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The French Maid part 11


1) thanks to Margaret for once again doing the spell check
2) If you are under the age when you can read about sex then don’t read
this. Talk to the people who make the rules about it, not me.
3) Copy or repost but don’t make money out of this. I wrote it, I own it.
4) If you want to say anything, or have suggestions about my writing, then
let me know. I enjoy hearing what people think.

Other then all that, enjoy this please

One day, I’d had been on duty for several hours, just normal chamber maid
work when I was told I had been requested by the Colonel on the top floor.

I had previously seen the Colonel twice now. He was a dear old man, quite
soft hearted, and I had found our two meetings a lot of fun. So I changed
into a fresh uniform, the usual, French Maid dress, white stockings,
suspender belt, bra and panties, and went up to his room.

I was told to come in when I knocked and there he was sitting there. He
looked like he was in his fifties but I knew he was older. “Ah, young
Susan,” he greeted me, “Come in dear, come in.”

I closed the door and walked over to where he was sitting. “You asked for
me, sir?”

“Yes. Yes. I did. Too right I did, girl. Now, special time today.” He looked
at me and winked. “Got a big job for you, special mission, into unknown

I wasn’t sure about this, all sorts of ideas ran through my head.

“Dangerous mission too mind, don’t know what you’ll find.”

“Colonel, please tell me what it is.” I asked kneeling in front of him.

“That pansy of a Grandson, Steven. Got him in the next room. Terrified of me
he is. Think he’s not interested in women, know what I mean.” His face got
very serious. “Think he’d prefer the Navy to the Army, if you get my drift.
Well you’re job is to save him. Bring him around to our side.” He smiled.
“Think you can handle that?”

“What does he feel about it?”

“Damn pansy will do as he’s told. Don’t worry about that, girl!”

I searched for the words. I didn’t want to disappoint. “Look, if he doesn’t
want to, I can’t, that’s all there is too it. I’m sorry. I’ll try, but
that’s all.”

The Colonel sat back with a start, then reconsidered, “Mmmmh, suppose I
can’t ask more of you than that. Still think of the glory if we pull this
one off, what!”

“Where and when?”

He pointed to the bedroom, “In there.” He shrugged, “Do your best.” I got up
only to hear the Colonel add, “I suppose you don’t want me there too,
leading the men sort of thing, setting an example?”

I laughed, “No Colonel. Let me go on this mission alone.”

He shrugged again, “Very well…well, England expects and all that sort of
thing. Remember, if he tries to surrender, put the telescope to your blind
eye! Make him work before giving in.”

“Yes Colonel.”

I opened the bedroom door to find a 16-year-old boy sitting there on the
bed, reading a book. I said ‘hello.’ I could see he was very shy. I sat next
to him and asked if he knew why I was here. He did. I asked him if he wanted
me to leave. He didn’t. He told me I was really pretty, and he had been
frightened about who would be coming in.

He had fair hair, was of normal build, I could see by his arms that he was
very smooth skinned and looked very young. I checked his age. He said he was
16, nearly 17. We started to chat about all kinds of things. Finally I asked
him did he want to try and have some fun. I by now had decided what I was
going to do. He became very shy again and before he could speak I told him
it was all right, I understood. I said I would just go to the bathroom and
he was to wait.

I emerged three minutes later in just my panties, stockings and suspender
belt. My small breasts trembled as I walked over to him, now wide eyed at
the sight of me. He half laughed and said, “You’re so beautiful.”

I blushed a little, “Maybe.”

I told him to sit on the bed and I sat next to him. Then I gently pushed him
back and rolling over on to my tummy lay beside him. My hand fluttered to
his T-shirt and began to massage his chest through it. I simply told him if
I did anything he didn’t like or want to tell me to stop. He in turn was to
do nothing except lay there.

My hand wandered all around that chest before slipping under his T-shirt and
stroked and caressed the smooth skin of his tummy and then up to his chest.
He watched my face most of the time. I could see he was loving all of it. He
asked if he could touch my breasts so I reached for his hand laying next to
the other side of him and pulled it over, holding it against my breasts,
moving it around so his hand rubbed the nipples and caressed all around
them. He got the idea and for a few minutes he simply played with them,
cupping and squeezing them, feeling his way so to speak. I could tell he had
never done this before. I leaned over and kissed him. Just lips to lips.
Then I opened my mouth a little and stuck my tongue out and licked along his
lips. Finally pushing softly into his mouth. My tongue met his and played

Pulling away I tugged his T-shirt up and pulled it off over his head. I then
rolled half onto his chest and started to kiss and suck and lick at his
chest and nipples. I used my tongue more then anything, giving him long
licks from the shoulder down to his belly button. Sometimes I bit him
gently. More and more my head moved down to his trousers until my tongue was
circling the little wisps of blonde hair that made their way down from his
belly button.

I undid his trousers; got off the bed and simply tugged them, together with
his underpants, straight off.
His legs were smooth and looked quite strong. At his crotch stood a long
cock, with some blonde hair around it and two balls, snug and tight in their
little sack. I knelt down between his legs and traced my tongue along the
inside of his leg, making long lines, starting and stopping, sometimes
nipping the skin with my teeth. My fingers caressed other parts of his leg
at the same time. I let my fingertips slide their way along his thighs, over
the tops of his legs to touch lightly at his balls as I slid my fingers down
between his legs and then out to his knee along the inside of his leg. It
was driving him wild, and judging by his pulsating cock, he was no pansy.

I licked my way along his legs until after several minutes I touched his
balls with my tongue. I pushed my tongue hard against them, moving them and
then caressed and licked around them. Finally I made it to the base of that
long smooth cock shaft. I slid my hand under it to lift it up so it pointed
directly at the ceiling. I figured he wouldn’t last long, so I had already
planned to finish him quickly once, then fuck his brains out after!

