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The French Maid part 14


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THE FRENCH MAID Part 14 by Susan

On one Tuesday the manager called me into his office and told me that I
had been requested for an event the following day. Apparently three
businessmen would be here then and they had a habit of hiring a coach and
horse team. Dressed up in Victorian outfits they would go for a ride
around the country, “For country read the hotel grounds mainly,” the
manager advised. I was asked if I was agreeable to it. “Just some dressing
up and acting the part.” He told me. What could I lose…no readers, don’t
answer that one.

On the Wednesday I arrived at work at 10 am. The weather was warm with
nice sunshine. I went in and changed into the ‘outfit’. This consisted of
a low cut blue dress, (a little wasted considering my small boobies),
petticoats and under garments and a corset type thing that laced up at the
back. It did have the effect of bunching and pushing my breasts up but
still they didn’t really fill the front of the dress in the way the
designer had hoped.

I was shown to the coach, which had blacked out windows. The door opened
and a hand extended to help me in.

There were three men there. One in his forties, the other two about thirty
years old. They introduced themselves. Peter was the older one. He had
grey hair, a pleasant face, and was average build. Steven was slim, with
long black hair and piecing blue eyes. The third man was John. He was tall
with short brown hair. They all sat on one seat against the back of the
coach. I sat opposite them. No sooner was I seated than the coach started

“Have you a ticket young Miss?” Inquired Peter.

“Why no Sir,” I told him. “I wasn’t told I would need one.” I fluttered my
hand to my bosom for effect.

“My my, she hasn’t a ticket good sirs.” He addressed the other two.
“What’s to become of the girl?”

“Have to pay a forfeit.” Said John.

“Oh sirs, please don’t make me walk. I’ll do whatever you say.” I smiled
shyly at them.

Peter smiled, “A flash of your garter then.”

I acted outraged. “But sir!”

“Now now, girl, come come. A flash of your garter isn’t too high a price
and we are all gentlemen.”

We argued back and forth with the outcome that I lost. So I slowly bundled
up my dress and petticoat along one leg, pulling the material higher,
exposing my slender white stocking encased leg until the garter at the top
came into view. I raised the leg and stretched it out, leaning it across
me and on the door of the coach so they could better see.

They admired the view. “A bit higher if you please miss.” Steven asked.

Feigning outrage I delicately lifted it so that the side of my hip was

“I do believe she’s not wearing any underpants.” Peter said.

“Is this true Miss?” John asked me in earnest.

“Well,” I shifted around on my seat; “I’m not at liberty to say good

I was asked to stand with my back to them and they would satisfy
themselves regarding the question of whether I had under pants on or not.
I did as I was bid. I felt Steven’s hand slide under my dress on the
outside of my leg and move upwards. I could feel his fingers gently
tracing their way to my hip, and then he slid his hand until it was just
cupping my left bottom cheek. He gave it a little squeeze.

Naturally I protested at the outrage though was careful not to move to
ensure his hand stayed there.

“She isn’t wearing any.” He told the others.

I then felt more hands gently moving up my legs, one on the outside of the
other leg, and a third hand in between them. That hand drifted slowly
upwards, flitting from one leg to another until it reached my knees. My
dress was lifted up a little; I’m not sure whom by, then the hand
continued to slide up this time with the whole palm of the hand feeling my
leg. Finally it reached my pussy and I felt the side of the man’s thumb
brush against it as it slid back and forth ever so gently. Both Steven and
Peter were fondling the side of my hips as well. The gentle motion of the
carriage made it even nicer.

“Sirs!” I protested, “You really ought not to be doing this? What will
become of me?”

Peter replied that I was in safe capable hands, (how could I argue with
that one?). With that my dress was lifted over my waist and my entire
bottom was nakedly on display to these wicked wicked men! I felt a hand
push my back down a little and I bent forward. Then John, sitting directly
behind grabbed my hips in his hands and pushed his face into my pussy from
behind. I felt his tongue lick along my pussy lips before pushing into me.
I cried out in protest but was told to stay calm.

“What do you know of sex?” Peter asked.

I told him a good girl like me knew nothing of the subject. He then went
on to explain that what John was doing was to ensure that I was ready for
the next part of the journey, and that things would be done to make me
feel comfortable. I reluctantly agreed that in such a case that would be

Not that I cared. John’s tongue was doing wonderful things down there.
Licking and sucking at my pussy. I couldn’t help but thrust my hips back
into his face a few times to help him along.

He then stopped and told me now that I was wet, I could sit down on his
lap where ‘an implement would be provided for my comfort and to ensure the
movement of the carriage didn’t throw me to the floor’.

Sinking down onto his lap I felt a hard stiff cock touching the entrance
of my pussy briefly before sliding in to me as I sunk down on it. It was
quite long and I let out a loud sigh. Peter then sat opposite me and
started to unfasten his trousers.

“Good Sir, what are you doing?” I asked, feigning horror.

“It’s a bumpy road we have to cross my girl.” He warned. “This will keep
you safe and sound. With that he pulled free a short but thick cock with a
large purple head on. It looked slightly moist.

