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The Fall of Rebecca


>>> Adults Only <<<

If you are under 18 or if reading erotica is illegal in your locality please exit from this screen NOW.

That said, this story may be printed by individual users of ASSTR by my permission so long as those printed pages are for the personal use of an adult and minors will not have access to the story. This story may be posted to free websites with my permission or to the free section(s) of pay websites with my permission.

Disclaimer: This is just a story! I like murder mysteries yet I've never killed anyone and I also like Tom Clancys' work even though I've never nuked Denver, crashed a 747 into the United States Capitol, sunk a chinese missile submarine, or tried to wipe out the entire human race with biological weapons. I'm trying to say that I would NEVER do any of the things portrayed in this story nor did I write this story to compel or inspire someone else to do such a thing.

I also love to hear from my readers so feel free to write to me with comments, compliments, suggestions, or criticisms - it's all welcomed.

MF nc impreg

The Fall of Rebecca - Copyright 2001 by Patrick Flanagan

Rebecca was the fourth person to respond to my ad looking to rent out my
spare bedroom. The first three people were just not what I was looking
for; a warehouse worker, a retired nurse, and a police officer. Lord
knows, I sure didn't want a cop living with me.

Now Rebecca was no raving beauty, but she did look healthy and fairly
attractive with her lithe form and sandy hair. What sold me on renting to
her was her radiant smile and the fact that she truly did need a cheap
place to stay. Because of her finances she said she would have a hard time
making ends meet since all she had was a small stipend from her parents back home and her Pell Grant. I had quoted her $350 per month plus
utilities and the smile faded.

"I'm so sorry I wasted your time, I really can't afford more than $150."
The tear in her eye was evident.

My heart crumbled.

"$150 it is. But I'll have you do some chores around the place to make
up the difference, okay?"

She leaped at me and hugged me and talked so fast at me that I never
heard what she said, she was so excited.

Her parents helped her move in the next weekend and I found them to be
really decent people. I could see where Rebecca got her good raising and
that made me like her all the more.

Over the next semester she met her end of the bargain and my house was
never cleaner, my shirts never pressed better, and her cooking was
excellent in its simplicity. We enjoyed several evenings together when her
studies permitted and we even went out on a few 'dates'. She even invited
me to her parents home for the holidays and we had a great time as a
defacto extended family. When the spring semester started I told Rebecca
that her work around the house more than paid for her rent and that I no
longer wanted her to pay for living with me. Truthfully, I had become
accustomed to her company and was falling in love with her and didn't want
her looking for another place to live. My house went from clean to
spotless as a gesture of her gratitude.

spring break came along and Rebecca, who let me call her 'Becca' now,
was invited to a party by some of her friends and a young man she had been
seeing, although not seriously. She didn't need my permission, of course,
so off she went. It turned out to be a rave. Her boyfriend ended up
slipping some sort of drug into her drink and when she lost her senses he
took her out to his car and attempted to sate his lust. Becca's friends
found her just as the impatient young man prematurely shot his cum on her
panties. Under the assault of Becca's angry friends, the boyfriend made a
hasty retreat and the girls brought Becca home to me after getting her
clothes back on as best as they could.

I thanked Becca's friends for their protecting my tenant and sent them
on their way with the assurance that I would see Becca safely upstairs.
Becca was quite literally a mess. The girls had told me about what had
happened and I figured it best to get Becca out of her soiled clothes
before putting her to bed. First, I carried her to her room and, after
finding her nightgown, I went to work unbuttoning her blouse.

"Wha?...What are you doing?" She blearily mumbled.

"I'm getting you put to bed, honey. You've had quite a night, haven't

"He tried to rape me..."

And that was the last thing she said as she slipped into a drug induced

The blouse came off and I had to steel myself at my reaction when I saw
her smooth breasts poking out at me. I fought off the swelling in my pants
and swore that I would focus on the task at hand. I laid her back on the
bed and then knelt down and removed her shoes and socks and couldn't help
myself from lightly caressing her pretty little feet.

(Now don't go thinking I have a foot fetish! I don't, at least I think
I don't.)

I shook myself from my reverie and then stood up to undo her jeans. The
buttons and the fly were fairly easy to undo and then I had to struggle to
get them over her hips and off of her legs. That done, I gathered up the
jeans, socks, and the blouse and went out to toss them down the laundry
chute in the bathroom. When I came back I immediately saw Becca's panties moistened by her attempted rapist's cum. I was furious and I wanted to go
kill the little bastard right then and there! I got over my fury in a
flash when I realized that the cum on Becca's panties could possibly get
her pregnant if I didn't get them off of her. They were almost as hard to
remove as the jeans and after I had them off I almost tossed them in the
fireplace to destroy the foul things, but then I realized that she might
want to press charges and then they would be important evidence. I
reluctantly put them aside in my own room and then got a pan of warm water
and a washcloth to clean up Becca's matted pubes.

It was just a few minutes before I had her cleaned up and dried off.
Now I had to get her into the nightgown, but then I figured why go to the
hassle? I picked her up and held her against me as I pulled the covers
down and then I laid her into the soft bed. Her bra was halfway off
anyhow, so I undid it and set it on her dresser. When I turned around to
cover her up I could barely contain myself at the sight of her fresh, young breasts, naked and in all their glory! Quickly, I covered her up and,
shutting the light off, I closed the door behind me and went downstairs to
get a drink, which I really needed.

I calmed myself with a liberal dose of my favorite brandy and soon felt
the dragon in my pants going to sleep. I had been honorable and I was
rather pleased with myself. I watched the end of Conan O'Brien's show and
then turned to VH1 to watch a few videos. As I sat there my mind focused
on the fact that Becca could be getting pregnant right now with that boys'
seed and she had never even had sex! My mind seemed to just go round in
circles on this little factoid; what a waste, I thought.

