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The Castaways Surprise


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The Castaway's Surprise by Andy
The Castaway's Surprise

When Karen Johnson's divorce came through two years ago, she took a long
time to gather herself. She was determined to change her life to suit
herself and not worry about others. Since she was always well off because of
inherited wealth along with some astute investments she decided to pursue
her lifelong dream to sail the South Seas.

After making preparations to embark into her new life, she decided to touch
base with a few of her closest friends to say good-bye. Jade Parker and
Nicole Bonner were waiting at the restaurant when Karen arrived. Karen was
dressed in jeans and a halter top that did nothing but accentuate her
preposterous figure. Her bust was 42 DD on a very thin 5'5" body. Her
breasts were heavy and came from under the arm suggestively and their sheer
weight made the hang invitingly. Her legs were forever. She had light brown
hair with blond highlights, blue eyes and a plain face that, without any
makeup, was perfect.

Jade and Nicole were as different as they could be in appearance, to their
friend. Jade had jet black hair and reveled in being hirsute. She only
shaved her legs because it was easier in her career on Wall Street. She was
about 5'2" and petite but muscular. Her body tone made every part of her
body symmetrical. Nicole, on the other hand was about 25 pound too heavy for
her frame. Her bust size was proportionate to her gut but happily, did
nothing to diminish her beauty or her own well being.

Now you know who looks like what, and now we join the journey.

Karen was explaining to the girls that she was leaving to pursue her dreams.
She was a sailing master having captained some runners-up in world cup type
events. She had a fine boat and ample supplies and the latest in all
navigational electronics that would keep her in touch with everything. As
Karen explained and outlined her trip, her friends became more and more
interested. Jade was sick of the Wall Street grind and was looking for an
excuse to tell her firm to go fuck itself. Nicole was always pliable and
followed her nose wherever it led her.

To make it march, let me say that the soon they were agreeing to go together
and leave this garbage behind. Karen agreed to delay her departure and allow
her friends to make necessary arrangements.

Just as a footnote, these girls were somewhat down on the men in their lives
but only somewhat. They had all at one time or another fooled around with
each other but it was limited to just petting, feeling and some occasional
pussy eating.

The day came when they sailed out of San Francisco Bay heading for their
dreams. The reader can assume the preparations they made


As Karen steered away from the mainland, everyone settled in and established
routines for everything. They realized that there was no crew to serve them,
no hands to fend for them, and no phone calls they could make to call for
service. With Karen's expert instruction they began to gel as a well-honed

Soon, as they sailed west, the climate began to get warmer and warmer. They
had left dressed for the usual 50-60 degree weather that prevailed on the
coast at this time of the year. These outfits were no longer suitable. One
morning Karen decided to start a trend. She crawled out of her bunk as naked
as a jaybird and walked up to the deck and stretched vigorously. Jade turned
around to see her naked pal and gave a wolf whistle. Karen announced that "I
will only put on clothes in the future when I am forced to."

Jade immediately took off her already skimpy top and followed by dropping
her shorts into a pile at her feet. Both women couldn't take their eyes off
each other.

Nicole was awakened by the sound of their laughter. She popped her head from
below and became mesmerized by the sight of her shipmates in the nude.
"What's going on up here," she asked. Not to be outdone she peeled off her
sweatshirt and panties and reveled in the morning sunlight. All three women
were now staring at each other and enjoying it so much began to pose lewdly.

Karen was sitting on a deck chair, open legged while cupping her large bust
suggestively. Jade and Nikki were both transfixed by the wantonness of the
"Captain." Jade leaned over the side rail and spread her ass cheeks so you
could see her rosy red butt hole in all its hairy glory. Nicole stated "You
dirty whores are not going to out sex me, watch this."

Nikki squatted over a bucket that they used for cleaning up, and began to
urinate profusely. Her eyes were closed and her hands were all over her
fleshy breasts. Nobody said a word. Nikki the followed up her long piss by
releasing her morning shit into the bucket. As turd after turd came out of
her large round ass, Karen and Jade were rubbing their hands on the bodies
with increasing rapidity.

