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The French Maid part 8


THE FRENCH MAID Part 8 by Susan

The usual rules apply,

1) Copy and repost but don’t make money out of this. I wrote it; I own it.
Not difficult is it.
2) If it’s illegal for you to read this, and yes, it does contain just a little sex,
then don’t read it.
3) Special thanks to Margaret who once again spent loads of time reading
this and spell checking it
4) Any comments, you can contact me on

It’s nice to hear what you think and it’s nice to know someone actually
reads this.
5) Enjoy


It being the end of my second month it was party time again. I was invited
to attend, as were all the girls. Five girls decided to join in. Alice, the tall
girl with large breasts, and flaming red hair, hanging down; Anna, the
brown haired beauty with small pointy breasts and very white skin; Sally, a
boyish type girl with hardly any breasts at all and a figure rather too close to
a pencil. In fact she was very popular, especially dressed up as a boy;
Rachel, with long black hair, dark eyes, full breasts and a wicked sense of
humour. And then myself, slim, small breasts, long straight blonde hair,
blue eyes.

We were the same who were at last month’s Roman toga party, and felt we
made a good team.
The theme would be a medieval banquet. The special arrangement would be
a pair of stocks where one girl would be kept in there for whoever wanted to
take their pleasure. I toyed with the idea but Anna decided she wanted that.
We were all given costumes to wear, long skirts and petticoats, blouses that
gapped at the front and were laced up.

The night was set for a Friday. We were told there would be a large table
with benches along two sides where the men, about fifteen of them would
sit. Our jobs were to serve them wine and food and to take care of any

So at 8pm it started. We all walked out in our costumes. Some of the men
were dressed up, some not. Most were fairly youngish, about 20 to 35 years
old. There were about four older ones. We were greeted with applause as we
came out of the kitchens.

We led Anna to the stocks. There she was bent forward and her head and
wrists locked into them. She looked vulnerable, with her face and hands
only peeking out from the wooden stocks. Her brown hair hanging down
around her face. Under her head was a box, I’m sure the clever ones
amongst you will guess why. Before we left her there we pulled her panties
down. We didn’t feel she’d be needing them.

We went to the kitchen to get the flasks of wine. When I returned I noticed
someone standing behind Anna already. He had lifted her skirts up over her
hips and was fondling her bottom and pussy with both his hands. She had
her eyes closed and seemed to be enjoying it. Her hips were swaying and
moving back and forth as his fingers traced lines around her bottom and
along her pussy.

I served several men at the table, pouring the wine. While doing so one man
touched the back of my legs under my skirt and then slid his hand quickly
up between my legs where he rubbed my pussy gently through my panties. I
turned to look and saw it was a youngish man in his early twenties. He had
short-cropped black hair with blue eyes. I flashed a smile at him. He reached
up and pulled me down to his mouth and kissed me, his tongue pushing into
my mouth. The others clapped and cheered.

Letting me go I continued to pour wine. Rachel was on the other side of the
table dishing out chicken portions. A white hired man suddenly pulled her
on to his lap so she had her back to him. His hands cupped her breasts then
pulled the front of her blouse down to expose her breasts. More cheering.
The man next to him, a dark haired dishy guy leaned over and sucked one of
her nipples into his mouth before they let her up. She grabbed the tray and
carried on serving, laughing now.

Suddenly there was a shout and then a loud roar. I turned and saw the man
behind Anna was now fucking her from behind. You could see his long hard
cock sliding in and out of her. She had her head down, her face covered by
her hair. He was holding on to her hips and was thrusting slowly in and out.
While I watched another man got up from the table and walked over to her.
He lifted her chin up and then stood on the box in front of her. His hips
were now level with her face. His hands disappeared in his trousers and then
he fished out a semi hard cock, which he held inches from Anna’s face. She
craned forward and the head of his cock disappeared into her mouth.
Another cheer. A couple of others stood up and went to her side to watch.
One of them removed his cock and placed it in her hanging hand. She did
her best to rub it up and down though movement was restricted somewhat
by the stocks.

