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Archived Sex Stories

The French Main parts 1 4


By Susan

This is a work of fiction.
This edition has been redone with the aid of a spell checker. Someone
pointed out that my spelling in the first two parts was frankly awful
and when I looked at it I saw he was right. I can only say I’m sorry
that I wasn’t more careful. There are still some mistakes in this I’m
sure, but at least I have now got rid of all the ones I can find at this
point. Please bear with me, this is only my second story.
Special thanks go to Margaret who then re read this and corrected many
spelling mistakes and tenses.
This is my work alone, and hence if reproduced can only be done so if
complete. I realise there is nothing I can do to stop anyone using this
the very nature of the medium itself, but if you do use it please keep
it intact and keep my name and e mail address on it. Just good manners
This contains sex scenes and therefore only read it if the laws of your
land allow. I don’t want to get into trouble and nor do you. This does
not contain commonly used words that so many of these stories seem to.
I’m sorry but words like that don’t turn any of the girls I know on, and
none of our boyfriends would think of using such words in our company.
So if you are looking for that, keep looking please.

Any comments, and if you think I should write more,
However because airtime is costly in UK, I am unable too personally
respond to everyone. Please understand.
Hope you like it

I had applied for the job at the hotel several days before. It was a
hotel in the countryside, and catered for businessmen. The interviewer
told me that I had to be broad minded and ready to handle most
situations on my own. For that I would receive a much higher then usual
wage plus tips, what the customers gave me, and a percentage of what was
left at the main desk. It sounded too good to be true, but I took the
job, wondering what was really involved.
I’m slim, have long straight blonde hair, small breasts, and 19 years
I arrived at 6:30 and was immediately told to change into my uniform. I
was surprised to see what that uniform was. (I had already been told to
wear white underwear). There before me hung several uniforms from size
10 to 12 only. They consisted of white stockings, suspender belt, a
short mini black dress and a little white apron. I was beginning to
catch on by what they meant when they said I needed to be broadminded.
After changing I was told to see the manager. I entered his office. He
was about 45, heavy set, with short black hair. I told him my name. He
asked if I understood the requirements of the job, I told him I thought
I did. He asked me to turn around, which I did. He then asked me to bend
forward a little,…I did that too. From where he was sitting I could
guess he was looking at my bottom and my white panties…the dress was
really very short. “Oh yes, you’ll do.” He told me.
He then gave me a warning. “Whatever happens here is up to you. But we
look after our staff and our good name. So if for any reason you decline
a situation, we will back you up fully. Any situation that occurs is if
you want it too. I find we get the best from our staff that way.”
I was beginning to enjoy this. My mind was racing, ‘situations’,
mmmmmhh; I wondered what that would actually mean.
I didn’t have long to find out.
At 8am I was sent up to a room with the breakfast tray. I knocked and
was told to come in. A young man was lying in bed looking at me. He was
about 25, with blonde hair, and very good looking. “Morning sir.” I said
walking over to the beside table where I put the tray.
He looked me up and down. Then smiled. “You’re new.”
“First day sir.” I told him, hands clasped behind my back, smiling.
He smiled again, “Look, would you mind re arranging my pillows a little,
maids do it so much better.”
Now I guessed. “Yes of course Sir.” I leaned over him and began to
arrange the pillows, his face was near my throat, I could imagine him
looking down the front of my dress at my breasts, held in that little
white bra. I was getting horny. He raised his head up and I felt his
lips brush my throat. I stood back, “Sir?”
“Don’t worry,” he smiled, “Please carry on.”
I leaned over him again, only to find his head returned and he started
to lick my throat while I moved the pillows. These pillows were going to
take a long time to re arrange I decided. I pushed upwards a little and
felt his lips caress the upward swell of the top of my breasts. Then I
felt his hand touch the back of my leg and slowly caress it’s way up to
my bottom. He lazily circled the cheeks with his fingers while I
remained leaning over him. Then his finger moved to between my legs,
stroking gently my pussy through my panties.
“I think there’s something under these sheets, could you check?” He
I was about to suggest the same seeing that there was an outline of
something long about where his hips would be. “Of course Sir, I’d be
glad too.”
I slide a hand over his chest and under the sheets…I let my fingers drag
along his smooth chest, down his tummy, and then finally felt something
touch it, hard and slightly wet.
“There is,” I told him. My fingers caressed the hard yet soft head of
his cock.
“Perhaps you had better take a closer look.” He told me.
I didn’t need to be asked twice. My head swooped down to his chest where
I gave him a couple of long licks across before sliding under the
sheets, downward. I could see in the half-light the head of his cock
pointing straight up at me. I brushed my lips against it before opening
my mouth and sucking the warm head into my mouth. He moaned and I
started to swirl my tongue around the head. With my hand I pulled back
the skin letting the top slide out completely and pushed my lips down to
just below the rim of his cock head. Holding it there in my warm mouth I
began to gently wank his cock with my hand. His hands were busy too. One
was holding my head, caressing my hair with his fingers. The other one
had found it’s way into my pussy and was gently finger fucking me.
I pulled away to ask him if there was anything else he required but he
said ‘no’ and explained he was really happy with what I was doing so
far. I was a bit disappointed, I wanted to fuck him, but then I was
working and he was a guest here. I kept moving my hand up and down that
shaft, keeping his head in my mouth, licking over the top of his cock
while I did so. I heard him say how nicely I was doing that.
