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Archived Sex Stories

The French Maid parts 5 and 6


8th story
It was Friday, my fifth day. I started work at about 8am that morning.
An hour later I was asked to go to a room, this time I was to go with
another girl, Anna, and we had to wear special outfits. The outfits
turned out to be schoolgirl uniforms.

We changed, putting on the short little skirts, the white blouses, and
the socks. Under that we were wearing white underwear. Anna had been to
the room before for this guest and told me he was easy enough to please,
I was to ‘follow her lead’.

We entered the room and found him sitting on the sofa. He was in his
early forties I would say. Tall, with sandy coloured hair. He was quite
respectable looking. I could imagine him as a schoolteacher. Big
glasses, with wider frames then normal helped add that air to him.

“Hello girls,” he said, and patted the sofa, “Come and sit here.”

Anna started acting coy, and I sort of followed her example, “Oh Sir,
are you sure it will be all right?” she asked, lowering her head and
putting her finger to her lips. I giggled a little, wagging my head.

“Of course it will, come on.”

We walked slowly over, holding hands and sat one on each side of him. He
began to ask us about school and things, Anna did most of the talking.
Then he said to her, “You’re growing up into a pretty girl aren’t you?”

She giggled. “But I think I’m too small up here.” She said coyly,
lifting her hand near to her chest. I giggled some more.

“I don’t think so. They look quite nice. Lots of men like titties like I
imagine you must have.”

“Oh Sir! You are rude. But I think they aren’t really growing.”

He stared at her chest. “It’s hard to tell with that blouse on.”

More giggles.

“Why don’t you undo the front of it, just so I can see better.”

“Oh sir!” she acted outraged. “I couldn’t!”

He turned to me, “What about you.”

I nodded my head and shook it; “I don’t think so.”

He urged me, I glanced at Anna and she nodded at me. “Well alright, if
you think it will be alright.” I reached for the buttons on my blouse,
undoing them very slowly till I got to my skirt. I sat back so the
blouse gaped open, showing my bra and the sides and tops of my small
breasts held in the white lacy bra. His face leaned towards my chest.
“Yes they look nice to me.”

Anna giggled and he turned to her, “Now your turn young lady.”

Giggling she undid the buttons on her blouse, but unlike me she pulled
it out of her skirt so the blouse was completely open. Her breasts were
a little bit bigger than mine. Her skin was very white and the mounds
of her breasts looked really sweet sitting there in the bra.

He looked at hers for several seconds. I noticed that in his trousers
there was a little less room then when we had arrived. “Of course,” he
said, “It’s hard to tell really if you wear a bra.”

We both gasped out loud, “Sir!”

“Well you want me to tell you if they look ok, don’t you girls?”

Anna started to giggle somemore. He turned to me and I shook my head.
“Come on girls, you can’t tell me you are scared can you?”

Anna shook her head without looking at him and muttered, “No, I’m not

“Well then he said, why don’t you just undo it, and hold it there if you
feel bad.”

She seemed to think about this for a moment, and then whispered that she
would do it. She reached behind her back with one hand to undo the clasp
under her blouse, while with her other hand she pressed against the cups
of her bra. She seemed to manage it ok. She looked up at him finally,
but held the bra to her breasts still.

“Let it down then,” he asked her kindly.

At first she wouldn’t but then slowly she lowered her hand, and with it
the bra. Her small little pointy breasts came into view, white with pink
nipples, slightly hard. She slipped her blouse off and removed the bra

“Well they look lovely to me.” He said and then turned to me, “And

I giggled and pulled my blouse wide open. Then reaching up behind myself
with both hands I undid the clasp. The bra fell forward slowly. My
nipples came into view. I undid my cuffs and removed both my blouse and
bra. I sat there, half covering my breasts with my hands. He reached
forward and took hold of my arm, pulling it away from my breasts. “Oh
yes,” he said, “they look so nice.”

“I need to touch them, see how firm they are.”

We both giggled. He reached forwards and touched the side of my left
breast. I felt his warm fingers as they pushed it upwards slightly. Then
he traced his fingers along the underside of them and stroked my between
them before running his hand along the underside of the other one. “Yes
they are firm aren’t they.”

I smiled.

