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The Climbing Hut Part II


The Climbing Hut (Part 2), by - Tafod Arian (MFf, NC, Humil. spanking)

********************D I S C L A I M E R ********************* 'The
Climbing Hut (Part 2)' contains graphic non-consensual sexual scenes
between adults. This story is FICTION. It does NOT depict the
relationship between actual living people. It is NOT intended for readers
under 18 or those who are easily offended by pornography. It is NOT for
the squeamish. If you are UNDER 18, or if you ARE offended by pornography,
please DO NOT CONTINUE to read. If material of this nature is illegal in
your area and you continue to read it, it is YOUR responsibility. All
rights reserved: Permission is hereby given to distribute this story via
electronic means only, for non-profit use. This header and the dedication
must remain intact. All rights for this story remain the property of the

*********************************************************** Key-words :
MFf, NC, Humil. Spanking.

This story is dedicated to Melanie - she knows why.

After I left Andrea and Gillian in the valley (see 'Andrea and Gillian,
Part III') I flew to Zurich and picked up my hired car for the fast drive
into the mountains to Grindelwald. I knew from my last visit that Jonathan
and Jane were on the last week of their honeymoon and I intended to make it
memorable for them. It had already been memorable for Jonathan! (see 'The
Climbing Hut'). I arrived late in the afternoon in the picturesque little
town and I went straight to the chalet that I maintained there. It was in
the valley below the town with the great north face of the Eiger looming
above and on the left the shattered treacherous peak of the Schreckhorn.

Although I had come to see Jonathan and Jane and this would be the
highlight of my stay it would not take me more than a couple of days to
accomplish what I had planned there. I still had two days and the lure of
climbing was too strong to resist. It was many years since I had attempted
the Schreckhorn and I had always been beaten by the weather. The weather
looked set fair for the next couple of days. In the morning I would climb
the two thousand feet to the Climbing Hut and rest up overnight. If I
found a suitable climbing partner at the hut who was willing we would try a
rapid ascent of the Schreckhorn, up and down in one day. If there was no
one there I would have a quiet afternoon, do some free climbing on the
granite wall above the hut and the next morning I would come down to keep
my appointment with Jonathan and Jane. I looked around at the sky and the
low cloud on the Eiger. The cloud extended as low as the White Spider
which I could just see and I checked the weather forecast. All was set
fair for the morning. There was only one thing more I needed to do and I
was sure that that would be easy.

After the experience that Jonathan had had I doubted very much whether
they would be still at the same hotel! I walked the short distance into
the attractive little town and bought some stuff for supper, fresh bread
and cheese and the special ice cold fresh creamy milk that I always
associated with this pretty spot. I went to the hotel, the address of
which I had obtained during my night with Jonathan the week previously and
I checked with the reception desk. Sure enough they had checked out but I
had no difficulty in obtaining their address by pretending to be a
relative. They had rented a chalet for a week secluded in the trees about
ten minutes walk from my chalet. I laughed quietly to myself. Jonathan
certainly had little enough imagination if he felt that he had protected
himself and Jane from my threatened return visit by such a feeble

I went in to my chalet as the darkness began to fall and had a light
supper as I sat in my big picture window overlooking the valley. I watched
the sky darken and the stars begin to shyly appear among the low clouds.
There was no moon and the wind whistled eerily through the trees around the
chalet. I finished my supper, had a last drink and went bed to sleep
soundly, waking early while it was still dark.

I had a light but nourishing breakfast and dressed with care for the
mountain, packing a rucksack with enough provisions for two days in case
the weather kept me at the hut. I left my chalet and after about four
hours of leisurely climbing during which I did not meet anyone, a bad omen
if I hoped to find a companion for an attempt on the Schreckhorn, I reached
the ridge above the valley in which stood the Climbing Hut. I knew this
area so well!! The weather was beginning to close in, the clouds were very
low scudding past me in a vicious wind and it had begun to snow fairly
heavily. Clearly I was not going to get any higher today and as my time
was limited, yet again the Schreckhorn would have to wait. I looked down
at the Climbing Hut below me. I was standing in the shelter of a small
ridge on the shoulder of the lower part of the north ridge of the Eiger and
the mountain hut was in a small valley about a hundred feet below me. The
weather was really starting to deteriorate. It was beginning to get darker
although it was still only early afternoon and the snow was starting to
become much heavier with thick flossy flakes. Without doubt it was time to
find shelter. As I made my way across the snow to the hut I could see a
faint yellow light in the window so, as last time, I should have company. I
shook the snow from my boots, pushed open the door and entered the hut and
looked around me with interest. A blast of warm air greeted me from the
fire in the stove and I was pleased to smell the rich aroma of coffee in
the air.

At first I thought that there was only one occupant of the hut. This
was a woman of about twenty who was sitting beside the fire. She looked
round at me and gave a start. Her eyes widened a little. She was a rather
pretty brunette with quite long lustrous dark hair reaching more than
halfway down her back. I could not see the details of her figure as she
was wearing loose trousers and a very baggy sweater but she looked pretty
trim. I smiled reassuringly at her and she gave a tremulous smile in
return, clearly very nervous. Just then from behind the curtain that hid
the small sink and toilet a second, much younger, woman appeared. She and
her companion were very similar in features although the second woman,
hardly more than a girl really, had rather shorter hair streaked a lightish
blonde. She was dressed the same though, hiding the lines of what looked
like a rather slim figure from what I could see. The two were so alike
that they were clearly sisters.

As this was Switzerland I greeted them courteously in German. They
looked anxiously at one another and answered me in English so I switched to
that language and introduced myself. They told me that their names were
Joanne and Penny and they were immediately warm and friendly. Their mother should have warned them about strange men in Climbing Huts!!! They bustled
about getting me coffee as I took off my boots and anorak. I sat beside
the fire and looked at my pretty companions. We could all hear the wind
howling around the hut and it must have been clear to them that we would
not get down that day. The three of us were going to be there for the
night. I went to the window and looked out. It was now dark and snowing
very heavily. We should have no additions to our numbers so it was just
the three of us. My mind began to spin a merry web of fantasy for the next
few hours. As I had only recently left Andrea and Gillian I was still
pleasantly stimulated and I considered myself lucky to have found two such
appealing young companions. I doubted very much that in a few hours they
would think that they had been as lucky!!

I relaxed by the fire, taking command immediately of the only
comfortable chair as I had done when I was here with Jonathan and watched
the girls making supper. They were a rather attractive pair. The older woman with the longer hair, Joanne, was wearing a rather thinner sweater
and as she moved I saw the swell of her breasts move under the soft
clinging cloth. She really was very well made indeed. Her younger sister,
Penny, was rather more slightly built and her breasts made barely
perceptible mounds in the front of her thick woollen sweater. When the
girls had served the supper we had a pleasant quick light meal and I went
back to sit by the fire while they cleared it away. Finally they came and
sat on two hard kitchen-style chairs by the fire opposite to me. I decided
not to give them a chance to settle but said immediately,

"All right, girls, where are we all going to sleep tonight. There is
only one bed." They looked anxiously at each other and clearly this problem
had crossed their minds also. Joanne, who seemed the more confident of the
two said hesitatingly,

"We could sleep in the bed and you could have the chair." I looked at
them and laughed.

"I don't think so," I said, "you can't expect me to sit up in the chair
all night while you two are playing with each other under the covers." They
both went pale and gasped.

"How dare you! We would never do such a thing!!" Penny stuttered. I
just laughed a little more.

"A likely story," I said, "you two have slept together before and you
cannot expect me to believe that you have never touched each other! You
can't expect me to believe that you are virgins at your age." The girls looked at one another. Finally Joanne said,

"You can't say things like that to us! We are sisters, of course we
have slept together, but we have never touched each other. That would be
really perverted." I thought that it was time to let them know how things
were going to be.

"We are going to be here till morning," I said conversationally, "and
no-one else is going to come. So we are going to get along together. That
means that you two will do everything I say or I will have to hurt you. I
don't want to hurt you but I will if I have to. Now, are we going to get
along together?" The girls looked at one another but did not answer.

"I think that it is time that I saw what you really look like," I said
quietly, "take off your sweaters." They looked at one another in horror,
realising that the invasion of their persons was beginning but they had no
means of knowing how far it would go before the night was over. Joanne
made a show of resistance.

"We won't do any such thing," she said sharply, "and if you touch us or
hurt us you will be really sorry." I sighed. I did not like physical
threats, it was all too crude, but so often a brief show of physical
strength at the beginning is all that is necessary and then mental
domination is much easier, and to me ultimately more satisfying. I got up
suddenly and walked over to Joanne, twisting my hand in her long soft dark
hair. I slowly increased the pressure until her head was bent back and she
was looking up at me as I stood over her. In this uncomfortable position I
was interested to see that her prominent breasts bulged enticingly against
the front of her thin sweater. I looked down into her uncertain eyes and
was pleased and reassured to see the fear deep down in there. This was not
going to be difficult after all.

"If you don't take your sweaters off right now without any more messing
about," I said conversationally, "I will thrash your sexy little arses with
my belt and you will not sit down comfortably for the rest of your holiday.
Now do it!" I looked down into Joanne's frightened eyes and I caressed her
soft cheek before slowly putting my finger to her lips. She reached up
with her little hand and grasped mine but she was unable to stop me. I
still had a hand twisted in her hair and I bent her head more painfully
further back so that she was looking up at the ceiling. My index finger
brushed against the softness of her lips and I held her frightened
uncertain eyes with my steady hypnotic gaze. Joanne tried to shake her
head and I could see the pearl of a tear at the corner of her eye but she
was trying not to cry for her sister's sake. I inserted my index finger
like a substitute prick into the soft warmth of her mouth. Her eyes
widened in horror and a tear ran from the corner of her eye across her soft

"Suck my finger, Joanne," I ordered and the frightened helpless woman
began to obey me. I knew then that I had won. I slowly moved my finger in
and out of her reluctant mouth as I smiled down into her horrified face.

