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The French Maid part 9


The usual rules apply,
1) Copy, repost but don’t make money out of this. I wrote it. I own it.
2) Special thanks to Margaret who spell checked this.
3) If you are at an age where it’s illegal to read things contains sex
scenes, then don’t read this.
4) Any comments or suggestions to

While I do read each and every letter, because in the UK we pay for
the internet by the minute to the telephone company, I haven’t the
money to spend hours on line replying. I do where I can or if there is
something to say, but please don’t take it personal if you don’t get a
reply. I appreciate all letters. It makes me think that some of you
actually read this.

It was about 9:30 one Monday morning when I was asked to go to a room on the
top floor. I was told it was for some dictation, and I was to take a notepad
and pencil. I found one in the office and headed upstairs.

Entering the room I found a man in his early forties wearing a three-piece
suit with shirt and tie. He had brown hair, fairly short and a pleasant
face. He was medium weight and in the suit looked really good.

“I need you to take some letters for me.” He said ushering me into the room.
“But I would prefer if you would do it totally naked.”

I smiled, “Of course, sir.”

“You can change in the bathroom.” He told me before going to the window and
gazing out at the countryside.

In the bathroom I removed my French maid’s outfit, and all my underwear,
which was the normal black stockings, suspenders and bra and pants. I
wrapped a towel around me and padded out.

“Please sit over there,” he gestured to a chair. I walked across the room
and dropped the towel by the side. Sitting down it felt quite sexy being
totally naked with a fully clothed man standing around.

He looked at me, I could se his eyes moving from my head with my long blonde
hair hanging down around my shoulders, only partly covering my small little
titties, down to my waist, and my darker blonde hair at my pussy. My legs
were crossed but being slim they looked long that way. He must have stared
at me for thirty seconds before telling me he wanted to start.

It was all normal stuff, some letters mostly. I soon forgot I was naked as
he dictated for nearly an hour. Dictation wasn’t my strong point and he had
to slow down and repeat things a lot, but he seemed to enjoy it all. He
would walk around while talking, sometimes getting close and looking at me,
other times he acted like this was the most normal thing in the world.

Then he walked behind me and I could hear him moving close. He was standing
over me suddenly. Quickly he moved his hands over my shoulders and cupped my
breasts really tightly. He massaged them by holding them in the palms of his
hands while moving his thumbs up and down over the nipples. He was really
cupping them tightly, it almost hurt, but after sitting like this for an
hour I was turned on enough to want something, anything.

His head brushed against the side of my neck and I felt his teeth scrape
against the skin and then bite me gently. Now as regular readers know, that
already sends me. I can’t resist being bitten on the neck. It sends shivers
down my body, makes my legs go weak, and does wonderful things to my inside.
I craned an arm behind my head to wrap around the back of his neck to let
him know he was to stay right there. I uttered some ‘aaahhhs’ and ‘ooohhhhs’

His hands at first continued to maul at my breasts, pinching and toying with
the nipples, squeezing my titties really hard. I started to wriggle about in
the chair. Then he slid one hand down over my tummy and pushed it deep in
between my legs. I was already wet there and he started to rub my pussy with
his finger. Naturally it slipped in straight away and he circled my clit
really quickly. My head was lolled back on the headrest of the chair. His
mouth and tongue and teeth doing wonderful things with my neck. One hand was
still squeezing my left breast really hard, while the other was fingering my
pussy, exploring everywhere it could. My hips began to jerk a little as I
squirmed around.

I felt his tongue take long licks under my ear, and then the teeth close
over the skin, scraping along it, biting gently. I was clawing at his head
now. He fell on my throat, kissed it quickly, then moved to my chin and
finally to my mouth. I opened wide and glued my lips on to his; our tongues
met somewhere in the middle and fenced around. I was almost drinking from
him. I was surprised at how turned on I was, maybe it was the sitting there
with nothing happening for an hour, or maybe it was his tongue on my neck.
Either way I wanted something from him so bad.

We kissed wildly, our tongues going deep into each other’s mouths. Our teeth
touching and banging against the others. It was pure passion. His finger
between my legs was buried deep inside of me while his other hand was
squeezing and cupping my small breast.

He pulled away from my mouth and leaned over the back of the chair, bringing
his face to my breasts. He didn’t play around here either, simply clamped
his mouth over one and sucked at it really hard while his tongue pushed and
flicked at the nipple.

Reaching back over the chair I managed to get my hand onto the crotch of his
trousers. There was definitely something hard inside them, I could feel the
balls and shaft as I rubbed back and forth. His mouth meanwhile was working
hard on my right breast. Licking and sucking at it, biting it, scraping his
teeth against the soft flesh.