Jade walked over to Nikki and grabbed her friend's face in two strong hands
and kissed her full on the mouth burying her tongue as deep as she could get
it. Jade positioned her ass over the bucket and peed and shat right into her
buddies' mixture. Even though it was windy from the motion of the boat, the
odor was strong enough to notice and it had the (desired) effect.


Karen made a few course corrections and adjusted the auto-pilot minutely to
follow her route. Watching her as she performed these tasks, with her large
bust flopping around, was making the cunts of her friends percolate.
"Sweetie how come we didn't get to watch you pee and shit," Nikki
questioned. Kar explained; "don't forget ladies, that I planned to make this
trip alone." "I figured that I would have all the time in the world to
indulge some wicked fantasies I've always had."

Jade and Nikki both assured their friend that they did not in anyway, want
to impede her style but would be glad to go along with anything at all.
"Anything?" Karen cooed. Both women opened their legs and smiled in
response. Karen took this as her cue. She went to the bow of the vessel and
sat herself with her head leaning against the windscreen. The wind in this
part of the boat was rather boisterous. Karen raised her legs over the rail
just above her. In this position her beautiful vagina was about 2 feet
higher than her head.

The girls were standing inside the wheelhouse looking over the windscreen
and down at Karen's vulgar pose. Smoothly and without fanfare she began to
urinate heavily. The golden stream was so heavy that the wind could not
dissipate it nor break it up. At first the urine splashed on Karen's large
vieny breasts, a little adjustment of her ass directed the flow directly
into her mouth. Miss Johnson's was swallowing her own urine passionately.
After what seemed like a full 2 minutes, the wind started to break up the
flow and little droplets flew upwards. Jade and Nikki were suddenly splashed
with the hot salty urine.

Neither girl shied away and both seem transfixed as their hand began to
search for wet body parts. Karen looked up and smiled at them. Little did
they know that there would then occur something that would transform their
relationships forever.

With her legs still raised, Karen began to grunt in concentration. She was
trying to shit while upside-down. Gravity would normally make this
difficult. Karen worked on it. Soon a long brown turd began to worm its way
out looking like I chose the perfect word to describe it. The weight and
length of the brown bomb finally disgorged itself from her ass and fell down
towards her beautiful, pensive face.

She caught it right on her mouth, and using her hands, fed herself with her
own shit. Karen chewed and swallowed gracefully. The girls were now totally
bonkers. Lust, perversion, vulgarity and every form of deviant behavior you
could think of were there before them.


Karen lowered her legs, got up and quite demurely walked around to the
girl's side of the deck. She stood there waiting for a reaction from her
friends. Nikki was the first to respond by placing her mouth over Karen's
shit stained lips and kissing her friend deeply, wetly and with as much
passion as she had ever shown in her life. Jade, not wanting to be outdone,
waited her turn and repeated this sharing.

The girls were now laughing, crying, screaming and could not control
themselves. Hands grabbed breasts, cunts and assholes. Nikki remembered the
bucket and went to get it. Karen added the remainder of her bowel movement
to the pail, all the time smiling knowingly.

The women reached into the bucket and started grabbing handfuls of shit and
started to cover each other with it. Nothing was left uncovered. Hair, eyes,
and everything were smeared to perfection. Karen picked up the pail and
dumped some of the contents right on her upturned face. Then she poured the
rest on each of her friend's faces. The thing was empty way too quickly and
some momentary disappointment was evident.

