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The French Maid part 13


1) Special thanks to Margaret who spell checked this.
2) Thanks to Scott who provided the idea for this one
3) If it’s illegal in your country to read this then don’t.
4) Suggestions and comments are welcome

However because of the high cost of the internet in the UK please
understand that I am not able to response to everyone. But I do thank
all the people who have written to me, especially after FM part 11, I
was about to stop writing at that point and you changed that, thanks


One morning at eleven o’clock I was asked to go to a room on the second
floor. Entering I found a tall slim man there, in his thirties. He had dark
brown hair, and a pleasing face. He introduced himself as Scott.

He asked me to sit down next to him.

“I called you up because I’ve heard nothing but good things about you.” He
told me. “But I want to explain to you what I would like to do. I understand
that you are, shall we say, a little straight…so I would like to explain
what I want. Is that all right.”

I didn’t think it was actually. But I felt he should have the chance to
explain. “Ok, go ahead.”

“I want to tie you to the bed with some silk scarves. Then I’m going to
tease and play with your body. At any time, you can ask me to untie you and
I will.” He smiled. “You see you have a reputation for making men come. I
have the same with women.”

I laughed, all the bad feelings gone. “I’m sorry,” I told him, “I’ll never
cum more then once.” I looked down to the floor, and shrugged, “It’s just


I smiled at him, “So.”

He reached for my hand and began to wrap some silk around the wrist, “You’re
nothing to lose then.”

This wasn’t supposed to happen, but I guess he was right, I had nothing to
lose. I shrugged again, “Ok, you want to waste your time, this might even be

He got up and led me over to the bed. “Please remove everything except your
stockings and suspenders.”

I did as I was asked and then stretched out on the bed. He took the tied
wrist and fastened it to the bed post. Then he tied the other one to the
other post. He moved down to my legs, but only tied one. “I’ll leave you
that much control.” He told me.

I lay there, a little afraid. I’d never been tied before and although I
didn’t feel anything bad was going to happen it still felt scary. Guess I’m
not the adventurous type. He meanwhile went over to the little drinks
fridge. He returned with the ice tray. I was puzzled to say the least.

He sat down next to me, still fully clothed. He then took a piece of ice out
of the tray and holding it between his thumb and forefinger moved his hand
over to my breasts. I stared has he lowed the ice so it just touched the top
of my left breast. It felt so cold, I shook. Keeping the ice cube so it
barely touched my skin he ran his hand around the outside of my breast,
doing a complete circle. I lolled my head back, my eyes closed, the
sensation was so new for me, but it was exciting once you excepted the cold.
He kept circling my left breast, though bringing the circles tighter and
tighter, closer and closer to the nipple. Finally when the ice had travelled
around my breast so much that only the nipple remained untouched, I felt
something warm and wet touch the very tip of my nipple, now rock hard and
begging to be touched. I opened my eyes and saw his tongue licking at it,
pushing it into my breast gently.

You have to realise that despite all the parties and everything this was
really new for me. It felt wonderful. Part of it I suppose was the feeling
that I was so helpless, and could only hope about where he was going to
touch next. My breast was crying out to be touched. He then simply sucked my
breast straight into his mouth, almost chewing on it. If my hands had been
free they would have grasped his head and kept it there. As it was he was
quite content to suck it for a little while.

Pulling back from my little breasts he reached for some more ice. This time
he traced the ice around my belly button, just skimming it along my skin. I
was breathing hard by now with anticipation. God it felt so good, so sexy.
Sometimes he pushed it against my skin, other times it barely touched me.
Once or twice he pulled it along the underside of my breasts which made me
stretch out suddenly, shudder and shake.

When that piece of ice melted he contended himself with licking and touching
my tummy with his tongue. He varied between long hard licks and flitting
caresses. I played a game and would try to push my tummy up to him, wanting
to feel that wet tongue rolling across. In all this he hadn’t said a word.
He seemed to be totally concentrating on me.

He rose up and took another piece of ice. He gently parted my legs a little
and leaning over my tummy he started to run the ice along the inside of my
legs. I had trouble keeping still it felt so intense. You could never tell
if it was boiling hot or ice cold, the feeling was the same. No matter how I
tried, I couldn’t help but jump each time that soft yet hard ice made
contact. Finally he brought it to my pussy and rubbed it along the lips and
then pushed it a little inside me. I didn’t even know what hit me. Suddenly
it was there, right there, and that was it. I shuddered suddenly. He must
have guessed for he simply pushed the ice inside me and then with his finger
rubbed my clit back and forth as I shook my way through a really intense

Finally I could take no more and begged him to stop, my body tingling, my
breathing fast, my eyes half closed. He did and sat back against the other
end of the bed.

