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The Day Off


This story contains sexual words, themes, and actions. If you are
under 21, go away. If you don't like this sort of thing, go away.
If you DO like this sort of thing...keep on truckin'. :)

Do not post this without the author's permission.

If you like this, drop me an email, ok? I need some positive
The Day Off by Pami ( (M/F)

She had woken early that morning, put her bathing suit on and gone
outside to tan for about an hour. She listened to her walkman as
she basked in the sun, occasionally humming along and once even
singing out loud. "My neighbors must think I'm nuts", she

After coming inside to her air conditioned apartment, she popped
into the shower, using her favorite raspberry scented shower gel.
She shaved meticulously, getting all of the tiny hairs sprouting
on her legs, underarms, and even her pussy. She liked to keep it was more hygienic, she assured herself, completely
disregarding the erotic pleasure she gained from the smooth skin.
She even used the raspberry shampoo and conditioner on her long
golden brown hair. She absolutely loved the scent. It always
made her feel soft, sensual, and very feminine.

She stepped out of the shower and reached for the raspberry
lotion. She rubbed it into her damp skin as she dripped onto the
bath mat. "Mmmm," she hummed, as she delighted in the feel of her
fingers running over every inch of her skin that she could reach.
She gazed intently at her large, pink nipples as she smoothed the
lotion onto them. "Wow, they sure do get big", she marveled, as
she absently pulled on them, trying to see exactly how big they
could get.

She wandered into her bedroom to decide what to wear. Since she
wasn't going anywhere she chose to bypass actual clothes and
reached for the lavender lace nightie on the back of the door.
She pulled it over her head and padded into the spare room. She
sat down at the computer and logged on to check her email.

There were a few new messages waiting for her. Two she instantly
deleted, recognizing them as spam without even opening them. She
read her daily horoscope first. It was some nonsense about
someone close to her needing help and understanding. "Such
bullshit", she thought disgustedly. "Why do I even read this

Next was a message from an online buddy. "Where have you been,
baby? I miss our late-night talks", it read. She smiled, glad
that someone cared, even if it was someone hundreds of miles away
who wouldn't know her if she bit him on the nose. "Of course",
she thought, "he might
LIKE that". She giggled at the thought and typed a quick response
back to him.

The next one stopped her cold. "K- I love you. -C". It was from
him. It was eloquent in its simplicity. She wondered when she
would speak with him next. It had been a rough relationship from
day one. But she had allowed him to get under her skin. Her
heart was his, and indeed, sometimes she worried that he owned her
soul as well. They were alike in so many ways - they understood
each other better than either had anticipated. It meant they
could bring each other wondrous joy and happiness, but it also
meant that they could hurt each other easily and deeply. That was
one of the points of today. She was spending some time alone to
try to reconcile in her mind his latest hurtful comments. It was
her day off, and she just wanted some solitude to think.

She jumped when the doorbell rang. She wasn't expecting anyone.
In fact, no one knew she was off today. Grumbling to herself
about the Jehovah's Witnesses, she threw on a pink satin robe and
ran down the stairs.

She didn't immediately see anyone until she got all of the way in
front of the door. It was him! He stood there, dressed in jeans
and a black t-shirt, looking so handsome that she felt the
proverbial tug at her heartstrings and smiled at him, in spite of
her current anger with him. She pulled the door open and he
grinned back at her. He bowed slightly and pulled his hand from
behind his back. "For you, m'lady", he said as he presented her
with a single red rose.

As she reached for the flower, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her
into his arms, right there on the front porch. He held her close
and whispered in her ear, "And I'm glad to see you didn't dress
for me".

She turned and led the way upstairs to her apartment. As they
entered the door, he inhaled deeply. "Your place ALWAYS smells so
good", he told her. And it did. She always had lightly scented
floral candles burning and matching potpourri in small bowls
throughout the rooms. She liked to cater to all of her senses,
including smell.

She got him a soda while he stood in the kitchen and watched her.
She was getting nervous, and finally turned to him and asked,
"WHAT are you looking at?"

He just smiled lazily at her and approached the counter to pick up
the glass in front of her. As he reached over to get it, he
pressed the full length of his body against hers. She wriggled
against him, felling the bulge in his jeans against her ass.
"Just wondering what you have on underneath this", he answered in
her ear, flicking his tongue in and out of her ear so quickly that
she thought she might have imagined it.

He quickly ran one hand up the inside of her thigh, pushing the
robe and the nightie out of the way. His fingers brushed against
her outer pussy lips, tickling them lightly.
"You are such a naughty girl, aren't you?" he queried idly. "Were
you expecting someone else? Or were you just going to play with
yourself all day?"

Her breathing had quickened as his fingers kept teasing her. He
gently forced her legs further apart by putting his between them,
and her pussy lips parted. "Wet already my dear? You know you
NEED this", he told her matter-of-factly. He wound her hair
firmly around his other hand, pulling her head back to expose her
throat to his tongue.

"Tell me," he whispered between licks of her neck. "Tell me what
you want." His fingers were running back and forth through her
wetness, touching her lips, but stopping just short of her clit.
He would circle her hole with a fingertip, but never penetrated

She moaned, but didn't answer. She was already caught up in the
erotic web that he so easily wove around her. She could feel how
hot and moist her pussy was, and she wanted him to thrust his
fingers deep inside her and rub her clit until she exploded. She
said nothing, even though her moans increased in volume as he
taunted her body.

"Oh, ok, I guess you don't want me to touch you then, " he said as
he pulled his hands away. He took the glass of soda and walked
into the living room.

She took a few deep breaths and tried to compose herself before
following him. She sat down next to him on the sofa and smiled
hesitantly at him. "So, what brings you by today?" she asked him
in as close to a normal tone of voice as she could manage.

