I'm supprised to see you here."

"You shouldn't be, like you strive to exist and this child holds the key
to that exsistance."

Galactus frowned, "Sorry you feel that way, for it is the child I have
come for."

Kang had a puzzled look on him. "Surely the child is of no use to you?"
Galactus smiled and looked at Kang. "So even you have underestimated
it's importance. The child is to this universe what I am to ours. It is
the very foundation of it. I have been sent here to consume it."

With that April tried to hide behind Alchamist, who put up a barrier.
The material was unknown to Galactus, but since the child's mother had
foolishly given herself away it would only be a matter of time now.

Everyone, now convinced that Galactus wanst here to help, started
throwing everything they had. Random fired his cannons, Multipleman tried
hitting him multiple times as did triad. Saturn girl didnt have much luck
either in the battle department. Storm and Jubilee even tried a
combination attack to no avail. Sabertooth stood back with Death, Kang and

"This is like flies trying to fight a windshield. Nothing we can do
phases him."

Death looked at Clairice. "You have to try and hit him."

Clairice shuddered, from what her inbetween self said and her alternate,
this could kill him, and her reality.

She focused on Galactus andd felt her Blink wave building, the Force of
it ripped through her and caused her to collapse.

The only thing heard was the laughter of the giant.

"I must say that was a unique attempt, but little mutant unlike the
inbetweener, I am not so easily displaced. Now this game is at a end."

Galactus smashed his hand down on Alchamist's protective dome,
shattering it and knocking out Alchamist and April. Death watched helpless
as he picked April up and placed her into a coffin like version of his
energy converter.


Galactus looked at her.

"If you kill the child your world dies as well or didn't Kang make that
clear to you. The only reason your heiarchy sent you here is they didnt
want to loose their unique identity. This world is going to be a mesh of
all the best of both...who wants to feel left out?"

Galactus thought about this long enough for Death to knock April out of
the converter. In his haste though to stop her Glalctus switched on the

The light from the process was blinding as Galactus was horrified to
find out he had trapped this Universe's personification of Death. Death
for her part wasn't to happy about the current state of events as she
withered in pain under the beam.

It was then that Blink stood up and saw what was happening. "NO!!" With
that she blinked in front of Death and found her soul ripped from her. She
fell lifeless next to Death. Death looked at her mate and cradled her head
in her arms before the two of them dissapeared, consumed totally by the
energy converter.

Galactus looked pale. "That...wasn't how it was supposed to be. In my
foolishness I built this to run on automatic. I couldn't have stopped if I
wanted to."

Kang walked over to him. "Would you help us. Honor the memory of the
two who died for her."

Galactus nodded. "I will. Rest assured the skies will be safe, and
what little help I can be on the ground."

Kang nodded. It was then 6 figures appeared. The tallest carrying a
book looked to the giant. "Could we please have our sisters body back for

Galactus nodded and materialized both bodies, Destiny looked at him
puzzled. "I only asked for the one wolrld eater, why have you produced the
young one as well?"

Galactus stepped on his transport."Because she loved your sister enough
to die for her. It's only fitting they rest forever together. I bid you
all farewell as I am off to monitor the skies. Kang will know how to reach

With that he dissapeared into the sky leaving 2 bodies, 6 new faces and
more sorrow than before.
---------------------------------------------------- Brothers battle

Talon looked on with the Ancient one (aka Dr. Strange) and Krugarr the
31-st century sorecerr supreme. They had been tracking developments in the
Amalgam situation, and they didn't like what they saw.

Krugarr: So, student how do you propose to end this? If the child dies
we do as well, and if the child lives, everything starts anew.

Talon thought about it. :Isn't there some way I could remove the powers
from him? Couldn't we close the void inside to make sure he wasnt a
threat? He could still rule his world but it wouldn't be at the risk of

Krugarr and the ancient one smiled.

Krugarr: that we can, but then you must guard and train him. We will
work through you and I know a couple of people in the other world who would
help I'm sure.

Talon nodded and went off to plan a stratagy with his fellow guardians.

Ancient one: Will this work?

Krugarr: If it doesn't my master...we will know very soon.


The Guradians appeared not far away from the Muir Island base. Talon
and Charlie-27 took the front. Starhawk went off to talk to Galactus,
Nikki,yondu, and vance followed talon and charlie.

Starhawk reached Galactus' world ship first.

Galactus: Greetings Starhawk.

Starhawk:Greetings Galactus.

Galactus:I take it you've come for the child?

Starhawk:(awkwardly) ummm yes that's why we're here.

Galactus chuckled and stood aside revealing Krugarr and the ancient one.
Starhawk was visisbly upset as Talon hadn't said anything about them

As Starhawk flew off to leave Galactus zapped him unconcious.

