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The Fiance and the Fitness Instructor


From Tue Nov 16 20:20:52 1999
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 1999 00:49:49 -0500 (EST)
Subject: The Fiance and the Fitness Instructor

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The Fiance and the Fitness Instructor
by Stormbringer
Dennis was laying on his side as he slowly ran his hands down between
his fiance's breasts and over her belly. They had been together for
eight months and tonight he had proposed. They had set the wedding for
ten months from now.
Michelle sucked in her belly as his hands touched her.
"Don't touch my stomach," she said, "I'm too fat."
"Your still the beautiful cheerleader I fantasized about in high
school," he replied lovingly. "Besides, I'm not exactly a hot stud myself."
After high school, Dennis had taken over his father's car dealership and
was doing quite well for himself. One day, he had walked into the diner
for lunch and he had seen a worn sad-looking woman eating alone and had
recognized her immediately, despite the fact that she was about sixty
pounds heavier then she had been in high school, ten years ago. He went
over to say hi, and despite the fact that it had taken Michelle several
minutes to remember who he was, ended up joining her for lunch.
In high school, Dennis was a typical nerd. He was short, fat and had
worn large black rimmed glasses, and now ten years later he looked
exactly the same, except that he was now almost completely bald. Dennis
couldn't get over the changes in Michelle. He didn't care about her
appearance,   it was her spirit that had changed the most. He
remembered her as the fun loving cheerleader, always quick to smile, and
nice to everyone, even nerds like himself. She had developed large
breasts before any of the other girls, and always got a lot of attention
from boys, but there was really only one guy for her.
Jed was the star quarterback. He was muscular, handsome and bright. They
dated all through high school and he had gotten both an academic and a
sports scholarship and was going to college to be a lawyer. Though every
boy in school dreamed of having Michelle for themselves, none could hate
Jed, he was just to likable. The only bad thing Dennis remembered about
Jed was that he always seemed to get way to drunk on weekends.
And that was the problem. As Michelle filled Dennis in on the past ten
years, he sadly nodded as she told him about her marriage to Jed. In
high school, Jed was known as a fun drunk, In College, as a binge
drinker, and as a married man, an abusive husband. His descent began,
right after they were married at the age of twenty. Within a year he had
been thrown out of law school and took a job as an auto mechanic. He
would spend his evenings sitting in front of the tv drinking beer. At
first he was fine, but after a couple years, he had developed a temper.
Jed took out his own failings as a man on his wife, yelling and
belittling her constantly. Michelle's self esteem had been destroyed and
she had turned to food to get her through the day. His insults just kept
growing worse as she gained weight, until one day he had hit her. Jed
had said that he regretted it and had promised to change. She had
foolishly stayed with him. Then, after they had been married five years,
Jed had broken her arm after another fight. Michelle had called the
police and he had been sentenced to four years in prison, for assaulting
an officer, DWI, and wife beating.
Dennis had asked Michelle out to dinner that night, and they had begun
"Did you?" he asked as they lay next to each other.
"No dear," she replied "but it doesn't matter, I still enjoy it." Dennis
was frustrated that he couldn't make his fiance orgasm. His penis was
smaller then average and with his few previous girlfriends he had always
needed to stimulate them orally to get them to orgasm. He had tried with
Michelle but her thighs were just too chubby for him to position himself
Michelle was very sexually frustrated, but it was overshadowed by the
love she felt for Dennis. This wonderful, loveable man had made her feel
special again, loved and needed. He was so much more kinder and decent
then Jed had been to her. She had never regretted divorcing Jed, she
only wished she had gotten custody of his cock.
Jed had been an incredible lover. He had fucked her almost every day,
they were married with his big cock and she had never failed to orgasm
with his relentless pounding. Funny, she had always heard that alcohol
had a negative effect on sexual performance, but not so with Jed. He
would sit watching the tv while drinking beer in only his boxer shorts.
By the third beer, his cock would be jutting out of his shorts, a rock
hard eight inches. She would be waiting on the couch for his orders,
which usually were to suck on his cock while he killed two more beers.
She liked this the most because the more Jed drank the longer he lasted.
Five beers and he was usually good for over an hour. As she got fatter,
he told her that he didn't want to look at her and would just push her
head down into the bed and fuck her ass or her pussy while calling her
names like his fat cum depository. Strange, but her biggest orgasms had
always been on the occasions he had treated her like a slut.
She looked over at her future husband lying next to her almost asleep,
and thought he deserves better. He had given her back her happiness and
she should give him back something in return. The answer came to her
quickly. She would give Dennis back his dream girl. She would work out
and lose weight to get her figure back. It would be the perfect wedding
gift. Maybe she'd even squeeze into her old cheer leading uniform for
him on their honeymoon.
"Honey" she whispered, "are you still awake?"
"Hmmm," Dennis replied lazily.
"I want to join a gym, so that I can look good for you on our wedding
night." she told him.
"Sure, anything you want, I'll even give it a try." he replied. Dennis
smiled to himself, as he pictured the sexy cheerleader somer-saulting on
the football field. He still didn't care how she looked but he knew that
if she lost weight she gain back all her self respect, and just maybe he
would have the room to be able to eat her to orgasm.