"Just in the neighborhood. Why don't you take that robe off?" he
added casually.

She did as he asked, glancing down and noticing that her nipples
were almost as hard as they had been right after her shower and
this time they hadn't even been touched.

He casually reached out one hand to her breast and pulled her
right nipple, twisting it slightly until she gasped. "Nice
nightgown, is it new?" he inquired.

"Ummm...yes. No...well, its a couple of months old," she replied
as she perched next to him. She could feel her whole body
trembling. He knew how to get her going so easily, she reflected.

His hand suddenly snaked out and grabbed her long hair,
immobilizing her head in the way she liked to so much. He leaned
over and kissed her hard. Their tongues fenced for a few moments
and them he withdrew again.

"No, please..." she started.

"Please what?" he asked.

"Please touch me," she continued slowly, looking deeply into his
eyes. She could feel her face flush and knew her pupils were
dilated with arousal. He had her so hot that she was willing to
do or say almost anything so that he would touch her again.

"Touch you where?" he persisted.

"Please touch my pussy," she forced out, taking his hand and
pulling it down between her legs.

His fingers found her wetness again. "You ARE hot today, aren't
you?" he remarked.

She nodded quickly, "You make me hot."

"No, you were just born that way, I think," he laughed mockingly
ad he watched her breasts ruse and fall in time with her
breathing. He reached over and pinched her nipple, enjoying the
way her entire body spasmed when he did.

"Please..." she started again.

"Please?" he repeated questioningly.

She took a deep breath and the words tumbled fast and furious out
of her mouth. "Please put your fingers inside me. Please fuck
me with your fingers. Please make me come," she begged.

His fingers suddenly thrust inside her passageway. God, it felt
so good, she thought deliriously. He could see the happiness on
her face and stroked two fingers in and out of her steaming pussy.
Her juices coated his hand as he slid it back and forth.

"Lie back," he instructed her, and she did so immediately, not
wanting him to stop touching her this time.

She spread her legs wide and he looked at her pinkness - the
smooth bald pussy glistened with the honey from her body. He
thrust three fingers in and out now and she thrust back at him.
She loved the feeling of his fingers inside her. He rubbed that
special spot inside and she wanted him never to stop as her
passion rose even higher. He always knew exactly how to get her was instinct for him. They were in complete harmony.

She jumped as he took his thumb and massaged her clit while he
fucked four fingers in and out of her sopping pussy. She had
always been embarrassed about how wet she got, but her boyfriends
were always amazed. After a session of lovemaking, there was all
new meaning to the phrase "sleeping in the wet spot". There was
never a dry spot when she got going.

She moaned louder as he manipulated her throbbing clit. "Oh
God...YES...." she groaned. "Yes, more, please...MORE....!" She
didn't even notice as his thumb finally left her clit and he
snaked it into the palm of his hand. She felt an incredible
tightness stretching her hole wider. She pushed against
felt good. Different, and she wondered why.

He could see that her whole body was flushed. The room reeked of
sex...and raspberries. He stared intently between her legs at
her pussy. He had almost his whole hand inside her now. His
fingers were in up to the bottom knuckle and he had only to get
her past the "ring of fire" and then he would be completely
enveloped by her pussy. He couldn't believe this was actually
happening. They had tried this before, but one or the other of
them had always stopped just short of the goal. This time, he
vowed, they would finish what they had started. She was so hot
and wet today that he knew this was it.

He stopped pushing into her, instead letting her work her way down
his hand. She stopped briefly and he wiggled his fingers inside
her, caressing the walls of her pussy. She moaned and thrust
forward again, then stopped when she heard him exclaim, "Jesus,
its in!"

She looked at him and he took her hand and pulled it down between
her legs. "Feel it," he said in a deep gravely tone, "I am
completely inside of you."

She grasped his wrist and looked into his eyes. Her pupil were so
dilated that the soft brown was almost completely hidden. "Oh my
God," she paused. "It feels so fucking good! It's incredible!
I feel so full!" she added and she flexed her inner muscles,
clamping down on his hand.

He twisted his fingers inside her again, and she arched her back,
moaning. "I can feel your cervix," he told her, but she barely
heard him. Her mind was in another place. She could feel her
orgasm close by and was reaching for it, body and soul.

"Fuck me, fist me, fuck me..." she panted.

Every muscle in her body tensed and she went rigid. Then he felt
the ring of muscle around his wrist tighten almost painfully as
she thundered into her climax. Each spasm squeezed his hand
harder than he had thought possible.

She yelled with the force of her orgasm, so loudly that she
covered her mouth, nervous that her neighbors would hear her
screams of ecstasy. Every time she started to come down off the
high, he would wiggle his hand in and out of her or rub his
fingers against her inside walls and she would topple over into
another orgasm.

She lost count of how many times she came with his hand deep
inside her. He finally told her to just relax and he slowly
pulled his hand out of her still soaking wet pussy, inch by inch.
When his thumb popped out he rubbed her clit again and she came
one final time.

Finally he held his hand up so she could see exactly what had
brought her so much pleasure. A startled look crossed his face.
"WHERE is my ring?" he asked suddenly.

She paled as she thought about where it was. "Uh oh..."she said

He held up his other hand and she saw a glint of silver. "Just
kidding," he smiled at her.

She laughed as he lay down on top of her and kissed her long and
hard. His hand cupped her ass and he rubbed one finger over her
asshole. "That's one," he told her, "but we have some more
unfinished business to attend to, don't we?"

She smiled happily but tiredly at him as she pulled his head down
and kissed him softly. "Next time, my time."


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