The three women proceeded to attempt to clean themselves with their tongues.
the only trouble was that they couldn't leave their warm, wet, smelly
vaginas. After each of them gave the others countless throbbing orgasm's,
Karen again showed why she was so magnificent a woman


Karen climbed all the way to the top of the yardarm, which was at least 18'
high. She performed an excellent dive that rated a 10. The outline of her
bust was unmatched for spectacle. She hit the water without rising enough of
a splash to fill a shot glass. Then after cleaning herself she climbed back
on deck and made it seem like she was still on dry land if she was standing
on dry ground. Jade then took her turn and was equally adept as her muscular
but delicate torso made a perfect swan as she reached for the water. She
cleaned up and also climbed back on board. They both looked at Nicole and
then at each other and started to laugh uproariously when Nikki suggested
that if she tried that she might cause a tidal wave. Both Karen and Sally
kissed their friend tenderly and then threw her over the side.

They were quite surprised when Nikki turned out to be an excellent swimmer.

After a few minutes to catch their breath, the girls got down to details of
the course the boat was taking.

Busty Karen was looking at charts and compasses and she even an astrolabe to
check her course. Nikki went below to prepare some food to replenish their
bodies. Jade was using the radio to check weather and to verify location.
There was a storm warning, but it was far away from their current position,
she thought.


They had been on the water for about a week now and were about 330 nautical
miles north east from the area where Easter Island is located. Karen
adjusted a course to 270 degrees (dead west). It was late in the evening and
Jade and Nicole were huddled below sleeping in each-other's arms. Karen was
beginning to yawn herself and was reminding herself that she would be
relieved by Jade in a little while.

It got quite dark as a very ominous cloud cover began to cover the moon.
Soon the winds began to pick up from the south and Karen decided to wake the
girls so they could help her "batten down the hatches." It was what saved
their lives.

Before you could say "What the fuck was that," rain began to fall and drench
them from all sides. The squalls rocked them to the point where you could
see water 20' over your head. Karen fought to maintain control. Her friends
were working cohesively and were not panicking. Each woman stayed attentive
with one eye on the storm and the other on the task at hand.

Unfortunately, this storms beginning was mild compared to what was to


A wave of immense proportions picked up the craft and tossed it about like a
paper cup in a whirlpool. The rain flew in like bullets into their faces and
Karen lost control of the vessel. She could steer as the equipment was
unresponsive. They tried to use the radio to give a mayday to no avail.

It began to thunder and lightning. A brilliant flash struck their antennae
as if it were tied to it by a string. A smaller mast in the stern collapsed.
Nikki was scared shitless. Jade was trying to support Karen the best she
could. The boat had a mind of its own and it was tossed about like so much

The boat began to take on water. Karen shouted at the top of her ample lungs
"get your life vests on." Her friends were already complying. Karen had just
managed to fasten hers when another wave picked the ship up and deposited it
unceremoniously about 100' away.

Their quarters were almost filled with water as they noticed some belongings
floating in the water. The three women were huddled together hanging on to
each other and doing their best to comfort each other.

Another trio of waves hit them from all directions and the boat was now on
its side. Jade went over the side followed quickly by Nicole. Karen
maintained her grasp on the wheel and feeling utterly useless decided to
jump in after her friends. Better to die with them then suffer their loss.
The storm showed no pity whatsoever. The boat headed in a completely
different direction. The girls were not quite together, but were within
sight of each other.

As was her karma, Karen's mental alertness and competence manifested itself
when the last thing she did, before plunging into the raging sea, was to
grab the cord that released the raft and safety gear into the water.

It wasn't really to close to them, but they had to find it or they would
drown. When they finally reached each other they were clinging to each other
with death grips. Remember they only had life vests on and the water's
temperature became another enemy that was attacking them.

Karen spotted the rescue gear but it was quite far from them. There was no
way she could swim that far. All they could do was hope that they could
somehow drift close. The sea was raging without compassion. Suddenly Nicole
released her grip on her friends and started to swim away. Jade and Karen
were screaming for her to come back, but Nikki couldn't or wouldn't hear

Nicole was fighting for every inch but was managing to cover the distance
albeit painfully. After what was actually 20 but seemed like 200 minutes,
Nicole gave the last kick she had left and barely reached the rope that was
hanging of the package. She grabbed on and tried to catch her breath.

