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Archived Sex Stories

The Fashion Show 1


One warm, sunny summer afternoon, I was walking towards the city centre
when I bumped into one of my good friends, a girl called Katy. After we'd
said hello to each other, she told me that she was going home to try on
some clothes she'd just bought. After a short silence, Katy asked me where
I was going. I informed her that I was heading into town to have a look
around a couple of record shops. "Would you not rather come up to my house
and tell me what you think of my new clothes?", asked Katy. "If you want
me to, I suppose", I replied without much emotion. On the way up to her
house, I started by asking her how well she thought she'd got on during her
recent A-Level exams. "You know, I think I've done all right, actually",
Katy said. As we continued talking, the conversation moved onto the
subject of what all of her friends were doing to at the moment. She told
me that a couple of them had been successful in finding full-time jobs, but
that most of them were still looking. We soon reached the top of Botanic
Avenue, not far from Katy's house, and as we got closer and closer to our
final destination, I asked her if she was planning to go away anywhere for
holiday. "I'm planning to go away with a few of my friends to a town in
Ibiza, called San Antonio", she told me, as we approached Katy's front
door. "Well, I went there with some of my friends last summer, and it was
totally amazing", I said enthusiastically, "you'll really enjoy it!!".
Katy turned the key and opened the door, to reveal a new design to her
hallway, which I hadn't seen before. "Do you want a drink of something
before we go upstairs?", asked Katie, as she headed towards the kitchen.
"Yeah, okay; whatever you're having", I replied. A few seconds later I
followed Katy into the kitchen to find her putting a half bottle of vodka
back into one of the cupboards. "Bit early in the day to start drinking,
isn't it?!", I asked. "No, the timing is just about right - everyone knows
it's normal to start drinking about now", replied Katy. As she finished
speaking, she proceeded to open another cupboard in the kitchen and pull
out a large two litre bottle of cola. Katy then used the cola to dilute
the shots of vodka she'd poured for both of us only seconds earlier. I
went over to where she was standing, lifted my drink and immediately took a
sip of it to see how strong Katy had made it. Katy followed suit, and then
started walking towards the kitchen door. I stood motionless, as I watched
her walking through the open doorway. "Well ... are you going to come up
to my bedroom or what?!", she asked. "Yeah, all right", I asked. "What
sort of clothes did you buy?". "You'll just have to wait and see!" said
Katy. I was a little surprised when I first saw her room. She asked her
why I was so awe-struck. "All the time I've known you, I've never seen
your bedroom. I just didn't think it'd be as big as this", I told her.
Katy told me to sit down on her bed so she could get down to the
nitty-gritty of trying on her new clothes. She went over to her study
table, and set her drink down, but I decided to take another slightly
longer sip of the vodka and cola. Next, she opened the first bag and
proceeded to pull out a long, black dress. She told me that she'd bought
it because she knew that they were considered classics, and didn't really
seem to go out of fashion. Katy turned her back to me as she begun the
long process of trying on all the clothes she'd bought in town that
afternoon. As she took off her denim blue shirt, I noticed Katy wasn't
wearing a bra. Almost as soon as I realised, my eyes flew wide open. Not
long later, she had slipped off her shoes and proceeded to take off her
white denim jeans. As Katy took off her jeans, she revealed a pair of
black knickers. By this stage, I had quite a substantial hard-on, and was
beginning to get a little embarrassed because of it. My embarrassment (and
my cock) grew bigger as Katy bent over slightly to pick her black dress off
the chair beside her. Not long after she'd got the dress on, she asked me
to do her a favour. "Alan?" she said. "Yeah?" I replied. "Could you come
over here and do up this zip, please?". "All right; if you want me to", I
said. Luckily, I was able, without much difficulty, to pull up the zipper
of her sexy black dress. "Well ... what do you think?!", she asked as she
twirled round. "You look great. It makes you look a lot more mature than
you are", I commented. "You think so," said Katy, curiously. "Yes, it's a
great dress!", I confessed. "It shows off you're wonderful figure".