“That’s the beginning,” he said. “I’ll get you a drink.” He walked over to
the fridge and prepared something in a long glass. I asked him what it was
but he said just to drink it. He untied one hand and I sipped at the glass.
It was nice. I could tell it was a mix of more then one drink.

For a few minutes we spoke about things in general. Then it came round to
sex. I asked him where he got those ideas from. He just smiled. “Oh I’ve a
lot more to show you yet.”

He then removed the glass and tied my hand back up to the post. This time he
tied my free leg as well. I guess I was past the introduction stage.

He stood at the end of the bed and removed his clothes. His chest was smooth
until his tummy where a line of hair went down to his cock and balls. His
cock was standing straight up, long, slim, with a half covered purple head.
He came and sat astride my chest and then taking his cock he started to rub
it against my breasts. Again he changed from lightly stroking them with it
to pushing it hard against them. After a while he lay on top of me, and then
rising himself on his arms he just let his chest touch mine, and then moved
his body around in a circle type motion, caressing my breasts and nipples
with his skin. It felt strange but nice. I could feel his cock pushing into
my lower tummy as it lay there sandwiched between us.

He moved up and soon his chest was over my face, this time it was his cock
and hips that were moving around my chest. I could feel his cock dragging
over my breasts, the head, slightly wet at the end, touching and jerking
along my smooth white skin. I stuck my tongue out to lick his chest as it
moved from side to side over my face. I felt his cock touching my throat. He
moved up some more; it pushed against my chin. Then he sat astride my
throat, his balls on my chin, his cock towering over my mouth. I again stuck
my tongue out and licked at the front of his balls, pushing them around and
wetting the hair. With one arm he reached behind himself and started to rub
my nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

After a minute or so he took hold of his cock and lifting his hips up
slightly, began to rub it against my face. It went across my cheek and over
my nose, the balls pushing against my lips, then he wiped the head around
the other cheek and all around my forehead. Finally he brought it down along
the side of my nose and pushed the head against my lips which opened almost
straight away. He fed his cock into my mouth and then, leaning forward,
started to move his hips back and forth, fucking my mouth like it was my
pussy. He varied his strokes and I was never sure how deep he would go. He
seemed to know the limits, and never once was it uncomfortable.

I just kept my mouth open, feeling that hard cock thrusting in and out of my
mouth, feeling the head popping out of the skin as it rode past my lips.
Suddenly he stopped.

Getting up he then lay with his head near my waist. He rolled over on top of
me, his cock once again pushing into my mouth. I wanted so much to hold his
bottom, to help thrust him in and out, but I was tied and completely
helpless. He meanwhile slipped his hands under my bottom and cupped both
cheeks which he started too knead while his head fell between my legs. I
felt his tongue simply shooting into my pussy and then he started to fuck me
with it. What could I do. My legs were tied open, his cock thrusting into my
mouth. I couldn’t wrap my legs over his head or anything. It felt great.
This cock simply thrusting in and out of my mouth and I was powerless to do
anything about it. I had no control what so ever. Any other time I would
have been terrfied, but I just knew he wasn’t the kind of person to do
anything I didn’t want.

My hips started to move with his head as his tongue pushed in and out of me.
He rolled off my head, taking his cock from my mouth, it slid over my cheek,
all wet and slippery. His tongue kept thrusting in and out. His fingers
squeezing and teasing my bottom. I could feel his tongue taking long laps
along my pussy, and then push in and out. He then played with my clit,
pushing at it. Sometimes he pulled away and bit the inside of my legs
gently, or just teased them with his tongue.

I was completely relaxed now, my hips moving without thought. It was like I
was almost asleep. No thoughts to think, no words to say, just my movements
against the motions of his tongue. And then it hit me. It came like they
always do with me, sudden and quick, but this was the second one, and that
was very rare. I tensed, sure I would loose it just as it tripped over but I
was lucky and instead it took me off shuddering and shaking, my hips
thrusting wildly at his tongue and face. A minute or two later and I was
spent completely again. I told him to stop and he did.

He sat next to me, untied one hand and then got me a drink. “So, do you

I smiled, “Yes, I’ve never known like this.”

“Do you want to play more?”

I laughed a little, “If you think you can…”

His turn to smile. “Oh I know.”

I finished the drink and he retied my hand.

