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The Clothes Make The Man


This story contains sexual words, themes, and actions.
If you are under 21, go away. If you don't like this
sort of thing, go away. If you do like this type of
story, and you are feeling in a gentle mood,
I wrote this for Mat and Tom's Sexy Tie story Contest.
It is a drastic departure from anything else I have
tried to write. If you like it, please let me know.
If you hate it... don't tell me, ok?


The Clothes Make The man - by Pami (
He wandered down one of the main streets in the trendy
neighborhood. It was around 6:00 in the evening on a
warm spring evening. He had stopped at the small
secondhand bookstore and picked up an old Jack Ludlum
novel that he had missed the first time around. Those
books always intrigued him... full of secret agents
and counterintelligence, action and mystery. Pretty
exciting to a city boy who worked in a small cubicle
downtown crunching numbers for a large corporation.
He strolled into Starbuck's, ordered a mocha latte,
sat down and began to lose himself in the world of
international espionage.

After reading the first chapter, he glanced around at
the other patrons, and couldn't help but notice the
rather attractive redhead that was seated three tables
away. She was looking at him, but he couldn't tell if
she was actually seeing him or if she was just zoning
out in his general direction. Abruptly, she blinked,
rose out of her chair, threw her garbage away, and
left the coffee shop. He looked back at the table she
had occupied and noticed a small business card lying
there. Nonchalantly, (or so he thought) he stood up
and walked over to the glass-topped table, reached
down and picked up the card. "Alter Years - vintage
clothes from the big band era through yesterday", it
read. The address was right around the corner, and he
thought he might just take a walk by.

The sun was setting as he approached the small shop.
The window was plate glass and had two mannequins in
it. One was a male, dressed in a classic tuxedo with
a scarf draped over his lapel. And the other was a
female, clad in a micromini dress in the psychedelic
patterns and colors of the late sixties. An
incongruous pair, he idly thought as he pushed the
door open and entered.

The shop smelled faintly musty, but not unpleasantly
so. It had the aroma of time, he whimsically thought,
and then snorted at his own romanticism. The bell
tinkled as the door shut behind him, and he noticed
that the shop was practically empty. There were a
couple of teenagers looking at the 70's type denim
jeans over in the far corner, and an old woman seated
behind the glass counter by the cash register. Even
the register was "vintage", he noticed, as he observed
the old style push buttons on it that you only saw in
reruns of "The Waltons" on the family Channel. The
old lady smiled at him, and he automatically smiled

He didn't see the redhead anywhere, but he decided
that since he was there, he might as well look around.
He idly went through the men's clothes on the nearest
rack, and was actually surprised at the different
types of clothing he found. There were old army and
navy uniforms hanging next to businesslike trench
coats and tie dye t-shirts. Nothing really excited
him, and as he got to the end of the rack, he heard
the old woman's voice call out to him, "Maybe you
would like to look at some of the ties we have for

He looked over at her and saw her arthritically
gnarled hand gesture to a rack on the counter behind
her. He shrugged and smiled and walked over. "Are
you looking for anything in particular?" she asked him
as he began thumbing through the ties.

"No, not really. Maybe something for work," he told
her as he glanced at her wrinkled face. He was a bit
taken aback when he saw alert black eyes looking back
at him. Black. Not gray, not brown. Pure black.
They were beautiful, and he took a second look at the
woman. She was slightly overweight, probably from
getting older, and had pure white hair. Not gray, not
the little-old-lady blue. White. Her face was small
and triangular, with a pointed chin and lots of
wrinkles. She looked good for an elderly woman, he

"What do you do?" she asked him.

He fought the urge to compose an exciting fable for
her enjoyment and answered, "I think I am Dilbert."
He laughed, and noticed the quizzical look on her
face. "Its a cartoon in the paper. Actually, I am a
junior accountant downtown. Pretty thrilling, huh?"
He finished with an ironic twist to his mouth.

She glanced down at the novel he was carrying.
"But.... you wish for more, don't you? Exotic
locales, exciting assignments, intrigue. And maybe
even an electrifying woman or two?" she laughed with

He looked at her lively eyes, and entered into the
spirit of the conversation. "Bond. James Bond. At
your service, ma'am," he announced to her as he swept
her a deep bow with a flourish.

