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The Examination

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This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: ex1.txt
Authors name: Homer Vargas
Story title : The Examination

© Copyright Homer Vargas - 1998 - This work is
copyrighted to the author, with all rights reserved.
This story may be archived and displayed on non-
commercial web sites without permission, but please
make no chages to the text and do not remove the
author name or address. Thank you
The Examination

by Homer Vargas

Kathy Black was mad as hell. She had been
sitting in her gynecologist's office for FORTY
FIVE minutes waiting for her 4:30 appointment.
With this delay she wouldn't be able to get back
to the office this evening to polish the brief she
was preparing for next Monday's hearing of the
Ferguson case. She couldn't understand how janet
could let her office could do this to her.
Especially now that she was a Junior Partner, her
time was valuable. This delay was costing her
close to $1,500.

Kathy had been in a foul mood today, anyway.
That asshole, Paul Graves, had been skulking
around her office trying to get her to go out with
him again. What a skumbag! He knew that she knew
he was married and he didn't make any secret about
his lewd intentions. Did he think that just
because he was a Senior Partner, the newest Junior
Partner would sleep with him in gratitude?

She certainly didn't need a pushy bastard
like Paul Graves in her life. Kathy already had a
perfectly satisfactory boyfriend who was properly
infatuated with the sexy young lawyer. She had
only to wait another six months until his
inheritance vested fully to let him make her Mrs.
Trent Atturbury. She would take his name and take
his money and in return he would get... to be
seen in public with her.

Trent's family didn't like Kathy. Daddy
thought she was a high-class bitch and a
golddigger. That was because Bob Atturbury knew a
lot more about women and about life than the
somewhat effete Trent ever would. One of the few
mistakes Kathy had ever made with a man was to
think she could sweeten up old Bob by seducing
him. Oh, getting him into her bed was no trouble;
he was a horny old goat. Fucked damned good, too.
Better than Trent, but then, who didn't? The next
morning, however, Bob just laughed at her and said
he had only wanted to see just how big a slut she
was. Fortunately, although Trent didn't have half
his Daddy's brains, he would soon have more than
half of Daddy's money.

The receptionist behind the counter wasn't
helping Kathy's mood, either. "Suzie" was yacking
away on the telephone. Kathy cringed at her own
politically incorrect characterization of the
young woman who was, no doubt, a victim of an
oppressive patriarchal society, but dammit, she
was an obvious bimbo. To make matters worse she
was painting her nails a garish red while she
talked to a girlfriend about the way some `total
hunk' could `turn her inside out' in bed. Where
was Ruth, Janet's regular receptionist, Kathy

Truth be told, the premises also had Kathy's
nose out of joint. Dr. janet McGuire's former
office had been a suite in a downtown office block
near Kathy's own. When Kathy had made this
appointment for her annual check-up, she had been
surprised to learn that Janet's office had moved.
Whatever possessed janet to bring her downtown
obstetrics and gynecology practice -- so
convenient for career women like herself -- to
this large old house on the outskirts of town?
The grounds were indeed spacious and the setting
was beautiful in a bucolic sort of way, but so out
of character for Janet. Kathy had chosen janet as
her OBGYN in part because they were similar types:
ambitious, single, hard-working, hard-playing,
city girls.

If the house and grounds were puzzling, the
new decor was ghastly. Kathy had appreciated the
undestated former waiting room, done in dark woods
and green leather. It had looked like the public
area of any other professional firm. The present
surroundings screamed out a change. The room was
furnished with low couches in the most cloying
`feminine' pastel upholstery. The pattern of the
wallcovering looked like a cheep valentine.
Flowers, voluptuous nymphs, cupids shooting
arrows! Gad! The classical music janet had
previously favored had been replaced by `romantic'
soft rock. Kathy had made the receptionist turn
off the tv tuned to Oprah re-runs.

The reading material only rubbed in the
office's disconcerting transformation. Gone were
the almost up-to-date issues of "The New Yorker,"
"New Republic," "Progressive," and "New York
Review of Books." In their place were copies of
magazines Kathy had never seen before with names
like "Maternity Today," "Babies!," "Body and
Child." The worst was one was "Total Woman."
Kathy leafed through it in disgusted fascination.
She couldn't believe janet knew what was out here
in her waiting room. This publication was an
insult to any modern woman. It was filled with
"advice" on how to look, dress, talk, and act to
please men. "Men Like Minis," "The Lost Art of
Being Seduced," "Let Him Give You Super Orgasms."
"Is breast Enlargement for You?" (If you were
less than a 40DD, the unsurprising answer was
"yes.") Revolting!

