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Archived Sex Stories

The Eye of the Storm


From Tue Nov 16 20:21:37 1999
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 11:33:40 -0500 (EST)
Subject: The Eye of the Storm

The Eye of the Storm
by Stormbringer
Lisa was scared. She had never seen a storm this bad in her entire life.
The rain was beating down upon her roof and the house was shaking as the
gusts of wind hit it. Her husband had just called to inform her that the
bridge to the island was out and he was trapped on the mainland.

The hurricane had taken an unexpected turn and was passing the island a
lot closer then expected. Most of the residents had evacuated or were
staying in the shelter at city hall, but she had decided to wait for her

Bryan had been attending an important meeting when he got trapped on the
mainland and Lisa sighed, not only did it seem that he was never around
any more, but he was now going to miss their anniversary, tonight.

Lisa and Bryan had been married eight years and all of them had been
happy, though not very exciting. She had been a 21 year old model when
she had been introduced to Bryan at a party. He was 15 years older and
was a handsome junior executive with a small company in the city. He was
so gentle and caring, but it was the fact that he seemed so full of
energy and life that had made her fall in love with him.

Unfortunately, all that energy had been directed towards starting his
own business and she felt neglected. Her modeling career hadn't been all
that great to began with as her breasts were a lot bigger then most
models. They turned off the serious designers and seemed to attract the
low lifes. She refused dozens of offers to pose in bikinis to help
sell cars or to appear half naked in lingerie ads or worse. She really
didn't like to show off too much of her body to strangers and realizing
that modeling hadn't exactly been the best of career choices, she quit

Not that she really needed to work. Bryan was doing quite well, and on
her twentyfifth birthday he had surprised her with a waterfront house on
a small barrier island. She was delighted and pictured an idyllic life
with her husband strolling down the beach at sunset and snuggling up by
the fire on cold nights, but Bryan was almost never home and she only
had one friend that lived nearby to keep her company, Karen.

Lisa and Karen spent their days jogging or sunning themselves. They were
both lonely and satisfied themselves by sharing trashy romance novels.
The men in the novels always seemed so strong and dominant, the kind of
men who took what they want, so unlike Bryan and she always pictured
herself as the heroine in her books as she read them.


Lisa shivered in her towel as she watched the waves crashing over the
wharf and into her backyard. The water was at least a foot above normal
here on the bay and she wondered how bad the ocean side of the island
must be getting hit. If the waves got any higher she'd have to head to
the shelter at the town library. She wondered when high tide was, if she
could get through that, her house would be safe.

She went to the kitchen to see if Bryan had left her a newspaper but,
there were none to be found. She walked over to the front door and
peaked through the window. Sure enough, there were several newspapers
accumulating in the yard as Bryan hadn't been home in a few days to pick
them up.

Lisa had just finished showering and was still wet so she figured no
sense putting something on in this rain. She opened the door and peered
down the street. It was dark from the rain clouds and most of the homes
were deserted as a lot of her neighbors had evacuated. She hugged the
towel to her body and stepped out into the rain. She left the door open
and ran to the newspaper.

There it was, right on the cover through the plastic wrap. HURRICANE
COMING, Citizens urged to evacuate, high tide at 6:00pm. Oh, my god,
thought Lisa, that's still three hours away. Her dainty little bare
feet splashed through the yard as she ran back to her house.The door had
shut and she reached for the handle. LOCKED. oh, oh.

The temperature was dropping fast and she shivered in the cold air. Lisa
took some deep breaths to calm herself. If Bryan hadn't put the door jam
down she could get in through the sliding glass door around back.

How could she be this stupid, she thought as she headed around the side
of the house. She was walking in about four inches of sea water as she
walked towards the bay. She could see the waves breaking over the wharf
and into her backyard.

Lisa entered her backyard and turned right into the wind. The strong
gusts whipped the towel right off her body and she made a feeble
attempt to grab for it as it sailed off into the bay. She was crying as
she ran naked up to the sliding glass door. JAMMED.

"Fuck you Bryan," she screamed in fury. That bastard didn't have the
time to make love to his wife but he remembered to brace the door.

