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The Card Game

Keywords: MFFF, wife Part: 1 of 1
Author: Knave of Hearts
Title: The Card Game

1993 2000 Knave of Hearts
The week had been another long one. Edward parked his car in the
garage, glad that he didn't have any pressing plans this weekend.
Work had been demanding lately, so he was ready to lose some of
his stress. He remembered that his wife had invited her friends,
Carol and Monica, over to watch a movie that evening. Dropping
his briefcase in the kitchen, Edward began tidying up.

Renee breezed in twenty minutes later with a bottle of wine and a
video. "They'll be here around seven," she said gaily. "Maybe
you can finally get into Monica's pants," she teased, referring
to Edward's fantasy of bedding Monica in various and erotic ways.
Renee had worked with Monica for only six months, but already
they were the kind of friends that told each other everything.
Renee had often thought about a threesome with Monica, but the
opportunity had never presented itself.

As Renee began to fix dinner, Edward embraced her from behind.
He always liked to caress her small breasts from behind, nuzzling
her neck through her sandy red hair. Feeling her nipples
stiffen, his cock stirred. Renee responded by pressing her ass
into his crotch, feeling his dick grow. "Later," she said,
swatting him away, "we've got guests coming and I don't want you
greeting them at the door with a stiff dick and a grin."

After dinner, Edward and Renee continued to clean and straighten.
Interrupted by the door bell, they went to greet their guests.
Carol was the first to come in. "Monica's parking the car," she
said. Carol was petite, blonde, and perky. Even though she was
in her mid-twenties, she still had the build of a sixteen year
old cheerleader. Her clothes always accentuated her tight ass
and firm tits, she had a nice body and liked to show it off. She
also had a mouth like a truck driver and was prone to be moody.

As Edward held the door open, Monica walked up the driveway.
Edward's eyes followed her tan legs and firm breasts as she came
up the walk in shorts and a light cotton shirt. Unlike Carol,
Monica never flaunted her body, always wearing clothes that
showed off her figure with style. Monica was older than Edward,
her children were in college, but she kept herself in good
physical condition. Her dark good looks and firm physique were
often the basis for Edward's fantasies. "Hey good-looking," he
said, "Bring any popcorn?" Monica smiled, her relationship with
Edward had always included sexual innuendo and teasing, but had
never actually led to any real contact. Divorced and celibate
for almost eight months, Monica had found herself wondering if
Edward could deliver what he was always teasing about.

After the group adjourned to the family room, Renee loaded the
VCR. Everyone settled on the unfolded futon couch. Edward
uncorked the wine and passed glasses around to everyone. Monica
brought popcorn out and everyone dug in. As the previews played,
conversation centered on the office politics of the small bank
where the three women worked, Monica's divorce, and Carol's

The movie finally started. Hoping to create the opportunity for
group sex, Renee had selected a steamy drama with erotic
overtones. The eroticism increased as the story progressed,
eliciting several pointed comments from Carol about how she would
love to be in a game with the male star. "I might even lose on
purpose, she chortled.

The plot peaked with the characters playing a sexually charged
game of strip poker. Carol made another comment about how often
she needed sex and how she would like to be in the movie's strip
poker game. The flush creeping up her neck showed that she was
obviously aroused by the movie. A fact she emphasized by her
running commentary on the actors' bodies and likely sexual

Thinking that Carol was all talk and no action Edward teased her,
"Why don't we start a game of our own?" He went to a nearby
drawer and got a deck of cards. Shuffling the deck on his lap,
he leered at Carol and said, "Cut for deal? Blackjack, losers
lose their clothes."

Monica and Renee began ribbing Carol, knowing how she hated being
the butt of jokes. "You don't have to play, of course. . . if
you're afraid" said Renee, needling Carol's ego. Finally, Carol
set her drink down and said, "Let's go." Surprised, Monica and
Renee agreed to play, each still convinced that Carol would quit
before shedding a stitch.

Edward dealt and won the first hand. With the moment of truth at
hand, everyone looked at Carol. Aware that her bluff was being
called, Carol took a large gulp of wine and began unbuttoning her
blouse. By this time, the flush from her neck had covered her
entire chest. Throwing her shirt into the corner, Carol sat on
the couch in her lace bra, a look of defiance on her face.
"Well," she demanded, her voice petulant, "Let's see some skin.
Or are you embarrassed?"

With that challenge, Monica and Renee began taking off their
shirts. To Edward, this was a dream come true. Having
fantasized about all three women, it was a sheer delight to be
able to see and compare them all together. Where Renee and Carol
had small, pert breasts, Monica's were full and round. Carol and
Renee were both fair, their pink nipples showing through the lace
of their bras. Monica was dark, her skin without tan lines. She
blushed as she noticed Edward's eyes watching her brown nipples
through the white bra. Edward watched as Monica's nipples
pressed against the sheer fabric of her bra. Noticing that
Edward was distracted by Monica's chest, Carol said, "I know
you've seen titties before, Edward. Let's get on with the game."