"In a little while I will give you something much nicer to suck," I said
quietly. I felt her shudder as I looked across to see her young sister watching us with horrified fascination. I tightened my grip on the
helpless woman's hair as I rubbed my finger across the roof of her mouth
feeling the delicate ridges of her palate. "Now this is your last chance,"
I said quietly, "just do as I tell you or I will really hurt you". I took
my finger from her soft mouth and released her hair and I went back to my
chair and sat down. I looked at the two women. "Well?" I said, warningly.

The two sisters looked at each other and then back at me. Joanne
reluctantly pulled her sweater over her head and pulled her arms out of the
sleeves. She held the garment in front of her concealing her breasts.
Penny sat motionless watching her older sister. I looked at her with a

"That wasn't so hard, was it?" I said, "now put the sweater on the floor
and sit up straight with your hands by your sides." It said a lot for the
dominance I had achieved with so little apparent physical force that Joanne
looked at her sister and then at me before putting the sweater slowly and
reluctantly on the floor and sitting erect in her chair with her hands by
her sides. She looked at me defiantly. I looked across at Penny. "Your
turn," I said. Penny looked at her sister helplessly and stripped off her
sweater putting it immediately on the floor. They were both wearing
trousers and thin tee-shirts through which I could see the straps of their
bras. There figures made an interesting and enticing contrast. Joanne was
a little taller, about three or four years older and with a much fuller
figure than her slighter younger sister. I made no secret of the fact that
I was examining them closely. I took my time and their anxiety continued
to build.

I studied Joanne first. She was about five feet eight and appeared to
have a very shapely body. I decided that I needed to see it to better
advantage and in addition, to humiliate her a little more in front of her
young sister. I motioned to her.

"Stand up, Joanne," I said. She immediately complied, looking at me,
the fear evident in her eyes. "Now," I said, "I'd like to see you more
closely. Take off your trousers." She looked at her young sister and

"I couldn't," she said, "please leave us alone. We haven't done
anything to you." I began to leisurely and obviously take my belt off as I
smiled at her significantly. Her trembling hands dropped to the waistband
of her trousers and she reluctantly undid the buttons. I just continued to
look at her and she peeled the trousers down her slender legs and stepped
out of them.

"Now the tee-shirt," I said, taking a malicious pleasure in humiliating
her by demonstrating her obvious helplessness as I made her strip in front
of her young sister. Her resistance seemed to have crumbled. She stripped
the tee shirt over her head and stood with her hands crossed over her
breasts. "Put your hands by your sides, Joanne," I ordered. She did so
and I gave her a leisurely inspection. She was dressed only in a pale blue
half cup bra which left most of her large firm breasts bare and a pair of
skimpy high cut matching panties through which I could clearly see the dark
little nest of her pubic hair. I took my time looking her over. She had a
long slender elegant neck arising from firm shapely shoulders which
supported a really magnificent pair of breasts encased in the thin sexy
silk bra through which the cones of her nipples were very evident. Her
chest narrowed to a slim waist before broadening to a pair of nice roomy
hips and a cute little stomach, relatively flat, but with an appealing
curviness. "Turn round slowly," I ordered, embarrassing her further in
front of her young sister, and again she did as I asked without protest.
She seemed almost hypnotised. I looked approvingly at the firm swelling of
her plump bottom. She really had the cutest arse encased in the thin
panties which left nothing to the imagination.

"Right, Joanne," I said, "very pretty. You can stay like that for a
while. Get on and make me some more coffee." I watched with pleasure as
the scantily-clad young brunette went to do my bidding. I took the coffee
from her trembling hand and nodded towards the table. "Clear that lot away
and get on with the washing-up," I ordered. I enjoyed the sight of the
young girl in her very brief sexy underwear with her back to me at the
sink. She really did have a well-made bottom. The temptation was too much.
I put my coffee down on the little table by my chair and got up. As I
crossed to the sink Penny shrank back from me. I smiled to myself. I went
quietly up behind Joanne and blew gently on her ear. She jumped with
shock. I put my hands on either side of her holding the sink so that she
was trapped between my arms and I moved closer to her pushing her against
the sink until I could feel the soft swell of the globes of her firm young bottom against my groin. I kissed her on the neck and she shuddered. I
could smell the faint sweat of her fear and, as always this turned me on
more. Without touching her further but just caressing her bottom with my
groin I whispered into her ear, but loudly enough so that Penny could hear,

"Are you a virgin, Joanne?" She blushed violently and I could feel her
begin to shake. She looked across at her terrified but fascinated young sister.

"Please don't make me tell you," she begged, "I'll do anything if you
will only leave us alone." I laughed.

"You'll both do anything anyway," I said harshly, "now answer me, are
you a virgin?" The blushing brunette looked across helplessly at her sister and the blush deepened on her cheek, spreading to her shoulders."

"No," she whispered wretchedly, "I have been engaged for two years and
my fiancé and I have had sex". Penny gasped, clearly this was news to her.
I put my hands on the waist of the trembling young brunette.

"Well, you have been a naughty girl, haven't you," I chuckled. I moved
my hands gently up from her waist until they were on her chest with the
thumbs just brushing the lower edge of her tightly-filled bra cups. I
could feel her shaking as I pressed my groin into her sexy full bottom. I
kissed her neck and deliberately moved my hands up on to her breasts cupping the full firm globes through the delicate fabric of her thin bra.
She groaned. I began to deliberately and thoroughly feel her, moulding her
sexy breasts in my hands. I kissed her neck again and carried on fondling
her firm, full globes. Despite herself I could feel her nipples hardening
under my palms and making distinct stiff little cones in the thin fabric of
the bra. She seemed to have very prominent sensitive nipples. She had
such lovely breasts that I was in no hurry. I continued kneading and
moulding her soft pliant flesh in my marauding hands and her breathing
began to quicken. Her nipples were now like little bullets in my palms.
Her trembling increased as I pressed my groin into her bottom and I began
to smell the distinct and unmistakable excited-girl smell.

I looked across at her frightened sister as I fondled Joanne. She was
watching with her mouth hanging open. I was fairly sure that she was a
virgin and probably sexually very inexperienced. Despite her fear she was
fascinated with what I was doing to her older sister. I studied the
younger girl. Although she had a slighter figure than her sister she was
more well-made than I had initially thought. She was wearing a thin
tee-shirt against which the sweet swellings of her firm young breasts were
prominent, like two firm apples. I continued to feel Joanne, increasing
her anxiety by keeping my right hand on her breast but dropping my left
hand on to the sweet swell of her stomach which I began to fondle gently
tickling her belly-button just above the line of her panties. She was
trembling in my arms. I looked at Penny.

"All right Penny," I said, "you have seen what I have been doing to your
sister. Now it's your turn. Strip!" Both girls gasped. Joanne tried to
turn round but I held her firmly.

"Please leave her alone," she begged, "she is only just seventeen and
has never had a boyfriend. You can do anything you like to me if you will
only leave my sister alone." I laughed softly.

"I am going to do anything I like to you anyway," I said to her. I
looked at the horrified Penny as I took Joanne's nipple between thumb and
forefinger through the thin material of her bra and gave it a vicious
twist. She gasped with the sudden pain. I said to Penny, "If you don't get
on and strip right now I will really hurt your sister. I want you
completely nude, take everything off." She went pale and tears came to her
eyes but she slowly peeled off her ski-pants and removed her tee-shirt. I
looked with pleasure at the slender shapely teenager in her skimpy
underwear. She paused and looked hopefully at me. "Come on, Penny," I
said, "take it all off. I won't ask you again". I twisted her sister's
nipple again to get the point across and as Joanne gasped with pain Penny
hurriedly slipped her panties off and unhooked her bra, slipping it down
her arms and dropping it on the floor. She stood shyly with one hand over
her cunt and the other trying vainly to cover her breasts. "Hands by your
sides," I said quietly. Penny helplessly dropped her hands and stood
looking at me, blushing furiously.

I looked at the slender young teenager's perfect body. She had
beautiful breasts shaped like perfect little cones with cute pink nipples.
They looked as firm and springy as one would expect in a girl that age.
Her torso narrowed to a very slender waist before broadening to rounded but
still girlish hips. She had very long slender sexy legs which she was
keeping together as long as she could but at the apex of her sexy thighs I
could see the dark little bush of pubic hair. Although her short hair had
been streaked light blonde she was a natural brunette like her sister.

"Turn round," I ordered and without hesitating the clearly terrified
Penny did as I asked. Like her sister she had a plump well made little
bottom. It seemed to run in the family! "OK, Penny," I said, "go and sit
on my chair." The teenager rushed to do as I commanded. She sat looking at
me in fear with her thighs tightly pressed together. The chair's arms
while nice and high at the back became lower towards the front, about three
inches high. "Open your legs and hang your thighs over the sides of the
chair so that I can see your cunt. Keep your hands by your sides," I
commanded. The blushing teenager looked at me almost uncomprehendingly. I
gave her sister's nipple another vicious twist. Joanne gasped in pain.
Penny slowly parted her thighs, hooking them over the arms of the chair and
looked at the floor in front of her. "Look at me," I ordered, "keep your
eyes on mine." She raised her frightened eyes to mine and I let her see me
examining her cunt. She had fleshy outer lips surmounted with a dark
little of dark pubic hair. Even sitting as she was the groove of her
little cunt was closed. I turned Joanne so that she could see Penny and
she blushed even deeper as she saw how wantonly I had made her teenage
virginal sister sit.

