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The Diner Date


This story contains explicit sex. Don't read if you
are under 21. Or if you don't like this type of thing!
If you DO like it, why not email the author (ME!) and
tell me. Feedback is fun. :)

The Dinner Date by Pami ( (M/f d/s)
She walked up to the front door to ring the doorbell
but was surprised to see a note taped to the door.
"Come on in, I'm in the shower", it read. So she
pushed the door open with a trace of impatience. She
had rushed home from work to shower and change so they
could go out to dinner. She wasn't quite sure what the
evening would hold, so she took the precaution of
shaving her legs silky smooth...just in case. She had
put her long hair up, which had saved time, plus, he
liked it that way...the better to nibble on her neck,
she had giggled to herself. And she tossed on a
sleeveless casual dress that came to right above her
knees and matching sandals. All that rushing, and he
wasn't even showered yet, she thought.

She put her purse down by the door and went over to the
sofa, where she sat down and idly began flipping
through the tv channels. News, sitcom reruns,
cartoons...nothing appealed, which worsened her mood.

After about 10 minutes, she heard the bathroom door
open and she called out to him, "Hi, I'm here. You
know, I thought it was the woman who was supposed to be
late all of the time." She was a little startled to
hear the note of annoyance in her voice; she hadn't
meant for that to slip out.

There was no reply, but she could hear him walking
around, closet doors opening and closing, drawers being
pulled out and pushed back in. Finally there was a
silence. "Thank God, he's finally ready," she thought,
as she prepared the fake smile to mask her irritation.

"Could you come in here a second?" he called, "I need
your help with something."

She sighed and walked down the hallway into the
bedroom. She walked through the doorway and squealed
when hands grabbed her from behind. "So, my little
slut is impatient tonight, hmm?" he asked in her ear.
"I know you can't be upset with me, can you, my pet?"
His calm tone echoed in her ear as he pulled her back
against him.

"N, n, no, of course not," she stuttered, not
frightened, but definitely caught off guard.

"No, of course not, what?" he queried.

"No, of course not, sir," she replied with the
slightest hint of amusement and sarcasm in her voice.
She knew the game now and she was more than happy to
play along.

One of his hands wrapped itself around her neck while
the other cupped her breast firmly. She gasped as he
pinched her nipple sharply. "That is for your little
comment about being late;" he told her, his breath
wafting across her ear, sending shudders down her
spine. He bit her earlobe, hard, causing her to
exclaim in pain. "And that is for forgetting the
proper way to address me."

"I'm sorry, sir," she mumbled, feeling his hard cock
against her ass and wondering how long he would make
her wait before he drove it into her willing body. She
could feel her pussy moistening already and knew it
would be a long night.

"And as for your punishment for your sarcasm...Get on
the bed...hands and knees...face the wall. NOW!" he
barked as he pushed her forward. "I do NOT ever expect
to hear that tone of voice when you speak to me again.
You will respect me, do you understand?"

She practically ran the few steps to the bed. She
assumed the proper position, on her hands and knees,
legs spread about a foot apart. She turned her head to
look at him.

"Eyes are not to look at me. You don't
deserve it," he told her.

He approached the bed and flipped the back of her dress
up to reveal her naked pussy and ass to his eyes. "You
are such a slut, my panties?" he clucked.
"You want to be fucked rather badly tonight, eh?" He
ran his hand across her ass and down the crease to her
cunt. "Already wet? You know, you begin to bore me,
slut. You are always ready for a good hard cock,
aren't you?"

She shivered, but didn't reply.

SLAP! He smacked her across her right asscheek.
"Answer me, cunt!" He spoke more loudly this time. "I
asked if you are always ready for a good fucking."

"Yes, sir, I am," she answered back.

"And why is that?"

"Because I am a slut, sir," she responded. She
trembled and arched her back as his finger brushed
against her clit. "You make me feel so sleazy and
slutty," she continued.

He slapped her other cheek, admiring the twin
handprints on her pale flesh. "No, I don't make you
feel sleazy and slutty, you ARE sleazy and slutty.
That's what you live for, isn't it?" Not waiting for
her response, he rammed two fingers into her hot,
dripping cunt. "You live to have me split you open
like this. You need it. You crave it. If you could,
you'd spend every day and night like this, wouldn't you
my dear?"

She was silent, just enjoying the feel of his fingers
inside her. They thrust back and forth and she moaned
her growing excitement. She wasn't a quiet lover by
any means.