"Winner deals," Edward said reshuffling the deck. Renee won this
time. Carol and Monica took their pants off without prodding.
Edward's shirt joined the pile of clothing in the corner.
Sitting on the couch in their underwear, the women were blushing.
As Renee gathered the cards, Edward admired the female forms in
front of him. Carol, who had been drinking steadily since the
game started (probably to keep her courage up, Edward thought)
was wearing a lacy, and very scantily cut, bra and panties set.
The high, French cut thighs showed off her firm ass to
perfection. Monica on the other hand, wore more conservative
underthings. Edward, never one to miss a detail, noticed a small
tuft of black hair peeking through the leg band of her bikini

"This time you'll all lose," Monica said triumphantly as she
looked at her cards. "Blackjack," she said, looking Edward in
the eye. All three women watched intently as Edward stood and
took off his pants. His hard-on was extremely evident to
everyone in the room. Deciding to make a show of it, Edward took
his time, carefully folding his pants. Feeling the women's
greedy eyes burning on his crotch, he slowly walked to the corner
and slowly set his pants down. Carol, sitting on the corner
closest to the wall and acting a bit tipsy, had already removed
her bra. Awkwardly reaching for Edward's dick, she said, "Is
that a banana in your pants or are you just glad to see me?"
"Maybe you'll get to see," he said as he felt Carol's small hand
caress trace the length of his shaft. Letting Carol get a quick
feel, he looked around the room to see how Monica and Renee were

Monica licked her lips unconsciously as she watched Carol trace
the outline of Edward's large cock through his thin cotton
boxers. As Edward locked gazes with her, Monica blushed
furiously as she realized that she had been caught staring.
Edward noticed the light sweat that appeared on Monica's upper
lip and the increased tempo of her breathing. Renee's nipples
where hard, standing on her chest like pencil erasers. Her eyes
remained on Carol's lithe form, especially the dark triangle in
Carol's panties, as Edward returned to his seat. It was obvious
that the menage a'trois she had been anticipating was rapidly
developing into a full scale orgy.

Monica fumbled with the cards as she dealt the next hand, which
Edward won. She blushed fiercely as she removed her bra. Her
breasts were full but did not sag, her large nipples pointing
proudly at the ceiling. By this time Carol was in high spirits.
Instead of quickly taking off her panties, as she had done with
the rest of her clothes, she stood on the futon, pinching her
nipple with one hand as the other hand slid into her panties and
hovered over her clit. Her hips grinding against the air, Carol
moved her strip tease to the middle of the couch. Renee, getting
in the spirit of the moment, stood to remove her panties. Carol,
wriggling out of her underwear, gasped as she saw Renee's shaven
pussy. The strip tease abruptly over, Renee brazenly walked
across the couch and put her crotch up to Edward's face, "You
like it nice and smooth, don't you?" Edward murmured his assent
as he lightly kissed his wife's pussy, his tongue tracing the
folds of her labia.

Monica turned beet red from head to toe. Edward, took the cards
and began to shuffle, "The game isn't over yet." Renee said that
she would need something to keep her busy, since she hadn't been
watching the movie. Reaching forward, she removed Edward's dick
from his underwear and started to lick it. Seeing Edward's prick
shining with Renee's saliva, Carol knelt next to him and pressed
her body against his. Placing one of his hands on her breast,
Carol moaned.

Monica, her eyes locked on to Edward's large penis, said that she
didn't need to play games anymore. Sitting back against the
wall, she slid her panties off and began touching her pussy,
watching Renee lick Edward's shaft. Edward watched as Monica's
manicured fingers parted the curly black triangle of hair. Her
pussy lips were swollen, the area between her legs wet with
desire. Her thumb vibrated feverishly against her erect clit as
she fucked herself with her middle finger, eyes glazed over as
she let herself go with the lust of the moment.

Edward was in heaven, his wife was slurping over his cock like
a sex crazed whore, her co-worker's tongue was frantically
fencing with his as she pressed her taut, firm tit against his
hands, and his wife's best friend was sitting three feet away
openly playing with herself. Seeing a chance to fulfill a
personal fantasy, Edward removed Renee's head from his crotch
long enough to take off his boxers. He then invited Carol over
to suck on his cock while Renee sucked his balls.