The articles that didn't deal with having sex
were about having babies. "Convince Him to Give
You Another Child," "Twins are Twice the Fun,"
"Herbs To Increase Your Fertility." "The Talk"
advised explaining your surprise pregnancy to your
teenage daughter by telling her that, "Daddy
decided he wanted mommy to have more babies and
Mommy loves Daddy so much she gave him one." And
not to worry because "Daddy makes enough money so
Mommy doesn't have to work and can stay home to
take care of you and the new babies." Outrageous!
Judging by the reading material, the OB part of
the practice seemed to have swallowed up the GYN.

"The doctor is almost ready to see you,"
Suzie announced. "Let me just take some
information. Give me a second to get over there;
I'm not moving too fast these days," she grinned.

When the receptionist stood up, Kathy gasped
and saw what she meant. Suzie wasn't just
pregnant, she was huge.

Suzie smiled again when she noticed Kathy was
staring as the receptionist waddled up to her with
the clipboard. "Twins," she said pointing with
pride to her bloated abdomen.

Suzie asked a lot of the usual questions.
She seemed really to perk up when she heard that
Kathy was in the middle of her menstrual cycle.
Some of the questions on the other hand, seemed
unnecessarily personal and rather crudely phrased.
Did Kathy have a regular boyfriend. How
frequently she "get laid?" How many times a night
could he "screw" her? Did she have multiple
orgasms each time her "did her?" How did she
manager when she didn't have a man to "get her

Even aside from the vulgar language, Kathy
was put off by the whole interrogation.
Everything the nurse asked seemed to be either
prying or information that the regular
receptionist would not have had to ask. "Where is
Ruth, today?" Kathy inquired letting more
annoyance into her voice than she intended.

"Oh, she leaves early every afternoon so she
can nurse her new baby boy."

Kathy was dumbfounded. Ruth? Ruth Pritchet
with a baby? Kathy knew that several years ago
Ruth's abusive husband had run off with a younger
woman, leaving Ruth struggling to bring up two
teenage daughters. The experience had left Ruth
with a rather sour (realistic, in Kathy's opinion)
view of men. Ruth had never so much as mentioned
dating. How, in less than a year since Kathy's
last appointment, had Ruth met (and married?) a
man and given him a baby? It made no sense. The
beatific smile of the receptionist compounded
Kathy's dismay. Didn't the little ditz realize
the loss of independence that having baby
presented to a 45 year old woman like Ruth with
almost grown children? No, Kathy thought, `she'
wouldn't! That's why she'd let some guy make her

"Kathy, `darling.'"

Kathy was still trying to digest the news
about Ruth as her head snapped around to see her
friend, Emma Parks. Kathy was in for her second
shock. Emma was just coming out of the doctor's
inner office, beaming. Well, `glowing' was the
clichā word. Kathy hardly believed her eyes.
Emma's tummy poked out under an almost indecently
short maternity dress. She looked about seven
months gone.

"Emma!... You're..." Kathy stumbled over her
words, overcome by surprise.

"Pregnant!" her friend confirmed with a big
silly grin.

"Uh, congratulations," Kathy offered somewhat
insincerely. Emma was a woman about Kathy's own
age whom she had known since before her friend had
met and married Frank last year. Kathy was leery
of commitments herself, but had to admit that
Frank, a gentle, funny suitor, seemed OK for Emma.
The rising marketing executive had told her,
however, that after the wedding Frank had turned
out to be "kind of a Neanderthal. He would be
happy to keep me home, barefoot and pregnant if I
didn't hold him off," she laughed. Emma didn't
plan on giving Frank any children for some time,
however, until her career was better established.
She was fighting her way up the ladder of a
somewhat old-fashioned firm and she didn't want to
"give the old bastards any excuses" not to
recognize her ability.

"Yes, isn't it `wonderful'?" her friend

"It's kind of a surprise." Kathy replied. "I
thought you ..."