They pulled on some baggy sweats and drove across town to the new
state-of-the art fitness complex. They paid their new membership fees
and were led into the owners office. Dennis shook hands with Tyrone
Douglas, the owner.
"It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Douglas." he said.
Tyrone was a local legend. He had graduated from Dennis and Michelle's
high school ten years before them and had enjoyed a brief career as a
professional heavy weight boxer. Unfortunately, he wasn't that good, but
he had won enough fights to open up his new fitness center and was doing
quite well for himself. Dennis was impressed with Tyrone's physique.
Tyrone wore loose fitting shorts and a tight tank top to show of his
bulging muscles, he was also the blackest man Dennis had ever seen, not
to mention the most physically imposing. His physique resembled Mike
Tysons only Tyrone was a little taller. Dennis felt his neck hurting as
he looked up at the black giant.
Tyrone looked over the two newbies. Probably quitters, he thought.
They'll last a week, maybe two and they'd start finding excuses to stay
home. Shame though, the woman looks like she's got a lot of potential.
Tyrone gave them a tour of the gym. He introduced them to Hans and
Steve, two white high school seniors who helped Tyrone out in exchange
for boxing lessons. Hans and Steve paid little attention to them as they
were busy flexing their biceps for a couple of girls. Tyrone showed them
the weight lifting room, the pool and sauna, and the aerobics room. The
aerobics room was filling up with people and Tyrone said he would have
to be leaving them soon to instruct the class.
Dennis couldn't take his eyes off all the hot bodies in the class room.
Out of the 15 or so people in the room, about ten were some of the
hottest women he had ever seen. They wore tight body hugging outfits to
show off their lean hard bodies. He watched them bend and stretch for a
while before Michelle pulled him away.
Michelle was curious how much she could bench press when Tyrone ended
the tour back in the weight room and was glad when he told her he'd spot
her a couple times. Tyrone took a guess on the weight and had Michelle
lay back and give it a try. She lifted it easily and he added a few
pounds. Michelle readied herself again and found herself looking up
Tyrone's legs and into his shorts, she gasped at what she saw there.
Dennis heard his wife gasp and figured Tyrone had put too much weight on
the bar.
Michelle couldn't believe the size of the cock and balls filling out
Tyrone's shorts. Never in her life had she seen anything so
intimidating. Soft, he was as big as Jed's had been when fully erect.
She pretended she was reaching out to grab it as she slowly lifted the
weights up and down. She pouted a little when Tyrone asked Hans to take
his place, but was shocked to see that Hans also sported another
incredibly thick, immense cock. Didn't anyone here where underwear she
Dennis asked Tyrone to give him a hand and soon figured out the reason
for his wife's gasp earlier. Tyrone after showing Dennis the basics,
asked a reluctant Steve to take over as his class was startn. Dennis
asked his fiance if she wanted a break and she quickly agreed. He
noticed she was breathing heavy though she hadn't worked out that hard.
Hans and Steve seemed relieved to leave them and get back to their
Michelle had disappeared and he went to look for her. She was standing
at the window to the aerobics room seemingly mesmerized by the intense
workout taking place there. He was just as impressed. Tyrone was leading
the group through a combination work-out/boxing routine, that looked
similar to that Thai Bo craze that's so popular now. He was even more
impressed by the three women in the front row. All three were gorgeous
and well built. He recognized one as Sara Adams the wife of a wealthy
friend of his. They went home that night a little tired and sore, even
though they really hadn't exercised that much yet. Michelle said she was
really looking forward to tomorrow.


They had been going to the gym a month when Dennis started coming up
with excuses not to go. At first, Michelle was pissed off at him. She
didn't like working out alone, Tyrone was always very helpful but he was
usually busy with excercise classes, and Hans and Steve never paid her
any attention at all.
Michelle looked at her fat body in the mirror, Tyrone had put her on a
special diet and she had lost eight pounds from the dieting and the
excercise. She was right on track and wasn't about to quit.
Over the next five months, the pounds seemed to be melting off Michelle
as she went to the gym at least four times a week. Dennis had dropped
out completely, prefering to stay home and wait for her. He was really
quite sweet. She would get back from the gym all tired and sweaty and
Dennis would always have a bubble bath waiting for her or dinner on the
table. He would massage her sore body for her as she sighed contentedly
while soaking in the tub. Not to mention the fact that he was enjoying
all the benefits of her increased sex drive. She had lost 35 pounds and
was proud of herself. She was also 5 pounds ahead of schedule. She had
25 pounds to go over the next five months until the wedding.
One month and six pounds later, Michelle came home ecstatic. Tyrone had
asked her to join his workout class. He had called her into his office
and told her how impressed he was with her dramatic weight loss over the
last few months and he thought his class would help her reach her goals
quicker. She had tried it out that night and found she loved it. Every
muscle in her body was stretched and used as she went through the
various routines. She also made friends with some of the girls in the
class. Jennifer, Carla, and Sara all were very nice to her. They seemed
to take pity on the slightly plump girl in the baggy sweats. They helped
her with the routines and they partnered with her in the weight room.
To celebrate her joining the class, Dennis thought he'd take her out to
dinner to celebrate. He fed her wine all through dinner and she was
quite drunk by the time they got home. Dennis immediately stripped her
naked and laid her down on the bed. He kissed all over her large breasts and then down her belly. She didn't pull her stomach in as he slowly
kissed his way down to her crotch. His fiance was panting with
excitement as she spread her legs for him. He found she had lost plenty
of weight in her thighs and he had plenty of room between her legs. He
started licking around her vaginal lips and soon began fucking her with
his tongue.
Michelle found herself grinding her crotch into his face with pleasure.
After about ten minutes of his constant tongue lashing, she had a small
orgasm. She moaned as the orgasm coursed through her body. It had been
almost five years since she had cum and she had almost forgotten how
good it felt. She could swear she had never seen Dennis so happy as at
that moment when he made her cum. Dennis turned her over on her stomach
and raise up her hips. She felt the head of his little penis penetrate
her and her fianc began fucking her rapidy from behind.

*   *   *

They had been fucking for an hour and Michelle had lost count of all the
times he had made her cum. Jed slowly removed his giant cock from her
pussy and ran it up to the little rosebud on her ass. "Ready to become
my ass-slut," he asked her. She nodded and he had pushed his cock's fat
head into her ass. It had been painful at first, but the pain was soon
replaced by a very full, very intense feeling, and she came yet again
when he began fingering her pussy as he fucked her ass while she kneeled
on the blanket in the woods,surrounded by empty beer cans, music blaring
from his car parked nearby.