He turned to Anna and slowly reached to touch hers. This time he brushed
her nipple very gently with the back of his fingers before stroking her
breast around the nipple with his fingertips. She closed her eyes and
groaned softly. His fingers traced around the nipple and then circled
around her breast before moving to the other one. With his other hand he
reached back to me and rubbed the back of his hand against my breasts. I
thrust them out against his hand. It felt very nice.

He pulled away from me and leaned his head towards Anna’s pointy
titties. He stuck his tongue out and licked slowly at the nipple, and
then up and around the top swell of her breast. One hand fell to her lap
and disappeared under her skirt. I could see him working the fingers up
and then into the tops of her panties, then watched as they pushed down.
She gasped. Her small breast disappeared into his mouth. He suckled at
it like a baby while his fingers worked into her pussy.

She opened her eyes and looked at me then glanced downwards, making me
look at his lap. I guessed what she meant. I slid my hand to his hip and
then around the front of his groin. I could feel something hard inside
his trousers. My fingers found his fly zip and after a couple attempts I
managed to drag it down. I let my fingers feel around inside until they
found the top of his pants. I tugged at them a little and found his
cock, it was quite large and thick, and very stiff. I managed to stroke
the shaft with my fingers. I finally dragged his cock out and I could
see it standing up in my hand in his lap. It was large all right, with a
nice head peeking out of the skin. There was some moisture on it. I
rubbed my thumb over the head.

Anna slide forward a little on the sofa, it made her skirt ride up. I
could see clearly his fingers working in her pussy now. I stared to
wank his cock up and down. The head popped out of the skin each time.

He turned to me, “Would you like to taste it?”

“Oh no Sir!” I said, “I couldn’t do that!”

“Yes you can, it’s easy.” He turned away from Anna and put his hands on
my shoulders, turning his body to face me. “Just lower your head and
see what it’s like.” He told me.

I leaned forward while he sat back. I held his cock up to my face and
looked at it closely. I let it go near my lips and actually brush
against them one time. All the time he was encouraging me to suck it.
Finally I took a quick lick at the side of the shaft. He was very
pleased. Then I licked again, this time tracing upward to the head. I
nibbled the head and shaft with my lips; finally opening my mouth and
engulfing the head in one go. I felt his cockhead fill my mouth
entirely, little room to move my tongue around. I just thrust my head up
and down on it slowly, letting my lips peel over the rim of the head
each time. He reached under me and cupped my breasts, squeezing and
playing with the nipple. At the same time he learnt towards Anna and
kissed her mouth.

I continued to bob my head up and down. My long blonde hair falling
around my face, touching his groin as I did so. I saw from the corner
of my eye that he was pulling Anna’s panties down with one hand as he
kissed her.

Suddenly he asked me to stop sucking. He then got up off the sofa and
laid himself on the floor. Anna walked over to him and sat astride his
face. His hands reached around her hips and clasped her bottom tightly,
urging her on to his mouth more. His cock was standing up out of his
trousers. I lay next to him and held his cock upwards and then started
to lick and suck it. I let my lips run around the head and shaft, then
used my tongue like I was licking an ice cream cone. Then I thrust it
into my mouth again and started to ram my head up and down.

His fingers were kneading her bottom and she started to ride his face,
moving back and forwards on him. Her head was arched back and her long
brown hair was waving around. She was moaning and I guess she was either
coming or just about to. Within a minute she became still. She over her
shoulder and motioned for me to stop.

“You are a very naughty man.” She suddenly told him. “You must be

I had no idea what was going to happen. But one look at his face and I
could see he did.

“Kneel up with your hands on the sofa.” She told him. He did as he was
told. Then without warning she smacked him on the bum! “That’s just for
starters.” She said. Then she tugged his trousers off to reveal his
bottom, which she immediately started to smack; though not very hard.

