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The Climbing Hut


The Climbing Hut By - Tafod Arian ********************D I S C L A I M E R
********************* 'The Climbing Hut' contains graphic non-consensual
sexual scenes between adults. This story is FICTION. It does NOT depict
the relationship between actual living people. It is NOT intended for
readers under 18 or those who are easily offended by pornography. It is
NOT for the squeamish. If you are UNDER 18, or if you ARE offended by
pornography, please DO NOT CONTINUE to read. If material of this nature is
illegal in your area and you continue to read it, it is YOUR
responsibility. All rights reserved: Permission is hereby given to
distribute this story via electronic means only, for non-profit use. This
header must remain intact. All rights for this story remain the property
of the author.
*********************************************************** This story is
dedicated to Melanie - she knows why.

I had just come over the shoulder of the lower part of the north ridge
of the Eiger and I was relieved to see the mountain hut in a small valley
about a hundred feet below me. It was beginning to get dark and the snow
was starting to fall again so it was really time to find shelter for the
night. As I made my way across the snow to the hut I could see a faint
yellow light in the window so I should have company. I shook the snow from
my boots, pushed open the door and entered the hut. A blast of warm air
greeted me. My companion for the next few hours had clearly been there for
quite a while. He had got the stove going and the hut was nice and warm. I
could smell coffee and a stew on the stove.

I looked calculatingly at him. He was about five foot six and slightly
built, weighing at least fourty pounds less than my two hundred and ten.
He had longish blonde hair and very delicate, almost feminine, features.
His legs and arms were very smooth and almost hairless and there was no
trace of facial hair on his smooth cheeks. As the hut was very warm he was
wearing only a tight tee-shirt and a pair of shorts. He had climbing socks
to keep his feet warm on the bare wooden boards of the floor. He looked up
at me apprehensively.

I nodded to him and took off my boots and weather gear. As it was so
warm I stripped immediately to a pair of shorts. I saw him glance quickly
at me out of the corner of his eyes and a flush stained his cheek as he
realised that I had caught him watching me. I saw a book on a nearby
table. It was in English so I was on fairly safe ground. "Aren't you going
to pour me a coffee, kid?" I asked abruptly as I walked over and sat on the
only large comfortable chair in the hut next to the stove. I let him fuss
round getting my coffee while I just relaxed never taking my eyes off him.
My continual scrutiny was making him uncomfortable. He brought my coffee
over and handed it to me and I could see him, despite himself, run his eyes
over my body. I am six foot four so I was considerably taller and heavier
than he was. In contrast to him I have rather thick dark body hair. I am
well muscled with well-defined pectorals as I work out regularly. My
nipples are particularly prominent surrounded by large dark areolae. All
of this he could see since I had stripped to my shorts and it was clearly
making him uncomfortable. What he couldn't see was that under my shorts I
have a fairly large prick. It is about eight inches long when erect and
pretty thick. As I am circumcised the knobhead is the size of a small

I continued to look at him as I drank my coffee. "What's your name,
kid?" I asked abruptly. "Jonathan" he said in a rather high-pitched
unsteady voice. I could see that in addition to his rather feminine
features he had a distinctly plump body with prominent breast mounds
outlined under his tight tee-shirt, almost like the developing tits of a
teenage girl. I could see his small nipples clearly through the thin
fabric. As he was walking away after handing me my coffee, I noticed that
he had rather chubby calves and thighs leading up to a very meaty arse.
When he turned I could see the slight bulge of his prick and balls against
the material of his shorts.

"Are you going up or down?" I asked him. "I would be too scared to go
any higher than this" he said in his breathy voice "I've been here for two
days waiting for the weather to improve so that I could get down". "I
think that we may be here another day" I said casually "the weather is
closing in and no-one else will be able to get to the hut until it begins
to clear". He began to look anxious.

"Are you married, Jonathan?" I asked. "Yes" he said shyly "I am on
honeymoon and my wife is in a hotel down in Grindelwald below. We are
staying for two weeks".

The possibilities of this situation were intriguing. A young, straight,
recently married man at my disposal for at least a day. I was sufficiently
more powerful than he was to be sure that I could do what I liked but I was
confident that not much physical force would be required. With types like
Jonathan, mental control is much easier and ultimately more satisfying.

I looked round the hut. There was just one room with a small
curtained-off toilet area. There was only one large bed in one corner.
Originally there had been two bunks but previous climbers had used the wood
for the stove and they were an unusable ruin in one corner. There was a
large table with four straight wooden kitchen chairs, on one of which
Jonathon was sitting and one large padded chair by the stove which I had
automatically commandeered as if by right. I began to exert more control.

