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The French Maid part 10


The usual rules apply,
1) Copy, repost but don’t make money out of this. I wrote it. I own it.
2) Special thanks to Margaret who spell checked this.
3) If you are at an age where it’s illegal to read things contains sex
scenes, then don’t read this.
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While I do read each and every letter, because in the UK we pay for
the internet by the minute to the telephone company, I haven’t the
money to spend hours on line replying. I do where I can or if there is
something to say, but please don’t take it personal if you don’t get a
reply. I appreciate all letters. It makes me think that some of you
actually read this.

THE FRENCH MAID Part 10 by Susan

Another day at the hotel, a Thursday in fact. The first three hours of my
shift had been boring, just general maid duties, changing beds etc. But at
eleven o’clock I was told that I had been requested to a room on the second

I knocked and a well-spoken voice belonging to a lady told me to come in.
Opening the door I found a woman in her mid-forties, very well dressed and
very elegant looking together with an older man. I guessed he was about
sixty. He was white haired, fairly thin, but like her well dressed.

“Ah yes,” she said, “Would you be a dear and do the dusting and what ever
chamber maid’s do please.”

I started to do a little dusting here and there. I noticed that he was
watching me kneeling. So I gave a little show, bending over more then I
needed to, showing the tops of my legs a little, letting the front of my
dress gape open so he could see the white bra holding my little breasts.

At some point the lady noticed his intent gaze. “Really Arthur,” she told
him, “You’ll want me to ask the young lady to slip out of her uniform next.”
She then walked over to me. “Darling I know it’s a lot to ask, but could you
continue in your underwear only?”

I smiled and replied ‘yes’. Standing by the window I undid my French maid’s
dress and then let it slowly slid down around me until it was in a heap at
my feet. Now all I had on was my stockings, suspenders, bra and panties. I
continued to do the dusting. However the next time I glanced over at the man
I saw that he had undone his trousers and was holding his cock in his right
hand. It wasn’t massively big, but did seem to have a large purple head to

The woman noticed. “Arthur…please!”

“Sorry dear.” He said, but made no attempt to hide it or even to stop
looking at me.

The woman came over to me and asked me to follow her. She led me over to
Arthur who simply remained sitting, slowly wanking his cock.

She stood behind me and undid my bra. Without letting it fall off me she ran
her hands around my chest and cupped my breasts pushing my bra away. “Now
look Arthur, that’s all they are, little breasts, surely at your age you’ve
seen enough.”

He nodded at her, still playing with his cock. I felt her fingers pinch the
nipples between them as she held them out for him to see. She then let go
and asked me to turn around so I had my back to him. She pushed my back
slightly so I bent half over. Then she lowed my panties just enough to
expose my bottom to his gaze. “There you are Arthur, a bottom, most like

She seemed cross with him. I meanwhile was loving the idea of being exposed
like this without the slightest idea of what would happen next.

She kept me bent over with my panties rolled down to just below my bottom.
With one hand supporting my waist, she smacked my bottom gently a couple of
times. I could feel the cheeks wobble. She then straightened me up and
turned me so I was facing him. He could see the dark blonde hair between my
legs as my panties were still rolled down.

“Oh for God’s sake Arthur,” she said, I guessed because he was still wanking
his cock. “Ok, you win dear!”

She turned to me and asked me to kneel on the ground. “Would you mind, he’ll
be hell to put up with if you don’t.”

I said I would do what ever I could to help. I knelt down in front of him.
She told him to stand up. Standing next to us she reached out for his cock
and guided it to my face. She asked me to open my mouth, which I did. She
then put his cock in my mouth and started to wank it herself. I was asked
just to keep still.

The big purple head was engulfed within my lips. Naturally I ran my tongue
around it, licking and teasing, pushing against the eye. Her hand meanwhile
just jerked away, sometimes hitting my lips as she did so. Her other hand
had a hold of his balls, which she tugged and squeezed.

I could see his tummy rise and fall as he breathed in and out. The head of
his cock firmly lodged within my mouth as she wanked him. Suddenly his tummy
got tense and I knew he was about to come. She must have noticed to. She
said simply, “Try not to swallow dear.”

Almost as she finished wads of cum started to pour out of his cock filling
my mouth with sticky salty stringy cum. It flooded me and I had a job to
hold it all in with that large head of his which carried on oozing out cum
in dribbles. Finally the flow ceased.

She let go of his cock and told him to stand back. Before I knew what was
happening she had fallen to her knees in front of me, and kissed me, opened
mouthed, her tongue forcing it’s way into my cum filled mouth. She
immediately started to suck at my tongue and mouth, gulping the cum from my
mouth, using her tongue to lap it into hers. Her hands were holding my head
tightly as she did so. I was so shocked. If I had known this was going to
happen I probably would have refused but I was taken completely by surprise.
It wasn’t so bad actually. Her tongue licked my mouth out completely,
transferring the cum to hers before she started to swallow while she was
still kissing me. I could hear her throat as she did so.

Pulling away she told me to lie back, which I did. Again, before I realised
what was going to happen she had dived down between my legs, had got her
hands under my bottom and cupping my cheeks had pushed her tongue deep into
my wet pussy. She used her tongue like a cock. It was long and slender and
pushed deep within me. Arthur meanwhile had mounted her from behind and had
stuffed his already recovered cock into her pussy and was now thrusting in
and out of her almost like he was trying to push her along. Her skirt was
wrapped over her waist. I never did find out what happened to her pants or
even if she had been wearing any.

