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The Foursome


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The Foursome (M/F+, Swinging)

By Alden Bradley

Copyright March 2001

The following story contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity
between consenting adults. It is not for the consumption of minors. Fair


It had to be the combination of the wine and lust in the air.

Diana and I met her sister, Cathy, and her husband, Mike, for dinner this
Friday evening. The caf had two seating sections, on inside, the other out
close to the beach. We chose the beach seating, and thereby, had a longer
wait. We passed the time at the bar.

Cathy was a tight little number, about 5' 3" but built to perfection. She
had full, dark brown hair in waves and curls that brushed the center of her
bare back. She was wearing a light yellow sun suit, obviously without a
bra, as her dark areolas were very noticeable through the thin fabric.
Cathy was also an incredible flirt.

My own Diana, blonde, with a short hairdo that was easy to maintain, wore a
white middie-tank top, white shorts, and sandals. Mike and Diana hugged
when we met. Cathy kissed Diana lightly on the lips, then turned to me.

"Do I get one of those, too?" I kidded.

"If you think you can handle it," she ribbed back, tilting her head up. As
our lips met, I felt her mouth open and her tongue dart out to lick at my
lips. Simultaneously, she reached around and grabbed my backside, pulling
my hips into hers.

"Hey!" Diana protested, half in jest. "No fair!"

Mike put his hand on her shoulder and spun her around to face him. "Two can
play that game," he bellowed, then gathered my wife into his arms for a
short, but apparently passionate kiss. We all laughed good-naturedly, but I
could see that Diana had thoroughly enjoyed the attention.

The women took seats on the bar stools while we waited for the table. Mike
stood next to Diana and I stood on the outside of our foursome next to
Cathy. We ordered our drinks and continued the jibes and jousts of our
usual teasing and flirting.

With her left hand, Cathy reached down and took hold of my half-hard cock,
then turned her green eyes on me, with a small smile on her lips. "Not
going to take much to get you going, is it?" she whispered. My cock
twitched and throbbed in her grasp.

I put my hand on her knee and stroked the inside of her thigh. "Depends on
what you've got on under there," I kidded. "Nothing on top, I can see.
Very nice."

"Then you'll love what's below," she whispered in my ear.

Meanwhile, I noticed that Mike had his hand on the small of Diana's back.
She leaned into him as he whispered into her ear. As far as I could see,
both Diana's hands were on the bar close to her drink, so Mike wasn't
getting the same treatment from Diana that I was getting from his wife.
Cathy continued to surreptitiously stroke me. I was glad I was wearing a
long shirt to hide my erection.

They finally called our names and Cathy led us through the restaurant,
keeping close to me so her hand stayed on my cock as we maneuvered through
the crowded room. Once we got to our booth, Cathy slid in one side and
patted the seat next to her for me to sit there. I looked questioningly at
Diana. She shrugged and moved to slide in, making room on her side for

"Is this getting a little out of hand?" I asked, looking at both Cathy and

"Oh," Cathy said, giving me a squeeze under the table, "it seems to be in
hand to me."

Diana looked at me and smiled. I saw her arm move as she drew Mike's hand
onto her bare knee. "Oh, Brian," she said, "you worry too much. Don't be
such an old fuddy. Come here," she directed, lifting herself off the seat
and across the table to kiss me. It was a stretch for me, too. The little
kiss lasted less than two seconds.

"My turn!" Cathy announced and leaned over to kiss Mike. We all broke up at
the effort required to kiss our spouses catty-corner across the table.

"This is much easier," Diana proclaimed, turning to Mike and kissing him
squarely on the lips. They held that kiss about five seconds longer than
they should have. Cathy didn't fail to notice.

"Although it seems overdone, considering," Cathy said, giving my cock a
hefty squeeze, she then turned her face up to me to be kissed. This time,
she drove her tongue between my lips, and mine met hers, savoring the sweet

Our waitress, Stacy, interrupted us remarking, "I like serving folks who are
in love."

The four of us giggled at her observation. Diana pointed at me. "My
husband," she told the waitress. Bill nodded to her. "My wife."

"Oh," the waitress didn't skip a beat. "This may be even more fun than I
thought!" That brought forth bursts of laughter all round.

We placed our orders with Stacy, including two bottles of wine to go with
dinner. She said she'd be right back with our salads.

Mike excused himself to go to the restroom. After he slid out of the booth,
I felt a foot scraping up my leg toward my knee. I examined the geometry in
my mind and determined it was Diana's foot. I looked at her and smiled.

"Getting frisky, aren't we?" I said.

"Um hmm," she murmured, leaning back to extend her leg and brush her foot
along my thigh. When her foot came into contact with Cathy's hand, still
clamped onto my manhood, Diana froze. She looked at me, and then at Cathy.

"So that's what's got him all flushed," she said. I felt her rub her foot
along my thigh, caressing me and Cathy's arm and hand where they lay across
my lap.

"Should I apologize?" Cathy asked.

