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The Downward Spiral Checking her plumbing


It's queer the turns life sometimes takes. Suzanne should have never ever
called me back, but I knew she would before she did. There was no logical
reason for her to have ever heard my excuse, but she did. I have male
friends who would swear that it had happened because I had show actual
disinterest in her. This might have been true with Kathleen, but even in
that case it wasn't true.

Whatever the reason, I had her. I wasn't going to exploit it, although
I knew I could. In the end my not wanting to exploit this "power" is what
drove yet another woman away from me, but I digress.

I arrived at her home. It was out in the middle of nowhere and a very
modest tiny home. She had no real furniture to speak of so we talked a
while. Both of us had just gotten of overnight shifts so we went to her
bedroom to catch a nap. This is when I discovered that I am at heart a
snuggler. You can take my guy card if you want it, but there's something
about lying down with a woman in your arms that is very nice. As we lay
there we made conversation.

"How do you usually sleep?" She asked me. I grinned behind her. As
much as I knew my answer might seem like a proposition, it was totally

"I sleep naked."

"Well, I can't sleep in my clothes." She moved to start removing her
street clothes and I got into my 'pajamas.' We lay back in her bed, which
was just a mattress on the floor and I hooked an arm over her. She was
wearing what amounted to a T-shirt and I had a handful of breast. Like any
healthy heterosexual male, I started getting wood. She could feel and
started getting restless in my grasp she suddenly pushed me on my back and
moved over me. She looked down at my stiff cock and actually growled. She
literally attacked my cock swallowing it and shoving it in and out of her
mouth. It was my first animal blowjob. She was growling and moaning and
pulling at her ample breasts as she gobbled my cock. Her teeth would
scrape up my shaft and just at the ridge of my head before she'd open them
more and start all over again. I wanted to see if she was deep throating
me, but I have to be honest, I can't do anything while I'm getting blown. I
was aware she was wildly pulling at her nightshirt so she could fondle her
breasts because for a few seconds she wrapped them around my now wet prick
and moved them up and down. It was a nice feeling but not something I
crave, aside from seeing my spunk spray all over a woman's face. It didn't
take too long before her mouth descended on me again and it was great. She
was grunting and growling and groaning the whole time. I'm fairly sure
that at least most of it was for show, but I don't like admitting that. It
doesn't stroke my ego well. Anyway, it didn't take too much more before I
was reaching orgasm. I finally warmed a chick I was about to cum, and she
didn't seem to care. Instead of backing off, she locked her lips around
the head of my cock and sucked down every last drop of my jizz.

"Wow." I couldn't believe it was her taking and not me, but it was. We
were both naked now and she stroked me a bit as she moved to kiss me. Our
tongues wrestled a bit and my cock, which had only been starting to flag
from erect, was stiff again. She smiled and climbed on. Getting herself
in the right position she sank onto my hard dick. This was only the second
pussy I had ever managed to really invade, and as things went, I loved the
feeling of a wet pussy around my cock. Now my only experience with sex
prior to Kathleen and Suzanne had been porno movies, so I expected her to
start moving up and down. She didn't. Rather she started moving her hips
back and forth and side to side, more or less undulating her pussy all
around my cock but never getting it out of her. I loved it. Only about a
minute into it she came. She never fully stopped moving but she stiffened
and groaned and started moving harder on me. I think she came at least
once more. By the time I was getting ready to spew, she was again
growling, now nipping at my neck and jaw. I groaned.

"Oh gawd!" Hey, I was from Eat Texas stock, that's how we hicks say it.
She crammed her cunt hard down on me and I started cumming. She let out
this really high-pitched squeal and came again (this is how I know it was
at least twice). We took a few minutes to catch our breath and the spooned
to sleep. I woke up at one in the afternoon, and got up to get dressed and
woke her. "Your daughter's gonna be home soon. I'll talk to you later

I never did, but then I also had Kathleen coming in a few weeks. She
was hardheaded an independent. If I had the 'power' at all, she would be
the one I'd have to prove it on.


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