"Well, from the smell you seem to have made supper" I said "why don't
you go ahead and serve it out". He started fussing with pots and pans like
a housewife while I looked in the cupboards and in the small fridge. I
found to my pleasure that previous occupants had left a few bottles of
strong German beer. I lay back in the chair with my feet to the stove and
watched him serve my dinner. "Get some beer from the cupboard, kid" I
commanded "and pour me a glass. You won't want any". He looked at me in
surprise, did as I said but did not reply.

When he had served the dinner I came to the table and sat opposite him.
I drank my beer and enjoyed a pretty good stew. I had finished mine before
he was halfway through his. "Get me some more, kid" I ordered abruptly.
He hurried to do as I said and it was clear that he was more than a little
frightened of me. That was good!. I finished my second plateful and left
him at the table while I went back to my chair. "Make some fresh coffee" I
commanded casually and lay back and shut my eyes. I dozed for a few
minutes until the aroma of fresh coffee stirred me. I just held out my
hand and he rushed across with a mug. he sat on a hard chair watching me
warily like a mongoose watching a snake.

As I drank my coffee I began to feel nice and relaxed and I could feel
my prick beginning to stir as I looked across at Jonathan who was sitting
on a hard chair by the stove with his thighs tightly pressed together and
his hands clenched on his knees. He looked very uptight. I was very
pleased with the set-up which had endless possibilities. I could of course
have done anything I liked to him at any time as I was so much more
powerful. He was too afraid and uptight to put up much resistance. I am
never crude however. I am an artist who likes to mess with minds as well
as bodies and I felt that I was in for a good evening. I began to pressure

"What's your wife's name kid, and how old is she?" I asked casually. He
answered before he thought. "Her name is Jane and she is twenty-two like
me". It was time to let him know how things were going to be so that there
was no misunderstanding. "And has Jane got big tits?" I asked deliberately
crudely. "You can't talk about my wife like that!" he gasped. I sighed,
got up from my chair and walked over to him. He cowered back. I wound the
fingers of my left hand in his long soft blonde hair and pulled him to his
feet. I began to slap his face with my right hand first on one cheek with
the open hand and then backhanded across the other. I did this hard five
or six times until he began to sob. He was pulling against my hand but I
had too firm a grip in his hair for him to move much. I threw him back
down on his hard chair and he sat sobbing rubbing his cheek. "We will get
on much better, kid, if you do as you are told" I warned him. "Now, answer
the question". There was a pause and he said reluctantly "She has
medium-sized breasts". "Describe her in detail" I ordered.

He looked at me with hatred and fear in his hazel eyes. "She is about
five-foot four with a trim figure, medium-sized breasts and nice legs".
"Has she got a nice arse?" I asked him brutally. "I think so" he
whispered. "I think I'd like to see a picture of her" I said with
authority. He looked at me and went to his pack which lay on the foot of
the big bed. he took some photographs from a pocket and I thought that he
looked furtive and uncomfortable. I glanced quickly at a series of
photographs of a trim, conventionally pretty young brunette. She didn't do
anything for me. I was more interested in her husband. "Have you got
anything else of Jane's with you?" I asked, his manner having given him
away. He looked at me sickly. "Open your pack on the bed" I ordered.
Knowing that resistance was useless he reluctantly did as I had commanded.
I walked over and looked through his belongings. At once I found what he
was trying to hide. It was a yellow baby-doll shortie nightie with
matching panties in either silk or the best sheer nylon. I picked it up
enjoying the feel of the fabric and looked at the blushing young man. "And
what have we here then?" I mocked. He looked down at his feet but did not
reply. "Well?" I asked threateningly. "That's my wife's" he whispered
"she wore it on our wedding night. I brought it to remind me of her".

"We are going to be spending a lot of time together" I said "and you
might as well be comfortable. As I like to see my partners in sexy clothes
why don't you put on your wife's nightie and cute little panties for me?"
He flinched visibly at the word 'partners' and I could see the fear in his
eyes. "I couldn't" he gasped "I am straight and I couldn't wear women's
clothes". I just looked at him. "Let me put it this way, kid" I said
quietly "if you are not out of your gear and into that nightie in the next
five minutes the slaps you just had will be nothing to what you will get. I
will beat you to a pulp". I took a drink of my coffee and lay back and
shut my eyes. He reluctantly picked up the nightie and went into the
curtained-off toilet area. A few minutes later I heard him emerge
hesitantly. "Come over here and stand in front of me" I ordered. I was
very pleased with his appearance. The hem of the nightie was just below
his balls which I could see outlined in the tight silk panties. The bodice
clung tightly to his breast mounds defining them clearly and his nipples
and little areolae were prominent through the tight silk. "Yes" I thought
"you will make a very sexy companion for the night". Before going further
physically I thought I would screw his mind up a bit more. "Just stand
where you are with your hands by your sides" I said "I want to know a bit
more about you and Jane". He stood looking at me, visibly trembling.