With my other hand I gently started to squeeze his balls, sort of
milking him. I took the head of his cock from my mouth and started to
lick and bite the side of the shaft down to his balls, which I then
licked before planting his cock back into my mouth. I held his cock
tightly now, pushing the sheet off me. Holding it up straight at the
ceiling I then started to bop my head up and down on it. I just used my
hand to steady it while my lips did the work. After a minute or two I
heard him warn me that he was going to come. I held my ground…I didn’t
want to spoil the sheets did I?
I kept on bobbing my head up and down on his cock until suddenly a great
wad of warm stick cum shot into my mouth. I swallowed quickly as another
and another wad shot out the end of his cock. My hand was squeezing his
balls quite hard now and his legs were jerking up and down. He was
moaning a lot, but I believe it wasn’t about the service. Finally he
stopped pumping and his cock started to grow small in my mouth. I kept
licking until it was very soft and tiny. I looked at him. He had his
eyes half closed. “That’s was outstanding.” He told me. “Thank you.”
His finger was still playing with me but I needed more then that. “It’s
ok,” I said and then looked down at his hand. He smiled and withdrew.
“A tip for the lady,” he said. “My wallet is in my side jacket pocket on
the chair, I think a fifty is in order.”
Wow, and for something I enjoyed, “Thank you sir,” was all I could
really say.
A minute later I was outside, £50 richer.

Back downstairs I killed time for a while before being sent to another
room. “He wants his bath cleaned.” I was told. I went up stairs and
found the room. Knocking I found a man in his 50’s standing there in a
dressing gown. He was over weight, and had grey hair. But he looked ok
and seemed friendly enough. “It’s my bath, would you mind cleaning it
young lady?”
I bowed and went to the bathroom. It didn’t seem dirty at all, but
still, I could guess at the routine. I knelt down on my knees and bent
over the bath , which I started to wash and wipe with a cloth. I heard
him come in behind me and soon I felt his hands gently hold my hips. I
carried on wiping the bath, knowing that the tops of my legs must be
showing by now. I could guess the view he had. He squeezed my hips a
couple of times and then let his hands wander down to the sides of my
legs, and then back up, but this time under my dress. He enjoyed that
for a time and then raised my skirt over my back. I felt him kiss my
bottom cheeks and then his tongue traced along the line of my panties. I
wriggled a little but continued to wipe the bath. I was enjoying this.
His fingers slid into the tops of my panties and then he slowly rolled
them down over my bottom until they were around my knees. I heard him
fumble and then felt his cock suddenly touch my pussy. I pushed back a
little and the head slipped in. “My goodness, we are keen.” Was all he
Holding my hips he started to push his cock into me more, and I was more
than ready for this after my first visit to a room this morning. His
long cock started to thrust in and out as he held my hips tightly in his
hands. I pushed back each time to meet his thrusts. One of his hands
slide under me and clutched at my breasts through my uniform. I felt his
fingers knead my breast, squeezing the now hard nipple between his
fingers through the material.
He slowly managed to undo the top three buttons, then ravished my
breasts and bra with his hand. The other one he used to push my hips
back and forth against him. I could feel the build up within myself and
then I started to come…it was great…long and intense. I lost some of my
power then but he made up for it with his thrusts. Suddenly he yelled he
was going to come and ordered me to sit facing him with my back to the
bath. I spun round and slid to the floor. He held his cock in his hand
and aimed it just below my chin. Suddenly I saw the head widen and a
spurt of creamy coloured cum flew out and hit my throat where it started
to run down to my half-exposed breasts. He pointed his cock downwards
and aimed the next few spurts at the tops of my breasts. spurt after
spurt flew out, spotting my uniform and breasts and bra. It felt warm
and sticky; there was a string of it from my shoulder to my left breast.
It started too slide down in gobs. He then wiped his cock against my
chest before standing back to admire his handiwork. “Wonderful little
girl.” He said again and again. Finally he walked out of the bathroom
and came back in with two £20 notes. “There you go girl, you come back
this afternoon with my tea and I’ll double it.”
I went downstairs and asked one of the girls about my uniform. She told
me to shower and she would get me a uniform. I started to take my
clothes off but suddenly she stopped me. “It’s up to you,” she said,
“But there’s an old gent in room 42, he loves nothing better than to
watch one of us have a shower. He’s not very demanding either.”
So taking a towel I went up to the room and knocked. Walking in I found
he was still in bed. At first I wasn’t sure what to say but he must have
been used to this, “Go on my dear, head for the shower if that’s what
you want.”
I did just that. Removed the old uniform and stepped in. I didn’t draw
the curtain. I started to soap myself all over and then the door opened.
He walked in. He must have been 70. He was thin and gaunt, but he stood
upright and seemed nice enough. He had a robe on which he soon managed
to get his hand under and I could see he was playing with his cock. I
needed to be clean so I made a special show of soaping my breasts and
pussy. He loved that. Once or twice he reached out and fondled my breast
and bottom. Just running his hands over them, “For old times sake.” He
said. His cock was now out of the robe. It was thin and short and he was
pumping it up and down.