Galactus:While I will stand aside for my part, I will make it a fair
battle as well. That is the bargain I made with the ancient one. And It
would be only him that could make me stand by after the damage I have done.
The ancient one, Krugarr and starhawk all left leaving Galactus to
monitor events as they unfolded.


The battle began with Nikki trying to out manuver a very persistant
multiple man. Her Wrist blaster didnt seem to do much good as when she
shot one down another 2 would appear. Charlie had made the mistake of
calling Saturn girl a wannabe and was taking his due pounding for it. She
had tricked him by letting him start to walk by, then grabbed his ankle
threw him about 50 yards. Since then the two have gone toe to toe with
neither budging a inch.

Talon had made his way in past the guards with some help from Krugarr
and The ancient one who work working their magicks through him. He made it
to April's room to find her asleep but under guard by Sabertooth.

Vance and Yondu were having a difficult time as they were battling Kang
and Mystique. Kang was tring to match weaponry with Yondu's bionic hand
and Mystique was determined to get her hands on captain america's sheild.

Now with everyone fighting, no one noticed the world ship starting it's
decent. Galactus walked out and watched as the mortals fought each other
in various ways. He often wondered why people wanted him to spare a world
that was inhabitied by people, some would say, that were as bent on
destruction as he himself was.

Galactus, with a wave of his hand trasported everyone to seperate rooms
on the world ship. There they could finish their battles and no one would
interfere with the plans that Krugarr and the ancient one had laid out.

Talon looked at Sabertooth. He had heard tales of him, though he knew
this wasn't the Sabertooth he knew. Sabertooth was supposed to be a
feirce, go for the jugular type. Someone who when they spotted ya didn't
give ya time to think. Not only was he giving Talon time to think, but
there was time left over to read a newspaper, watch tv and have a hardy

Sabertooth: Guess your wondering why I aint rushin ya.

Talon nodded. Sabertooth motioned for him to follow. They walked
outside to the hill where Blink's grave was. "Beloved pup and Daughter"
was on the gravestone.

Sabertooth: she was the only thing close to family I had, and I let her
down. You dont have to worry. I know you aren't here to hurt April, I
could tell that much.

Talon: how so?

Sabertooth: the way you came in. Calm, focused. Even a assassin has
some nerves screaming at him. your the childs dad I would guess.

Talon nodded.

Sabertooth:Found a way to end this mess?

Talon: hopefully yes.

Sabertooth:do it quick then. Because we have lost to many good folks
here..and I for one can be counted amongst the casualties as I have no
heart left. Not since she died.

Talon nodded and left Sabertooth alone with the grave of the only person
who ever cared for him.


Inside Galactus's world ship pieces were flying everywhere. Galactus
had to admidt he was finding the fighting entertaining. Saturn girl and
Charlie-27 were still fighting to a stand suprise there. both
had tremendous strength.

Suprisingly Yondu was overpowering Kang. Though he refused to use
projectile weapons he was faster and could hit and run faster than Kang.

Vance was winning over Mystique which was no suprise as Vance's psychic
gifts clearly gave him an advantage.

That left nikki. Nikki had been pummeled into submission by the
multiple men some time go. her hot temper had got the best of her and
allowed Jaimie to overpower her.

So now all the battles but one would April react to the
childs father coming home?

Talon made his way back to April's room. She was awake and looking at

April: So you've come to take it away?

Talon shook his head.:No. but I have come to bottle it's power. If I
can, then it can grow up to be what it was meant to be without the other
worlds being destroyed.

April looked shocked. All the trouble they went through and the ones
who have been hurt or killed, and now it means nothing? How could this be?
Talon looked: Eh it's a comic...go figure...nothin ever makes sense.

April giggled nd the two kissed. Talon then, with the help of Krugarr
and The Ancient one brought the childs power under control.


As the last of the "troops" gathered by Kangs teleporter niiki ruhed
over to give Talon a hug.

Nikki:Are you sure you can't come back?

Talon nodded: April and I must stay here to raise the child and guide
it. In time it will be a powerfull being, with luck it will also be a kind
one as well.

Nikki nodded and Kang teleported the Marvel and DC people bck to their
respective homes. Talon teleported Kang back leaving the equipment should
they ever need it.