"Did you fuck Jane before you were married?" I asked casually. He
blushed and said quietly "No, of course not I respected her too much. She
was a virgin on our wedding night". "And how long were you engaged?" I
asked. "Just over two years" he said miserably. "And in all that time you
never fucked her?" I said incredulously "what did you do? You must have
done something! Did you feel her tits and cunt?". He blushed furiously
but knew that he would have to answer. From the promptness of his reply I
knew that he had decided that his ordeal would be shortened if he told me
what I wanted to know. "In the cinema and in other places where it was
dark I used to touch her breasts over her clothes. I never touched her
sex". "Her cunt, you mean" I said brutally. "He nodded miserably "Her
cunt" he agreed. "And did she ever touch your prick?" I asked. There was
a long pause. He said quietly and wretchedly "When it was dark and she
couldn't see me, she used to rub me through my trousers". "Wank you, you
mean" I said. He nodded. "And did she ever make you come?" He nodded

"Did you have many girlfriends before Jane?" I asked. He shook his
head. "So that was your only experience of sex with a girl before you were
married. Have you ever had sex with a man?" He looked at me with horror.
"No, of course not!! I told you, I am straight. The thought of
homosexuality repels me". "Oh dear!" I thought "It's just not going to be
your night Jonathan!"

"Lift the hem of your nightie and turn round completely once, slowly" I
demanded. He looked at me aghast. He must have known since I ordered him
into the feminine attire that something was going to happen but now he
realised that it was starting. He reluctantly raised the hem of his
nightie displaying his panties. They clung to his prick and balls clearly
defining them. His prick was semi-erect and about five inches long but not
very thick. A small stain of pre-cum was evident. "You've got quite a
sexy little prick and arse" I said "It's time to get comfortable. Come
over here and pull my shorts off". I raised my arse and he reluctantly
complied looking with horrified fascination at my large semi-erect prick
and hairy balls but quickly moving away to stand by the table.

I stood up and walked over to his slight, trembling figure. I put my
hand between his legs, cupped his balls through the sexy nylon of his
panties and began to feel him up. "Have you ever been touched up by a
proper man?" I asked. He looked terrified. "I told you I am straight. I
have never done anything with men before. I think that it is disgusting".
I casually fondled his prick and balls and he became erect under my
fingers. "What about this then?" I mocked "Jonathan's got a hard-on".
Looking into his long-lashed sexy hazel eyes I began to gently wank him.
"Is this what Jane used to do?" I asked. He nodded miserably, biting his
lower lip.

I turned him so that his back was to me and began to rub my stiffening
prick against his plump arse. I continued to gently wank him through the
silk panties with my right hand while I kissed his neck under his soft
blonde hair. I put my left hand round under his arm on to his little tit
and began to feel him, pulling him hard against me on to my prick. I began
to twist his nipple through the nightie as I wanked him. He gasped and
trembled in my arms. "You are a sexy little piece, Jonathan" I whispered
into his ear "I am going to have some fun tonight". He groaned again. I
suddenly let him go and walked back and sat down leaving him standing
shaking. "Get me another beer" I ordered " and then come over here". He
did as I commanded without delay and stood in front of me looking down in
horror at my eight inch erect prick and hairy balls. "I think that it
would be nice if you sat on my knee, don't you? I am sure that you like it
when Jane sits on your knee. Well, you're my girl for this evening". He
shook his head in horrified refusal. "That was not a question" I chuckled
reaching for his reluctant hand and sitting him on my lap so that my stiff
prick protruded between his plump thighs just below his balls. I put my
arm round him on to his plump little breast and began to feel his tit
again. "Suck my nipples Jonathan, do both alternately" I said casually. He
looked dumbstruck. "I couldn't" he whispered in horror. I just wound his
hair in my hand and put his mouth to my hairy nipple. "Just get sucking" I
ordered "using your lips, teeth and tongue, the way I hope that you have
begun to learn to suck Jane's tits". Nothing seemed to be happening so I
gave his hair a threatening jerk. I began to feel him begin to suck my
nipple, using his teeth to tease it and his tongue on the areaola. I let
him get on with it and put my hand between his legs and began to fondle his
prick and balls again. I lay back with one hand back on his tit and the
other feeling his prick and balls while he unwillingly sucked my nipples,
moving from one to the other. He really was not bad for a beginner and I
began to feel waves of sensation from my nipples as he reluctantly sucked them. I enjoyed the feeling of his plump arse cheeks on my hard thighs as
I looked down at my unwilling partner. I moved his head from my nipple and
looked into his eyes.