Before I could say or do anything else, Katy gave me a hug. This wasn't
unusual, but at the time it was a bit unexpected. As we broke from our
embrace, she turned round and asked me if I would undo her dress zipper so
she could try something else on. As I was undoing the zip of her dress, I
realised my cock was getting even harder than before. My nerves began to
work overtime as my hand brought the zip down towards her fabulous ass.
Within seconds of finishing unzipping her dress, I'd sat down where I'd
been only a couple of minutes previously. Katy quickly removed the black
dress she'd just tried on, put it over the back of her nearby bedroom chair
and proceeded to pick out the next article of clothing to feature in this
impromptu 'fashion show'. It turned out she was going to try on two items
at the same time. As I saw Katy take them out their bags, I knew they were
going to be something very exciting for me - a miniskirt coupled with a
shirt. As soon as I saw the shirt, I realised I was going to enjoy the
sight of Katy wearing it. It was plain white, and it was completely
see-through. This meant it would be a massive turn-on. Within a couple of
minutes, she was wearing the light blue coloured miniskirt and had buttoned
up the shirt. "Well, what do you think of this?", asked Katy, as she
turned round to face me. "Yet another fantastic choice", I replied,
realising I was starting to get quite warm. "Seriously? D'ya reckon?",
she questioned, looking slightly coy. "Well, I wouldn't have said it if I
didn't mean it. It makes you look more sexy and attractive than you
usually are!", I commented. Before I knew what was happening, Katy had
hugged me again. This time, as we broke from the squeeze, she gave me a
kiss on my cheek. Katy immediately went back over to where her bags of
shopping where, and started removing her white shirt and blue miniskirt.
This unexpected 'fashion show' was turning into being quite exciting, and
not something I would have wanted to have missed. It continued as Katy
reached into another of her bags on the chair, only to bring out something
I didn't recognise straight away. As soon as Katy had unravelled it, I
realised what it was - a black Wonderbra! With this item of clothing, I
knew I would at last be getting a glimpse of part of her totally amazing
pert boobs. I watched Katy, with her back turned to me, slipping into the
bra that was almost certainly going to send my blood pressure through the
roof. As I was staring at the back Katy's beautiful body, I noticed she
was having some difficulty fastening the clip at the rear of the Wonderbra.
"Do you need some help with that?!", I asked, as I began to become slightly
more confident. "Yeah, that'd be great. Thanks!", replied Katy. I
proceeded to attach the clips on the back of the bra together without too
much bother, only to have Katy turn round to face me and ask how it looked
on her. "It makes you look ten times more mature, gorgeous, sexy and
beautiful than I've ever seen anyone look in the past!", I exclaimed, as I
glimpsed at her phenomenal cleavage, "and I've seen some beautiful young women in my life!". Within about a second of finishing what I'd just said,
I found Katy's arms around me in yet another embrace. However, this time
as she broke away from the hug, instead of just giving me a light kiss on
the cheek, she went one stage further and gave me a peck on the lips. As
we broke from the smooch, there was an immediate change in the atmosphere
in Katy's bedroom - it was getting to be far more erotic than it had been
earlier on. "What was that for?", I asked, curious to know why Katy had
just kissed me on the lips. "For being so kind and telling me what you
think of the clothes I bought", replied Katy, as she continued to look at
me straight in the eyes. "I've only told you what anyone else would have
told you; there's no need to get excited about it", I commented. "As your
hands seem to be very nimble this afternoon, would you mind unclipping me",
she asked. "Yeah sure", I said. After waiting for a few seconds, Katy
still hadn't turned her back to me to allow me unclip the back of her black
Wonderbra. "What are you waiting for?", Katy asked, as she glanced into my
eyes again. "I'm waiting for you to turn round, so I can unclip your
bra!", I explained. "Have you never undone a woman's bra from the front?",
asked the blonde babe. "No, I haven't!", I replied, beginning to get
nervous again. Katy looked at me knowingly. "Well, now's good enough time
as any to start practising". As I was new to this sort of thing, I agreed
tentatively. I reached round her arms, making sure I didn't touch her
boobs and started to feel about for the clip. Once I'd found and undone
the clip, I stepped back from Katy. As I did so, she crossed her arms over
her chest and slipped the bra straps off her shoulders, letting the bra
fall to the ground. While we both stood still for a couple of seconds,
Katy looked straight into my eyes, giving me little chance to have a look
at her stunning bust. As I moved back to where I'd been sitting I began to
think this 'show' could get any better, not knowing what was still to come.
