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The Girl With A Bicycle 13


THE girl WITH A BICYCLE - PART 13 By Wandering Lanes.

story codes (MF, g, descriptive sex, slow)

I awoke in another full bed, Becky and Kylie squashed between Sharon and
myself, I looked at the clock, Seven O'clock - I didn't feel tired, so I
inched myself off the bed in order not to disturb the brood within.

I did the normal ablutions and was shaved by half-past seven, dressed
and went downstairs. There was no movement from upstairs, I made a single
cup of tea, and sat in the living room, with the sun shining through the

A noise from the doorway revealed Becky, still wearing her knickers with
the white pad showing.

"Watcher doing down here Mr. Mike," then she smiled, "There's plenty of
room in the bed you know!"

I smiled at her, "Yes I know, but there is more to life than sex you

She shook her head, "Not from what Darren knew. Oh Mr. Mike, you don't
know what those people were like, I mean Nancy was nice, and so was Maria,
but I don't like that Dave person!"

I had to look at her, "Who's Nancy and Dave? I thought Maria was only
going to have a quick talk with your parents. I didn't think anything else
was going to happen"

Becky sat on my lap - Here I was fully dressed with a almost naked young girl sitting on my lap - She started to tell me what had happened that
afternoon. . . . .

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When Maria and I had finished our conversation, she left me to walk to
Sharon's house, and she went to Becky and her colleague.

Maria and her colleague entered the house with Becky - they found Mr.
and Mrs. Smith waiting for them. Becky's mother opened her mouth.

"Well, Rebecca, was it worth the trouble you caused?" Maria answered for

"Mrs. Smith you should know that your son Darren has confessed to
breaking into your daughter's room on Wednesday night,

"No, that's not right, we spoke to Darren, he said that he was forced
into giving that statement, so its not true, it isn't true, it can't be
true." As her father held onto his wife Maria spoke again.

"Mrs. Smith, I know it's hard for you to understand, but Darren did
break into the bedroom where the girls were sleeping," the crying mother answered.

"He thought there was a fire in the room, that's what he told us."

"And the statement of the officers who arrested Darren,"

"Oh that was a pack of lies, Darren would never get drunk while looking
after children."

"Here is a copy of the blood alcohol level taken when Darren was brought
into the station." Maria showed the paper to Becky's parents, the name on
the top Darren Smith and the breakdown of values. Mr. Smith went into the
kitchen and looked in the refrigerator, he slowly returned to the group.

"5 cans, there are 5 cans of beer gone, I haven't been near the fridge
since Darren was taken. HE'S DRUNK 5 BLOODY CANS OF MY BEER!" Becky spoke

"He normally replaces them the next day, so that you won't notice, he's
been doing that for the past year, he thought as long as you didn't know
he'd be safe," Her father looked at her,

"Why didn't you tell me?" She looked into his eyes.

"Because you would never believe me, like that time when Darren broke my
favourite china dog,"

Her mother spoke up, "No Dear, you broke it, don't you remember, you
were playing with it and it dropped from your hands. ." Becky looked at

"No, I couldn't find it, Darren had taken it from my room, I found it in
his room, he'd smashed the legs, he told me that if I spoke about it I
would be like the dog. Then he told you I'd accidentally broke it. You
didn't even listen to me when I tried to tell you."

"5 cans gone, I was looking forward to that beer! I'll bloody murder
him when he gets back."

"I don't want him back! I want him to GO AWAY FOREVER." Becky was in

Maria asked the question. "Becky, when you said 'spoke about it' what
did you mean?"

Her mother came in quickly "He didn't mean anything did he, love." Becky
looked into her mother's eyes.

"He meant I couldn't tell anyone about how he touched me, or hurt me.
But he knew that no one would believe me anyway. He just liked to torment
me!" Her mother was confused - 'torment' Darren? Never

"How . . . How do you mean, touched you, Darren would never touch you
or hurt you, he loved you, tried to keep an eye on you," She looked at
Maria, "You don't understand, he really does love Becky, he dotes on her!"

"Oh yes, like that time he came into my bedroom, held me down and put
his cock in me. That's how he dotes on me, I was his to play with, and you
didn't care! For almost 2 years he's been 'doting' on me, whenever you
were out, and where do you think he got the money? He stole it, he stole
it from me, my toys were the first to go, and then he stole from you, if
you missed anything who got blamed? I did. Not Darren, never Darren. I
HIM!" Becky bursts into tears while saying this, her parents looked at each
other then to Maria,

"B . . But we didn't know, we thought that Darren was looking after
Rebecca, I mean it's not the thing you think about is it, children having
sex, it isn't normal!"

