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Archived Sex Stories

The Farm


Sow 3 waited in her cell for her Master. She knew that he would come.
Knew that he was going to slaughter her for a roast today. She knew
because sow 4 had suddenly appeared. A few years younger and with firmer
tits and a sleeker body, sow 4 was really quite beautiful. Sow 3 knew that
she was being replaced, but that was okay. Her time here was done. She
had been a breeding sow for five years now and had produced four excellent
children for her master. She had pleased him and his friends for a long
time and now she was willing to die for him.

Five years ago she had been a successful businesswoman called Marissa.
She had been on the way to the top job in the firm, had lots of friends, a
big house, a nice car...but something had always been missing. And one day
she found out what that something was. She had been flicking through the
personals on the Internet and on a whim she decided to check out some of
the weirder personal ads. She had been looking through the bondage section
where masters found slaves and vice versa when she came across an ad that
said, "CAREER girls Is your life really satisfying? Is something missing
and you're not sure what it is? Imagine a life of surrender, where you no
longer have to worry about bills, dating...just serving one man. If you
want this sort of life, phone me...your master."

Just looking at the words had made her wet and she had masturbated that
night, imagining a life of servitude. The next day she had called him on a
whim and somehow wound up arranging an interview. She had driven out to
his farm, a remote place two hours from town that turned out to be an
enormous mansion protected by a high fence and guard dogs. She had had to
get through the automatic gates where the password he had given her over
the phone was verified before she was allowed up to the main house.

He had made her strip, examined her body, running his hands all over
her. He tested the weight of her breasts, stroked her aching slit, checking
how tight her cunt was with his fingers. At last he seemed to be satisfied
and sat down in front of her. She waited, standing where she was,
wondering what would come next. He pulled a bell ringer next to the chair
and then they waited. At last the door opened and a naked woman came in
and knelt next to the master's chair. In the dim light she could see that
the woman's hair was piled on her head. Her pale skin seemed to glow in
the light and she seemed to have two thick rings through her breasts.

"This is sow 2. She is now twenty three years old, just one year older than yourself and yet she has been in servitude here from her eighteenth
birthday...some five years." He laid his hand on the sow's head and stroked
her as he continued; "Unfortunately she has become somewhat unattractive
after five birthings. Her perky teenage breasts are now saggy and her
once-flat belly isn't much better. Sow 2 has birthed seven piglets in her
time...she has now given birth to her last and she is ready for slaughter."

Marissa looked at the woman in shock, but the woman didn't seem to mind.
She just stared ahead while her master continued to speak.

"Don't look so shocked. There is a reason she is called sow 2. The
woman before her, sow 1, was my first piece of livestock and when she
ceased being a good breeder, she too was slaughtered. Women who come here
become livestock. They are treated as such. As soon as they are no longer
commercially viable, they must be killed. I am trying to run a business
here." "Business?" Marissa gulped. "Yes, a business. All children that the
livestock produce are sold on the black market to childless couples. A
newborn boy, no more than two days old will fetch up to a quarter of a
million dollars if he is marketed properly. That brings me to the terms of
your enslavement. Should you choose to be sow 2's replacement, you will
then be known only as sow 3. You will become no better than any other
livestock on a farm. You will have one purpose: to breed. I will keep you
pregnant the entire time you are here. Within two days of the child's
birth, it will be taken from you and you will begin trying to get pregnant
again. If you fail to become pregnant in less than six months I will find
a new sow and dispose of you. Do you understand?" "Yes Master," she
whispered, aware that her slit was dripping everywhere. "Excellent. Now,
should you choose to become my slave, you will release your old life, quit
your job, sell your possessions and distribute the money however you see
fit. I would prefer it if you gave it to me, but it isn't necessary. You
will reside here as a breeder until I determine that your time is up. I
will then dispose of you as I see fit. You may collect your clothes and
leave now. Your application as a breeding sow is successful and you have
two weeks to comply with my orders and take up my offer." "Yes Master," she
had muttered, head down.