"Well, yes," Emma let out an embarrassed
giggle. "I guess it was sort of an accident.
[silly grimace] Dr. Bock told me to go off the
pill for a while and I guess Frank isn't very good
at using condoms. [giggle] And with the
testosterone pills the doctor gave me, well, I was
just letting Frank `do it' to me all the time. I
guess I let him `do me' once too often." she
shrugged, obviously not unhappy with the outcome.

Why would a doctor recommend that Emma stop
taking contraceptives? And testosterone, wasn't
that the stuff that made women...? Stifling these
questions Kathy settled for, "Dr. Bock? Who's
that? janet has a solo practice here, doesn't

"Not any more she doesn't," Emma replied with
a mischievous sing-song. "Dr. Bock is Janet's new
`partner.' And I don't blame her. He is a

Kathy was getting really annoyed by Emma's
attitude. It reminded her too much of those
damned magazines. Why did she have to be so
"giggly" and "girlish?"

"Why would you be seeing Janet's new partner
instead of her, anyway?"

"Oh, Dr. Bock has been taking all Janet's
cases for about six months now "

"Why? What's wrong with Janet?"

"Absolutely nothing, darling. She's happy as
a kitten lapping cream. It's just that James
thought she should stay home and take care of
herself until the baby arrived and now that she's
nursing .... That's what I'm going to do, too."

"Baby!" Kathy exploded. What the hell was
going on here? Was every female associated with
this infernal clinic having a baby? Kathy tried
to regain her composure. "I didn't even know
Janet had a ... boyfriend. Who is the James she's

"Well, they aren't exactly `married,'" Emma
confessed, conspiratorially. "James is just
living with her. And I already told you who he is
-- Dr. Bock, James Bock."

"When and how did all this happen?" Kathy
asked in disbelief.

"I don't know the whole story," Emma began,
lowering her voice. "James was just out of
medical school and came her for an interview.
Janet seems to have kind of fallen for him in a
big way. She let him invite her out for dinner
the first day they met. I hear she took him back
to her apartment that night and I'll bet it wasn't
to pore over Gray's Anatomy," Emma giggled.

"They started dating and before anybody knew
it, James was living with janet and working here
at the clinic. A few weeks later, she missed her
period. That made Dr. Bock her partner in more
ways than one. -- Well, I `told' you he is a
hunk. -- After a couple of months they decided to
move their office to this place. Don't you just
`love' it?"

This tale answered some of Kathy's questions,
but raised a lot of new ones. She couldn't
understand the janet McGuire she knew, not only
taking up with a man ten year younger than she,
but immediately letting him knock her up (even if
he is a `hunk' as Emma so irritatingly asserted).
Nor could she see janet pulling out of her medical
practice for an extended period to care for
herself and a baby because "James though she

"When is janet coming back?" Kathy inquired.

"OH, I don't know. Maybe not for a while. I
hear she's got another one on the way."

"Well, got to run," Emma gushed as she
flounced off. "Frank likes me to have his dinner
ready for him when he gets home. That way we can
spend more time in bed with his you know what in
my you know where." Kathy was still gaping at
this explanation when the door of the inner office

"Kathy, the doctor will see you now."

Kathy was surprised to see a tall, stunning
black woman who introduced herself as Amaka. She
wore a parody of a nurse's uniform. It was short,
barely covering her crotch and cut low in from to
reveal large breasts. She had large dangling
earrings and a flashy pendant lay on her bosom.
"Please accept our apologies for the delay, Kathy.
I'm sure you understand, Dr. Bock has such a heavy
work load."

Why did everybody have to be on a first name
basis. She resented being called "Kathy" by
someone she didn't know. Its was condescending.
"So I see," Kathy replied a bit sarcastically.
"But I hope you realize ...".

"Now, now, Kathy. Don't be upset. Dr. Bock
will not want to see you like that. Just slow
down. Take a few deep breaths. We've done
everything we can here to create a calm, peaceful
atmosphere. We've taken you far form the hustle
and bustle of the city. This should be a
soothing, comforting place where you can leave
your tensions and concerns behind you. Please,
forget your worries. Just ease up a little and
relax... relax."

