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The Diving Board




This story contains scenes of an erotic and/or controversial nature, and is
not intended for the perusal of minors. Further if perusal of such material
is considered illegal in your area or immoral by your religion or personal
beliefs, you should likewise bypass this story. This material is strictly
for fantasy and is an original work of fiction, which involves sex between
consenting adults.

This story remains the property of the author. Permission is granted to
download, photocopy, copy, archive and repost so long as any such action
contains these disclaimers, and no attempt is made to profit from this

Author's note:

My name is Craig, I am 31 years old, 6 ft, weigh about 150 lbs., with short
blonde hair and I try to keep myself in shape. I do enjoy eating but then
again who doesn't. I have written other stories and it has been over a year
since I have had the time to write another story however this one is not
true yet, but will be turned into a true story soon. This is not a
continuation of any of my other stories. You can read my other stories at: Sammie Craig or Enjoy
The Diving Board by Sammie Craig 1/1 (MF/M, wife, massage, masturbation,
After advertising on some Massage BB's, Craig checked his e-mail and found a
letter in it asking Craig if he would be interested in meeting with a couple
to give the guy's wife a sensuous massage leading to a threesome. John, the
husband, gave a description of his wife. Jackie's description: 5'6" 149 lbs
38DD real tits with long black hair lamina complexion and kissable lips

How could anyone refuse a chance opportunity to meet such a beauty? Craig
responded back to the couple with a yes, I would enjoy kissing and rubbing
your wives lips making sure that she cums many times during and after the

John wrote back, that Jackie is interested and not to bore the reader Craig
is skipping all the e-mails that went back and forth to set up this
threesome. John has Craig come over to the house to give his wife a massage.
When Craig arrives at the house, he finds a 6-bedroom mansion with swimming
pool, tennis courts and a large outdoor hot tub. John has a oversized
massage table set up outside next to the Hot Tub and Jackie is sitting and
waiting nude for Craig in the Tub.

As part of Craig's e-mails, he explains that this is his first threesome and
John told him to just go with the flow. Craig was to start the massage on
Jackie while John watches, after Jackie is heated up, Craig could start
having sex with Jackie and then John will join them.

John asked Jackie out of the Hot Tub as Craig sees this beautiful brunette
with very large tits, his eyes won't leave her 38DD breasts not even looking
or interested at the rest of her body until John introduces the two of them
and Craig break's out of his daze to say hello. Jackie, being use to men
being dazed by her huge tits, takes her wet nude body and presses it up to
Craig to give him a big hug; meanwhile her breasts are pushing into Craig's

Jackie dries her body off then lies down on the large massage table. Trying
to stay and be like a professional massage therapists, Craig starts
preparing to give this beauty a massage. Craig starts the massage at
Jackie's feet, rubbing them first, then the ankles, calves, leading up to
Jackie's thigh.

At the thigh, Craig starts his hands traveling up just below Jackie's pussy
and starts going down to her feet. Meanwhile Jackie's breathing has started
to increase. John is watching all this off to the side of the table; both
Craig and John are wearing shorts and t-shirts. Craig slowly starts rubbing
with a little more oil on his hands, Jackie's body, heading from her feet up
to those gorgeous huge globes then starts rubbing these beautiful huge
globes. Craig does this for a little bit, then starts down towards Jackie's
feet making sure to brush her pussy lips. Craig could see that Jackie is
enjoying the massage and teasing so he invites John over to help continue
the massage on Jackie.

John comes over to the table and places his hands on the right side of
Jackie then copies what Craig is doing. Craig sees some droplets coming out
of Jackie's hot pussy, so he decides to places two fingers inside to start
massaging the inside of her pussy. John sees that Jackie is enjoying
Craig's penetration so he copies Craig and adds his two fingers into Jackie.
Since Craig has only one hand into Jackie he takes his other hand to start
massaging Jackie's left tit, meanwhile John follows Craig's lead to start
massaging Jackie's right tit.

With fours fingers in her pussy and a hand on each breast Jackie is starting
into her first orgasm of many today. Jackie's body starts moving up and down
on the table, the table is large enough for Jackie to move around a little
and she does. John and Craig are finding it hard to stay planted with their
hands and fingers into and on her body but being the nice men that they are
they keep right up with Jackie until she cums like there is no tomorrow.

Now that Jackie has had her first orgasm with Craig, John suggests that they
let Jackie rest a minute so both men get out of their t-shirts and shorts to
jump with their raging hard ons into the cool water of the pool. Craig sees
an oversized diving board at the end of the pool and asks John about the
diving board. John explains to Craig that it was custom made similar to the
massage table for fun and games. John, along with other men have often taken
Jackie on the board so Craig tells John he plans to get Jackie on the board,
to which John says have fun.