Finally he pulled away, and stepped back away from the chair. I turned to
look and see what was going to happen next. He walked around to the front of
me. He stood over me and unzipped his trousers, then knelt down between my
open legs. Kneeling up he took hold of his cock and guided it to the front
of my pussy, then plunged it all the way in. His hands reached under my
bottom and cupping the cheeks lifted my hips so they were level with his
thrusting cock. His thrusts were really hard and long, driving straight into
me, his hair and balls slapping against me with each thrust. God it was
wonderful. I couldn’t help but try to meet his thrusts. I could feel his
cock tearing into me as it drew nearly all the way out and then rammed
straight back in to the hilt.

Within a few seconds I could feel that feeling that told me I was about to
cum. My body was shaking now. His hands cupped my bottom really tightly
lifting me way off the seat. His cock ramming harder and harder into me.
Suddenly I was there. It took me off shuddering and shaking and crying out.
Then it was over and I pleaded with him to stop. He smiled and stood up;
fell against the chair with his arms supporting himself on the headrest. His
cock was now pointing at my face. I craned forward and engulfed the head
within my lips feeling that hard but soft head against my tongue. He began
to thrust gently into my mouth, face fucking me. I licked the underside with
every thrust. My hands squeezed and tugged at his balls urging him to cum.
Suddenly he tensed and I knew he was about to.

He stopped moving his cock completely and just let it rest with the head in
my mouth. I flicked my tongue around and suddenly a great wad of cum oozed
out and filled my mouth to the gums. It was really thick and salty. I’d
never known cum so thick. I swallowed just as a second load of it oozed out.
This time I flicked my tongue around sending it all around my mouth and
washing his cockhead before swallowing. A third and fourth load poured out
and once again I bathed his cockhead in it before that too tickled down my
throat. He kept his cock in my mouth until it had gone quite floppy and
small. I pushed it around with my tongue, enjoying the feeling until he
stood back and it popped out of my mouth and flopped down.

“Thank you,” he said, “That will be all today.”

I went to the bathroom, got dressed and headed off downstairs.

It was about mid afternoon before I was requested to another room. This time
it was two gentlemen in their fifties. They were sitting next to each other
on the sofa. They were quite decent looking

“What we would like you to do…. Miss…. Is to…. How shall I say….”

His friend jumped in, “Is to put on a show for us.”

“Yes that’s what I was going to say,” the first one continued.

I asked what they had in mind.

“Oh what those colonial brothers do, you know, the Americans…what do they
call it?”

The other one offered, “Lap dancing, Gerald.”

The first one smiled, “Yes, that’s right, only decent thing to come back
from there.”

I said that would be fine and went off to the bathroom to get ready. I
stripped off everything except my stocking, suspenders and panties. When I
returned they couldn’t keep their eyes off my little titties which trembled
as I walked towards them. They had put some dance music on.

I started to dance in front of them, swaying my hips and chest around. They
seemed to like that. Then I moved forward and leaned over Gerald swaying my
little breasts over his face, just keeping them out of reach. His hand went
to my hip and brushed it gently. His eyes were firmly fixed on my titties.

I repeated this with the other one before stepping back and turning around.
Then I started to bend my legs a little and circled my panty-clad bottom
over the second one’s crotch area. Again I kept it above so there was no
contact. He put both his hands on to my hips and held them gently as I
swayed slowly.

I returned to Gerald but this time hooked my fingers into the sides of my
panties and lowered them just so he could see the start of my bottom before
pulling them up again. Then I rubbed his crotch with my circling bottom.

“Oh yes,” I heard him say, “This is rather good.”

“Makes you wonder how they came up with such a good idea doesn’t it?”

I stepped forward and turning again began to dance in front of them. I
leaned over this time letting my breast brush over their faces. It felt sexy
as they slid across their cheeks and bounced over their noses. They in turn
touched me here and there; the back of a hand brushing my crotch very
slightly; a finger stroking along my leg; a hand cupping one cheek of my
panty clad bottom.

Pulling away I turned my back to them and started to play with my panties. I
pulled one side down and then pulled it back up before doing the same with
the other side. Slowly however I moved them further down each time until my
whole bottom was bare to their view. I felt a finger slide across one cheek
and then I pulled the panties all the way down, bending over as I did so.

“Wow!” I heard one say quietly.

Stepping out of them I knelt between Gerald’s legs, and started to rub my
cheek around the crotch of his trousers. I could feel a fair sized hard cock
in there. Needless to say I brushed this several times with my cheek before
moving on to his friend. This time I buried my face in his crotch, rubbing
my nose up against the hard shaft I could feel buried there.

I pulled back and danced some more before turning and rubbing my bare bottom
against their crotches. Circling it around I could feel that hard cock
within the trousers pressing against me. They both had raging hard ons by

I decided to up the tempo. I spun round and knelt between Gerald’s legs.
This time after rubbing my face against that unseen cock I reached up with
my hands and tugged his zip down and opened his trousers. There was a mat of
hair there and hidden by a pair of skimpy pants was a long hard cock. I
touched that cloth covered shaft with my nose, running along the length,
then rubbed my cheek against it I moved to his friend and again tugged down
the zip and opened the trousers. This time I also rolled the underpants down
and retrieved a long thin hard cock with a nice head on it, all purple and
shiny, some liquid at the very tip. I wiped his cock around my face, feeling
the hard shaft warm against my cheek. I brushed it back and forth with my
lips. I buried my face in it, feeling his balls against my mouth and his
cock lying pressed against the side of my nose.