Laying next to him I couldn’t help noticing his cock underneath him,
standing stiff still though half hanging down. It jerked everytime she
smacked him. I reached out and stroked it as it jumped again. It seemed
rock hard. The way it jumped with each smack I felt he wasn’t going to
be long in coming. Well what was I to do? I crawled under him and simply
took the moist head between my lips. That seemed to please him. I just
held it there letting it jerk and jump everytime Anna smacked his bare
bottom. Then suddenly with one smack it jumped and a wad of cum filled
my mouth. I couldn’t believe it he had come without any other
stimulation at all. I don’t think Anna realised what was happening. I
just felt the cum all in my mouth. She smacked him again and another
load joined it, hitting the back of my mouth, speading around my gums
and teeth, flowing over my tongue. I pulled back keeping my mouth open
letting it run out over my lips and down my chin. His cock was still
pointing at me, there was some cum hanging off the end, when ‘smack’
another wad shot out hitting me full in the face, splashing my cheeks
and covering my nose. I felt the warm string of cum roll down my face
and start to drip off me onto the floor. I reached forward and put my
lips just around the front of the head as the final spurt erupted and
filled my mouth to overflowing again.

Anna suddenly stopped, “Have you cum Richard?” she asked.

He seemed sheepish, “Sorry.”

He knelt up and took a long look at me laying there, cum smeared all
over my face, slowly flowing out the corner of my mouth. I grinned. Anna
leaned forward and licked the top of his cock, washing it clean of the
remaining cum.

“Thank you girl, that was perhaps the best yet.” He said.

We left his room a few minutes later, still giggling.
The end

SUSAN 091198
9th story
THE FRENCH MAID Part 6 The Party

1) Thanks to Margaret who did the spell checking
2) If you aren’t allowed to read things of a sexual nature because of
age limits etc, then don’t read this because there is some sexual
material in here.
3) I wrote this. You can copy and pass around, but don’t make money out
of it.
4) Any comments,


Once a month the hotel threw a party for the regular guests. It was
organised differently to all other ‘events’. There was just a flat fee
for the girls that took part. The same rules applied though. We always
had the option of saying ‘no,’ and anything that did happen was between
the guests and us.

The theme of tonight party was Roman. The men would wear togas while the
girls were asked to wear a sort of sacking, just a one piece garment
that covered us like a tunic with a belt drawn round. It was up to us if
we wore underwear.

Five girls were asked to join in. Alice, the tall girl with large
breasts, and flaming red hair, hanging down; Anna, the brown haired
beauty with small pointy breasts and very white skin; Sally, a boyish
type girl with hardly any breasts at all and a figure rather too close
to a pencil. In fact she was very popular, especially dressed up as a
boy; Rachel, with long black hair, dark eyes, full breasts and a wicked
sense of humour. And then myself, slim, small breasts, long straight
blonde hair, blue eyes.

The party started at 8pm. The first event was the auction where for a
price someone could bid for one of the girls. Only one was standing for
that, it was Rachel. The rules were that once paid for the man or men
could take her back to their table, and basically do whatever she
allowed them to do. They were not allowed to leave the room, it ‘served
to help heighten the atmosphere’.

We lined up on stage. Rachel was at the front with just her outfit on.
She had tied the belt in such a way that it had drawn the skirt up
closer to her bottom. Her long tanned legs looked great. In front of us
were about twenty men. That worried me until one of the girls said under
her breath, “Don’t worry, most just watch.”

“Or have a wank.” Rachel hissed. We giggled.

The bidding started. Someone wanted to have a better look. Rachel
strutted to the front of the stage and walked back and forth. No that
wasn’t enough. He wanted an even better look. The manager invited him on
stage. The man, a blonde in his twenties, walked straight up to Rachel,
turned her around with her back to the audience and then bent her over.
He raised her tunic to reveal her bare bottom to everyone. With one hand
he clutched it. “Seems firm enough,” he said. He then turned her around
again, and this time pulled her top down to expose her breasts. Cupping
both of them he mauled them for several seconds before making a bid.

The audience loved it. I thought he was dishy and was regretting that I
hadn’t offered to be the slave for the night.

He jumped back down to join the others and the bidding carried on.
Eventually she was sold; it was neck and neck between two fat
businessmen and the blonde man who finally won. Loud clapping as she was
lead off the stage to join him.

We however started work, walking around offering drinks and little bites
to eat. I caught a glimpse of Rachel sitting with the man at his table.
He had his arm around her while she fed him food. They seemed to be
having a good laugh.