She was rubbing her arms up and down her body to keep warm. Her nipples
were so hard they hurt her as they jutted out from the cold. Think,
don't panic, think, she was saying to herself over and over. Maybe the
car is unlocked! She ran back around front and tried the car doors, all
locked. Next chance, break a window. Her eyes searched her yard for
something to use, but it was empty. She had brought all the chairs
inside herself as the storm approached.

If she couldn't find shelter soon, she'd freeze to death. Lisa decided
to try to head for Karen's house. If her friend was home, she could stay
there. If not she would be in serious trouble, unless she could find
another neighbor or a house to break into. Completely nude she began
making her way to her friend's house.

Lisa quickly ran from shed to fence to bush as she negotiated her way
though several yards, trying to keep out of the wind or out of sight of
any potential onlookers, doubtful though that may be. She was splashing
constantly through sea water from the wharf on her left as she neared a
house with its lights on. Dammit, of everyone on her block, they would
be the only ones home.


Gladys Rothstein had lived with her husband Edward, on the island for
over forty years. She was the biggest gossip, Lisa had ever known. Once
when Lisa's brother had come for a visit, the old lady had actually
walked down the street and looked at the license plate of her brother's
car and then asked Lisa who the man staying with her was at the
supermarket the next day. Gladys had nodded her head knowingly when Lisa
had said it was her brother. Gladys already thought Lisa was a tramp
and showing up on her doorstep naked wouldn't improve that image. The
Rothsteins yard was one of the few without a fence and she thought she'd
just run past as quickly as possible.


Edward was standing at his back door watching the waves. Gladys was on
the couch watching Oprah.

"Edward, you get away from that door this instant," she yelled, not
taking her eyes off the tv.

"In a minute dear," he replied.

"Edward, just do as I say before the bad weather witch takes you to her
bosom and drowns you," said his wife.

The bad weather witch was a local legend about a siren that caused
storms and lured sailors to a watery grave.

Edward was about to return to his nagging wife when he saw something
white dash through his yard. His eyes widened at the sight of a
beautiful naked woman who appeared to be flying through his back yard.
She was lean with full round breasts and her long black hair swirled
around her head like Medusa's. He rubbed his eyes and she was gone.

"Edward get in here now!" said his wife as she applauded along with
Oprah's audience.

Edward sighed, he had just imagined it. That witches magnificent bosom
could drown him any day. He sighed again, and returned to his wife.


Lisa has never felt so alive in her life as she ran naked through her
neighbors backyards. The fear of the storm and of getting spotted, had
her blood rushing and , for a while at least the adrenaline was keeping
her warm. The wind helped push her through the now, six inches of water
in the yards as she approached her friend Karen's house.

The water was lapping at the foundation of Karen's house as Lisa peeked
in the windows. Her worst fears were realized, when she saw that no one
was home.

Lisa had made up her mind to return to Glady's house, when she noticed a
light on in the house next to Karen's. She knew that it belonged to
another old lady named Rose, who had been trying to sell it for some
time. The old lady didn't get out much and probably wouldn't gossip to
anyone about Lisa's lack of attire. She'd probably even welcome the
company, Lisa thought as she ran towards Rose's house.

She had opened the fence around the house when she heard a jingling
sound behind her. Lisa looked over her shoulder to see a large mutt
staring at her.

It's wet hair was standing up on its arched back as the ugly old dog stared at her. "Gggrrrrrrr," it growled showing it's fangs. It began to
run toward her.

Lisa screamed as she ran through the fence. She tried to slam the gate
shut but the wind held it open and the dog ran into the yard. She had a
moments respite as the dog skidded to a stop and fell over in the mud.
Shensaw the sliding glass door and ran for it as she heard the dog shake
itself and began running after her. Lisa's eyes were wide with fright as
she ran for her life. If that door was locked she was

The dog was nipping at her heels as she ran up the steps onto the deck.
Lisa was reaching for the door handle when suddenly it opened and she
was grabbed and was roughly pulled inside the house. The door slid shut
in the dogs face.

Lisa felt like she was hugging a brick wall as she shivered against the
large chest of her rescuer. She glanced out the door, the dog was
sitting outside and staring menacingly in at her.