I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do so I reached for it and started
to wank it for him. He seemed to like that and kept closing his eyes. I
wasn’t sure if I wanted to suck it, it didn’t look so nice but I figured
that at his age it would be a treat. I knelt down in the shower and put
my face close to his groin. “Oh yes.” He muttered. Opening my mouth I
popped the thin cock in and then closed my lips around the shaft. I
swirled my tongue around the top, then started to move my head back and
forth. He had to actually steady himself by holding onto my head and
shoulders. I could feel his hips start to thrust a little. His cock felt
nice in my mouth, being small meant I could play with it with my tongue
more then normal. I pushed it from side to side and sucked and licked at
Suddenly he called out, “Miracle!” and then I felt a small wad of come
pour out the end. I opened my mouth letting it slide out over my lips
and chin. More cum oozed out the end, it didn’t spurt, but for him I
think even this was something. I let it ooze out over my tongue, then
let it slide off over my lips and drip on to my legs and the shower
He shook his head, “If only you knew how long that’s been…” he said. I
felt so wonderful. I guess the other girls hadn’t done anything like
this for him, they probably just wanked him off. He asked me to stay
with him a while after I had finished my shower. I did, and for an hour
he talked to me, telling me his experiences in the war when he was 20,
and various other things. I found it interesting to hear things like
that. At the end he told me he had kept me long enough and gave me a
large tip. I handed some of it back, telling him I was happy enough with
half of what he had given me. He seemed so overcome I thought he was
going to cry.
It was now mid day. I had lunch and chatted with some of the other
girls. The rule was we couldn’t talk about what went on in the rooms
except in a very general way. “It’s ok here,” one said, “No one ever
pushes you into anything, and if you don’t like the look of someone you
just say ‘no’. Though they like it if you then send someone else up.”
It seemed that nearly all the guests knew what services were provided,
though those that didn’t were kept in the dark. All girls had been told
never to make the first step.
The rest of the afternoon passed off uneventfully. I was summoned to
various rooms, but it was for real chambermaids work rather then
specials. The old man in 42 didn’t call me back, I suspected it was
because he was still getting over what had happened…I hoped so at least.

The end


My second day saw me doing normal chambermaid duties until about 9:30
when I was sent up to a room on the top floor. After knocking I went in
to find a young man in his late 20s standing there in a sports jackets
and casual trousers. He said his name was Mick, [Hello, well you keep
writing me so I thought you’d like a role in this story, hope you aren’t
angry]. He asked me to go to the window and then just lean forward with
my arms resting on the ledge. I did as I was told.
He walked up behind me and then I felt him gently lift my skirt up and
place it over my back. He muttered “Nice, oh very nice” and then he
started to slowly stroke the backs of my legs with his fingertips. That
really got to me. It was difficult to keep still. Slowly he worked his
fingers up to my bottom, caressing and fondling the cheeks and my hips.
Then I heard him kneel down and he started to kiss the backs of my legs,
followed by licking along them and moving upwards. I moaned.
Finally he reached my panties, not a moment too soon, which he carefully
pulled down to my knees. Then, without warning, he simply thrust his
into my pussy, his tongue ramming into me. Talk about standing on
tiptoe, I
almost fell out the bloody window! It was pure heaven. He then started
simply to tongue fuck me really hard; his tongue thrusting in and out,
sometimes up and down and sometimes even in a circle. I was gripping the
window ledge really hard, it was almost hurting. I managed to push back
once or twice, but mostly I felt too weak to do anything much except
hold on
for dear life.
His hands meanwhile were either holding my hips or sometimes fondling my
breasts through my dress. At one point I managed to undo the first two
buttons and encourage him to actually touch them, he didn’t seem to mind
that at all. All the time his tongue rentlessly attacked my pussy…and I
was very close to the edge, in more ways then one.
And suddenly I was there,…moaning, head lolled right back, eyes closed,
mouth open, hips thrusting back on to his face. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh…oh god!
Yes did I come. For a few seconds more he licked around my pussy then,
thankfully by now, he stopped. He sat back on the carpet, breathing
“That was wonderful.” I said, and meant it.
He smiled. “On the bed please miss.”
“Of course, sir,” I replied as I climbed on to the double bed. He joined
me and popped both of my breasts out of my bra. Straight away his mouth
covered one breast while he used his hand and fingers on the other one.
I felt my nipple being sucked up between his teeth; I felt them bite it
carefully while his tongue flicked across it. He did everything he could
to my breasts with his mouth, licked, sucked, run his lips over
them…they were getting the full treatment, and all I had to do so far
was lay back…just who was the guest in this hotel? He kept on my breasts
for ten minute before telling me that he was worked up enough to finish
“Where may I?” He asked.
That knocked me out. “Anyway you wish.” I mean I had to show
gratefulness didn’t I?
He knelt up and moved over to the side of my face. “Just lay there
please, with your mouth open if you don’t mind.”
Who was I to refuse? It was the first time I had had a good look at his
cock. It was a bit bigger then normal, with a purple head poking out of
the skin…like an acorn. I’d loved to have popped that in my mouth, but
we had been told never to make moves, only to go along with what the
guests wanted. So I lay there, mouth wide open.