Kathy was astounded. Why was this striking
woman with those beautiful chocolate breasts
speaking to her as if she was a child, going on
and on about being relaxed and calm? Amazingly,
though, it was working; she `was' starting to
unwind as the sexy woman continued to speak.
Amaka had such a soft yet commanding voice and
Kathy couldn't take her eyes off of those luscious
breasts and the pendant that was flashing...
flashing in her eyes. In fact, it was getting
hard to remember just why she had ever been upset
in the first place. Kathy wasn't really paying
attention to what Amaka was saying anymore. She
leaned back in the chair and closed her eyes.

"Good girl, Kathy. You are totally relaxed,
totally at peace. Now we are going to get you
ready for the doctor to see you. Here, let me
help you off with your clothes."

Kathy opened her eyes dreamily at the woman
who was reaching down to unbutton her blouse.
Instinctively, she raised her hands but Amaka
shushed her. "That's alright, baby. You're a
little out of it. I'll do everything for you."

It felt strange, but nice to let this sexy
woman undress her like a little girl being put to
bed for the night by her nanny. Soon her blouse
had been laid aside and her brassiere was
unclasped and placed beside her blouse. "You have
lovely breasts," Amaka whispered as she fondled
them. Kathy was glad this hot young woman liked
her breasts, but she didn't say anything.

Kathy hardly knew when she stood up at
Amaka's gentle touch to allow her skirt to be
deftly removed, but she felt a little thrill when
Amaka's soft hands slipped under the waistband of
her panties and slithered the silky garment down
to her ankles. The dazed young lawyer was
completely nude when she let the pretty black
woman lead her to an examination table and lay her

"Now just relax, Kathy. I am going to
examine these very pretty titties," Amaka
explained. Slowly, with almost feathery touches,
she began to brush and stroke Kathy's breasts
which immediately hardened. Seeing the effect
this had on the semi-conscious young woman, Amaka
began a more decided massaging and gentle pinching
of the protruding nipples.

Kathy moaned with pleasure. "Feels good,
doesn't it baby? I knew titties this big had to
be super sensitive. You like having your titties
felt up, don't you?" Kathy's whimpers were her
only reply. "The file says you have regular
boyfriend but you haven't let him fuck you in over
a week. So these beauties haven't been getting
the loving they deserve, have they"

"Oh, no!" Kathy whimpered.

"You know a girl like you shouldn't go so
long without sex. You ought to have a man in you
every night. You must be really horny. I'll bet
you're getting wet down here, aren't you girl?"
Amaka asked as she pushed Kathy's legs apart ad
slipped a long smooth finger into her pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!" Kathy sighed.

"Are you ever a juicy one! Your boyfriend
must like you. No trouble getting the biggest
cock in a pussy this wet," Amaka commented as she
slipped another and then a third fingers deep into
Kathy's well-lubricated vagina.

"Poor horny baby, I'll bet you really need to
come, don't you?" Kathy's moan might have been an
attempt at protest, but Amaka took it as an
affirmative. "That's it. Just close your eyes
and let Amaka get you off, honey," the black woman
cooed and pushed Kathy's legs farther apart while
beginning to work on Kathy's pussy with more

"No, Ohhhh. Don't Ohhhh!"

"Don't worry, honey, it's natural to get
turned on during these examinations. You are just
a healthy, sexy girl who hasn't had a good come in
way too long. Now you relax and let me do you.
It's so easy to come on my fingers... Let your
self go, baby. You want to come so bad... I can
make you feel so good, honey... Relax... Don't
fight me, baby... Let me give you want... what
you need...That's it, hump my hand, baby... It
feel so good... You're getting there.
So...close... NOW!"

Amaka gave one final flick to Kathy's
clitoris and the helpless young lawyer surrendered
herself to an enormous orgasm that seemed to go on
and on. Kathy sobbed her release and gasped "Yes,
Oh yes... Oh yes.. Oh yes."

"Good girl, Kathy...You had a good come...
Now you can realty relax... Float down gently,...
floating,... So relaxed... so satisfied...
That's it, breathe deeply now... You came really
hard, baby. You re exhausted... You need to rest
now. Close your eyes. A good cum always makes a
girl sleepy ... sooo sleepy. Just rest. You need
a little nap," the smiling nurse said, her voice
dropping to a barely audible whisper. "You can't
stay awake, Kathy. . . You're going to sleep,...
sleep,... s l e e p..."