*   *   *

She awoke from the fantasy and felt Dennis squirt his small load inside
her after about five minutes, and he collapsed on the bed, breathing
hard. She felt guilty for thinking of Jed as she made love to Dennis.
She did miss being dominated by Jed's huge cock though.
The wedding was three months away and Michelle still had fifteen pounds
to go. Tyrones classes were doing wonders for her body. She was still a
little chubby but now it was in the right places. Dennis had called her
his million dollar Boticelli.
She was punching out hard with her fists while watching her girlfriends
workout at the front of the class. You could stand anywhere you wanted
but they were always given the front row. Michelle was really hot and
sweaty from the strenuous workout. As she did a couple stretching jumps
she suddenly felt cool air from the AC caressing her legs. She also
heard laughter coming from the group behind her. Startled she looked
down and to her horror saw that her sweat pants had fallen down to the
floor leaving her clad only in her baggy old panties. She quickly pulled
them up and held them at her waist as she turned crimson in
embarrassment. She felt relieved when Sara ran over and held her in her
arms and led her off the the lockeroom.
"There, there, honey," said Sara as she tried to console the distraught
young woman. "You've simply lost too much weight to wear the same old sweatclothes. I have an old leotard you can wear in my locker."
Michelle sobbed and nodded as she watched her friend fish around in her
locker for a leotard. Sara found it and pulled it out.
"I can't wear that," she gasped. "I haven't worn anything that small
since I was a teenager."
"Oh don't be a baby," said Sara. "It'll be fine. And by the way, throw
out those old lady panties." Sara was laughing as she returned to the
Michelle looked down at the leotard and shrugged. She stripped down in
front of the mirror and admired herself for a minute. Her face had lost
its chubby cheeks and her long blonde hair framed her face prettily. Her
ass was still a little big and there was a little bulge in her stomach
area, but the only thing that could still be called fat was her breasts.
They had been very saggy 8 months ago, her large nipples dangling down
halfway to her navel but now they had firmed up and her nipples were
actually pointing upwards a little.
She slipped into the leotard and pulled it up. The botom was actually
smaller then her baggy panties had been and she saw a lot of flesh
sticking out the sides. She had to struggle to contain all her breasts inside the cups as Sara's chest was a lot smaller then hers and like her
bottoms a lot a skin stuck out of the sides. She was showing off a lot
more skin then she liked to, and she remembered Tyrone always saying,
set your goals and stick to them. Michelle smiled, her new goal would be
to fit into this leotard. She shyly returned to the aerobics class and
paused at the doorway.
Tyrone stopped in mid-kick and stared at Michelle. Never in his life had
he seen breasts as big as hers on so thin a woman. His cock stirred in
his pants and he imagined sliding it between those breasts as she
wrapped her lips around its big head. That was one hell of a body she
had been hiding under those sweats. Shame she was engaged and so shy or
he'd try to fuck her tonight instead of Carla.
The rest of the class noticed Tyrone staring and turned to look at her
also. Michelle was about to run and hide when Tyrone started clapping,
soon the rest of the class had joined him and Michelle flushed at the
compliment. It also turned her on to have all these people admiring her
and she felt her nipples harden and they stretched out the already
straining fabric of her leotard even more.
"Living proof that my workout works, people," Tyrone shouted. Then he
blew his whistle and the all started shadow boxing as Michelle joined
Michelle felt great when the workout was over and wanted to go talk to
Tyrone but he was escorting Carla into his office. Sara and Jennifer
came over and asked her if she wanted to join them in the jacuzzi and
soak for a while. She readily agreed and wore the leotard in as she
didn't own any bathing suits. Both Jennifer and Sara wore what Michelle
considered to be completely scandalous bikinis. At first she was a
little put out but then decided that if her body ever got that fit she'd
show it off with a little bikini too. The girls laughed and talked for a
while. Michelle really liked them, they had a lot in common, her three
friends had all been popular cheerleaders like her, though they had kept
their bodies in good shape after school. Michelle did find them to be a
little stuck up though.
"What's taking Carla so long," she asked?
Jennifer and Sara stopped talking and looked at her for a minute. Then
Jennifer spoke up, "Tyrone often gives us some , ah, private lessons."
Michelle thought back and did remember that after each class, Tyrone
would leave with one of the three girls. Perplexed she asked, "What do
these private lessons entail?"
"Oh, mostly he justs makes us stretch," Jennifer replied and she and
Sara giggled together.
Must be some private joke, Michelle thought. She looked up when Sara
announced she was hot and going to go swim a few laps. Jennifer went
with her and Michelle changed to go home. She was heading out the door
when she saw Carla leave Tyrone's office. Her friend's hair was all
matted and she was walking kind of bow legged. Michelle figured Tyrone
must have really made her stretch. Maybe he'd give her a few private
lessons some time?


It was one month until the wedding and Michelle had accomplished her
goals. She was five pounds heavier then she had been in school, but she
attributed it to her increased breast size as the rest of her body
matched her teenaged self. She had been busy with wedding plans and had
missed a couple workouts. Funny, she thought but the girls have grown
kind of distant this past month. Tyrone had positioned her at the front
of the class with them and she had figured they were upset with her for
intruding on their little click.
Michelle was furious when she returned home to Dennis that night. "That
bitch, those bitches," she screamed at her fiance. "I asked Sara to spot
me and she had the nerve to ask for her leotard back and they told me
they didn't want to be friends with me anymore."
Dennis watched his future wife crying, she could be so niave sometimes.
"Honey they're just jealous," he told her.
"Wh.. what do you mean?" she said.
"You know how competitive women are," he replied. "Think back to your
high school friends, and with your new body you outdo them in every
category imaginable."
Michelle remembered her high school days. Dennis was right, she thought.
All her friend s had always been constantly trying to outdo each other.
Clothes, makeup, boys, everything. And she had won, she thought. She had
the hottest boyfriend and the biggest breasts back in high school. All
last month at the gym. Tyrone had been paying her a lot of attention as
her body shrunk to fit the leotard. They were jealous of her for being
the teachers pet. Though they all stood in the first row together its
like she had bumped them to number two. I'll show that bitch Sara, she
thought. If she wants to take away my leotard, I'll just have to by one
thats even sexier. Even better, she thought, the next night's Sara's
turn with Tyrone, I'll just have to get him to be my personal trainer
that night. She laughed as she imagined the look that would be on Sara's
face when Tyrone showed Michelle his stretching excercises.
The thought of competing with the other girls made her horny and she
kneeled before Dennis and unzipped his pants. She took his penis in her
mouth and deepthroated him easily.
Dennis sighed and laid back to enjoy the sensations. Michelle didn't
blow him often and he always looked forward to the occassions when she
did. It also met that she would expect him to return the favor. Not that
he minded, there was nothing he liked better then looking up her stomach
as she writhed in pleasure while he ate her. He was frustrated with it
though, he had tried for hours and had never been able to make her cum again.