"Shoulders on the bed," he snapped, withdrawing his
fingers from her pussy. "We haven't started your
punishment yet. What shall it be...the whip, the crop,
the paddle? All three?"

She heard him walk across the room and the closet door
open. She imagined the picture she presented, kneeling
on the bed, ass high in the air, still clothed from the
waist up. She could feel her juices on the tops of her
inner thighs. The thought of her punishment just made
her hotter and she squirmed.

"I did not tell you to move," he spat out at her. "Why
must you always be so disobedient?" he asked

"Just part of my charm." she answered with a hint of
laughter in her voice as she peeked around as him. Her
irrepressible sense of humor couldn't be kept down for
long. When she saw him catch her eye, she quickly
turned her head back to face the wall.

He walked back over to the bed. She was delicious, he
admitted to himself. What a truly slutty picture she
made, posed like she was. And he loved to laugh with
her...she had the most contagious laughter he had ever
heard. However, he was the boss, and she had to remain
aware of that fact. He sliced the riding crop through
the air behind her and down onto the pillow next to her
head. When she jumped, he smiled to himself. She
didn't like the crop very much. That was good; she was
already hot enough, he needed to bring her down.

"You have such a problem keeping your mouth shut and
eyes forward, slave, that I think you need help.
Straighten up on your knees only," he said.

She knew what was coming next, and as she slowly
straightened her back, she began pleading. "No,
please, sir, not that. I promise to be quiet. I swear
I won't look around again."

"Too late, my dear," he remarked conversationally, "I'm
tired of hearing your remarks. If you can't behave on
your own, then it's my job to make you behave." With
that he reached around her neck and she groaned. She
saw the red ball gag that she hated so much, but she
obediently opened her mouth to receive it. He forced
her mouth wide, stretching it wide to get the ball
between her teeth and settled properly.

"Don't move," he cautioned her as she tossed her head,
trying in vain to make the gag a little more
comfortable. She ceased all movement, remaining
motionless as the world went dark and he blindfolded
her as well. His hands reached around and swiftly
unbuttoned the front of her dress, leaving her naked
but for the black lace bra to support her large
breasts. His fingers grabbed both nipples and twisted
them harder than she liked. She moaned in pain and he
said, "You're right, the bra is just in the way." He
unfastened it and took it off of her, then reached
around again for her tits.

"Only sluts have tits this big, don't they?" he asked
her. "And we both know that's what you are. Only
sluts like having their nipples pinched and look how
hard yours are. Oh, stupid me, you can't look, can
you? Well, we'll have to fix it so you can feel how
hard your nipples are." He released her nipples and
walked back across to the closet. When he returned, he
knelt on the bed beside her, and took her left nipple
into his mouth and bit on it. Hard enough to make her
wince, but he could tell she was turned on by it. He
laved it with his tongue and spit it out.

She moaned when his mouth left her breast...she adored
having her nipples played with. The she jerked as she
felt the bite of the nipple clamp as he attached it to
her erect teat. Just as he released the full force of
the clamp he bit into her other nipple. By this time
her juices were running down her legs. He could see
the slackness of her thighs and the wet spot already on
the bed beneath her. "Such a slut," he smiled to
himself. He had never met a woman who could get so
wet, so quickly. She was truly remarkable.

He attached the other nipple clamp to her right tit and
pulled on the chain that connected the two. He pulled
hard, stretching her breasts out until he heard her
moans increase in volume and knew she felt real pain.
"Can you feel how huge your nipples are now, my pet?"
he lazily inquired. She nodded at him, feeling how
swollen they were. It felt painful yet pleasurable at
the same time.

He got off the bed again. "Shoulders down," he stated
sternly, as he began swishing the crop through the air.

She obeyed, but quivered inside at the thought of the
strokes of the riding crop. She hated it with a
passion, only surpassed by her horror of the cane.
"Why couldn't he have decided on the paddle, or the
flower," she thought. Her nipples were throbbing,
sending waves of sensation through her body straight to
her cunt. She could feel her clit pulsing with her
need. Even her fear of the crop couldn't keep her
sexual hunger in check.

CRACK! The first stroke with the crop came across both
cheeks of her ass. She jerked and quivered and moaned
behind the gag.

CRACK! The second lash was about a centimeter below
the first one. The tears began. He was going to give
her enough time to fully feel the sting of the stroke
before the next one. She wished he would just do it
quickly, and get it over with, but it seemed that was
not his plan.