She looked at him again, and noticed the lack of a
wedding ring on his finger. Still, she had to be
sure. "Well, Mr. Bond, I don't know what your wife
would think of you flirting with a woman like you

He snorted. "Wife? ME? Yeah, right." He laughed at
himself. "Women find me boring and too predictable.
You know what they say about nice guys finishing last?
They are RIGHT!"

She whisked her hand under the counter and came back
up with a tie in her hand. "May I suggest this tie?
It will make you the dashing and intriguing hero of
your novels."

He looked at the tie she held. It looked pretty much
like any other tie. Silk, maybe. Definitely old.
No, vintage, he corrected himself. It was black with
a yellow checked pattern running through it. It was
nice, he admitted to himself. But, "How much is it?"
he asked her. He waited as she smiled.

"Five dollars," she told him.

He blinked, surprised. "Five. That's it?"

She smiled at him again. "Yes. Five dollars, AND if
you don't like it, you can bring it back. However, I
personally guarantee that this tie will change your

Yeah, right, he thought to himself, but didn't let her
see his skepticism. After all, she WAS a pretty
spunky old lady. "Okay, sold."


God, where had the summer gone, he reflected as he got
ready to go to work one Monday morning in late
September. His hoped for summer romance had never
materialized. That bitch from marketing had used him
to take her to concerts and movies and amusement
parks. But when Labor Day was over, so was their
relationship. She had never let him touch her,
either, except for the occasional kiss. The only
steady relief he had gotten for the past few months
was from Rosey Palmer and her sisters. Nice guys
ALWAYS finish last, he thought to himself as he looked
on his tie rack. His eye lit on the black silk tie he
had bought last spring in that secondhand clothing
store. What the heck, he thought. He hadn't worn it
yet, but it was time for a change.

He left his house and waited at the bus stop as usual.
It was just easier than driving downtown every day,
and he sort of liked the extra time to compose himself
on the way into work without having to worry about

He climbed aboard the bus and nodded at the usual
driver. He flashed his pass and took his usual seat
about 2/3 of the way back. He looked around at his
fellow riders and recognized most of them. He looked
over at the young woman who must be a secretary or
clerk somewhere downtown. She was so pretty, with
raven black hair that fell in smooth waves to her
shoulders. Today she was wearing a cherry red suit
with a miniskirt and he admired the smooth expanse of
leg that she showed as she sat across the aisle from
him. He observed her fingers with the matching cherry
red nails smooth an imaginary wrinkle from her
stockings, and then he jumped as she suddenly got up
and switched seats, sitting directly next to him.

He looked into her blue eyes, and she smiled at him.
Not a word was spoken between them, but she settled in
and almost too casually bumped his leg with hers. He
muttered an "excuse me" and moved his leg away from
hers, but she seemed to give chase. He realized that
it wasn't an accident as she rubbed her leg against
his again. Her foot entwined with his, and he
couldn't believe that this attractive woman was
hitting on him. Dilbert never got this lucky!

He felt his cock twitch in his pants, and he fought
the feeling. That was ALL he needed, was to get to
work with a hard-on. He counted to 100, said the
alphabet backwards, recited football statistics, but
then he would glance down at the shapely leg against
his and he would right back in the same predicament.

After about 20 minutes, the bus entered downtown. He
knew her stop as well as his, since she was a regular
too, and he was relieved when she got off. He had
about five minutes to make the throbbing in his dick
go away. Finally, as they pulled up to the stop
outside his building, he was able to stand up without
embarrassing himself.

He disembarked from the bus, still marveling over the
woman's unexplainable actions, and entered his
building. He got on the elevator with about 20 other
drones and they started the long journey up. He
worked on the 47th floor, and it was slow going, with
people getting on and off at about every other floor.
The woman in front of him was someone he had never
seen before, but she had an amazing figure, displayed
to advantage in a one piece dress that hugged her
curves. She had a delightfully rounded bottom, and
since the elevator was so crowded, she was pushed back
into him. He inhaled deeply as she contacted his
flaccid but still sensitive cock with her ass, and he
smelled the scent of flowers from her curly blond hair
right under his nose. He didn't know if she realized
it, but she was gently but definitely wiggling her
tush right over his prick and it was growing again.