"Let's see if Jane has taught you how to kiss properly" I said. His
eyes widened but without giving him time to protest, or even think I put
one hand behind his head and pulled him to me. He gasped. I put my tongue
to his lips and gently but insistently pressured him until, despite
himself, his lips parted. I took possession of his mouth, treating him as
I would a sexy girl. I gave him a long deep kiss, sucking on his tongue
and exploring his cheeks and gums with my demanding tongue. He sat
trembling and blushing on my lap as I continued my long deep kiss, my hand
cupping his balls. His prick was stiff against the silk of his panties. I
moved my hand from his balls to his tits and began to fondle his plump
breast mounds through his nightie occasionally twisting his nipples. He
gasped into my mouth against the kiss. I moved my lips from his and looked
into his blushing face. "Well, you're a sexy little piece, Jonathan" I
said mockingly "you'll do very nicely for tonight". My fingers were
getting sweaty from his balls so I moved my hand further back and slid a
finger up the leg of his panties straight up his arse. He went rigid with
shock. "You just can't do that" he gasped "you just can't! It's so
perverted". I just laughed and gave his arse a quick gentle finger-fuck
before I pushed him off my lap. "Go and get me another beer and go and lie
down on the bed". His resistance seemed at an end for the present and he
did as I told him without comment. I went over to the big bed and
stretched out beside him. I lay propped up on the pillows drinking my beer
and looking at my blushing partner.

"You and Jane had so little sex before you were married that you must
have done quite a lot of wanking" I remarked conversationally. He blushed
deeper. "Well?" I asked. He nodded dumbly. "Every day?" I asked. "Most
days" he whispered. "Good" I said "you should be an expert. I feel like a
nice wank. Just get on and toss me off". He took one look at me and
realised that resistance would be useless. As I lay back and drank my beer
my terrified young companion began to toss me off. He was really quite
good at it, rapidly working up a nice rhythm while looking at my big stiff
prick in horrified fascination. "Feel my balls with your other hand" I
ordered and he hastened to comply. I just relaxed back and enjoyed my beer
while the frightened straight young husband dressed in his wife's sexy
honeymoon nightie lay wanking me and fondling my big hairy balls. He
looked utterly humiliated. I put my beer down and motioned him towards me.
I made him come to me and I began to give him another deep kiss while he
was wanking me. He must have realised by now that he was helpless because
all the fight seemed to have gone out of him although I would be surprised
though if more compulsion would not be needed before the end of the night.
I released his lips. "Take your panties off Jonathan" I ordered "they are
going to be in the way". Without comment he slid them down his plump legs
and dropped them on the floor. I lay and looked into his eyes while I
fondled his bare, almost hairless balls and his stiff little prick. I
nodded downwards and he recommenced tossing me off as expertly as before.

I looked calculatingly at Jonathan who looked back warily. "Did Jane
suck you off on your wedding night?" I asked. he looked shocked.
"Certainly not, I would never ask her to do such a dirty thing". "I'm
sorry you feel like that" I chuckled "because I want you to suck me off
now". "I couldn't" he whispered "I just couldn't, I'd be sick. You can't
make me do that. I won't. It is what queers do". I just smiled. "It is
what proper girls do for their men" I said firmly "now start licking my
prick and balls". He shuddered and shrank away from me beginning to cry.
"I just can't" he sobbed. "Oh, I think you can, Jonathan" I said, putting
one hand round his shoulders and moving his face towards my sweaty groin.
Even now he tried to pull back as he smelt the male tang of my sweat. "I
don't want to have to slap you" I warned. I felt his breath on my balls
and the softness of his tongue as he began to lick me. I put my hand on
his soft blonde hair and pressed his head into my groin. "Lick me harder"
I commanded harshly "go all over my prick and balls".