Her friends had no idea where she was and were tearfully calling her name.
Nothing could be heard over the blasting of the storm. Nicole pulled on the
cord with her last remaining bit of strength and finally the raft exploded
out of its cocoon. She climbed on board and fought the urge to rest. She had
no idea which way to go as she felt for the oars.

She knew that she couldn't wait here and tried to gauge a direction. She
started paddling tiredly but with conviction. She thought she heard voices
and headed for them with renewed vigor. Where the hell were they?

Karen was holding Jade in her arms and trying to keep them both above water.
Jade had hit her head on a piece of the wreckage and was out cold. She
thought she heard Nikki's cries and tried to answer. As she opened her mouth
a wave drilled her and muffled any sound. Karen was coughing and struggling
for breath while maintaining her hold on unconscious Jade.

A flash of lightning lit up the area like a night game at Yankee Stadium.
Karen saw Nikki paddling frantically and with renewed strength called to
her. Nikki turned quickly in the direction of the sound and saw her friends.

As if a scene was edited out of a movie, the storm stopped. This did not
affect the condition of the sea but at least they could see. Nikki pulled
Jade out of the water and tried to loosen her vest so she could breathe
better. Karen was hanging on to the side trying to get herself on to the
boat. After a few futile efforts she managed to get on board. When they were
all together again they were so exhausted that they just fell asleep while
the Pacific carried them to places unknown.


For now our friends are sleeping or rather passed out. Nothing will happen
to them while we are away.

About 25 miles away, just beyond the horizon, there was a small island
existing in the middle of a vast emptiness that is the area around Easter
Island. This area is one of the most remote places on the planet.

This little island did not have a name and was not listed on any charts. It
is about the size or a large city park maybe 2000 acres or so. There is
plenty of fresh water, vegetation, beaches, mountains, waterfalls and not
much else. Except for one solitary inhabitant.

Jacques Ferrier had been living on this island for almost three years. He
had moored his boat in one of the many coves after a reef had damaged his
hull. He survived rather handily with his fishing and general all around
outdoor expertise. Other than extreme loneliness his life was a day to day
nomadic existence.

He was a rangy 6'2" thin but very athletic man. He had lost over 50 pounds
from when he was first marooned. He was fairly good looking one time but now
he had a long scraggly beard and his hair was down to his ass. To finish the
picture his tan made him look like an African native. He never wore anything
at all except for a thin cord around his waist that he used to hold his
knife and a small bag.

He was fairly content, as occasionally some natives from an island about 60
miles away would visit and make his life a little more interesting. He was
horny as hell and had perfected ways to relieve himself of both the boredom
and the loneliness.

At this stage of his life his personal relations skills were highly unused
and forgotten.


One day he was fishing in the surf and bringing in a nice large mouth
sea-bass. As he pulled his catch on to the shore, a flash of color caught
his eyes. He could not make out what it was, so he climbed a tree on the
beach to try to get a better look. All he could make out was something
orange in the water heading for the very reef that had counted him as one of
its victims.

He jumped to the ground and went back to his catch. After a few minutes he
was watching the orange thing when he saw some movement from it. It looked
like a hand or a foot was hanging off the side.

This time he realized with a thud that this might be a life raft and that
someone might be in it. He couldn't possibly swim through the reef at that
distance and tried to figure out what to do.

He finally decided to run back to his camp/home and get his makeshift proa.
It took a long 30 minutes to get there and back dragging the canoe all the
way. He was as fit as a fiddle and had plenty of stamina and strength to go
right in the ocean and begin sculling. His strokes were long at first, side
to side and then short choppy thrust to get him through the reefs

As he approached the raft he realized that there were more than one person
in it. His mind lead him into a hallucination of naked women for him to
........... well, you know. He struck himself on the face to better
concentrate on getting to them in one piece. As he neared the raft he began
to wonder if he was losing his mind. He could see 3 completely naked women
with tits and ass and cunts and legs and mouths and hairs and "GOD; WHAT THE
HELL IS WRONG WITH ME" he thought.