*   *   *
Michelle had trouble taking it in her mouth the first few times. Jed's
cock was just too big. Tonight they had left the prom and he was a lot
drunker then normal as he drove towards his best friends house to a
party. He had led her behind some bushes and pushed her to her knees,
dirtying her white nylons and crumpling her prom dress. He had made her
take the plum sizd head of his long cock in her mouth and stopped her.
She looked up at him in curiosity as she held his cock-head between her
lips. "Are you ready to become my cum-slut," he asked. Michelle nodded,
bobbing her head up and down his cock. He had grabbed her head and
fucked her face hard. Her jaw was sore but after a little while she
learned to relax it. After about forty minutes she had felt his cock's
head swell up and her mouth filled with hot semen. She tried to spit it
out, but ended up swallowing a lot. Jed always came buckets and he had
pulled out his cock from her mouth. His semen never stopped flowing from
the end of it as he pointed it at her face . "I now christian thee, my
cum-slut." he said as three large globs of semen splattered all over her
hair and face. She had hid her face in disgust as she ran through the
party goers and to the bathroom to clean his mess off. After a while she
had grown to love the taste of Jed's sperm.
*   *   *
Afterwards, as they lay resting after sex Dennis said, "I'm sorry you
lost your friends. If you want me to come help spot you I will."
"Oh, that's ok, honey," she replied. "Hans and Steve have been helping
me a lot. They're really quite nice."
"Good" said Dennis as he rolled over to go asleep. Funny, he thought as
he drifted off, He could swear she had complained about Hans and Steve
never having enough time for her as they were always trying to pick up
some bimbos. Anyway, he felt relieved as he really didn't want to start
going back to the gym. He should do something special for his future
bride though. He finally settled on surprising her the next night at the
gym and taking her out for dinner and a show to celebrate the new
Michelle went shopping the next day. Her first stop was a swiwear
outlet. She actually spent several hours looking for just the right
bikini. The one she settled on was a tiny white string bikini, smaller
then any she had worn as a teenager. The cups just barely covered her
nipples and it showed a lot more of her breasts then it covered. The
panties were about as close to a thong as she could get without being
thrown out of the club for indecency. The sales girl was so impressed
with Michelle's body that she asked if she wanted to be a model in any
of the stores ads in the local paper. Michelle said no, but she actually
considered it.
Michelle felt wonderful as she went down to the dance store
to look for workout clothes. She looked good, she felt good, men were
flirting with her again, and she had the most wonderful caring man in
the world about to marry her. Thanks to Dennis and her workouts she had
her self esteem back.
She spent an hour looking for workout clothes. She finally settled on a
small set of bottoms and a tight half shirt that hugged her breasts and
showed off her bare, flat stomach. Oooh sexy, she thought as she ran her
hands down her sides. As an afterthought she also bought a more modest
outfit to wear around Dennis as he probably wouldn't approve of her sexy
Michelle had always been very fair skinned and decided to hit a tanning
salon before going home. She figured a tan would contrast nicely with
her new white bikini. She stripped naked and laid in the tanning booth.
The only thing Michelle was unhappy about her new body was a few faint
stretch marks and as she tanned they slowly disappeared removing all
traces of the former fat girl.
Dennis watched Michele leave for the gym. He was relieved to see that
she was wearing a new pair of sweat clothes over a new modest leotard.
It still showed off a lot of Michelle's hot body, but then a body like
hers is hard to hide. Anyway, thought Dennis, it's a lot more
conservative then that thing Sara had given her. When he was sure she
was gone, he quickly pulled out his best suit and got a tasteful new
dress out of her closet. He checked to make sure he had the theater
tickets and sat down to wait a few hours for her to finish. He figured
the gym was closer to the theater and she could get ready there.
Michelle had left early. She wanted to get to the gym and ask Tyrone to
become her personal trainer for the remaining three weeks until the
wedding. There was a short wedding dress she had her eye on but, it was
a size too small and with Tyrones help, she could probably be able to
fit into it by the wedding.
She was disappointed to see that Tyrone was nowhere to be found and she
decided to wait by the pool. She went into the locker room and changed
into her new bikini. Briefly, she had second thoughts about wearing such
a skimpy thing in public. Oh well, she laughed, if you got it flaunt it.
Besides, if that stupid leotard had made her ex-friends jealous wait til
they get a load of me now. Smiling she walked out to the pool, There
were about five guys relaxing or swimming laps and they all stopped to
watch her as she reached out and felt the water with a dainty little
foot and then sat down on the edge. It had been over 6 years since she
had gone swimming or even worn a swimsuit for she had been ashamed of
her weight and she looked forward to taking a dip.
Suddenly, two muscular bodies sat down on either side of her. They sat
uncomfortably close and Michelle found herself becoming a little aroused
as their skin rubbed against hers. She looked up into the smiling faces
of Hans and Steve.
"That sure is one hot bikini, Michelle," Hans said as he ran his eyes
all over her body.
"Yeah, hot," agreed Steve.
She thanked them and the three sat around and talked for a little while.
Steve reached down and and playfully splashed her and she realized that
they were hitting on her. They were both two of the hottest boys she had
ever seen. The only one at the gym with a better body was Tyrone and she
was flattered to have two hunky 18 year olds hitting on her. She was
pushing thirty and remembered that at 18 she had considered that to be
middle-aged, if not down right old. The fact that their tiny bathing
suits packed two incredibly immense bulges didn't hurt either.
Hans and Steve both put a hand on her bare legs and began rubbing up and
down. This was going a little too far and she decided to jump in the
water to get away from being sandwiched between them. Big mistake, and I
mean BIG, she thought as this put her eye level with their crotches.
Ther cocks strained at the fabric of their suits and she realized they
were both half erect from excitement. The head of Han's massive cock was
peaking out at her over the top of his suit. Wow, I caused that she
thought to herself with pleasure as she stared at their bulges.
"Like what you see," asked Hans a smile on his face.
Michelle just nodded never taking her eyes off their crotches. They were
both bigger then Jed's cock and she fantasized briefly of having them
dominate her right there in front of everyone.
"Why don't you come visit the sauna with us," Hans asked her.
They wanted to fuck her, both of them! She thought of all the orgasms
those immense cocks could give her and almot said yes. Michele shook her
head no, and reminded them that she was practically married. She was
saved by the appearance of Tyrone on the other side of the pool and
called out for him to wait for her. The boys looked disappointed as she
swam off.
She couldn't get the visions of what their cocks must look like out of
her head and she found herself checking out Tyrone's bulge as she
climbed up out of the pool. She noticed he just stared at her body as
she stood before him dripping wet and she kept glancing at his bulge.
Sure enough it was growing under his shorts. She hadn't ever forgotten
the vision of his naked cock when she had looked up his shorts the first
day she was at the gym.
"Tyrone, some of the girls tell me that you act as their personal
trainer," she said and for the first time he took his eyes off her body
and looked her in the face. "I was wondering if you would give me some
private lessons before my wedding." Odd he seems shocked at my request,
she thought. "Sara tells me you really work them hard and stretch them
"I'd be delighted," he responded, a big grin on his face,showing off his
white teeth against his black skin. "How about tonight?"
Tyrone couldn't believe what a slut Michelle was. She had just
blantantly asked him to fuck her before she got married and hadn't even
looked embarrassed as she did it. If he had known she was this easy, he
would have fucked her a couple months ago.
Michelle told him she couldn't wait and watched him stare at her breasts again before walking off. She was deligted, that'll show that bitch
Sara, she thought. She'll go home early as I work out with Tyrone. She
looked around and noticed Hans and Steve were staring at her body and so
was everyone else in the room. Thinking something was wrong she looked
down and to her horror realized that her white bikini was completely see
thru when wet. The cold water and all the visions of big cocks floating
around her head, had her long nipples jutting out an inch from her suit
and you could make out her pubic hairs through her bottoms. With a
shriek she covered herself and ran back to the locker room, hearing
laughter behind her. No wonder Tyrone had kept staring at her body, she
thought. The bottom of her crotch was soaked and not just from being in
the pool as she thought about standing before the giant black man pratically naked.
Michelle changed in the locker room. The others had arrived and were all
readying themselves for their workout. Sara, Jennifer, and Carla ignored
her as usual. She had been ready to tell Tyrone she had changed her mind
if Sara threw a kind word her way. Instead, they looked thoroughly
disgusted as she entered wearing the skimpy bikini.
Michelle fiddled around waiting for the others to leave, she wanted to
make an entrance in her new outfit. When she was alone, she quickly
threw the tight half shirt on over her naked breasts and pulled the
bottoms on over her tiny bikini panties. As she headed to join the
class, she passed the sauna and paused when she heard voices. Hans and
Steve were in there talking
"Man, I still can't get over how sexy that bitch looked today at the
pool," Hans was saying.
"Yeah, can you believe that's the old fat chick from a couple months
ago," Steve replied.
Michelle felt the blood race through her veins. They were talking about
her. She paused at the door and listened as they talked about all the
things they wanted to do to her. Her knees grew weak as she heard them
talking about fucking her ass and making her suck their cocks.
"God, my cocks getting hard, just thinking of her, " said
Hans in frustration.
Michelle had to get a glimpse of their cocks. She pushed the door open
and stifled a gasp at what she saw. They were laying back with their
eyes closed naked and enjoying the steam bath. Their gorgeous hard
bodies glistened with water droplets and were very impressive, but not
as impressive as their cocks. Steve's was really fat and looked to be
about 7 inches as it laid across his leg semi-erect. Hans was closer to
full erection and was about 8 inches as he slowly stroked it with his
eyes closed. She wanted nothing more then to stand there forever
watching those young studs with their big cocks but Hans interupted her
"Man that slut doesn't have a clue, how hard she's going to get fucked
tonight," he said.
"Yeah he's going to ruin her for the rest of us," Steve said.
Michelle was hurt, they weren't talking about her they were talking
about one of their bimbos. Disapointed, she backed out of the sauna and
joined the class.
Her spirits lifted at the reaction she got from the group. The men openly ogled her new outfit and the women seemed to turn their noses up
at her. Her former friends tried to muscle her out of the front row,
until Tyrone with a grin asked her to stand up front with him. The rest
of the hour she danced next to Tyrone facing the jealous looks from the
girls. The only downside was her new bottoms were chafing her.
Everyone headed back to the lockers after they were finished except for
Sara and herself. Tyrone motioned for Sara to come talk to him and with
a look of triumph she joined him up front. As Michelle watched Tyrone
tell Sara that he wouldn't be giving her private lessons tonight, she
could see her face fall with disappointment and then fury as she turned
to look at Michelle standing there. The fury turned to a look of angiush
and Michelle could swear she was crying as she ran from the room. Gees,
I only beat you out of a workout, Michelle thought, lighten up already.
"Ready," she asked Tyrone.
"Impatient are we," he asked?
Michelle just nodded her head as he led her back to her office. Michelle
looked around Tyrone's office, and she noticed a stained excercise mat
on the floor.
"Where do we start," she asked?
Tyrone just shrugged and removed his tank top revealing his fantastic
chest. Wow, she thought he must really be going to work me hard, he
never takes his shirt off in class. She told him to take it easy as her
bottoms were chafing her.
"Take them off then," he said with a grin. Tyrone watched as she looked
kind of thoughtful and then with a shrug slid them down and stood there
in her bikini panties from earlier at the pool, she stood back up and
looked at him. Tyrone just stood there confused for a minute until it
hit him, she was playing games with him. Well if she wanted to role play
he was up for it.
"Ok, Michelle why dont you get down on your hands and knees over on the
mat. Michelle got down on the mat and looked back at him expectantly. He
positioned himself behind her and told her to kick back with her right
leg as he held it out for her.
"Sara told me how much you make them stretch back here, and I just had
to try it for myself," she said nonchalantly as she kept kicking back
with one leg.
What a fucking tease, thought Tyrone. From his vantage point he could
see the thin layer of fabric from her bikini working its way into her
ass as she stretched her leg. He had her switch legs and the fabric
twisted up and slid completely between her cheeks. She made as if she
was going to reach back and pull it out, but he just slapped her hand
away and yelled "Don't stop now your doing great.; She put her hand back
down and began kicking even harder. Ah, thought Tyrone she likes being
told what to do. He coud see her big tits straining at her half-shirt as
they hung there jiggling from her leg thrusts.
"Harder, harder," he barked as he stood up. "Now switch legs."
Tyrone stood up and pulled off the rest of his clothes. His long dark
cock was jutting out before him. It was just over ten inches and seemed
to be constantly leaking precum.
"Harder, harder," he kept yelling as he kneeled between her legs and
pointed his cock at her crotch. He hooked a finger under the fabric
between her ass cheeks and began to pull it out of her crack.
Michelle looked back at him confused. All she could see was his big
black barrel chest sticking up over her butt. It looked like he was
fucking her doggy style and she shivered at the thought.
"W.what are you doing," she asked?
"I'm worried about your circulation," he replied. "Don't stop kicking."
She continued to kick and shivered again as his finger slowly pulled out
her bathing suit and slid down towards her vagina. Tyrone pulled the
fabric back from her pussy lips and he positioned his cock head at the
opening as he quickly grabbed her stretched out leg.
Michelle jumped when he roughly grabbed her leg. She was confused for a
brief second until she felt something big pushing into her.
"Tyrone stop. What are you doing?" she screamed.
"I'm turning you into my cock-slut," he said as he pushed about half his
cock into her.
She was engulfed by waves of pleasure when he called her that. His cock
was in deeper then Dennis ever reached and it was twice as fat. Dennis!
she couldn't betray him like this.