Maria answered - "Darren is sixteen, hardly a child, but as Becky is
nine, she is! And if this has been going on for two years then she was 7,
how much did she know of sex then?" Becky answered Maria's question.

"Nothing, and for the first 6 months it was a game Darren was playing
with me, except I didn't know the rules, and that was I had to suffer! He
had fun! The first few weeks were strange, then I tried to lock him out,
what happened?" Her father answered.

"That was when you nearly set light to the house, how you got the
matches I'll never..."

"Darren had the matches, he set light to my Barbie doll, put the box in
my hand, and then shouted for help. I got slapped and the key was taken
from my door, 'just so that I could be watched over'. Whenever I tried to
block the door, Darren would say 'poor Barbie' " her mother was opened

"Darren would never... I mean . . . Darren . . . No not Darren . . .
Darren. . " She looked as if she was in shock, Maria stepped in,

"I really think we should discuss this elsewhere - if you would come
back with me, I think there are some people you should talk to." From a
preliminary talk this was fast becoming a problem, this family needed to
speak to a councillor as quickly as possible, she reached for her phone,
and dialled a number.

"Hi Nancy, Maria here, is Dave available, like now? He is, good. I'd
like him to talk to the Smiths for me. Yes I do mean it. There's a copy
of the file on my desk, can he look through it. Part classic, denial,
refusal to accept, No, no not the child, the parents! But yes, if you can,
good. 20 minutes be okay? Fine, see you" Maria looked at the family group, Husband and wife holding each other, their daughter in tears alone,
she went to Becky and held her, then looked at Becky's parents,

"If I could ask you to come with me, I think it would help you all if
you talk to someone I know, he's very good." And zombie like the family was
herded into the car.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

They arrived at the social services offices and were taken toward the
counselling suite, at this point Becky was separated from her parents by a
young woman who introduced herself as Nancy, she gently took Becky into a
play room there were walls on three sides, and a mirror along the fourth.
She asked Becky to make herself comfortable, and left the room. Becky
looked into the mirror, then went closer to it, closer, right up to it, she
cupped her hand and peered into the glass, smiled and went back to the
chairs and sat down choosing the chair with its back to the mirror.

When Nancy came back in she found Becky sitting in the interviewers
chair, it was set up like this so that the child could be videoed with the
minimum of fuss.

"Well, Becky, why don't you sit in that chair, it's a lot more
comfortable that that one", Becky turned to look at Nancy.

"No I'm very comfortable here, I like this chair." She said that with a
smile, Nancy looked at the notes again, there was a handwritten comment, in
Maria script 'Rebecca doesn't respond to untruths' - now you tell me!
Thought Nancy.

"Becky, I have to be in that chair!"

"Why?" - that word should never have been given to children.

"Because it's designed for people to ask questions, that chair there is
to allow children to be relaxed, it doesn't threaten anybody." Becky turned
around to face the mirror wall.

"Yes, but then the people in there can't see me if I'm in this seat!"
Nancy forgot herself and came out with,

"Of course they can't which is why you have to be seated over there, not
here." Becky smiled at Nancy, who realised that she'd actually told the
truth to a child.

Becky said, "Okay then, I'll sit there." And moved into the other seat

Nancy, surprised at the easy win asked. "Why did you agree to change
chairs just then?"

Becky smiled, "Because you told me the truth. I've decided that if
people want to lie to me, then I don't have to do what they say!" The logic
in the statement surprised Nancy - this isn't expected in one so young.

"Becky, what would you have done if I had lied?" The girl thought for a
moment, then smiled,

"I don't know - but it might have been fun finding out!" they both
started to laugh

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Becky's parents were taken to another office where they were introduced
to Dr. David Chase, 'call me Dave' he said, they sat down in front of his
desk and the session began.

"Doctor, err Dave, we don't understand, why is Rebecca telling these
lies?" her mother was distressed.

"Why do you think she's lying?" A standard ploy of psychologists - get
the patients to analyse themselves.