Jacques (Jock) tried in vane to get their attention but to no avail. The
waves were dangerously close to wrecking all of them. Derek saw his proa
heading for a large group of rocks and paddled furiously to avoid them. As
he avoided the danger he realized that the raft and he were going in
opposite directions.

With the calm born of solitude he dove in and swam underwater for the raft.
When he reached it he still couldn't get anyone's attention. He thought they
might be dead. He pulled himself into their midst and quickly ascertained
that they were indeed alive but in pretty bad shape. There were no broken
bones as far as he could see and no blood to speak of, and except for a few
bumps and bruises they seemed too weak and exhausted but definitely alive.

He renewed his efforts and managed to drag his proa over to the raft and
using some vine ropes he managed to attach them together.

He negotiated his way carefully and before long had managed to get close
enough to shore so that he could wade the raft in to the beach.

After securing everything he tried to revive them. They responded weakly and
he could tell that they were dehydrated and seasick.

He still couldn't believe that these incredibly beautiful women were naked
and lying there in front of him. He forced these thoughts out of his head
and started concocting a plan to save these women and nurse them back to

With not so much as another thought, he carried each of them to safety. This
was not an easy task because he did not want to leave any of them alone. So
he picked one up, walked 100' and put her down and the went back for the
others. This would be difficult if you had to go a quarter of a mile. Derek
had to go a little more than a mile up, over and through the island's fauna.

He also had to figure what he could do to help them as he was not a doctor
and did not have any supplies. he cursed himself for forgetting to look
inside the raft for anything useful and decided that after he got the women
to safety he would go back.


He laid out some banana leaves, and settled each one as comfortably as he
could. After building a fire he went to a stream and fashioned a make shift
canteen and managed to get a little bit of water into each of them. He was
still nervous and pissed off at his still raging hardon that wouldn't go
down. Smacking it hard only increased its intensity.

He ran as fast as he could back to the beach to salvage what he could. When
he arrived, he dragged the raft into some brush and covered it with still
more banana leaves. He grabbed everything that was not part of the raft
itself and made his way back to camp.

Good, the women were still out but seemed to be resting rather than out. he
did not want to intrude or scare them so he increased the fire and built a
small spit to which he added the fish he had caught earlier. He was glad he
had the prescience of mind to grab it when he hid the raft.

Well, there was plenty of water, the fish was cooking and he decided to make
himself scarce so that no confrontation would occur. He imagined what they
would think if they woke and saw the sight of his mammoth dork pointing

His camp was just over a rise and he would easily keep his eye on them until
they were better. In the mean time he could find some relief from the
unbearable sexual tension that had gripped him.


Karen was the first to wake up. She was totally startled and frightened out
of her wits. The first thing she saw was what looked like a burning fish.
Was she in hell, she thought. Looking around she saw her friends and was
greatly happy that they were still together. She started to cry which
brought Jade and Nicole around. After they got through hugging and kissing
each other, they took stock of the situation.

Jade said that the way she saw it all they had were questions. "Where the
fuck are we?" "How the fuck did we get here?" "How fucking long has it
been?" Karen put her arms around Jade and Nikki joined them as they gathered
their wits about them.

It dawned on each of them that somebody helped them. The fire, the food, the
water, the beds, where did they come from??????

Karen gained control of her anxiety and suggested that they eat, drink a
little and rest up until morning. They ate sparingly as they were still
pretty weak. Nicole gathered some more wood from a pile that was neatly
stacked near them and stoked the fire.

They ate and fell immediately to sleep in each-others' arms, glad to be


The next morning they were refreshed and realized that someone had watched
them during the night and had left them fruit and more fish for them. After
eating, Nicole asked if they should cover themselves and was quickly turned
down. This was the way they were found and by God they would stay that way
until they knew what was going on.