Arranging my legs on either side of John’s lap I lent all the way forward
until that cock head was inches from my face. I opened my mouth and stuck
my tongue out, to take several long laps at it before finally engulfing
the head in one go. I felt Peter sit back as I did that. Immediately I
started to suck the shaft, bobbing my head up and down while firmly
holding the sides of his legs.

Steven sat on the floor under me and began to pull at the low cut dress
until my small breasts were poking out over the top of the material. I
felt his lips close over one nipple, his tongue swirling around it while
his fingers pinched and tweaked the other one.

Imagine my position. A poor defenceless country girl with three kind men
doing their utmost to ensure I was not thrown to the floor of the carriage
by sacrificing their own comfort. John behind me, his hands holding my
hips moving them up and down off his lap; Peter in front with his short
but fat cock embedded in my mouth. And Steven beneath me, holding me in
place by sucking delightfully at my small breasts.

I was so grateful I would have done anything to please them if they had
only asked me to.

Peter gently lifted my head off his cock and I was asked to stand. I did
as I was told. They then helped me off with all my clothes until I was
stark naked in front of these men. Sitting all in a line I was asked to
lay across their laps on my back. I did as I was bid and had the pleasure
of three pair of hands roaming around, caressing and touching me. Peter
stroking my face and throat, John caressing my breasts, pinching and
playing with the nipple while Steven had his hands roaming between my
legs. One finger deep in my pussy playing with my clit, the other hand
stroking and caressing the insides of my legs. My long blonde hair hung
over Peter’s lap, touching the floor. My little breasts and pussy and
indeed my entire body, bare, all naked in front of these kindly gentlemen.

They teased and stroked me for several minutes and then asked me to lay on
my tummy on their laps. Now they concentrated on my back, bottom and
pussy. I had my eyes closed, lost in the feeling of it all. My hips
undulating around as two fingers slide back and forth inside me. Two hands
cupping my bottom, squeezing and pushing the cheeks together, and another
pair of hands touching and stroking my back and sometimes sweeping under
me to cup and squeeze my little hanging breasts.

I was then told to kneel on the floor of the carriage with my tummy and
head draped over the seat opposite. Each one then took turns to kneel
behind me and insert his cock inside my pussy and thrust it in and out
while holding my hips steady. It felt really horny to be fucked like this.
Two watching and one taking his turn. Each time a cock was pulled out
another one took it’s place within seconds. Pushing hard and deep into me.
At some point in there I came myself. Long drawn out and with much
moaning. My head thrown back, my eyes closed and my mouth wide open.

Finished, they left me for a short while to stay where I was, bathing in
the after glow of it all. Then I was asked if I could finish them. I
twisted around. John asked me to simply wank his cock over my little

I shuffled over to him and taking hold of it in one hand began to pump it
up and down. Several times I lowered my head so his cockhead would brush
my lips on the upward stroke, once or twice even letting it pop into my
wet and warm mouth. Finally his actions told me to expect a discharge from
his weapon. I aimed it at my throat and within seconds warm stringy cum
was pumping out the end of his cock and spilling out onto my firm little
titties. It ran and slid down in gobs of the stuff. All creamy and thick
with one or two little bubbles in. The other two watched intently.

I moved to Steven who said he wanted to come over my face. The cum on my
breasts was turning cold now, I could still feel it sliding down and
sometimes dripping off my nipples and breasts. I leaned forward so his
cock was just over my nose and he wanked it back and forth. He came very
quickly, the cum shooting out over my face in long threads all partly
joined leaving trails from my cheek to the top of my head. It was thicker
then usual and just more or less stayed in place, all connected like
string. He shot five times, each one arcing out and landing over my face.
Finally there was a drop left on the end oozing out of the eye. I craned
upwards and licked it off with my tongue.
I moved to Peter. He told me he wanted me to suck his cock. I lowered my
cum covered head and felt that cockhead slide past my lips and fill my
mouth. It was hard to do much with it, it being so thick. So I was left to
just bob my head up and down as I had done before. He reached under me and
massaged my cum covered titties with his hands, cupping them and squeezing
them. Suddenly he started to squeeze hard and a bust of cum hit the back
of my mouth. He didn’t let go of my breasts so I had no choice but to keep
my mouth over his cock. I swallowed and a second load shot out flooding my
mouth completely. This time I managed to open my lips and some of it
started to slide out down around his cock. He spurted again and then again
before finally it stopped shooting.

The cum still filled my mouth. A long stream of cum was making it’s way
down his cock, unbroken from my mouth while a lot of it swam around his
cockhead buried in my wet mouth. I had to swallow some more before I could
feel it start to shrink. I then swirled what cum I had left around the
head a few times before letting that drain out around his cock.

I sat back against the other seats. They were smiling. I must have looked
a sight. cum in my hair, trails of it along my face and cheeks, and more
hanging off my breasts in semi broken strings.

Peter handed me a towel and a much needed drink from a hip flask….no boys,
a genuine hip flask!

SUSAN 071298


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