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The French Maid part 7



The usual rules apply,

1) Copy and repost but don’t make money out of this. I wrote it; I own it.
Not difficult is it.
2) If it’s illegal for you to read this, and yes, it does contain just a little sex,
then don’t read it.
3) Special thanks to Margaret who once again spent loads of time reading
this and spell checking it
4) Any comments, you can contact me on

It’s nice to hear what you think and it’s nice to know someone actually
reads this.
5) Enjoy

FRENCH MAID Part 7 by Susan

One morning at about 10 am I was sent up to a room with a feather duster of
all things. I had the standard outfit on, black stockings, suspender belt,
skimpy panties and bra, plus a French Maid’s outfit.

I knocked on the door and was told to enter. The man sitting there was dark
haired and about 50 years old. He was slim and not so bad looking. He had a
nice smile and was holding a newspaper in his hands. “I want you to do the
dusting please,” he told me, “But only in your underwear.”

“Of course Sir,” I said, unbuttoning the back of my short black dress,
turning away from him and then sliding the straps off my shoulders. The
dress fell to my feet leaving me only in my underwear. I walked over to the
Television and bending a little forward, started to dust it, shaking the feather
duster, and my bottom too.

When I turned to look I could see his eyes peering at me over the
newspaper. I bent lower to clean the base, then straightened and stood on
tiptoe to dust the top of the curtain rail. It felt really sexy to be doing this
just in my underwear.

After a couple of minutes he got up and wandered over to where I was
working. He stood next to me and looked out of the window as if I wasn’t
there. I felt his hand cup my panty clad bottom. His hand wandered around
my bottom for a few seconds and then he slid his fingers into the top of my
panties. I felt his hand fondle its way down to the top of my leg and then
clasp my cheek. He squeezed it several times before removing his hand and
wandering back to his seat. I carried on dusting. Not a word was spoken.

I walked over to his chair and began to dust the top of it around his
shoulders. I leant forward so my small breasts confined within my lacy bra
were near his face. He raised one hand and gently brushed the cup of my bra
with the backs of his fingers. I felt them roam around and then brush over
the hard nipple, it was so soft and gentle the way he did it. It was driving me

I stood directly in front of him and leaned forward some more. This time he
raised both his hands and cupped my bottom with them, while his face went
to my chest where he planted several kisses on the upper parts of my breast
along the bra line. I wiggled my chest around while he did so. When he let
go I straightened up and then turned around with my back to him. Close by
was a coffee table so I bent over and started to dust that.

I felt both his hands reach for my hips and heard him move forward in the
chair. For a while he just circled his hands in little patterns around my hips
and the side of my panties. Then I felt his finger slip into the top of them
and he tugged them down just a little so the beginnings of the cheeks of my
bottom were exposed to his gaze. I felt his face move close and his breath
on me. He kissed the tops of my cheeks. Then he tugged the panties down
some more and kissed me again. At one point he even bit my bottom gently,
just scraping his teeth against it. I couldn’t help but thrust back a little. Then
he pulled my panties back up and sat back.

I went over to another part of the room and carried on dusting. I stretched
this way and that, bent right over, stood straight. I was loving every minute
of it. Finally he called me over.

“I have something here that needs a clean.”

“Really, Sir.” I said, “And what’s that?”

He pulled down the zip of his trousers and pulled out a stiff and large cock.

“Would Sir like me to wash it?” I asked.

He nodded.

I bent over in front of him and brought his cock near to my mouth. Sticking
my tongue out I first began to lick around the head. I started at the eye and
then licked all around the top of the head. Then I pulled the skin back to
reveal the acorn like head of his cock. I licked all around the rim, and then
started to run my tongue up and down the shaft so that within a couple of
minutes I had washed the whole thing.

“I better give this a rinse.” I told him, before sinking my mouth down over
his cock and engulfing the head and half the shaft in my warm wet mouth. I
moved my head up and down several times before pulling my mouth off his
cock, keeping my lips tightly sealed around it. It finally came out of my
mouth with a little pop.

He said, “Thank you.”

I stood up and told him it was my pleasure before walking away to another
part of the room to carry on my dusting duties. For a while he watched me
but then dropped his newspaper and came directly over to me. He told me to
bend over and hold on to the television set in front of me. I did as I was told.
His hands grabbed my hips and rolled my panties down to my knees. Then I
felt his cockhead touch my wet pussy and he simply slid it straight in. I was
hoping he'd do that. He started to thrust in and out of me, letting his cock
almost come entirely out before ramming it back home. This must have been
one of the quickest ‘events’ I had been involved in since starting work here.
But there really is something to be said for a ‘quick one’ sometimes.

I thrust my hips back to meet his thrusts. His hands held on to my waist and
he used them to pull me back and forth on his cock while he jerked his hips
into me. It took just a couple of minutes before he started to grunt and I felt
his hand slide between us. He pulled his cock from me and then I felt the
first spurt of string very warm cum land in a trail on my back from my
bottom to my shoulder. He must have been saving that for a while. Several
more spurts followed but mostly aimed at my bottom. I felt it splash my
cheeks before starting to slip and slide it’s way down the backs of my legs
dripped off my cheeks. Finally he grew still and asked me to rinse it again.