I relaxed back, enjoying the sensation while he cleaned up my sweaty
balls and stiff prick with his reluctant tongue but I noticed that he was
carefully avoiding the threatening swell of my knobhead. "Time to put a
stop to this" I thought. "Jonathan" I said gently. He looked up at me,
clearly hoping that I was going to let him stop. He should be so lucky!
"You have cleaned up my sweat nicely and it feels much better." He was
quietly crying. "Now take the end of my prick into your mouth and suck me
off". He looked hopelessly at me. "Please don't make me do this" he
begged "I'll do anything". "Just do it" I snapped and watched him take a
prick between his lips for the first time. I reached down and put my hand
on his soft blonde hair pushing his mouth firmly on to my prick. "Toss me
off gently into your mouth" I ordered "and suck my in time as you wank.
Look at me while you are doing it and don't dare move your eyes from mine.
Just keep on sucking me off until I tell you that you can stop". He got
the message very quickly and before long I was looking down at my new
little cocksucker with his lips firmly closed around my thick shaft, his
wide hazel eyes fixed on mine, tossing me off into his mouth and giving me
a really pretty competent blowjob. "Every so often, Jonathan, pause in
sucking but keep on wanking. Draw your lips back so that only about an
inch of my prick is in your mouth and run your soft tongue over the bottom
rim of my knobhead". He complied and a delicious wave of sensation flooded
through me. "That's wonderful, Jonathan darling. You are a really good
little cocksucker". He mechanically went back to tossing me off into his
mouth and sucking me off with just the right degree of suction as the blush
deepened on his cheeks. I just lay back and watched him humiliating
himself as he sucked off a man for the first time enjoying the repugnance
and fear in his eyes. He was doing such a good job that I could feel the
pressure beginning to build again in my balls. I let him carry on sucking me off as the warmth built up. He knew that something was about to happen
and I saw his eyes widen. I put my hand on his neck under his blonde hair
holding his mouth firmly on my prick and pushing further until he was
taking about four inches. "Just keep on sucking me off" I ordered harshly.
The pressure built and I felt my prick spasm as I shot a load of hot cum into his reluctant mouth. He did not dare to move but looked wide-eyed
with horror at me, he mouth firmly clamped on my softening prick.

I lay back and let him remove his mouth from my prick. A small stream
of white cum ran down from one corner. He grabbed for a towel from beside
the bed and rubbed his mouth furiously. "You filthy animal!" he gasped. I
just laughed. "That's what you will make Jane do to you if you have any
sense" I said "if a wife sucks her husband off every day it tends to keep
her in her place. I need to relax, go and get me another beer". He did as
I asked clearly feeling that anything was preferable to being on the bed
with me. I noticed with amusement that he quickly cleaned his teeth. I
indicated to the bed by my side and he reluctantly lay down.

I lay on my elbow looking into his frightened eyes. Putting my hand
under the hem of his silk nightie I began to feel him again. As usual,
despite himself, he rapidly became stiff under my fingers. "Have you ever
had a man up your arse?" I asked casually. He looked absolutely
thunderstruck. "I told you I am straight and I have never been with a man.
You can't do that to me". I just laughed. "If there is one thing I am
good at, it is breaking in virgins" I said "tonight is your night
Jonathan". He began to cry, great racking sobs. "Pull your heels up to
your arse and spread your thighs" I ordered brusquely. He mutely did as I
commanded and I put a small pillow under his arse raising it and giving me
good access. I could see the dimple of his little arse hole behind his
dangling balls. All this time I was gently wanking his stiff little prick.
He looked at me in mute horror, sobbing convulsively. "I think that we
will need quite a lot of lubrication for your little arse" I said
conversationally as I increased the tempo of the wank. Despite himself he
gave a groan through his sobs and came all over his stomach.

"That will do nicely" I said and moved to kneel between Jonathan's legs
with my knees pressing his splayed thighs further apart. I casually put my
fingers in the cum on his plump little belly and he gasped loudly as I
transferred it to my prick making sure that it was nice and greasy. I took
more of his cum on my fingers and began to smear Jonathan's arse. He gave
a loud sob. "Please don't, you can't, it's horrible" he pleaded.