I saw Katy reach into the bag which had had the Wonderbra in it, and
immediately began to wonder what Katy was going to surprise me with next. I
thought I was going to have major heart failure when she pulled out what
was to become the final item of clothing - a pair of black silk G-strings!
As she pulled down her extremely alluring pink knickers, I saw the most
beautiful pussy in my life - even though it was the first pussy I'd seen in
my life, but it was still gorgeous. As I pinched myself to make sure I
wasn't dreaming, Katy grabbed the pair of G-strings she'd bought and began
putting them on. Within seconds, she'd pulled the G-strings on and went on
to turn round so I could see what they looked like on her. It also allowed
me to get a glimpse of her wholesome tits. If I'd thought that my cock
couldn't get much bigger, I was in for a nasty shock! "Well ... what d'ya
think?", she questioned, "Do you like them?". Before I had a chance to say
anything, Katy began walking towards her bedroom door and said, "Wait there
- I'll be back in a couple of minutes. Put on some music ...". As she did
so, she closed the door behind her, and an weird silence descended on the
room. While I began to wonder what she was doing, I went over to her hi-fi
system and put on some dance music. After I'd been waiting for about two
minutes, I heard a knock on the door and immediately turned towards the
door. Katy put her head round the door, and told me to sit down again.
"Why?", I asked, wondering what Katy was about to do. "I bought a new pair
of shoes yesterday, and I'd like you to tell me what you think of them",
she said, sounding quite serious. "Okay, I suppose so!", I replied.
"You've a great taste in music, Alan", Katy remarked, as the vibes on her
hi-fi continued. "You reckon?", I asked, "D'ya like this sort of stuff as
well?". "Yeah, I love it", she replied, as she continued to stand with the
door still only slight ajar. "Well ... what are you waiting for?", I
asked Katy. "Nothing.", she answered, as she took a deep breath. "Here, I
come, ready or not!" As she opened the door and walked in, I was shocked to
see Katy butt naked apart from the shoes she'd just been telling me about.
After a couple of seconds of complete silence, Katy started talking again.
"So, what do you think of them?", she asked, as she began to smile.
"They're ... ", I hesitated, "they're really cool. Come closer so I can
see them". As Katy got closer, the adrenaline in my body began to
increase. I started to realise Katy might have brought me back to her house
for more than just a fashion show. She went to sit on the bed beside where
I'd been sitting for the duration of her 'show', and proceeded to bring her
shoe-covered feet up off the floor and place them in my lap. "They look
fantastic", I said, getting more and more confident as the afternoon went
on, "but not quite as fantastic as you'd look without them on your feet!"
"Well; why don't you take them off for me then?!", Katy suggested. As soon
as I heard the last word of the suggestion, I undid the laces of the shoes
and slipped them helplessly off Katy's beautiful feet. Within seconds, I
looked into her eyes, and began to kiss my way up the inside her luscious
legs, towards her pretty pussy lips. As I reached the top of her inner
thighs, I completely ignored Katy's cunt, and instead continued to kiss my
way up her body. I decided to disregard her amazingly succulent tits for
the time being, so I could give her a French kiss she wouldn't forget
easily. As soon as I reached her mouth, she started talking. "Don't you
think you're a little overdressed for the occasion?!", Katy asked, with a
flirting smile. I had to agree with her, and immediately started to strip.