"Well, in the past few years, she's be telling lies, at times we don't
know why she's doing it, can you help her?" Dave thought then said,

"Try asking another question - Why should she lie? Why are you so
certain that a, lets see yes, a seven year-old would start to tell lies?"

The mother started off quickly. "Well she started to be so clumsy,
breaking things, then not accepting what she'd done, trying to blame
others! It got so bad, that. We. Just. Stopped. Listening to her." Her
words were starting to register with her - she started to think. - Why did
Rebecca start to break things - her favourite doll - the china dog - other
things always denying her guilt, always blaming . . . Darren.

"Oh no, no it couldn't be! No, I can't believe that! No." her voice
was starting to rise, Dave started to calm her, as her husband looked on,
all he could say was,

"But 5 cans, that was my beer." This had hit him harder than the news of
his daughter's problems. His wife hit him,

"Don't keep on about your stupid beer, Darren's in trouble, don't you
think about your son!" he faced his wife,

"Yes, I do think about him, he stole 5 cans of my beer!" Dave stepped in

"We're missing the main problem, which is Rebecca." Dave looked at a
monitor, to see a young face peering through the glass at him! No at the
camera, the face withdraws and he watches the child sit down with her back
to him, 'damn we'll never be able to record her like that'.

"Rebecca? She's nothing, for the past two years she's been nothing but
trouble, I'm glad Darren's taken over the job of looking after her, we've
had more fun thanks to Darren, and then he steals my beer! Why would he do
that?" - 'Okay then try Darren'

"So Darren's been taking care of Rebecca?" - Yes there was an innuendo
there, but neither of them understood it.

"Well, we're busy working, and it was easier to get Darren to look after
Rebecca, than paying for a babysitter." - Dave asked another question,

"Didn't Darren complain, after all he's quite a bit older than Rebecca,
surely he'd much rather be with his friends,"

The mother replied, "Oh no, he didn't mind, Darren has always looked
after Rebecca."

"And whenever Rebecca has blamed anyone, who has she named."

"Why, Darren, of course who else could she blame, of course Darren would
always tell us the truth."

"Your certain about that?" Dave looked back at the monitor, Nancy and
Rebecca was giggling away, and Rebecca was in full view, well done Nancy,
it could be difficult with kids.

"Well of course, why would Darren lie to us?" - Push it!

"Why wouldn't Darren lie? Did he have anything to hide from you?" The
mother shook her head,

"Why was he trying to break down the door to Rebecca's bedroom?" Again
the mother answered the question,

"Oh he thought the girls had lit a fire, Rebecca had an accident with
matches once," this time the father spoke up,

"No, no she didn't! The matches were never in her reach, they were
always on the high shelf, but I didn't realise that before. - Darren must
have lit the fire." His wife looked at him, open mouthed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In the Children's room Nancy and Becky were relaxing in each other's
company, the handbook said 'win the child's confidence' but Becky wanted
company and in some empathic way Nancy could feel the need. She knew the
video was running and would record all action within the room.

"Becky, I have to ask you questions," Becky looked at her, the question
was visible in her eyes, "because we need to know how you've been treated,
we want to help you." Becky looked at her,

"How can you help me? It's too late for that!" Nancy looked into her
eyes, found the hurt flowing out from them,

"It's too late to stop whatever has happened, that's true. But it's not
too late to prevent it from happening again." Becky looked harder at Nancy,
then at the mirrored wall,

"So you're telling me I never be touched like that again, you will be
able to stop that from ever happening again? Is that what you are saying?"
The questions this child was asking were too adult, Nancy was starting to
feel out of her depth.

"Becky. If I could wave a magic wand, to change your life, to give you
the childhood you deserved, I would. But I can't. I can't promise that
you wouldn't be attacked ever again, I can promise that what you tell me,
can be used to help you, and prevent Darren from ever being near you
again." Becky looked at her, assessing the answer.

"But, you can't say that it will? Can you?" Nancy dropped her eyes and
shook her head.

"I don't know the answer to that question, I don't think anyone does!"
Becky nodded her head.

"Okay, what do you want to know?" Nancy looked up, tears shining in her

"Becky, can you excuse me, I have to get something." - Nancy was
confused, she'd never been affected like this - Not before the main
interview, 'how did the child do this to me?' She thought. She tried to
stride normally to the door.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dave watched the monitor, while the parents were talking between
themselves, he watched Nancy and Rebecca talking, then Rebecca looked at
the camera, not at the wall but directly at the camera, then Nancy walked
out of the room, this wasn't part of the routine, The child should be shown
the dolls first. What was Nancy doing?