He couldn't believe this. He hadn't had a problem
with unwanted erections since he was in high school,
and now here it was, happening again. He was
panicking, waiting for her to yell what a pervert he
was and tell everyone that he had a hard on right
there, but then she turned sideways and looked up into
his eyes. She smiled, and the glow in her eyes told
him that she knew exactly what was happening to him
and she liked it. Her cornflower blue eyes shone up
at him, and she turned back around, pressing harder
back against him. He couldn't help it, and let out a
small groan. Her wriggling stopped, and she reached
her hand back to touch him through his trousers.

The elevator was slowly emptying of people, so there
was plenty of room for the remaining few to see what
was happening. He wondered what he would say when one
of them noticed her hand caressing his rather obvious
erection. "No, no. Please. Go back to what you are
doing. I simply need to get off." Perhaps he would
say, "What? Oh, no. This is a new company program.
A climax a day keeps the doctor away."

DING It was the 40th floor, and it was just him and
the angel now. As the doors closed, she turned to him
and whispered, "9:30. The women's room on the
27th floor." And then the doors opened on the 46th
floor and she got out.

He was standing there as the doors opened on the 47th
floor, his cock pulsating as he thought about he hands
and her mouth and her ass. He held his briefcase in
front of his crotch as he walked the twenty feet to
his cubicle as quickly as he could.

He tried to clear his mind of the morning's events,
and he wondered if he should even meet this woman he
didn't know in the ladies' room in a different
department. He decided it was too risky, so he logged
onto his computer and began to download the figures he
needed to start his work. The routineness of the
chore calmed his hormones and his cock returned to its
normal flaccid state.

Suddenly there was a buzz on his extension. It was
his boss. She wanted to see him right now. The tone
of her voice indicated that this was not an optional
meeting, so he got up and quickly walked to her corner

"In here. Now. Shut the door." Her usually sweet
voice had a hard edge on it as he looked and saw her
sitting in her chair behind her executive desk.

He shut the door behind him and wondered what on earth
he had done to deserve the imminent tongue-lashing he
felt was coming. He turned back around and his boss
smiled at him. It was the smile of the cat that ate
the canary, and his heart sunk into his toes.

He sat down as directed in one of the chairs facing
the desk and she began. She talked to him about
cutbacks in their department. How no one's job was
secure, even hers. And she wanted him to explain to
her exactly why he was valuable to the company and why
he should keep his job. He noticed that as she looked
at him, she seemed to be staring at his tie. She had
never had problems with eye contact before, so why

She was quiet and he started. He told her about his
educational background, and how he went to seminars to
keep up with the latest computer programs. How he had
been there for five years now and he enjoyed his job.
While he talked, he watched as she toyed with the end
of her pen. She would lick it and run it around her
full lips. It was disconcerting to him, to say the
least. She had her right hand on her lap and she
seemed to be making little circles on her leg or
something. At least that was the way it seemed to
him. From time to time, she would take her pen and
shift it into her right hand and that too would
disappear under the desk, only to reappear and she
would begin to toy with it at her mouth again.

He took a deep breath after about fifteen minutes of
one-sided conversation. He inhaled deeply through his
nose, and held it. What was that aroma? It smelled
almost like... he inhaled again. It WAS. It was the
smell of an aroused pussy. The circles on her lap.
The pen disappearing under the desk. Oh my god, it
made sense to him now. For some unknown reason, his
boss was playing with herself with him sitting right
there, not five feet away.

She smiled at him again. And licked her lips. He
felt a twitch in his cock, and suddenly stood and
pleaded that he had to use the facilities NOW. He
felt like a schoolboy asking the teacher to go to the
bathroom, but he felt a little humiliation about that
was FAR preferable to getting a hard on in front of
his boss. Now THAT would be playing with fire.