Lisa felt safe in the arms of her rescuer and looked up at him. An ugly
black face stared down at her with an expression even more menacing then
the dogs. His face was broad with big lips and a flat crooked nose.
She felt his penis move against her belly, through his trousers and she
sucked her stomach in to avoid touching it. It felt huge.

His face had softened and he was grinning when she pushed herself away
from him. She watched his eyes wander over her large breasts, flat
stomach, and down to her shaven vagina.

She had shaved to fit into her bikini and because she hoped it would
turn Bryan on. It hadn't but it was odviously having an effect on the
giant black man staring at her. He was breathing heavy and his big
nostrils were flaring as he stared at her vagina. She saw his penis
moving beneath his pants, like a wild animal trying to get out. She
shivered again. Lisa felt like she was in more danger from this black
giant then she had been from the dog.

Mark had never seen such a beautiful woman.
Her nipples were freakishly long and stuck out about an inch from her
large, round tits. Her belly was flat and her hips were perfect. It was
her shaved pussy that turned him on the most though. He hadn't been with
a woman in three years and never a white one. He could munch on that
white pussy for hours. He had almost been ready to fuck her right then
and there when his brother spoke up and he regained his self control.

"Pretty, Lady is real pretty," said Leroy.

Lisa saw the large man relax and it calmed herself. She had never really
cared for blacks and standing completely nude before such a large black
man had her shivering again. She had a funny feeling deep within her
stomach and attributted it to the fear.

The second man was a lot smaller then the first. He looked to be about
twenty, probably ten years younger then big man. He was skinny and was
rocking, back and forth, as he stared kind of cross eyed at her. Lisa
realized he must be mildly retarded. She saw a blanket laying over the
couch, grabbed it and wrapped it around her nude, wet body.

She sensed that she wasn't in danger anymore as the giant seemed to
soften in the presence of the retarded man. Lisa quickly explained her
situaton and they all got a good laugh over it, though the retarded
black guy didn't seem to realize what was so funny. They exchanged
introductions and Mark said he would try to fix her something warm to

Lisa held the towel around her as she walked around the living room. She
glanced out the front window, the dog was sniffing around an enclosed
pick up truck filled with boxes. Rose's "for sale" sign was gone from
the yard.

"So you guys bought old lady Rose's house huh," she said.

"Yep," said Mark as he handed her a hot mug of tea.

"I hate to break this to you," she said pointing at the truck full of
boxes, "but, if your thinking about packing up and fleeing the storm,
your too late. The bridge is out.

"Actually, we hadn't really unpacked yet,"
he replied. "Otherwise I'd offer you one of my shirts to wear. Maybe I
do have something else for you though."

Mark bounded up the stairs and entered the bed room. He couldn't stop
thinking about the naked white girl he had held in his arms a few
minutes ago and his cock was aching for relief. He walked over to the
closet and rummaged through all the dresses, he wanted to see some skin
again and was looking for something skimpy for her to wear. He cursed
himself for not hiding that blanket before she grabbed it.
Mark pulled out a short terry cloth robe and headed back downstairs.

Lisa was delighted, when he handed her the robe. He stood there watching
her expectanty, as she held the robe.

"Where can I change," she asked?

He looked disappointed and just nodded his head towards a bathroom. She
went inside and shut the door. She removed the blanket and neatly folded
it laying it on the counter. Lisa looked at her reflection in the
mirror. Her har was disheveled, mud was splattered all over her legs and
her feet were covered with grass. Her nipples were still rock hard from
all the fear and excitement of the day and she carefully twirled one
between her thumb and forefinger, causing a ripple of pleasure to travel
up and down her spine. Lisa felt herself becoming aroused. Bryan had not
made love to her in over a month and she had been looking forward to
anniversary sex tonight. She sighed and got to work making herself look

Lisa cleaned her legs and feet in the sink. She found a brush and began
to untangle her long dark hair. When she felt she was presentable she
put on the robe. It was sized for someone a lot shorter then Lisa and
barely covered her rear end. It also showed off a lot of cleavage. She
thought it actually made her look very sexy.

And so did Mark, He let out a long whistle when she walked out of the
bathroom. Lisa blushed at the compliment. It had been a long time since
a man had paid her this much attention and she actually found herself
flirting with him a little. Leroy just sat on the couch rocking back and
forth mumbling to himself.