"Mr. And Mrs. Smith, I can see you want to talk about this among
yourselves, if you'll excuse me for a moment, and he left the two to

"Nancy, what are you doing?" Dave's voice, her head whipped round to
look at him,

"I'm sorry Dave, there's something about Becky - a sort of, I don't
know, she's got to me." Dave was incredulous, Nancy had been working in
social services for over three years, and she'd seen worst cases than

"Come on Nancy, remember she is only a case, find out what happened,
when it started and how long it's been going on, also any other people
involved, standard stuff!" - Get her focused on the normal routine - "I'll
just have a word with Rebecca," he started towards the door.

Nancy stopped him and said, "She doesn't like the name Rebecca, she
prefers Becky." He waved his hand in acknowledgement. And entered the

Becky looked round at the door as it opened, she was holding two dolls
in her hands, Dave recognized them, they were the anatomically correct
dolls, used to allow children to act out actions done to them.

"Hello Rebecca, I see you found Sam and Samantha." He saw her face close
down - She looked at him

"Nancy read my notes before speaking to me, why didn't you?" The abrupt
question stumped him - it was also not the question he was expecting.

He said, "I'm sorry. I've obviously said the wrong thing. What did I
do that was wrong?"

The young girl told him. "Only Darren calls be Rebecca, I don't want to
be reminded of him! My name is Becky" Dave nodded his understanding,

Pointing to the dolls, Dave said "Alright Becky, I'm sorry, Now if I can
I'd like to talk about those dolls, we call them Sam and Samantha, but they
could be Darren and Reb.. I mean Becky." Becky looked hard at the dolls,
but said nothing, Dave continued "Now, try to picture the Becky doll at the
age of, say 5 years old, how does the Darren doll act towards her?" Becky
thought for a moment, then put the hands of the dolls together, playing
with them, Dave made a note,

"Okay Becky, now picture the doll Becky at the age of 6, how does the
Darren doll react to the Becky doll?" The playing dolls remained holding
one hand each, close but this time with a slight distance, Dave made
another note, "Now Becky the doll is aged 7, how does . . . " the male
doll was thrown across the room, Dave was surprised, the reactions were
never normally this strong,

"Becky? Becky - why did you do that?" Becky looked at him, tears in her

"Because I didn't want Darren to hurt her as he did me!" Dave picked up
the doll and brought it back to Becky,

"Okay Becky, here is the Sam doll, can you show me what happened on the
first time, remember this is Darren," He put the doll into Becky's right
hand, then pointed to the doll in her left hand, "and that is Becky"

Becky shook her head, "I don't want to do that, I don't want to remember
it." She looked up at Dave, "I want to talk to Nancy!"

Dave realised when he wasn't in control, normally he'd try to reassure
the child, it didn't take much, and they were easy to persuade, this one
wasn't one of those. He hated losing control.

He left Becky to play with the dolls and went to find Nancy, she was
still in the hallway.

"Are you okay now," Nancy nodded, Dave pointed to the room, "Okay then,
get back into the room, and get the evidence from that fucking child, and
find out everything you can about her, got it?" She nodded, "Good! Now
I've got to talk to her feeble minded parents!"

- - - - - - - - - As Nancy entered the room she heard a voice say

"Testing one, two, three, I don't believe it this . . .. " She looked
around the room - no only Becky was there.

"Who was that Becky?" she asked, Becky giggled and held up her wrist,
showing what appeared to be a wrist watch, but when she looked closer Nancy
could see that it was more than that.

"Its something Mr. Mike gave me last week, it's a radio, I can talk to
Kylie, her mother and Mr. Mike if I want to" - Nancy quickly scanned her
notes, found the extra pages that Maria had managed to add.

"Mr. Mike, would that be Mike Moore?" Becky nodded, "And why did he
give you this, it looks quite expensive, did you have to do anything for

Becky snorted "Mr. Mike? He's too much of a wimp, anyway he's got
something going with Kylie's mom."

"But that doesn't mean he hasn't tried to touch you, or, or Kylie? Does
it?" - Becky remembering Kylies answer to 'Mr. Mike's' question when they
left the police station for lunch replied with.