I had a large tray and was gripping it with both hands. There were
various foods on it. “Would you like something to eat?” I asked a bald
man in his fifties. He smiled at me, “Yes, I would.” He then reached for
the front of my tunic and pulled it aside to reveal my naked breast
which he immediately swooped on, engulfing it with his mouth. I just
stood there as he sucked on my breast, holding my tray. Several of the
men were watching us. I noticed a youngish man walk over, and while
taking some food off the tray with one hand, slid his other up along the
back of my leg, cupping my bottom before walking back to his friends.
The bald man pulled away, pushed my tunic back over my breast, took some
food and said simply, ‘thanks’.

Returning with my tray to the kitchen I noticed that Anna was slow
dancing with one man. His hand was up the back of her tunic, mauling and
clutching at her bottom. Her tunic had ridden up and you could see it
all. I was feeling very horny.

I re emerged minus the tray and walked around the tables to see if
anyone wanted anything. Naturally a few did. Mostly to slide hands up my
shirt or down the front of my tunic. One old boy asked me to sit on his
lap. No sooner had I done so then his hand was thrust in my tunic,
grabbing and cupping my breasts. He kissed my neck and started to lick
my ear. I could see from his toga that he certainly wasn’t past it as it
started to raise itself next to my leg.

Looking around Anna was still dancing but by now her top had fallen to
her waist and her pointy breasts were pushed hard against the man as he
fondled her bottom for all to see.

Alice meanwhile was kneeling on all fours. Her tunic undone and her
breasts hanging there. Three men were gathered around, looking at her
from all angles. One would lift her skirt up to look at her bottom.
Another slid his hand under her to brush against her titties. I wondered
how long it would be before she would get hold of a cock.

The old boy started to pinch my nipple. I reached for the front of his
toga, rubbing my hand over the mound that was forming over his cock. I
felt the head under the cloth, and then closed my hand around the shaft,
rubbing it through the material. “Too soon for that, girl.” He said, “No
point in firing all your shots before the enemy are in range, what!”

He mauled my breast some more before telling me to run along.

Returning to the kitchen with some orders I walked past Rachel. She was
still sitting there laughing with the blonde, though now she had his
cock sticking out of his toga and her hand was pumping it nice and
slowly. It was a lovely cock too, nice and solid. I hoped she’d want
help before the night was through.

In the kitchen I sat for a few minutes with Anna who had managed to get
off the dance floor. We talked about the men outside, which ones we
fancied. Which ones to avoid. The bald man apparently was nearly always
at the party, but only ever did things when the girl was holding a tray
or was otherwise busy. “He’s harmless, but a strange bugger.” She said

I had noticed Richard, the person who had got Anna and me to dress up as
schoolgirls the week before. He had just being sitting there, watching
like he wasn’t really interested.

Back out in the main room Anna was called over to a table. I saw her
speak to the two men who then pulled her over their laps. She lay there,
her hips over one lap, her face over another. I watched as she pulled a
stiff cock from the lap her head was on. She started to lick and suck at
it. The other man pulled her tunic over her bottom and started to smack
her gently. Her cheeks wobbled with each smack. A couple of other men
went over to watch and spoiled my view.

I then got called over to a table with three men sitting around eating.
“Would you crawl under the table and give us all a little suck please?”
the middle one said. They were all about thirty. It seemed a sexy idea,
so I knelt down and got under the table. I saw three pair of bare legs
coming out from the togas. I went to the middle one first and pushed it
up to reveal a soft cock lying there. I started to lick at the head,
long licks, from the head and up the curled shaft. It soon started to
stiffen. I reached to the left of me and soon located a second cock. I
had that out of the toga too and let my fingers flutter up and down the
shaft. There was something very sexy about sucking cock when you
couldn’y see the person involved. For all I knew they were probably just
eating their food like nothing was happening.

The cock in my mouth had become really stiff now. I kept my mouth
wrapped over the cockhead and rubbed my lips back and forth over the
rim. Sometimes I’d dart my tongue at the eye, other times I’d slide my
tongue all the way around the head in a quick circular action.

