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The Builders Next Door

Hi, my name is Vanessa. I was born in December 1975 and now have a
34A2435 95-pound figure with blond hair. In 1998 I quit my boring
existence in a little town in North Wales and went to work as a
Housekeeper for a middle-aged man in the East Midlands of England. It
was a brave decision to make as I'd applied for the job after seeing the
job advert in a BDSM magazine that someone had left in the
hairdressers where I worked. I didn't really know what I was letting
myself in for, but I really did need to do something because my life was
so drab and boring. Even the interview for the job was unbelievable, but
I was so desperate to change my life that I did everything that was
asked of me, and I was finally offered the job.
Shortly after starting the job my employer (Jon) told me to write a
Journal of my new life, and he has since created a web site that it is
published on.


If you care to read my Journal you will discover that my relationship
with Jon is rather different to that of most employee and employer, but I
have easily come to realise that I have a life that just could not be more
satisfying or pleasurable. I love my life and all the little adventures that
Jon and I get up to.

Quite a few people who have read my Journal have asked for both
photographs of me and for me to describe myself a bit more. Well, Jon
says that he doesn't want me to send any photographs. It would be a bit
difficult anyway, as he hasn't got a scanner or a digital camera any
more. The digital camera that he did have got broken (Jon accidentally
gave it a swimming lesson) and he hasn't got round to getting a
replacement yet.

As for describing myself, I'm blond, at one point shortly after starting
working for Jon he got my hair cut very short just like a boy's. It's now
long enough to have 2 short pony-tails, just like I did when I was a
schoolgirl. Apart from a little bit of hair that grows on my legs, I have no
body hair below my neck. It's all been removed with electrolysis. I'm
slim with small(ish), pert breasts that have small aureoles and giant
nipples. When they're hard Jon says they're like chapel hat pegs. I have
a nice firm, flat stomach with a pubic bone that does stick out a bit. In
my pussy lips I have 2 little gold rings that Jon put in me. My clit is very
prominent and is usually sticking out between my lips. It's about an inch
long with a little round head. Jon sometimes calls it my little dick. I don't
own any bras, knickers, trousers, leggings or shorts; and 90% of my
skirts and dresses can be described as mini or micro. I used to be a very
shy girl, but I've now gone completely the other way, and get a great
thrill from letting other people see my body.
I hope that's enough to satisfy the people who asked. If it isn't, perhaps
they would like to e-mail me with specific questions.


Jon told me to stop writing my Journal in the summer of 1999, but has
recently asked me to document, some of the more interesting
experiences that we have had since then.

Both Jon and myself have been scouring the Internet looking for ideas
for little adventures or incidents that we could manufacture to have
some fun. We've found one or two stories that appear to be slightly
rewritten copies of some of the text in my Journal, and one or two that
are very similar to some of the adventures that we've had and that I've
written about in my Journal. At first I was a bit annoyed about this, but
Jon said that I should be honoured that someone thought our
adventures were good enough to copy. I've started thinking that way as

The adventure I'm about to describe happened in the summer of 2000
and wasn't really planned. It was just a spontaneous reaction (by Jon)
to something that happened at the house next door.
The Builders Next Door
Although Jon's house has an upstairs and a downstairs, the houses on
either side only have one floor, they're bungalows. Last summer we
noticed quite a bit of activity, and quite a bit of noise, at one of them.
Looking down from the punishment room window (we have a 6 feet high
fence), we could see that one of our neighbours was having a
conservatory built at the back of their bungalow. This gave Jon an idea
and he went into the back garden and moved the big scaffolding frame
so that the bottom was facing where the conservatory was being built.

The scaffolding frame is a bit like a big bed, but about 10 feet long, and
6 feet wide. It has 2 padded cross members and some webbing straps
across it. I've spent many a happy hour strapped to it spread-eagle,
both facing the ground, and the sky. I've also got a few layers of all-
over suntan when I've been on it.

Anyway, Jon got a few spare pieces of scaffold and made a slight
modification to it. He left it so that there was a vertical bar about 6
inches from where my pussy is when I'm restrained on it.

That was it for that night, but the next evening Jon took a look at the
building work and told me that the next day was going to be 'my day'.
He told me that the way PVC conservatories are built meant that the job
would probably be finished the next day so we only had one chance.

Just before Jon went to work the next morning he told me to cover my
front with suntan lotion and to go and make myself comfortable on the
scaffolding frame. After he finished his breakfast, he came outside and
tied my ankles and wrists to the frame. He then pulled a blindfold out of
his pocket and put it on me.

There I was, naked, spread-eagle, and tied down with the prospect of
being like that for the next 8 or 9 hours. It was a typical British
summer's day, wet and not very warm. For what seemed like a couple of
hours I was quite cold and not very happy. Even the thought of what
might happen wasn't keeping me warm.