After observing the young woman on the table
for a few seconds to be sure she was really out,
Amaka reached over and hit the intercom button.
"I've got her under, James. Everything worked as
you said."

"Give her about ten minutes of the audio,
darling. I'll be right in," the voice replied,
sounding slightly winded. Amaka made a face
imagining why attending to the plump Mrs.
Rutherford might have James slightly out of
breath. Then she smiled as she slipped the
earphones onto the lolling head of the sleeping
young woman. Only minutes ago Kathy had been so
full of hard, aggressive energy. Now she was the
image of docile femininity

Almost fifteen minutes went by before Dr.
James Bock joined Amaka at the side of the
beautiful nude woman deeply asleep on the
examining table. He kissed Amaka on the cheek.
"Good job darling."

The sexy black woman turned her body into
his, attempting to make the kiss into something
more. "If it's such a good job, why no reward,
stud?" she asked, disappointed.

"Business before pleasure, pet," he grinned
and pushed her away playfully.

"Hello, Kathy. I'm Dr. Bock. You can look
at me." Kathy's eyes opened, but did not seem to
take much in at first. Then she focused on the
source of that marvelous voice. Smiling down at
her was the yummiest man she had ever seen.
`Hunk' was exactly the right word for him

"I've completed my examination, Kathy, and
you are in very good shape. There are just a few
things I want you to do for me. Will you do what
I tell you?"

"Yes, doctor."

"Good, now listen carefully...."

It took only a few minutes to give Kathy the
instructions and for her to acknowledge each one.
"Good. Be sure to take your pills and listen to
the tapes every day, so you won't continue to
suffer the kind of sexual inhibitions that have
been troubling you." Kathy was still lying down,
but managed to nod her agreement although she felt
a little confused, not having been aware of being
troubled by her inhibitions until now.

"Amaka tells me you became extremely aroused
during the breast examination. Is that right?"
Again Kathy nodded. "Nothing to worry about.
It's typical of a highly sexed young woman like
you who has not been having sufficiently frequent
sexual intercourse. In fact, I believe you are
still aroused even though Amaka helped you reach
climax already," the Dr. remarked as he slid a
finger into Kathy's pussy. Although Kathy had no
memory of even having on the earphones, she had
become wet again as the tape had taught her she
needed much more frequent sex and made a number of
suggestions on behavior modifications to help her
achieve this goal.

"Is it true that you that you have not had
intercourse in over a week?" the doctor asked.

Kathy nodded again, although it was hard to
concentration anything except the doctor's hand in
her pussy. "That's way too long, Kathy. A highly
sexed girl like you should never go a full day
without getting fucked, isn't that right?"

"Oh, yes," Kathy agreed.

"And what happens when you don't get fucked
for several hours?

"I get really horny," Kathy said as if
reciting a lesson.

"And are you horny right now?" the doctor

"Oh, yes!" Kathy moaned as the doctor
continued to massage her twat.

"You need to come, don't you, Kathy?"

"Yes, YES, YESSSSSS!" she screamed as the
smiling doctor brought her to a thunderous climax
without stopping his manipulation of her sex.

"That was a good one, Kathy. You are a very
responsive young woman. You have a great capacity
for pleasure. You're going to come again, aren't

"Uh huh," Kathy responded barely able to
think so intense was the pleasure flowing from
between her legs.

"You are a messy girl when you come, Kathy.
Don't you think we should stuff something up your
cunt to keep you from leaking juice on the table
the next time you come?"

"Yes," Kathy agreed, barely able to think

"What should it be, Kathy, a big cock?"

"Oh, yes," she moaned.

"Well, I see no reason to postpone the
beginning of your therapy. Would you like me to
fuck you, Kathy?"

"Oh, please Doctor, yes. I need it so bad."