Diana grinned at her, continuing to rub, then took a drink from her glass.
"Oh, hell," she said. "Let's not."

When Mike squeezed back into the booth, Diana reached across his lap and
stroked firmly. "Everything still intact?" she asked him.

Mike looked at her with wide eyes. "I'd say so," he nodded. Then he looked
at Cathy, who blew him a kiss across the table.

"We're going to get carried away," Cathy told him. "Wanna come?"

Mike grinned. We played little feeding games. Both women would take small
pieces and feed them to either Mike or me. Eventually Mike and I joined in,
passing small bits either across the table to our partners or to our
seatmates. Much laughter ensued as drips of melted butter shined all our
chins. Cathy tried to feed me sips of wine from her glass, succeeding in
pouring drips over the front of my shirt.

"I don't think I'd better try that with you, Cathy," I remarked. "You're
quite visible enough without being wet."

After dinner, with the two bottles of white wine upside down in the ice
buckets, we settled up with Stacy, tipping her hugely for her sportsmanship
and good nature, then adjourned to the car.

"I'm for the hot tub," Diana announced. "You guys coming?"

"You just want to see me naked, don't you?" Mike jibed.

"Oh, yeah," Diana assured him. "Drive me to my house," she ordered, turning
and walking toward our car. Mike shrugged and started to follow her.

"The keys," Cathy nudged me. I started.

"Oh, yeah," I said, digging into my pocket. "Hey, Mike," I said. "You'll
need these." I tossed him the keys to our car.

"Are you guys coming?" Mike asked.

"Yes," his wife answered. "We'll be right behind you. You better give
Brian the keys to our car, though."

"Oh, okay," Mike said. He tossed me his keys. "Please don't bend it, man,"
he urged.

"Not to worry," I said, taking his wife's arm as she led me to their BMW. I
unlocked and opened the door for her, appreciating her smooth, tanned legs
as she shifted into her seat.

"This is wild," I remarked, looking around for the ignition switch. Finding
it, I slipped the key in and started the car.

"We're going to do it tonight, you know," Cathy said.

"You think?" I replied.

"Diana's ready to have a go with Mike," she assured me. "Did you see how
she was kissing the butter off his face? God, what a turn on!"

We arrived at the house about five minutes after Mike and Diana. She was
setting out candles around the hot tub, which we had turned on before
leaving for our dinner. When she had lit the candles, Diana turned to Mike
and said, "Okay. Let's get in." She grabbed the hem of her tank top and
lifted it over her head. Bill stood there agape as my wife's breasts popped
into view. Without pausing a beat, Diana unbuttoned her shorts and slid
them down her thighs, leaving only her bikini panties covering her sex.

"You want me to do this for you?" she asked Mike, reaching for his shirt.

"No, no," Mike said, hurriedly. "I'll do it." He jerked his shirt over his
head, then dropped his trousers to the floor. His white briefs bulged in

"You better hang those over a chair or they'll wrinkle," Diana directed.
Mike carried his pants to a lawn chair and draped them over the back. By
the time he returned to Diana, she had stripped off her panties and stood
naked in front of him.

"Come on," she urged. "Let's get going!"

Mike tugged his briefs off, his half-tumescent member springing free. Diana
turned her back to him and walked into the hot tub. Mike followed.

"Our turn, I guess," I said to Cathy, tugging my shirt off. I unclipped my
pants and slid them down my legs. I kicked off my loafers and hung my
trousers across another lawn chair. I shucked my boxer shorts and smiled at

She reach up to her shoulder and untied one of the strings which held her
sun suit up. She untied the other shoulder strap and let the top flip down.
Then she wiggled out of the thin garment, revealing she was clean shaven
and had nothing on underneath. I took her hand and led her to the hot tub,
where she settled in next to her husband.

When I got in I was between Diana and Cathy. Diana had her hand wrapped
around Mike's neck, kissing him deeply. I reached over and touched her
knee. Then I put my other hand on Cathy's knee. I caressed the inner
thighs of both women, feeling myself get harder by the second.

Cathy rolled over to straddle me. She took my head in her hands and pulled
me to those dark nipples that I'd been admiring all night. She rocked her
hips back and forth across my member. I could feel the wet slickness of her
as my lips locked on those gorgeous nipples. I took my hand away from
Diana's thigh to put both mine on Cathy's hips.

"Hey, Cathy!" Diana called softly.

Cathy looked over her shoulder at my wife, raising a questioning eyebrow.

"You're not going to get mad if fuck your husband, are you, honey?" Diana

Cathy laughed. "As long as you don't mind me using yours."

"Let me think," Diana mused, then quickly answered, "Okay."

Cathy laughed, again. "I believe we're going to get laid tonight," she
said. "Aren't we, Brian?" She looked at me with a mischievous twinkle in
her eye.

"I believe so," I agreed.

That confirmation seemed to energize Cathy. She forced her hips against
mine, pressing my hard cock against her slippery sex. She rocked and slid
herself along me until my cock lodged at her steamy entrance. Once there,
she gently rotated until she had impaled herself on me completely.