Meanwhile Jackie gets off the massage table and jumps into the pool, first
swimming over to Craig to plant a huge kiss with lots of tongue then to her
husband John to thank both men for the great orgasm that she had. Craig
swims over to Jackie and starts kissing her all over including her 38DD
tits. Craig dives underwater to start licking at her pussy lips then comes
up for some air. John enjoys watching his wife Jackie getting pleasure from
other men so he swims over to the side to watch the show begin. Jackie goes
underwater and starts sucking on Craig's 8-inch penis to just before he is
ready to cum then stops.

Craig is very horny at this point and all he wants to do is shoot his first
load for the afternoon. John suggests to Jackie that she lies down on the
diving board so that Craig can experience fucking on the oversized board.
Jackie gets out of the pool with Craig following very closely. Jackie lies
down on her back to allow Craig easy access to enter her very wet pussy.
Craig decides that he first needs to taste the nectar from this creature so
he spreads her legs, placing his head right between to start licking away.
Craig first licks Jackie's outside lips, and then starts slowly to lick her
inner lips. Jackie's hips start rocking on the dive board and the board
starts moving up and down to Jackie's movement increasing the experience for
both Jackie and Craig. Craig loves the new feeling on the dive board, so he
starts to lick then lightly bite/nibble Jackie's clit.

Jackie starts entering into her second orgasm for the afternoon and since
Craig hasn't cum yet, he quickly enters Jackie's very wet love tunnel to
slowly move his 8-inch penis in and out. Meanwhile John is on a padded pool
lounge chair stroking his 7-inch thick penis while watching Craig and Jackie
screwing as if they never fucked anyone before. Craig could not wait to
start nibbling and teasing Jackie's large breasts so as he is slowly going
in and out of Jackie's very wet and excited pussy, Craig starts teasing
Jackie's tits putting Jackie over the edge. Craig licks Jackie's left tit,
lightly biting her nipple, then repeats the action on her right tit. Jackie
starts cuming, with her body moving the diving board up and down, as if an
Olympic Diver is on the board for their medal-winning dive. Craig cannot
take it any longer, so he starts spurting into Jackie's pussy, cuming like
he has never cum before filling Jackie's pussy with lots of his semen.

Hearing John screaming from the side, Jackie and Craig stop what they are
doing for a minute to watch as John squirts his semen 3 to 4 inches in the
air to fall all over himself from his masturbation session while watching
Jackie and Craig on the diving board. After watching John cum, Jackie and
Craig resume their lovemaking for a little longer not wanting to stop the
feeling they both were having. Craig cannot take screwing Jackie any longer
and needs a break so he tells Jackie to join him in the hot tub so that he
can recharge his batteries.

John seeing Craig and Jackie heading towards the hot tub gets up to follow
them in the tub. All three jump into the Hot Tub for a group Hug. John asks
Jackie if she was happy that Craig came over to give her a massage so Jackie
gives John a big kiss on his lips to thank him for Craig.

John and Jackie huddle together so that Jackie can start playing with John
to thank him for Craig. Meanwhile Craig watches the husband and wife
interact with each other. John is sitting on the hot tub's bench seat,
allowing Jackie to mount his rock hard penis, with the warm water feeling
great on their bodies. Craig can tell that they know each others hot
buttons. Jackie and John start to get into their rhythm while Craig watches,
getting excited as the couple's body starts shaking up and down in the warm
water. Craig's starts getting hard again, so he decides to masturbate trying
to keep his strokes paced to Jackie and John's.

Prior to the couple cuming, they invite Craig to join in by taking Jackie's
back door or ass. Jackie takes his penis in her hand to direct it towards
her anal bud however with the warm water and little lubrication, Craig has a
hard time entering her anal canal, but with patience he finally enters her
ass and slowly gets into the couple's rhythm. Craig can feel John's penis
as the two of them sandwich Jackie in the Hot Tub. Both Jackie and John
start cuming together first with Craig following. All three stay in the hot
tub, no one moving their bodies enjoying the sandwich feeling with Jackie in
the middle with her pussy filled with John's 7-inch thick penis and ass
filled with Craig's 8-inch skinny penis. All three are thinking life cannot
get any better then this.

The end

If you enjoyed my story, write me at
I appreciate positive input. Thank you for reading my story, I hoped you
enjoyed it!


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