I then moved to my right, and found another limp cock there. I craned
lower and stuck my tongue into the ball sack, licking and jabbing at it.
Then I lifted the soft cock and placed its head onto my stretched out
tongue. I flicked my tongue back and forth and the cock quick began to
grow. Finally it was impossible to do that anymore and so I sunk my lips
down over the stiff shaft as far as they would go. I carried on wanking
the cock of the man on the left.

Finally I felt I had left the third man out for too long. I crawled over
to his cock, bent it downwards gently with my hand and then forming an
‘0’ with my mouth, just pushed my head back and forth over the cockhead
and shaft.

Suddenly I felt someone lift the back of my tunic up and clutch my
bottom. I didn’t turn, but out of the corner of my eye I could see the
man on the right was no longer sitting there. I felt something hard
being pushed against my pussy and then rubbed around before it slowly
thrust itself in to me. Holding my hips the unseen man simply fucked me
as I knelt hidden under the table with my mouth fucking the cock in
front of me. It was so wild!

He kept this up for about two minutes before pulling out of me and
returning to his seat! I took that as a sign that they were finished
now. I let the cock I was sucking slipout of my mouth and crawled back
out from under the table. The men thanked me and I returned to the
kitchen for a few minutes rest.

Sally was there. “I just served this man, bending over to fill his glass
when his friend simply got up, lifted my skirt, held my hips and shafted
me!” She seemed surprise at how it happened. “Usually they say something

I told her what had happened to me.

“The sods must be related.” She laughed.

I went back out there. The first thing I saw was Anna, totally naked
sitting between two men and laughing loudly. She had her hands in both
their laps and was pumping up and down on their cocks.
One was fondling her breast; the other was joking with her.

At another table Rachel was with her blonde lover still. She was laying
next to him on the couch. He sat there while she had her head in his
lap, sucking at his cock; her head moving up and down slowly as her
mouth sank down along the shaft. He was stroking her thigh casually and
watching her head, His other hand caressing her head.

Turning around I saw that Sally had already found someone, or rather two
people. They were pressed up against her on the dance floor, dancing
slowly. One behind her, the other in front. Their hands were wandering
all over her body, it looked so sexy, four hands, rubbing up her side,
moving between her legs, lifting her tunic up over her waist. One breast
was exposed. I noticed that the man at the front had now put his cock
between her legs, the other one’s cock was standing tall by her thigh.
She was kissing the front one deeply.

I was called over to a table where two men were sitting watching the
events. One was brown haired, the other was blonde, both in their
twenties. The blonde drew aside his toga to reveal his cock standing up.
He gestured for me to sit astride him. I tried to hop on but he turned
me by grabbing my waist and then pulled me down gently onto his cock.
His friend got up and stood in front of me and then pulled his cock out
and offered it to my lips.

The cock in my pussy felt good. I moved my hips up and down a little
while he held on to my waist. I kissed the head of the cock in front of
me, then kissed it again before rolling my lips over the head and along
the shaft. The man threw his head back and moaned. I took hold of his
balls with one hand and the shaft with the other. The man sitting behind
me thrust me up and down on his cock.

Someone else came over to watch. His hand was under his toga and he was
rubbing himself slowly as I was being pushed up and down, my lips
rolling back and forth over the long cock in my mouth. I could feel the
head hitting the back of my mouth as I thrust forward each time. I
squeezed and stroked his balls. The cock inside of me was still
thrusting regularly.

Suddenly the man in front simply grabbed my head, not so much to hold me
there more to steady himself. I felt his cock tense and the head swell,
and then out it came, a pouring of thick sticky salty cum. It flooded my
mouth, laying in a lake over my tongue and teeth and gums. He spurted
into my mouth several times before finally he stopped moving. I pulled
my lips from his shaft and then let his cum just fall out over my lips,
run down my chin and pour on to my breasts, covering one in a thick
sludge of gooey cum.

This was too much for the man behind me who was risking breaking his
neck to see over my shoulder. He called out and his hips jerked up and
down off the chair and I knew he was cuming in me. His hips twitched and
jerked for nearly a minute before he became still. I got off and took
some tissues from the table before heading off to the kitchen and the
shower beyond.