This time he simply sat next to me. He began to trace the very tips of his
fingers along the outside of my legs from my knees to my hips. His touches
were very soft, almost not touching. I could feel my skin straining to feel
the sensations. Sometimes several fingers dragged along my skin, sometimes
just one. Then he would stroke me with the back of his hand in little
circular motions. He slowly concentrated more and more on my hips and then
from there began to slid up over my tummy until he was teasing the underside
of my breasts. Little touches, flitting against them, near, but not touching
the nipples. By now my body wanted to be held, wanted to feel his hands on

He played around my little breasts, sometimes feather like strokes, other
times little jabs, making the soft flesh tremble each time. My nipples were
rock hard and aching, wanting desperately for him to touch them, but he
never this time, he stroked within millimeters of them, but never so much as
once touched them. It was sheer delightful torture.

After what seemed an age he made his way slowly down my tummy. By now he was
using both hands, letting his fingers skim over and caress me. I was
thrusting my tummy out trying to feel more. This was the ultimate in
teasing. He was the expert. I knew many ways to tease a man, but I’d never
met someone who could tease me like this.

Finally he reached my pussy, just touching the outer lips, keeping out of
it. Again, teasing me beyond anything I could imagine. He played on the
edges, I would thrust around, trying to force his fingers in, but his
touches were too light. This went on for a while, his touches getting more
and more delicate.

Suddenly he said, “I’m going to untie you know. Then I’m going to make love
to you.”

Oh yes…please! I smiled at him.

As soon as he had untied me he took hold of me and rolled over on top.
Pushing his hips against me his cock went straight in…all the way, making me
arch my head back, biting my lower lip, moaning, eyes closed tightly.
Wrapping one arm around and under my back he lifted that part of me from the
bed. His other hand clasped my breast, squeezing it. His mouth found mine
and his tongue pushed hard into me, raping my mouth, licking around it like
some snake. His hips thrust harder and harder, his cock pushing all the way
into me. After all the teasing I knew I didn’t stand a chance. Today was
going to be a record for me. No choices, I knew that it was only minutes, if
that, away.

It never let up. His cock slamming into me, his hips hitting mine. His hand
holding my back really tightly, the other hand flattening my breast, his
mouth all over mine, his tongue thrusting hard into me.

I couldn’t help him now. I didn’t know how he wanted to come. I didn’t care.
I wasn’t working here now. This was beyond anything. Suddenly, though there
was no choice it was there. I screamed loudly, I’d never known anything like
it. It came from deep within me, both the scream and the orgasm. It tore
it’s way through my body, lighting me up and sending me jerking all over the
place. This was pure animal passion, nothing refined, nothing under control.
I had to pull away from his kiss, scared of hurting him. My head arched all
the way back so all he could see was my throat. I couldn’t open my eyes or
close my mouth. He kept hammering away while fastening his mouth over my
breast, sucking and biting the nipple. I was beating his back with my fists.
I kept screaming until suddenly it was over. I was spent.

“Please…please. No more. I’ll die.”

He pulled away, his cock slipping out of me.

I just lay there panting, trying to get my breath back. I was nearly in
tears. He was smiling at me. I tried to smile back but even that was too

He got me a drink and I drank it straight down. It was several minutes
before I was back to being on earth. “Do you want to finish?” I asked him

“Would you mind?”

“No, it’s the least I can do. Look can I do it with my mouth, I couldn’t
take much more.”

He smiled sweetly. “That would be lovely.”

He lay back on the bed. I stretched out with my head over his hips. Taking
his cock in my hand I lowered my face to it. Sticking out my tongue I began
to lick around the head, I wanted to tease the hell out of him, but was too
shattered to do so. Instead I just lowered my mouth over the head, and
started to suck at it. My head was bobbing up and down. It didn’t take very
long. He must have been close for some time. Suddenly his stomach tensed and
his cock opened up. I say opened up, it just fired off like a cannon. I have
never known just a big wad of it. It flooded my mouth and nearly blew my
head off his cock. All thick and sticky and salty, masses and masses of the
stringy stuff. I swallowed in a big gulp but it kept coming. I opened my
mouth wide and lots of it slipped down around the shaft and over my fingers.
I saw another load shoot out in a thick stream and hit my tongue and the
back of my mouth. I swallowed quickly but another load hit my lips and chin.
It splattered all over me and hung down in long stringy streams. Yet another
load shot out, though this time my mouth was open and it hit my tongue and
the roof of my mouth. I engulfed the head with my lips again but by now it
had slowed, just pumping out the last oozes which my tongue lapped up.

I licked around the slowly shrinking shaft and head. He was laying back,
spent too by the look of it.

When his cock was small | let it lay there. I licked some more along the
shaft and around his groin, Tasting cum laying there, pushing it around with
my tongue. Finally I pulled back.

“You were every bit as good at that as I had been told,” he said.

I laughed. “I never want you again,” I told him. “I see my death with you.”

He laughed loudly. “Next time you can tie me up.”

I thought about it. My mind suddenly racing. “Mmmmh, that’s a date.”



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