Karen's eagle eyes spotted what she thought looked like a small clearing
that someone had just trampled through. The girls figured that they would
scout ahead a bit, remaining together, and see if they could find their
guardian angel or whatever the fuck he, she or it was.

After walking around for a couple of hours they were about to give up when
Jade remarked "Jesus, what's that smell?" Nikki commented that she smelled
it to.

Soon Karen spotted smoke and they headed for it. After a short hike they saw
the source of the odor and the smoke.

They saw what looked like a campsite/resort right our of a Robinson Crusoe
novel. There were three grass huts of varying sizes, hammocks, tables
fashioned from bamboo, and many other things too numerous to mention here.

There was a fire burning and they realized that there was some kind of
animal (a pig maybe) roasting on a spit. Their mouths were practically

They still did not want to scare anyone and didn't see the owner of all this
"luxury." Jade noticed a hammock on the other side of the camp that looked
like someone was in it. There was a hand just hanging down.

Upon further explorations they approached quietly. What they saw made their
mouths water all over again, but for a different reason.

Lying in the hammock, asleep and spread-eagled was a man with the deepest
tan you could imagine. He had a long scraggly beard, and a very muscular but
not overly large torso. His arms were awesome and his chest and thighs
reminded them of a leopard's carriage. As they were taking in his figure,
they were struggling to keep their emotions under control.

In the middle of Jock's body stood a penis of immense beauty and size. This
cock must have been 11" long, 3-4 inches around with a perfect helmet and
veins the looked like the pipeline for a sewage plant (how is that for a
description). The most intriguing feature was not its beauty or its size,
but the fact that it was fully erect and pulsating with occasional throbs
and shudders.

Evidently its owner was dreaming. The girls did not breathe or move a muscle
for fear of interrupting this fabulous show. All of their questions were
forgotten, their fears were placed on the back burner and they were alive
for this moment, utterly transfixed.

Under his cock they noticed a very large and hairy set of balls that
actually looked swollen. They were on the verge of coming without so much as
a hand touching any part of their now shivering bodies.

The cock continued to pulsate like a sentry ready to sound an alarm at any


Jade was trying to mouth words to the girls silently. "Why don't one of us
suck his cock?" Karen thought about this and decided to retreat away to
discuss this further. When they were far enough away for him not to be
awoken, they sat on the ground and the three of them tried to talk at once.

Karen stifled them by kissing each of them on the mouth until they quieted

"Look, we know that he didn't try to take advantage of us when he could
have," said Karen. "He probably risked his life to get us out of the water,
as you can see how dangerous it looks out there." "I don't want to scare him
without giving himself a chance to make the first move."

The girls were pretty much in agreement and decide to watch from a distance.
They were watching this man and his cock intently when he began to stir.
Upon waking up the man reached down and grabbed his cock like he was
grabbing a baseball bat and getting ready to hit.

What our women saw next pushed them over the edge of sanity. Jock, still
lying in his bed, began to urinate directly up into the air. The piss
exploded out of his cock like a fire hose gone mad. Some of this urine
landed on his body, more flew all over the air around him. He was urinating
like he hadn't gone in a week. Jade, by this time was jamming one fist into
her cunt and the other in her mouth to prevent a disturbance. Nikki was in a
trance while she squeezed her large bust roughly.

Karen had her thumb in her ass while trying to maintain control. Suddenly
the man aimed his cock and shot the last remaining urine directly into his
own mouth, swallowing thirstily.

What amazed the women even more than the spectacle they had just witnessed,
was that this guy never lost his hardon once. Most men that they knew could
not urinate while erect. This guy seemed to get harder if that was at all

Jock then got out of the hammock, still not aware of his visitors. He walked
over to what looked like a small table and placed his ass over it and took a
huge shit. Glob after glob of excrement fell onto the table until he
finished and walked away. This large pile just lay there with smoke rising
from the foul load.