I turned around and took the softening cock in my hand. There was a drip of
cum on the end, oozing out of the eye, and another drip forming under the
head. I slipped the warm soft head into my mouth sucked hard at it. I could
taste the drops of cum and sucked a couple more out of the end. Then I
pushed my head all the way over the shaft until my lips touched his hair and
balls. His cock was quite small by now. I held it there, letting my tongue
swirl around it, pushing it around in my mouth. He finally drew back and
thanked me for my dusting job.

I went back downstairs to have a shower and to change my uniform. I was
told straight away that the old colonel (See French Maid Part 4) I had seen a
few days before wanted to see me again when I was ready.

I relaxed for a short while before going up there. I put on the standard
uniform, the same as earlier. When I knocked he told me to enter.

“Hello young Susan,” he greeted me. He was wearing a red military jacket
with black trousers. He called me over to him. “Now stand there with your
pretty little bottom facing me girl, put your hands on your knees and lean
forward a bit.”

I did as I was told. He raised my skirt and looked closely at my panty-clad
bottom. He smacked it gently a couple of times. I could feel my bottom
wobble within the pants as he did so. “A fine piece of rump there girl.” He
told me. “I’ll think we’ll have those off straight away.”

I twisted my head to look behind me, “Oh Sir, isn’t that naughty?”

“Cheek of the girl!” he shouted. “Across my knee, now!”

I turned and lay over his legs. He pulled my skirt up around my waist and
tugged my panties down to my knees. He held me steady with one hand
around my waist, while with the other he smacked me gently several times
on my bare bottom. Following that he rubbed the palm of his hand across
and around the cheeks. He muttered and moaned to himself. I could feel
something hard against my tummy.

“Now then girl, sit on my knee.”

I stood up and then sat down on his knee. He put one arm around my waist
while his other hand slid in between my legs. I felt his fingers move along
the inside of them until they found my pussy which they started to stroke
and caress. His finger slipped a little inside and gently played with me. He
leaned forward and kissed my neck. While doing so he moved his hand from
my waist and cupped my right breast within my dress.

“Oh Sir, you really are naughty.” I told him.

“Nonsense my girl.” He said, “Give us a kiss.”

I lowed my head and kissed him on the mouth. Our tongues meet and played
briefly before he pulled away. His finger was doing marvellous things inside
my pussy. Then he withdrew his hand.

“Now then Susan. Undress, all of it.”

I stood up before him and unbuttoned the dress slowly before slipping the
straps off my shoulders to let the dress fall to my feet. I then reached up
behind me and undid my bra and let that slide off my arms. I lifted one leg
on to the arm of his chair and undid my suspender belt from the stocking
before slowly rolling down my stockings. Leaning forward my little breasts
swayed gently. His eyes never left them. He moved one hand in to the front
of his trousers. I then removed the other stocking and then the suspender
belt followed.

“Into the bedroom dear, and kneel over the edge of the bed.”

I walked away across the room, swinging my hips as I did, giving him a
good view of my pert little bottom. The bed was facing the door and I knelt
down on the floor and then leaned over with my tummy and breasts lying
straight on the bed. I saw him come in behind me. For a second he stood
there; I heard his trousers being unzipped. Then he knelt down and his
hands took hold of my hips. Slowly, very slowly his cock touched me
between the legs and then slide in. It was like slow motion. I felt it slid in
past my pussy lips and into me until it was buried within me and his hair
and balls were touching me. He then slowly began to thrust back and forth.
His hands moved along my sides and then slipped under me to cup my little
breasts. I felt my nipples being pinched between his thumb and forefinger.

I heard him moaning to himself as he thrust into me. His thrusts were slow
and hard, he was enjoying every second of it, as I was. I felt his tummy slap
my bottom with each thrust. His hands mauled and caressed my breasts and
nipples. I raised my head back, shaking the long blonde hair all around.

He did this for a few minutes before he pulled out and told me to turn over. I
lay there on my back, my legs hanging off the bed. He again knelt between
me and with one hand he guided his cock straight into me. Then he reached
forward and started to play with my breasts again; bunching them up,
caressing and stroking them, running his fingers across them.

My head was lolled back and I was biting my lip while my eyes were tightly
closed. His cock was sliding into me slowly and deeply and it was really
nice. Maybe it was the position but it was good. He held on to my breasts
when he started to speed up his thrusts. I opened my eyes to look at him, the
concentration on his face! He was loving every minute.

He told me he was about to come and would I mind if it was over my

“Of course not.” I smiled.

He thrust a few more times then pulled out and jumped up on to the bed
astride of me. He moved up too my chest and wanked his cock over my
breasts. Suddenly spurts of stringy warm sticky cum came shooting out
landing on my throat and upper chest, lacing my breasts with long thin gobs
of cum. He shot about six spurts of the stuff and then sat back on me
looking at his handiwork. There were two long trails of cum laying across
my right breast. A small pool at the base of my throat. And very long lines
of gobs of the stuff from my left breast to my shoulder as well as various
splashes of it.

He smiled at me, “Oh Susan, you’ll never know how happy you can make

I felt really pleased and lay there for a while with his warm cum slowly
sliding down my sides.

Susan 181198


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