"Oh no Mr. Mike has never tried to touch us - as I said he's too much
of a wimp." She sat back with a satisfied look on her face, Nancy's
training kicked in,

"Becky, you said that you didn't trust people who lie, should I trust
YOU?" Becky's eyes dropped, and then raised back to meet Nancy's.

"I haven't told you a lie!"

"No, but then you have avoided the truth, you're not telling me
everything are you!" No it wasn't a question, Becky thought for a moment -
Mr. Mike did think that people should tell the truth, but she couldn't say
what had happened in the bathroom, these people wouldn't understand.

"I haven't lied, I will admit that last night I couldn't get to sleep, I
was frightened that Darren was in the house, Kylie was with me, and I knew
Mr. Mike and Aunt Sharon were in bed together, so we went to their room
and we slept with them, but he wouldn't even touch me, he just slept. So I
know Mr. Mike wouldn't do anything like Darren did, he's too nice!" Nancy
made a note, sighed, and then she said

"Okay Becky, I trust you, but please no more half-truths, we are trying
to help you, but we need to know what has happened to you, everything that
has happened to you, if we know this, then we can do the best for you,
okay?" Becky nodded, "Now, you've seen the two dolls, can you show me what
happened when you were seven and Darren started."

"Are they still recording us?" Nancy nodded, "Okay, Mum and Dad were
out, they were at some dinner/dance, I'd watched some TV, then went to bed,
Darren had some girl round, and was making out, okay I think they were
making out, it wasn't something I knew about then! Anyway I was in bed and
I heard the front door slam, I went to sleep

"I was woken up by Darren pulling the bedclothes off of me, I was
dressed in a nightdress, he sat on my bed, and kissed me, he breath stank,
he'd found daddy's beer, and had drunk some. He said something about
bitches, I think his girlfriend had bad words with him, he started to pull
up my nightdress, I tried to push it down, but he hit me, told me to raise
my arms above my head, then he touched me.

"Sorry, he touched me on my chest, started rubbing me, then he put his
hand into my knickers, well I wore them under my nightdress, and started to
hurt me, when I said anything he hit me, he said I had to learn what to do,
because I'd have to do it later, he said he'd be my teacher.

"The first thing I had to learn was that no-one would ever believe me
again, because I was going to be a slut, and nobody believes sluts, then
this is what he did to me." She took the Sam doll, opened the trousers
showing the dolls penis, which she then placed inside the mouth of the
Samantha Doll.

"Now Rebecca, you've got to suck this, then move you head backwards and
forwards, yes it'll hit your throat, but that doesn't matter, all sluts
like doing this and so will you." This was said as she moved the pelvis of
the Sam doll further into the Samantha doll's mouth. "Now when I come
inside you, swallow it, because that's what sluts do, and you're a slut
Rebecca, aren't you?" She pulled the male doll away from the female doll,
and threw it across the room again.

"I hate Darren. He's the one who's done this to me. He didn't listen,
he told my mom that he had to hit me 'cause I swore at his girlfriend, then
she hit me when I tried to tell her what had happened, she said I had to
have better manners! That night he came into my room again." She started
to cry, Nancy went to her and held her.

'Dave you bastard, you should be doing this, not me!' was the thought
going through her head.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dave was having problems of his own, Becky's parents has finally started
to talk to each other, trying to add the bits and pieces together - Darren,
if he lied why? What was he doing with Becky, they kept skirting around
the truth, not wanting to acknowledge the reasons.

Dave tried to interrupt the two, without success, he wasn't happy, it
was getting late, Dave was hoping that Nancy was having more luck - have to
think about getting Nancy retrained, she shouldn't be letting the work get
to her, at least not yet! - He glanced at the monitor screen, Nancy was
getting on, the kid was at least using the dolls, and perhaps we'll get
somewhere now.

Dave tuned into the parents conversation, the mother was speaking ". . .
. as if we'd stopped him from doing much, only asked him to watch his
sister at times, I mean you don't expect kids from doing anything."

Dave decided to get into the talk, "Why not, Darren was what, 13, 14
years old, he probably had already learnt about sex."

The mother blustered "Yes, but you don't expect children to. To. You
know. Sex!"

Dave was on normal ground "It's normal for children to experiment with
sex, and its normal for brother and sister, remember most sexual assaults
occur within the family group, and as Rebecca," 'Becky indeed! Children
should keep their names, not adopt others', "was younger she wouldn't
understand what was happening to her."