Suddenly he looked their way and froze. There was an awkward moment as they
each waited for the other to make the first move. He tried to turn away to
hide his still erect cock. Karen simply said hello. He motioned for them to
sit at a table without saying a word. They complied and waited for his next

He had gone inside his hut for a moment and came back out with some hideous
cloth covering his lower half. Then he went to his fire and, using his
knife, sliced off some of the wild boar that he was cooking and placed it on
the table. This was followed with fruit, yams, pineapple and some form of
melon they couldn't identify.

There was plenty of water and he motioned for them to eat. He walked away to
administer the fire and left the women alone not wanting to scare them or
bother them.

Karen decided that enough was enough. She walked over to him and reaching
out took his hands in hers. She practically pulled him to the table and
asked him to sit down which he did slightly reluctantly, but only slightly.
They began by trying to converse orally. He began to speak telling them that
he hadn't spoken in a long time. His English was fine and they soon began to
thank him for saving them and got acquainted with their rescuer.


When he began to smile, the girls felt perfectly at ease with him. They
learned each-others' names and were pleased that Jock's inquisitiveness was
not very nosy. He reveled in what they told him and happily left it at that.

He asked them rather shyly if they wanted something to cover themselves.
Jade replied, "Why don't you like looking at our naked bodies?" Jacques
replied that he liked it very much and perhaps too much as he hadn't ever
seen women so beautiful, even back in civilization.

He tried to apologize for his erection saying that he had no control of it
and he did not wasn't to offend them. Nikki asked him to stand up and she
eagerly tore the sack he had around him right off. They saw that his member
was still there, a blue viener to end all blue vieners.

Soon the three women were embracing him and holding him, reassuring him and
making him feel comfortable. At the same time he thought he was reassuring
them and making them feel comfortable with him.

Who would make the first move? No more suspense, Karen is my heroine, so she
sat at the table, looking at this giant prick at mouth level to her and
simply opened her mouth and placed it 2" from his cock.

When he saw this, he with total trepidation, touched the giant head to her
lips. Karen then festooned her mouth onto his cock and started to take very
long, slow suck of his member. The deeper this cock went into her throat the
more she had to fight for breath. At this point, Jade nuzzled Karen out of
her way and placed her mouth on this now wet cock sucking and gumming the
head only. Of course Nikki had her taste by licking his balls into her mouth
one by one and finally getting her own mouth stuffed with this cock.

Jock began to lose every ounce of decency he had shown to this point by
asking them to please fuck him. The girls were laughing as to which would go
first when he told Nikki to lie on the table top which was about 8" below
his cock. He inserted his cock into Nikki in one fell swoop. Nikki came
instantly. Just one inhuman stroke and she was coming. What the hell was
this all about. Jock continued to pound in and out of her cunt.

Karen was kissing him on the mouth and was raising her bust to his lips for
him to chew. Jade was behind him licking his ass. When she first put her
tongue there he had tried to pull away realizing that he never wiped after
shitting and he did not want to make her ill. Instead she grasped him with a
strength that he did not realize she possessed and forced his ass on to her
hungrily licking mouth. She would clean his ass for him and her brown
stained mouth was proof positive of her intentions.

By now Nikki had come three times as Jock impaled her with his shaft. Nikki
pulled away reluctantly and told Karen that she had to try him. Karen bent
over the table and took hold of his crown and positioned it right at the
center of her beautiful ass. She told him to get a good grip and send it
into her dry, just one full thrust right to the hilt.

He gathered himself and tried to disembowel her. Karen screamed out as he
fucked her ass bloody. She began to come deliciously. Jade was now standing
on the table in front of him and let him chew her vagina with a passion she
lusted for. Nikki couldn't hold back any longer. She climbed on the table
with them and began to urinate all over everybody.

This was unbridled passion. Jock was plunging away with wild abandon. He was
holding on to Karen's hips so hard that he began to lift her up with his arm
strength alone. They were all rubbing the recent golden bath all over
themselves. Jock began to shudder. Jock began to groan. A low guttural moan
that emanates from the depths of your balls. He was seconds away from
cumming his "friggin" brains out.