He rubbed his cock a few times, exposing more of the head, back and
forth and then suddenly he stopped, his neck muscle stood out he started
intently at my face. From the tip of his cock poured forth a stream of
milky cream cum, which dribbled straight into and around my mouth. It
poured all over my tongue and coated my teeth and lips. It didn’t come
in spurts, but just a steady stream…(he must have done this before!). I
was amazed; this was something I had never seen. I felt it run around my
mouth, slipping into my throat, down my tongue, sliding off my teeth.
Some of it that had dribbled onto my lips and chin slid down my neck,
making me go all goosebumpy. He smiled at me. I pushed my tongue out,
making a lot of it pour out over my lips and joining the stuff already
sliding down my neck.
He leaned forward so his softening cock touched my face…I twisted a
little and sucked the soft head into my mouth, swirling it around with
his cum, that seemed to knock him out a bit too. Finally I let it fall
from my mouth.
“I’ll get a towel for you.” He said, A true gentleman to the end.
I returned downstairs for a shower and a rest.
The manager then asked me to come to his office. I was a little worried,
what did this mean? I went in.
He told me to take a seat and then asked me how I liked the job. I told
him I was enjoying it far more then I had through. He said he had been
getting very good reports about me, and that a guest had left a present
from yesterday. It was from the old man who had checked out earlier this
morning. It turned out it was a note simply saying ‘thank you’ and some
vouchers for Harrods of all places for £150!
“He’ll be back,” the manager told me, “On condition that you are still
He seemed pleased with me and told me that any doubts about my suitably
for this job were well gone. “Consider yourself as part of the team.” I
though, here we go; now I have to service him, but no, he said that was
all, and sent me on my way.
I asked one of the other girls who had just finished in a room, “Oh, he
never gets involved, it’s just a job as far as he’s concerned.”
About 11am I was asked to go to a room where there was a couple of men
staying. They requested some cream and cakes. I thought this was just a
normal chambermaid job, taking up the cakes but they had other ideas. I
put the tray down in their room and then they asked me if I would mind
serving them the cream and cakes.
“Yes sir, of course.”
They were both about 40, but fairly good looking, slim and tall. They
told me to remove all my clothes, even my stockings and suspenders. I
did. They watched intently. At that point they both stood up, and
dropped their trousers, sporting large erections! They then sat side by
side on the settee and asked me to crush a cake and then put that and
the cream around their cocks!
Oh well, their call. I did just that, taking the cream in my fingers and
rubbing it over their cocks and balls…seaming it all over. Their cocks
felt nice and hard as my fingers ran over them. Happy with the cream
cocks I had made I sat back.
“Do you like cream?” one asked.
“Do you like licking ice cream cones?” the other said.
I smiled, “Yes of course.”
“Well then….”
I leaned forward and sticking my tongue out started to lick one of the
cream cocks…I traced my tongue up from the mound where the balls were to
the tip of his cock, then wiggled my tongue around the top of the head,
cleaning it of cream, making it nice and wet. I moved to his friend.
This time I opened wide and took my lips down to below the head where I
closed them and then drew my head up, taking the cream off the entire
top of his cock in one go.
“She’s got imagination.” One said.
“Yes, hasn’t she?” the other one replied.

I then lowered my head and started to flick my tongue at the base of the
mound where the underside of his balls must be. Soon I got to skin and
then started to lick the cream off his balls. Sometimes sucking,
sometimes lapping it up like a pussycat. I switched to his mate and
sucked one of his balls into my mouth and let the cream dissolve in me
before releasing it. I then held his cock shaft tight and flicked my
tongue back and forth against the rim of his cock head.
“Jesus Christ!” He almost screamed. “This one’s got it!”
“I thought that when she was on mine a minute ago.”
My tongue flicked all around his head and cleaned all around the rim and
top so there wasn’t a trace of cream left. Then I licked his cock cream.
I moved back to his friend and likewise cleaned his cock and balls of
all the cream and bits of cake. Finally, with a feeling of a job well
done I sat back.
“Would you like to kneel on the floor on all fours please?” one asked.
“If you don’t mind.” The other one said.
I did as I was told.
One stood in front of me and then slid headfirst under me. Straight away
he started to suckle at my hanging breasts. Bouncing them around with
his tongue, and watching them shake around. Sometimes he sucked at them
but mostly he teased them, flicking the nipples and lapping at them.
The other knelt behind me and started to rub his cock against my
pussy…once or twice he pushed just the head in but with his hand moved
it around before taking it out. It was driving me mad. What with my
first event this morning and now this, I wanted to get some hard action,
not all this teasing stuff…still it’s nice, I wasn’t complaining.
Then the one behind me put his hands to the sides of my breasts and
squeezed them together, the one underneath started to flick his tongue
back and forth across both nipples now,….mmmmmh, delight!
I heard him ask me to suck him. His cock, hard and proud was lying on
his tummy before my face. I only had to lean forward a little and with
my tongue I drew it into my mouth. I kept the head there, swirling my
tongue around it before starting to bop my head up and down on it. He
began to raise his hips up and down. His friend behind me now gently
pushed his cock into me and started to screw me, slow and
hard,….sometimes short strokes, just a little way in, then a long stroke
all the way in, then a short one,….wow,….death by fucking!
They kept this up for several minutes,….and it was lovely. So slow and
firm. Every move appeared thought out. They were a good team. Finally
one asked simply, “ready?”
The other said, “Oh yes, I think so.”