I shut off the tv and made my way to my room and got ready for bed. I
dutifully flossed and brushed and was about to get into bed when I decided
to check on Becca. I quietly let myself into her room and knelt beside

"Becca? Becca, honey, are you okay?"

There was no response other than her deep, slumbering breaths. I should
have left her alone.

I didn't.

I told myself that I just wanted to see those creamy tits of hers again
and I eased the covers back to reveal their glory. As if possessed of a
will of its' own, my hand brushed over her body and drank in the luxury of
her warmth. I felt my body demanding something that I knew I shouldn't
give it. I laid my hand on her pert mound and gently tweaked the budding
nipple until it answered my attention. It was too much. I stood up and
dropped my boxers and grabbed my dick and took a few strokes to quell my
hunger. I figured I would jerk off into my shorts and then head off to
bed, but I soon stopped and just looked at

It's amazing that at this moment I found myself crossing an ethical and
moral line I thought I'd never cross. Even now, I can't imagine why I let
my lust rule my mind. But it did and I was not man enough to stop myself.

I slipped into the bed and pulled the covers up over us and treated
myself to feeling Becca's warmth and her naked skin next to me. The flood
of sensation nearly overwhelmed me.

Like a starving animal, I brought my lips to her breast and lapped at
the tender nipples, sucking them into erections of their own. My own
erection rubbed against her smooth thigh, rubbing with need. I thought
about stopping but then went back to my thought about the waste of her body
if she was pregnant. I shook off my lingering sense of honor and reached
down to her cleft and went to work finding her innocent clit. My finger
wafted between her pussy lips and found them a little moist already. When
Becca's clit was drawn from its' little hiding place her belly tensed and
her breath caught. I didn't care if she woke up now, it was too late for
me to stop.

Lucky for me, she stayed in the depths of her stupor while her body
responded to my urgings by spreading her legs to give me better access to
her pleasure. I now noticed her thigh being a little wet from my precum,
which turned me on even more. I was about to move on top of her when her
breathing became very shallow and her whole body tensed, as if she was
stretching in her sleep. The sudden moisture at her pussy told me that my
sleeping Becca had gotten off!

This was too much for me and I found myself sliding up between her legs
to claim her body. My engorged prick pressed up to her velvety soft pussy lips and parted them. Ohhhh, I could barely contain myself! I started
stroking myself into her crevice and soon felt the head of my cock pop into
her love canal. It was just a few more strokes and I found myself buried
to the hilt in her lovely belly. I had expected to find her hymen waiting
for me as I knew Becca to be a virgin, but not every woman has one, I
guess. I savored every thrust of my dick into her innocence as I calmly
held myself back from cumming too soon. I found myself kissing her full on
the lips as I made love to her and was surprised to feel her kiss me back!
It was a soft and dreamy kiss she gave back to her lover and I realized,
that at some level, she too, was enjoying this. I nibbled a dainty earlobe
as I kept up my steady humping of my little tongue drove into
her ear and explored every curve of the delicate structure.


I felt the familiar fury building in my balls and demanding to be
released. I tried to hold it back just a little longer...and failed. My
cock took over my body and my humping became deeper and more
deliberate...each thrust was shaking the bed and shoving Becca up against
the headboard..

"Oh, GAWD!!!"

My pent-up spunk blasted into Becca's tight little after
stream of my sperm flooded against her womb as my cock kept pounding and
pumping in an orgasmic ballet.

Spent, I collapsed onto her ravaged body and tried to catch my breath. I
just lay there listening to her heart beat for a while when I realized that
my cock was still impaled in her soaking wet pussy. The mere thought made
it swell up again and it was ten lascivious minutes later when another gout
of my seed erupted into my sleeping beauty.

When I regained my senses, I was very careful to clean up and cover my
angel in her bed. I found myself worried about getting caught as I went to
bed. But without reason.

The next morning was filled with tears as Becca told me about what had
happened - the boy attempting to rape her and then shooting his wad on her.
There were more tears as I told her about how her friends had rescued her
and how I had put her to bed. She thanked me for being so wonderful to her
with a tearful hug.

She rejected the idea of pressing charges as she didn't want to go
through the hell of a trial. I held her and as she called her parents and
told them about what had happened, and there were more tears. Her parents came to see her that same day and stayed the week in my room while I slept
on the couch. They left after the week was over and things had settled
down. Becca decided to finish school since the boy had wisely left town
the day after the rave party and she would no longer see him at school.
Becca became much closer to me in the following weeks, hugging me
constantly, snuggling up to me like a puppy on the couch every night, even
kissing me on the cheeks before bed every night. I didn't deserve her
attention, I know, but I loved it never the less. I was happy to be her
security blanket.

The next crisis came three months later when Becca became terribly ill
one morning after breakfast. Her bacon and eggs were puked up in the
kitchen sink and I insisted that we take her to the doctor right away. I
had my suspicions and the doctor at the emergency room soon confirmed it:
Becca was pregnant!

The tears flowed again:

"I can't have an abortion! My parents would never forgive me! What am
I going to do? And what man is ever going to want me now?"

Her Christian parents would never hear of an abortion, that was for
sure. And Becca wouldn't have had one anyway, given her morals and
convictions. What to do? I had thought about this possibility quite a bit
over the last three months and decided to make the play I had been dreaming

I got down on bended knee,

"Marry me Becca and I'll be honored to have you as my wife and that
child as my own."

More tears.

She fell into my arms and sobbed about my deserving better and so on and
so forth. Fact is, she deserved better than me.

Ultimately, she said yes and we got married in a simple church ceremony
a year and a half ago. Our daughter is a lovely child with Becca's
hair...and my eyes. And her little brother is on the way!


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