I moved my head so it was directly over his cock. Opening my lips to an ‘O’,
I let them touch around the top of his cockhead, then slid down so they just
went past the rim of his head. He moaned loudly and jerked his body. For a
few seconds I held him there, letting my tongue swirl around that smooth
head, licking and tasting it. Some pre cum had oozed out and I could taste
salty cum on my tongue.

I pulled my lips very slowly to the tip of his cock and then in one motion,
rammed my head all the way down that shaft. He almost sat upright! Before he
had a chance to recover I drew my head straight back up to the tip of his
cock and then rammed it all the way down again. He cried out this time. On
the fourth drive back down that shaft I was met with a deluge of sticky
salty cum that virtually spat out of the end of his cock. I had expected
this but it still took me by surprise. I almost stopped but managed to force
my head down swallowing most of it on the way. Pulling back up I seemed to
draw another great wad of cum out. This time I opened my lips allowed the
stringy stuff to flow out, running like a river from my lips and down his
shaft. I slid my head down again, pushing the cum down the shaft with my
lips. He shot off a third time, flooding my mouth completely. He must have
been saving this lot.

I pulled back to let him settle. A fourth and fifth and even after that a
trickle of cum shot out before he finally lay still. I opened my mouth wide,
and let it drip out around his shaft and cockhead as it lay there, shrinking
below me.

He seemed almost in tears, and couldn’t thank me enough. I smiled and licked
around the now soft head of his cock and pushed the shaft around his crotch,
tasting the paddles of cum as I did.

“Well now we are going to make love.” I told him. “As soon as we can get you
back up to fighting strength again.”

With that I popped his limp cock in my mouth and started to seriously suck
it. It took several minutes, during which time he amused himself by reaching
under me to brush my nipples with his fingers, but finally his limp wet cum
covered cock responded to my warm sucking mouth and grew hard.

I stood up and lay down on the bed next to him. “I want you to lay on top of
me, and stick your cock inside me.”

He rolled over on to me sliding his hands under my shoulders. I felt his
hips moving, trying to get his cock into my pussy. I reached down and helped
him. He entered me really slowly, his cock pushing into me so very gently. I
knew this was his first time and that this was a magical moment for him.
Once settled I told him what I wanted him to do. “Don’t just thrust away,
move around and play. Move your hips from side to side, and then undulate
them sometimes. At other times it’s nice to thrust hard, but sometimes, use
a long hard stroke and then a short one, then a long one again.”

“How will I know when to do that?” he asked.

“Well if you look at her and her head is arched back, she’s biting her lips
and her eyes are closed. Chances are she’s enjoying it. If on the other hand
she tells you ‘to stick it behind her ear; she’ll smoke it later’, then you
can bet you won’t be doing it a second time with her.”

He laughed and kissed me on the nose. He seemed far more relaxed.

At first he did some gentle little thrusts, trying the feeling out. Then he
started to play around and try other things. For the next hour we played
like that, sometimes kissing, (he was very good at that!), at other times he
concentrated on making me feel really good. He watched me intently, trying
to look for the signs. At first I helped him by loving everything, but after
a while I became more honest, telling him how it felt, if it was good or
bad. Several times he was near to cumming again but I wouldn’t let him. I
told him this was a one off, and to forget about me, just do whatever he
wanted to try.

I can’t imagine what the Colonel must have been thinking about all this. He
was a good man, not trying to disturb us in any way. I could tell he cared
for his Grandson. At some stages we just lay there, chatting and kissing.

Finally I rolled us both over and sat over him. “Now I’m going to finish
you.” I told him. I arched back and with my arms behind me supported myself
on his knees. His cock was deep inside my pussy, but bent back facing up but
also towards his legs. I knew that no man could hold back for long like
that. I then lifted my hips up and down gently. He put his hands against my
breasts, cupping and mauling them, pinching the nipples between his fingers.
He had to stretch for them but refused to let go, he seemed to love the
feeling of my small breasts cupped and nestled in his hands.

My pussy moved up and back along his cock and then down again. I could feel
it straining against the top of my pussy because of the unnatural angle I
had him in. It was good for me and I knew it was good for him. Suddenly he
left go of my breasts and lay back; his head sinking into the pillow. I felt
his knees tense and jerk. His moans started and by his movements I could
tell he was cumming deep inside me. I continued to move, beginning to feel
the extra wetness within as his cum mixed with my juices as his cock pushed
in and out of me with each thrust of my hips.

I kept moving until he begged me to stop, thrashing his head from side to
side. I rolled off him and rushed to the bathroom. Dressed I came out a few
minutes later and we chatted some more before I said I had to leave.
“Can’t I see you again?” He asked, looking almost upset.

“You don’t need to,” I told him, “We both know I was your first. I’ll always
be with you now.”

I kissed him once, really deeply, our tongues playing like demons with the
other’s. Then I pulled away, “Close your eyes.” I told him

He did so. I swooped low and kissed the head of his small limp cock and then
walked out of the room.

“Well?” The Colonel asked me, “Three hours my girl, three hours! Almost sent
a search party, thought you’d been taken by the enemy!”

“Taken Colonel. Definitely taken.” I smiled.

He smiled back, “Oh…good…well done…yes…yes…oh I suppose a spot of debriefing
is out of the question girl?”

I walked over to him and kissed his cheek, “Colonel, I’ve been behind enemy
lines, no food or drink…feel shell shocked,” I turned to leave.

Behind me I heard him mutter, “Mmmh, don’t make them like they used to you
know. In my day that would have only been the beginning…oh well, no point in
arguing with a woman.”

His bark was always worse then his bite.



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