After my shower I had a drink and a short break. Rachel was there,
‘taking five’ as she put it. So far she had been screwed over the table,
had sucked him for nearly twenty minutes and had still not made him cum
once. I told her she was lucky, he was really dishy. She laughed. Sally
walked in, cum along her thigh and some more over her breasts. “They got
me to kneel on the dance floor and then wanked off, one over my tits,
the other over me, lucky it landed on my hips rather than face…I think
he lost his nerve just before he came.”

Rachel then went back outside to her blonde. Sally was off to the

I followed Rachel outside with a tray of drinks. I went from table to
table. Sometimes while serving the drinks a man would put his hand up my
tunic as I bent forward and cup my bottom. I enjoyed leaning forward
knowing how the gaping tunic would reveal my small breasts hanging
there, wobbling slightly.
One man just hooked his finger in the front of the tunic as I was
leaning forward and pulled it down a little for a better look. “Like
what you see.”

He smiled, pulled aside his toga where a fat hard cock was pointing
upwards at me. “Yes. Do you?”

I swooped low and engulfed the head with my wet lips. Kneeling down I
bobbed my head back and forth along his shaft for about a minute before
pulling back and standing up. “Yes.” I told him and went on to the next

A man asked me to dance. Leaving the tray in the kitchen I went on to
the dance floor with him. He held me tightly, his hands running over my
back and began clutching at my bottom, cupping the cheeks tightly in his
hands. He lowered his head to kiss the top of my chest, just where the
swell of my breasts started. I felt one leg pushing between mine as we
slowly moved on the dance floor.

While he mauled my bottom I took a look around. Rachel was upside down!
Her head in the lap of Blondie and her bottom just below his face. Her
legs were locked behind his head, as his tongue appeared to be pushing
deep into her pussy. He was certainly getting his moneys worth. Several
men were gathered on the sides of his table, watching intently.

Anna was over a table with one man standing between her legs, thrusting
in and out, with both his hands on her pointy breasts, while another man
stood behind her head, feeding his cock into her mouth as her head hung
upside down over the edge of the table.

Sally must have still been in the showers. Alice was standing near the
door, a man behind her, his hands mauling her breasts, his head buried
in her neck. She had his cock by her thigh in one hand. She smiled when
she saw me looking.

The man I was dancing with took my hand and led me to a table. There he
turned me around and bent me forward a little. I felt him fiddles behind
me and then felt his cock push against the back of my legs. He found my
pussy and pushed it in. I was so wet and horny. This party was beyond
anything I had imagined. He started to thrust into me, my tunic wrapped
around my waist, and his hands juggling my breasts. I felt his cock
thrusting back and forth into me. With one hand I started to touch
myself at the same time. I knew I was going to cum and just hoped he
didn’t last too long after that. As luck would have it we both seemed to
reach it at the same point. My legs tensed and my hips jerked, the build
up just took me off. His jerking went uncontrollable, wild powerful
thrusts. His hands fell from my breasts and clung on to my hips. I could
hear him yelling behind me.

He pulled his cock out and seconds later I shuddered to a halt. I went
back to the kitchen. I don’t usual smoke but I felt like one now. Sally
gave me one of hers. I had a quick shower.

When I came out it was 11 o’clock. Some of the men had disappeared.
Rachel was there, moaning, “I can’t make him cum. I’ve never known
anyone who can hold back so long.”

“You’ll drown when he does.” Sally said.

It appears that the blonde had asked Rachel to stay the night with him
and she had agreed. Then she looked at me, “Tell her.” She said to

It was explained to me that eight of the men had made a special request.
They wanted four of the girls to suck and toss them while the fifth laid
on the floor. The idea was to cum all over her. Two relays. Sally wasn’t
game for it. “I can cope with one, maybe two, but no fucking way.” She
said. Apparently there was a lot riding on this. They had promised to
pay double the entrance fee if someone agreed.

Alice walked in and we told her. She thought about it and at first we
thought she was going to say yes, but suddenly she simply said ‘no’.

“I’ll do it.” I said. “I mean I can keep my mouth closed.”