About lunchtime (my stomach was telling me it was lunchtime) I started
to warm up and could hear some noise from next door. My mind started
having visions of the time that our conservatory was built and I was
spread-eagle on the bed with the builders taking photographs of me
(see my Journal). That time Jon had some control over the builders, but
this time he didn't have any. If, when, they discovered me, they'd be
able to do anything they liked to me. The piece of scaffolding that Jon
had fixed about 6 inches from my pussy would make it difficult for
someone to actually fuck me, but not impossible. All they needed was a

As time went on I got warmer and wetter, and not from the rain. I was
having a wet daydream remembering some of the exciting times that
I've had. All of a sudden I heard a man shout, "Fucking hell! Come and
have a look at this." Everything went quiet and I knew that they'd seen
me. If I was wet before, then I was getting drenched then. That nice
tingling in my lower stomach and pussy was starting again.

I could hear them talking, but couldn't make out the words. After a
while everything went quiet. Were they coming round, had the gone for
their lunch, or what? The anticipation and not knowing was getting me
even more excited. I could feel my pussy juices trickling down between
my arse cheeks.

After what seemed like hours I heard the side gate open. Next I heard
feet walking towards me. I knew they were there, but I couldn't see
them. I thought I felt something touch my right nipple, but it could have
imagined it. Even so, I gasped a little.

Still there was silence. I was just starting to think that they'd gone away
when I heard a man cough. "Hello, is anyone there?" I said. After about
a minute, a young sounding man's voice said, "Are you all right?"

Relieved and excited, I said, "Oh Hi, I was beginning to think that I was
imagining that someone was there." "What are you doing out here like
that?" the man's voice asked.

"My Master restrained me here this morning. It's my punishment for not
obeying him." I said. "Your Master! That means that you're his slave?"
the tone of his voice asked. "Yes, I do everything that he tells me, and
he uses me as he pleases." I said. "So he abuses you and you're happy
about that?" was the reply. I just said, "Yes" and waited.

After a long pause a second man's voice said, "Right then, you won't
mind if we 'abuse' you a bit will you?" With that I felt a rough hand grab
my right breast and start mauling it. Then another hand on my left
breast. My nipples (which were rock hard) were being pulled in every
direction. It was hurting, but it was nice.

"You shouldn't be doing that," the first man's voice said. The second
man said, "If you want to miss an opportunity like this then bugger of
and finish putting that roof on. I'm going to have a piece of this slut."
After a bit more nipple pulling I heard the side gate bang, then I felt a
hand on my pussy. As a finger went inside me, the man said, "You're
loving this aren't you?" I was, but I didn't say so.

The hand on my pussy backed off. Then I felt the little rings in my pussy
lips being pulled around. Then my clit was grabbed and pulled. It was
pulled so hard that I screamed. Both hands went away and I felt the
whole scaffolding frame move.

"What bastard put that fucking pole between your legs?" he asked. I
didn't answer him. After the whole frame moved another couple of times
everything went quiet before I heard a zip unfasten. Then I heard what
must have been the man climbing into the frame because the next thing
that I knew was that I felt his dick force my mouth open. "Suck that
bitch" he said. So I did.

He was stood above my head with his balls bouncing on my face and I
couldn't get much of his dick in my mouth, but it didn't long for him to
cum. His jism didn't taste as nice as Jon's, but there was lots of it. I had
trouble swallowing it without choking.

After he shot his load into my mouth there was a long pause before I
felt him climb off the frame. "I'm off for a spanner, don't go away." He
said laughingly. There was a few seconds quiet and I was thinking, "Oh
shit, Jon's not going to like this," when I heard Jon say, "Can I help

"Err um, me and my mate are working next door and have just seen
your slave, err woman. I though I'd better come and see that she was
all right." He said. "Thank you for your concern, but she's all right,
aren't you Vanessa?" Jon replied. Before I had chance to answer, the
man said, "Right then, I'll get back to work."

Jon came over to me and asked me if I'd enjoyed myself. I told him that
I had, but not enough to cum. He then told me that he'd watched the
whole thing from the upstairs window and he asked me what the man's
jism tasted like. "Not as nice as yours Master." I answered. Jon then told
me that he'd take care of me in a minute, and leaving the blindfold in
place he disappeared.

About ten minutes later he returned with a spanner and took the extra
poll off. I thought that he was going to fuck me then, but he didn't, he
left me and came back a bit later. "Wanted to make sure we had an
audience," he said as he rammed his dick into me.

I was getting close to cumming, but not close enough, as Jon shot his
load into me. When he pulled out of me I said, "Master, please make me
cum, I need to cum." Jon ignored me and went inside. I was just coming
to the conclusion that my frustrations were not to be relieved when I felt
one of my vibrators being pushed inside me. Then it was switched on. It
wasn't long before I reached my first orgasm of the day. Then the
second. Just as the third was starting to build up, the vibe was removed
and Jon took the blindfold off. He untied my wrists and ankles and told
me to go and get a shower. It took ages for my eyes to get used to the
sunlight, and when I looked over towards where the builders were
working, the conservatory roof looked as though it was finished, and I
couldn't see anyone.

When I got upstairs I looked out of the front window and saw the
builder's van drive off.
I have other experiences that Jon has told me to document. I'm sure
that Jon will get me to publish all of them on my web pages as and
when he's read them, and is happy with them.



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