Dr. James Bock took the call on his cell
phone but quickly walked into his office. "Yes
Paul. ... Yes. I just finished with her. ...
Yeah, she's sort of out of it right now; she came
three or four times before I gave it to her. ...
Don't be that way! I told you from the beginning
that was part of the deal. You have her from now
on except for the checkups. Don't be greedy ...
It's always hard to say about those things, but
she appears to have ovulated a few day ago. I'd
say you have about a better than 50-50 chance this
time. I just got in one shot. You'll be able to
keep her filled all night long ... Yeah, I'd give
her another half hour here, to recover, an hour to
get home, another hour for the first pill to take
effect. If you call her about 7:30, she should be
hot enough to fuck a fence post ... No, I am not
implying anything about your way with the ladies
... Just call her, Paul. You won't be
disappointed ... Yeah, tell Bob Atturbury I got
his check."


Three weeks later Kathy was back in Dr.
Bock's charming reception area. She had been
waiting for the results of the test for forty five
minutes, but she was not mad. In fact she was
quite entertained. She nodded as Oprah was
interviewing career women who had given up their
jobs to start having babies. Kathy leafed through
the pages of "Total Woman" idly, reflecting on the
dizzying sequence of events that started with that
unexpected call from Paul Graves just after her
last visit here.

Kathy had accepted his invitation to dinner
on an impulse, mainly because she had the urge for
some male company that night. Well, that's what
she got! Ten minutes after Paul arrived to pick
her up his hand was down the front of her blouse
and she was gasping with pleasure as he felt up
her titties. Before she knew it, his hands were
in her pants, too, making her come like there was
no tomorrow. A heartbeat later Kathy was on her
back with her heels in the air and Paul Graves was
fucking her brains out. She didn't get to eat a
thing, but Paul did. Most nights since she had
spent with her legs wide apart and Paul's big cock
pounding her pussy to delirium.

Paul, in addition to keeping her fucked
stupid, turned out to be a great guy. For
example, the way he came to her defense after she
screwed up the Ferguson case the very first Monday
after they started dating. In a way, it was the
least he could do; it was Paul's fault she arrived
in court an hour late having had almost no sleep
the whole weekend. She giggled, remembering she
had been dressed and almost out the door when Paul
pulled her into a clinch that got her so hot she
just had to let him give her one more quick fuck
before she left.

It had been Paul's idea, too, to let her work
on cases defending guys being dunned for alimony
and child support by vengeful ex-wives and
spiteful girlfriends. Those were cases where a
foxy young woman like herself could blow into a
courtroom in her tight mini and six inch pumps and
really make an impression. All that hard stuff
about mergers and acquisitions, taxes, and sexual
harassment was just bo-ring.

Suzie observed Kathy with a smile. She
remembered the young lawyer's previous visit and
noted the positive changes. She never ceased to
admire the improvement in attitude of the young
women who came through Dr. Bock's clinic. Like
the others, Kathy had come the first time in one
of those the prim, almost prissy business suits
with a knee-length skirt. Her makeup was subtle,
her shoes "sensible." Her whole demeanor had
said, "Yes, I'm a woman, but not THAT kind of
woman." Her head had been stuffed full of
business, her career, plans for the future --
everything except what soon would be stuffed
between her legs.

Now Suzie could see the difference. In place
of the suit jacket was a frilly blouse that
showcased plenty of Kathy's ample breasts. The
fidgety woman could do little and did less to
prevent her red mini-skirt from riding an obscene
distance up her thigh. Suzie couldn't see, but
she would wager Kathy wasn't wearing panties. It
wasn't hard to guess the reason. Plain as day
there was a new man in Kathy's life, a man who was
giving Kathy the sex she needed and in return
expected her to dress to please him. There was
little doubt where Kathy's priorities lay now.

"Dealing With the Wife," Kathy read. This
magazine had the most useful articles! Yes, Betty
Graves was going to be a problem when Paul finally
told her. She was probably a very nice person and
was a good mother to Paul's five children, but she
was just not woman enough for Paul, Kathy
reflected. Betty had put on a few pounds over the
years, although from her pictures she still seemed
quite attractive for a woman in her 40's. But
especially now that she was pregnant again, Betty
just didn't have the libido to keep up with a man
of Paul's stamina. Paul had told Kathy that even
before he got Betty pregnant again, she would only
make love two or three times a week and never more
than once a night. Silly woman! This had to have
been torture for Paul who could give a woman so
much. Kathy smiled and felt a slight wetness
between her legs as she remembered the "noontimer"
Paul had given her in his office bent over his
desk just a few hours ago.