Her tongue worked like a demon, flicking at my clit, driving into me,
licking all around my pussy, it was everywhere at the same time. I had never
known someone so good at this. My hands clutched at the top of her head,
pushing her harder against me. I was jerking my hips up and down, her tongue
all the time fucking me like a small cock.

Arthur meanwhile was holding her hips and driving his cock in and out of
her. I could hear the sound of his crotch slamming into her bottom with each

Finally she pulled away from me and by her moans I guessed she was coming.
She started to almost scream, her head laying on my leg as he continued to
pound her from behind. Her body shook and shuddered and then slowly calmed
down. Arthur, with one or two more really hard thrusts withdrew and stood
up. His cock squirted cum all over her, covering her clothes and face and
legs in spots of thin white cum. She just lay there, still moving slowly as
each burst of cum landed on her. He spurted about five times before falling
back into the chair behind him.

She arched her head and looked at me and smiled. “Thank you dear, that will
be all.”

I got dressed and went downstairs.

After the usual shower I got a new outfit and then chatted to the other
girls for a while. I was so surprised at the last events; it had taken only
twenty minutes from the time I walked in to the time I left. About two hours
later I was asked to go to another room at the top of the hotel.

I heard a faint ‘come in’ when I knocked and so entered. The room was empty
but the door to the bathroom was open. Looking in I saw a middle aged man
sitting in the bath, covered by bubbles. It looked like he had emptied half
a bottle of bubble bath in there. He was medium built with dark hair and
green eyes. He was actually quite handsome. He asked if I could bath him.

I told him that would be all right and started to unbutton my dress when he
told me to leave it on. I walked over to the bath and was handed the soap.
Getting a lather up in my hands I began to soap his shoulders, rubbing my
hands all around them, over the top of his back and around his neck. He sat
there, for the most part with his eyes closed, just seemingly enjoying the

When I had finished his shoulder he lay back against the edge and I started
to rub his hairy chest, massaging the soap all around and into his flesh,
then washing it off with the shower. Once or twice my hands brushed his
cock, which seem to partly float there, the little head sometimes peeking up
through the bubbles.

I leaned forward and massaged his chest some more. I could feel his cock
floating there, touching my elbow and arm occasionally. He kept his eyes
closed but smiled all the time. After several minutes I noticed his hips
rise up so that the water flowed off them. His cock, semi hard and wet
laying to one side. I took it in both my soap covered hands and begun to
wash it slowly, peeling the sink back from the head, rubbing soap around it,
flicking water up to clean it. He really liked that, thrusting his hips up
sometimes when I had hold of it. I let the slippery soap covered shaft slide
up and down between my hands. Watching the mauve coloured head popping out
of his foreskin.

I leaned over the side of the bath and placed my head just above his cock.
Opening my mouth I started to blow air gently on the head. He moaned and
started to slide it up and down in my hands. I continued to blow, taking
deep breaths and then blowing slowly at the tip of the head, at the eye.

Pulling back and letting go I took the soap again and rubbed it to get a
really soapy lather in my hands. I then slide first one hand down his shaft
from the top to the bottom, and starting straight away with the other hand
at the top. As one hand got to the bottom the other was clutching at the
top. His cock was really soapy and so very slippery now. I craned my head
over again and started to blow on the tip.

Flicking a little water over the head of his cock I stuck my tongue out and
just let the tip of it touch the tip of his cock head. I was barely touching
his cock with my tongue, so like a butterfly I flicked it around slowly,
covering the round dome of that mauve head, lightly brushing the eye and
sides. My hands held him more steady now so that the only sensation was the
tip of my tongue darting around his cockhead.

He really seemed to be enjoying that. His moaning was becoming louder, and
his legs were beginning to move a little. I held his cock really tightly
now, while letting my tongue flit around the head, touching here and there,
tracing little lines along it. It was the only thing in the world right now.

I could see his tummy sucking in. This happened several times. My tongue
daintily darted all around the head, the tip of it barely touching. It must
have been close to pain for him. Such light little caresses. His tummy
tensed up and then a drop of cum spilled out of the eye as I was licking
just near the underside of his cock. I felt a jerk and the shaft swelled.
Then a stream of cum simply emerged from the head and flowed down the side
of his cock and over my fingers.

I flitted my tongue around the head, cutting through the stream of sticky
ropy cum, leaving a little trail of it. I continued to lightly touch and
caress the head with my tongue, even poking into the eye as another stream
emerged and poured over the head, running down the shaft and my hand on to
his hair and into the bath water. I could barely taste the stuff; so light
was my tongue touching it. A third and a final stream came out, it was
almost like a sink over flowing into a small stream, there were no shots of
cum arching up or spurts, but just several streams emerging one after the

When it finished cumming I pulled back and could see several trails of cum
down the side of his shaft and over my fingers as they clutched the stem of
his cock. His eyes were open now and watching me intently, a big smile on
his face.

I smiled and keeping my eyes on his face lowed my lips over his cock head
until they were half way down his shaft. Then I just closed them wrapping
them around his shaft tightly. Immediately I swirled my tongue around the
head and shaft like a demon. He cried out, jerking his head back and lolling
over the edge of the bath, his legs kicking a little. There wasn’t much cum
left but I knew how sensitive this was for a man, My tongue whipped around
his head, pushing into the eye, licking the rim, lashing at the head.
Finally he begged me to stop and I pulled away.

He looked at me, “Thank you.” Then he shook his head, “That was

I smiled. “All part of the service.”

I took my tip and left

SUSAN 241198


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