Talon and April walked back to muir isle as the child sat in wonder of
how the world was to be. ---------------------------------------------
Inner Turmoil He had often come here, more lately than ever. With the
Brothers Battle over and April and Talon's child safe he had often thought
of going back to his own reality, but there was something in this perverse
view of his world that kept him here. A stone block next to a tree with
the words "Beloved daughter and pup". There wasn't a day that went by that
Victor Creed didn't curse himself for letting Clarice down. He often
wished that Wolverine would have tried breaking into his room instead of
April's. He probably could have stopped him and Blink would still be next
to him. "Penny for your thoughts?" Victor smiled. "Nothing you couldn't
probably guess by now pup." Clarice leaned against her grave and looked at
her guardian. "I know you did your best." "Well that wasn't enough was it?
If I hadn't been so relaxed I would've been prepared and you wouldn't
be..." "Dead?" Victor frowned. "Yeah...Dead." Clarice moved from her grave
to sit next to Victor. "We had a cause. It was a hell of a lot better
than dying in the inferno of Apocolypse's madness. And we were free. My
only regret is we couldn't bring the others." Victor nodded. Thinking back
to Charles. Magneto's soon who died before he could really live. And what
a way to atomic blast. Voctor cringed as he tried to shut the
image out of his mind. Clarice place a hand on his shoulder. "Why do you
visit me still?" Victor looked at her. "Would it be to much to say I
missed you?" Blink smiled. "No it wouldn't, but will it ever be enough for
you? Death let me visit once a day because she thought it would help you,
not hold you back." Victor stood up and started pacing. She was right of
course. Everyone but him had left this pocket dimension in favor of going
back to their worlds, everyone except him. He could see why April Dumaka
and Talon were still here, their child was the "God" of this world, they
had to raise him. What was his reason? To spend endless days at a small
hill waiting for trouble that he would guess now will never come? He could
buy the story not long after Galactus left. Seeing him rattled even
Victor, and seeing what happened with Death and the other Clarice...
Sometimes he thought he must be mad. He thoguht sometimes he died in the
bombing of the US and since then his sould created this for him to reside
in. It was plausable enough. He had a purpose, to defend the child. He
was free, which is something he had always longed for. The main hole is
his life was his children. Kyle who was his faithfull inhuman companion.
Though he hated to admidt it he often thought of Wild Child as more of a
pet than a person. The kids mutation along with his overly feral nature
left one to wonder if he was in any psychological sense even remotely
human. Still he was very faithfull to Victor. Unfortunately he was also
ash now, another victim in the AOA death toll. Then there was the ghost.
He hated to call her that. To look at her you would think she were still
alive, though now her soul self seemed to have a slightly lighter tinge of
lavender complextion and there was a vauge resemblence of color to her
pupils. HE guessed she added that to let him see what she was looking at.
Still she WAS a ghost, and one who held a hard cold grip on his heart.
Blink sighed. She looked at Victor and then out at the horizon. "You know
my time today is almost up." Victor sighed and nodded. "I know. For all
the time we hav it never seems to be enough." Clarice walked to him and
hugged him. This was the one miracle he couldn't explain. Though she was
dead and supposedly devoid of substance, Victor could still feel her hands
around his waist, her breath and heart. ~this is mad~ Thought Victor.
~She is dead...why am I keeping her here?~ Victor kneeled down and lifted
her chin up to look at Clarice. He leaned down and kissed her gently
before looking into her eyes. "I love you pup. I always have. I think
it's time for us to get back to life." Clarice to her surprise felt her
eyes start to sting. "You're finally going back?" Victor nodded. "Some
one should be there to calm Kyle. I'm the only one who can." Clarice
nodded as she wiped a tear in confusion. She was a could she
cry? Victor swallowed hard. This wasn't easy for either of them. "Can
you send me back pup?" Clarice nodded. "Death gave me the power to before
she left this realm. She said she will meet you at yours to help you."
Victor nodded. He didn't know if the young women was the Entity she
claimed to be but he knew one thing, she gave him a gift he could never
repay. Victor stood upright and looked out toward the sun. "Do it now
pup...Please." Clarice started to choke as she summoned the last of the
energy keeping her form together and sent Victor back to their world. As
her form faded she leaned over her grave crying at the loss of the only
person to ever love her. Victor stummbled around realing from the cross
dimensional trip. "Remind me to talke a cab next time." he said outloud as
he looked for Kyle. As he stumbled across what was left of the AOA
landscape he noticed that the bombs had stopped. He cursed himself as he
realized he would probably never die now as his healing factor could
pobably combat even nuclear winter radiation. He smiled though knowing if
he were alive so was Logan. Over a couple days and seeing more carnage
than in a thousand cullings he finally found the fortress of Apocolypse.
Stumbling through the levels he found various corpses he knew. Jubillee,