With no more messing about I put the head of my big stiff pick against
Jonathan's virgin arse and gently pushed. He looked up at me, sobbing
quietly and biting his bottom lip. Suddenly I felt the muscle give and the
head of my prick entered his arse. I pushed it in about two inches and he
gave a deep shuddering gasp. I lay more forward so that we were almost in
the missionary position and I began to fondle his plump little chest. I
could feel his nipple pressing against my palm through the nylon so I took
it between finger and thumb and began to slowly twist it. He was sobbing
loudly. Suddenly I felt the walls of his arse become much more moist,
compliant and relaxed and I slowly pushed until I was sheathed in him to my
balls. I lay on him, holding his nipple and looked into his eyes. "I have
just taken your virginity, Jonathan" I said "and it wasn't difficult was
it? You didn't put up much of a struggle, I must say!" He closed his eyes,
shaking. I gently slapped his cheek. "Open your eyes, and keep them fixed
on mine" I snapped. I began to kiss him while I felt his nipple and began
to fuck him more vigorously using all of my prick. His eyes widened and he
began to pant under my lips. I took my lips from his and looked into his
eyes, "Put your legs round my back" I said "and start moving your hips. I
am doing all the work here". His terrified eyes stared into mine as tears
began to stream from his eyes but he reluctantly wrapped his plump legs
around me just above my arse and began to pull me into him. His hips began
to move with me and we began a nice slow rhythmical deep and satisfying
fuck. He was gasping with each stroke of my prick. He clasped me with his
thighs as tightly as any girl and his hips moved sweetly in rhythm to my
deep thrusts. I lifted myself a little so that I could get my hands on his
chest and I began to feel him again playing with his nipples while I fucked
him. "You have quite a pretty pair of little tits here, you know" I said
to him. He blushed furiously.

All this time his legs were clasped round me and I was fucking him hard.
I looked into his eyes. "Are you enjoying this?" He was silent. "Come on"
I said. He hesitated then suddenly gasped in a high-pitched breathy voice
"No, I hate it. You know I am not gay and you are forcing me. I think
that you are horrible". He had stopped sobbing and was looking up at me
with hatred and fear in his hazel eyes. I moved up to his lips still
twisting his nipple gently. "Kiss me Jonathan, I am going to come inside
you" With no more ado I pressed his lips on his and pushed my tongue
imperiously into his soft mouth sucking on his tongue. I began to slowly
increase the vigour of my strokes and I could smell him sweating under me.
I felt the familiar tingle begin in my balls and my cock hardened as the
ejaculation approached although as I had come into his mouth not long
before I was able to last a bit longer. I shot a load of cum deep up his
arse and just lay still on him, feeling his cute little tits and kissing
his soft full lips. His unclasped his legs from my sweaty hips legs and
lay impaled on my softening prick a well-fucked deflowered virgin.

I pulled my prick from his arse and lay down on my back with my hands
behind my head. Jonathan lay with his knees splayed out in a state of
shock from the experience he had just endured. I thought that it was time
to wake him up. As I had a slave for the night, why not make use of him?
The hut was very hot and after our exertions we were both stinking with
sweat. I didn't care much but it was a great chance to further humiliate
my young companion. "Get over here" I commanded. He looked at me with
dead eyes. "Don't make me have to come and get you" I said with some
menace. He moved across the bed towards me, holding the hem of his nightie
down over his soft prick. "Fucking you has made me all sweaty" I said
conversationally "it's your job to lick it all off, starting with my prick
and balls". He looked at me with horror. "I am getting tired of telling
you things twice" I said "any more hesitation and you'll go over my knee
and I'll spank you until you can't sit down for a week". I felt his breath
on my balls and then his tongue as he began to clean me up. I lay back and
drank my beer, looking down at the frightened young man.

"When you've finished my balls, get up here and suck my tits for a
while" I said. "We are not finished yet so you can give me a nice wank to
get me ready for you again". He reluctantly moved up and began to suck my
tits and I felt his soft hand tossing off my semi-erect prick It would take
a while to get me ready again but I was in no hurry. I lay back drinking
my beer, enjoying the sensations from my tits, while he worked on my sweaty
body. I put my hand in his hair and lifted his head from my tit, bringing
his lips to mine. I lay kissing him with authority while he carried on
tossing off my soft prick. I could see the resignation in his hazel eyes
as he submitted to my caresses. I took my lips from his and said quietly
"My armpits are all sweaty, get in there and lick them out". "I can't, it
will make me sick" he quavered. I sighed and slapped him hard across the
cheek. He looked at me in horror, the marks of my fingers clearly visible
on his pale skin. "I warned you" I said "if you don't want more, just get
on with it". He lifted my arm and began to lick out my armpit, shuddering
gently and quietly sobbing, all the time continuing to toss me off. I let
him move to the other side and do that one as well. I was beginning to
feel much fresher now but I could tell that the wank was not doing much for
me. I clearly needed a rest to get my strength back.

"OK kid" I said harshly "You can stop tossing me off, it isn't doing any
good yet. Make me some coffee and some sandwiches. Don't worry about
anything for you, you don't deserve any". He did not look at me but rushed
off to the stove to do as I had said. I could see the sheer nylon sticking
to his sweaty body and clinging to his arse-cheeks, outlining the cleft of
his plump arse. He brought my coffee and stood uncertainly by the bed. I
patted the covers. "Come back to bed darling" I said maliciously. He
blushed at the endearment but did as I ordered.