Karen felt this and did not want the first come to be in her ass. There was
plenty of time for that later. She slid out reluctantly and, turning over,
placed her mouth in front of this brown stained member. The cock was so fat
around and large that it cleaned every wall of her defiled ass to

Jade and Nikki were pressing their faces next to Karen so the three O-Ringed
mouths looked like 3/5 of the Olympic rings. Jock was willing himself to
spend without touching his dick at all. The sperm blasted out of his cock in
such a copious spend that each woman was able to get a complete (Dizzy
Gilespie style) mouthful. The man's penis had enough to wash their faces and
leave stringy decorations in their hair and eyes too.

Jacques got so nuts that he dropped to his knees with the force of his come.
The girls were gargling and swallowing all of him. They helped him up to his
feet and had him lie on the table on his back.

His tool was as erect as when they started as if there was a titanium
implant in it. Jade climbed on top of him and slid this weapon into her
petite little hole. The way her eyes bulged out you could see that this was
far, far, more than she expected.

She started bucking on his shaft with a fervor she had never known. Up and
down, up and down, in and out, in and out, around, squish, gasp, "Hey I'm
pissing." His dick was awash with Jade's hot urine. Nikki climbed up and
placed her ass over Jock's mouth while facing Jade. they began to kiss

A very loud and wet fart tore out of Nikki's ass. The blast hit Jock right
in the kisser. He encouraged Nicole to give him more. As she started to
strain, the flood within her burst out and she covered him with her shit.
Large cucumber sized bombs of filth covered his face, mouth and chest.

He was chewing and relishing the turds between his teeth. Karen aimed her
vaginal orifice right at his head and covered his face with a torrent of hot
urine. Jock came into Jade's ass, thrusting so hard he gave this little
goddess bruises on her butt.

He pulled his cock out and it was a sight to behold. The penis was covered
with Jade's shit and the drippings from his huge cum. Jade dropped down and
festooned her mouth on his shaft endeavoring to clean it.

At one point or another everyone's mouth was on everyone else's cunt, ass,
dick, breasts or mouth. They swapped every bodily fluid they could come up
with. Eventually they wandered down to the waterfall and washed each other


After cleaning themselves they realized they were famished and completely
empty. Food and drink was of the essence.

Jock showed them where they could get fruits and other edibles. He took them
to one of the smaller huts and showed the tools he had accumulated in his
time on the island. He explained how he was shipwrecked by a storm more than
3 years ago.

Then he prepared a feast for them. The wild boar was now cooked to
perfection. Taking it of the spit he carried it to a homemade lenai he had
constructed from parts of his ship and bits of things that he had fashioned.

They all sat cross-legged around the sumptuous feast and ate ravenously with
their hands. They were covered with grease, and fruit juice and every kind
of juice you could think of.

Karen, Jade, Nikki and Jaques exchanged their stories and realized that they
would have to re-configure living conditions as they were likely to be here
for a long time.

Jock and Karen would try to find the wreck area and see what else they could
salvage. He told them that the waters around this island were no more than
30 feet deep and diving should be no problem. "We have plenty of time for
that," replied Karen. The other girls immediately added their 2 cents to
this comment by agreeing that they may just have found paradise for now.

They became a family, a harem, a kibbutz, whatever. Jock continued to walk
around with a perpetual hardon. The women continued to explore their own
limits with each other and with their "Beach Bum."

Plans would be made for the future, but in good time. None of them were
foolish enough to think that this was forever. They had places to go, things
to see, and most of all most of their lives ahead of them. For now they were
deeply content and satisfied to let nature take its course.

The last thing visible as you leave this picture was Jock standing in a make
shift shower facility looking upwards with his mouth open. The "showerheads"
were in position, and various colored liquids rained down on the man as he
swallowed and washed himself. The girls smiled, knowing that at least once a
day they were all entitled to use the "facilities."

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