I stood up and turned around lowering my bottom and gently circled that just
so it was gliding over the shaft. They were showing a lot of self-control
but I guessed they were loving every minute of it.
I returned to Gerald and popped his cock out of the top of his pants.

I wiped it against my lips, and then planted a kiss on the very tip. I
pulled back and licked my lips then returned to that cock head, all moist
and warm, and circled my lips around it, wetting the head even more. He was
lolled back on the sofa now, not even looking; though his friend was, his
eyes nearly popping out of his head.

It was now or never, so opening my mouth I let my lips slide down over the
head and grasp it gently, making his cock move in a circle with my head. I
flicked my tongue back and forth across the tip as I did so. Pulling back I
let his now very wet head go and returned to his friend.

Straight away I engulfed the head of his cock. I didn’t kneel down this
time; just bent right over started to suck. Gerald did what I hoped he would
do, he jumped up and got behind me. He pushed himself against my bottom; I
could feel his cock pressing against my cheek. He had hold of me by my hips
and it was his turn to circle his hips against my bottom, pushing his cock
around, teasing me.

My lips slid up and down the hard shaft I had in my mouth. I could feel the
cockhead hit the back of my mouth as my head bobbed up and down. I managed
to move my hips so that Gerald’s cock got between my legs. For a short while
he thrust it between my legs so it would appear between them, popping out at
the front. But finally he moved it up a little and pushed it into my pussy.
I stopped sucking for a moment, and just stayed there my head laying on top
of that warm hard cock, my mouth open and my eyes closed as he gently thrust
to and fro in me.

When I got used to the wonderful feeling I again took the cock back into my
mouth and held it there, letting my tongue swirl around it, teasing and
licking it, playing and lashing at it.

Gerald pulled out and lay on the ground and told me to sit astride him. I
did, sinking down all the way onto that cock feeling it push deep inside of
me. He cupped my bottom and started to pull me back and forth. His friend
stood over his head so that his cock was near my face again. I turned and
engulfed it with my lips. It’s not the easiest thing to suck with your head
turned while someone is thrusting in and out of you, but I think I did ok.

Gerald kept repeating over and over again, “Yes.” At first I thought he was
near to cuming but then realised that this must be his favourite word.

The one standing asked me to stop sucking and then requested I get up and
layover the arm of the sofa. I did and immediately he fell on me, his cock
sinking deep into my pussy. There he started to thrust really hard and
quickly. I was taken by surprise by the quickness of it all. Gerald knelt on
the sofa in front of me and offered his cock to my mouth. It tasted of me as
I sucked at the head, all purple and shiny. His friend continued to thrust
hard into me for several minutes while I toyed and played with the cock in
front of me. Then they both pulled away and asked me to sit on the floor
resting against the sofa.

I did. The friend stood in front of me and offered his cock to my lips.
Gerald just watched, wanking his cock slowly. I sucked at the shaft, letting
my lips slide back and forth along it, moving my head as fast as I could.
Within seconds I felt him tense. He suddenly took his cock in his hand and
pulled out of my mouth. Aiming his cock just below my chin he jerked it
until several very quick shots of cum squirted out the end and hit my throat
and little titties. It was quite thin and sprayed everywhere, my titties
awash with the stuff that soon started to run down in dribbles to my tummy
and pussy. Some drops even hit my face, spotting my cheek and nose and lips.

He backed off and Gerald took his place, again, offering me a cock to suck.
I started to stick my tongue out, licking and nibbling it with my teeth
before engulfing the head and taking it as deep as I dared. I then rammed my
head back and forth. I knew he wouldn’t last long now, and his ‘yes’s’ were
getting much more high pitched. Suddenly he pulled his cock out and almost
straight away a bolt of cum shot out and hit my chin and throat in a long
knotty rope. Another spurt hit my left breast. I felt the impact; it was
also very warm and gooey. Then three more shots of cum shot out, again
hitting my breasts and throat.

He stood back and they stood there to admire their handiwork as their warm
sticky cum slowly rolled down my chest and formed little streams and rivers
from my cum splattered breasts.

“Oh yes, I do believe that was what I had in mind.” Gerald said.

They then leaned forward and gently wiped their softening cocks on my face
and cheeks, smearing wet cum still on the head around my face, no doubt
making it all shiny like their cocks and my titties.

Ten minutes later I went downstairs for a good old shower. After that there
was nothing else to do for the rest of the day.

Susan 231198


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