He rushed out of her office. He went into the men's
room and splashed some cold water on his face. He
looked at himself in the mirror. It was just the same
face looking back at him. Brown hair, hazel eyes.
Not especially handsome, but even features. Nose, not
too big. Mouth, wide, but not too wide. Skin was
fair, but not pasty. What was going on today?! And
then his glance lighted on... no. That couldn't be
it. The tie. He heard the old woman's voice in his
head telling him that she guaranteed the tie would
change his life. No. That was stupid. It was just
an article of clothing. But then again, how else to
explain the unusual occurrences from just this
morning. Women simply did not behave this way around

He left the men's room shaking his head, and glanced
at his watch. A couple more hours and then he could
plead illness and leave early. He wanted to find that
shop again.

After running figures through his computer a few
times, he was finished his tasks for the day. He left
a note on his desk saying that he was ill and leaving
early. He had considered telling his boss, but he
figured the less contact with her that day, the

He took another bus back to the trendy locale of that
vintage clothing shop, trying not to look at any other
women. He was amazed at how they found ways to get
his attention or touch him in some fashion. He could
like this, he thought. His cock could like this.
Except that he didn't want a million women. Just one.

Unfortunately for him, when he got there, a sign was
in the plate glass window indicating that the shop had
moved. They had written the new address on the sign,
but it was too far for him to catch a bus there today,
so he walked down the street and into Starbuck's. He
ordered his usual mocha latte and sat down at a small
table by the street. He reached up and loosened the
tie around his neck, and as he did so, he heard a
small noise from the table next to his. He glanced
over and recognized the redhead from his stopover here
in the spring. Her eyes were fixated on the tie, and
he ahemmed to move her attention to his face. As she
raised her eyes to him, he was struck by the darkness
of them. In contrast to the glorious flame of her
hair, her eyes were completely black. Not gray, not
brown. Black. He started as he realized they were
just like the eyes of the old woman who had sold him
the tie.

He gestured to the chair across from him and invited
her to join him. She moved quickly and gracefully,
sinking in the seat and locking her gaze on the tie
once more. He decided to see what would happen, so he
idly fiddled with it as he introduced himself. "Jim
Jackson, at your service," he smiled at her as he
watched her eyes remain glued to his neck.

"Kara. Kara Smythington," she responded to him
automatically. She fidgeted in her seat, crossing and
uncrossing her slender legs. She was wearing a denim
miniskirt that clung to the curve of her hips and
seemed to accentuate her trim thighs. He caught
himself wondering how smooth that skin on her inner
thigh was, and felt his cock twitch. He saw her
glance drop down to his crotch and she smiled. She
leaned toward him and looked up into his eyes. The
glint of pure lust was evident in her gaze, and he
couldn't help but feel drawn to her.
They chatted haltingly about the weather and baseball
and the prospects for a long winter when suddenly Kara
stood. She held her hand out to him and he took it.
He didn't know what she was doing or where she was
going, but he was done thinking with his brain. The
little head had finally taken over for the day, and it
said they were going to follow her anywhere she asked.

She pulled him out of the shop and suddenly stopped
and threw her arms around him. There, on the main
street of the neighborhood, at rush hour, he, Dilbert,
engaged in the most wanton lascivious public display
of affection he could ever have envisioned. He bent
his head to kiss her, but not far, since she was
almost as tall as he was. His arms wrapped themselves
fully around her slimly curved body and he felt her
breasts press into his chest. Their lips met and they
tasted each other for the first time. Their lips met
and melded, and her tongue took the initiative and
boldly thrust into his mouth. It swirled over his
tongue and around his teeth, finally rubbing lightly
on the roof of his mouth. The kiss sent shivers down
his spine, and the blood rushing to his prick. Kara
pulled away slightly, but not before latching onto his
bottom lip with her teeth and pulling on it.

He groaned. It had been a long time for him since he
had touched a woman, but even then, he didn't think it
had felt this good. Kara was a witch. She was dream
come true. He was just afraid that she would pull
away and slap him or something. Things like this just
didn't happen to him. She pulled away all right, but
grabbed his hand, and told him to follow her.

Down the street they rushed, drawing some curious
glances even in this relatively busy hour on the city
pavement. They stopped outside the closed up shop,
and Kara pulled a key out of her pocket. Jim didn't
even ask why she had it, he just accepted it, and in
they went.