He glanced at the screen again, Rebecca had thrown the doll across the
room again, if she's going to do that, how are we going to get any

The mother was talking again "But why would Darren tell us lies, he
didn't need to!"

Dave decided to stoke the fire "If Darren was having sex with Rebecca,
would he tell you? Would he let Rebecca tell you? - Wasn't it easier to
not tell you and let you think Rebecca was always lying! That way he would
have access to easy sex, and your implied permission"

The mother jumped in "We never said he could . . Well, you know. And
not with Rebecca, it's unheard of."

"No Mrs. Smith, it is not unheard of, I hear of it every day, and its
people like you, refusing to listen to your children, that are helping the
problem, because of you we are unable to get Rebecca to talk to us, she is
too frighten of us." - Yes this wasn't true, but might get the idiots to

The mother got up, "I don't have to listen to you insulting us," she hit
her husband, "Come on George, we're going home. Now where is Rebecca?" -
Blast it, lost them, Oh well it's getting late.

"Well, if you wish to go home and think about this, I can't stop you."
He pressed a button on the desk, in the monitor he saw Nancy respond to a
light flashing behind Rebecca, warning her.

He continued "You will find Rebecca just down the hall, and I'll get
Maria to drive you home!" Keeping the smile on his face, at least when the
parents were around. "We'll have to see Rebecca again on Monday, for more
counselling sessions, we need to be able to treat her properly so we'll
need to know exactly what has happened to her, please see she's ready at 9
O'clock on Monday."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In the interview room, Nancy saw the signal light, Dave had pushed the
button again, he was starting to do this a lot nowadays, probably upset the
parents, Oh well now for damage limitations.

"Becky, I think we're going to have to stop here, I think your parents will be waiting for you"

Becky looked at her, "Was that what the light was for?"

Nancy looked amazed, "How did you see the light?"

Becky pointed to the mirrored wall, "I could see it in that." - 'the
problem with mirrors' thought Nancy 'is that they show everything in the
room, and Becky seems very aware of her surrounding'. She made a record on
the notes before her.

She took Becky out of the room, turned off the light (which also
switched off the video recorders), and they met up with Becky's parents in
the corridor.

Nancy showed them to seats, "If you'll wait for a few minutes I'll get
Maria to take you home."

After a short wait Maria appeared and took the family back to her car,
and drove them home, when they arrived Becky said,

"No, I don't want to go home yet, Darren might be there!"

Maria tried to placate the young girl "But Darren is at the police
station, he can't be here."

Becky looked at her parents "Can't I stay at Sharon's with Kylie?"

Her mother shook her head "I don't care where you stay, we've had enough
problems, and also called untrustworthy parents, you go where you like,
come on George we're going in."

Her father looked at Becky "When your mother's in a mood like this I
think it might be better if you're elsewhere, go to Kylies, you're be
happier there tonight, I'll have a word with your mother, goodnight love."
He kissed her on her head - and spoke to Maria "Rebecca will show you where
Sharon's is, but keep an eye on her won't you?"

Maria said "I'll only let her go if I think she'll be safe, don't worry
about her, but I would stress that you talk to your wife, she needs to

He nodded "Yes, I know, won't be easy, she doted on the lad, but she'll
see." With that he followed his wife inside.

Maria turned to Becky and smiled, "Don't worry about it Becky, it'll be
alright. Now where does Sharon live?"

They arrived to an empty house, nobody answered the doorbell, and there
was no answer to knocks at the windows, dejected Becky turned back to

"Becky, If they're not in, where else would they be."

Becky thought for a moment, then said "At Mr. Mike's, I'll show you"

When they arrived at Mike Moore's house, he answered the door to Becky,
Maria held back - 'what will he do? Would she be safe with him? - then
Sharon and Kylie appeared at the door - 'Oh they are there! She should be
safe! - Maria turned and left the group to themselves.


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- Normal disclaimer apply also please remember this is only a story, the
persons involved here, and institutions represented are fictitious only -
The actions are for the benefit of the storyline, I'm not suggesting that
they are the normal actions that may occur. I wear rose-coloured glasses -
Additional comments - I did say I had most of this chapter done, just went
through a spurt to complete it, nearly 1 a.m. here just had to stay up to
complete it.

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Wandering lanes 4th September 2001.


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