>From under me he then told me to lift my head off his cock and close my
mouth and stay still. I pulled back. He took hold of his cock and
started to wank it hard. The other pulled out of me and did like wise.
Within seconds I felt that warm sticky feeling as cum started shooting
out all over my bottom and back, landing in strings across my back,
splashing all over my bottom. Then the other one started to come. His
spunk jetted out and hit my face, over my cheek and nose, strings of it,
hanging off me, dripping on to his chest,….long streams of it flying out
and splashing my face and neck. Talk about a cum bath.
He pulled out from under me, the other moved to my face.
“Would you be so kind as to lick these clean please.”
They were both kneeling there, their cocks half way between soft and
hard. I held them in my hands and then started to lick them clean, some
cum dripping from one, the other seamed with cum. I sucked them into my
mouth and washed them. They just stayed there, looking down, almost like
it wasn’t happening to them. I washed them both clean,…it would be a lie
to say dry,….they gave me a good tip and then I returned downstairs with
the empty tray.
The rest of the day was just routine after that.
And so ended my second day.
The following day I didn’t need to start work until the evening. So most
of the day I spent with one of my close friends, not actually letting on
what was happening at the hotel, but hinting to her. She seemed shocked.
I didn’t let on that I had taken an active role in any of the goings-on.
When I arrived I was waiting at the dinner tables for the first couple
of hours. Apart from one of the guests, who put his hand up the back of
my short dress everytime I served him, the dinner was uneventful.
At 8pm I was summoned to a room. There were two men there, both
businessmen in their mid thirties. One was short, the other tall, both
were average looking, and very well dressed. They told me they wanted to
watch a porno film. I hurried downstairs and selected one based on what
they had said they had wanted to see.
I returned to the room and put the video on. I was then asked to stay if
I could. Naturally I could.
The tall one said, “Please remove your dress, but not your underwear.
Then sit here.” Patting a space in the settee between them.
I unbuttoned my dress and slid it off revealing my black bra, panties,
suspender belt and stockings. I walked over and sat down between them.
They settled back and simply began to watch the film.
It was about ten minutes later when I felt a hand touch my leg and start
to caress it. It was the tall one. He just moved his hand back and forth
along my leg, letting his fingertips trail along the inside of my leg.
The short one then took my hand and dropped it onto the front of his
trousers. I could feel something hard and long inside them. I started to
trace the outline of his cock with my fingers before tugging his zip
down and fishing his cock out. It was a nice sized one, thick and fairly
long. I wrapped my hand around the shaft and wanked it up and down
The tall one then stopped caressing me for a while, the film had
suddenly become more interesting. Soon however I got his attention again
when he simply turned to me, and with one hand cupped my breast. Leaning
forward he started to lick and kiss the top of my breast. I felt his
tongue trace along the top swell of them. Once or twice he carefully bit
the soft white fresh.
I carried on meanwhile wanking the short one. The top of his cock had
now become a little moist, and once or twice I rubbed my finger over the
head. He liked that by the way he caught his breath.
Tall man pulled away from my breasts, leaving wet marks on the tops of
them. He started to watch the film again, but this time he unzipped
himself and pulled his cock out. That too was fairly long and thick. I
reached over with my other hand and held the shaft tightly. Instead of
me wanking him he began to gently thrust his hips up and down, while I
just held him tight.
The film was a French one, lots of fast sex scenes, and very good ones
at that. By now I was getting turned on a lot as well. It was with
relief then when Short man got off the settee, knelt between my legs and
started to lick his way along the insides of them. His tongue caressed
and circled, each time moving closer to my panties. When he reached them
he pushed his tongue against them pushing his way to my pussy, which he
licked up and down in long single licks. This made me moan and wiggle
Tall one decided it was time to play with my breasts again, but this
time he lifted them out of my bra before sinking his teeth and mouth
onto them, sucking and biting like his life depended on it. I managed to
keep hold of his cock, which I tried to wank, but the position wasn’t
very helpful to that idea.
Short man slid his hands under my bottom, cupping both cheeks and
squeezing them tightly. His tongue ravished my pussy, long hard licks
along it, sometimes darting in and out. I gave up on Tall Man’s cock and
grabbed his head with both hands, forcing it harder against my breasts.
His tongue swirled around my nipples; his teeth clamping on to them,
holding them, pulling them away from my breasts before letting them go;
then he’d suck so hard it was like he was trying to sallow my entire
breast. My hips were now grinding into Short Man’s face, almost fucking
his mouth. His hands responded by squeezing my bottom so hard it that
was almost painful. Finally with a long drawn out moan I came. I shook
and jerked until it subsided. They both pulled away and simply sat back
to watch the movie again!
I reached out and took their cocks in my hands, and then started to wank
them slowly again. They didn’t seem to mind at all. Short man reached
over and cupped a breast, squeezing the nipple between his fingers, but
other then that I was left to do what I liked. So I just sat back and
wanked them for a long time, very slowly though. I didn’t know what they
had in mind about finishing.
The movie stopped. Tall one said, “We’d like to come now Miss.”
I smiled, “Ok.”