"Come on in, Kathy," said the smiling Amaka,
ushering her into the now familiar office. "Let
me get a look at you, girl. Uu...Ie! You are
fine! What's up? Got a new boyfriend?"

"Well, yes," Kathy giggled. "How did you

"Because you are looking too GOOD. Turn that
little butt around and let me get a good eyeful."
Kathy happily complied with a little pirouette
"Oh, yeah! You are HOT!" Amaka exclaimed,
patting her on the ass. "Older guy?"

"Right again! How did you know?"

"The clothes. Only kids will put up with
business frump. older guys demand the hot look --
the spike heals, the mini, the large earrings.
I'll bet you've got him giving it to you good!"

"Can't complain." Kathy agreed, smugly.

"Just between us girls, how often? Every
night?" Amaka winked.

"More," said Kathy with a satisfied smile.

"Twice?" Amaka asked, her eyes widening.


"Three times? Get outta here!" Amaka
exploded incredulously.

"On `slow' days," Kathy announced

"Attaway to go, girl!" exclaimed Amaka in
awe. "Fuck him good, but if you really want your
hooks in him, let him get you pregnant. Take it
from me!"

"You mean...?" Kathy looked again at the
black woman and noticed a definite bulge in that
formerly hard flat tummy.

"Whose is it?" she inquired.

"Let's just say, it's someone you know,"
Amaka replied mysteriously. "Oh well, down to
business. Let's get you relaxed."

"Why this time. I'm not nervous now."

"Doctor's orders," said Amaka at once

"I really don't think ."

"Now just look at this," Amaka said, holding
up the pendant Kathy remembered from before.
Suddenly Kathy felt strange, disoriented. Meekly,
she gazed at the beautiful, flashing stone as
Amaka watched her eyes quickly glaze over.

"Good girl, Kathy. Now let's get you ready
for the doctor." Without asking, Amaka began to
unbutton Kathy's blouse and quickly removed her
bra. "Such beautiful tits," she whispered as she
softly stroked one and then the other.


Fifteen minutes later Kathy was coming down
from an incredible roller-coaster orgasm and
starting to climb again when she felt Amaka
suddenly pull her mouth away from her overflowing

"How is she, darling?" Kathy heard a male
voice ask.

"Almost under. I prepped her."

"So I see," he grinned. "Kathy?"

"Huh?" Kathy managed to respond. She
recognized Dr. Bock's voice. God! That last come
had knocked her for a loop.

"Do you know who I am?"

"Uh huh" she nodded.

"Good. Now you must relax and listen very
carefully. Remember I am your doctor and I have
some very good news for you. It is very
important that you follow all my orders. You'll
do that, right?"

"Yes,... Follow all orders"

Now answer truthfully. Have you been
listening to the tapes and taking the pills I gave
you every day?"

"Yes, doctor, every day."

"Good. And do you have a new boyfriend?"

"Uh huh,"

"And he's been fucking you, right?"

"Oh, yeah!," Kathy sighed with more

"Good girl. As I told you, the pills help
you stay nice and horny so you would enjoy sex
more. Have you been enjoying getting laid by your
new boyfriend?"

"Oh, yes. He's been great."

"I'm sure he has been. And have you been
taking any contraceptives?"

Contraceptives? Kathy couldn't remember the
last time she had taken her contraceptives. "No.
I haven't been taking my birth control pills," she

"Nothing to worry about. What about your

No, I don't use it anymore." Kathy had a
vague idea she had thrown it away. This troubled
her somewhat, although she didn't quite know why..

"I didn't think so. And you haven't been
making your new boyfriend use a condom when he
fucks you either, right?"

"Uh, no, he doesn't like them."

"I'm not surprised. Few men do -- women
either for that matter. Now Kathy, I want you to
relax and try to remember something that may have
slipped your mind since you were here last. Do
you know what happens to healthy girls who get
fucked regularly without any protection?"

Panic suddenly struck Kathy. The doctor felt
her stiffen. "It's alright Kathy, relax, don't
worry about anything."

Dr. Bock's command immediately calmed her and
she was able to answer. "They get preg ... Do you
mean I am ...?"