"Fucking you has made my arse all sweaty" I said conversationally "just
get down there and clean it up". I lay back, spread my thighs wider and
pushed a cushion under my arse so that he had complete access to my hairy
hole. "Oh God!" he gasped "you can't want me to do that. It is completely
perverted. No one would do it". "You will Jonathan" I said "you know what
I will do to you if you give me any trouble". He reluctantly moved down
between my thighs and with a sob moved his head forward behind my balls and
I felt him begin to lick my perineum, moving reluctantly towards my sweaty
arse. I put my hand on his head and pulled him firmly between my thighs
until I felt his lips on my arsehole. "Now just kiss my hole, running your
tongue around the rim and pushing it as deeply up me as you can". He
sobbed but complied and I relaxed back as he sucked and kissed my sweaty
hole pushing his hot tongue deep inside me. He was crying quietly. The
sensation was incredible as I looked down at the completely straight young blonde man dressed in a cute nightie between my spread thighs sucking,
kissing firmly and deeply tonguing my sweaty arse. I lay back and watched
him as he humiliated himself, destroying the last vestiges of his
self-respect, enjoying the sensations that spread from my arse hole through
my body. I made him do it for what must have seemed hours to him but I was
enjoying it too much to let him stop. Finally I patted him on the head.
"That's fine, Jonathan, my hole is nice and clean now. You can go back to
sucking me off". He quickly moved from my arse, looked up into my eyes,
and took my soft prick deep into his hot mouth between his lips. He began
to automatically toss me off as he sucked me. I put my hand on his head
and gently moved it back and forwards so that he was fucking my prick with
his mouth but I wasn't getting hard. I took my hand away and he continued
nursing at my soft prick with his sweet young mouth his head bobbing
backwards and forwards. He had become a natural cocksucker in a short
time. I looked down at the humiliated husband with his sweet lips around my
soft prick. "Still think you're straight then?" I mocked. He shuddered,
tears rolling down his flushed cheeks. I just lay and relaxed drinking my
coffee and eating my sandwiches while Jonathan worked on my soft prick with
his hot young mouth.

I decided that I had had it for the present and it was getting late
anyway. "Time to crash out" I said "blow out the lamp and let's get some
sleep". He pulled his lips from my prick as though it was hot and went and
blew out the lamp. The hut was now lit only by the soft red glow of the
stove. I could hear the storm outside and wondered if we should be able to
leave in the morning. It sounded fierce. I ignored Jonathan and turning
away from him settled down to sleep. Before I dropped off I heard him
sobbing quietly as he cried himself to sleep. I had turned his world
upside down in a few short hours!

I awoke sometime later in the warm hut. I could smell the sweat from my
young bedmate as I heard him breathing deeply as he slept. I would not
have been surprised to find him awake and crying. He was lying on his
back. I was beginning to feel like some more fun so I put my hand on his
prick and gently felt it's soft length before moving down to fondle his
balls. I moved back to his little prick and began to give him a gentle
wank. Even although he was asleep he stiffened under my fingers. I tossed
him off a little harder and he awoke with a deep gasp. "Oh God!" he
whispered "not again! Please leave me alone". I laughed quietly.

"I feel ready for some more fun. You know how I like it so get down
there and suck my arse while you toss me off and get me ready". "I can't"
he sobbed "please don't make me". I just squeezed his balls until he
gasped with pain. "Please don't" he pleaded, holding my wrist. "Just get
on with it then" I ordered, turning my back to him. I felt his breath on
my arse and he parted my cheeks. He put his lips to my hole and began to
suck it, pushing his tongue up inside me. A wave of sensation spread to my
balls and prick which rapidly hardened. I felt his soft hand on my knob
and he began to expertly toss me off while vigorously tonguing and sucking my sweaty arse. I turned to him and simply pushed my stiff prick between
his lips and he automatically began to suck me off. He was becoming very
well trained. I lay in the darkness enjoying the feel of his soft mouth
enveloping my stiff prick. I let him suck me off for a while and then,
grasping him by the hair I roughly pulled him up my body until we were face
to face. I could feel his gasping breathing on my cheek. "I feel like a
fuck, Jonathan" I said "so get on your back and spread your legs". His
will was broken and he spread his thighs compliantly. I moved between his
legs and shoved the whole eight inches straight up his arse, still moist
from my earlier cum until I was buried up him to the balls. I didn't have
to say anything. he clasped me with his plump thighs and began to move
with me as I roughly shagged the arse off him. His plump little body made
a lovely ride but I was not worried about prolonging it. I fucked him
until I felt the warmth flooding my body spreading out from my balls and I
shot another load of hot cum up his young arse. I pulled my prick out
almost at once, turned my back on him and settled down to sleep. I could
hear him sobbing in the darkness.