They then both knelt up on the settee, one on either side of me. Their
cocks were now level with my breasts. Taking them in their hands they
started to wank them back and forth. Short man came first. With a moan
and head lolled back he suddenly started to spurt drops of cum all over
my breasts and tummy. It was warm and sticky, and fairly thin, so it
started to run down the sides of my breasts and over my tummy very
quickly. This must have done it for Tall man who jerked his hips a
couple of time before spraying creamy cum all over my chest like a
shower head. Some of it landed on my chin and throat, but most covered
my breasts where it mixed with Short Man’s.
Both then started to rub their cocks all around my breasts, rubbing
their cum all into my skin until the warmth of the room and their
rubbing had mostly dried it all up.
“Thank you Miss.” Short One said, handing me a large tip.
I gathered up my clothes, slipped them back on and left.
Downstairs again I had a shower and changed my clothes. I turned down
the next event. It was a lady on her own. Had she been with a man I
could have handled that, but by itself, it just didn’t turn me on.
Luckily I was told before I went upstairs so she never knew someone had
said ‘no’. Another girl went, she always liked the ladies on their own.
At about Eleven I was asked to go to another room. “This one is
different,” I was told. “It will be dark, you are to stay silent. He
will pretend to be asleep, and all you are to do is creep up to the bed,
pull back the bedclothes and blow him. He will pretend to be asleep all
through. It’s nothing personal.”
I guessed, “He’s married?”
“We think so!”
The room was dark but with enough light for me to make out the bed and a
‘sleeping’ figure under the sheets. I stole up to the bed, slipping out
of my dress I removed my bra. I then carefully pulled the sheet back
until I could make out a limp small little cock lying there. I climbed
onto the bed and sat over his feet. Leaning forward so that my breasts
just hung over the tops of his legs, brushing against them as they swung
a little, I took hold of the limp cock and held it upwards. I blew air
on to it and then kissed the soft head with my lips. I moved my lips
around the head, which was beginning to get hard. I opened my lips a
little and stuck my tongue out and circled the semi-soft warm head.
Opening my mouth wide I took the entire cock into my mouth, pushing it
around with my tongue, licking the shaft and head. It was getting hard
quickly now and soon I could only keep the head within my warm wet
mouth. I kept moving my lips up and down on the head, letting my lips
slide back and forth over the rim of his cock head. My breasts swung
from side to side, the nibbles brushing against his hairy legs. I
noticed his hips were moving up and down as his cock started to gently
thrust a little into my mouth. I held it steady with one hand and jabbed
at the head and shaft with my tongue, taking long licks from his balls
to his head, sometimes gently catching the shaft with my teeth, holding
it and then letting it go.
I moved my head off his cock and bit into his tummy, then trailed my
tongue along back to the base of his cock. I pushed his balls within
their sack with my tongue before taking my mouth back to the tip of his
cock. Opening my lips I suddenly rammed my head down as far as it could
go. I then shot my head back up again and then rammed back down. He
couldn’t ignore that and moaned very loudly. I just kept doing that,
ramming my head back and forth so hard, so far down, like some crazed
thing. Each time I kept my lips tightly wrapped around his shaft,
sometimes letting my teeth scrape along his smooth skin.
He reached down and placed a hand on top of my head, but to caress my
hair rather then force me down. My head was bopping harder and harder
and then suddenly he grunted loudly and a wad of thick spunk hit the
back of my mouth. I kept it there and stopped thrusting my mouth,
instead just sliding my lips back and forth over the rim of his head
again. More cum shot out, filling my mouth so that I had to open my lips
and let a long stream of thick cum pour out down the underside of his
cock. He shot twice more before he lay still. I kept his cock in my
mouth, letting my tongue caress it. It started to grow soft and when it
was all limp again, I released it.
I got off the bed and took my clothes. As I was closing the door I heard
a “Thank you” come from the darkness. The next morning I was handed a
tip by the manager who said, “I don’t know what you’ve got, but they
like you!”

A slow day until 11 am when I was told that the ‘Colonel’ had requested
me to come up to his room. The other girls told me that he was in his
seventies, and could be good fun. They advised me to ‘go along’ with
what ever he wanted, ‘it’s never as bad as it sounds….’
I made my way upstairs and after knocking entered the room. The
‘Colonel’ was sitting on a chair, dressed in a black suit. His hair was
grey and his face was that of a man in his late fifties. His complexion
was very tanned and ruddy.
He told me to approach him, which I did.
“Let’s feel your leg first girl. Like a strong leg.”
He reached out and run his hand along the back of my legs, feeling and
clenching at them. “Mmmmmh, you’ll do!”
He then slapped his leg and told me to ‘perch’ myself on it. I sat on
his knee and he cupped my breasts through my dress with his hand,
mauling and feeling at them. Once again he told me that ‘I would do.’
“Right girl, let’s get to it. Stand up, face the door and hitch that
dress up.”
I jumped off his leg, turned and tugged my dress up to my waist. I
leaned forward a little to help his view. His hand went to my bottom and
caressed the cheeks along the panty line.
“Ooh Sir, you are naughty.” I told him
“Ever been spanked girl?”
I looked over my shoulder and put my finger to my lips, “No Sir.”
He laughed, and then added, “Ok Girl, get your tummy over my leg here.”