A man pulled me on to his knee and kissed me while the man next to him
raised the front of my skirts and stuck his head under them. I felt his hands
pull my panties down a little way and then his lips kiss me just above my
hair. He traced his mouth down and licked and kissed for a few seconds
before re emerging. The man whose knee I was on was mauling my breasts
within my blouse and had twisted my head to kiss me on the mouth. I felt
his hand slip into the top of my blouse and squeeze my nipple before he
pushed me up and away.

I returned to the kitchen to get more wine.

When I emerged I saw Alice laying on her back at the end of the table. Her
breasts were out of her blouse and she was laughing. One man was tipping
wine over her titties while another was licking them. His face roamed all
over her chest, his tongue and lips licking up the wine and sucking at her
breasts and nipples. A third man sitting close by had his hand up her skirt.

I wondered where Sally was until I saw a man sitting right back on the
bench, his head lolled over. Then I made out Sally’s head in his lap. I caught
a flash of his cock as she held it while her tongue licked along the length of
the shaft before she slipped it back into her mouth.

I served some wine. Naturally there were several grabs at my bottom and
titties. I got to the end of the table nearer to Anna. I was just in time to catch
the man behind her pull out his cock and jerk it for several seconds until his
cum splashed out and fell all over her bare bottom. The creamy white cum
looked good on her pale while skin.

The other man in front of her was still fucking her mouth and with her
hands bound there wasn’t anything she could do about it. Suddenly he
seemed to groan and withdrew his cock before holding it just under her
chin. A gob of cum shot out and hit her along a line from her chin to her
nose. Naturally it started to drip off straightaway, long strings of it hanging
down. He shot three more times until her chin and mouth were covered in
gooey cum, all of it slowly slipping and sliding off her, hanging in strings,
which kept breaking and dripping off.

The rules were that she could have a break every 45 minutes. She pressed
the button by one of her hands and one of the staff came to let her out. She
disappeared into the kitchen. No doubt for a shower and a drink.

I turned to look at Alice. Two men were now licking her breasts, basically
one on each though sometimes it got confusing. Wine was still being
trickled on to them, and over her throat. Then one of the men asked the
other to stop. He then climbed on to the table and unzipped himself. He
pulled out a large thick cock and holding her breasts between his hands
started to thrust it in and out between them. Several people, including me
stood around to watch. While I did someone moved behind me and then
cupped my breasts in their hands, popping them out of my blouse. I felt his
hips grinding into me from behind. I felt something else too, hard and long.
I reached behind me and found myself holding a warm cock. I rubbed it up
and down against my shirt while his hands massaged my breasts.

The man astride Alice started to cum. Long spurts of it shot out and hit the
underside of her chin and formed a puddle on her throat which quickly filled
and started to run down the sides of her neck. She laughed some more. No
sooner had he climbed off than the other climbed on. This time he just
wanked his cock over her face.

She craned her mouth up and stuck her tongue out flicking at the underside
of his cockhead. He must have been fired up already for he started to cum
almost straight away. Wads of it shot out and landed all over her face,
spotting her lips, tongue, nose and cheeks. She carried on licking the
underside all though until finally he simply stuffed his softening cock
straight into her mouth. The cum oozed out as his cock pushed in.

I slid down to the floor and turned to the man behind me. My mouth just fell
on his cock engulfing the fat head and half the shaft in one go. I wanted
him to fuck my mouth really hard. Clasping his hips I started to push and
pull him. He got the idea. His hands held my head as he thrust in and out of
my mouth. I noticed Alice walk by and head off back to the kitchen.

Several men were standing around as this large cock thrust in and out of my
mouth. I had both hands on the shaft now; letting it slide through them as he
moved back and forth. I wasn’t playing now. I wanted his cum. I was really
turned on. I wasn’t sure why, but something about this party was pushing
me beyond the normal.