"Tyrone pleasse stop," She begged. "I can't cheat on Dennis."
"You were begging me to fuck you before you got married an hour ago,
bitch," he grunted as he pushed 8 inches in.
"Ooww," she screamed as it hurt her a little. It was a deep as Jed's now
and it had been a long time since she had felt a cock in her that deep,
and the pain from his width was being replaced by a feeling of intense
" st..op now," she moaned. "I thought we were just going to be
w..orking out."
"Bitch, nobody can be that stupid," he said and he buried all ten inches
to the hilt. She had the hottest, tightest pussy he had ever fucked and
he began fucking her with the entire length of his cock.
"Ahhhh" she screamed. "Please d..on't, pleease stop," she moaned. She
felt the beganings of a big orgasm stirring in her belly. "Pleeease
don't st..op."
Tyrone smiled at that and began to fuck her harder. For a second she had
almost convinced him she was just to here to excercise. Stupid white
sluts, he thought, why do they always have to pretend they don't want
it. She was shaking beneath the pounding of his ten inch rod and he knew
she was getting close to a really big orgasm. He grinned evilly and
pulled his cock out.
Michelle was in heaven. She had gotten addicted to the almost daily
orgasms her ex-husband had given her. She now knew how a smoker felt.
You can go for five years without a cigarette and still crave one every
day until you break down and have one, then your hooked again. The small
orgasm Dennis had given her a few months ago had been like a quick puff
compared to what was happening to her now. It was close, then a little
closer, then she felt him pull his cock out and she started screaming.
"Put it in," she cried. "I'm close, dammit, put it back in."