"That's right, Kathy. You're going to have a

"But... but...?"

"It's OK, Kathy. Nothing wrong with being
single and pregnant. Many of my patients your age
are deciding it's time to start having babies.
You must just remember that it was your choice.
You decided not to use your contraceptives when
you had sex and you never asked your boyfriend to
use protection. He's a married man, right?"

"Yes," Kathy admitted.

"That could be a problem. It might even
appear that you were trying to get pregnant so he
would leave his wife and marry you. You're not a
homewreaker, are you Kathy?"

"No, no. I didn't think that!"

"I believe you, Kathy. But he may think that
you were trying to trap him. He may be upset.
You have to make sure he knows `you' decided to
have this baby."


"Tell him it wasn't his fault and that you're
not interested in marriage. You realize he would
never leave his wife for you. Apologize for
`using' him to get you pregnant. Assure him that
you will never ask him for money or even ask him
to acknowledge paternity. If he wants you to sign
something, do so."

"OK," Kathy acknowledged.

Of course, keep screwing him if he wants, but
you'll understand if he goes back to his wife.
After this baby is born, he may not be around.
You'll need to find someone else to make you
pregnant next time. You'd like to have many
children, wouldn't you?"

"Oh, yes, doctor."

"That's right, Kathy. In fact, you love
being pregnant. As your belly gets bigger and
bigger those marvelous breast of yours fill out
even more, you are gong to be hornier than ever.
You may need more that just one man to keep you
satisfied. Bob Atturbury is really sexy, isn't

"Yes doctor."

Ellen Parker was mad as hell. She had been
sitting in this gynecologist's office for FORTY
FIVE minutes waiting for her 4:30 appointment.
Now she wouldn't be able to get back to the
investment bank to finish her presentation on the
MCI-WorldCom merger due for next week's board
meeting. She couldn't believe that a doctor
recommended by her friend Kathy Black could do
this to her. Especially now that she had made
Junior Partner, her time was valuable. This delay
was costing her close to $1500. And the decor!
And the music! And these disgusting magazines!
What kind of a place was this, anyway?

"Ellen, `darling.'"

Ellen looked up in shock at her friend.
Kathy had the rounded belly of a woman about six
months pregnant. Ellen was still stunned a few
minutes later when Kathy broke off the
conversation saying she had to hurry home to get
dinner ready because `Paul' was coming over.
Would that be Paul Graves, the notorious womanizer
from her office that Kathy had often ranted about?
No, couldn't be.

"Ellen, the doctor will see you now,"
announced a tall black woman with a very large


Kathy Black was mad as hell. She had been
sitting in this damn office for FORTY FIVE minutes
waiting for the 4:30 appointment with her case
worker. Juggling as many things as she had to,
her time was valuable. Fortunately, Niki her
friend from the housing project would pick up
Pauline and Carlitos from day care, but Malcolm
had said he might come around tonight. He didn't
like it when she didn't have his supper ready.
She still had to go to the store to buy some
turnip greens, in case.

Chen and Chan were squirming beside her as
only four year old twins can. Kathy had separated
them but they continued to tease each other, their
slanty almond eyes alive with boyish mischief.

Malcolm Jr. started to fuss so she hefted him
onto her broad lap and offered him one of her
milk-filled breasts. At eighteen months, he was
getting almost too big to nurse, but he seemed to
enjoy sucking on her nipples. `Just like his
Daddy,' Kathy thought. A jolt of pleasure shot
through her as the infant's thick chocolate lips
fastened onto her engorged nipple. "`Exactly'
like his Daddy," she groaned.

Having her tits suckled always got Kathy hot.
She struggled against the urge to reach down and
finger herself to the orgasm she needed pretty
bad. The last time she did that here, the social
worker had caught her and screamed at her that she
was just an oversexed slut. Funny, that was
exactly what Malcolm said about her. It was what
kept him coming back to her, Kathy knew, even
though he had plenty of younger girlfriends. God!
She hoped Malcolm did come tonight. Kathy hadn't
had his black python in her for almost a week and
she was getting so horny she was going out of her

Greedy Malcolm Jr. had nearly drained one of
Kathy's breasts so she shifted him to the other,
resting him on her protruding belly where his next
little brother or sister was growing rapidly.

The End

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