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The French Maid part 15


THE FRENCH MAID Part 15 by Susan
I got to work at 8am one Thursday morning. We did the breakfast shift and
sorted out all the washing. At 10 o'clock I was told I was wanted upstairs in
my French Maid's outfit. I asked which room and was told the third floor linen

I asked Anna about this and she just said, "That'll be Freddie, he likes
confined spaces." She smiled. "Don't worry, it's very quick usually."

The actual room was only big enough for two people to stand in. It consisted
mainly of shelves full of linen and stuff. I made my way up there. Coming to
the door I opened it slowly. A hand shot out of the darkness grabbed mine and
pulled me in. I just caught a glimpse of a short man standing there and then
it was darkness has the door was slammed shut.

I could feel a hard cock pressing in my back. A mouth closed around the side
of my neck, teeth scraping the skin, tongue licking at me. By now one hand had
slid into the top of my dress and bra and was cupping and squeezing my breast.
His other hand slid down and roughly pulled up my short skirt and then his
fingers slipped into the waistband of my panties and tugged them down.

When they were just below my knees he pushed the small of my back slightly so
I bent forward a little. I think all of 90 seconds had elapsed since I walked
in but none the less the excitement of it all was getting me worked up.

I felt his hand fumbling with his cock and pushing it between my legs. For a
few seconds he thrust it simply between them and then pointing it upwards he
pushed it hard into me. I nearly lifted off the floor, certainly was on my
toes. Wow, talk about quick. He let go of my breast and held my hips,> ramming
me back and forth on his hard cock. I could feel my naked bottom slamming
against his trousers. He didn't play much, just held on to my hips and thrust
back and forth like a wild thing. I could never cum this fast but was I turned
on. This was amazing. I was gasping out loud as his cock slammed in to me
again and again.

Suddenly he seemed to tense and he pulled his cock out. Within seconds he was
shooting spurts of warm cum all over my bare bottom. I felt about five spurts
of the stuff, hitting my cheeks and splashing around over the small of my back
and dress. Some of it already running down the backs of my legs.

He spun me around and kissed me once, hard on the mouth before releasing the
door and slipping out with barely a whisper 'thanks'.

I looked at my watch, four minutes. It took me longer to clean up. There was a
tip left on the shelf, which I saw as soon as I got the light on. I went back
downstairs, never knowing which guest it was or what he really looked like.
Anna offered to point him out but I decided I liked it better the way it was.

In the afternoon someone I had seen before asked for me. His name was Scott
and last time we met he had tied me to the bed before slowly and relentlessly
he had tortured me slowly with utter pleasure, teasing and turning me on. I
had broken a record for myself that day.

I spoke to Anna and we decided on a plan. We went up to the room and I entered
only. Scott was waiting with a big smile on his face. I noticed some silk
scarves on the bed in the room beyond. He saw me looking. "Yes, for you." He
told me.

I shook my head. "No, for you." I smiled.

He seemed unsure then agreed. He walked over to the bed. "Take your clothes
off, all of them." I ordered. He did as I told him and was soon standing there
naked. His cock hanging there. I licked my lips. "Lay down." I said.

He stretched out and then I walked over, tying his wrists and feet to the bed
posts. "Now wait." I said and walked out of the bedroom.

Opening the door to Anna she slipped in. We quickly undressed down to our
panties, suspender belts and stocking. She with her brown hair and very white
skin and small pointy breasts, and me with my small breasts and long blonde
hair. We were both very slim and looked younger then we were.

Coming back into the bedroom I saw Scott's eyes widen. "Too much for one." He

We sat on either side of him. Anna started to rub his chest with her hands,
paying a lot of attention to his nipples. I could see he was loving it. I took
his half-limp cock in my hand and begun slowly to rub it up and down feeling
it grow bigger as I did so.
By now Anna was leaning over his chest, letting her breasts swing over it,
her nipples brushing them as they swayed back and forth. His cock, still in my
hand was now very hard. I lowered my mouth to it and opened really wide so
that my mouth engulfed it but didn't' touch it. He must have felt my hot
breath on it, has it twitched a couple of times. I licked just the very tip
with my tongue while keeping my lips as close as I dared to the shaft without
actually touching it.

My tongue licked around the eyes, feeling the contours and caressing it. Then
I slowly closed my lips and held his shaft tightly. I lowered my head until
his cock was filling my mouth, all the way to the back. My tongue just lying
under it pushing hard against it trying to curl around the round shaft. I then
dragged my lips all the way up the shaft keeping them has tight as I could. I
could hear him moan. They reached the rim of his head and I then sucked hard
like puffing on a cigarette. That earned another long moan from him.