Tyrone laughed at the panicky woman. He was holding his cock's head
right on her pussy lips teasing her. She was squirming around trying to
push back but he wouldn't let her. It took a lot of self control not to
thrust his cock back into that hot pussy but, the results were always
worth it.
"Please Tyrone, I need it." she pleaded, tears in her eyes.
"Need What," he asked?
"Your cock," she moaned in frustration.
"Tell me how much you need it," he said as he slowly pushed his cock
into her the whole ten inchs.
"I need your cock in me, I need to cum," she moaned as he began slowly
fucking her again.
"Why can't your boyfriend make you cum," he asked?
" hee c.can't," she managed to squeeze out between deep breaths. She
felt it coming again.
"Why can't he," he asked?
"His d.ick is tooo smm.all" she answered. Why was he making her say
these things?
"How big is it," he asked?
"L..ess then h.half as bbbbig as yours," she moaned as she started to
shake uncontrollably.
Tyrone slowly pulled his cock out until only about five inchs was buried
in her. This was how he hooked them. He called it comparison fucking.
Remind them of what they had at home and then show them what they could
get from him. Pretty soon she'd be his sex slave, just like the rest of
those sluts in his class. "Is this all that Dennis has," he asked?
"No, he's not as thick," she said. Why was she betraying the man she
loved like this? Was that really all Dennis had? The orgasm was fading
again as he fucked her with only half his cock and she kept trying to
push her ass back needing more.
"I you want more you'll have to beg." he demanded.
"I need more," she pleaded. "I need your cock."
Tyrone pulled another two inches out. "Not good enough." he said.
"I need your big cock," she said in desperation. "Fuck me with your big
"A little better," he said and pushed it in about half way again. She
needed a hint. "White boys have cocks this big."
Her eyes opened wide as she realized the truth, only a black cock could
give her what she really needed. "I need BLACK cock," she pleaded in
desperation. "Fuck me with that big black cock."
Happiness spread through Michelles body as he pushed his cock in all the
way again. She had said the right thing and he was pleased with her. The
feeling of impending orgasm was coming back as he started picking up
speed. Never had she felt so alive. Every nerve in her body was tingling
as the orgasm approached.
Tyrone was close. There was one last thing he had to do. He pulled it
out one last time, leaving only the fat head in.
"Will you do anything I tell you?"
"Yes, anything," she said in frustration.
"Are you my COCK-SLUT," he yelled?
"Yes, I'm your cock-slut," she said as she submitted to him completely.
"Yyyesss" she screamed as he fed her all his cock again triggering her
Tyrone felt the ache in his balls and then it was gone as his semen
began flowing up his long cock to erupt deep inside her pussy. He hadn't
had sex in three days and his orgasm seemed to last forever and he felt
his semen leaking out of her pussy around his cock.
Michelle felt fireworks going off deep in her womb. The explosions
spread out through her body. It traveled down to her pussy soaking his
cock with her juices. His hot semen just kept spraying hard, deep within
her vagina prolonging her orgasm. She felt her orgasm traveling up her
spine and into her brain. The endless waves of pleasure overloaded all
her senses and her eyes rolled up into her head and she collapsed on the
Dennis was waiting by her car in the parking lot. He was starting to get
worried, there were only a few cars left and it was getting late.
Michelle had said she'd be late as she hoped Tyrone was going to become
her personal trainer to help her fit in that small wedding dress she
wanted. He beter go find her.He grabbed the bouquet of roses he had
bought her and draped her cocktail dress over his arm and walked towards
the gym.
Tyrone walked over to his desk and grabbed a towel of his chair and
began wiping all the sweat off his body. His cock was still half hard as
he looked over at his new slut. Michelle's head was buried in the mat
and she seemed to be mumbling to herself. She still wore those titty
huggers and her ass was still sticking straight up in the air, the
string of her bikini bottoms pulled of to the side. Her pussy was gaping
open and there was a constant trickle of semen dripping to the mat
adding to the stains of his previous conquests. The little pink rosebud
of her ass stared at him invitingly and his cock got hard again. He
really wanted to see those oversized titties but they'd have to wait.
Can't pass up an opportunity like this he thought as he grabbed a bottle
of oil out of his desk. He also grabbed the phone and set it beside her.
Tyrone could just make out what she was saying as she mumbled in her
semi-comatose state as he oiled up his cock. She just kept repeating,
"black cock sooo good," over and over again. Well, he had a couple
friends he'd introduce her too then.
Tyrone didn't waste any time, he knew this always hurt the first time
and wanted to get her while she was still half passed out. He loved
butt-fucking and the gym was a great place to do it, as they were always
clean from showering before and after working out. He watched her anus
open up to accomodate him and the large head of his cock disappeared
inside her. His cock slid in easier then he had thought and he realized
she wasn't a back door virgin. She did wince in her sleep as he passed
the eight inch mark.