Marissa sold her possessions within a week of meeting the master, quit
her job, paid him all the money she'd made and became his sow. On her
first night at the farm the master and sow 2 had inserted two big rings
through her breasts, well behind her nipples. These were to be used to tie
her down whenever it was necessary and the reason they were put almost
through the middle of her breasts was to prevent them from tearing out.
After her rings had been inserted, sow 2 was laid down on the table and a
thick iron ring was threaded through her cunt lips and used to close the
entrance to her cunt. The master explained that this ring was a symbol
that sow 2 would no longer be used for fucking and birthing. The slave lay
peacefully throughout the procedure, barely flinching as the huge needle
passed through her flesh. Although her breasts and belly were quite saggy
now, Marissa could tell that she had once been very beautiful. She wasn't
very old either, although she certainly looked older than twenty-three.

On the second day she had prepared sow 2 for the oven, as she was to be
baked alive for her master and his guests. She was cleansed thoroughly,
enemas cleaned her bowel out and then she was laid on a table. The master
injected her with stimulants and waited for fifteen minutes for them to
take effect before he gutted her quickly and then Marissa-now sow 3-had
filled her with stuffing and sewed her belly wound up. She had been amazed
that the sow was still alive, awake and aware when they had dressed her
like a turkey, put her in a pan and slid her inside a massive oven.

The master had pushed her over to the oven and made her watch as sow 2
twitched inside the heated chamber. "Do you see her dying slut?" "Yes
master," she gasped, grinding back against him as he pulled on her rings,
yanking them hard, pulling her tit meat away from her chest. "That might be
you some day. Is that what you want?" "If it will please you master..."
"It does," he muttered into her ear, sliding deep into her and fucking as
they watched the increasingly desperate sow 2.

And now here she was. Yesterday she had helped insert breast rings into
sow 4. Sow 4 and her master had then inserted a big ring through her cunt lips, blocking the entrance to her cunt, just like she had done to sow 2
five years ago. It, along with the breast rings would also help cook her
through evenly if she was to die in an oven. Regardless of how she was
going to die, today sow 4 and her master would prepare her and kill her.
She was very damp at the thought. All night she had played with herself,
tugging at her breast and cunt rings, sliding her finger between her lips
and massaging her clit again and again, bringing herself to orgasm after

At last the master came for her and she sat, waiting while he opened her
cell. "Ready slave?" he asked and she nodded compliantly.

He entered her cell and clipped a chain to her breast rings. He then
pulled her to her feet and led her through the house. She went slowly,
hanging back so that he had to pull her along by the chain. She wasn't
reluctant to meet her fate, but she knew he enjoyed pulling on her rings
and she enjoyed the pain deep within her tits every time he yanked hard.
At last he showed her into the large room out the back of the house. She
paused there for a few seconds, taking in what she saw. She gasped as he
yanked her forward viciously. Sow 4 and another man waited in the middle
of the room next to a pit full of coals and a long metal spit. She felt
her slit moisten at the thought.

"You are going to be spit roasted slut...alive," her master said. "Thank
you master," she muttered. "We'll see whether you're still thanking me by
the end of this. On your knees tramp." She fell immediately onto her hands
and knees, legs slightly apart, exposing her pierced slit to them all.
"Dan is here to help us today. After the preparations, he is going to fuck
your ass while you suck me off. I don't want you to make me come until Dan
is finished and the spit is in your ass. I will let you know when I want
you to come. Do you understand?" "Yes master," she said. Sow 4 brought a
syringe, stimulants to keep her going she surmised. She found a vein and
slipped the needle in, rapidly depressing the plunger. Next was her enema.
She remained on her hands and knees while the master watched and Sow 4
filled her bowels with enormous amounts of water. She chewed her lip in
pain, to keep from crying out. After each bag was emptied, she was made to
hold it for a few minutes and then allowed to release it into a bucket,
which Dan took outside and emptied onto the garden. After four of these
enemas, the master declared her to be empty and ready to start. She watched
while he dropped his pants and exposed his massive erection. She head Dan
dropping his pants too and a minute later a cold, smooth cream was being
smeared around her anus. She began sucking the master's cock as Dan pushed
the head of his cock into her ass. She gasped around the cock in her mouth
a little. Having children had made her looser back there, but she was
still tight enough for a decent sized cock to hurt. Dan was obviously
young and a little inexperienced as he couldn't seem to wait. He was
pounding in and out of her ass almost as soon as he was in and she could
tell he wasn't going to last. She sucked steadily at the cock in her
mouth, determined to fulfil the master's instructions to the letter. She
wanted him to think that she was a good sow, even now when he was disposing
of her. She felt Dan blow his load into her passage and a moment later she
felt the greased end of the spit against her entrance. She sucked a little
faster as the huge metal shaft slid slowly up inside her. She fucked back
at it eagerly, sucking her master continually. She felt his hand on the
back of her head, his signal, and she gave a hard long suck, drawing him
right down her throat. His cock pulsed in her mouth and hot sticky come
flooded down her throat. Her last meal ever. She licked him clean and
then waited while he put his cock away. He sat down and watched as sow 4
and Dan lined up the spit.