His cock simply pushed in and out of my mouth, filling it each time, leaving
me no room for anything but to accept it. I kept my hands wrapped tightly
around the shaft and within a minute or so I felt it tense and then swell
slightly. The head swelled and then cum was pumping out into my mouth. I
did my best to open my bottom lip so that it could flow out. After a second
or two I felt my mouth was filled right up with the salty thick liquid.
Luckily he was still thrusting and that in itself pushed cum out the sides of
my mouth, which was quickly filled again and again. It tasted really thick, I
guess he had been saving this. I could feel it flowing down over my chin
and dripping off on to the tops of my breasts and my blouse.

Finally he pulled away. Another man tried to step in his place but I needed a
break and asked him to wait a while.

Back in the kitchen I had a long overdue drink. Anna was heading back out
to the stocks. Sally had just had a shower after sucking one man off under
the table only to find herself being pulled on to another man who had
crawled under and was just laying there waiting for her. They had done it
between all those feet. “I didn’t know how to stop laughing it seemed so
strange.” She told us. Rachel was outside, apparently bent over the table
while two men took it in turns to take her. “She seemed happy enough,”
joked Sally.

I took some wine and went out. Anna was in the stocks already, but being
ignored for the moment. I noticed Rachel, there were three men standing
there now. Two holding their cocks while one was pushing his cock in and
out of her pussy while she lay face down on the table.

I served some wine and then found myself pulled over the laps of three men.
They quickly lifted me up so my bottom was on one lap, my back on another
and my head on the third. Two looked like brothers, both young, the third
was older. They popped my little titties out of my blouse and raised my skirt
to my waist. One leant over and started to kiss my mouth, his tongue
pushing into mine and licking me. The middle one used his hands on my
titties, squeezing and playing with them, while the third rolled my panties
down and started to use his finger on my pussy. Talk about heaven.

They did this for about three minutes, and then they simply rolled me over
so I was laying on my tummy.
One massaged my bottom while the other had his fingers stroking my pussy
and the insides of my legs. The other contented himself with stroking the
sides of my breasts flattened against his lap.

They were at the end of the table and raising my head up I could see Anna.
Two men were now in front of her holding their cocks up to her face. Her
long tongue was stuck out and she was licking the tips of them, moving
from one to another. I felt a finger push deep into my pussy and closed my
eyes, mmmmh it was so nice. Six hands working me over. Try it, I
recommend it.

Eventually they stopped and the middle one asked me to sit astride him. He
took his cock out and so I lowered myself down on it facing him. One stood
up next to me and offered his cock to my mouth, while the other carried on
playing with my breasts fondling and caressing them.

I felt two hands cup my bottom and start to lift me up and down on his cock
which was now deep inside me. I did my best at sucking the cock by my
face but my concentration was on the one sliding in and out of me. However
I managed a few good licks and sucks at it.

The man squeezing my breasts was doing a wonderful job. He would hold
both nipples, rolling them between his thumb and forefinger. The hand on
my bottom suddenly clenched really hard and I heard him moan loudly. I
guessed by his jerky movements that he was shooting cum deep inside me.
When he became still I climbed off and knelt down. The other two stood
around me. I took the thin cock in front of me and started to suck at it. Long
hard sucks, going from the tip of the head down as far as I could on the
shaft. The other one stood by jerking his cock near my cheek. I was in the
middle of, licking the thin shaft when the cock next to me started shooting
warm sticky cum all over the side of my face. He fired several wads of the
stuff, which quickly ran down and dripped off my jaw. That set the one in
my mouth off. He pulled out suddenly and shot a wad that caught me all
over my top teeth. I closed my mouth and another wad hit the bridge of my
nose. It was thin and runny and run down in rivers around the sides of my
mouth. I opened my lips and craned forwards, engulfing the head of his
cock just as he shot a third and fourth time. I swallowed quickly before
sucking at his cock while it grew soft and small within my mouth.

They thanked me and I headed back for the kitchens just as one man
splashed his cum all over Anna’s face while her mouth had another cock
buried in it. I saw Sally sitting on the edge of the table, a man standing in
front of her kissing her really small breasts.