* * *
Michelle was on her hands and knees in the middle of the African
Savannah wearing her cheer leader uniform. The plain was filled with
lions and other animals but they ignored her and Jed as he butt fucked
her clad only in his football jersey. Michelle had been scared at first
but had grown to loved being Jed's ass-slut. She looked over her
shoulder at her husband as he buried his cock up to his balls in her
ass. Jed held a beer to his lips and as he gulped his cock seemed to
stretch deeper into her then it had ever been as the hot African sun was
slowly turning Jeds skin darker and darker. Her eyes widened as his
shirt started ripping as his already large muscles got even bigger. It
was like watching Bill Bixby turn into the incredible hulk. Only this
hulk was black. Jeds black face stretched out becoming broader. The next
thing she knew she wasn't in Africa but on a mat in Tyrones office
gettng her ass reamed out royally.
"Call your fiance and tell him your going to be late. Tyrone ordered.
Still groggy Michelle shook her head and saw the phone lying next to
her. Poor Dennis, how could she betray him like this. Tyrone stopped
with a little less then half his cock in her so that she could talk and
she dialed his cell phone number.
Dennis was reaching to open the gym door when his phone rang.
"Ohh hi honey," said his future wife, "My personal trainer is really
making me stretch tonight and I'll be home in about three more hours,
oohh kk.
Dennis heard Tyrone's voice in the background say "so tight" and he
thought he was refering to her muscles as he worked her hard.
"Just relax dear," he said. "stretching is good for you, and I want you
to look good for our wedding Ok."
"Ok" she said and hung up.
Dennis chuckled to himself, she'd change her mind once she saw the
flowers. He entered the gym. A long hall traveled down to the admissions
desk, past Tyrones office. Tyrone had two doors in his office. One in
the hallway and one that opened directly into the gym. Dennis looked at
his watch, as he passed Tyrones office. If they didn't hurry they'd be
late for the play. He stopped when he heard sounds coming from the
office. Curious, he peeked through the blinds.
Dennis's eye grew wide with horror at what he saw and the roses he had
brought to celebrate the new and improved Michelle hit the floor.
The new and improved Michelle was a slut. Tyrone was fuckng her hard
with the black monster he had gotten a glimpse of on his first day at
the gym. How long had his fiance been cheating on him? His eyes widened
in shock when he realized Tyrone was actualy fucking her ass with his
cock. Dennis's little penis retreated into is scrotum in humliation and
he slid down the wall and started to cry.
"Aaghh" Tyrone bellowed as he came again. He heard Michelle moan as he
pulled his still squirting cock out of her ass and sprayed her cheeks
with his seed.
He left her on the mat and rolled his chair over before her. "I want to
see them titties," he said as he yanked off her halter top. He stood her
up before him as he sat in the chair, and as he was eye level with her
breasts he started sucking on her nipples to her delight.