The darkness still had the musty smell that he
remembered. He inhaled and that was about all that he
had time for as she swooped down upon him, pulling him
to the floor. He tried not to think about the
possible dirt on the ground as she kissed him. Her
tongue duelled with his, and he stopped thinking about
anything other than feeling her body against his. He
felt her unbutton his shirt, but she didn't stop to
take it off, she just pushed it away and licked his
nipple. He groaned at the feeling. He had never
really thought his nipples were very sensitive, but
she seemed to know exactly how to touch him. She
nibbled lightly at one and then the other, and he felt
his dick harden into a full erection.

She groaned as she ground her pelvis against his, and
she quickly undid his belt and unzipped his pants. He
was wearing cotton boxer shorts, and they stood out
sharply from the tension that his erect cock had put
on them.

She smiled in the darkness, feeling her pussy grow
wetter, and she pulled his boxers and pants down to
his knees. They both looked in the gloom at his
throbbing cock. He was actually pretty proud of it,
since it was slightly larger than average. It was
about 8 inches long, and pretty thick. Or so the
seven women he had slept with had told him. She
smiled again, and swooped her head down, taking all of
his cock into her warm mouth in one motion. He moaned
loudly. Her mouth felt incredible. She was sucking
him, but somehow she managed to keep her tongue
swirling around him, and he wanted nothing more than
to come right then and there. She pulled away
slightly, and licked just the head, flicking her
tongue against that sensitive spot just underneath the
crown on the underside of his shaft. "Oh GOD.
Kara..." he moaned again.

She fondled his balls as she licked and sucked him,
gently rolling them back and forth. Nuzzling her
tongue at the base of his shaft, right between his
cock and balls, and then slowly licking up until she
could once again suck him deeply into her mouth. He
had never felt a woman deep throat him before, but as
he felt the tightness of her throat around the head of
his prick, he knew she had done it. He looked down
and saw the flame of her hair spread across his thighs
and stomach. He was about to come, and he wanted to
stop it now. He wanted to make it good for her too.
He tried to pull her head up. "No. Kara. No....
Noo..... Argh..." And he just couldn't hold out
against her teasing, sucking mouth. He came, in huge
spurts, down her throat. He felt her slide his cock
partially out of her mouth so that his juices landed
on her tongue. She swallowed audibly, and he thought
he heard a faint "mmmmm" from her before he lost


SLAP. SLAP. Jim felt a burning sensation across his
face. He opened his eyes, disoriented, and looked up
into familiar black eyes. Kara... he thought. But
then the wrinkles registered with his brain and he
opened his eyes wider and sat straight up. He was
still half-naked, sitting on the floor of the
abandoned clothing shop. The old woman who had sold
him the tie was standing next to him. It was dark
out, but the lights were on, and he could see her
clearly. The faint sound of sobbing drifted across
the room to him.

"What... Who are you? Where is Kara? What time is
it? What the HELL is going on?" he demanded of the
old woman.

The woman laughed unexpectedly. "Kara. Come over
here, young woman. Now!" she called.

Jim rose to his feet, trying to organize his clothing
as Kara walked over. She was so beautiful, he thought
to himself. Even with her red hair in disarray, and
her black eyes reddened from crying, she was gorgeous
to him. He couldn't think of any other woman who
would ever be so attractive to him. Not any fashion
model, actress, or porn star could compete with the
creature that stood before him.

The old woman cleared her throat. "Jim, I think it is
time that I explained to you what is going on. Let's
go in the back room and have a seat."

The three of them trooped into the office area of the
shop and fortunately there were still a few chairs
there. They all sat down, and the old woman began to

"First of all, allow me to introduce myself. My name
is Diedre. Diedre O'Leary. Kara is my granddaughter.
My ONLY granddaughter," she stressed as she smiled
over at the young woman. "She is the daughter of my
daughter Megan." Mrs. O'Leary sighed.