As two women began working on his member, Edward looked across
the couch at Monica. Her eyes never left his cock as her fingers
began massaging her clit. Closing his eyes, Edward let his head
loll backward, savoring the warm, wet sensations coming from his
groin. Some of the feelings were soft and silky, as Carol's head
dove into his lap trying to deep throat his cock. He could feel
her muscles contract around the fat head of his dick as he
reached the back of her throat. Renee, however, was sending
breath taking shocks up his body as she sucked first one, then
both of his balls into her mouth. Edward had always loved when
she did this, enveloping his testes then swirling her tongue
around them. He felt his balls tighten, ready to shoot his load
into Carol's mouth. Renee also felt the signals of Edward's
impending orgasm, sliding her hand from around his balls she
tickled his asshole with her finger. That sent Edward over the
edge, his body stiffened as his cock spasmed, sending his come
into her mouth.

Turning Renee so that he could reach her pussy, Edward stuck his
tongue into his wife's cunt. She was already wet from the
excitement, her eyes screwed shut in concentration as Edward
fingered her clit, making her moan. On her knees with her ass in
the air, she pressed her hips against his face, urging him to
make her come. Nearing orgasm from her husband's tongue, she
ground her bald pussy against his face as he pushed his tongue
deeper into her pussy. Finally she grunted, her pussy quivering
as her orgasm consumed her.

Carol had been stroking Edward's dick as she wiped the come from
her lips, announced to the room that she needed cock. Impatient
with being left out, she held Edward's still stiff dick and
guided it into her wet cunt. Carol's tight pussy stretched to
accommodate Edward's shaft. She gyrated wildly to work her hips
down the length of his cock. After nearly ten strokes, Carol
finally had Edward entirely inside her. She began to pump her
body, feeling his prick fill her up. Edward took Carol's hips
and began thrusting himself deep into her pussy. Her small tits
bounced as he shoved his prick into her hole. She grabbed her
breasts, squeezing the nipples to heighten the sensation. She
was taken by the feeling of his cock reaching deep inside her,
the long down stroke filling her insides with his cock. Then the
upstroke when Edward would pull his cock out until only the tip
remained inside, only to feel the sudden downstroke again. The
stimulation of her clit banging against his hips made Carol mad
with lust. Balancing herself with her hands on his chest, she
began fucking wildly. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," she moaned

From across the room, Monica moaned loudly as she came, the sight
of Edward's long, thick cock sliding in and out of Carol's tight
pussy had taken her over the edge. Moving her hand from her
soaked pussy, Monica moved to the couch beside Renee. Lying next
to Edward, Renee was in a trance watching her husband fuck
another woman for the first time. "Give it to her good," she

Carol cried out as she came. Edward, nearing his second orgasm,
grabbed her hips and continued to slam the petite Carol onto his
cock. The force of his thrusts drove air from her lungs, finally
he cried out and shot his load inside Carol. The pair collapsed,
spent and sweaty from their animalistic fuck session. Trying to
catch his breath, Edward stroked Carol's back as she lay atop

Reaching between Renee's thighs, Edward found that she was
sopping wet. "Did you like what you saw?" he asked. Carol
rolled off him, his dick exiting her with a soft popping sound.
Renee reached forward and cupped Edward's balls in her hand,
"Let's see if you can give all of us the same treatment" she
murmured. Pulling Renee's hips toward him and turning her over,
Edward started licking her pussy again, this time zeroing in on
her clit. Renee squealed as Edward sucked her clit into his
mouth, "Easy baby" she moaned, spreading her cunt lips to give
him access to her throbbing clit.

Monica took Edward's limp cock in her mouth. sucking his cock
and playing with his testicles, Monica began stimulating him.
Lubricating her hand with some of Carol's cum, Monica ran her
finger round Edward's asshole, teasing him by pressing her finger
gently into his anus. Edward lifted his head from Renee's lap
and looked at Monica. "It's my turn for some of this meat," she
throatily. Renee, writhed as Edward returned his attentions to
her clit, unable to hold back any longer she grasped Edward's
head and firmly pressed it into her pussy as she came.

Opening her eyes, Renee saw that Monica had succeeded in making
Edward's cock hard again. Edward rose and, pushing Monica back
on the couch, lay on top of her and began kissing her breasts.
Taking Renee's hand, he placed it upon Monica's breast. As Renee
kissed Monica on the lips, Edward began sucking Monica's clit.
Between kisses, he told her how he had fantasized about fucking
her. Monica moaned and said that she had also fantasized about
him. Hearing Monica's moans, Renee began rubbing her hands on
Monica's breasts, paying special attention to Monica's large
nipples. Laying back on the couch, Monica brought her knees to
her chest. Her pussy was slick with her juices, red and puffy
from her previous orgasms. "Give it to me hard," she said.