I turned around again and lay over his leg. He pulled my dress up to my
hips and then tugged my panties down. Slap, slap, came down his hand. It
didn’t hurt, he was very careful, but it did make my bottom cheeks
waggle somewhat. That pleased him no end, and he smacked me five or six
I was then told to sit on his leg again. Upon which he then undid the
front buttons of my small dress, pulling it wide open to reveal my bra
and tummy.
“Now then girl,” he said, “I want you to sit astride me, pull those
little titties out, and rub them into my face.”
I climbed onto his lap and popping out my breasts I pressed my chest
hard against his face. His eyes showed that he was in heaven. I waggled
and seamed them all around his face, pushing the nipples against his
lips, rubbing them over his cheeks and forehead. I used them like an
eraser, trying to rub something out. His hands meanwhile were clenching
my bottom hard, forcing me closer and closer to him.
“Yes…yes.” He kept muttering. Sometimes he opened his mouth to let his
tongue lick my titties as they rubbed against his mouth, but mostly he
just lolled back, letting me cover his face.
Finally he told me that it was enough. I stood up and waited in front of
him. His hand rubbed his trousers. “Take a close look down there girl,
there should be a sentry somewhere. Make sure he’s standing to
I knelt down between his legs. I tugged his zipper down and pulled his
trousers open. I could see the outline of a half-hard cock through his
pants. I peeled them over the shaft so that the top part of his cock was
exposed. Leaning forward I dragged my tongue along the shaft up to the
head which I then licked all around. It jerked a couple of times and
then started to grow harder. Peeling his pants down some more his cock
sort of fell down a little. I clenched the side of the head with my lips
and then sucked it into my mouth. It felt floppy as my tongue pushed it
around. Then it started to get very hard, quite quickly in fact. The
‘Colonel’ was moaning and muttering words of encouragement.
When it was fully erect I started to bop my head up and down on it,
taking it as deep as I could before dragging my lips back along the
shaft to the head and then sliding down again. Suddenly I was told to
“All fours girl, quick as you can.”
I spun round and assumed the required position. He held my hips and
pushed his cock against my pussy, after a couple of thrusts it found the
right place and slipped in. He seemed to want to ride me, jerking back
and forth and slapping my bottom with one hand. I must admit I was
enjoying this very much by now. I suppose we all have something in us
that likes to be told what to do.
“I think one day I’ll bring my grandson along here. He can feed the
horse while I ride. Make a man of that little puppy.” He told me,
reaching for my breasts and squeezing them rather like a car horn. “Not
long before we get to the paddock now.”
His movements quickened, the slaps increased. Suddenly; “On your back
girl, quick now!”
I rolled over and waited. He crawled over to my side and leaning over my
breasts released the load he was carrying. It sprayed out and splashed
over my titties. Little spots of white cum. Warm and sticky. Throughout
he kept muttering, “Oh yes! Oh yes!”
He then fell to the floor beside me, “Forgive me girl, but can you get
the tissues from the bathroom?”
A few minutes later I left, with a handsome tip in my hand.
Nothing much happened until that afternoon. It was 3:30pm when I was
asked to take a trolley full of cakes and tea to four business men
having a meeting in one of the larger rooms.
Opening the door I saw them sitting there. They all looked in their
mid-thirties. One was bald; one tall; one fat and one of average build.
Two were good looking, while the other two were ‘ok’. I was asked to set
the trolley up near the table where they had gathered round. Then the
tall one asked me to remove my dress and just to leave my underclothes
on. I was to wait on them while they discussed their business.
I saw they actually did have some drawings of a building on the table. I
slipped off my dress and wearing only white bra, panties, stockings and
suspenders I started to pour the tea which I then took around to each of
them. Fat man was the first to start. While adding sugar to his cup he
slid his hand down the back of my lacy panties, feeling my bottom,
running his hand downwards until it was feeling between my legs. I acted
like nothing was happening. After a few seconds he withdrew.
Then while sorting out the cakes on the trolley, the tall one came up
behind me and ran his hands around my chest cupping my breasts and
pulling me against him. His chin and mouth muzzled into the side of my
neck. Pushing my bottom against him I could feel his cock already hard
within his trousers. He squeezed and rubbed my breasts before rejoining
the rest of the group.
I took the cakes round. Fat man again used his hands to explore my body,
this time slipping one into my bra and squeezing my nipple between his
fingers. To say I was turned on by all this would be an understatement.
They carried on with their meeting and for about ten minutes I had
nothing to do but stand and wait by the trolley. When Fat man and Bald
man started to discuss part of their work together; the other two came
over to me. They stood, one behind, and the other in front. I felt a
hand push my back gently and I leaned forward. The one in front, Mr
Average, took hold of my breasts, popping them out of my bra, and
started to nuzzle them with his face. Behind me the other one was busy
licking and teasing my legs with his tongue while his fingers were
running up and down my legs. My pussy was wet now. Dripping.
The other two stopped talking, and my two lovers rejoined the table,
leaving me hot and lonely. Not for long though. They decided to have a
break and asked me to lie on the table on my back. Hopping on I
stretched out with my arms above my head, which pushed my small chest
out. Two of them stood on either side and started to lick and play with
my breasts, again taking them out of my bra. I felt their mouths close
on them and suck at the nipples, their teeth clenching and dragging
across the white soft fresh. Fat man buried his head into my stomach,
licking and biting me while the fourth one, Mr Average, rolled my
panties down and then without any foreplay, stuck his head between my
legs where he started to give my pussy long hard licks, in and out like
he was fucking me with it. I raised my legs above his head and then
crossed them over his back, pulling him deeper into me.