"Ahh, how lovely," he thought. The visual picture of
her white ass with two red welts rising quickly was
balm to his soul. He had planned on 20 strokes with
the crop and spaced them out so no two crossed the same
line on her ass. He paused between each one, enjoying
the shuddering and shaking that rushed through her body
with each line of fire that raised a welt on her ass.
The moans she made were music to his ears, increasing
in volume with each crack of the crop.

After about 10 strokes, (she lost count,), he reached
around her and yanked on the chain from the nipple
clamps. "How are you doing, my dear? Forget about
those tits of yours yet? We wouldn't want that, would

He picked up the crop again and ran it over her ass.
He stroked her between her legs, loving the way she
backed up to it, trying to fuck the crop. He ran his
other hand over her ass, feeling the heat from her
welts. He hadn't really struck her very hard, just
enough to raise the welts that would probably be faded
by the next morning.

She was crazy with sensation now. She could feel it
all...her nipples pulsating, the heat on her ass from
the strokes of the crop, the crop tickling her pussy
lips, his hand soothing her behind with it coolness,
the tears on her face from the pain of the strokes.
She loved it. All of it. She was a slut. At least
for him, and she couldn't get enough. She moaned
imploringly through the gag. She jerked again as she
felt a cool liquid being dripped on her hot ass. It
ran down the crack and his finger followed. He
massaged around her asshole, ticking her there while
the crop sawed back and forth against her clit. The
two feelings were making her feel like she was going to
explode any second, and her entire body was trembling.
All of a sudden it was too much and she went over the
top into a body-shaking orgasm. At the moment that he
felt her come, he plunged the butt plug up her ass,
enjoying the way she her muscles clenched it and shook
it with the force of her orgasm.

He couldn't stand it anymore and gave in. He pulled
off his shorts and rammed into her boiling cunt. The
heat from her ass was burning against his abdomen, and
he could feel the butt plug through the membrane inside
her. He fucked her hard, pulling out and slamming deep
inside her. Every fourth or fifth stroke he would pull
the butt plug out and ram it into her asshole in time
with his cock. He kept telling her that this was her
purpose in life. "A fuck slut, aren't you?" he asked.
"Love to be double-fucked, don't you?" he asked.
Everytime he said something degrading he felt her cunt
spasm around his prick.

She couldn't believe how good she felt. The blindfold
enhanced all of the sensations and the gag forced her
to keep it all inside. She thought she would die from
the pleasure of the cock in her cunt and the plug in
the ass. She felt so full of him. She loved it.
Truly loved it. The pain from the crop only
accentuated the pleasure of the fucking. She
approached another orgasm quickly. She was so hot from
the clamping and the cropping that it didn't take much.
After about three minutes she exploded again. She
thought she could see stars behind her blindfold, she
came so hard.

He kept pounding away at her cunt and ass. "You know
you want to come again, don't you slut? You are mine,
to do with as I want. I will make you come on command
for me. I will make you beg for more..." on and on he
went, as he kept slamming into her. He pulled the butt
plug out of her ass and before it winked closed he
thrust his prick up her tight asshole.

"You like being fucked up the ass. You love to have me
split you wide like this. You are MY slut. You are MY
slave. Mine to do whatever I want with, aren't you?"
He continued on, his words just making her hotter. She
loved the feeling of being owned. She felt complete in
his possession of her. And his cock felt incredible up
her ass. She didn't care for anal sex all of the time,
but when she was really worked up she adored the
feeling of it.

She arched her back even more, rubbing her clamped tits
across the bed and whimpering in mixed pain and
pleasure. He reached underneath her and ran his
fingers across her engorged clit. That was all it
took. She shuddered into another climax, feeling her
sphincter clamp onto his cock. That's the feeling she
craved, she thought.

As her ass tightened around him he gave a loud cry and
began to come deep in her ass. Four, five, six spurts
of hot come flooded her insides. The feeling was
incredible to him. He could hear her moaning softly
and felt the aftershocks of her orgasm course through
her body, causing answering shudders in his.

He slowly withdrew from her ass and collapsed on the
bed next to her. She slumped down next to him and
cuddled up to his body. He removed the blindfold from
her eyes and the gag from her mouth, enjoying the dazed
look in her eyes as she looked at him.

She licked her lips to remove the taste of the ball gag
and smiled a smile of perfect contentment at him.
"Dinner can wait, I guess", she remarked.

He smiled back at her and scratched his fingernails
across the welts on her ass, "I'm already sated, slut,
aren't you?" he answered.

"For the moment", she said with a lustful look in her

"Such a slut", he replied. "My slut." She just nodded
and ran her hand over his chest. She happily reflected
that she has finally found a man who understood her.


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