"I guess I should tell you about myself first. You
see, Jim. When I came over to America from Ireland, I
was a very lonely and sad woman. And in those days, a
lady didn't seek the companionship of men like they do
nowadays. You were a virgin until your wedding day,
and woe betide the hussy that wasn't. men those days
didn't buy the cow if they could get the milk for
free, you know. Anyway, I met a certain young man. A
Rory O'Leary. As Irish as Irish could be. red hair,
hot temper, hard drinking. Oh, he was something, my
Rory," she continued, drifting into a reverie of her

"Rory and I met at church, of course. We began
stepping out, and I completely disregarded any stories
that I heard of Rory with other women. They couldn't
be true of MY Rory, I thought. I was so innocent,"
Mrs. O'Leary said sadly, shaking her head.

"Time came, and Rory and I were married. In church.
Right and tight, by the parish priest. And we were
happy. I even enjoyed the er... ummm... physical
side of marriage. But Rory, well. He couldn't
confine himself to just one woman, and after about a
year or two, I realized that he was still buying milk
elsewhere, if you get the idea, Jim. I was crushed.
And I was determined to make him want me, and ONLY me,
forever. So I made a trip to Madame. She was an old
Creole woman from down South. There were rumors that
she dabbled in the dark arts, and I thought that I
could get her to make me a love potion for Rory. So
that he would drink it and only want me forever. But
Madame didn't work that way. She told me to come back
in a week and she would have a solution for me."

Mrs. O'Leary leaned forward towards Kara, and patted
her knee. "Pay attention child. I know I never told
you this story before, but its time you heard it and
understand your destiny."

She leaned back in her chair, and Jim looked at her.
"Now. Where was I? Oh yes. I went back to Madame
after a week, and she told me that she didn't do love
potions. I was very upset at the time, and I am
afraid I yelled at her. She told me to calm down, and
then she presented me with the tie. Yes, Jim.
That very tie that you are even now wearing. She
explained to me that I was to give the tie to Rory and
then make sure that I was the first woman he was
'intimate' with after he put it on. You see, Jim...
Kara... the tie makes the wearer irresistible to
women. UNTIL he consummates the first act of love
while wearing it. Then he is forever bound to the
woman who brought him the pleasure. He will never
want another woman again as long as she lives. Oh....
and there is one more little catch... it is a mutual
binding. You see, I was as bound to Rory as he was to
me. It is kind of like a guarantee of faithfulness.
It's actually quite romantic. The spell, curse,
whatever, that is on the tie is permanent. It will
never leave the tie. Didn't you ever wonder and
marvel at your parents' devotion to one another, Kara?
Megan and Harry experienced the magic of the tie as
well. I chose Harry for her, and they lived happily
ever after. And, now, I have chosen Jim for you. He
is a good solid man. I realized that when he first
came into the store. You will be so happy together,
and I will have great-grandchildren."

With that, Diedre O'Leary relaxed back in her chair
and smiled at Jim and Kara. It was a satisfied smile.

Kara smiled back, but it was a nasty smile. The smile
of a woman who knows that she has won. "But,
Grandmother, Jim and I didn't CONSUMMATE anything. Oh
sure, JIM was satisfied, but I wasn't. He came in my
MOUTH, Grandmother. That's it. So you see,
Grandmother, you might as well take your tie back
right now."

Kara directed her gaze away from her grandmother and
smiled at Jim. And then she noticed the tie he was
wearing. She felt her nipples harden and her pussy
moisten. She fought the urge, and didn't even notice
as her grandmother smiled, rose from her chair and
left the room.

Jim kind of liked the look in Kara's eyes as she
stared at him. He could see her nipples through her
shirt, and he realized it was because he still wore
that tie. He was still irresistible to women.
Including Kara. He thought about it briefly, realized
that he had always dreamed of finding the perfect
woman who would always love him and want him as much
as he wanted her and loved her. Kara was intelligent,
beautiful, and had the most incredible mouth he had
ever had wrapped around him. He was looking forward
to feeling the rest of her wrapped around him. The
blood rushed to his rapidly growing cock as he called
lightly, "Kara. Kara.... you are mine...." and then
he fiddled with his tie, drawing her attention there
once more.

Mrs. O'Leary smiled to herself as she remembered Rory.
He had been such a bull in bed. She wondered if Jim
would treat Kara just as well. She almost smirked
as she heard Kara's wail of passion as she left the
store and locked the door behind her.


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