"Have you ever played with your cunt Penny?" I asked her. She didn't
have to answer, her horrified look and her blushes gave her away. I made
her answer me anyway. "Well?" I asked again, giving Joanne's nipple
another vicious twist. I felt her bottom cheeks grind briefly against my
groin in her anguish. I looked at Penny who was as red as a peony.

"Yes," she whispered shyly, "sometimes". I looked into her blushing
face as I continued to amuse myself with her older sister's sexy body.

"And has anyone else ever felt your cunt?" I asked. She gasped loudly.

"No!" she said in shocked horror, "that would be really dirty!!" I
laughed, continuing to feel her sexy, reluctant sister.

"Would you like to feel little Penny's cunt?" I whispered into Joanne's
ear. She shook her head violently. I laughed, turning Joanne round so
that I rested against the sink and Joanne was facing her sister who was
blushingly reluctantly exposing herself on the chair. I continued to
fondle Joanne's full breasts as I whispered into her ear loudly enough that
Penny could hear, "I think that you should go over, kneel between your
sister's legs and kiss her sexy virgin hairy little cunt." I could feel
Joanne trembling in my arms.

"I won't do it," she gasped, "it is too perverted. If I simply refuse
you can't make me do it whatever you do." I sighed and released one of her
breasts but I grasped her firmly by the end of her other full soft breast squeezing the areola and the hard little nipple through the silky material
of her thin bra tightly in my fingers. I led her across to one of the hard
kitchen chairs, pulling her along by the breast like a dog on a lead and
further humiliating her by demonstrating her helplessness to protect her
and her younger sister. I sat down on the chair and looked up at the
frightened but angry young brunette.

"I warned you what would happen if you disobeyed me but you would not
listen. Now I am going to give your cute sexy arse a hard thrashing and if
you continue to disobey me then your sister will get the same." I said
quietly to the shaking girl.

"Please don't," she begged, "I was only trying to protect Penny."

I gave her breast a twist and she gasped. I drew her down by the nipple
so that she was lying across my knee. I positioned her so that the
frightened young Penny could see her older sister's plump bottom as she lay
across my knee. Her head hung down on the other side with her long
lustrous hair trailing to the floor and her shapely breasts encased in the
thin bra making a lovely curve as she lay across my lap. She was crying
gently, the soft sobs agitating her firm young body against my stiffening
prick which rubbed against her nylon covered cunt. I knew that Joanne
could also feel my prick through the thin silk of my trousers and that she
would be horrified by it's proximity to her virtually-bare cunt. She
shivered with fear as I passed my hand over the plump cheeks of her bottom,
fondling it through the thin material of the panties. I took my time
feeling her bottom through the delicate panties. I ran my hand from the
bone of her hip up on to the prominent plump cheek of her buttock which I
squeezed and kneaded before gently stroking the crack of her arse and
repeating the process with her other buttock. She really had a splendid
plump arse. I hooked my fingers in the elasticated waist-band of her thin
panties and drew them down until they were at the level of her thighs, just
above her cutely dimpled knees. Joanne knew that the full extent of her
soft white arse was naked to my hands and gaze and she gave an anguished
sob. I could hear Penny's excited horrified breathing from across the

I made her wait knowing how that would build up her anxiety then I began
to feel her arse, squeezing and fondling the globes of her buttocks before
moving to the crack between them and caressing the dimple of her arse hole.
She shuddered with horror and shame. I gently parted her thighs and
slipped my hand between them to gently caress her hairy young cunt. In
spite of her fear my gentle caress was making her moist against her will. I
knew that she would not be able to help herself. I covered my fingers with
her wetness and pushed a gentle moistened invading finger beyond the muscle
ring guarding the entrance to her arsehole. My slimy finger slipped into
her with no trouble and I slowly pushed it a little further up her clinging

"Oh God! That is so dirty," she gasped, "please, please stop. I can't
imagine anyone being so cruel!"" I just laughed as I finger-fucked her arse
and spread my fingers over her plump bottom. I slipped my other hand down
and cupped her swinging tit which I began to fondle, twisting her nipple
until she paid attention to me. She had been lost in her misery, gently
sobbing as she lay across my lap.

"Listen to me Joanne, and you as well Penny," I said, "I don't mind
thrashing you, in fact I enjoy it. I love feeling sexy girls wriggling in
pain across my lap. If you want to be able to sit down comfortably for the
rest of your holiday then you better make no more mistakes. A mistake, for
your information consists in failing to anticipate my desires so that I
have to keep telling you things over and over again. It also consists of
not doing what you are told as soon as I tell you. That is why Joanne is
going to be thrashed like a naughty little girl. She did not do as she was
told. Now it is time for your first lesson in obedience, Joanne."

I unbuckled and took off my leather belt, folded it in two, and without
pausing further began to thrash the trembling plump white arse spread out
on my lap. I started relatively gently taking care not to land too many
stokes in the same place and as her arse reddened I began to increase the
force. At first Joanne began to wriggle gasping with each stroke she was
trying to get away from, the torment. I held her cunt firmly against my
prick by reaching down, grasping her breast with my free hand and pulling
down on her nipple. Her arse began to be more clearly marked by the
strokes of the leather belt and her gasps became wordless moans as I
continued her punishment. I increased the force of my stroke more and she
began to emit wordless screams as each blow landed. I could hear Penny
crying in horror as she watched the suffering of her older sister.

I varied my target, thrashing the tops of her slender thighs as well as
her plump fiery arse. She was screaming loudly now and I felt a tell-tale
warmth in my groin. She was in such torment that she had lost control of
her bladder and her urine was gently tricking from her on to my trousers. I
stopped thrashing her and her screams subsided to a quiet but desperate
sobbing. I let go of her nipple and pushed her to her feet. She stood in
front of me on wobbly legs. Her urine had saturated her flimsy panties and
was still running down her legs. Tears ran down her face as she sobbed,
her light eye make-up now rather smeared by her tears.

"You have made a mess of yourself and of me," I said, "you should be
ashamed of not being able to control yourself at your age. You are
behaving like a teenager! Do you think that you have learned your lesson?"
I asked quietly

"I have, I have," she said quickly, "I deserved the thrashing for not
doing as I was told. I am sorry that I made a mess on you but I really
couldn't help it." Penny watched her older sister's submission in horror
and fear.

"Take my trousers off," I commanded, raising my bottom from the chair.
The cowed young woman unfastened my zip, keeping her hand away from my
prick and drew off the trousers that she had soiled as I thrashed her.
"And my shorts!" She drew off my shorts shuddering as my prick was revealed
to her horrified gaze.

"Now go and have a wash," I ordered, "you stink of pee." Joanne blushed
furiously. "Have you got a razor?" I asked. She looked at me
questioningly and nodded. "While you are washing your wet smelly little
cunt, shave all the hair off it. I want you completely bare. I think it
would be fun if the older sister was as bare as a little girl while we left
the hair on Penny's cute little cunt. When you are ready, don't put any
clothes on. You can stay naked until I decide differently." Joanne looked
dumbstruck but, too afraid to protest, obediently went to her pack, the wet
nylon clinging to her thighs and moved behind the curtain. I was amused to
see how stiffly she was walking. She would think twice before disobeying
me in the future! I heard the water start and left her to it. While she
was washing and shaving her cunt I amused myself with her young sister.

"Come over here," I ordered quietly. Penny immediately unhooked her
young thighs from the arms of the chair and moved to my side. She had
clearly learnt from Joanne's experience that obedience was essential if she
was to avoid pain. "Take off my sweater, I said and raised my arms to make
it easier for her. I was now nude and I could see the girl looking at my
body. I must have looked huge to her. I am just over six feet with a very
well-muscled body from working out and climbing which contrasted nicely
with that of the slim young teenager. I reached out and began to feel her
young arse. She gasped and blushed, biting her lower lip gently but not
daring to move. "Have you ever seen a man's prick?" I asked. She shook
her head, despite herself, looked at my thick semi-erect prick lying across
my hairy thigh. It is just over eight inches long when erect and, more to
the point, is very thick. I am circumcised so there is a large threatening
head like a small orange. I have correspondingly heavy balls and thick black pubic hair extending back to my arsehole. She shivered under my

I moved my hand from Penny's firm young bottom and, reaching for her
reluctant hand, drew her down on to my lap so that my semi-stiff prick
protruded between her slender young thighs just below her cunt and lay on
her smooth flesh. I could feel her shaking with fear. I put my arm round
her and rested it on the smooth perfect skin of her waist so that my thumb
just brushed the lower curve of her firm young teenage breast. I could
tell immediately as she tensed that she was aware of the contact. I took
her chin gently in my hand and tilted her face so that I was looking into
her frightened eyes.

"I am going to ask you some questions and you are going to answer me
truthfully," I said quietly, "you saw what happened to your sister when she
disobeyed me." I felt Penny shudder. "Have you ever had a boy-friend,
Penny?" I whispered quietly into her ear. Her blush deepened and she
looked anxiously at the curtain behind which her sister was following my

"I had one boy-friend when I was about fifteen and I was away at
boarding-school," she whispered, "my sister and Mum don't know anything
about it. We went out together for about four months before term ended and
I had to come home".

"And I suppose that he often kissed you," I asked quietly. The
teenager's blush deepened. She nodded. I caressed her side reassuringly
with my hand resting my other hand gently on her thigh. She looked down at
it as I continued to whisper into her ear. "Did he used to touch your
breasts?" She looked at me with some alarm but I just held her tightly.
"Well?" I asked warningly, "did he?" There was a pause and I could feel her
apprehensive young body trembling on my lap. I waited for the to collect
herself. I knew that she would tell me eventually. She was too frightened
of the consequences not to.