"Can I use your phone," Lisa asked? I need to call my husband, and let
him know I'm alright."

"Sure," replied Mark as he picked up the phone.
Mark held it to his ear and looked slightly puzzled as he clicked the
reset button a couple times. "Lines are dead," he said as he hung the
phone back up.

They sat around talking for a while. Lisa looked over at a clock on the
wall. One hour until high tide. She walked over to the sliding glass
door and Mark followed, standing behind her. The house was sitting in
about one foot of water now, another four inches or so and water would
be seeping into the living room. Lisa sobbed as she thought about her
house. Mark put his hands on her shoulders and began massaging them.

"Don't worry Lisa, everything's going to be ok," he said, trying to
console her.

Lisa turned into his chest and began crying as he held her in his
muscular arms. She felt so safe enfolded in his big chest. She noticed
Mark had a very musky smell and she took a big whiff, finding it oddly
stimulating. What is wrong with me, she thought? I can't be attracted to
a black man, especially one so ugly. She felt his penis pressing into
her again, it must be twice as big as Bryan's and unlike her husband's,
it was ready for action.

As she stood there imagining what a large black penis must look like,
the lights flickered then went out, leaving them in the dark. Startled,
Lisa pressed closer into Mark and he held her tight, while rubbing his
penis against her belly.

They were interupted by Leroy screaming, "Dark, it's dark."

Mark cursed and let Lisa go as he ran over to his brother. "Leroy's
afraid of the dark," he said. "Watch him, I'm going to try to start a

Lisa stopped him as he headed for the door. "What about the dog?" she

"I'm sure it's fled the water by now," he reassured her. "I'll be ok."

Lisa watched him leave as she held Leroy's head against her breasts trying to sooth him.

Mark strained to see through the gloom as he waded around the side of
the house. He remembered seeing a wood pile there earlier.
His dog was sitting on the pile of wood looking absolutely miserable. It
whimpered and wagged it's tail when it saw him. "Good dog," he said.
"good boy." Mark bent over and picked up his dog and carrried it through
the sea water towards his truck. He put the dog inside his pick-up and
patted it on the head. "Good boy," he said. "Thanks to you I'm gonna get
me some white pussy tonight."

Mark returned to the wood pile and untied the tarp. Even covered he
still had to dig through the wood looking for pieces that weren't
soaked. He grabbed a large stack and returned to the house.

Lisa was still holding Leroy to her breasts as she rocked him back and
forth uttering words on encouragement. Mark put the wood in the
fireplace and looked around for some kindling. He finally settled on
some old newspapers and threw them around the logs. He took a lighter
out of his pocket and tried to start the fire. He wasn't experienced at
this sort of thing and it took him several tries.before he got the fire

The light from the fire helped settle his brother down and Mark went to
retrieve the blanket fom the bathroom. He returned and tucked Leroy in
on one of the couchs covering him with the blanket. Leroy was soon fast

He saw Lisa step back from him as he approached her again. Damn, his
brother had spoiled their moment. He had thought she was ready for him.
Mark told Lisa he was going to go change out of his wet clothes and he
ran up the stairs to the bedroom. He had noticed an old mens bath robe
in the closet and it took him a while to find it in the dark. He
stripped down to his briefs and put the robe on. It was too small and
showed off most of his chest. Mark started to head back downstairs when
with a grin, he opened his robe and slid his briefs off. He sighed in
relief as his ten inch cock escaped it's prison. He closed the robe and
headed back to the unsuspecting white beauty downstairs.

Lisa was impressed with Mark's physique. His biceps were huge and his
chest was covered with muscles she had never even heard of. If he had
been white and didn't have such a crooked nose, he'd look just like
those men on the covers of her romance novels. She complimented him on
his physique. He smiled and told her he'd had a lot of free time to work
out the last couple of years or so He asked her if she wanted a drink.

"No thanks," she said. "I'm not much of a drinker."

"I'll make you something light then," he said as he headed towards the
kitchen. Mark found a cabinet full of alcohol and rumaged through it. He
smiled as he pulled out a bottle of grain alcohol. He found some Kool
Aid and mixed them some grain punch. He made Lisa's a lot stronger.