I had a much-needed shower and another long cool drink. Anna returned
with her face covered in cum. “Three of them. What’s wrong with my
pussy?” She joked. I asked about Sally. “Oh the last I saw her she was on
the floor with someone deep between her legs fucking her like it was going
out of style.”

I took some food and went back out, nearly tripping over Sally and her man.
Yeah, he was really going for it. I looked around and saw Rachel sitting on
someone’s lap. Her breasts out of her blouse and two hands touching her
between her legs, half hidden by the dress gathered up around her waist.

Near the empty stock Alice was kneeling before a man who held a very
large cock in front of her face. She was licking at it like it was an ice cream

I started to dish out the food, needless to say there were various hands
moving up the back and front of my dress at various times. I leaned forward
to serve one man, and while dishing his food up I felt my skirts lifted way
over my waist, my panties pulled down and a cock shoved straight into my
pussy. I nearly dropped the tray! Firm hands held my hips as what seemed to
be a very large cock pushed it’s way back and forth. I held on to the edge of
the table with one hand and the tray with the other. The man who was
waiting for his food smiled and took the chance to rub my breasts through
my blouse. I had my head lolled back and my eyes closed. This cock was
lovely. It felt so filling. I still hadn’t turned to see who it was. The hand on
my blouse pulled it down so that one of my small breasts slipped out. The
man next to me rubbed the nipple between his fingers.

The hands behind me started to move me back and forth while he seemed to
stay still. I guessed that meant he was close to coming. My head fell forward
now, trailing long blonde hair on the table. I still had the man next to me
holding my right breast. Suddenly who ever was behind me pulled out and
within seconds I felt splashes of cum landing on my bottom and the backs of
my legs. I could feel the gobs of it slipping and sliding down my legs. It was
a pity, that cock could have stayed in there for hours it felt so nice.

I decided I wanted to know. I turned and had the shock of my life. It was the
manager. He flushed and then smiled, “Quality control.” He said before
leaning forward to kiss me on the cheek. He then zipped himself up and
walked back to the kitchens. Well if I had known that he had a cock like
that! But then I didn’t know of any of the other girls who had found out

By now I had a head clamped to my breast and a pair of teeth were
clenching the nipple while a tongue raced around it in circles. I took hold of
the head in both hands holding him close and pushing my breasts against
him. He sucked and licked them for a minute or so before pulling away. I
took the tray and left.

Anna was there, some one behind her, thrusting a cock into her quickly and
someone in front of her face, his cock so buried that her lips were touching
his balls and hair. Maybe he was just small. On the other side of the room
Alice was on all fours with someone behind her, almost pushing her along.
Sally was on the table, dancing, flashing her skirts around, lifting them up,
her very small breasts shaking slightly as she moved around. Five men were
clapping her on. I couldn’t see Rachel so I guess she was in the kitchen or

I came out of the shower fifteen minutes later after a quick change. Alice
was by then in the kitchen talking to Rachel. They told me Sally was laying
on her back on the table while some of the men had placed food on her and
were eating off her like a dinner plate!

Rachel went back outside. About 20 minutes later I followed her and saw
Sally still on the table. By now someone was kneeling between her legs that
were wrapped around his thighs. He was pumping into her, his hands
clenching her bottom. Another man was kneeling over her head, dangling
his semi hard cock into her mouth. I could see her open lips and her tongue
slipping out and sliding around the head of his cock as he teased her mouth
with it.

Rachel was sitting near by. She had lost all her clothes and was kissing one
man on her left while wanking another man on her right side. Each one
seemed to have hold of one of her breasts. She broke from her kiss and
motioned me over, then glanced down at the fat headed acorn like cockhead
that was being pumped in her hand. I guessed she wanted me to put my
mouth over it. The man was by now lolling back with his eyes closed, his
hand mauling at Rachel/s breast. I knelt on the bench next to him and
lowered my face. Opening my lips I took his cockhead into my warm mouth.
Straightaway I was flooded by hot sticky cum. It just poured out, all salty
and thick like cream. I kept it in my mouth as it oozed out of the eye of his
cock, swirling my tongue around the thick gooey stuff. When finally his
cock stopped oozing cum out I opened my mouth. The cum poured out over
his cockhead and down his shaft, covering Rachel’s pumping hand. She
kept pumping though his cock was going soft. The rivers of cum just
collected in pools around his balls and started to flow down to his legs. I
licked at the soft cockhead teasing it with my tongue and then sat back.