"Tyrone," she interupted his sucking. "I said I'd do anything you
wanted, but just for tonight. Once I'm married, I will be faithful to my
Tyrone just grinned at her. Stupid bitch, still thought she had a choice
in the matter. He needed to teach her a lesson and as he needed some
time to recouporate he told her to wait here and he got up and left the
Hans and Steve were cleaning up the gym when the heard their boss yell
"Hey, boys I got that bonus you were asking for." They looked up to see
a naked Tyrone grinning at them. They looked down at his collosal cock
dangling down about eight inches.
"That's not the kind of bonus we were thinking of boss." said Steve
"Not me idiots," Tyrone said. "Just come with me."
Dennis was crestfallen at his fiances betrayal, but the image of Tyrone
and Michelles two perfect bodies together kept imposing itself on his
mind. and his dick started to get hard. He got back up and peaked back
into the room. Michelle was on her knees with her head resting on a
chair. Sperm was drying on her ass and there looked to be a pool of the
stuff on the mat. He was thinking about running in to pull Michelle out,
when Tyrone returned.
Tyrone was still buck naked when he walked back in. He held the door
open and Hans and Steve entered behind him. Steve looked kind of stunned
and Hans just yelled "hot damn" and began stripping.
"Boys, Michelle here is going to do whatever we tell her for the next
three hours," Tyrone informed them. "Then she plans on being faithful to
her husband."
"Tyrone, I don't know what you were thinking but I can't sleep with all
three of you." Michelle said as she shook her head in denial. Dennis
heart filled with joy when he heard that this would just be a one time
occurance and he relaxed a little. He saw that Steves cock was about
eight inchs and very thick. Han's was about nine inches long and skinny
but stil thicker then Dennis's own penis. Michelle opened her mouth to
protest again as the two naked young studs approached her and Hans just
stuffed her mouth full of his cock to shut her up. She soon gave in and
started slurping on it lovingly. Tyrone sat down and directed the three
stars of his very own live sex show. He reached down and started
stroking his cock as he ordered the three white people around. Dennis
started stroking his penis and came after about three strokes.
Michelle was doing everything Tyrone demanded. She fucked and sucked both Hans and Steves cocks and let them titty fuck her. At one point she
was riding Steves thick cock and Hans had pushed his up her ass. Tyrone
stood up and had Michelle suck his cock while the two boys fucked her,
so that every one of her holes was stuffed full of cock. Most of the
time Tyrone just sat in the chair holding his cock. Dennis kept thinking
he looked like some kind of King holding an ebony scepter, the sign of
his power, and graciously rewarding his followers by letting them fuck
his concubine.
Dennis knew he could never satisfy Michelle the way these three could
and he felt weak and emasculate. Michelle had screamed in orgasm dozens
of times as she fucked the two boys.
After several hours, the boys crawled off her and rested against the
walls. Their long penises hung over the legs and dribbled semen on the
floor. They had the stamina of eighteen year olds and had cum about four
times each, and they both seemed exhausted.
Michelle just crawled over to their king and stated slurping on his cock
again. He pulled her up had her ride him as he sat on his throne. Dennis
heard his fiance scream and then she collapsed on Tyrone's massive cock.
Tyrone looked unperturbed and he just put his beefy hands under her
thighs and lifted her up and down on his cock like she was a pair of
dumbells. She waked up, moaning as he fucked her and Tyrone lifted her
off his cock and set her down in the chair as he stood before her. He
put both her hands around his cock and had her jerk him off.
"Are you my cum-slut," he asked?
Michelle just nodded yes, as she stared as his cock in awe. The huge
head seemed to double in size before the pee slit opened and sprayed her
face with his cum.
Dennis watched the four lovers laughing and then Tyrone threw Michelle
over his shoulder and the group headed off to the showers to clean up.
Dennis drove home still shaken by what he saw. He sobbed off and on,
crawled into bed after hiding the flowers and putting away the dress. He
pretended to be asleep when Michelle came home about two hours later.
The wedding went off without a hitch and it was the happiest day in both
Michelles and Dennis's life. They honeymooned in the islands and Dennis
could see the love in her eyes every time they looked at each other. He
even screamed in triumph when she had a small orgasm as he made love to
her. It was the first time he had ever made a woman cum wih his penis
and he was elated even though he knew it was mostly a love orgasm and
not a sex one.
They had been back from their honeymoon about a week when he heard
Michelle scream in the bathroom. He ran in to see what was wrong only to
find her standing on the scale naked.
"I've gained three pounds," she told him. "I've got to start going back
to the gym."
"Whatever you want dear," Dennis said and he sadly returned to the
living room.
Tyrone cock sprung up the moment he saw Michelle walk into the gym
again. He did a quick calculation in his head. It ha been about four
weeks since they had fucked her, It looks like Steve won the pool over
how long it would take her to come back.
Dennis decided that as long as she only loved him she could get her
satisfaction from Tyrone and the boys. Other then Michelle's sexual
pleasure the only good thing to come out of her working out occured
several months later.
Dennis and Michelle had left the movies holding hands when who should
come out of the bar in front of them but Jed, recently released from
prison. Dennis had tried to defend Michelle as a drunken Jed grabbed her
but Jed had just punched him in the stomach, doubling him over. "Come
here my pretty cock-slut," Jed slurred. Everything she learned in her
fitness class jumped into her mind and she kicked her ex husband in the
shin and punched him twice in the face. A crowd was gathering and Jed
had limped away screaming that Michelle was his slut and would always be
his slut.
Dennis had argued that they should by a gun to protect themselves and
Michelle had just calmly said not to worry about it. A few days later
Dennis read in the paper about an ex-con in critical condition that had
gotten mugged near their house. The police were baffled because the man hadn't been robbed. The assailants were described as two large caucasion
males and one giant black male.


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