Lisa reluctantly took the drink from Mark and tentatively tasted it with
her tongue. Umm, not bad, she thought, I can't even taste any alcohol.
She was dehydrated from the days stress and quickly finished hers.

Mark got up and went to check on the water level. The tide had peaked
and it looked like their houses would be safe.

"Looks like we're in the clear," said Mark as he handed her another
glass of punch, "Let's drink a toast to that."

"Here, here," Lisa said and she finished off half her glass.

They sat in front of the fire talking for a while. Lisa told him about
herself and Bryan and she admitted that today was their eighth wedding

"Shame," he said softly.

"What?" she asked.

"I was just wondering what kind of a man leaves such a sexy woman like
you alone on their anniversary in the middle of a hurricane." he told

What kind of man indeed, thought Michelle. She started to defend her
husband, but broke down crying. She found herself baring her soul to the
giant black stranger, she hardly knew. Lisa told Mark how lonely she was
and how Bryan seemed to ignore her and that she wasn't even going to be
with her husband on their anniversary. She felt Mark's large hand pat
her knee and he rested it there reassuringly.

Lisa lifted his hand up and excused herself to go to the bathroom. When
she got back, she didn't notice that her drink was full again and took a
big sip. She asked Mark about himself and he just smiled and said there
wasn't much to tell. He'd been away from his family for three years and
when he returned his mother had died and he was stuck taking care of

"Don't lie mark," she said slurring a little. "I can tell you really
love your brother."

Mark smiled and taped his flat crooked nose
"I got this trying to defend him from some bullies, back in school."

They sat around talking for a while, until Mark excused himself and went
upstairs to his clothes. He removed a joint from his wallet, and
returned to Lisa after stopping off to fix her another drink.

Mark had loosened up his robe in the kitchen and as he handed her the
drink, his robe swung open.

Lisa gasped at the size of the penis swinging before her eyes. It was
coal black, except for the fat head which was much lighter. She had
never imagined penises got that big and he wasn't even completely hard.
It just stuck out from his crotch about eight inches and was twice as
big as her husbands and at least three times as thick. As she stared,
the large head was starting to swell and move upward before he closed
his robe, and appologized.

Lisa just nodded her head dumbly as they began talking again. Mark asked
her if she had ever smoked a joint. She said no, and he produced one and
lit it. Mark inhaled with a smile and slowly exhaled the smoke in Lisa's
direction. He offered her a hit and she refused, but took a big sip of
punch. It was well past dinner time and she hadn't eaten much all day.
Her head felt dizzy from the punch, as she tried to fan the smoke away
from her face.

She thought back over the events of the day. Lisa thought of the huge
black penis, locking herself out of her house, running naked through
the yards, the dog, and the huge black penis that had rescued her. She
suddenly found it all very funny and started laughing. Mark laughed
with her.

When she calmed herself, he offered her the joint again. This time she
took it and held it before her face.

"Just put it in your mouth and suck on it," he informed her." Don't
worry anything that small and white is easy to suck on."

Lisa nodded and took a hit. She coughed at first but, soon figured it
out. They exchanged the joint until it was gone, laughing and talking
the whole time. Lisa shook her head to clear it, she couldn't seem to
think straight. She leaned back against the base of the couch and must
have passed out.

When she opened her eyes, she asked Mark what time it was. She heard him
reply that it was 11:10. She looked over at him and smiled.
The smle left her, at the expression on his face.
The flickering shadows from the fire made him look dangerous and
predatory, like he had the first time he had seen her naked. She noticed
his penis was standing up through his robe. It had to have been ten
inches long, fully erect, and she suddenly felt scared.

Lisa looked down at herself. He robe had loosened and part of her
nipples were showing. It had also ridden up and she was flashing Mark
her bare pussy. No wonder he was so turnd on, she thought, as she
struggled to cover herself.
She watched Mark stand up and he let the robe drop to the floor.

"M..mark what are you doing?" she asked.

"I'm about to fuck my first white pussy," he told her.

He walked over to her, his giant penis pointing straight at her. It
swayed in front of her face as she scrambled up onto the couch. He kept
coming pointing that big black monster at her mouth.

