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The Downward Spiral epiphany


I never really laid any of it out. I just sort of knew it. The plan
was laid in place without me really laying it out. I felt some nervousness
although at the time I had no idea why I did. Looking back, I now know it
was about the plan falling apart. It only took one no, a logical
assumption with what I was considering, and the whole thing feel to shards.

Julie had called me to say she wanted to talk. We made a date for a few
days later. Kathleen called the next night and I made more subtle (it
wasn't that hard to be more subtle than I had been about the panties) hints
about changes to her wardrobe. Again, I really wasn't aware I was making
them, so that made it a bit easier to be subtle about the suggestions.
Thing like leather skirts, tight fitting and revealing blouses, the things
I think most men wish women would wear more of, but most women don't like
wearing because men pay more attention to their assets. The suggestions
came out while we were having phone sex and I wasn't paying attention to
what I was saying until I heard myself say something. "I wanna see my name
tattooed on you." She moaned and we continued on, but now my mind was
turning hard on where that statement had come from.

I didn't sleep much that night and spent the next day in a fog. I could
not place, yet, where that statement had come from. I usually said bizarre
things if I was up late, but this was far more than my weary mind not
checking what I was saying. There were images that went with the
statement. There was an idea that followed along with the statement. The
tattoo was a start, and just like all the rest of what had led me to this
turning point, it was in my mind but had stayed just beyond the range of my
waking brain.

At least until now.

Sure, I know that you are thinking that I had made a conscious decision
to move to Virginia, but that part of it was me dreaming of bettering my
life. Well, that's at least what I had told myself. Now I was standing in
my Circuit City brown blazer, making polite salesman conversation with my
customers, but I was unaware of them or my responses. I got my break and
headed back to the break room, still trying to dig up what had brought on
the idea of the tattoo. Eddie, one of the sales people in SOHO (small
office/home office, or the computer department) was talking to me a bout a
tech support company he was taking a job with and telling me how I ought to
since I knew more about PCs than he and a few others in that department and
selling small electronics was getting me no where fast. I agreed that I
should almost reflexively and since tomorrow was a day off for me and I was
not going to meet with Jules until around 6 in the evening, I did, but that
comes later in my story.

As the day wore on into the evening, I still couldn't stop thinking
about the tattoo comment. As I thought more and more about it, the images
changed from little flashes and snippets to a full on mental picture show...

It was a nice home, not the sort one usually associated with a first
home, but it was mine. Kate came wearing only a pair of miniscule thong
panties. My name was clearly tattooed on her right ass cheek. I had
called for her, and sitting next to me was a beautiful German Shepherd.
Kate gave a hint of a smile and I saw her nipples hardening.

"Off with them." I said calmly. Kathleen slowly stripped off her
panties and I sent the dog from the room. I closed the gate separating him
from us and I closed the distance to Kate. "I can't keep you here for
ever." I said as my left hand slipped between her legs and my right stroked
her cheek. She nodded and she widened her stance to allow me to stroke her
sex. "Do you love him?" I asked as my fingers slid along the quickly
swelling lips of her pussy.

"He's a good friend and treats me well." She replied with a gasp
following as a finger slid between her swelling lips. I leaned in closely
to whisper in her ear.

"You'll always belong to me, Kate." She put a hand on my shoulder and
moaned as my index finger slid up into her. "You are free to marry him,
but you'll always be mine." I couldn't fathom claiming ownership of another
human being, at least not yet. We stayed like that until I could feel the
pleasure making it too hard for her to remain standing and then I guided
her onto the couch and spread her knees further. I leaned down and ran my
tongue along her labia, which were engorged and therefore spread a bit
allowing me to attack her clitoris. I tongued and sucked her through two
orgasms. It was time for the real show. I stood and went over to the gate
keeping the dog out. I stripped down and took my seat as the dog entered
the room. The smell of Kate's sex filled the room and the dog could smell
it better than I could. "Present yourself." She moved off the couch and
stood before me, slowly moving to her knees, resting her arms on my bare
thighs. The dog began to sniff around her sex and I heard her moan and
knew the dog was tasting her. As she leaned forward and took my cock in
her mouth, he mounted her. She cried out as she always did when the dog buried his long pointed cock into the warm clasping invitation of her
pussy. She always made a real effort to keep sucking my dick, but I did
rather enjoy watching her fuck the dog with the enthusiasm she had taken to
it with after the first time. It only took a few strokes of the dog's cock
into her slick pussy before she was going back after him, stroke for
stroke. She was moaning and panting and stroking my cock as best she could,
stopping her hand to lick my cock as well as her hand to prevent from
rubbing me raw. She stopped, tensed and screamed out as a massive orgasm
washed over her. The dog still had a bit more in him. He didn't go at it
for too long, but with the speed and intensity with which he thrusted into
her, it didn't take long. I knew he hit her another one out of the park
quickly. She started to growl and thrust back into the dog again. She
looked up into my face.

"Yours." She moaned and another orgasm struck her. In very short order
I heard her moan and knew she was getting a belly full hot doggie spunk. I
also knew the dog had tied to her. Suddenly she leaned forward and
engulfed my cock with her mouth. Her head moved up and down on my rigid
shaft. Her tongue rubbed under the head of my cock a few times, and then
she started grazing her teeth lightly over the head of my cock and along
the shaft. I knew at the moment that she was mine. She would make a good
partner for her new man but she belonged to me and if I called she would
come. She would come to me, just the same as I was now filling her mouth
with my own ejaculate.

"You have to tell him." I told her as she dressed to go to him. "He has
to know the truth..."

I couldn't claim ignorance, not anymore. I knew I was going to try to
bring Julie into this because I wanted her to be with me long term. Kate
was only temporary, but I was going to treat her poorly, and I did feel bad
about that but not bad enough to avoid it. I was acting on a plan that I
had not been aware I had and now that I was faced with it, I didn't feel
the need to run back.


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