"He used to touch my breasts through my clothes when we were alone
together," she whispered. I laughed gently.

"You mean that he used to feel you. You sat and let a boy feel your
tits without doing anything to stop him. Does your sister know?" She shook
her head.

"Did he put his hand down your dress and feel your bare tits?" I asked.
She shook her head more violently this time.

"No she gasped, "I would never let him do that." I knew from her
reaction that she was telling the truth. She was clearly very
inexperienced but I thought that I would entertain myself by humiliating
her further.

"Did your boyfriend put his hand up your dress and feel your cunt?" I
asked maliciously knowing how this would embarrass her. She shook her head
violently. "You do know what your cunt is, I suppose?" I said. She looked
into the fire and nodded. "Do you know what a prick is?" she nodded, too
afraid to lie. "Did you ever touch your boy-friend's prick?" I asked. She
shook her head again too embarrassed to reply. She was certainly very
immature and innocent considering that she had had a boyfriend for four
months! He must have been pretty slow. I took my hand from her thigh and
tilted her face up to mine.

"Give me a nice kiss," I commanded and she was so afraid of me that she
did not hesitate. I gently kissed the frightened teenager's soft lips
while looking into her wide eyes. I gently moved my tongue forward until I
felt her closed mouth and I ran the tip along her lips while pressing just
a little more firmly. Her lips parted and I slid my tongue into the
startled girl's mouth and gave her a relatively gentle but deep kiss. She
panted into my mouth. I took my lips from hers.

"Did your boy-friend kiss you like that?" I asked. She shook her head.
"Have you ever been kissed like that?" she shook her head again. "Did you
like it?" She did not answer. I smiled to myself. I knew that she was
terrified that I was going to touch her further and I did not disappoint
her. As I looked into her wide eyes I moved my hand up from her waist and
gently cupped her bare breast. She gasped. I parted her legs so that she
was sitting across my thigh facing me. I could feel the moistness of her
hairy young cunt against my flesh. I kissed her deeply again and began to
feel her firm young breast more thoroughly. I could feel her gasping
breathing, excited despite her anxiety, against my mouth. Her cunt was now
distinctly wetter against my thigh. I took my lips from hers and looked
into her eyes again.

"Suck my nipples Penny, moving from one to the other" I said quietly
into her soft ear. She looked at me but didn't respond. Clearly this was
an activity so far outside her young experience that she had never even
dreamed of doing it. "Just get sucking" I ordered "using your lips, teeth
and tongue." She still did not move, just sitting looking dumbly into my
eyes so I gave her breast a threatening squeeze and, while still grasping
her springy young flesh I put my other hand behind her head, in her soft
hair and drew her head forward against little resistance until her lips
were at my hairy nipple. I squeezed her breast a little harder and I felt
her begin to suck my nipple, using her teeth to tease it and running her
soft pink little tongue around the dark area of the areaola. I lay back
and let her get on with it moving her young head from time to time from
nipple to nipple and carried on feeling her firm young breast. I began to
feel waves of sensation from my nipples as she reluctantly tongued them. I
enjoyed the rubbing of her wet cunt against my hard thigh. I moved her
head from my nipple and looked into her brown eyes.

"Give me another nice kiss" I said putting one hand behind her head and
drawing her to me. I put my tongue to his lips without giving her time to
think and gently but insistently pressed her until, despite herself, her
lips parted. I took full possession of her hot wet young mouth.. I gave
her a long deep kiss, sucking on her tongue and exploring her cheeks and
gums with my demanding tongue. She sat trembling and blushing across my
thigh as I continued my long deep kiss, my hand cupping and kneading her
springy young breast. I could smell the hot smell of the excited young girl as her wet cunt agitated on my thigh despite her attempts to sit
still. I released her lips and turned her on my lap so that she was sitting
with her back to me. Using my legs, I parted her thighs so that they were
outside mine, fairly widely splayed and giving me complete access to her
unprotected cunt.

For a long time there had been silence behind the curtain. I looked
across at it and said in a voice that really brooked no refusal,

"You must be ready now, Joanne, come out and let us have a look at you."
The embarrassed young brunette reluctantly came from behind the curtain and
stopped with shock as she saw her virginal young sister naked on my lap. I
looked at her completely bare, rather red cunt with amusement and laughed.

"You look about five years old darling," I said, "so pretty." She looked
at the ground and blushed with shame.

"Get me a beer and then get a chair and sit in front of me so that you
can see what I am doing to your sister." I said and she hurried to comply.
She sat on a hard chair about six feet in front of us. "Spread your
thighs," I said, "in future, whenever you sit down your thighs are to be
widely spread so that I can see your bald little girlie cunt. She blushed
again and parted her thighs obediently so that the red slit of her shaved
cut gaped slightly open. I could see the soft inner lips and the prominent
little bud of a fairly large clitoris.

In the position she was sitting she was looking straight up into her
younger sister's hairy wet cunt. I could smell the sweat from the excited
but scared teenager as I pulled her back against me and kissed her shoulder
and neck under her short hair. I looked straight across into her older sister's eyes as I put both arms under her armpits feeling the sweat of her
fear on my forearms and cupped her bare breasts. I began to thoroughly
feel the young virgin as I looked across at her frightened and horrified
sister who knew that she should protect her young sister but who was too
afraid to intervene. "Your little sister has a lovely pair of breasts for
her age Joanne," I said as I fondled the teenager. I felt her little
nipples erecting under my palms. "And going by her nipples, I think that
she likes having them felt." Penny gasped and wriggled on my lap as she
felt her nipples stiffen and erect involuntarily under my touch as I
casually pulled and twisted them. "I could play with your breasts all day,
Penny darling, they are so pretty. " I said.

"Let her go please" Joanne whispered as she looked at her helpless young sister held firm in my embrace. I looked into Joanne's eyes.

"Do you remember what I ordered you to do before I thrashed you?" I
asked. She went red and then pale. "Come over here, kneel in front of
your sister and kiss her cunt. I was interested to see that, in spite of
what she had been through, Joanne still hesitated. I looked into her
frightened eyes.

"This is your last warning," I said, "it is the last time that I am
going to repeat myself. The next time you disobey me, in addition to
thrashing your fat arse I will cut your hair to remind you to behave." She
did not hesitate any longer, that threat was clearly sufficient to compel
her obedience. She got up and moved over to us kneeling in front of her
naked sister's widely splayed legs. She bent forward between the young virgin's slender thighs and put her soft red lips to her young sister's wet
hairy cunt and gently kissed it. I reached down and put my hand on the
back of Joanne's head pressing her face more firmly between her sister's

"You have a fiancé," I said, "and presumably you are used to kissing
him. Well treat your sister's cunt as though it was his mouth. Explore it
thoroughly with your lips and tongue and stick your tongue as far up her
cunt as you can." She was too cowed not to obey and I let her get on with
thoroughly tonguing her young sister as I slipped my hand back on to
Penny's breast and began to fondle her. With the other hand I turned the
teenager's head and brought my lips to hers. She was a fast learner and
her lips parted allowing my tongue possession of her mouth. As I kissed
and felt her and her older sister sucked her off it was not long before the
inevitable happened. I felt the teenager's breathing speed up and she
became rigid in my arms. The waves of an orgasm swept her young body and
she squealed against my lips and, overwhelmed by sensation tried to wriggle
her hot wet cunt out of reach of her sisters demanding mouth. Joanne was
too afraid to let her go and pursued the excited young teenager fixing her
mouth firmly to her sloppy young cunt. I wound my hand in Joanne's dark
hair and moved her head so that her mouth left her sister's cunt. She
looked up at me. I could feel Penny trembling on my lap, overtaken by the
effects of the orgasm. The room was full of the smell of her excited cunt.

"Go and lie on the bed, Joanne," I said, "lie on you back, pull hour
heels up to your arse and spread your thighs." She got up and moved over to
the bed doing exactly as I commanded. Penny and I looked across at the
sexy sight. We could see the wide pink gash of her cunt between her parted
thighs. Her breasts made two lovely firm mounds not yielding to gravity. I
raised Penny from my lap and she stood beside me on trembling legs.

"I am going to play with Joanne for a while," I said to the blushing
teenager, "make us some fresh coffee and some sandwiches." Without looking
further at her as I knew that she would obey me, I moved over to the bed
and lay down beside her older sister. I tilted the sexy young brunette's
face towards me and looked into her dark eyes.

"Is your bottom sore, darling," I chuckled maliciously. I felt her
shudder. I put my lips to hers and began to slowly kiss her. I moved my
lips insistently against her soft mouth and slowly protruded my tongue
until it brushed her lips. Still looking into her eyes I moved my tongue
between her lips until with a defeated sigh her mouth opened under my
demanding lips allowing me complete freedom. I gave her a long slow sexy
deep kiss sliding one arm round her under her armpit on to her beautiful
breast and the other hand I rested on her softly rounded stomach just above
her newly shaved cunt mound. I continued to gently feel her breast as I
kissed her and, still looking into her eyes I slid my other hand between
her plump splayed thighs on to her shaved cunt. She gasped against my kiss
as she felt my marauding fingers begin to wander inquisitively over her
soft flesh arousing sensations that she had previously only felt privately
in the darkness of her bed or with her young fiancé. I felt all around her
young cunt gently yet deliberately moving my fingers all over the soft yet
fleshy bare outer lips and caressing the delicate flesh just between her
cunt and the rosebud dimple of her arsehole. She was panting against my
mouth and her widened eyes were staring into mine. I slipped first one and
then two fingers into her soft clinging cunt and began a slow deliberate
finger-fuck as I kissed her. I could feel her thighs clenching as her
heels pressed into the bed under the exquisite sensations emanating from
her reluctantly excited cunt. I took my lips from hers and looked into her

"Give me a nice wank, Joanne," I said. She was so much under my control
now that she did not even protest. Her soft hand grasped my prick about
halfway along the shaft and she began to toss me off. Before long she had
brought me to stiffness. "I feel like a nice fuck before supper," I said
to my sexy reluctant partner who looked back at me in horror.