They laughed. Asked me if I was sure and then one went out to arrange

A few minutes later I was lead out to the dance floor where some
cushions had been arranged. Even the manager was here to watch this.
This was a first. I lay down and four of the men stood near me, two on
each side. The girls knelt down besides them and started to play with
their cocks. Rachel only used her hands, I guess she was saving herself
for the blonde. Sally licked the long thin cock next to her face. On the
other side Alice had her lips firmly wrapped around baldie’s cock and
Anna simply held the cock in front of her with her lips just over the
head, while one hand played with his balls, the other wanked him. After
everything that happened that night I knew it wasn’t going to be long. I
lay there, now naked completely, my small breasts almost flat as I
stretched out. My soft flesh waiting for the first load.

Naturally Anna’s man’s was the first. He couldn’t take that for long. He
warned her he was about to cum and she pulled clear at the final moment,
still wanking his cock quickly. It just poured out; creamy white wet
sticky strings of it flying over my breasts, landing with loud spats on
my flesh. Two long lines of string gobs of it from my tummy to my
breasts, and loads of spots of it covering my chest and tummy.

“Wow.” Sally’s one said. Just as she licked along the shaft it jerked
and a bolt of cum shot out flying totally over me and landing on the
floor between the legs of baldie. Sally grabbed his cock and pointed it
down. Several more wads shot out, this time directly at my breasts. I
could see it splashing as each one hit. It felt warm and wet and started
to slip and slide down my sides. Some of it collecting in a pool between
my little titties. Rachel and Alice’s men were next, both coming
together. One fired away at my breasts, virtually soaking them when
added to the stuff already there. Baldie got his over my face. Three
spurts landing in stringy lines across my nose and cheek, with the third
landing directly over my lips. It stayed there till I opened my mouth a
little and poked my tongue out, pushing the cum up on top of the tip of
my tongue. That got roars of approvals from the men watching.

Alice seemed to be really turned on. She went from one to the other of
the four men and gave them each a quick suck, “Cleaning them up”, she
said later.

They stood aside and the final four took their positions. This time the
girls hardly had to do anything. The first started spurting before Anna
had even wanked it back and forth a couple of times. She didn’t have
chance to get out of the way from the first blast that hit her full in
the face. She jerked back as his cum flew out his cock in large gobs,
landing over my thighs and pussy hair. She looked sexy with a great gob
of it splashed on her face, now starting to slide down a little. She
quickly wiped it away.

I felt something hit my ear and turned only to get a shower of cum in my
face. Lucky it missed my eyes. Most of it was on my cheeks where it
quickly fell down to swim around in my blonde hair. The third one warned
Sally and then stood closer to me and pointed it at my mouth. “What the
hell.” I though and opened wide. That set him off. I actually saw the
head of his cock swell as the bolt of gooey cum shot out the end like
some rocket. It landed on my chin, splashing loudly and spraying my face
and open mouth. The next shot was better, landing straight on my tongue,
hitting it hard and again splashing around. He bent his knees to get
lower and I raised my face to his cock. I didn’t get there but was close
enough to get the last spurt, which shot straight into my mouth. It was
all salty and thick and gooey. I turned my head aside and let it run out
of the corner of my mouth. His cockhead now just dribbled a few more
drops before he stopped.

The last man knelt down by my head. I nodded that it was ok. He pushed
his cock close to my lips but shook his head when I opened my mouth. So
I kept my lips closed as his cum oozed out of him. His hand was wrapped
around the shaft so I figured he could stop it spurting like that. Four
or five lots poured out, all of it over my lips, covering them
completely before running down the sides of my face. By now everyone was
clapping. When his cum stopped I open my lips and sucked his softening
cock into my mouth together with a couple of spoons of his cum that was
there. It flowed in my mouth, washing over my teeth, covering my tongue.

I can’t tell you how sexed up I was. Just as he pulled away I felt a
tongue jab into my pussy. It was Anna. She said afterwards she didn’t
know what came over her. Nor did I, within 30 seconds I was cumming for
the second time that night. More or less a first for me.

The men helped clean me up a little before I went for a much-needed
shower. I was covered in cum, all over my chest. All in my hair. My lips
and cheeks soaked. My breasts soaked.

Rachel did stay with the man all night, finally making him cum at about
4 in the morning. She said afterwards she didn’t believe anyone could
cum so powerfully and as much as he did. She always stays over night
when he stays here now. I don’t think he even pays the manager for that.
It’s a private arrangement.

The End

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