"Suck it," he ordered.

She just shook her head and held her mouth shut as she tried to turn her
head away from the giant black snake before her.

Mark figured she wasn't ready to blow him yet, and he dropped to his
knees and looked at her shaved pussy. He ran his hand down her mound and
she struggled when he touched her. He easiy held her legs apart and put
his lips on her mound.

Lisa shivered as Mark ran his hand along her vagina. She made a last
attempt to get away, before he grabbed her legs and pulled them apart.
She felt his lips kiss hers and his tongue started slowly licking around
her labia. She couldn't believe how good it felt as he licked around her
vagina and she quit struggling. She moaned as Mark began fucking her
with his tongue. It was almost as long as Bryan's penis and after five
minutes of his tonguing her, she noticed her hips were rising up to meet
is thrusts. She was moaning constantly as her belly undulated under his
skillfull minsitrations.
Lisa was confused, unlike her husband, the black man actually seemed to
enjoy eating her.
She felt guilty for enjoying it so much, but there was no denying how
good it felt. Something was happening deep inside her as he ate her and
it was both frightening and wonderful at the same time.

"Please don't stop, Mark," she moaned. "Pleeease d.on't stopp. I'mmm

Lisa felt her first orgasm burst from her body and soak his face. She
never would of imagined it could feel that good and all the cheesy
descriptions in her romance novels didn't do it justice.

"Oh god, Mark thank you," she managed to stammer out.

Mark sat up on his knees and positioned the head of his giant cock on
her pussy lips. Three years without a woman, he thought, I'm going to
fuck this bitch all night.

Lisa came to her senses when she felt his penis at the entrance to her
vagina. She quickly brought her hand down to cover it and she stopped
his penis from penetrating her.

"Move your fucking hand now Bitch," he growled in frustration.

"Please Mark, wait a minute," she said. "What time is it?"

Mark was confused as he looked at his watch and said "Fifteen minutes
before midnight."

"I don't want to cheat on my husband on our anniversary," she said.
"Please just wait till midnight to put your penis in me. Please Mark,
for me." she smiled up at him.

Mark smiled back then he moved her hand and slammed about half his cock
in her pussy.
"It's our anniversery now bitch," he yelled.
"And that big thing fucking you is no penis it's a cock."

"No, please don't do this," she begged. "Your peni.... cock is too big.
It hurts.

Mark just laughed and fed her a little more of his cock. He was fucking
her with a little more then half his cock, letting her get used to his
size. He couldn't believe how good white pussy felt. It was so hot and
her pussy was lubricating rapidly to accomodate him.

"So fucking tight," he groaned and pushed eight inches into her.

Lisa had never felt so full in her life. She still felt guilty for
cheating on Bryan, but her pussy was betraying her. His cock was getting
well lubricated with her juices and her pussy kept squeezing down on it,
trying to pull more of it in. There was no denying it, something deep
inside her craved to be fucked by a super sized cock. The pain had faded
to a slight discomfort and after that there was only a sexual pleasure
she had only read about in romance novels. Lisa began fucking him back.
She reached up and pulled his head down to her and began French kissing
Mark. She could taste her own juices on his tongue and felt guilty for
not sucking on his cock earlier.

Mark sensed the change in Lisa the moment she pulled his head down to
kiss him. He felt her shivering beneath him as he slowly fucked her with
nine inches of his cock. He reached up and squeezed her head between his
large hands and forced her to look in his eyes. When their gazes met he
slammed his cock into her up to his balls. He felt her shudder in orgasm
as she stared at his face.

Lisa felt so powerless between those strong hands. He could crush the
life out of her if he wanted to and it excited her thinking about how
strong and dominant Mark was. She looked at his face in awe as he buried
that wonderful cock of his to the hilt, inside her pussy causing her to
orgasm again.

Still looking her in the eyes, Mark said, "Do you like this cock?" as he
slowly slid it all the way in and out.

"I Love it"

"Is it bigger then your husbands?" he asked.

"More then twice as big"

He saw her look of disappointment as he stopped fucking her with less
then half is cock in her. "Is he this big?"

"Yes, but not as thick," she said sadly.