"Please use something," she begged, "you must. I am not on the pill and
I can't get pregnant!!" I laughed.

"I never use anything," I said, "I am going to fuck both of you more
than once before the night is over and you will probably both end your
holiday pregnant. It will give you something to remember me by!" Joanne
stopped wanking me, lay with her hand on my stiff prick and began to cry
softly in my arms.

"You couldn't be so wicked," she gasped. All this time I had been
giving her wet cunt a thorough finger-fuck. I now had three fingers buried
up her tight hole. I moved between her spread thighs and slipped the head
of my prick between the fleshy lips of her wet cunt. She gasped and bit
her lip looking into my eyes with her wide-open and filled with fear and
horror. I began to slowly fuck her just using about two inches of my
prick. I was conscious of Penny watching in fascination.

"Get on with the supper Penny," I said, "it will be your turn before
long." I heard the teenager gasp and I turned my attention back to her sexy
older sister. I slowly slid my stiff prick right up her wet clinging cunt until I was buried in her to the balls and began to fuck the frightened
girl. In spite of her anxiety and tension, she took my whole prick with no
problem at all and gave a deep gasp. As I fucked her I kissed her deeply
and worked on her hot little tongue. I looked into her dark eyes and I
felt her beginning to pant into my mouth as, despite herself, her hips
began to move rhythmically thrusting her pubic bone into me and pushing her
bare shaved cunt as deeply on to my prick as she could. The sensations I
was arousing in her were too much for her and overcame her fear of
pregnancy. She could not help herself as her strong sexy thighs went round
my back without my having to tell her. She clasped me tightly pulling my
stiff prick deeper up her cunt. I felt her heels pressing into the cheeks
of my arse and her nails began to claw my shoulders. Her breathing became
shallower and faster and a blush started on her neck and spread to her
chest. I took my mouth from hers and she threw her head back and began to
gasp loudly. I moved my hands to her firm breasts and began to squeeze
them in time with my thrusts. She gasped and began to emit pre-orgasmic
squeals in time with my thrusts. She was clearly a very sexy excitable
girl in spite of her fear. I took my lips from hers and looked across at
Penny. "Watch your sister, darling" I said. "I am going to make her

At that moment Joanne gave a shuddering gasp and became rigid as an
orgasm swept through her reluctantly excited body. I had not come and I
lay with my stiff prick buried in her cunt gently fondling her beautiful
breasts while I watched her young sister gazing in wide-eyed astonishment.
When Joanne had calmed down I kissed her gently. "That was lovely, Joanne
darling." I said "you are a choice fuck. Did you enjoy it?" She bit her
lip and shuddered. I was lying with my semi-stiff prick buried in her wet
cunt and my hands full of her firm young breasts. I looked into her dark

"I don't think that it is very fair, you know," I said conversationally,
"I have given you a nice orgasm and you haven't made me come yet."

"Please, please don't get me pregnant," the young brunette under me
begged. I kissed her and said gently,

"Feel my balls with one hand and stick one of the fingers of your other
hand up my arsehole." She went red and then pale.

"I just couldn't do such a thing," she gasped, "that's really
perverted." I just looked at her and she got the message. I felt her cool
hand on my balls and the softness of her other hand as it parted my sweaty
arse cheeks. A combination of her sweat and mine lubricated her finger as
she reluctantly pushed it up my arse. I clenched my buttocks against her
little finger and kissed her gently.

"Now fuck my arse with your finger until I am stiff and ready to fuck
you again." She closed her eyes in horror but did as I commanded and under
the stimulus of her stiff exciting little finger I was soon ready for her
again. Her cunt was wet and ready as I lay stuck up her to the balls. I
would not have been surprised if she had not felt a guilty pleasure in
fingering my arsehole. I began to fuck her hard her without bothering too
much about her pleasure, she had already had her fun! Despite herself, her
thighs came up and grasped my waist again pulling me deeper into her as I
took her breasts in my hands and began to roughly squeeze them. She
gasped. I increased the length of my stroke and gave her a really rough
ride. I felt the warmth begin to build in my balls and waves of sensation
spread down my legs and up my spine. I saw her eyes widen as she felt my
prick begin to spasm. With a last thrust I rammed my stiff tool as far up
her as I could and felt spurt after spurt of potent hot cum jetting against
the unprotected walls of her fertile womb. She had tears in her eyes but
lay clasping me to her with her thighs, not daring to move. With my hands
full of her beautiful breasts I lay forward so that my complete weight was
on her soft body and put my mouth to her ear.

"I have just shot a real load up you Joanne," I whispered into her ear,
"if you are not pregnant as a result of that it will be a miracle." She lay
and sobbed quietly, still impaled on my softening prick. I pulled out her
with a soft slurping sound and lay by her as she lay inert, seemingly in a
state of shock. I looked across at Penny who was still watching us, her
mouth open on wonder. I got up from the bed and motioned to the teenager
who reluctantly came towards me. As she reached me I did not hesitate but
slipped my hand straight between her thighs cupping her hairy little cunt.
She gasped and tried to pull away but I had too firm a hold with my palm on
her cunt and my fingers extending along her perineum and buried in the
sweet cleft of her young buttocks brushing her virginal arse. I put my arm
round the shocked teenager and kissed her gently as I continued to feel her
cunt, which began to moisten under my probing questing fingers. I
moistened my finger in her juice and slipped the tip into her tight young arse. She gasped and her whole body tensed. I lay on the bed beside
Joanne on her left, pulling Penny down by the cunt until she was lying
beside me. I was between the two sisters. Joanne was still lying a state
of shocked misery still worrying about pregnancy and her younger sister was
lying in my arms, her hairy virginal cunt captured in my palm and the tip
of my finger very gently finger-fucking her tight young arsehole. I kissed
the teenager gently.

"You saw how Joanne wanked me, Penny, now you do it." Her reluctant
little hand moved to my shaft and I put my big hand over her little one
demonstrating exactly how I liked it and very soon she had caught on and
was giving my semi-stiff prick a delicious wank. I lay back and looked at
Joanne who very reluctantly returned my gaze. "Did you ever suck your
fiancé off?" I asked casually. She went red and then pale and I knew that
I had scored another bulls-eye. I nodded downwards and the sweaty young girl moved down between my thighs. I did not have to force her. Her
resistance had been broken, temporarily at least, by the two orgasms and by
her fear that I had made her pregnant. I looked down at the crushed girl.

"Fucking you has made me all sweaty so I want you to clean me up, now
start licking my prick and balls". I said firmly, putting one hand on the
back of her head and moving her face towards my sweaty groin. I felt her
breath on my balls and the softness of her tongue as she began to lick me.
"Lick me harder" I commanded harshly "go all over my prick and balls". I
relaxed back, enjoying the sensation while the frightened young brunette cleaned up my sweaty balls with her reluctant tongue as her younger sister wanked my stiff prick. I noticed though that she was carefully avoiding
the threatening swell of my the head of my prick.

"You have cleaned up my sweat nicely like a good girl. That feels much
better. Now take the end of my prick into your mouth and suck me off".
She looked hopelessly up at me. I reached down and put my hand on her soft
hair pushing my prick against her soft lips which reluctantly parted. I
slipped the end of my prick into her warm wet mouth and she reflexly closed
her lips around it. I looked at Penny. "Toss me off gently into your
sister's mouth" I ordered. She got the message very quickly and before
long I was looking down at my new little cocksucker with her ruby lips
firmly closed around my thick shaft, her dark eyes fixed on mine, sucking rhythmically as her young sister tossed me off into her mouth. She was
giving me a really pretty competent blowjob and it was clear that this was
far from the first time that she had sucked a prick. I did not have to
guide her. Every so often she paused in her rhythmical sucking, drew her
hot lips back so that only about an inch of my prick was in her mouth and
ran her soft tongue over the bottom rim of the big head of my circumcised
prick. Then she continued with her rhythmical sucking, matching her
sucking perfectly in time with the regular strokes of her young sister's
wanking hand.

"That's wonderful, Joanne darling. You are a really good little
cocksucker". She was doing such a good job that I could feel the pressure
beginning to build in my balls again. "Take your mouth off my prick,
sweetheart, and stop wanking me. Just relax holding my prick" I said
quietly. Joanne looked at me in relief hoping that her ordeal was over..

"Fucking you has made my arse all sweaty" I said conversationally "just
clean that up as well would you". I lay back, spread my thighs wider and
pushed a pillow under my arse raising it from the bed so that she had
complete access to my hairy hole. I heard Penny gasp loudly and the
sisters looked at one another.

"Oh God!" Joanne gasped, "you can't make me to do that."

"You will Joanne darling" I said "you know what I will do to you if you
give me any trouble. You have already had one thrashing today". With a
sob she moved her head backwards and I felt her begin to lick my perineum,
moving reluctantly towards my sweaty arse. I put my hand on her head and
pulled her firmly between my thighs until I felt her lips on my arsehole.
"Now Joanne, just French kiss my hole like you would your fiancé's lips,
running your tongue around the rim and pushing your tongue as deeply up me
as you can". She sobbed but complied and I relaxed back and enjoyed the
dual sensation of her young sister wanking my stiff prick as Joanne sucked and kissed my sweaty hole pushing her hot tongue deep inside me. The
sensations were incredible as I looked down at the sexy curvy young brunette between my spread thighs sucking, kissing firmly and deeply
tonguing my sweaty arse. I lay back and watched her as she humiliated
herself in front of her young sister, destroying the last vestiges of her
self-respect and enjoying the sensations that spread from my arse hole through my body. I kept her at it for what must have seemed hours to her
but I was enjoying it too much to let her stop. Finally I patted her on
the head.