"You have been a very good breeder," he told her, "it's a pity that you
were so old when you came to me. Sows are no good after thirty. Besides,
you are getting saggy and fat and that's not good. But I am sure sow 4
will be pleasing. And she is only eighteen, with many years of servitude
in front of her... You have done well, slut." He nodded to sow 4 and Dan
and she waited expectantly. "Don't move," Dan warned and then she felt the
pressure. She was surprised by how high up in her guts the spit was
already. There wasn't much pain yet, but she knew that that was all about
to change. All of a sudden pain exploded in her guts as the two of them
sent the spit through her bowel and into her abdominal cavity. She gasped
in pain, struggling to stay on all fours. The spit resumed it's sliding
and she could feel it moving slowly through her. She panted in pain and
fear, determined to stay on all fours but finding it harder with every
passing second to maintain her balance. At last she felt the pain in the
back of her throat and knew that she was almost done. She wanted to throw
up as it passed through into her mouth. Amazed, she watched as it burst
forth, the gleaming point covered in blood. She found it difficult to
breathe but was somehow capable of doing it through the holes in the shaft
of the spit and her nose. Dan eased her down onto her side and then her
back and her mind screamed as the spit jerked against her insides. Once on
her back she felt Dan pushing something hard and cold into her cunt. This
must be the pussy post. It met the resistance of her cervix and she
grunted in pain and fear. Dan ignored her whimpering, fastened both hands
around the post and rammed it deep into her. She squealed as the point
went through her cervix, womb and deep into her guts. The post was rapidly
attached to the pole and then her hands and feet were fixed to the spit,
wrists above her head, legs bent and ankles secured to the spit not two
feet from her cunt. She was lifted by the new slave and Dan and carried to
the coals. She felt the heat immediately and closed her eyes in fear as
they placed the ends of her spit on the rotisserie. The heat was
incredible and she squirmed on the spit, trying to get away from it. She
ached to die, but the stimulants wouldn't let her. She had a while to go
yet. Sow 4 manned the handle and began to turn her over the coals. It
wasn't so bad when she was moving. She saw Dan get a large bucket and
wondered what he was doing. But as soon as he began to brush her skin, she
realised that he was basting her with sauce, as though she were a real
roast. She WAS a real roast! As she turned, she realised that the posts in
her pussy and ass were vibrating gently. She tried her best to focus on
this and ignore the terrible pain that came from being slowly cooked. She
was impossibly hot now, her skin scorching, turning slowly from a red to a
soft golden colour. It helped that Dan was brushing her pussy and clit for
unusually long lengths of time. At one point the master made them stop
turning her and came and stood above her. "Still with us I see," he
commented. She blinked at him, the pain of having her back to the flame for
so long was pure agony. "I think wed better pop these and make sure they
don't burst," he said, prodding her tit with a fork. Her eyes grew wide at
that and she tried to shake her head no, but of course she couldn't and so
she tried her best to scream as the master jabbed at her tits with the
fork. Each puncture hissed with steam and fat bubbled out, testament to
what was happening to her. She was cooking for real. She began to turn
again and now she realised that she was beginning to die. She closed her
eyes against the dizzying effect of turning over the coals and focused
harder on what she could of the sensations around her. The rings in her
tits and slit were burning hot, conducting heat deep into her meat and the
vibrations in her ass and cunt were wonderful. She smelled delicious...she
began to fade away. Dan noticed, stopped sow4 from turning her and then
concentrated on brushing her clit furiously, rubbing back and forth...she
felt one final orgasm blossom inside her. She shuddered in pain and
pleasure as the feelings flowed through her before finally letting go and
ending her life as a sow.


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