He pushed all ten inches inside her and held it there. "I want you to
remember," he said. "Only a big black cock can fuck you like this."

He saw Lisa nod in understanding, and Mark began fucking her hard. He
braced her knees over his shoulders as he kneeled before her and began
to fuck her rapidly with his cocks entire length.

"Oo, oo, fuck.. fuck meee with your black cock,"
she screamed at him staring up at him lustfully.

Lisa still couldn't think straight from all the pot and booze. All she
could think about was Marks words. He was right ony a big black cock
could fuck her like this. She had never been fucked before. Fucking
Bryan's little penis was like riding a bike compared to driving a big
black ferrari. It shouldn't even count as sex. Thank god whenever I need
a real man, I can now fuck Mark. The black god leaned down and gently
bit one of her nipples and she moaned as she felt another orgasm

She felt Marks cock swell up even bigger and that triggered her orgasm.
His hot semen erupted from his cock and it just seemed to keep coming as
it quickly filled her pussy to overflowing prolonging her orgasm.

The lustful look Lisa was giving him turned him on so much that he felt
his balls began to ache. His sperm seemed to take forever traveling up
his cock. It had been so long since he had cum that it actually hurt a
little as it blasted from is cock. His cock was still cumming when he
pulled it out of her pussy. He stood up and sprayed his semen just above
her belly and then a big glob splattered her breasts. He aimed his cock
at her face and another long strand of semen left his cock and landed on
her face from her forehead to her mouth. Mark grabbed Lisa's head and
pushed his cock between her lips and shot his last blast of cum in her
mouth. He felt her lick around his cock lovingly before he collapsed
beside her on the couch.

Lisa would remember that moment as her black sperm baptism. It was the
turning point in her life from loving wife to a slut for black cock.
Lisa looked down her body. She was literally covered in Mark's semen.
She licked up the strand touching her lips as she felt the glob on her
stomach run down into her belly button. She felt his sperm pouring out
of her pussy as she reached out and rubbed the semen on her breasts into
her nipples.

"Do all black men cum this much?" she asked in awe.

Mark was breathing hard from his orgasm but he managed to say, "Baby,
that's three years worth of cum your bathing in.

"Don't you believe in masturbating?"she asked.

"Nope, jerken off is for wimps,"

Lisa laid back on the couch, the drugs, alcohol
and her state of sexual satisfaction soon put her to sleep. She dreamed
of all the black men she could have fucked in her life. There was the
gym teacher, the janitor, the....

Mark heard muffled laughter and looked up to see Leroy giggling over on
the other sofa.

"Did you see all that?" Mark asked his brother.

"Pee pee, You cover pretty white lady with pee pee, " Leroy said
nodding his head.

I've been so selfish Mark thought, Leroy doesn't know anything about
sex. He looked down at Lisa sleeping.

"Leroy it's time for your bath, take off your clothes."

Mark gently picked Lisa up while Leroy removed his clothes. He laid Lisa
down on the floor before the fire and rolled her over onto her stomach.
He called Leroy over to him as he raised Lisa to her knees.

Leroy's cock was even bigger then Marks. Flacid it hung down ten inches.
Mark had caught him playing with himself many times and had always made
him stop. He knew it was about a foot long when erect and about as wide
as his own.

"Leroy remember how I always yell at you when you touch your pee pee."

Leroy just nodded and Mark said "It's ok to touch it now."

Leroy didn't need to be told twice. He never understood how something
that made him feel so good could be bad. He began tugging on his pee pee
and it soon rose to full erection. His brother pushed him down on his
knees behind the nice white lady, and he found himself staring at her
behind as he tugged on his pee pee. He screamed when his brother made
him stop touching himself, but stopped when Mark grabbed his pee pee and
pushed it down the white ladies cheeks and rested it against something
warm and wet. Instinct took over and he pushed his penis all the way in.

"Oooo Mark, so soon," moaned Lisa as she woke up and got up on her hands
and knees so she could fuck him back. Mark never stopped pounding her
hard with that monster cock as she pushed herself up. He was using her
just to get himself off and it made her feel so slutty that a series of
orgasms started popping off like firecrackers deep within her body.