"That's fine, Joanne, my hole is nice and clean now. You can go back to
sucking me off". She quickly moved from my arse, looked up into my eyes,
and took my stiff prick deep into her hot mouth between her hot red lips. I
put my hand on her head and gently moved it back and forwards so that she
was fucking my prick with her mouth as her sister continued to wank me. I
took my hand away and she had clearly got the message as she continued
fucking my hard stiff prick with his ruby lips as she sucked me harder her
head bobbing backwards and forwards. She was such a natural cocksucker that I knew that I would not last long. As I felt the pressure in my balls
I held her head with both hands and pushed my prick deeper towards the back
of her throat. My prick hardened more and I came in a shattering
ejaculation which flooded my body with waves of sensation. I felt the jets
of hot cum drowning her mouth and throat as I held her firmly on my prick.
She gave a loud gasp as she felt the hot cum and blushed deeply as I
humiliated her further in front of her young sister. I just lay and
relaxed letting the sensations of my orgasm die away. I looked at the
sisters, one with her soft hand grasping my relaxing shaft the tip of which
the older one still held between her lips. I could see a small white trail
running from the corner of Joanne's violated mouth. She had had a hard
time and so had I, I would need a rest!! I motioned to Joanne and she
slipped my prick from her mouth with relief. I got up from between the
sisters and moved over sitting on the soft chair by the fire. I thought
that I would have my supper and some entertainment to help me recuperate. I
motioned to Penny.

"Bring my coffee and sandwiched over. Joanne, you lie on your back on
the bed like I told you before with your heels up to your arse and your
thighs spread." She looked at me dumbly as she complied, realizing that
their ordeal was not yet over. When I had taken my supper from Penny I
said to her, "Go back and lie on the bed beside your sister." She hastened
to comply.

"Now," I said conversationally, "you said that you had never played with
each other before. This is where you are going to learn. Put your arms
round each other and start kissing and rubbing your cunts together. Then,
while you are kissing start feeling one another's cunts." The both gasped,
looked at each other and looked dumbly back at me but did not move. I
picked up my belt thoughtfully. Joanne gasped with horror and pulled Penny
into her arms and began to kiss her. Keeping their lips joined, she rolled
her young sister onto her back and parted her thighs. Placing herself
between the thighs of the young brunette the older girl began to agitate
her hot shaved cunt against the hairy one of her sister. I don't know if
she realized that she was transferring my cum to her sister's virgin cunt!!
Despite themselves they were both becoming excited by the friction of their
rubbing cunts and their kisses deepened and became more sexy. Joanne moved
from between Penny's thighs and lay facing her, still kissing her, with her
sister in her arms. I saw her take Penny's hand and put it between her
parted thighs on to her own bare cunt while she put her own hand between
her sister's slender young thighs and began to thoroughly feel her cunt.
Penny quickly caught on and soon the two sisters were masturbating one
another without inhibition and gasping loudly despite themselves as I
watched with amusement. They were too excited to continue the kiss and
their lips parted as they lay together looking into one another's eyes and
frantically playing with each other. The sound of their ragged breathing
filled the room and suddenly Penny came in Joanne's hand with a deep gasp
and a little squeal, closely followed by her sister. Their hot sweaty
bodies were covered with a post-orgasmic blush as they trembled in each
other's arms looking deeply into one another's eyes. Joanne pulled her
young sister closer and began to kiss her continuing to gently feel her wet
cunt. Penny just lay passively and submitted to being felt by her older sister. When they had recovered I said to Joanne,

"Leave Penny alone lying on her back." Joanne obediently moved away from
her young sister and looked at her as she lay on her back with her thighs
apart. "Pull your heels up to your arse and spread your thighs, Penny," I
ordered, and her thighs obediently spread showing me the pink slit of her
wet cunt. "Now, Joanne," I said, "kneel with your thighs on either side of
Penny's head. She did so and looked questioningly across at me. I
couldn't believe that the two sisters hadn't worked out yet what I wanted
them to do. Perhaps they had but were reluctant to do it in spite of their
fear of my belt. I got up and went over to the bed so that I was standing
by Joanne.

"Bend forward until your head is between your sister's thighs and kiss
and suck her cunt." I ordered. Joanne looked at me in horror.

"I couldn't," she whispered, "that's so dirty." I just laughed and
putting my hand on the back of her head I wound my fingers in her soft dark
her. With gentle pressure I moved her down so that her face was between
Penny's splayed thighs very close to her cunt.

"If you don't want your arse thoroughly trashed again Joanne, just get
on with it," I ordered. Still nothing seemed to be happening so I gave the
white firm buttock a sharp slap. The sound echoed through the room and the
outline of my palm and fingers became evident on the smooth white skin of
her buttock. Joanne gasped and her mouth went straight on to her young sister's exposed cunt. She began to kiss and lick it obviously terrified
of another slap. I let her get on with it for a while and then said
quietly into her ear, "Now start sucking her cunt. Stick your tongue as
far inside her as you can and keep licking and sucking or I will slap you
again." The frightened girl hastened to comply with my orders and she very
quickly got the hang of things. Before long Penny was having her cunt very
thoroughly tongued and sucked. Her hips were writhing and her heels were
pressing into the bed as the sensations spread from her excited cunt through her hot young body. I whispered again into Joanne's ear, "Now,
relax your thighs and drop your cunt so that it is on your sister's mouth."
Again she immediately complied, not ceasing in her attentions to her
sister's hot hole. I moved up and whispered into Penny's ear, "you can
feel what Joanne is doing to you, now do the same to her." Penny
immediately put her mouth to her sister's cunt and began to kiss and lick
the wet open slit. "Start sucking her cunt, Penny," I ordered, "stick your
tongue as far inside her as you can and keep licking and sucking until I
tell you to stop."

I went back to my chair and slowly drank my coffee and ate my sandwiches
watching with pleasure as the two pretty sisters sucked each other off.
Penny came first, closely followed by Joanne. They rested for a moment,
not daring to separate and then began to tongue one another again. Soon
they were sucking one another off furiously again and it was clear that
another orgasm was not far away. They both came again and Joanne lay
panting on the gasping Penny sweating as their hot faces pressed against
each other's cunts. It was clear that they were so afraid of me that even
after two shattering orgasms they did not dare part. The room was full of
the smell of their hot excitement.

"OK" I said, "have a rest. Just lie down beside one another and feel
one another's cunts while you get your breath back." The two girls collapsed side by side on the bed trying to bring themselves under control
but still not daring to resist any demand I might make. Their hands stole
between each other's thighs and they began to gently feel each other. I
looked at them with amusement. The two sisters were becoming so lost in
one another that they were forgetting me! Now that they had discovered,
albeit reluctantly, the delights of each other's sexy bodies I doubted if
this would be last time that they would enjoy one another!!

I left the pretty pair playing with one another and picked up a handbag
that was lying by the chair. I opened it and noted their address from
Joanne's passport. I also checked their religion with some amusement
realizing that it would be very difficult for them to have an abortion if
either or both became pregnant as a result of tonight's activities. I
tucked the note of their address into a pocket of my rucksack and walked
across and sat on the bed, motioning to the pretty pair to part which they
did, rather reluctantly I felt! I moved between them and lay down turning
to Penny. I slipped a hand straight between her slender thighs and began
to finger-fuck her wet cunt as I looked into her eyes.

"You have seen me fuck Joanne, well now it is your turn." I heard Joanne
gas pan stir behind me.

"Please leave her alone, you can have me again instead," she whispered.
I laughed.

"I will have you again anyway before the night is out Joanne, darling.
Right now I am interested in fucking your pretty sister."

"Please leave her alone," Joanne begged as Penny squirmed on my fingers,
looking helplessly at me, "she is a virgin."

"Not for much longer," I chuckled, increasing the vigour of my
finger-fuck, using two fingers and pressing inside the teenager until I
felt the barrier of her hymen against my fingers. Her cunt was sopping wet
against my fingers. I gently rolled the teenager on to her back and parted
her thighs by placing my unoccupied hand on the soft flesh of the inside of
her knee and gently moving her legs apart. I moved between her thighs and
looked into her terrified eyes. I glanced at her tense and anxious sister.
"You are going to help me fuck Penny for the first time I told the
horrified girl. Put your hand on the hairy little cunt you were feeling an
moment ago and open the lips. Then you can give me a wank to get me ready
and help my prick into your sister's virgin cunt." I said. Joanne looked
appalled at me but did not move. "Do you remember the belt?" I asked
quietly. Without hesitation Joanne reached across and began to give me a
slow delicious instinctively sensuous, wank. I quickly stiffened under her
skillful hand. I glanced at her meaningfully and she used her other hand
to part the fleshy lips of her frightened young sister's hairy wet cunt and
introduced the round head of my stiff prick into her virgin body. I slowly
began to fuck the frightened teenager using just about an inch of my stiff
prick and manipulating her soft wet clinging cunt very gently. When she
realised that she wasn't being hurt she began to relax, looking into my
eyes with a deep blush on her soft cheek. I looked across at Joanne who
was still holding my stiff shaft in her hot hand.