Rachel’s tongue was deep in the other man’s mouth. His hand was
squeezing her breast hard, making the nipple really stick out. His other hand
was in his lap and he was wanking his cock. Rachel then got up and sat
astride him, I watched as his cock disappeared into her. I ran my fingers
along the insides of his legs, teasing and caressing them, helping him along.

Someone knelt behind me and cupped both my breasts within my blouse. He
managed to pop them out and started massaging them and pinching them. I
pushed my bottom back into his crotch and felt a hard cock pushing against
my skirt. Tugging it up I pushed back again until I felt his cock go between
my legs. I managed to get the cockhead into the opening of my pussy. I
didn’t push back any more, instead I just circled my bottom a little, letting
his cock play at the opening for a while. He let me have control, it seemed a
fair trade, he had my breasts I had his cock.

Rachel was really bouncing up and down on the other man now. He had his
hands behind her, grabbing at her bottom, holding it really tight.

Finally with the man behind me I could feel his cock right at the entrance of
my pussy. I simply pushed back all the way very hard. It was fantastic! I
knew now I was close to coming. He let go of my tits and with one hand
holding my long blonde hair behind me and pulling my head back, and the
other holding my hips he started to fuck me really hard and fast. His cock
just kept pushing all the way in, pulling all the way out, and then in again.
He leaned over my back and kissed the side of my face. I strained my head
back and turned to find his mouth. My tongue shot deep into his mouth,
licking and playing with his tongue. His thrusts carried on. It was lovely.
The man who I had taken in my mouth laid himself down on the bench in
front of me and slid under my chest. I felt his tongue lapping at my swaying
nipples. This was heaven.

The man beneath me rolled his tongue from one breast to another, flicking
and bouncing the nipples as they swayed back and forth over his face.
Sometimes he’d reach up and catch one with his teeth, tugging at it before
letting go. Meanwhile the thrusts kept coming until he pulled out and stood
up behind me. I sat back straight away and turned to half face him. His large
beautiful cock was there next to the side of my face. I managed to turn my
head enough to face it as his spurt of warm milky thick cum sprayed out and
caught me in the middle of my face, splashing my cheeks, covering my nose
and dripping on to my lips and chin. He pointed his cock downwards and
then sprayed my little titties with his milk. It shot out in long streams,
almost connecting his cock to my breasts. I watched as gobs of the stuff
splashed over my titties and then started to slip down and over the nipples
and drip on to my skirt.
Before he finished I leaned forward and engulfed that spurting head in my
mouth. A wad of cum hit the back of my throat. After that there was just a
little that kind of oozed out the tip but it was already going soft in my
mouth. I sucked and played with it with my tongue until it had gone quite
small before releasing it with a audible ‘pop’.

There was still some cum sliding down my breasts, stopping briefly, then
falling off onto my dress. He wiped his soft cock against them, smearing the
cum all around them. Then he kissed me.

I sat back and watched what was going on around me. Many of the men had
left now. Anna was still in the stocks. Two men were pumping cum all over
the side of her face. I could see it hanging off in strings, dangling down,
breaking and then forming again. On the other side of the table Sally was
sitting up now. One man was kissing her breasts. Rachel had gone, so to had
the man she had been fucking. Near by Alice was laying on the floor with
her legs wrapped around someone’s back. Her arms thrown back over her
head as he humped into her, his hands holding her bottom off the floor. She
was moaning, I guess it must have been really good. He certainly seemed to
know how to do it. I could tell by the way his bottom was dancing between
her legs.

I made my way back to the kitchen. For the others the party was nearly over.
For me it was.




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