I pulled away and started to wank his thick cock with my hand, slowly and
lazily. Anna had by now moved her chest to his face and was dragging her small
pointy breasts against his cheeks and nose. He had his mouth open and was
sticking his tongue out, sometimes licking at the undersides of her breasts as
they slowly rolled over him. I swooped low and started to lick at his balls,
my tongue pushing in between them and then licking outwards around them. My
hand carried on wanking his cock. I was gripping tightly and I saw that some
pre cum had already appeared.

Anna sat up and then moved herself over him so her pussy was directly over his
face. For a few seconds she teased him by staying out of reach of his
searching tongue, then she lowered herself straight down onto his mouth. She
undulated her hips as his tongue evidently pushed deep inside her. I continued
wanking his cock slowly while my tongue teased his balls.

Then I moved my head up a little and started to lick along his shaft. I could
still hear him moaning and stopped a little to watch Anna moving around on his
face. She did this for a couple of minutes and then tensed before cuming,
shaking all over and crying out loudly. Her cum lasted longer then mine ever
did and it was at least two minutes before she raised herself off his wet

She smiled at me. I told her to turn him on to his side. Then I lay down next
to him and tucked my head under his cock with my cheek next to his hip. I
looked over my head and saw him staring at me, wondering what would happen. I
told Anna to wank his cock slowly just above my face and open mouth.

She knelt behind him and reaching around took his cock in two fingers and
gripping it tightly slowly wanked it up and down. I stuck my tongue out and
let it slide along the side of his shaft and head. With her other hand she
squeezed his balls, massaging and milking them.

He must have enjoyed this a lot because after just a couple of minutes I felt
his hips tense next to the side of my face. Suddenly he was cuming. Not spurts
of it, but long streams of it just dribbling out the end of the purple head of
his cock, falling in strings into my open mouth and around my lips. The first
string hit the tip of my tongue and wound its way down along my tongue. When
the second stream came it dribbled out over my chin and lips, leaving a string
across my mouth, which I whipped in with my tongue. It tasted sweetly salty,
gobs of thick cream. I let it swim to the back of my mouth before swallowing
it. Several more streams poured out and landed over my face and tongue and in
my open mouth. All the time Anna kept squeezing and milking those balls and
wanking that cock up and down ever so slowly. Finally the streams were
replaced by just drips and then even they stopped coming. I raised my head and
engulfed the head of his cock between my lips and sucked the head washing it
with my tongue, teasing the underside, while Anna's fingers squeezed the last
drops out of the head into my mouth.

"Oh that was wonderful," he told us.

Anna untied him and then he slid down the bed to kiss me. I felt his fingers
dancing along my stomach and then slide down between my legs. He proceeded to
finger fuck me, all the time squeezing my breast with the other hand and
kissing my mouth. His cock remained limp despite Anna, laying behind him,
reaching around to play with it.

It didn't take me long. I tensed and then released, my hips jerking against
his fingers. He sucked hard on my nipple while that happened, his tongue
swirling around it. Finally I told him to stop.

After that Anna and me chatted to him for a while and then left.

The rest of the afternoon was normal duties until about six when I was asked
to go and visit the Colonel again.

I knocked and was told to enter.

"Hello young girl," he said as I walked in, "Quickie before lunch my girl?"

"Whatever you want Sir. How's the grandson."

He laughed, "Bloody little puppy's never in the house since you. Don't know
what you did to him but he's the terror of the village girls!"

I smiled.

"Yes, well, anyway my girl, Skirt up! panties down! Lay across my lap!"

With one hand I tugged my panties down to around my knees and then held my
skirt above my waist as I knelt over his lap. He put one arm over me, using
his hand to steady my hips, while he smacked me lightly several times with the
other hand. I felt my bare bottom cheeks wobble with each slap. After that he
began to stroke my bottom, his finger drawing circles on my cheeks until he
finally slid it between my legs, touching at my wet pussy.

"Ah," he moaned, "Heaven."

For a few moments he contented himself with fingering me and then asked me to
stand up.

"Make the sentry stand to attention, then some action."

I knelt between his legs and unzipped his trousers. My hand reached in to fish
out a semi erect cock. Putting my lips to the head I moved them around before
opening and swallowing his cock deep into my mouth. He moaned and I saw him
arch back in the chair. I bobbed my head up and down a few times before
withdrawing, leaving his cock very hard and wet.

He told me to get on all fours before him, which I did. He then got out of the
chair and knelt between my legs and pushed his cock into my pussy. He slapped
my hip a couple of times ordering me to 'ride, damn you, ride!' I pushed my
hips back and forth against his cock, doing most of the work. He must have
been saving himself up for this. He just stayed very still before jerking
uncontrollably against me. I knew then he was shooting his cum into my pussy.
His hands clenched at my bottom and his hips bashed against me as he called
out several times.

He then withdrew and sat back on his legs. "Wonderful little filly."

I went to the bathroom. When I returned he was all dressed. "Get your clothes
on girl, walk me down to the dining room if you please."

I smiled and got dressed.

The end

SUSAN 171298


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