When I awoke it was still dark and I had a raging hard-on. I looked
across at Jonathan and I saw his eyes open in the light of the stove. "Get
on with it, cocksucker" was all I had to say and he obediently moved down
the bed and began to give me a nice blow-job. I just lay and relaxed,
slowly waking up while he sucked me off. The weather seemed better and I
could not hear the wind. I let him suck me until I felt the tell-tale
warmth in my balls and then I motioned him up the bed. I took him in my
arms and gave him a searching kiss, tasting my cum on his lips while
slipping a hand behind him and beginning to finger-fuck his wet arse which
was noticeably slacker than it had been. I fucked him with two fingers as
I was kissing him without causing him obvious discomfort. When I was fully
awake I released him. "OK, kid, make some coffee for me and then get on
and make my breakfast. There's some stuff in my pack". I lay and watched
him as he lit the lamp and made my coffee. Soon the smell of frying bacon
and eggs began to fill the warm hut. He made a cute little figure in his
crumpled and sweaty silk nightie as he bustled around making my breakfast.
I finished my coffee and as I still had a raging hard-on I thought I would
have a last fuck before I ate.

I got up and moved behind him, putting one hand round him to fondle his
balls and the other on his tit which I squeezed firmly. "I fancy a fuck,
Jonathan. Just the thing to work up an appetite. Put my breakfast in the
oven for a while". I released him and watched him obey me while emitting a
hopeless, helpless sob. I went and sat on one of the hard kitchen chairs.
He turned from the oven and stood looking at me. "Please, no, not again"
he whimpered. I motioned him towards me and, taking his hand, I drew him
to me so that he was standing facing me with his thighs outside mine and
his arse cheeks spread. I knew that his arse was moist from just
finger-fucking him so I pulled him closer giving me good access to his
greasy hole and pressed my thighs against his so that he was forced to
spread his legs wider, opening his arse to my prick. "Guide my knob into
your arse Jonathan" I ordered. He gave a convulsive sob but compliantly
took my stiff prick in his little hand and brought it to his spread arse
cheeks. I put my hands on his waist and pulled him down on to me, smoothly
pushing my big stiff prick right up his greasy reluctant arse. He gave a
gasp of pain and anguish but it was too late. I was in him to the balls
and it felt great. The moist sweaty walls of his arse gripped my prick

As I was so much taller that he was, sitting astride me he could easily
reach my nipples. I moved his face to my sweaty chest. "Get sucking" I
ordered" and fuck me using your legs to push". I felt his lips quiescent
on my nipple. I slapped his arse suddenly and hard. He gasped. "Get
sucking" I repeated "and move your sexy little bum". I began to feel waves
of sensation from my erect nipple as he began to move on my prick. He
quickly got the hang of the rhythm but I controlled his movements until I
had him giving me a deep satisfying slow fuck while pleasuring my stiff
nipple with his hot reluctant pouting young lips. I was enjoying myself
and I just sat while the unhappy husband moved rhythmically on my stiff
prick and sucked first one hard nipple and then the other as I directed his
head. I felt his hot lips drawing harder on my hard sensitive nipple as I
fucked deep into his now yielding arse. The heat built up in my balls and
I drew Jonathan's head up. I looked into his defeated eyes, pulled his
lips to mine and gave him a slow deep sexy kiss while I shot my load into
his soft arse. I relaxed, cuddling the sweaty young body in my arms and
fondling his plump buttocks through the silk as my prick softened. I
slowly pulled my semi-erect prick from his arse. He gasped as I pushed him
to his feet. His face was beaded with sweat, his nightie clinging to him
and his hair was lank. He stood in front of me with cum running down his
thighs. I indicated a chair. "Get me my breakfast and go and sit over
there". He meekly complied and stiffly sat watching me across the table as
I began my breakfast. I did not offer to let him eat or drink.

When I had finished eating I looked out of the window. It was a crisp
morning with light snow and almost no wind so I decided to push on to the
summit. I had a wash, packed my gear and dressed in my high altitude kit,
finally pulling on my boots. All this time Jonathan was sitting, thighs
clenched together in his sticky nightie watching me tensely. I put on my
pack and moved to the door. At last I looked at him. "So long, kid" I
said "I hope you get down OK. I'll be back in Grindelwald in a couple of
days and I may call on you and Jane". I closed the door of the hut on his
horrified look and moved across the snowfield towards the north ridge.


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