"Ohhh," she purred. "That is just heaven."

Now that I was fully inside her, I released the nipple I had been sucking
and biting. She leaned down and kissed me fully and passionately.

When she released the kiss I heard a moan from Diana. She and Mike had
climbed out of the pool and were laying on the deck next to it. Diana's
legs were over Mike's shoulders and he was pumping into her with long,
powerful strokes.

"I believe we're all getting laid," I commented softly to Cathy. She looked
to her left to see her husband pounding himself into my wife. I felt
Cathy's hot cunt squeeze my cock as she watched the coupling of the other

Cathy began to rotate and thrust her hips on me. I buried my face in her
neck, kissing and sucking at her hot, smooth skin. The heat of her pussy
around my cock nearly drove me wild, but the water of the tub prevented too
much violent action.

"Ssssshhhhh," she whispered in my ear. "Slowly. We want this to last." I
let her set the pace. She moaned and panted. Cathy threw her head back and
breathed deeply, then rock forward so her soft hair brushed against my face.

Diana was wailing on the deck next to us. One of the things I'd always
loved about Diana's love-making was her vocalization. Diana not only wailed
and moaned, but would scream and demand throughout our sessions. Her
wailing signaled the beginning of her orgasm. Now she began shouting at

"Oh, yes, Mike. Fuck me, Mike. Fuck me hard. Make me cum, Mike. Blast
your load inside me. I want to feel your hot cum inside me. Fuck me, Mike.
Yes, oh, yes!"

Mike was doing his best, pounding his hips at her, his cock driving in and
out of her at high speed. We could hear the slap of his balls against her
ass, and the squelchy sounds of their juices as he pumped into her.

Cathy leaned over and took my earlobe between her teeth. Her breathing was
hot and ragged in my ear. She closed her lips around my earlobe and started
what sounded like a hum, but could have been a groan. Her cunt squeezed me
repeatedly, then clenched strongly. Her body stiffened as a loud moan
escaped her lips.

"Oh, shit," she whispered with vehemence as she continued to clench.
"Ahhhhhh! God!" she concluded as the orgasm passed and she released her grip
Her breathing became rapid. "Nice," she said. "Let's do it again." I
took her face in my hands and kissed her lips lightly as she started to rock
her hips again.

"Oh, Fuck! Oh, Fuck! Oh, Fuck!" Diana was hollering, as her orgasm washed
over her. Her voice became strained as she pushed against the wave crashing
over her. I was all too familiar with the pattern. "Cum! Cum! Cum!
Cum!" she screamed at Mike. I heard him groan mightily as his seed dumped
into the deepest recesses of my wife. Diana's instructions became slower
and softer having accomplished their design. "Oh, yeah," she signed
repeatedly. "Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah," she said. Mike groaned again and
collapsed on top of my Diana.

"I want you to cum in me, too," Cathy whispered in my ear. "I want to feel
your hot spurts deep inside me." Her lips moved along my face until she
found mine. Our tongues did battle, our breathing hard and hot. Cathy's
hips rotated on me, sliding me in and out of her at a steady pace. She
broke the kiss. "This is going to be marvelous," she assured me. "I'm
close. I want you to come with me."

"Just keep going, Cathy. I'm close, too. Just keep up the pace. We're
going to cum together."

Cathy groaned, leaned forward and bit my shoulder. Her nails dug into my
back as she started to clench on me, again. I closed my eyes, remembering
the sight of Mike pounding into my wife, concentrating then on the sensation
of Cathy's hot, slick cunt sliding around my cock. My hands went to her
hips and forced a small increase in speed of her thrusts. My hips rose to
meet hers as I felt the tightness building in my balls. Cathy moaned aloud
again, clamping down on my cock. I forced against the muscles inside her
and urged my released. As Cathy grabbed at my back, clenched my cock and
buried her hips into mine, I blasted away inside her. I felt the hot
streams pump out of the end of my cock and into her waiting, urging cunt.
My breath escaped in an enormous rush of release. As I let go, I looked to
my right to see Diana watching me unload inside Cathy. She must have seen
the look of relief on my face and recognized it for what it was. Diana
smiled at me.

Diana spent the rest of the night in our bedroom with Mike. Cathy and I
heard her cries and orders three more times that night. Each time, we held
each other, then fell into our own joining, marveling in the joy we awakened
in each other's bodies.

The four of us became inseparable. We shared each other virtually on
demand. Diana would announce that she was going to Mike's for the night,
and I could look forward to having Cathy in our house until morning.
Occasionally, I would call Cathy and ask for an assignation. Some nights
she came to me. Others, I went there.

The sex between Diana and I was incredible. We would compare notes. We
told of the emotions of watching each other with the other partner. We
shared our pride in one another at how sexy we looked engaged in the love
act. On weekends, the four of us would get together for the communal
joining, followed by a night of love in the arms of another partner.
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