She lovingly looked over her shoulder and was startled to see Mark
sitting on the couch holding his cock in his hands as he watched Leroy
fuck her. Leroy wasn't even looking at her as he fucked her. He was just
staring off into space as he repeatedly rammed that giant black cock
into her. He was just an animal rutting on instinct. Lisa was shocked at
first but his cock just felt too damn good and she continued to cum.

Mark stood up off the couch and presented his cock before Lisa's mouth.
"Look bitch, You know what to do,"

Lisa smiled and took the head of his cock in her mouth. For the next
half hour Lisa sucked off Mark while Leroy continued to rapidly pound
her pussy with his cock. She moaned around Marks cock head when she felt
Leroy's massive prick swell up and then his semen exploded into places
so deep inside her pussy that she didn't even know they existed. Leroy
had bellowed like a bull when he came and she felt him pull out rapidly
when he was finished and he ran to hide under the blanket, frightened by
what had happened.

Lisa turned her full attention to sucking off Mark and was soon rewarded
with a mouth full of semen. The head swelled up so big that she thought
her jaw would break as his cum sprayed the back of her throat. It
quickly filled her mouth and spilled out down her chin as she tried to
swallow as much as she could get.

Lisa fucked and sucked Mark all night long and let Leroy fuck her
several more times. Around dawn she untangled herself from Marks arms
and hopped in the shower to wash all the dried semen off her. She was
looking out the window at the sunshine when she noticed her husbands car
drive by.

She sighed, and quickly found a pen and paper and wrote Mark a note
sayng that as soon as the wimp left for work again she'd be back for
more of his black cock.

The street was a mess as she ran towards her house clad only in her
robe. Leaves were everywhere and sand covered the street. Bryan yelled
with delight when he saw her. She ran into her husbands arms in the yard
and they held each other for a while.

"Thank god Lisa," he said. "I was so worried."

She filled him in on getting trapped outside and said that she had
stayed at Rose's overnight.

"I'm sorry Bryan, but I tried to call and the phones were out."

"What do you mean?" he said. "I called here all night long, the
answering machine is full of my messages."

Lisa frowned, either Mark had lied to her or his phone had been the only
one to go out. Either way she didn't care. Holding hands with her
husband they walked inside their house.


Several days later, Bryan had returned to work and she was craving black
cock again. He had given her an expensive diamond necklace for their
anniversary and she had pretended to enjoy sex with him. Lisa smiled as
she thought of the fucking she was about to get. She slipped into her
sluttiest lingerie and pulled a sun dress over it.

She was humming to herself as she skipped down the street to Mark's
house. The first thing she noticed were the two cop cars parked in front
of his house. One was a state cop and the other the town sheriffs. Rose
was crying in one of the cars and her friend Karen was comforting her.
Lisa asked what was going on and Karen told her that the sheriff had
evacuated Rose during the storm and when he brought her back the house
had been robbed. Lisa was horified to realize she had been fucked by a
couple of criminals. She was even more horified to realize she wouldn't
be getting fucked by them any more.

She saw the sheriff and went over to confess to seeing the two men. She
told him she had just gotten trapped outside and had ended up spending
the night with them. She left out having sex with them but, the sheriff
still stared at her like she was some kind of slut. Anyway he told her
it was a state police matter and called inside to the state cop.

Her eyes lit up when she saw the giant black cop. He was bigger then
Mark and very handsome. She was eye level with his waist and found
herself staring at a long, hard black billy club.She had to strain to
look up at him and she sad she felt faint and asked him to drive her
home. She kept glancing at his crotch as he drove her to her house and
she knew that he noticed it.

He followed her inside to get her statement and nodded knowingly when
she described Mark and Leroy.

"Yes maam," he said. "Mark and Leroy Jones. Mark just got released from
a three year stint in jail and is beleived to be responsible for a
string of robberies up and down the coast."

"There's one other thing maam," he said after slamming shut his
notebook. "There were dried semen stains all over the couch and the
floor in front of the fire place. Were you raped?"

Lisa let her dress fall to the floor and stood before the giant black
cop clad only in her lacy white bra and panties. She saw his cock
growing beneath his uniform pants. It seemed to be as big as his billy

"No officer, I was educated."


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