While I undressed, I allowed my eyes to continue looking at the great body
of the young woman that was standing in front of me. As I finished peeling
off my clothes, and Katy saw me in all my natural beauty for the first
time, I couldn't help but to lean over to her and give her a quick kiss on
her soft lips. After a few seconds, I felt the urge to open up and see if
she was interested in doing some serious snogging. As it happened, I was
right and we carried on for about another two minutes. Soon, we broke from
the kiss and I looked in front of me only to see Katy beckoning me onto her
bed. "Alan", Katy questioned, "why didn't you kiss my tits on your way up
my body just then? Don't you like them?". "I suppose they do have their
good points!", I answered. "And what might they be?", Katy enquired, as
she kissed my lips again. "Those!", I exclaimed, with a laugh, pointing to
her now erect nipples. Katy immediately gave me a light, playful slap on
the left cheek, as we both started laughing. It wasn't long before we
started kissing again, more passionately than earlier. During our snogging
session, my hands moved down to feel Katy's amazing boobs. Within seconds,
I let my right hand drop even further down her body until they reached
their target destination - Katy's pussy lips - to see what sort of reaction
I'd get. After a while, I started to rub Katy's clit to make it as
sensitive as possible. My head moved down to Katy's young, pert boobs, and
I started to lick and suck her tits while I was fingering her love-hole.
Just then, Katy started squirming about and her pulse began to race. "I'm
coming. Keep going", she cried with passion I'd never experienced before
in my life. As soon as I heard Katy say those words, I put my lips down
onto her fanny. "Here I come", cried Katy in pure ecstasy. As soon as I
put my mouth down onto her fanny, she had an extremely powerful orgasm.
After I'd swallowed her love liquid, I knew that sooner or later, I was
going to ride this beautiful, passionate young woman. As her powerful
climax began to subside, I told her that she was extremely beautiful. I
decided I should give Katy the benefit of feeling my tongue inside her now
wet slit. Her nipples were still rock hard, which was even more of a
turn-on for me - not that I needed any more. Soon, my tongue had
penetrated the promised area and instantly began moving it about. Every
thirty or forty seconds, I'd pull my tongue out of her cunt and just take a
while to kiss, lick and suck along the length of Katy's exquisite pussy lips. After a very short time, I could feel the inside of Katy's cunt beginning to contract and tense. Within seconds, I felt some more of her
warm love juice in my mouth, which I drank down, without hesitation. As I
felt Katy's heart beat starting to calm down after her second orgasm of the
afternoon, I decided I'd had enough excitement for now. I began to travel
back up to the top of her gorgeous, slender body, kissing every inch of it.
When I eventually reached Katy's luscious, tender lips, I was greeted with
a more passionate kiss than I'd ever had the pleasure of experiencing in my
life. Finally, we both felt the urge to break for some air, but both of us
felt the need to say something at the same time. "Go ahead", offered Katy,
"you go first - after all, you are my guest!!". "No, you should go first,
cause it's your house", I said, refusing the right to speak my mind first.
"OK. Have you got anything planned for this evening?", questioned Katy.
"Nothing much. Why?" I said. "Well ... my family isn't due back for
another couple of days, so I was wondering if you'd stay here and keep me
company", she replied, as she gave me another glancing kiss on the lips.
"Sure", I answered, still trying to take in the enormity of what had just
happened. I went on to ask her if she had been dating anyone recently.
Katy told me she had been dating a boy a few months ago, but he couldn't
really satisfy her needs! "Can I satisfy your needs, sexy?!", I asked.
"Of course you can, lover boy!", Katy said as she kissed my cheek. With
that, I immediately kissed her on the lips to see how she would react. As
I kissed her, I felt better than anything I'd experienced before. I could
hardly wait to make mad passionate love to her : neither it seemed, could
my cock as I got an immediate hard on. I could feel that it wasn't going
to go soft and floppy in a hurry! "You look exhausted", Katy commented,
after looking deep into my lust-filled eyes, "D'ya wanna grab a couple of
hours sleep, before tea?" "You look tired as well", I answered, "I will if
you'll sleep beside me!!". "Why; where else would I be sleeping, but next
to you?", Katy queried, as she give me a lingering kiss on the lips. Soon,
Katy turned her body away from mine, it was obvious that she wanted me to
curl up behind her, and go to sleep. However, it seemed my cock didn't
want to leave things at that, as it started to grow again to seventeen ...
eighteen ... nineteen centimetres. To be continued ...


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