Edward had no problem sliding his entire length into her soaked
pussy on the first stroke. Pausing to savor the sensation of her
cunt, he moaned. Begging him not to stop, Monica began bucking
her hips against his dick. Edward thrust his cock into Monica's
pussy with short, forceful strokes, pausing at the end of each
stroke as his balls slapped her ass. He placed her legs on top
of his forearms, using his leverage to hold her hips up and keep
her legs spread. Her eyes were screwed shut, head thrown back in
abandon, she arched her back and screamed, "Fuck me, make me

Faster and faster, he slammed his dick into her pussy. They
fucked like animals, grunting and groaning as their hips made wet
slapping noises together. Her breasts bounced in time with his
thrusts. His hands tightened on her wrists, increasing the tempo
of his hips. The friction of her buttery soft pussy was sending
him over the edge for the third time. From behind him, Renee
began stroking his back and ass with her fingers. "Baby wants to
come. Come inside her for me," she said breathlessly. Edward
cried out as he came, pinning Monica to the futon with his cock
buried inside her. Monica came at the same time, her legs
locking behind his back, holding him deep inside her. Her pussy
milked his cock for its juice, pulsating around his member.

They lay on the damp futon, trying to catch their breath.
Edward, still entranced by Monica's body, ran his hands over her
firm stomach to her toned legs. Pulling out of Monica, Edward
sat back and sipped some wine. Carol lay beside him, still
recovering from the intense orgasm she had earlier. Edward
lightly wiped sweat from between her breasts as he pinched her
nipple between thumb and forefinger. Renee and Monica rolled
onto their sides and embraced each other. Renee, looked at
Edward and said, "The party's not quite over." Monica said that
she was exhausted and unable to come again.

Leaving Monica's side, Renee sucked Edward's entire length in her
mouth. Carol took Monica by the hand and brought her to Edward.
Kneeling beside him, Monica kissed him deeply, her tongue dancing
and darting within his mouth. As Edward teased Monica's
breasts, she asked him to be gentle. Lightly blowing on her
swollen nipples he alternated breasts, kissing first one then the
other. Carol began kissing Edward's chest and playing with his
nipples. Her ass wiggled in the air as Carol moved from his
chest toward his thickening cock. Reaching his lap, Carol licked
his cock as Renee sucked his balls. Tasting Monica's come on his
cock, Carol licked his pole in long slow strokes. Reaching the
top, she would lightly nibble on his dick head before returning
to the base for another long wet lick.

Edward, his dick tender from fucking both Carol and Monica, told
Renee that he wanted to see her eat pussy. Both women were
hesitant, but Edward gently guided Renee's head to Monica's
crotch. Renee nuzzled her face into Monica's wet thatch and
tentatively kissed her clit. Still unsure of the her own
feelings, Monica felt a familiar heat growing in her cunt.
Reaching forward, she gently held Renee's head to her clit.
Breathing heavily, Renee continued kissing and fingering her
friend's pussy.

Seeing his wife eat pussy made Edward's cock solid as a rock.
Carol sat in a corner, fingering herself furiously as she watched
the other two women. Placing his hands on his wife's ass, Edward
guided his cock into her pussy. The sensation of a cock sliding
through her pussy was too much for Renee. Edward slowly fucked
her, the large head of his cock almost leaving her pussy before
reversing direction and slowly filling her again. His hands
kneaded her butt cheeks as he pulled her back along the length of
his dick.

Monica felt Renee's body rock against hers as Edward thrust deep
inside Renee's hot pussy. Moving Renee's face from her cunt,
Monica French kissed Renee and pinched her nipples. Edward,
becoming more and more aroused watching his wife's first bisexual
experience, picked up the pace. Knowing his wife liked to be
fucked hard, Edward began kneading her ass cheeks and
concentrating on sliding the entire length of his cock in and out
of her pussy. His thrusts pushed the women together, flattening
their breasts against each other's sweaty bodies. Renee felt her
nipples brush against Monica's, the contact of these soft
erogenous zones causing her to moan. As Renee started to come,
her pussy contracted around Edward's cock, causing him to come
deep inside her.

Edward collapsed on top of his wife, sandwiching her between
himself and Monica. Sweat and sex stank up the room, the futon
cover looked like an enormous wet spot of come. Edward levered
himself off Renee, gently disengaging his sore cock from her
cunt, and lay on the side of the mat. Carol lay beside him,
curled into a ball asleep. Monica and Renee were still in the
middle of the futon, softly caressing each other and whispering.

Taking a drink from the nearest wine glass, Edward groaned and
smiled contentedly, "Hell of a way to end the week."

Originally Written April 1993
Modified September 1996
(c) William J. Adams, 1998

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