The two at my breasts were still licking and biting and sucking at them.
One was squeezing a nipple between his thumb and forefinger while
licking around the breast. The other was holding a nipple between his
teeth, lashing at it with his tongue, flicking it back and forth.
I heard one of them say that this was too good to miss and the meeting
was over for the time being. That suited me.
Mr Average then told the others to stop for a second. He pulled away
from between my legs and then grabbing my knees pulled me along the
table until his cock pushed hard into my pussy. About time too, I needed
a cock there so badly. I wrapped my legs around his back, pinning him
inside me. The others resumed what they had been doing. My nipples were
given the attention of two of them and my tummy was being licked and
stroked by the Fat Man.
Finally Fat man got up on the table behind my head and then leaning over
me a little pulled open his trousers to reveal a really massive cock. I
pulled it down to my lips and arched my head back. Opening my mouth as
wide as I could I managed to get the head inside. I couldn’t do much
else through, my tongue could hardly move. He seemed happy enough,
jerking his hips back and forth so the rim slid past my lips again and
again. By now the other two were virtually eating my breasts, really
biting on them. Mr Average was slamming his cock harder and harder into
my pussy. It was hard to keep my legs wrapped around him; I was loosing
control so quickly. My whole body was trembling and shaking. It really
was overload.
With my hands I reached for the two cocks of the men sucking my breasts.
They stopped for a second to undo their trousers, and then pushed their
hard cocks into my hand. I just grabbed and wanked at them. I could have
done anything. I don’t think I would have refused anything.
Before I had time to realise Fat man started grunting, and within
seconds I felt a wad of sticky stringy cum ooze out of his cock filling
my mouth. When he thrust in it pushed much of the cum out between my
lips where it dribbled down the sides of my face and over my cheeks. A
second, third and fourth wad followed, all of which oozed into my mouth,
and then flowed out around my lips and his cock. I could feel the warm
stuff tickle down by my ears and into my long blonde hair. His cock kept
thrusting into my mouth. His salty cum was everywhere, over my teeth,
between my gums, coating my lips.
My hands went wild with the cocks at my side, wanking so quickly at
The angle wasn’t perfect, but I think I was giving as good as I was
getting. Fat man pulled back, letting his wet and softening cock drag
over my top lip and nose, leaving a trail of wet cum there.
Mr Average was still slamming into my pussy, though sometimes driving me
wilder by using his thumb on my clit at the same time. Suddenly Bald man
on my side announced he was going to come. He leapt on to the table and
brought his cock level with the side of my face. I turned towards it as
the first shot of cum fired out hitting my cheek and splashing both back
at him and over me. I opened my mouth and the second shot went straight
in hitting my tongue, which I was half way sticking out. The cum rolled
straight off and run down the corner of my mouth and down on to the
table. I managed to get my lips over his cock head as a third and then
fourth wad shot out hitting the back of my throat, forcing me to swallow
some of it. His cock was smaller so I swirled my tongue around his cock
head, desperately trying to lick at the underside of it. He pushed his
softening tool harder into my mouth as I did so. My tongue raced around
the head, tasting his cum and the shiny surface, poking at the eye,
which was still dribbling cum. I heard him moaning, telling me that it
was too much. He pulled out of my mouth leaving me to let the cum just
drip out of my mouth and run down the side of my face to form a small
pool on the table.
Before I had recovered from that Mr Average stopped fucking me and
climbed over my chest. I felt his hand push my cheek to him. I raised my
head to see his cock head in front of my mouth. I just opened my mouth
and waited. I could actually see the head get bigger suddenly and
slightly draw back. Then out it came, a massive wad of really thick cum
that caught me on my lower lip, across my mouth, over my top teeth and
along my left cheek. A great wad of stringy cum lying there. I moved my
tongue out of my mouth and back in, the string broke and I felt a load
of it roll to the back of my mouth. I heard someone mutter, “Fucking
hell!” Mr Average managed two more shots, both of which hit my chin and
the side of my mouth. He leaned forward and then seamed his cock over my
face, catching some of the globs of cum and speading them over my cheeks
and lips. My tongue darted out to lick at his shaft as it rolled over my
mouth. I sucked his cock into my mouth and played with it until it had
grown very small.
My hand had stopped wanking the fourth guy some time ago. I guess he had
taken hold of the matter himself. I still had Mr Average’s small limp
cock in my mouth when the Fourth man jumped on to the table and pointed
his cock at the side of my face. I released the small cock and twisted
my head, sticking my tongue out at the same time. I poked it into the
eye of his cock and suddenly he started to cum as well. I just engulfed
his cock in one go, taking it as far into my mouth as I could. I could
feel it spurting and my mouth filling up. My tongue was just swimming in
salty cum. Finally he stopped jerking and I let his cock fall out of my
mouth. I quickly sat up and then dropped my head, opening my mouth and
letting the cum pour out over my lips and drip all over my little
I must have looked a sight. cum in my hair, all over my face, trails of
it running in every direction from my face, and a load of it running
down my breasts and chest. Someone gave a cheer and the rest clapped.
The perfect end to my fourth day.


SUSAN 301098


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