"I need to concentrate of Penny for a while," I said, "While I am taking
your sister's virginity you can be fondling my balls and arse. As I poke
your little sister I want to feel your hand on my balls and your finger in
my arse." Joanne didn't bother protesting now but I felt her soft hand
begin to caress my balls. I began to move rather deeper into Penny,
lengthening my stroke slightly. Soon I felt the resistance of her hymen.
She gasped, paled and bit her lip and I knew that she had felt it too. I
did not hesitate but began to thrust very slightly harder gently stretching
her thin protective membrane. She screwed her eyes up in anguish and I
knew that it had begun to hurt her a little. If I had not got her ready by
allowing the sisters to play with each other and then giving her a good
finger-fuck she would be feeling it much more!!! I was now fucking her
with about three inches of my prick and I could feel the delicate internal
membrane stretching at every thrust. Her sister's cool hand was still
fondling my balls and I felt her other hand part the cheeks of my hairy
arse and a wave of pleasurable sensation passed over me I felt her stiff
moist little finger enter my arse. I turned and looked at Joanne,

"Just keep gently finger-fucking my arse until I tell you to stop," I
ordered. I decided that it was time to finally pluck Penny's cherry. I
leaned forward so that I was partially lying on the teenager and filled my
hands with the firm cones of her delicious young breasts. As I continued
fucking her I was conscious of the sensual tingle of her sister's stiff
finger in my arse. I withdrew my prick until I was only just inside her
outer lips and brought my lips close to her ear. Her eyes were screwed up
and I squeezed her breasts to get her attention. She opened her dark eyes
and fixed them apprehensively on mine.

"I am going to take your cherry now Penny," I said into her ear and
without giving her time to react I slid my prick straight up her in one
movement puncturing and wrecking her hymen. She gave a terrified little
squeal and a tear ran from the corner of her eye. She knew now that she
had been deflowered, that she was no longer a virgin. I smiled down into
her pale, defeated pinched face and began to fuck her slowly lengthening my
stroke until she was getting almost the whole length of my stiff prick. As
I fucked her young sister I turned to Joanne.

"You can take your finger out of my arse now," I said, I am going to be
occupied with Penny for a while. Go and make us some coffee." Joanne
looked helplessly at her sister and slipped off the bed. In a moment I
heard the clatter of cups but I sensed that she was still watching her
younger sister's torment. I leaned forward and kissed the pretty girl spread-eagled under me. I continued to feel her sweet breasts as I fucked
her and I leaned forward and kissed her half-open lips, taking immediate
possession of her mouth which I began leisurely to explore. I was now
fucking the teenager fairly hard and I sensed the end of my knob brushing
against her young cervix with each stroke. I thought that she would be too
tense and afraid to have an orgasm. I had taken her virginity and I was
close to shooting a load into her unprotected young womb. I began to ride
her even harder, squeezing and mauling her breasts. Her legs lay weakly
and nerveless splayed apart as I poked her tight young cunt. She was
gasping into my mouth with each thrust. I took my mouth from hers and
whispered into her ear,

"I am about to come up you Penny, this is where you get your baby." She
groaned aloud. I ignored her and squeezed her young breasts harder as I
thrust deeper into her cunt. I felt my balls begin to tighten and my prick
hardened as the ejaculation began. I smiled down at her in triumph as I
knew she could feel spurt after spurt of hot potent cum spewing past her
cervix and into her unprotected womb. I gave her tits a last squeeze and
rolled off her. She just lay gazing at the roof of the hut and did not
move. I saw Joanne looking at us with horror in her eyes. I smiled across
at her,

"You could both be pregnant now," I said, "that would be some holiday!"
I rolled off the exhausted girl and looked across at her sister who looked
back at me apprehensively.

"Bring me some coffee, Joanne darling," I said. She blushed at the
endearment but brought me a steaming cup of fragrant coffee. As she bent
to put on the small bedside table I slipped my hand between her thighs and
put two fingers straight up her wet cunt. She gasped a little and slightly
spread her legs. "That's a good girl!" I said mockingly as I began to
finger-fuck her, relishing the wet feel of my cum on my fingers. "Lean
over and give me a kiss," I commanded, "I am too tired after fucking your
pretty sister to get up." I pulled her towards me by the cunt and she bent
and kissed me as I had ordered. Her long sexy hair fell across my face in
a silky curtain. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and gave her a long
slow sexy kiss as I worked on her hot wet cunt. She was beginning to gasp
a little against my mouth and I was conscious of the lovely curve her
breasts made as they swayed under her as she bent over me. I removed my
lips from hers but, by maintaining pressure on her cunt, I kept her bending
over me. I took her breast in my mouth and began to suck on it, teasing
the nipple and areaola with my tongue and teeth. I moved from one pretty
breast to the other stiffening her hard little nipples.

As I sucked her breasts I continued finger-fucking the pretty young brunette and I decided to give her another orgasm. I began to run my
finger up the groove of her cunt between each stroke, just flicking the
hard little button of her clitoris. She began to gasp, emitting a loud
exhalation of air each time I flicked her clitoris. Her legs parted
further involuntarily and I stroked her perineum gently before sliding my
middle finger up her tight little arsehole. I began to finger-fuck her
arse while rubbing my palm across the fleshy lips of her shaved cunt and
flicking her clitoris with the ball of my thumb. I knew that she would not
be able to stand this for long. I began to suck harder on her breasts,
biting them a little. I could see the beads of sweat on her brow as the
pre-orgasmic flush began to spread from her cheeks over her shoulders and
down her chest. Her breathing deepened and she came with a shudder in my
hand. I gave her breast a last bite and released her.

"Pour you and your sister some coffee and come to bed," I told the
shaking young brunette. She went and brought the cups and lay on the other
side of her sister. I let her help the exhausted young girl into a sitting
position and prop her up on the pillows. Her first fuck had really taken
it out of her, she appeared almost in a state of shock. The two girls had
nothing to say for themselves as they drank their coffee and I just left
them to it.

When they had finished, Penny looked anxiously at me and blushed.

"Can I please go to the toilet?" she whispered shyly. I just laughed an
motioned her off the bed. While she was away I turned to her pretty sister and put my arm round her sliding my hand on to her breast which I began to
feel rather firmly, squeezing her soft flesh in my hand. To amuse myself I
slipped my lips over her other nipple and began to suck her deliciously
firm young breast, drawing her nipple between my teeth and stiffening the
erect little organ further. I heard Penny come back and I released Joanne.

Although I had been feeling Joanne and sucking her tit, nothing had
happened down below for me so I decided that I had had it for the present
and it was getting late anyway.

"Time to go to sleep girls" I said "blow out the lamp and let's get some

Penny blew out the lamp and returned to the bed. I moved into the
middle so that I had Joanne and Penny on either side of me and I settled
down for sleep. The only light in the hut the now was the soft red glow of
the stove. I could hear the storm raging outside and wondered if we should
be trapped up here for the next day. Although I was enjoying the pretty
sisters I still had my business with Jonathan and Jane and I did not have
much time. I fell asleep without much difficulty, after all I had had a
lot of exercise! Much later I woke up. I knew that it was still a couple
of hours until morning and I was beginning to feel like some more fun. I
could tell from the quiet even breathing that the two sisters were both

I considered my options. Although I had enjoyed deflowering Penny and I
would fuck her again before I left I was really more attracted to her
older, sexually more aware, and experienced sister. I turned to Joanne who
was lying half on her back turned away from me with her thighs slightly
parted. I slipped a hand between her thighs and gently began to feel her
bare shaved cunt. She stirred slightly in her sleep and sighed. I began
to fondle her a little more firmly, slipping my finger between the flesh
outer lips of her cunt and beginning a gentle finger-fuck flicking her
clitoris from time to time. She began to become moist under my attentions,
sighed again and woke up with a gasp. I gently turned her face towards me
and began to kiss her. As soon as my lips met hers her mouth opened
allowing me full possession. I kissed the sleepy brunette awake, took my
lips momentarily from hers, and whispered in her ear,

"Do you fancy a fuck, Joanne darling?" I said quietly. She shivered a
little. "Give me a nice wank to get me ready." Her hand moved to my
semi-stiff prick and she began to wank me expertly. "You really are good
at that!" I whispered and began to kiss her again, continuing with a deep
finger-fuck of her bare wet cut, now using three fingers and not causing
her any noticeable discomfort.. She blushed furiously. With her expert
stimulation it was not long before I was stiff and ready for her. I lay on
my back and gently moved Joanne so that she was sitting astride my thighs.

"Now," I said, "take my prick in one hand, open the lips of your cunt with the other and lower yourself on to me." With her co-operation I gently
lowered the pretty brunette on to my prick pushing it slowly but smoothly
up her wet, bare tight little cunt. "Now, you fuck me" I said. I
suspected that she had been in this position before because she immediately
began to sweetly move up and down on my stiff prick, supporting herself on
her knees and leaning slightly forward. I raised my hands and grasped her
swinging breasts so that I could simultaneously fuck and feel her. I was
guiding her movements with the pressure I was exerting on her firm young breasts and we soon worked up a lovely rhythm. I was not concerned about
making it last too long and as I could see the beginning of the flush of
her oncoming orgasm spreading from her cheeks to her neck and upper chest I
pulled her down on to me and gave her a deep kiss as I felt the spasms deep
in her cunt as she came hard. At the same time the pressure in my balls
boiled over and waves of sensation passed over my body. I shot spurt after
spurt of hot cum past her cervix into her womb as she gasped against my
lips and writhed on my prick. I lifted her from my prick which slid easily
from her moist hole and laid her panting hot young body beside me. "That
was lovely, Joanne darling" I said and fell asleep again leaving the hot
sweaty panting girl lying awake beside me.

When I awoke again it was beginning to get light and from the silence
outside the wind appeared to have dropped. Both girls seemed half awake
and I moved over Joanne, aware of the smell of sweat from her night-time
exertions. I stood up and stretched and went and used the toilet. When I
came back into the living area I went to the window and looked out. It had
stopped snowing and there was little wind. I would be able to get down to
Grindelwald easily. When I turned from the window I saw that both sisters
were awake watching me. I moved back to the bed, climbed over Joanne and
lay down between them.