Angel, the young rasputin, Colosses and Kitty, and a exploded blob he
assumed was Morph. As he made his was to the M'karrin Crustal area he
found the remains of Pietro and ... He couldnt believe what had happened
to Kyle. By the looks of it Kyle was at ground zero when the crystal
shattered. He leaned over his fallen son and held Kyle's head to his chest
as he cried. Victor decided to bury his lost son since he had precious
little else to do. He thought of buring EVERYONE. 5 billion corpses, and
a person who had nothing but time. As he sat on his friends grave he heard
a familiar voice. "Where did you go?" He smiled. It was his formar
partner Logan. "Let's just say I took a side trip." Logan grunted and sat
down. Victor jumped up shoked at what he saw. Logan looked like something
out of a horror movie. Half of his face had been incinerated down to the
bone which ws coal black. His arms had areas of bone and muscle jutting
out along with skin bubbles and other signs of atomic effects. even his
eyes, now blood red, made Victor wonder how he could survive? "So we're
the last two? Its fitting I guess. We've killed enough in both sides of
the cause." Victor nodded and sat down next to Logan. "How long has the
war been over?" Logan shrugged. "A month, a week, a year? What's the
difference? We're the last two and we can't die." Victor thoguht of
something and stood up to walk behind his friend. "No way to do die?
Looks like we made it to the hell we joked about." Logan nodded. He was
tired. A life spent full of misery only to be followed by a "after-life"
as he came to look at it, of nothing but pain. Visctor put his hand on
Logan's shoulder. "Want me to end it for you?" Logan sat quietly bowing
his head. He had prayed for death every moment since the end. It amused
him to think another immortal would be the deliverer. "Yes." he whispered.
Without a moment of hesitation Victor put his hads on logans head and
yanked up. Logan had time to let out a death cry before his head left his
shoulders. The only thing that Victor heard was the crumbling of decaying
bone and the ripping of flesh. It didn't surprise him that Logans blood
was lethargic. The man could be no more considered alive than Kyle or
Clarice. Sighing he threw Logan's head down and dug another grave. As he
finished he thought of Clarice's promise. She had said Death would meet
him here. Where was she then. He felt very defeated and alone. As time
passed he lied down looking at the ash sky and fell to sleep. He jumped up
when a hand touched his shoulder. "Are you ready to go?" Victor smiled and
sat up. "I was wondering if you forgot me." Death smiled. "Forget? No. I
needed your help with Logan. He couldn't believe I could rescue him from
the pain dismissing me as a hallucination as he hunted you down." Victor
smiled, "He always was hard headed." Death smiled and took Victor's hand.
Victor felt a cold sting go through him, and then nothing. He looked
behind him to see himself. Dead Asleep. As Death started to walk with him
he had to ask her. "Will I be able to see Kyle and Clarice again?" Death
for her part smiled. "There is a special place for you. Thanks in part to
your help in the Brother's battle." As he looked up from her he saw that
reality as he knew it was starting to...well..melt. There was no real way
to explain it. Every step they took caused colors and constrcts to blur
and blend. After a while the swirls started turning colors. Blacks and
maroon turned to white and green, blue and brown. Before to long he was
back at the hill by his daughters grave. Instead of grave however there
were 3 people. Kyle, His Clarice and the other Clarice. Death walked
ahead of him and embraced her Clarice, sitting next to her. Victor smiled.
"So this is the true afterlife?" Death nodded. "For us it is. Since we
loved and truely lived in this dimension. It's only fitting we should
remain here." Victor looked over to Kyle and Clarice who were playing a
type of tag. "I thank you my friend, but this is not my place, this is
yours. Please take me back." Kyle and Clarice stopped as they heard this.
Kyle ran up to his master rubbing against his leg and Clarice just slumped
in the grass. "How can you SAY that?" she asked. "After all the time we
spent talking you can honestly say this isn't what you want." Victor
sighed. Clarice was wise in life and even more so in death. She knew him
to well. "If I stay what happens. Eventually the guilt will resurface, an
along with it the grave. Would you have me spend an eternity wishing I
could've been better?" Clarice hung her head. She knew he was right. He
was good at one thing anymore and that was brooding. Knowing now not only
could he not save her but he couldn't save Kyle? And them being constant
remiders there. Death looked over taking all the scene in. "Victor, if I
send you back, before long you will be imprisoned. You will be locked up
in your own world of grief and pity. Now there comes a time when everyone
must dump their loads and relax. You've done more than anyone should have
to. Rest now, and enjoy it." Victor sighed. He was so familiar with how
he had been after Blink died that he never stopped think that it wasn't his
experiences that were holding him hostage, it was himself. With that he
walked over to the tree and sat against it scriching Kyle and looking up at
Clarice. "Well sit down pup, I aint going anywhere." Clarice gladly sat
next to him as the five of them started to live their afterlives.


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