They were both lying on their backs looking up at the roof of the hut. I
slid a hand on to the nearest thigh of each girl.

"Spread your legs," I ordered quietly and was amused to see how rapidly
my instructions were obeyed. I slid my hands on to their exposed cunts and
began to fondle the two sisters relishing the difference between Joanne's
rather looser bare cunt and her sister's tight hairy little orifice. I
turned to Joanne and saw that she was looking at me. I moved my lips to
hers and her mouth opened under mine. I gave her a slow sexy kiss before

"I am going to fuck Penny again, give me a nice wank to get me ready."
She did not bother protesting and I continued to kiss her and to feel both
sisters as I felt her soft hand begin to wank me to stiffness. It did not
take long before I was ready for her younger sister. I took my lips from
Joanne's and said,

"While I am fucking your sister you can make me some breakfast. There
is some stuff in my pack. Now get on with it." I released her cunt and
turned to the nervous teenager lying beside me. I slipped an arm round her
and moved my hand down on to her firm young buttocks while leaving the
other hand between her slender thighs. I began to finger-fuck her cunt using first one and then two fingers and I slipped a finger of the other
hand straight up her tight clinging young arsehole. She gasped and
reddened. I began to kiss her, taking immediate and full possession of her
mouth and casually and completely exploring her lips and gums. I could
feel her cunt becoming wet in my hand. I took my fingers from her cunt and
raised her thigh so that it was over mine giving my stiff prick complete
access to her moist and ready cunt. I pulled her slightly towards me,
still impaled on my finger in her arse and slipped the head of my prick
between the outer lips of her wet tight hairy little cunt. Although she
was tight it was easier than the first time. I had her so moist that I
could slide my eight inch prick straight up the teenager in one smooth
stroke until I was buried in her to the balls. She gasped and screwed her
eyes up. Her blush deepened.

I started to slowly fuck Penny pulling her on to my prick with the
finger I had stuck up her arse. I could only use about four inches of my
prick as the position was too restricting so I slid my finger from the
teenager's arse and brought it to her lips she tried to keep her lips
closed but I slid my insistent finger beyond them and made her lick it
clean. She gasped with horror and disgust. I moved her on to her back and
began to ride her harder. Her eyes were wide and I could feel her hips
beginning to move with me. She was enjoying this fuck more than her
first!! I began to kiss her as I moved my hands to her firm young breasts and began to tease her nipples to hardness. and began to fuck her more
vigorously using all of my prick. Her eyes widened and she began to pant
under my lips as, despite herself, she became more excited. I took my lips
from hers and looked into her eyes. I whispered into her ear under her
sweaty hair,

"Put your legs round my back and start moving your hips, darling, you
will enjoy it much more".

Her slender young legs rose compliantly from the bed where they had been
lying splayed and relaxed and she wrapped her strong thighs around me just
above my arse and began to pull me into her. Her hips began to move
sweetly with me and we began a nice slow rhythmical deep and satisfying
fuck. I slipped my hands between us on to the firm cones of her breasts as
they bounced sweetly with each strong thrust and I began to feel her,
twisting her erect pink nipples. I could hear her breathing becoming more
ragged and she started to emit tiny wordless squeaks in time with my
thrusts. I could feel the pressure building and I made no effort to delay
things. Just as I felt the spasms of her orgasm begin deep in her cunt I
felt the warmth from my balls spread through my body and I began to come.
Spurt after spurt of potent fluid jetted past her cervix into her
unprotected womb as she came with a loud gasp and a squeal. I gave the
sweaty teenager a last kiss and rolled off her. She drew her legs up and
pressed her thighs together lying on her back looking up at the ceiling. I
did not say anything as I felt that this was the best position to ensure
that my cum stayed in her and making her pregnant.

I chuckled to myself as I got off the bed and went for a quick wash
leaving the exhausted teenager still trying to come to terms with what had
happened to her. I could smell the enticing smell of frying bacon as the
naked Joanne was making my breakfast. I went up behind her as she stood at
the stove, slipped my arms around her and cupped her full firm breasts. I
played with the sexy woman a moment, rubbing my semi-stiff prick against
the sweet swell of her bottom before releasing her and going to look out of
the window. It was now light, the wind had dropped and it had stopped
snowing. I went back to the table and sat down as Joanne served me my
breakfast. I pointed to a hard kitchen chair about five feet away.

"You can entertain me while I have my breakfast," I told the brunette,
"sit there, spread your thighs and play with your tits and cunt. I want to
see you come before I finish eating." I watched with amusement as the now
totally cowed woman sat on the hard chair and splayed her thighs. I could
see the evidence of my previous activity from the dried cum all over her
outer lips and upper thighs. She must have been very uncomfortable in the
night! She slipped two fingers of one hand into her cunt and began to play
with herself using the other hand to manipulate a prominent nipple which
rapidly stiffened. I ate my breakfast and watched the stunning sight of a
compliant girl masturbating herself to orgasm within five feet of me. Her
breathing rapidly quickened and became more ragged. She was now vigorously
using three fingers to play with her wet cunt and hard little clitoris. I
could see her moisture on her fingers. In spite of her efforts she was too
tense to be able to come but watching her had begun to get me ready again
although I had so recently fucked her sister. I motioned to Joanne.

"You are not going to get any further like that. I have finished my
breakfast, come over here, kneel between my thighs and suck me off. You
can give me a nice wank first." I spread my thighs. And Joanne got up and
came over and knelt down between them. I could feel the soft pillows of
her breasts against my hairy calves. She began to wank my soft prick with
her cool hand and, leaning forward, slipped the head between her soft red lips. The sensation of her warm wet mouth was extraordinary and she began
skillfully to combine a gentle wank with her rhythmical sucking. She
really was an expert cocksucker. Her fiancé was a very lucky man! Before
long I was hard and I looked with pleasure at the bobbing head of the naked
brunette as she fucked her hot young mouth with my stiff prick.

It was nearly time to go but I decided to have one last fuck now that
Joanne had got me stiff again. I wound my hand in her sweaty hair and
gently pulled her mouth from my prick, to which it remained attached by a
tendril of pre-cum from the tip of my prick to the corner of her red lips.
I let go of her hair and reached down to grasp a stiff nipple in my
fingers. I twisted it and she gasped. I stood up and raised the sweaty
girl to her feet by upward pressure on her nipple. Without saying anything
I cleared a space on the table and moved her so that she was standing at
the table with her thighs pressed against it and her back to me. I pulled
down on her nipple and compelled her to lie face downwards on the table. I
spread her legs with my foot and the submissive girl just let things
happen. This position gave me good access to her cunt and arse. I ran my
hand over her well-made bottom and the temptation to redden it again was
just too strong. I reached for my belt and began to spank her, gently at
first. She sighed loudly with each stroke but I was not really hurting
her. Her bottom began to become red and I could hear her Penny gasping with
horror as she watched her older sister receiving another spanking.

I knew that I was not really hurting Joanne. I slipped my hand between
her thighs and, not altogether to my surprise, her cunt was sopping wet.
The smell of excited girl filled the hut. Her bottom was now a fiery red.
I put my belt down and moved between her splayed thighs. I ran my hand
over her hot red buttocks and slipped the head of my stiff prick between
the lips of her wet cunt. With one smooth movement I slid up her until I
was buried in her to the balls. She gasped loudly as I began to fuck her.
As I moved gently in her I kneaded and fondled the firm flesh of the
buttocks I had just spanked before slipping my hand between her cheeks and
seeking out the rose of her tight young arsehole. I moistened my fingers
in the slime from her excited young cunt and slipped first one and then two
fingers into her arse. She gave a surprised squeak and tried to wriggle
but I put my other hand on the back of her neck and pressed her down
holding her prisoner against the table. As I fucked her hot wet clinging
cunt with a deeper and stronger stroke I probed her tight arse with two
fingers. I could feel the walls of her arse gripping my fingers tightly.
Despite herself she was pushing her bottom back into me trying to get my
prick deeper inside her. I was now fucking her hard with the full length
of my prick and I knew that things would not last long. I felt the
familiar pressure in my balls and a wave of heat and heightened sensation
spread down my legs and up my back. I rammed my fingers hard up her arse
and she gasped as I began to spurt jet after jet of hot cum deep into her
womb. Rather to my surprise I saw the flush of orgasm pass over Joanne's
white shoulders and I felt the velvet ripples pass through her cunt wall
gripping my stiff prick as the waves of intense sensation swept through her
body. I seemed to come for a long time and I knew that this would be the
last I would manage for a while. It was time to get going anyway. I
pulled out of the exhausted girl and lifted her from the table so that she
was sitting in a chair. She looked up at me with unseeing eyes still lost
in the sensations of the orgasm. I chuckled and tweaked her breast as I
left her to compose herself. I looked across at her sister.

"Pour me some hot coffee, Penny, while I get dressed," I said and the
teenager got of the bed with alacrity and rushed to comply. I went behind
the small curtain, used the toilet and had a quick wash. When I was ready
I came out and dressed as I drank my last cup of coffee before I left. The
naked sisters were sitting on hard kitchen chairs, their cum-stained thighs
splayed, watching me warily. I packed my rucksack and put on my boots. I
put on my anorak and hood. I picked up my rucksack and fitted it to my
shoulders and moved to the door finally looking back at the pretty pair
"Goodbye girls" I said cheerfully, "Thank you for the entertainment and the
hospitality. I may check on you in England in a few months to see how my
babies are getting on!" I closed the door of the hut on their startled
faces and moved across the snowfield towards the north ridge leading to the
path back down to Grindelwald and my appointment with Jonathan and Jane.


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